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way, South-Eastern Railway, Banbury and Cheltenham Farrow v Austin app of plt V CM-Nov 13 (part heard, Direct Railway, London and North-Western Railway (New May 14, by Lords Justices James, Baggalluy, and Lusb) Railways), London Sea Water Supply, Oxted and Groom Samuel v Samuel app of plt MR-June 7 bridge Railway, Lea-bridge, Leyton, and Waltbamstow Tram

Keen v Laws & Co app of defts VCB-Aug 9 (S O geneways, Central Norfolk Railway, Metropolitan Bridges,

rally by order)

Owen's Patent Wheel Tyre & Axle Co limd v Kleinwort app Swapage Railway, Caterham Spring Water, East London

of plta V CB-Aug 18 Railway, Kingston and London Railway, Staines and West Emma Silver Mining Co limd v Grant app of deft MRDrayton Railway.

Aug 21 Enclosure Provisional Order (Thurlaston Common). In re Basye Consolidated Silver Mining Co limd app of Mark BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

Dyett and anr V CH-Aug 23

Smith v Day app of deft Fry, J-Dec 18
Fugitive Offenders, Land Drainage Provisional Orders,
Local Government (Ireland) Provisional Orders (Bandon,

Sheffield Water Works v Bingham app of deft MR-Dec 18.

rovisional orders (Bangon, Hester v Hester app of deft Thos Hunt VCB-Dec 21 &c.), Local Governinent Provisional Orders (Halifax, &c.). Donnison v The People's Cafe Company app of defts VCM BILL READ A THIRD TIME.

-Dec 22 Local Government Provisional Orders (Brentford Union,

| Harrison v The Cornwall Minerals Ry Co app of deft W

Penton, VCH-Dec 23 &c.).

In re Graham, decd Marsden v Graham app of Attorney-Gen

from VC of County Palatine of Lancaster-Dec 24 HOUSE OF COMMONS.

Wilmott v Barber app of deft Fry J--Dec 31 JUNE 10.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

1881. PRIVATE BILLS.--Carmarthen and Cardigan Railway, | In re James Gosman's Petition of Right app of Attorney-Gen Dagenham Dook, King's Lyon Dock.

VCM-Jan 1
Sommary Jurisdiction (Prooess).

Eames v Hacon app of defts Fry, J-Jan 4

Kearsey v Roche app of plt V C B-Jan 5

Towers v Kirkman app of deft V CB-Jan 10 Private BILL.—Boston Dock.

Markwick v Dennett app of defts VCH-Jan 11 JUNE 13.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

In re Taylor, deceased Tomlin v Underhay app of plts Consolidated Fund (No. 3).

VCH-Jan 12

In re The Metropolitan Ry Co & Cotton's Trustees app of Ry BILL IN COMMITTEE.

Co VCH-Jan 12 Post Office (Land).

In re Lawrence, deceased Lawrence v Bickerton app of F W

Lawrence V CM-Jan 14

Lawrence v Lawrence app of F W Lawrence VCM-Jan 14 PRIVATE BILLS.–Caterham Spring Water, East London

In re Phillips, deceased Kington v Hill app of deft VCH Rsilway, Kingston and London Railway, Staines and West -Jan 21 Drayton Railway.

Patching 7 Barnett app of Arthur Patching V CM-Jan JUNE 14.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME.


Patching v Barnett app of parlies having liberty to attend Private BILL.-Commons Regulation (Shenfield) Pro

VCM-Mar 7 visional Order.

In re Goodier, deceased Goodier v Johnson app of plt VCH BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

-Jan 26 PRIVATE BILLS.-London and South Western Railway,

In re Smith, deceased Smith v Clutton app of Sir E Scott Local Government Provisional Orders (Horfield, &c.).

and an MR-Feb 1

In re Edison Telephone Co limd app of Edison and ors MR Post-office (Land).


Peters v Lewes & East-Grinstead Ry Co app of Ry Co VCH Patent for Inventions.

-Feb 2

Harland v Garbutt app of plts Y CB-Feb 4

Attorney-Gen v Humphrey app of defts Fry, J-Feb 6 Sale of Intoxicating Liquors on Sunday (Wales).

Laird v Briggs app of deft Fry, J-Feb 7

Cockburn v Edwards app of defts Fry, J-Feb 8

Attorney-Gen v Dorking Union app of Informant V CHElementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation

Feb 8 (Clay-lane).

Gt Eastern Ry Co v Norwich & Spalding Ry Co app of Mid

land & Eastern Ry Co y C B-Feb 11
Halsey v Brotherhood app of plts MR-Feb 14

Llanoyer v Homfray Phillips v Llanover app of Lady

Llanover VCH-Feb 25
Serff v Luff app of deft Luff VC B-Mar 3

In re Robson, decd, Emley v Davidson app of Attorney-Gen SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

V CB-Mar 4

The Plating Co v Farquharson app of defts VC B-Mar 11 ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

Johnstone v Cox app of deft Tnos Naylor VCB-Mar 17 COURT OF Date. MASTER OF THE Y. O. BACOX.

