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SMITH, HANNAI, Birmingham. June 24. Wood and Son, Birming. FOR JUDGMENT.

ham The Queen v Lister

SOUTHWELL, JAMES, Saxmundham, Suffolk, Gent. June 30. SouthFOR ARGUMEXT.

well and Fry, Saxmundham The Queen v Boodle

STATHAM, SAMUEL, Long Eaton, Derby, Beerhouse Keeper, June The Queen y Thompson

20. Black, Nottingham The Queen v The Mayor, &c, of Maidenhead

TABER, John, Herne hill, Dulwich, Esq. July 8. Rivington and The Queen v The Justices of the West Riding of Yorkshire

Son, Fenchurch bldgs The Queen v Hall

TODD, FORTESCUE, St Austell, Cornwall, Clerk in Holy Orders. June CROWN SIDE.

24. Carlyon and Stephens, St Austell Rule Standing for Judgment,

WILLIS, WILLIAM EDWARD, Gloucester, Chemist. June 24. Wiltons The Queen v The Recorder of Birmingham

and Riddiford, Gloucester


ALLOWAY, ROBERT MARMADUKE, The Derries, Queen's County, London, Colwell v Kidson

Ireland, Gent. June 30. Salt and Parnell, Bristol Newport, Cooke v Watts

Bigg, HENRY HEATHER, Wimpole st, Orthopædic Engineer. July Denbighshire, Pearce y Scotcher

20. Gush and Phillips, Finsbury circus Liverpool, Hider and another v Harvey

BLAKE, MARGARET WINIFRED, Morpeth, Northumberland. July 1. Surrey, Lewis v Cooper (Gibbons, Claimant)

Leadbitter and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne Sunderland, Middlemas y The Mayor, &c., of Sunderland

BOARDER, Joun, Wilson st, Finsbury, Coach Builder. June 30. Kent, Filmer y Barling and another

Rodgers and Clarkson, Walbrook Middlesex, Grimes and Wife v Shepherd

BRUTON, ELI, Oldbury-on-Severn, Gloucester, Carpenter. Jane 30. Metropolitan Police District, Parkyns v Preist

Crossman and Lloyd, Thornbury Metropolitan Police District, London School Board v Jackson

DAVIES, Ann, Bruges, Belgium, July 1. Leadbitter and Co, NewCornwall, Liskeard Union y Liskeard Water Works

castle-upon Tyne Dorsetshire, Hazell v Justices of Dorsetshire

DREAPER,' RICHARD Henry, Bristol, Corn Merchant. June 21. Middlesex, Brown v Hamblin (Williams, Claimant)

Martha Dreaper, care of Lorymer Bros., Tontine, Quay Head, Lancashire, Bamford v Horne and another

Bristol Metropolitan Police District, Hackney Board of Works v Great EDMONDS, CHRISTOPHER, Ipswich, Stonemason. June 24. Mills, Eastern Ry Co

Ipswich London, Hughes v Sutherland

EDMONDS, ELIZABETH, Llandudno, Carnarvon. July 2. Raper and Devonshire, Smith v Ellis

Freeland, Chichester Yorkshire, Knott v Darlow

EYRE, AUGUSTINE CECILE PULCHERIE, Manchester sq. July 14. Warwickshire. Blanchensee and another v London and North Blount and Co, King st, Cheapside Western Ry Co

EYRES, HENRY WILLIAM, Upper Grosvenor st, Esq. July 15. Metropolitan Police District, Taylor y Rogers

Curwood, Dean's yd, Westminster Leicestershire, Saunders v Richardson

FAULKNER, ALEXANDRR, Brampton, Huntingdon. July 31. Irs. Liverpool, Wheelton v Islington Loan, &c, Co

Faulkner, Upper Hennor, nr Leominster Liverpool, Frazer v Porous Plaster Co

FRASER, ARTHUR, Inverness terrace, Bayswater. July 31. Flux and Durham, Hall (by his next friend) v Nelson

Co, East India avenue Middlesex, Bull and another v National Permanent Mutual Benefit | GAMBLING, JAMES, Chichester, Builder. July 2. Raper and FreeBuilding Society

land, Chichester Metropolitan Police District, Paddington Vestry v Snow

HADDON, JOIN BENJAMIN, Lubenham, Leicester, Grazier. July 2. *Essex, Downes v Wellum

Cave, Market Harborough Hereford, Midland Ry Co v Hereford Highway Board (to be heard Hicks,'ELIZA, Shrewsbury. June 14. Sprott and Co, Shrewsbury Tuesday, June 21)

HINCHLIFF, ANNE, Havant, Southampton, July 2. Raper and

Freeland, Chichester
Holt, VESEY WESTON, Whitehall pl, Army Agent. Aug 1. Har.

disty and Rhodes, Gt Marlborough st
IRVINE, GEORGE, Liverpool, Sharebroker. June 30. Bateson and

Co, Liverpool
Jarvis, George, Eccles, nr Manchester, Clerk of Works. Jaly 28.

Cooke, Wokingham

Johnson, JAMES SMITH, Brighton, Gent. July 15. Brooke, CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. Lincoln's inn fields LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

JONES, RICHARD, Bethesda, Llanllechid, Carnarvon, Pork Butcher.

June 16. Roberts, Bangor
Ashtox, CHARLES, Kingston-upon-Hull, Gent. July 2. Laverack,

KNOWLES, EDWARD, Cambridge. June 30. Wayman, Cambridge BANNISTER, JAMES, Trafalgar sq, Fulham rd, Gent. July 31. Ban

LEE, MARIA MATILDA, Leigham court rd, Streatham, July 1l.

Clarke and Co, Gresham House, Old Broad st . nister, Basinghall st *BREWER, THOMAS, York, Retired Fishmonger. Sept 1. Horner,

MACKLEN, EDWARD), High st, Deptford, Licensed Victualler. July Wakefield

9. Marchant and Co, High st, Deptford BROADBENT, LAVINIA, Halifax. July 2. Wavell and Co, Halifax

MACQUEEN, ANNIE CUPPAGE, Bishop's rd, Paddington. June B.

Boncey, Roupell st, Lambeth
BUTLER, EDWARD, Chapel pl, Marylebone. June 15. Carr and Co,
Vigo st, Regent st

MALLOCK, ELIZABETH, New Cross rd, New Cross. Aug 27. Goren,

South Molton st, Oxford st
CHITTY, THOMAS BURRIDGE, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Gent. July 30.
Burridge, Shaftesbury

MOXHAM, RACHEL, Cotham, Bristol. July 22. Fry and Co, Bristol Corsens, Louisa, Thicket rd, Penge. July 8. Rivington and Son,

NEWMARCH, Thomas, Hartley Wintney, Hants, Gent. June 30.

Lamb and Brooks, Odiham, Hants
Fenchurch bldgs
Cretis, John, Kingston-upon-Hull, Gent. July 20. Bell and

NoYES, HENRY GEORGE, Lee, Kent, M.D. June 24, Davidson and

Morriss, Queen Victoria st
Ingoldby, Louth
DEVEY, HANNAH, Wolverhampton. Sept 29. Whitehouse, Wolver-

PALMER, MARY ANNA WRAYFORD, Bath. July 25. Gibbs, Bath hampton

PHIPPS, ANNA MARIA, Chichester, July 2. Raper and Freeland, 'FLANAGAN, JAMES, Reading, Berks, Hotel Proprietor. July 1.

