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wretched prisoners awaiting the dreaded presence of the raking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Murried Wonen judge little dream how much more the judge often dreads for the County of Middlesex, and the Cities of London and the ordeal than they do. When I see these unhappy Westminster. creatures, and think over what may have been their infancy | Mr. Johy HOGH ROBSRTS, solicitor, of Carnarvon, hus and their childhood, and their early associations, and the been appointed by Lord Penryn, Lord- Lieutenant of Car. utter absence of all chance of forming good habits and narvonshire, to the office of Clerk of the Peace for tha: cultivating happy instincts, they seem to me far more county. Mr. Roberts is town clark of Carnarvon, clerk objects of compassion and pity than of vengeance and hatred,

to the county magistrates, and coroner for the county. and I tremble to think by what an accident of accidents He was admitted a solicitor in 1860, and ho is in partour positions are not reversed. At the same time, our social nership with Mr. George Thomas. system, if it is to exist in anything like a civilized form, must be protected, and crime must be punished as a deter

Mr. EDWARD Lyon Sheltox, solicitor (of the firm of rent against repetition, and the criminals must, if possible,

Howard & Shelton), of 39, Threadneedle-street, bas been be reclaimed. “But vengeance is not ours, and to indulge in

appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the it is mere savagery and ferocity. I am bound, however, to

Supreme Court of Judicature. say that I sympathize to a large ex'ent with the wonder and

Mr. CHARLES EDWARD SPEAKMAN, solicitor (of the firm perplexity in the publio mind caused by what strikes them of Broughton, Hensley, & Speakman), of Crewe and Nant. as the inequality and uncertaiaty of sentences. To a cer. | wich, has been appointed Clerk to the Magistratus for the tain extent this inequality is no doubt real. So long

Borough of Crewe. Mr. Speakman was adinitted a solicitor as judges have different ideas respecting degrees of criminality

in 1868. His senior partner, Mr. Edward Delves Broughand of punishment this must be 80 ; but to a still larger

ton, is registrar of the Crewe and Nantwich County Courts. and by far the larger extent their inequality is apparent Mr. THOMAS Wright, solicitor, of 4, Fenchurch-build. only and quite unreal. In the case of most crimes there is ings, and of Leicester and Rugby, has been appointed a great latitude of punisbment sanctioned by the law, Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supre ne Court of because there is the greatest diversity and inequality in the Judicatore. possible degrees of criminality; a burglary may be a most! Mr. John WILLIAMS, solicitor, of Ross, has been appointed alarming and atrocious crime committed by a professional la Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Suprsn: Court housebreaker, or it may be in substance a trivial petty of Judicature. theft ; a manslaughter may present features exceeding in villainy and cruelty many murders, or it may be little more tban a common assault; aud the intermediate degrees be

DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS. tween these are infinite. The knowledge of the public is WILLIAM DAMPIER Jeans and William Henry HEPAERD, derived from the reports in the pablio press, and in the solicitors, 27, Winwick-street, Warriogton. May 31. The vast majority of cases, as I am informel by the most ex said William Dampier continues the business. perienced of the judges, it is absolutely impossible to obtain from these reports a faithful or adequate picture of all the

Morley RODWELL and EDWARD THORNTON EVANS, 89, features of the case. None but the most skilful of re

Chancery-lane, solicitors (Morley Rodwell & Evans). May porters with adequate space at his command can present a

2. 'Tue said Morley Rod well will carry on the business on true and faithful representation, disclosing the essential

his own acount.

[Gazette, June 3, 1881.] points in just perspective with the real lights and shades and colour belonging to the true pictare ; when the reporter is careless, unskilful, or unfaithful, of course, the case is hopeless, and it is further an undoubted fact that many

COMPANIES. reporters form their own theory of a case and, in their short abstract, unconsciously give undue prominence and weight

WINDING-UP' NOTICES. to those points which tend to support their theory. One of

Joint STOCK COMPANIES. the most experienced of the judges informed me that i

LIMITED IN CIANCERY. was a common experience for him to notice in the reports

BATLEY MANUFACTURING COXPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding of cases that facts which he regarded as of great consequence

up, presented May 31, directed to be heard before the M.R. on as bearing upon the degree of criminality were wholly un. June 18. Ridsdale and Co, Gray's inn sg, agents for Chadwick noticed, whilst others were brought into false and unnatural

and Sons, solicitors for the petitioner. light. What wonder, then,

GAEWERN SLATE QUARRY COMPANY, LIMITED.--By an order made that the public mind is

by Hall, V.C., dated May 27, it was ordered that the company be astonished and perplexed at the inequaliis of sentences ? wound up. Gregory and Co, Bedford row, agents for Davies, The subject is one of vast and far-reaching consequences, Dolgelly, solicitor for the petitioner. and


winding up, presented May 30, directed to be heard before Fry, J., the people wish fairly to judge the judges they must be

on June 17. Rollit and Sons, Mark lane, agents for Rollit and careful first to see that they bave a true and faithful picture Sons, Hull, solictors for the petitioner. of their actions.