In re Combos, decd, Hoyland v Waite app of plts VCM-

Mar 23
Monday, June 20Mr. Merivalo Mr. Farrer Mr. Cobby Jackson v Bridge app of plt MR-Mar 23
Toesday ......

Teesdale Jackson

Harphom v Shacklock app of B Denison and Co VCMWednesday.... 22 Merivalo


Mar 24
Thursday .... 23 King


Sotheran v Dening app of plt MR-Apr 13 24 Merivale Farrer Cobby Io re Roberts, decd, Ripington v Roberts-Gawen app of Christ Saturday...... 25

Teesdale Jackson tian Knowledge Society VCH—Apr 14

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice Marshall v Berridge app of deft Fry, J-Apr 14

KAY. In re Wakeling decd Castle v. O'Sullivan app of deft Tarner Monday, June 20Mr. Clowes Mr. Leach Mr. Ward

V.C B-April 25 (Security ordered May 4) Tuesday ...... 21 Koe

Latham Pemberton Halifax Joint Stock Banking Co. v. Sowerby Bridge Town Wednesday.... 22 Clowes Leach


Hall Co app of plts VCH-April 26.
Thursday .... 23 Koe

Latham Pemberton Redgrave v Hurd app of deft W. Hurd Fry, J-May 2

Ward Freeman v Hunt app of plt Kay, J-May 9

Latham Pemberton Curtius v Caledonian Fire & Life Insurance Co app of defts

MR-May 12

In re Baker, decd Collins v Rhodes In re Seaman, deod SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE.

Rhodes v Wish app of Rhodes and anr Kay, J-Máy 16 COURT OF APPEAL.

Sanders v Sanders app of deft V CM-May 17 LIET OF APPEALS FOR TRINITY SITTINGS, 1881.


Roberts v Richards app of plts VCH-May 18 " 1880.

Tavlor annat van W

y Bagot Easton app of plt V C B-Aug 7 (part heard. May | Smith

(part heard, May | Smith v Taylor app of defts_V CB-May 24 3, by Lords Justices James, Baggallay, and Lush-S O to be Bagot v Easton app of deft Bagot VC B-May 26 mentioned)

Brown v Smart app of plt Fry, J—May 27




Friday ........


Friday .....


Turner v Turorr app of E. G. Turaer Kay, J--May 28 Cooke and ors v Sheard app of plts from rale nisi fur new Great Eastern Ry Co v Norwich & Spalding Ry Co app of trin) discharged by Justicos Denmga ant Cave and Baron plta V C BẠMay 30

Pollock action tried at Liverpool by Mr Justice Magisty C uldery v Bartium app of defts MR May 31

The Mayor, &c, of Rochdale v The Justices of Lancashire' app Bennett' v Hay app of deft Fry, J—June 3

of plt from judgt of Justices Williams and Mathew on special

Case-Apr 23 From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the H Young and Co v The Mayor and Corporation of Royal Chancery Division.

Leamington Spa app of plts from judgt of Justices Wil. 1881.

liams and Mathew on special Case-Apr 26 Hart v Hart app of deft MR-May 7

Young v The Sonora Co and ors app of plt from judgt of Palmer v Locke app of defts MR-May 19

Lord Coleridge, CJ, at trial-Apr 26 Lewis v Winkworth app of deft Fry, J-May 19

Young v The Sonora Co and org app of plt from rule nisi Io ra Gardner, deod Mein v Gardner apps of deft G J Gardner discharged by Mr Justice Denman and Baron PollookFry, J-May 20

Apr 26 Beno v Griffith app of plts VCB-May 23

Attorney-Gen v Noyes (Q B Revenue Side) app. of AttorneyRuston v Tobin app of deft Fry, J-May 26

Gen from decree of Mr Justice Grove, Mr Justice Ladley Sephton • Quillian app of J Mactaggart V CH-May 26 differing-April 26 loot before June 30)

Markwick v Redford (decd siace action) and ors app of defts In re Hookins, decd Williams v Hopkins app of plt Fry, J from judgt of Mr Justice Mathew at trial - April 27 -May 26

The Manchester and Liverpool District Biaking Co Id v HanAttorney-Gen v Doan & Canons of Manchester app of Dean cook and spr app of plc" from judgt of J. P. Marphy, Esq, &c ý c H-May 26

Q.C., at trial - April 28 Attorney-Gen v Dean & Capons of Manchester app of Eccle- | The Manchester and Liverpool District Banking Cold v Hansiastical Commissioners VCH-May 26

cock and anr app of plt from rule nisi discharged by Justices Mounsey v Darbyshire app of inft M É Johnson, from VC of Grove and Lindley- April 28 County Palatina-May 28

De Bernales y The Britannia Home and Colonial Fira AssoIn re Durrant & V & P'Act app of vendor VCH_May 28 | ciation ld app of deft from judgt of Lord Coleridge, LCJ, Cavander v Cole app of plts V CH-May 30

after trial in London-May 3 lo re 'The Cape Breton Co limd app of Romney and Harper Erichsen, representative of London Agency of Great Northern and Co Fry, J—June 1

Telegraph Co of Copenhagen v Last (Q B Revenue side) The Real and Personal Advance Co limd v McCarthy app of app of Erichsen from order of Justices Lindlay, Willians plts Fry, J-June 2

and Mnthew on app case stated by Income Tax ConnisDavies v Tredwell app of plt Fry, J-Juoe 8

sioners for City of London-May 10

The Safety Oil Co limd v Borrowman, Phillips, and Co app of FROM THE QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION.

deft from judgt of Mr Justice Manisty at trial- May 11" For Judgment.