Chichester Sedgfield and Pryce, Abingdon

RICHARDS, RosaNNA, Bath. Aug 21. Simmons and Co, Bath

RICKETT, ELIZABETH, Canewdon, Essex. Aug 2. Arthy, Rochford FORMBY, JAMES, Frindsbury, Clerk in Holy Orders. Aug 1. Essell and ('o, Rochester

SCREEN, ROBERT, Thornbury, Gloucester, Yeoman. July 31.

Crossman and Lloyd, Thornbury
FORSYTI, Joix, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Licensed Victualler. July 1.
Dickinson, Newcastle upon Tyne

SHERRATT, ELLEN, Uttoxeter, Stafford. July 0. Dunnett, lt

toxeter GODFREE, THOMAS, Barton, Comberaleigh, Devon, Yeoman. June

Snart, MATILDA, Swineshead, Lincoln. July 1. Millington and 24. Stamp and Son, Honiton

Simpson, Boston Lrcas, HENRY, Greenwich, Kent. June 24. Sandom and Co,

Thompson, GEORGE, Strood, Kent, Grocer. July 1. Wickham, Deptford

Strood MARTIN, ANA ORRANTIA DE FRANCISCO, Paris. June 30. Lousada

TILLEY, JOHN, Wrangle, Yeoman. July 1. Millington and Simpand Emanuel, Austin Friars

son, Boston MASSON, David, Westbourne ter, Licensed Victualler. July 14. Nash and Field, Queen st

Towns, WILLIAM, Romford, Essex, Yeoman, July 1. Grimwale,

Church st, Hadleigh, Suffolk Mason, John, Ellington st, Caledonian rd, Retired Contractor.

ToYE, JAMES, Armagh'rd South, North Bow, Retired Weaver. July June 30. Walker, Chancery lane

1. Wragg and Edwards, Great St Helen's MENHAM, MICHAEL, Gosforth, Northumberland, Gent. July 1. Dickinson, Newcastle upon Tyne

TROMAN, DAVID, Birmingham, Jews' Harp Manufacturer. June II.

Burn and Co, Birmingham
NORTHCOTT, JEHOIADA STOODLEY, Croydon, Surrey, Drug Broker,
July 1. Thomson and Co, Cornhill

VARDOX, FREDERICK GEORGE, Southsea, Southampton, Captain, OLIVER, PETER, Hereford, Farmer. July 1. Corner, Hereford

H.M.'s 87th Regiment. Aug 1. Combs and Bayls, Bucklersbuy

VENABLES, CHARLES, Taplow, Bucks, Esq. Aug 1. Cuose, OTETT, ALFRED, Worthing, Stonemason. June 24. Verrall,

Owen, High, Llangeinwen, Anglesea, Farmer. July 19. Gold

WHARAM, HENRY, Kingston-upon-Hull, Licensed Victualler. Jag

31. Jacobs, Hull and ('o, Denbigh PULLIPS, DAVID, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. June 30. For.

WHITE, Thomas, Downs d, Clapton, Gent. Aug 1. Tamplin and

Co, Fenchurch st rest, Liverpool POWELL, EDwird, St Bride's Major, Glamorgan, Farmer. July 1.

Wrex, THOMAS, Luton, Bedfordshire, Fish Merchant. July 36.

Hunt, Ware Randall, Bridgend

[Gazette, May 31.] ROBERTS, ROBERT, Morecambe, Lancaster, Yeoman. June 21.

Dixon, Wray
SEARLE,'Richard EARDLEY, Clissold rd, Stoke Newington, Furrier.

July 1. Parkes, Queen Victoria st
SIMPSON, THOMAS, Hunslet, Leeds, Millwright. June 10. Emsley,

In the letter of our correspondent last week on the Leods

| Attornment Clause for "increasing" read “jocurring."

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TUESDAY, June 14, 1881.

| Derham, Thomas Shann, Leeds, General Merchant. June 8. June 20.--Messrs. Baxter, PAYNE, & LEPPER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertise

Liquidations by Arrangemont. ment, June 11, p. 7).

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. June 20.- Messrs. c. & F. RUTLEY,, at the Mart, at 12 for 1

TUESDAY, June 7, 1881. p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, Abbott, William Thomas, Torquay, Devon, Bootmaker. June 18 at June 11, p. 19).

12 at offices of Fewings and Oakley, Queen st, Exeter. Luke, June 21.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, TEwson, FARMER, & BRIDGE


Airey, John, Cartmel, Farmer. June 20 at 2 at the Grange WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold

Hotel, Grange-over-Sands. Thompson, Kendal Properties (see advertisements, June 11, pages 9 and 10).

cock, Edward, Offiley Hay, nr Eccleshall, Stafford, Labourer. June 22.-Messrs. FAREBROTHER, ELLIS, CLARKE, & Co., at June 18 at 11 at offices of Challinor, Cheapside, Hanley

the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasebold Properties (see Allen, John, Rotherham, York, Boot Maker. June 18 at 12 at offices advertisements, June 11, p. 14).

of Pierson, Queen st, Sheffield June 22.-Messrs. EDWIN Fox' & BOUSFIELD, at the Mart, at

Allen, John, Rotherham, York, Boot Maker. June 18 at 12 at offices. 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement, June 11, p. 17).

of Pierson, 72, Queen st, Sheffield, in lieu of the day and time ori.

ginally named June 23.-Messrs. BEADEL & Co., at the Mart, at 1 p.m., Ashworth, Richard, Donnockshaw, Lancashire, Farmer. June 18

Freehold Houses, Ground Rents, and Building Land (see ad at 3 at the Royal Hotel, Waterfoot, nr Manchester, Read, Burn. vertisement, June 11, p. 7). June 23.-Messrs, DEBENHÁM, TEw8oN, FARMER, & BRIDGE

Aston, Richard, West Bromwich, Stafford, Plumber, June 22 at 11 WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold

at offices of Jackson and Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich

Banwell, James, Newport, Monmouth, Brick Manufacturer. June Properties (see advertisement, June 11, pages 10 and 11).

25 at 3 at offices of Bailhache, Cambria chmbrs, Newport June 23.- Messrs. C. C. & T. MOORE, at the Mari, at í for 2 Bell, John Winlow, Sleaford, Lincoln, Coal Salesman. June 20 at

p.m., Freebold and Leasehold Estates (see advertisement, 2.30 at the Angel Hotel, Grantham, Millington and Simpson, , June 11, p. 17).

Boston Jone 24.- Meesrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY, & Co., at the

Blanchard, Edward, Preston, Lancashire, Baker, June 20 at 11 at Mart, Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement,

the County Court Offices, Winckley st, Preston, Plant and

Abbott, Preston June 11, p. 18).