R. B. FASTNEDGE, LIMITED, ---Petition for winding up, presented

June 1, directed to be heard before the M.R. on June 18. Hindson and Co., Moorgate st, solicitors for the petitioners SCOTTISH PETROLEUX COMPANY, LIMITED.--By an order made by

Hall, V.C., dated May 27, it was ordered that the company be LEGAL APPOINTMENTS.

wound up. Carter, old Jewry chambers, solicitor for petitioner. I

[Gazette, June 3.]

EAST LONDON GALVANIZED IRON COMPANY, LIMITED.--By an order Mr. ROBERT ELLETT, solicitor, of Cirencester and Woot- made by the M.R., dated May 28, it was ordered that the above ton Bassett, has been elected President of the Glogoester

company be wound up. Linklater and Co, Walbrook, solicitors

for the petitioners shire Incorporated Law Society for the engqing year. Mr. INDIAN MAXMOUTH GOLD MIXES. LIMITED.-Petition for winding Ellett was admitted a solicitor in 1859. He is clerk to the up, presented June 3, directed to be heard before the M.R., ON Circencester Local Board, to the county magistrates, and to

June 18. Cole and Son, Church ct, Clement's lane, solicitors for

the petitioner the Comunissioners of Taxes.

LAGER BEER BREWERY, LIMITED.-By an order made by the M.R. Mr. HERBERT EDWARD FARNFIELD (of the firm of J. A.

dated May 28, it was ordered that the above company he wound & H. E. Farnfield, solicitors, 90, Lower Thames-street,

up. Rodgers and Clarkson, Walbrook, solicitors for the petz

tioner E.C.), has been appointed a Commissioner to administer LLANDRINDOD WELLS FREEHOLD LAND AND BUILDING COMPANT, Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

LIMITED.-By an order made by V.C. Hall, dated May 31, it was

ordered that the above company be wound up. Vanderpump, Mr. T. HARLEY Joxes (M.A., Cantab), solicitor, of 15, Gray's inn sq, solicitor for the petitioner Finsbury-circus, E.C., has been appointed a Commissioner to MORAY FIRTH MINING COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

the M.R., dated June 4, it was ordered that the above company be

wound up. Greenfield and Abbott, Queen Victoria st, solicitors Mr. ALFRED POPE, solicitor, of Dorchester, has been for the petitioner appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Dorsetshire tor


by Fry, J, dated May 27, it was ordered that the above company taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

be wound up. Marsland, St Swithin's lane, agents for Addloskaw Mr. JOHN WILLIAMS RANDALL, solicitor (of the firm of l and Warburton, Manchester, solicitors for the petitioners Brundett, Randall, & Govet), of 10, King's Bench-walk,

R. B. FASTXEDGE, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presente

June 2, directed to be heard before V.C. Hall, on June 17, RoseniTemple, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for thal, Holborn Viaduct, solicitor for the petitioners


RICHARDS AXD Co., LIMITED.-By an order made by the M.R.,

dated May 28, it was ordered that the above company be wound op. Davies and Co, Frederick's pl, Old Jewry, solicitors for the


has, by an order dated May 26, appointed James Boyes, 42, CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. Poultry, to be official liquidator

LAST DAY OF PROOF. WESTERN DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED.-Creditors i are, on or before July 1, to send their names and addresses and BATES, Joun, Oxford. June 20. Bates v Bates, V.C. Hall, Davie,

the particulars of their debts or claims to James Boyes, 42, Wellington Poultry. July 12 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating Crook, Thomas, sen, Mount Pleasant, Upper Clapton, Gent. July upon the debts and claims

1. Denham v Denham, V.C. Hall. Turner, Leadenhall st [Gazette, June 7.)


17. Linford v Lea, V.C. Hall. Lea, Furnival's inn HOLLY HOUSE FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY.-Creditors are required,

FORSTER, CATHERINE, Hove, Sussex. June 20. Forster v Cooper, on or before June 30, to send their names and addresses, and the

V.C. Hall. Colman, Argyll st, Regent st particulars of their debts or claims, to John Armstead, St Peter's | HARRISOX, Anx, Lupus at, Pimlico. June 14. Harrison v Woodley, close, Sheffield. July 11 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adju. V.C. Hall. Kinsey and Ade, Bloomsbury pl dicating upon the debts and claims.