Sir Edmd G Horoby, Knt v Cardwell (F B Hanbury third party) (Heard in Hilary Sittings.)

app of third party from order of Lord Coleridge, L CJ, and Poyser v Mynors app of deft from judgt of A Wills, Esq, QC Mr Justice Field overruling demr-May 14

at trial (.a.v. Apr 11-present Lords Justices Bramwell, Haywood v The Brunswick Permanent Benefit Building Society Baggallay and Lush)

app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen after trial at (Heard in Easter Sittings.)

Manchester-May 17 Jobnson and anrov Raylton and Co app of deft from Mr

The Yorkshire Fire and Life Insurance Co. v. Clayton (Q B Justice Manisty (c.a.v. Apr 28—present Lorde Justices Bram

Revenge Side) app of Insurance Co from judgt of Jastices

Grove and Lindley on case stated by Commrs of Iobabited well, Brett, and Cotton)

House Duties for Kingston-upon-Hull-May 19
For Hearing.

The Law Society of the United Kingdom v Shaw and another 1880.

app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Grove at trial in MiddleIn re Charles M Roche, gentn. one &c app of Mr Roche from sex-May 21

order of Lord Coleridge and Mr. Justice Grove-Apr 27 | Horner v Oyler and another app of defts from judgt of Mr Corcoran Witt & Co v Ďbippen and anr app of plt from judgt Justice Field at trial in Middlesex-May 23 of Mr Justice Williams at trial in Middlesex - Dec 14

The Mergey Docks and Harbour Board v Lucas (Q B Revenue

Side) app of Lucas from order of Justices Grova and Lindley 1881. Toppin v Pooley app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes

on app on case stated by Liverpool Income Tax Commrs

- May 23 at trial at Westminster—March 17 (Security ordered April

Hutley v Marshall app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice 13)

Mathew at trial in Middlesex—May 25 McMahon v Field app of plt from part of judgt of Mr Justice

Rayne v Keevil app of deft from judgt of Baron Pollock after Fry at trial at Chester - March 21 Pagbouse Mill Co, limd v Anderson Bros app of dofts from

trial-May 26

| Fleming v The Mayor &c of Manchester argument of rule nisi jodgt of Justices Williams and Mathew, on special case

for new trial granted by Court of Appeal on application of Mar 28 Hodgson v Pryor and ors app of defts from judgt of Mr Ju9

deft (set down with final appls by order)-May 26

Fleming v The Mayor &c of Manchester app of deft from lice Lindley at trial-Mar 29

judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial Williams v Phillips app of defts James and Dyke from judgt

West of Eagland and South Wales District Bank v Gidley of Joseph Brown, Eeq, QC, at trial-Mar 29

app of defc from judgt of Justices Mathew and Cave Toe Rhymney Ry Co v Toe Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co,

May 31 limd app of defts from judgt of Justices Williams and Mathew

Braham v Newby Newby v Brabam app of Newby from jadgt on special case-Mar 30

of Mr Justice Williams at trial without a jury-Jane 2_ In Devonshire Coudry Court at East Stonehouse Lyons v Tucker

Wainwright v Wilson app of deft from judgt of A. Wills, app of plt from Justices Grove and Lindley discharging rule Disi to set aside judgt of county court-Apr 2

Esq, Q C, at trial-June 9 Ellis and ors v Haley app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Queen's Stepben at trial at Leed8-Apr 2

Bench Division. Dollar v Webster app of plt from part of judgt of Mr Justice

1881. Manisty at trial at Guildhall-Apr 7

Carr v Render app of deft from rule nisi, discharged by JasNational Mercantile Bank, limd v Rymill app of defendant tices Williams and Mathew (part heard Juge 3, present-Lords

from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes after trial in Middlesex - Apr Justices Bramwell, Brett, and Cotton) 11

Grant v Holland app of plt from rule nisi discharged by Fletcher v Hudson app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Justices Williams & Mathew- April 6 (Security ordered Stephen at trial at Appleby-Apr 11

April 13) Simon v Lederer app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice | The Artistic Colour Printing Co limd v Fillan argument of Williams at trial-Apr 12

rule nisi for new trial granted by Court of Appeal on applicaNewitt v Paxton app of plt from judgt of Sir Henry Hawkins tion of plt-May 27 after trial in Middlesex-Apr 13

Dudley v Brown and another app of defts from rule nisi disWilcockson v Powell app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice charged by Justices Lopes and Stephen-May 27

Stepben at trial in Middlesex-Apr 14 (security ordered Toppin v Harper app of defts from judgt of Air Justice Lindley May 18)

on intpldr issue after trial in Middlesex-May 28 Bulieel and apr v Curteis app of deft from judgt and discharge Betteley' v Loaring and anr app of deft Veale from order of

f rule nisi by Mr Justice Denman and Baron Pollock-Apr Justices Lopes & Stephen for new trial-May 28 14