Briggs, William, Birmingham, Coal Merchant. June 15 at 3 at

offices of Huggins and Millard, Newhall chambers, Newhall st,


Browne, Michael Charles, Southampton st, Strand, Clerk in Holy The following are the dates which have been fixed by

Orders. Jun 16 at 3 at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet-street. Hurd,

Cheapside the judges (Lush, L.J., and Mr. Justice Manisty) for hold Buckley, Brewster, Deighton, near Huddersfield, Smallware Dealer. ing the Summer Assizes on the Western Circuit, riz : June 20 at 11 at offices of Welsh, Queen st, Huddersfield Salisbury, Wednesday, July 6; Winchester, Saturday, July

Burchill, Henry, Central Meat Market, Meat Salesman. June 17 at

2 at offices of Conrad A. Mitchell and Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's 9; Dorchester, Saturday, July 16; Exeter, Wednesday,

inn July 20 ; Bodmin, Wednesday, July 27; Wells, Saturday, Burton, Charlotte, Nottingham, Milliner. June 20 at 2.30 at offices July 30, Bristol, Thursday, August 4.

Stevenson, Weekday cross, Nottingham
Butler, Frederick, Comberton, Cambridge, Tailor, June 21 at 3 at

offices of Ginn, St. Andrew st, Cambridge
Chorley, Walter, and William Baker, Minehead, Somerset, Wine

and Spirit Merchants. June 15 at 12 at Grand Hotel, Bristol. . MACNIVEN & CAMERON'S PENS.

Reed and Cook, Taunton

Clark, Charles, Mathias rd, Stoke Newington green, Beerhouse Just out, THE NEW PENS.

Keeper. June 17 at 3 at offices of Ricketts, King's Cross rd BIG “J” PEN,

1s. per Box,

Courtney, Edward, New Bridge st, Ludgate circus, Boot and Shoe BIG WAVERLEY PEN,) at all Stationers.

Maker. June 14 at 11 at Masons' Hall, Mason avenue, Coleman st. Patentees of Pens and Penholders.

Sydney, Queen st, Cheapside. MACNIVEN & CAMERON, 23 to 33, Blair-street, Edinburgh.

Child, William Nicholson, West Derby, near Liverpool, Licensed (Established 1770.)

Victualler.June 22 at 3 at offices of Horner, Stafford st., Liverpool * Beware of the party offering spurious imitations.

Churcher, Frederick, Worthing, Sussex, Builder. June 22 at 3 at "Are far superior to anything we have met with."-Darlington

the Albion Hotel, Chapel st, Worthing. Nye, Brighton Northern Echo.

Deacon, Robert, Saltley, nr Birmingham, Corn Factor. June 18 at

11 at offices of Jagger, Cherry st, Birmingham
Dixon, John, Kingston-upon-Hull. June 17 at 2.30 at offices of

Gregson, Bowlalley lane, Hull
Dodds, Henry, Snaith, York, Draper. June 23 at 3 at the Home

Trade Association, York st, Manchester. Atkinson and Co, Man.


Drabble, John Wesley, Chesterfield, Derby, Miller, June 17 at 3 at Bankrupte.

the Angel Hotel, Chesterfield. Swaffield, Chesterfield FRIDAY, June 10, 1881.

Dyson, Thomas Fryer, Rugby, Warwick, Bootmaker. June 20 at 3. Under tbo Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

at offices of Wratislaw, Church st, Rugby Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Edwards, Charles George, Caister, nr Great Yarmouth, Harness To Surrender in London,

Maker. June 20 at 1 at offices of Clowes and Son, Queen st, Great Hulls, Augustus, Blackmoor st, Drury lane, Grocer. Pet June 4. Yarmouth Hazlitt. June 21 at 12

Evans, John, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Tiler. June 17 at 12 at offices Langer, W , Steward st, Spitalfields. Pet June 2. Hazlitt. of Beddoe, Canon st, Aberdare June 22 at 11

Farnell, Eli, Halifax, Publican. June 21 at 11 at the Old Cock Webster, Robert James, Walthamstow, Essex, Builder. Pet June 3. Hotel, Halifax. Emmet and Walker, Halifax Pepys June 22 at 11.30

Foster, Jonas, Penketh, Lancaster, Slate Merchant. June 20 at 2 at To Surrender in the Country,

offlces of Husband, Victoria st, Widnes Beetham, Richard, Kirkby Overblow, York, Licensed Victualler. | Fraser, William, Cromwell terrace, Paddington, Draper. June 20 at Pet June 7. Perkins. York, June 22 at 11

11 at 99, Cheapside. Ashurst and Co, Old Jewry Bilton, William Thomas, Settle, Saddler, Pet June 3. Robinson. Gibbs, Edwin, Cardiff, Builder. June 28 at 12 at offices of Morgan Bradford, June 21 at 12

and Scott. High st, Cardiff Phillips, Joseph, and John Phillips, Pentrepiod, Mynyddysllwyn, Gilbertson, William Hunt, Cawood, York, Maltster. June 17 at 12 Monmouth, Farmers. Pet May 20. Davis. Newport, June 20 at at George Hotel, Selby. Wright, Selby

Hampshire, Joseph, Thornhill, York, Stone Merchant. June 24 at Roseby, William John, Doncaster, Ironmaster. Pet June 8. 10.15 at offices of Scholes and Son, Leeds road, Dewsbury Rodgers. Sheffield, June 23 at 1

Harrison, Thomas William, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper. June 24 Woodcock, Edward, Cleckheaton, York, Currier, Pet June 7. Lee. at 11 at offices of Vaughan, Walsall st, Willenhall. Bradford, June 24 at 12

Hawley, Randolph Rawlinson, Kingston upon Hull, Oil Refiner. TUESDAY, June 14, 1881.

June 20 at 2 at offices of Middlemiss and Pearce, Parliament st, Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Kingston-upon-Hull Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Hayter, Joseph, Paignton, Devon, Tea Dealer. June 23 at 3.30 at To Surrender in London.

Magor's Commercial Hotel, Newton Abbot. Francis, Baker, and Cole, John H , Conduit st, Tailor. Pel June 9. Hazlitt. July 1 Watts, Newton Abbot

Henderson, George Brettell, Albany st, Regents park, of no occuWebb, Charles David, Buckingham Palace rd, Tobacco Dealer. Pet pation. June 23 at 2 at Inns of Court Hotel, Lincolns Inn fields. June 10. Hazlitt. June 29 at 12

Smith, Staple inn
To Surrender in the Country.

Hester, Alfred, North Shields, Builder. June 21 at 2 at offices of Dunkley, John, Bishop's Störtford, Hertford, Architect. Pet June Chaytres, Youll, and Wilkinson, Grainger st West, Newcastle7. Spence. Hertford, June 25 at 11

upon Tyne Moore, Thomas, Pudsey, York, out of business. Pet June 10. Lee. Hobley, Edward Henry, Penzance, Cornwall, Baker. June 21 at 11 Bradford, June 28 at 12

at offices of Borlase, Milton, and Borlase, Clarence st, Penzance Rivett, Alfred, Egremont, Chester, Farmer. Pet June 9. Williams. Hodge, John, Redruth, Cornwall, Gardener. June 16 at 11 at offices Birkenhead, June 25 at 10

of Chillcott, Truro. Peter, Redruth Whitbread, Charles Thomas, Northampton, Builder. Pet June 10. Holbrook, John, Bristol, Contractor. June 17 at 12 at offices of Dennis. Northampton, July 2 at 11

Miller, St. Stephen's chambers, Baldwin st, Bristol


at 11

House, Henry, Bedford, Engineer. June 20 at 11 at offices of Jes.