Sanderson v Spillman and org app of defts Spillman and anr Coke and org v Sheard app of plts from judgt of Baron Pol- ! from order of Justices Manisty & Bowen for new trial-May

lock and Mr Justice Stephens on special case-Apr 14



Sanderson v Spillman and ors ap) of plt from rule nisi, dis- | Tomkins v Martin act Vint v Hudspith (1830-Vcharged as against Messrs. Bolioa & Co, by Justices Ministy Casson v Robinson act

017) act & Bowen-June 3

Fothergill v Heasles act Dillon v Ellis act Edwards v Shearman app of plt in person from Justices Lopes Levetus v Newtoa act (Bir- Lumb v Mackerell act & Stephen affirming order dismissing action - June 2


Vicary v Stroud act Nawby Henry Rifled Barrel Engineering and Swall Arms Co Maltby v Hodgkinson act Jay v The Bag worth Collieries

limd app of plt from part of Mr Justice Lindley's judgt as to Prince v Bonsall Local Board Co act damages—June 3

of Health act

Carroway v Briscomb act and The Queen v Holl and ors (ex pte J. B. Edwards, app of Price v Saith act

motn for judgt Prosecutor from Lord Coleridge, LC J, and Justices Manisty Verminck v Edwards' act Moore v Robson act and mota Manisty and Bowen dischargiag role nisi for mandamus to Pearson v Bailey act

for judgt. grant certe-June 3 (To be in paper on June 22, by order) Sparrow v Cutts at

In re Elliott deod Hardy v Robertson v Tae Amazon Tug and Lighterage Cold app of Cullum v Hobbs act

Elliott &ct deft from part of judgt of Lord Coleridge, LC J us to In re Hobbs, deod Hobbs v In re Morant, deod Morant v damages-June 7

Cullum act

Manson act Mitchell v Mitchell app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice New Sharleston Collieries Co, Thomas v Palin act Williams on interpleader issue at trial at Liverpool limd v Emmens act

Masson v Sheffield act June 8

Western Brazilian Telegraph London & North-Western Ry Evans y Carte app of deft from rule nisi dischargei by Lori Co v Bibby act and m fj Co v Keighley act

Coleridge LC J, and Mr Justice Bowen-action tried in In re Werderman's Patent Womersley v Whitehead act Middlesex by Mr Justice Bow 30-June 8

Electric Light, moto of Spence v Du Bdut act

Werderman against Burgess, Marchioness of Wanguineter v FROM THE PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND ADMIRALTY Spence, & Co with wits by Shaw Stewart act and moto DIVISION.


for judgt For Hearing.

In re Western District Bank Conolan v Leyland act (LiDivorce.

adjd sumns with witness by

witness by verpool) 1880.


Carradus v Parker act (cross Biker (by his Committee) v Baker, Wheeler, '& Owen app of Eldridge v Davis act

examination on affidavics) resp from order of the President overruling demurrer (oa v Kitwood v Worth act mfj West v Body act March 25, present Lorde Justices James, Brett and Cotton) Jobgasson v Palgrave act Betts v Martin act Baker (by his Committee) v Baker, Wheeler, and Owen app Churchill v Johnasson act Saowdon v Richardson act of respt from decree nisi made absolute

Moore v Hearn act

Taylor y Peel act
Davis v Coenen act

Gray v Dixon issue
Ships Magnificent and Bastian PotEvans & ors v Owners of

Smith v Darlow adjd sumns Bell v Hundred of Hoo Ry Co Magnificent Dickson & ors v Dobell (consolidated actions)

with cross-exmn og affidavits act Bennett v Harris Act

Corbett v Bowers act app of deft from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore--Nov 18

Forwood v Staunton, Tranter In re Hall, decd Watmough and Co act Liverpool

v Saaith act 1881.

Peacock v Sinclair act Liver- Monarch Investment Building Robertson, petar v Robertson, respt-Count Favagrossa, co

Soc v Pearce act respt. app of respt Annie Robertson from decree nisi and Skipworth y Sayle act-July 1 Whitefield v New Quay Local findings of the President-Feb 2

In re Fretwell, decd Bowery Board (Cornwall) act Admiralty.

Beresford act and mfi Smith v North Staffordshire Hoole v Brown act

Ry Co act Ships Libra and Joseph Ricketts Owners of the Joseph Ricketts

Attorney-Gen v Severn Com. Carpenter v Stevens act v owners of the Libra

Griffiths v The Silicate Paint Owners of the Libra and General Steam Navigation Co v Owners

missioners act

West London Permanent Co act of the Joseph Ricketts app of owners of the Libra from judgt

Mutual Benefit Building So- Thornton v Haley Act of Sir R J Phillimore with nautical asse88ors-Feb 14 Wells v Pahlsson app of Lar: Pahlsson from judgt of Sir RJ

ciety v Planet Building So- Flackfield v Wetzlar act ciety act

In re Elmsall, deod Elmall v Holloway v Cheston act

Edmonds act Ships St Petersburg and Ettrick Preha v Bailey and ors app

Klinker v Newton act

Harwood v Bates act of plt fron judgt of Sir R J Phillimore on special case

Aspinall v Hoare act

Kempeon v Bates act April 8

Hassé v Jervis act

Hobbs v Midland Ry Co act Ship Marina (Liverpool District Registry) C F Cregreen v

Nichols v Nichols act

Nicoll v Evans act
R Alexander and aor app of defts from judgt of Sir RJ

Herring v Erie Ry Co (1879— Lake v Hundred of Hoo Ry Co
H-394) act

act Ships Odessa and Murton (cons actns) Owners of the Murton

Herring v Erie Ry Co (1880– Stevenson v Hooper ad sumns v Owners of the Odessa Norwood and ora v Owners of the

H-43) act

with wits to order Murton app of Owners of the Murton from jadgt of Sir RJ

Vint v Hudspith (1880–VPhillimore with nautical assessorg-May 3


Further Considerations.
In re Dubeaux

Ex parte Banner
In re Kitchin
Ex parte London and Co Bk
Ferrior v Evans fc

In re Wheelhouse decd Wheel-
La re Clarke
Ex parte E and W Ind Dk Co
Simon v Hole fc

house v Hill fo (short) la re Davey Ex parte Chapman

In re Stannard, decd Capl & In re Batty, decd Fillingham
In re Sparks
Ex parte Forder

Counties Bk v Standard for Thornton fo
In re Betts
Ex parte Harrison

(Newport) June 30

In re Lord, decd Sharp v la re Plant Ex parte Hayward Festing v Ellery fo

Norris fĆ la re Andrews Ex parte Barrow

In re Baley, decd Barley v In re Southgate, decd Taylor In re Jones

Lamb f
Ex parte Jones

v Harding fo
lo re Barclay and Co
Ex parte Spain

In re Sleep, decd Mylne v In re Chadwick, decd ChadIn ra Bower Ex parte Cooper

Sleep fc

wick v Chadwick fc In re Bannister Ex parte Vale Weston v Copley fo

In re Ilott, deod Ilott v Ilott
In re Mickland
Ex parte Furber

Wainwright v Birkin to fc
In re Much
Ex parte Much

In re Wm Sutton decd Thora. Walker v Coomes fc
In re Cooling
Ex parte Beavers

hill v Thornbill fc (June In re Barnes, decd Rogers v N.B.-The above list contains final and interlocutory appeals


Holmes fo 8:t down to Thursday, June 9, inclusive.

Webb v Smythies fc and pe- Penny v Turner Williams v

titi in in Faithfull v Ewen, Turner Penny v Salter fo by order

In re Durrans, decd Tookey HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-CHANCERY DIVISION. Crossley v Crossley fc

Durrans fc

Causes for trial without witnesses).

Lloyd v Lord Anglesea ast York Union Banking Co v
Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).

pt ht

Denby act In re Imperial Hydropathic Merriman v Rawling act In re Charles Denham and Co Great Western Ry Co v Met Institution, limd adj sums Phillips v Hankin act

(as to Thomas Crook) adjd Ry Comfj-June 20 with wits by ord Drum Slate Quarry Cold v sumos

Martell v Groom adjd sumns Manlove v Forrest act pt hd Spence act

Haygarth v Mostyn a & mfj Clark v Liebmann "motn for Le Blond v Curtis act (July 15) Mackie v Nye act (June 20) | pt hd (SO)

judgt Denman y Cripps act

Levitt v Pilbrow act &mfj Robinson v Drakes act Davis v Davis sp cas &mfj

shillimore-Marpp of Lar: Panti assessors-Feb 10 judgt

hillimore-Apturton (cons actns and ors v OWef Sir RJ


Stallard-Penoyev St Leger Hemingway v Whitworth | Fraser v Province of Branci« In ra Priogle Walker v Stuart spcl case and mfj moto for judgt

&c Tramways Co lind de mfj Blundell v Wright motn for Arden v Griffiths act

of L. C. Dancın and anr L yneb v Heming mfj judgt Liverpool

Elson v Taylor motn for judgt | Samo v Same dem of A. Wei- In re Riland Phillips y RobMackintosh v Chalmers act In re Featherstonbaugh, deca | gel

inson mfi Coates v London Works limd Bailey v Featherstonbaugh | Same v Same dem of Pro- In re Forrest's Estate In re motn for judgt

vince of Brescia &c Tramway Hail's Estate Forrest Barnes v Barnes special case Sanders v Hudson act


Parkinson act and mfj Upton v Upton act Lewis v Flavor act

Republic of Peru v Ružo motn Heron Maxwell v Stopford
for deoree

Blair Adj sumns
Causes before Vice-Chancellor BACON.

The Tea Co y Carter act

Heron Maxwell Stopford
Causes for trial.

In re Burge Gillard v Lauren Blair adj sumns
son act

Warburton v Hewitt act
Rolls v Isaacs act
Moir v Oppenheimer Oppen-

In re Horner Pomfret v Spedding v Dykes act and mij In re Evered Spelling v heimer v Moir act witas

Graham act

In re Wood Clatton v Wood Evered act witas

Noel v Calrow act

act and mfj Lemaitre v Davis act

In re Chilton Knight v ScamTransferred from Master of the Rolls, by 'to Order of 16th

Watson v Young act

mell mfj November, 1880.