sopp, St Paul's sq, Bedford Huggins, George, Stow-in-the-Wold, Brewer, June 16 at 3 at the

Royal Hotel, Cheltenham, Russell and Co, Old Jewry chmbrs Jackson, William, Burslem, Stafford, Cotter. June 17 at 11 at offices

of Bennett, Piccadilly bldge, Hanley Jones, Alfred, Market Drayton, Salop, Tailor. June 23 at 11 at

offices of Onions, Market Drayton Jones, Thomas, Cardiff, Builder. June 15 at 12 at the Royal Hotel,

St Mary st, Cardiff. Cousins, Cardiff Joy, Edward James, Canterbury, Oil Merchant. June 22 at 2 at

the Fleece Inn, Canterbury. Collard, Canterbury Kelsey, Joseph, Addison terrace, Notting Hill, Corn Merchant. June

22 at 3 at the Masons' Hall Tavern. Masons' avenue, Basinghall

st. Kilvington, Walbrook Kent, William, Northampton, Baker. June 23 at 11 at offices of

Andrew, Market sq, Northampton Kimberley, John, Lanaley. Oldbury, Worceser, Grocer. June 20 at

at 11 at offices of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury Kinnear, William, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Coal Owner. June 24 at

2 at offices of Hoyle and Co, Collingwood st, Manchester Kyte, William, Alcester, Warwick, Beerhouse Keeper June 24 at

11.30 at Bear Hotel, Alcester. Scott Law, John McKenzie, Barrow-in-Furness, Cabinet Maker. June

21 at 11 at 17 Strand, Barrow-in-Furness. Taylor, Barrow-in

Furness Leach, Joseph, Haslingden, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer.

June 21, at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yard, Manchester Hindle

Darwen Lee, Jeseph, Felton. Northumberland, Shoemaker. June 16 at 11

at offices of Tate and Percy. St. Michael's lane, Alnwick Lee, Philip, Ashburton, Devon, General Dealer. June 20 at 11.30

at Bude Haven Hotel, Exeter. Creed, Newton Abbott Limbrick, Thomas Alfred, Porth. Glamorgan, Mason June 16 at

11 at offices of Morgan, Mill st, Pontypridd Linnell, William, Seven Wells Farm, Worcester, Farm Bailiff June

20 at 2 at 24, Hythe Bridge st, Oxford. Barkes, Moreton-inMarsh Lister, John, Wakefield, Builder. June 18 at 11 at offices of Lodge,

King st. Wakefield Lowe, Samuel, Leeds, Flock Merchant. June 22 at 3 at Law Insti

tution, Albion pl, Leeds. Snowdon, Leeds Lund, Thomas, and Benjamin Cooper Lund, Bradford, Joiners.

June 14 at 4 at offlces of Neill, Kirkgate, Bradford Malton, Mary Ann, Manchester, Umbrella Trimming Manufacturer,

June 22 at 2 at offices of Phillips, Marsden st, Manchester Marsh, Alfred, Harwich, Clothier. June 20 at 3 at offices of Prior,

Head st, Colchester Marshall, Joseph, St Mary-at-Hill, Billingsgate, Fish Salesman.

June 17 at 3 at offices of Brocklesby and Co, Water lane, Great

Tower st Martin, Constantine Augustine, Liverpool, Wood Turner. June 21

at 2 at offices of Knowles, Cook st, Liverpool May, James William, Leeds, Licensed Victualler. June 21 at 3 at

offices of Rawson and Co. Benson's bldgs, Park row, Leeds Millard, James, Southgate rd, Bookbinder, June 30 at 11 at offices

of Minshull, Change alley, Cornhill. Patience, Cheapside Mitton, Roger. Embsay, nr Skipton, York, Tailor. June 20 at 12 at Morris, John, jun, Wick, nr Pershore, Worcester, Farmer. June 20

at 3 at offices of Pace, Bridge st, Pershore Morris, John Edward, Kentish Town rd, Grocer. June 2) at 3 at offices of Betts and son, Eastcheap. Eagleton, Chancery lane

oseph, Latchford, nr Warrington, Commission Agent. June 23 at 3 at offices of Davies and Co, Market pl, Warrington Munn, Noel, Hallow, Worcester, Farmer. June 21 at 12 at offices of

Corbett, Avenue House, Worcester Murray, John, Weston, Chester, Builder. June 23 at 2 at offices of

Lyon and Reynolds, Old Castle bldgs Preeson's row, Liverpool Newall, Henry, and James Newall, Hale, Chester, Builders. June

20 at 3 at offices of Cave, Stamford st, Altrincham Nicholson, George Edward, Kingston-on-Thames, Baker. June 25

at 2 at the Bridge House Hotel, Borough, High st. Feuillade,

New Court chmbrs, Lincoln's-inn Parsons, John George, Great Yarmouth, Draper. June 31 at 11 at

offices of Worship and Rising, South quay, Great Yarmouth Pawley, Peter John, High Wycombe, Coal Merchant. June 22 at 3 at the Coffee Tavern, Frogmoor gardens, High Wycombe. Ciarke,

High Wycombe Pedlar. William, Torquay, Devon, Tailor. June 23 at 12 at offices

of Collins, Broad st, Bristol. Beckingham, Bristol Pybus, Robert, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grocer. June 17 at 11 at the

Traders' Association, Grainger st West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Richardson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Relf, George Joseph, Dover, General Outfitter. June 22 at 2 at

the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Lockyer, Gresham builldings,

Basinghall st Richards, Richard Chaffer, Falmouth, Cornwall, Printer. June 20

at 3 at offices of Jenkins, Church st, Falmouth Ridgers, Robert Stanley, Walton-on-Thames, Grocer. June 24 at 3

at offices of Noton, Lombard st Riley, Thomas, Huddersfield, Grocer. June 20 at 11 at offices of

Craven and Sunderland, New st, Huddersfield Robinson, Jane, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Hosier. June 17 at 11 at

offices of Holmes and Robson, Pilgrim st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Rogers, Alfred, and Henry Smith, Brighton, Biscuit Manufacturers.

June 20 at 12 at offices of Edmonds and Co, Cheapside. Woods

and Dempster, Brighton Rushton, John, and Robert Brown. Manchester, Importers of Straw,

June 17 at 3 at offices of Macdonald Blair, St James's sq, Man. chester Salt, Thomas, Accrington, Lancaster. Shoe Dealer. June 21 at 3

at the Mitre Hotel, Cathedral Gates, Manchester. Whalley,

Accrington Sargent. John Knighton. Mildenhall. mr Marlborough. Wilts

Farmer. June 17 at 2 at offices of Kinneir and Tombs, High st, Swindon. Hudson and Co, Bueklersbury

Schroder, Anthony, and Bernard Henry Schroder, Fenchurch st.

Merchants. June 20 at 3 at the New Exchange bldge, George yd,

Lombard st. Hollams and Co, Mincing lane Scofield, William, St George, Gloucester, House Decorator, June

22 at 11 at offices of Atchley, Clare st, Bristol Senier, Sarah Ann, Wells st, Oxford st, Foreign Lace Importer.