De Palikao v Butterfield act Courtnay v Bennett act In re Tanner Mortimer v Hazlewood v Desborough act and mfj

Souch v Cowley act and mij Drew act & m fj, wits wits

James v The Capital &c Bank (short) Lewtas v Burwell act


The Davon, &c, Ry v Jewell

In re Cornwall Minerals Ry Act Transferred from Vice-Chancellor HALL, by Order of Fobruary Co, &o Expte Ry Co adjd In re The Land Credit Co, Id 3, 1881.


adj sumos Wade v Lane aot wits

Farber v King ant wits In re the Same Expte Ry Co Forbes v Jackson spel case Oliver v Watkins act wits Wheeler v Le Marchante act adjd sumns

and mij Barker v Riddell act and mfj Isaacson v Arthur act

In re the Same (Apr 7) adjd Nichols v Mitford spel caso Furber v Kjog act wits Hooper v Smith act wits


National Provincial Bank v

In re Chaplin Richards v Chap- Evans mij Transferred from Master of the Rolls, by order of 14th March

lin mij (short)

Vosper v Holines act 1881.

Gill y Young act

The Scottish Widows Fand v Philpot v Partridge act

Craig mfj Budd v Hitchins act wits Perry V International, &c,

In re the Hungarian Trading In re Treacey Treacey Bird Sowerby v Cook act wits Telegraph Co (June 16) Co limd adjd samos

act Temploman v Day act wits In re Packer Line v Packer

George v Craven mij Barrett » Barrett mfj Hunter v Charlton act wits mij

Frasi v Dando mfj

Treasure v Luck mij Appleton v Taylor act wits

. Longboarne v Fisher fc

Solomon v Solomon mfj Saxon v Taylor mfj Hardcastle r Taylor act wits In re Hack Hack v Hack

In re Mettam Mettam v Ash Morris v Saweard mij Starkey v Blank act wits Hack v Hack fo

berry act

In re Beavan Stephens Kirkman v Prescott act wits Ryder v Fletcher act wits

In re Richards Coldcott v Best Beavan m fj (short) Cadaan v Draper act wits In re Summerland Satchwell

specl case and mfi

Rollings v London Soottish, In re Maddock Chesterfield, v Smith act wits &c Colliery Co v Richardson In re Norminton

In re Evans Welsh v Channell &c, Building Society act. Denton v act and m fj

Smvthies v Bernard aj act wits

Barker fc
Nicoll v Fenning act wits In re Bennett Bennett v

(short) Cooke v Woolams act wits Melladew fc

Further Considerations.
Burrow v Scammell act wits Tulloch v Lambert act &
Buoney v Wartnaby act wits mfj

In re Nash Nash v Nash Turton v Barber für con Scarman v Collins act wits In re Rawlings Rawlings v

far con

In to Foster Robinson Morgan v Miller act wits

Phillips act wits

Parsons • Waddingham far Moss far con Swann v Cheal act wits In re Booth Brooks y Rounce

con pt hd restd

Tate v Tate fur con Turaour v Owen mij

act wits

Groom v Groom 2od far con In re Dunlop Bruce Bruce Tuid v Lesteract wits Harrison v Ski imore mfj

In re Partridge Partridge v far con
Partridge fur con

Jones v Buchanan fur con
Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir CHARLES HALL.

Dunlop v Stewart fur con In re Marverrison Shirtcliffe Causes for trial (with witnesses).

In re Store Pounder v Storr v Hodgson fur con far con

In re Mason, d-cd Mason Humphreys v Brown act In re Anglo-French Co-opera In re Cole Cole v Cole far con Mason fur con adjd fmchus Molloy v Kilby act

tive Society ex parte li

Io re Thomas Jones v Ellis Martin v Tollemache act quidator adjd sumns

far con Harris v Fleming act Packer v Greaves act

Before Mr. Justice Fey. Dixon v McDonnel act Isaacs v Digby act

Canses for trial (with Witnesses). In re Todd's estate Todd v Jones v Ellis act

i Commissioners of Exhibition of Price v Torrens act Todd adjd sums

The Credit Co v Association of Spencelaugh v Taylor act

1851 v Roy Horticultl Soc Barkshire v Grubb act & mij Land Finances act Tobia v Sauoders act

act, pt hd

Thomas y Houasell act &
Ball v Bertram act
Balteel v Grepe act & mij

Mather v Mather act (for counter-claim
Ball v Dawson act

trial only)

Middleweek v Dearsley act
Palmer v Fawcett ect
Howell v Wells act

Pagh-Johnson v Cambrian Ry
In re Barton Wigg v Burton
Galmoyev Brown act

Caithness y Caithness act

McFarquhar • Rothney act act and moto for judgt

act (for trial only) Stepheos v Danger act

Thomas v Prosser act (for Heine v Crosse act
Waite v Bingley act
In re Bridge Cape v Bridge

trial only) Capital, &c, Bank v Shearburn act

Johnson v Güllam act &mfi

Hale v Earl de la Warr act Chase v Jones Act &mfi, act

Young v White act Greaves y Weatherill act Motion v King act

(for trial only)

lo re Stevens Stevens v TelPhillipe v Manchester, &o, Ry Butcher v Stephenson act

Tregear v Wells

mash act

act (for
trial only)

Schofield v Clegg

re Stevens, Stevens Co act


Power v''Ingall
Collins v Foreman


Stevens act

(for Wilson v Parkinson act

act Jenkins v Morgan act Coleman v Kircaldy act

Corner » Packwood act

Champitt V Paine act (for Burt v Shrivell act
Oliver v Botterell act
Marley v Stephenson act

trial only)

Thomas v Howard act Oven v Jackson act Kirk v Ford act

Mitchell v Henry act (for in re Way Solomon v Way Wat on v Fowler act Ross v Semple act

trial only)

act Attorney-Gen v Earl of Dar- Marley v Jacques act ham act Cuthbertson v Palmer act

Hedley í Eccl Commrs act In re Pilling. Palmer y Pilling

(for trial only) Miller v Miller act

act Jacques v Wilson act

Compton v Preston act &mfj Rees v Thomas act Leigh v Rathbone act and Wilson v Jacques adjd sumns

mans (for trial only)

Turner v Brown act min for judgt In re Le Petit Goodall v Le

Bainbrigge v Brown act Williams v Bawden act Kirk v Howarth act

Petit act

Martin v Gordon act (for Lawes y Carter act
trial only)

Curling v Thorp act
Causes for trial (without witnesses).

Watts v Meers act (for trial Skinner y Todd act
In re Dawson Hornsey v Wade v Banks dem


Green v Coates act Horosey dem

The Scottish Widows' Fund v Harlock v Ashberry act (for Whitbread v German act In re Kinhead dem

Craig dem
i trial only)

Hughes v Morris act

Powial only)

wine act


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In re Johnson Golden v Gillam In re Baxter Baxter v Baxter Yorkshire Ry Wagon Co v Gt Heywood y Mansell act witsact act

Western Ry Co act wits — -MR Robinson v Townend act West of England &o Baok v MR

Jones y Jones act wits-MR Brown v Hewens act

Hankey act and mf Yorkshire Ry Wagon CJ v Mc Jones v Jones act wits-M R Mason v Alibberd act Smith v Meux act

Clure act wits-MR

Worsley y Levy act witsBrighton Aquarium Co v Kemp v Bellyse act

In re Balderston Bulderaton v MR Brighton Corpn act Credit Co limd v Allbusen Randard act and mtn for In re Bone's Estate Bone v Wbitlock v Wbitlock act act jdgt wits-MR

Elford act wits-MR In ra Hickman Fisher v West of England, &c Bank v Bush v Needham act & mtn Turner v Green act witsHartıll act Batchelor act and m fj for jdgt wits-MR

Messenger v Minter act Southend Marine Palace Cold Moxam v King act wits-MR Tyler v Jennings act wits -
Bird v Ecoles Commis act v Wood act

Goddard v Jeffreys act wits MR
James v Blaiberg act
Kettlewell v Watson act and MR

Parker v White act witsUsili r Whelpton act


Hood v Newby act wits-MR MR
Noit v Sands act
Balls v Rowley act


Wreford v Jackson act wits Bardett v Howell act

Stuchbury v Walker act Hall v 'New Sedgwick Gun -MR
Briggs v Mason act
Milton v Kemp

powder Co limd act wits Attorney-Gen v Leage act Phillips v Jones act In re Brown Tyas v Brown MR

wits-MR Laurence v Nottingham &c act

Brown v Stevens act wits- Poupard v Poupard act wits Trams Co act Gilbert v Bagot act


Harris v Patley act
Newby v St George act Stevens v Walkers act wits-

Causes for Trial (without witnesses).

N.B.-The above list contains causes set down to June 9,
And Further Considerations.

inclusive. Heathcote v Stanier act In re Pease Pease v Eccles Wilson y De Coulon act

fur coa Copey v Tendant fur copSon In re Schnell Schnell v Rogs

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. Russell v Deare act fur con & sums

QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION. In re Blondel Blondel v Blon Kirkhouse v Kirkhouse act

TRINITY SITTINGS, 1881. del act and mfj In re Gore Gore v Gore far

These Sittings commenced Tuesday, June 14, and terminate In re Cross Harston v Tenison con & sumns

Monday, August 8, 1881. &ct In re Evans Jones v Evans

NEW TRIAL PAPER. Looremore v Tiverton &o Ry act

Middlesex, Nowell v Williams (part heard) Io re Barber Dardier v Chap&Ct

Lord Coleridge, CJ Liverpool, Starr and another v Balland (stands over)

ield, J Moore v Moore act

man fur con

Middlesex, Lord Ashburton v The Gt Western Ry Co Sawyer v Giddings fur conson Longhurst v Car act

Lord Coleridge, CJ Hutton v Brown fur conson Stogdon v Ernest fur con Middlesex, Taylor v Hodgkinson and others (part heard) Lopes, J and adjd sumns pt hd Compigne v Wilson fur con

London, Lilley v Doubleday

Hawkins, J In re Berrow Berrow v Fraser In re Brooke Sykes v Brooke

Middlesex, Chamberlaine v Barnewell (before three judges)

Field, J mij

fur con

Liverpool, Hill v The Mostyn Coal and Iron Co (motn for judgt, In re Hewitt Hewitt v Hewitt Bullard v Griffin act

to be argued with new trial) fur conson

Nott v Howell fur conson Official Referee, H, W. Verey, Esq., The Midland Railway Co v Glencross v Glencro88 fo Riddell v Errington act and Powis and Co (motn for judgt) (stands over) In ve Cbaston Chaston v Seago mfj.