June 20 at 2 at offices of Hart and Co, Moorgate st. Keeble,

Basinghall st Sheppard, Richard Reckerby, Newark-upon-Trent, Licensed Vic.

tualler. June 20 at 2 at the Robin Hood Inn, Lombard st, Newark

upon-Trent. Belk, Nottingham Skinner, Thomas, Bath, Grocer. June 16 at 12 at offices of Collins,

Broad st. Simmons and Co, Bath Smith, Joseph, Bradford, York, Licensed Victualler. June 13 at 3

at offices of Neill, Kirkgate, Bradford Stanbury, James Jeffery, Craven rd, Paddington. Private Hotel Keeper. June 15 at 3 at Great Western Royal Hotel, Craven ri,

Paddington. Fox, St Mary's sq, Paddington Storry, George Skinner, Bishopston, Gloucester, Commercial

Traveller. June 17 at 12 at offices of Clifton and Carter, Broad st,

Bristol Tanfield, John (and not Sanfield, as erroneously printed in the Gazette of May 31), Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Woollen Draper. June 14 at 12 at offices of Corbitt, Mosley st, Newcastle-upon

Tyne Taylor, Emanuel, Newport, Mon, Baker. June 21 at 12.30 at Spread

Eagle Hotel. Evans, Newport Taylor, William, and Herbert Thomas Shaw, Huddersfield, Woollen

Manufacturers. Jnne 20 at 3 at offices of Learoyd and Co, Buxton rd, Huddersfield Treglown, Eldred, Redruth, Cornwall, Grocer. June 16 at 12 at offices

of Chilcott, Truro. Peter, Redruth Venimore, Frank George, Brighton, Theatrical Manager. June 29 at 2 at offices of Preston and Young, Norfolk st, Manchester. Prit

chard and Co, Little Trinity lane Walker, Robert Thomas, Manchester, out of business. June 16 at 2 at

offices of Simpson and Hockin, Mount st, Albert sq, Manchester Walton, William, Halifax, Ale Merchant. June 27 at 11 at offices of

Rhodes, Horton st, Halifax Warman, Joseph, Stratton Saint Margaret, Wilts, Beerhouse

Keeper. June 17 at 11 at offices of Kinneir and Tombs, Highst,

Swindon West, David. Vauxhall st, Upper Kennington lane, Cab Proprietor.

June 24 at 3 at offices of Ody, Blackfriars-road Williams, Rev John Llewellyn, Llantrisant, Glamorgan, Clerk.

June 21 at 12 at offices of Rosser, High st, Pontypridd Wilson, Thomas. Hooton, Chester, Licensed Victualler. June 30

at 3 at offices of Moore, Duncan st, Birkenhead Wood, Tom, Paddock, near Hudersfield, Plumber. June 22 at 3 at

Officies of Ramsden, Sykes, and Ramsden, John William st,

Hudderfield Worsley, Walter, Leighton Buzzard, Bedford, Ironmonger, June

23 at 2 at offices of Pettit, Leighton Buzzard. Ewen and Roberts,

Lutton. Wright, Edmund, Lutterworth, Leicester, out of business. June 20

at 3 at offices of Owston and Dickenson, Friar lane, Leicester Yates, Thomas, Birstal, York, Contractor June 20 at 4 at offices of

Wooler and Wooler, Exchange buildings, Batley. Young, Arthur, Clifton, Bristol, Poulterer. June 20 at 2 at offices

of Tribe, Clarke and Co., Albion chambers, Bristol. Smith, Weston-super-Mare Young, Phoebe, Fulham road, Stationer, June20 at 3 at offices of Noon and Clarke, Bloomfield st

FRIDAY, June 10, 1881. Aplin, Benjamin William, Banbury, Oxford, Solicitor. June 20 at

11 at White Lion Hotel, Banbury. Heming, Banbury Bayley, Samuel Charles, Old Swan, Lancaster, Merchant. June 23

at 2 at offices of Jones and Kitchingman, 5, Harrington st, Liver.

pool Bayley, William Fisher, Tipton, Stafford, Coal Merchant. June 23

at il at offices of Jackson and Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich Bingham, Thomas, Norwich, Tailor and Owner of Racehorses. June

22 at 2 at Waverly Hotel, Lawrence lane, Cheapside Bolton, Alfred, Peterborough, Northampton, Builder June 20 at

10 at offices of Hart, Priestgate, Peterborough Brukewich, Morris, Cardiff, Outfitter. June 27 at 12.30 at Grand

Hotel, Bristol. Downing Cleave, Robert Thomas, Leather lane, Boot and Shoe Dealer. June

20 at 11 at offices of Savidge, 44, Eastcheap Dable, Henry Christian, Kingston-upon-Hull, Hatter June 24 at 3

at offices of Martinson, Exchange bldgs, Bowlalley lane, King.

ston-upon-Hull Dudley, George, Northwich, Chester, Carter. June 20 at 11 at offices

of Green, Castle chmbs, Northwich Eldridge, William, Bermondsey st, Bermondsey, Tailor. June 18 at

10 at Rosedale Arms Tavern, Ambrose st, Southwark Park rd.

Teuillade, New Court chmbre, Lincoln's inn Emerson, Hannah, Hexham, Northumberland, Boot Maker. Jume

24 at 12 at offices of Batey, Hexham Ferris, John Andrew, Buckingham Palace rd, Chemist. July 1 at

3 at 58, Chancery lane. Haddon and Co, Chancery lane Fox, Henry William, Leicester, Innkeeper. June 21 at 12 at offices

of Harvey, Selborne bldge, Millstone lane, Leicester Foxwell, John, and John William Foxwell, Skenfrith, Monmouth,

Grocers. June 23 at 2 at Royal Hotel, Ross, Corner, Hereford Gardner, James Amory, North Gosforth, Northumberland, out of

business. June 29 at 3 at offices of Brett, Bridge st, Morpeth Green, Harry Stephen, Queen st. Cheapside, Auctioneer. July at

3 at offices of Gower, Cheapside. Nicholls and Grant, Gresham st Guy, Joseph, Trench, near Wellington, Salop, in no occupation.

June 25 at 3 at offices of Carrane, Mill Bank, Wellington Harley, Richard, Hereford, Butcher. June 23 at 10.30 at 37,

Town, Hereford. Corner Hartley, John, Billiter st, Commission Agent. June 28 at 12 at Can

non st Hotel. Johnson, Lincoln's-inn-fields Haynes, Henry, Birmingham, Boot and Shoe Dealer. June 23 RT 1

at offices of Hawkes and Weekes. 14, Temple st, Birmingham Heafiela, George, Birmingham, Builder June 24 at 11 at 7, Water

st, Birmingham Benton and Adcock

Morris. s. of Shaw, Booth ur Skipton, Yorkatience, Cheaps

Heaton, Henry, Warrington, Provision Dealer. June 23 at 11 at Botts, William, Sheffield, File Manufacturer. June 21 at 11 at offices offices of Ridgway and Worsley, 2, Cairo st, Warrington

of Mellor, Queen st, Sheffield Holland, Elisha Lawton, Fenton, Stafford, Coal Agent. June 22 at Bowen, David, Langharne, Carmarthen, Licensed Viotualler. 11 at offices of Kent, Chancery lane, Longton