Middlesex, Webber v London, Brighton, and South Coast Ry Co specl care In re Knipe Fry v Fell für

Denman, J Liverpool, Martenson v Cohen

Williams, J In re Barley Trousdale V COD son and 2 sumns

Manchester, Chapman v Carr

Williams, J Hayes act and mfj Attorney-Gen v Farquhar act Middlesex, Solomon v Bitton

Lindley, J In re Wilson Hunter v Wil. In re Price Dockeroll v Hoge | Liverpool, Cohen v Hughes

Mathew, J son act fur conson Liverpool, Adams v The Gt Eastern Ry Co

Williams, J In re Twig Plincke v Gocher In re Bosworth Howard v

Middlesex, Moore y Woolley

Lindley, J

Manchester, Howarth v Townend fur conson

Williams, J Easton fur cons and sumns

Middlesex, Hollam and Co v Veuve Pommery et Fils Denman, J In ve Stephenson Tesseyman to vary

London, Laws and others v Berridge

Mathew, J Westlake fur con In re Robinson Wilson v

Middlesex, Joyce v The Metropolitan Board of Works Denman, J In re Robinson Robinson v Robinson fur conson

London, Bartlet v Eyre

Williams, J Robinson act Briggs v Massey fur conson Middlesex, Ackers v Hall

Hawkins, J Cambrian Co-operative Society Lawton v Parker fur conson |

London, Eccius v Copelin

Stephen, J v Thomas act

London, Newby v Hood and another

Williams, J
In re Colclough's Estate Caul-
London, Rowney v Stein Brothers

Lindley, J Aspiaall v Hancock fur con ton v Cololough m fj

London, Peat v Walter Jones and Co

Grove, J In re Thorley Thorley v (short)

London, Heather y Coppin and another

Williams, J Maesam fur con In re Waites' Estate Barratt | Middlesex, Ashman v Strong

Lindley, J v Scholerg fur cons (short) London, Goodwin v Leckie

Williams, J

Before Mr. Justice Kay.

Sankey & Son v Wharton and another Baldwin & Co v Wharton
Causes for Trial

and another (before two judges) McLean v Jaffa aot wits-Fry, Hart v Hart act, wits-MR

Davis y Prosser

Dem _J (not before July 1) Bell v Stenteford act wits Levite v Fowler

Dem WA-tinghouse v Midland Ry MR

Mayor &c. of Dudley v Trustees of the late Earl of Dudley

SC Co act wits-Fry, J (not Parish v Hogg act, wits-MR

(Before two judges.) Perks v Hall & Co act, wits

Burnup v General Ice Factory, Limited before July 1)

Dem Shaw v Talbot and another

Dem Henry v Armstrong act wits --MR

Clarke v Bradlaugh

Dem -Fry J Johns v Graham act, witsWebster v Ormston

Dem Harper v Every act witz, MR

Edwards and others v Harries and another (before two judges) SC VCH Pawsey v Armstrong act, Brown v Palmer and others

Dem Fowler v Fowler act, wits ph wits-M R_

Burke v Rooney (before two judges)

SC -VCH Thompson v Hook act, witsPhillimore v Lords Commissioners of the Admiralty

Dem Kirby « Tindall act, wits

Gregory v Wilson

Talbot v The River Weaver Navigation


Dennistoun_v Kough act, In re Berkley Salmon v Berk- wits-MR

ENLARGED RULES. ley act wits pt hd-VCH Geoghegan v Clowser act,

First Day. Taylor v Salmon act, wits — wits-MR

In the Matter of a Solicitor VCH

Tasker v Attenborough act, Davis v Braham Manat v Wilson act, wits- wits-MR

The Queen y J. G. Wallis and Inhabitants of Hamlet of Stanley VCH

The Queen v The Rev H. M. Fletcher
In re Brittlebank, decd Coates

Smeaton & Sons v J. W. Smith, Sons & Co
In re Cooper Cooper v Vesey v Brittlebank act, wics In the Matter of a Solicitor
act, wits-VCH

In re Trimpell, decd Trim- Sykes v Whiteley act, wits-
Dell v Shaw act and mfi

Standing for judgment.
L & S W Ry v Gomm act,

Harris v Truman, Hanbury & Co (to be heard first day of sittings) Were v Blair act and mfj

Percival v Hughes

Saxby and another v The Gloucester Wagon Co
Lungley v Mayor, &c of South-

Howlett v Garner
Madew v Rolls act and m fj
ampton act, wits-MR

Eades v Starbuck, &c Wagon

In the Matter of Johnson, a solicitor
Co act wits-MR

Beveridge v Emmett


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