June 25 at 3.30 at offices of Griffiths, Saint Mary st, CarmarHow, William, Walthamstow, Essex, Builder, June 30 at 2 at offices then of Hope, Chancery lane

Brettell, Henry, Birmingham, Hosier, June 27 at 2 at Clarence Humphreys, Thomas Darwin, Argyll pl, Regent st, Pattern Cutter. Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester, Jacques, Birmingham

June 30 at 3 at offices of Button and Co, Henrietta st, Covent gdn Brooks, Charles, South Elmsall, near Pontefract, York, Butcher. Hunt. William, Bath, Saddler, June 29 at 2 at offices of Collins and June 27 at 3 at offices of Lodge, Townhall chinbrs, King st, Wake Son. Abbey churchyard, Bath

field Hurst, Alexander, North' Shields, Silversmith. June 27 at 1 at Byron, William, jun, Coningsby, Lincoln, Grocer. June 23 at Grand Hotel, Colmore row, Birmingham. Adamson, North 1.30 at the Great Northern Hotel, Lincoln, Marshall, East RetShields

ford Jackson, Robert Burra, Lyall pl, Upholsterer. June 28 at 1 at Clark, Rutter, and William Clark, Brigg, Lincoln, Brickma kers. offices of Behrend, Bucklersbury

June 28 at il at offices of Sowter, Bigby st, Brigg, Lincoln Johnson, Ethni, Stoke-upon-Trent, out of business. June 22 at 11 Cocker, Wright, East Dereham, Norfolk, Ironfounder June 28 at Vine inn, Stafford. Ashmall, Hanley

at 12 at offices of Saunders, Quebec st, East Dereham Johnston, William, Bolton, Lancaster, Commission Agent. June 28 Cook, James, Preston, Lancaster, Coal Merchant. June 29 at 11 at 3 at offices of Balshaw, Bowker's row, Bolton

at the County Court offlces, Winckley st, Preston, Clarke, PresJones, John, Aberystwyth, Cardigan, Tea Dealer. June 21 at 3 at ton offices of Hughes and Sons, Aberystwyth

Cooper, John, Wistaston Green, near Nantwich, Chester, Farmer. Jones, William, Bristol, Haulier. June 18 at 12 at offices of Essery, June 23 at 11 at Albert chambers, Church side, Crewe. Pointon, Nicholas st, Bristol

Crewe Kneeshaw, Jabez, Peterborough, Northampton, Draper. June 23 at Cramant, James Thomas, and Francis James Pretty, Leicester. 12 at offices of Rutland and Co, Priestgate, Peterborough

Painters. June 29 al 3 at offices of Wright, Gallowtree gate, Knight, William, Plumpton, Sussex, Farmer, June 27 at 3 at Star Leicester Hotel, Lewes. Nye, Brighton

Crossman, William Palmer, Moorlinch, Somerset, Butcher. June 29 Krancer, Joseph, George st, St George's-in-the-East, out of business at 2 at at offices of Reed and Cook, King's sq, Bridgwater June 27 at 3 at offices of Cooper, Lincoln's-inn-fields

Douglas, Thomas, Netherton, near Wakefield, York, Beerbouse Laurens, Frederick Lampriere, Monkwearmnuth, Durham, Keeper. June 25 at 11 at offices of Lodge, Townhall chambers, Chemist. June 24 at 3 at offices of Graham, John st, Sunder King st, Wakefield land

Evans, John Pritchard, Drury lane, Restaurant Proprietor. June 24 Leigh, Morton Lewis, New Kent rd, out of business. June 21 at 2 at 11 at offices of Miller and Co, Percy buildngs, Eberle st, Liverat offices of Winkworth, St Clement's House, Clement's-lane

pool Lewis, Charles William, Festliniog, Merioneth, Grocer, June 23 Firth, James, Halifax, York, Ironmonger. June 27 at 18 at offices of at 8 at Albion Hotel, Chester. Breese and Co, Fourcrosses, Rhodes, Horton st, Halifax Festiniog

Gladwell, Chenery, Haughley, Suffolk, Bootmaker. June 27 at 12 at Lilley, John Henry, Studley, Warwick, Coal Merchant. June 24 at Fox Hotel, Stowmarket. Hill, Ipswich 3 at Foregate st, Worcester. Goldingham, jun.

Gosden, William Albert, Freshwater, Isle of Wight, Builder. Linton. Richard, Boston, Lincoln, Silk Mercer. June 23 at 12 at June 30 at 3 at Bugle Hotel, Yarmouth. Hooper, Castlehold, NewRed Lion Hotel, Boston. Wise

port. Lovatt, George, Water Orton, Warwick, Commercial Traveller. Gowing, Stephen, South Harting, Sussex. Draper. June 29 at 3 at

June 23 at 2.30 at offices of Bayley, Colmore row, Birming. offices of Josolyne and Co, King st, Cheapside. Nicholls and Grant, ham

Gresham st Matthew, Richard Cholditch, Staverton, Devon, Farmer. June 25 Green, Joseph, Newton hill, nr Wakefield, Grocer. Juue 24 at 3 at at 12.30 at Seymour Hotel, Totnes.' michelmore and Hacker, offices of Lake and Lhke, Southgate, Wakefield Newton Abbott

Griffin, Ernest Edward, Birmingham.' June 27 at 11 at offices of Norrington, Arthur, St Helen's pl, Bishopsgate st, Metal Merchant.

Free, Temple row, Birmingham June 30 at 2 Cannon st Hotel, Cannon st. Elmslie and Co, Leaden.

Griffin. John Whiting, Burwell, Cambridge. Farm Bailiff. June 25 hall st

at 11 at White Hart Hotel, Newmarket. York, Newmarket Palowkar, Mahomet Frederic, High st, Camden Town, Hatter.

Haddon, George Cowley, Hereford, Architect. June 28 at 2.30 at June 21 at 2 at offices of Norris, Southampton bldgs, Chancery offices of Corner, High Town, Hereford lano

Hardidge, William Henry, and Walter Edward Gabriel, WestonPerry, Emily Susanna, and William Wheeldon, Lichfield, Grocers'

super-Mare, Cabinet Makers. June 28 at 12.30 at Guildhall June 23 at 3 at the Swan Hotel, Lichfield. Hinckley and Co

Tavern, Guildhall yrd. Chapman, Weston-super-Mare Ramsey, George, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Innkeeper June 22 at 2 at Harris, Henry, Pentonville rd, Clerkenwell, Hosier. June 23 atlat offices of Taylor, Scottish chmbrs, Grainger st West, Newcastlo Ridler's Hotel, Holborn. Goatly, Westminster Bridge rd upon-Tyne

Hiley, Charles, Bradford, York, Beerhouse Keeper. June 25 at 11 Robbins, Edwin Arnould, Wolverhampton, Builder. June 22 at 3 at

at offices of Yewdall and Son, Market st, Bradford offices of Stratton, Queen st, Wolverhampton

Hill, John George, Yeovil, Somerset, out of business. June 28 at Shepherd, Matthew, Windsor, Grocer. June 30 at 2 at 9, Argyll st, 11.30 at Wood's Hotel, Furnival's-inn, Holborn, Davies, SherRegent st

borne Sherratt, Enoch, Bursiem, Stafford, Watchmaker, June 23 at 12

Hillier, William, Coate and Devizes, Wilts, Farmer June 28 at 12 at the Great Western Hotel, Birmingham. Tomkinson and Fur

at Castle Hotel, Devizes. Meek and Jackson, Devizes nival, Burslem

Hine, John, Faringdon, Berks, Corn Dealer, Jnne 22 at 10 at offices Smerdon, Robert, West Teignmouth, Devon, Butcher. June 23 at

of Boodle, Albion bldgs, New Swindon 3.30 at the London Hotel, Teignmouth. Creed, Newton Abbot

Hockey, James. Batcombe, Somerset, Farm Bailiff. June 27 at 12 Stephenson, Richard Henry, Kingston-upon-Hull, Joiner. June 16

at the King's Arm Inn, Warminster. Jones, Trowbridge at 12 at the Talbot Inn, Scale-lane, Kingston upon Hull

Holland, Ann, Nantwich, Chester, out of business. June 29 at 1l at Straker, Robert, Withernsea-in-Holderness, York June 21 at 12 30

Albert chmbrs, Church-side, Crewe. Pointon, Crewe at offices of Iveson and Son, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-Hull

Hothersall, John, Clitheroe, Lancaster, Grocer June 29 at 11 at Tidswell, William, Southport, Lancashire, Wine Merchant. June

Old Bull Hotel, Church st, Blackburn. Eastham, Clitheroe 28 at 3 30 at offices of Sephton, Lord st, Liverpool

Johnson, Thomas, Higher Broughton, Lancaster, out of business, Tidey, William Henry, High st, Camden Town, Parish Contractor.

July 5 at 3 at offices of Chorlton, Brazennose st. Manchester June 20 at 3 at the Guildhall Tavern, Guildhall. Downing,

Jones, Alfred Sutton, Maidstone, Jeweller. June 27 at 3 at Star Basinghall st

Hotel, Maidstone. Matthews, Maidstone Williams, Richard, Cymmer, Glyncorrwg, Glamorgan, Victualler.

Jordan, John Isaac, Devonshire pl, Stoke Newington, Milk Dealer. June 20 at 2 at the Mackworth Arms, Neath Stockwood, Bridg.

June 23 at 11 at Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's avenue, Basinghall end

st. Ede, Rushmore rd, Clapton Wingfield, William, Barnsbury grove, Barnsbury, Builder. June 22 at 3 at 136, Seymour pl, Marylebone rd, Francis, Marylebone rd

Joy, John Reed, Leeds, Barman. June 21 at 3 at offices of Lodge

and Rhodes, Park row, Leeds Wood, John, Hanley, Stafford, Auctioneer. June 21 at 11.30 at offices

Krikorian, Krikor Garabed, and Miguel de Lasa, Upper Thames st, of Tennant and Co, Cheapside, London

Merchants, July 4 at 2 at offices of Blachford and Co, College hill, Wood, John, Turnditch, Derby, Licensed Victualler June 23 at 3

Cannon st at offices of Robotham, St. Alkmund's Churchyard, Derby Woolhouse, Edmund, Huntingdon st. Caledoniali rd, Music Player.

Langley, Thomas. Liverpool, Butcher, June 27 at 3 at offices of June 22 at 3 at offices of Lucas and Co, Great Marlborough st.

Bartlett, Dale st, Liverpool Earee, St Thomas' rd, Highbury

Lee, Ellis, Halifax, Cabinet Maker. June 27 at 11 at offices of Foster, Wright, George, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, Grocer, June 23 at 11 at

and Co, Townhall chbrs, Halifax St Mary's chmbrs, West St Mary's gate, Great Grimsby. Grange

Lyons, Denis, Tipton. Stafford, Shoemaker. June 27 at 12 at offices and Wintringham

of Hall, Wolverhampton st, Dudley Yates, Robert, Accrington Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. June

Melville, Robert, Chase Side, Enfield, Builder. June 2) at 3,30 at 27 at 3 at Adelphi Hotel, Avenue parade, Accrington. Sharples,

offices of Rumney, Walbrook Accrington

Mould, Henry, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer. June 24 at 3 at office TUESDAY, June 14, 1881.

of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester

Munton, George Filkings, Stafford,'Shoe Manufacturer. June 30 at Atkins, James Tymns, Portland pl North, Clapham road, Coal 11.30 at offices of Greatrox, Bank cbmbrs, Stafford Merchant. June 24 at 3 at offices of Angrove, Serjeant's inn, Patterson, Daniel McFetrish Cheltenham, Grocer. June 29 at 12 Fleet et

at Creditors' Association, Arthur st,' East. Ranger, Great Balmford, William, Accrington, Lancaster, Carpenter. June 30

Tower st at 3 at Adelphi Hotel, Avenue parade, Accrington. Sharples, Accrington

Patterson, Henry, West Hartlepool, Durham, Confectioner. June 27 Bellman, Henry, Liverpool, Cabinet Maker, June 24 at 3 at offices of

at 3 at offices of Todd and Harrison, Town wall, Hartlepool Quelch, Hatton gdn, Liverpool

Pullen, Richard, Bath, Milliner. June 27 at 3 at offices of Titley, Bennett, John Robert, Lorne ter, Stoke Newington, June 24 at 3.30

Orange grove, Bath at offices of Bryant and Joseph, Finsbury pavement

Pratt, John, Louth, Lincoln, Grocer, June 27 at 3 at offices of Gray, Berensberg, Victor Claver de. Mount Pleasant, Pembroke, Teacher

Eastgate, Louth of Languages. June 28 at 11 at offices of Mitchell,

Richards, John, Ferndale, Glamorgan, Grocer. June 28 at 12 at Griffiths Carmarthen

i oflices of Morgan, Mill st, Pontypridd

Roberts, Geoffrey Arthur, Staple st, Bermondsey, Leather Dresser. D AMPTON & SONS make NO CHARGE for June 30 at 3 at Ironmonger lane, Cheapside. White, Queen st,

inserting particulars in their FREE MONTHLY REGISTER Cheapside

of ESTATES. TOWN and COUNTRY HOUSES. Furnished or Rodda, William John, junr., St Leonard's villas, Shaftesbury rd,

Unfurnished, or for Sale, to be had GRATIS at their Offices, or Builder. June 23 at 3 at offices of Dashwood, Mark-lane

post-free for two stamps. Published on the 1st of the month, and Sabey, John, Gt Barford, Bedford, Market Gardener. June 25 at particulars for insertion should be sent not later than five days 12 at offices of Whyley and Piper, Dame Alice st, Bedford

previous to end of preceding month. Scott, William Watson, Almeric rd, Battersea Rise, General Draper Valuations for Probate and Transfer. Surveys. June 30 at 12 at offices of Chandler and Co., Coleman st. Scott

Estate and Auction Offices, 8, Pall Mall East, S.W. Shillam, James, Woodchester, Gloucester, Haulier, June 25 at 2 at offices of Jackson, George st, Gloucester

PRO VIDENT LIFE OFFICE Slight, William Luddington, Scotter, Lincoln, Chemist. June 22 at il at offices of Bladon, Market pl, Gainsborough

FOUNDED 1806. Souter, George Stephen, West st, Battersea Park, Grocer. June 24 at 2 at offices of Creditors' Association, Arthur st, East. May and 50, REGENT STREET, and 14, CORNHILL, LONDGN.

Co, Adelaide pl
Spilsbury, Charles, Barrow-in-Furness, Cabinet Maker. June 29 at Existing Assurances exceed

.. . £6,500,000 '11 at Imperial Hotel, Cornwallis st. Barrow-in-Furness. Thomp Invested Funds

2,121,711 son, Barrow-in-Furness

Annual Income ..

279,952 Stringer, Thomas, Fence Piece, Barking Side. Essex, Jobber. Claims Paid exceed

6,500,000 June 27 at 10 at offices of Whitwell and Co, Finsbury eq bldgs, Bonuses Declared..

2,342,000 Chiswell st Syred, Frederick Norton, Lee, Kent, Plumber. June 27 at 11 at During the past year (1880) each main item bas shown improveoffices of Hughes, Eastcheap

men upon the preceding year. Tappenden, John Thomas, High st, Stratford, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. June 30 at 3 at offices of Chalk, Finsbury-circus


1890. Taylor, Charles Parbutt, Maisemore, Gloucester, Clerk in Holy

New Premiums


£18,815 Orders. June 29 at 10 at Spread Eagle Hotel, Gloucester. Bon nor, Income ..

273,684 279,852 Gloucester

Invested Funds.. :

2,077,215 2,124,711 Taylor, Emanuel, Newport, Baker. June 21 at 12.30 at Spreadeagle

CHARLES STEVENS Secretar Hotel, Gloucester. Evans, Newport Thomas, William, Pembrey, Carmarthen, Butcher. June 24 at 11 at

DEVERSIONARY and LIFE INTERESTS in offices of Howell, Stepney st, Llanelly

I LANDED or FUNDED PROPERTY or oth Tinsley, George, Burslem, Stafford, Earthenware Manufacturer. Anpulties PURCHASED, or Loans or Annuities thereon granted

June 30 at 11 at North Staffordshire Hotel, Stoke-upon-Trent. by the EQUITABLE REVERSIONARY INTEREST SOCIETY (LIMITompkinson and Furnival, Burslem

TED), 10, Lancaster-place, Waterloo Bridge, Strand. Established 1835. Turner, John, Trelleck, Monmouth, Farmer. June 27 at 2 at offlces Capital, £500,000. Interest on Loans may be capitalized. of Williams, Monmouth

F. S. CLAYTON, | Joint Turner, Marlton William, Manbey st, Stratford, Stone Mason.

C. H. CLAYTOX, 1 Secreurie. June 20 at 2 at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Hicks, Grove rd, Victoria Park

TAW UNION FIRE and LIFE INSURANCE Webb, Walter, Well st, South Hackney, Ironmonger, June 23 at 3 ID COMPANY. Chief Office-126, Chancery-lane, London, W.L. at offices of Macarthur, John st, Bedford row

The Funds in hand and Capital subscribed amount to upwards of Wezzell, Henry Albert, Bushey, Hertford, Baker. July 5 at 2 at

£1,600,000 sterling. offices of Boydell. Chalk Hilí, Bushey. Boydell, Warwick ct, Chairman-JAMES CUDDON, Ésq., Barrister-at-Law, GoldsmithGray's-inn

building, Temple. White, Ernest Edwin, Stourbridge, Worcester, Photographer. June Deputy-Chairman--C. PEMBERTOX, Esq. (Lee & Pembertons), Solici. 27 at 11 at offices of Wyndham. High st, Stourbridge.

tor, 41, Lincoln's-inn-fields. Wilding, Thomas Francis, Chesterfield st, King's cross, of no occu Every description of Fire and Life Insurance business transacts

pation. June 27 at 1 at offices of Freshfields and Williams, Bank Whole World and Unconditional Life Policies granted at a slighti buildings

increased rate of Premium. Wiswould, Thomas, North Willingham, Lincoln, Farmer. June 23 Policies of Insurance granted against the contingency of 1882

at 11 at offices Page, jun, Flaxengate, Lincoln. Page and Padley, at moderate rates of Premium. Market Raoen

Advances made on Mortgage of Life Interest and Reversione, Wond, Thomas, Wakefield, York, Auctioneer. June 24 at 11 at whether absolute or contingent. oflices of Lake and Lake, Southgate, Wakefield

Prospectus, Copies of the Accounts as deposited with the Boar! of Trade, and every information sent on application to

FRANK MCGEDY. Actuary and Secretary.


THE TRUSTEES, EX TOUTORS. and AGENCY Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

1 COMPANY (Limited). Incorporated and empowered bę Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the

special Act of the Parliament of Victoria, No. 644, intituled "A1 excess of fat extracted.

Act to confer Powers upon the Trustees, Executors, and Agency The Faculty pronounce it " the most nutritions, perfectly digestible Company (Limited)." beverage for Breakfa.t, Luncheon, or Suppe!, and invaluable for

DIRECTORS. Ir valids and Children."

The Hon. SIR CHARLES SLADEN, K.C.M.G., Chairman. Highly commended by the entire Medica Press.

D. MCARTHUR, Esq., late Inspector Bank of Australasia, ViceBoing without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates,

Chairman, keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas | John Benn, Esq. (Grice, Sumner, and Company). -RICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER

The Hon James Balfour (E. Henty and Company). than such Mixtures.

F. R. Godfrey, Esq. Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break. W. Templeton, Esq., Managing Director. tast Cup, coating less than a halfpenny.

Subscribed capital liability, £150,000, with power to increase up to COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest Manilla Chocolate, and niay be taken when richer chocolate is pro

Bankers-Bank of Australasia, Melbourne, and its Branches. hihited.

This Company is empowered in its corporate capacity to act as In tin packets at le, 6d., 38., 5s. 6d., &c.. by Chemists and Grocere. trustee, executor, or administrator, receiver, committee under the Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietor,

Lunacy Statute, or as agent for trustees, executors, or administra. H. SCHWEITZER & co., 10, Adam-street, London, w.c. tors, or for principals, who, from absence, ill-health, or other cause,

are unable or unwilling to act for themselves, and in this capacity will receive and pay over, as directed, legacies, annuities, dividen is, rente, interest on debentures or mortgages, and will buy, sell, or les

landed property, &c. THE ORIGINAL (1876) NON-ALCOHOLIC SPARKLING The Company will also invest money, negotiate loans, buy or sel! BEVERAGE.

shares, effect insurances, and act generally as agent, as well in vel. EDOZONE. - MORE REFRESHING THAN

bourne as in country districts.

The Company derives its profits entirely from commission business, CHAMPAGNE.

a very important element in estimating its security. EDOZONE.

Any further information can be obtained at the office of the Com. pany's agents in England, Messrs. Sladen & Mackenzie, 1, Delahas

& reet, Westminster, Solicitors.


RE - ANIMATE THE WEARY, | To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole ho Judicial Beace

Corporation of London, &c.



CORPORATION ROBES UNIVERSITY I CLERGY GOWNS, Of Chemiate, Wine Merchants, and Grocers.

ESTABLISHED 1689. Manu'acturers : PACKHAM & CO. (Limited), Croydon.



F: Templetonvital liability. 21,200, Melbourne, an capacity under the





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