HILL, GEORGE, Deeping St Nicholas, Lincoln, Farmer. June 14.
LG izette, June 3.] Stamford, Spalding, and Boston Banking Company v Hill, V.C.

Hall. Calthrop, Spalding

HUTCHINGS, JAMES DUNCAN, St Philip's rd, Dalston, Warehouse. ASCROFT, ROBINSON, AND WILSON, LIMITED.-By an order made

man. June 14. Gibbings v Hutchings, M.R. Gush, Finsbury

circus C., dated May 30, it was ordered that the above company be wound up. Johnson, Liverpool, solicitor for the petitioner JOXES, ESTHER. Llandilofawr, Carmarthen. June 13. Jones v

[Gazette, June 7.7 Russell, M.R. Davies, Haverfordwest

RIDDLER, RICHARD, Belle Vue, Hounslow, Gent. June 16. Ridler v FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED.

Ridler, V.C. Bacon. Castle, Southampton st, Blownsbury VIOLET LODGE ANCIENT FREE GARDENERS, Christian Lay Church, SIMPSON, JOHN, Keighley, York, Upholsterer, June lö. Simpson James William st., Sunderland, Durham, May 30.

v Simpson, V.C. Hall. Robinson, Keighley (Gazette, June 3.]

[Gazette, May 17.]

FEMALES, Drayton Parslow, Bucks. June 3


LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Lion Hotel, Barker's Pool, Sheffield, June 3

[Gazetle, June 7.]

BAILEY, SIMEON, Warrington, Earthenware Dealer. July 1. Jeans

and Hepherd, Warrington
BALDWIN, WILLIAM, Hook, Master Mariner. June 20. England and

Son, Goole
BARBER, FAIRLESS, Rastrick, York, Solicitor. July 1. Oliver,


Butt, Henry, the elder, Kingscote, Gloucester, Farmer. July 1,

Smith, Nailsworth
COLLIER, CHARLES CHURCHILL, Sherborne, Dorset, Innkeeper, July

19. Melmoth and Bartlett, Sherborne

EBSWORTH, HENRY WILLIAM, Maidenhead, Berks, Salesman. July The Right Hon. Sir William Milbourne James, LL.D., 7. Bevan and Daniell, Chancery lane

ELLIOT, JOIN FOGG, Durham, Esq. July 1. Hargreaves, Durham Lord Justice of Appeal, died at his residence, 47, Wimpole

GLOVER, CHARLOTTE, Beacon hill, Camden rd. June 21. Burton street, on the 7th inst., at the age of seventy-four. The and Willoughby, Daventry deceased judge was the son of Mr. Christopher James, of GROVES, THOMAS, Rotherhithe, Surrey, Wharfinger, June 24,

Kearsey and Co, Old Jewry Swansea, and was born in 1807. He was educated at the Uni.

HANDLEY, JOHN, Wednesbury, Stafford, Butcher, July 1. Seaman, versity of Glasgow, where he proceeded to the degree of Wednesbury M.A., and he was more recently created an honorary LL.D. HARRISON, EDWARD, Polygon, Southampton, Gent. June 11. Sharp of the sime university. He was called to the bar at Lin.

and Co, Southampton

HegerTY, MICHAEL JOHN, Lawrence rd, Bow. June 20. Wood and coln's inn in 1831, and practised for many years as an equity

Wooton, Fish street hill draftsman and conveyancer. For some years bis professional HIDE, KEZIA, Macclesfield st, Saint Luke. June 21. Parkes, Queen progress was slow, but he gradually obtaioed a lucrative prac

Victoria sto

HOLROYD, CHARLES, Rochdale, Lancaster, Wooller. Manufacturer, tice, and the reputation of a sound equity lawyer. In 1851

June 28. Jackson, Rochdale he received a silk gown from Lord Truro, and a year or two | LAMOTTE, EMMA, Clifton rd, Exeter. July 1. Nickinson and Co, afterwards he succeeded the late Lord Westbury as Vice. Chancery lane Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster. He never

LEA, BENJAMIN, Gloucester, Merchant's Clerk, July 20. Poole,

Gloucester had a seat in Parliament, but in 1859 he was a candilate MACDONALD, JAMES, Russell sq, Esq. July 1. Griffith and Eggar, for the borough of Derby in the Liberal interest. He had Brighton for many years a fair business. He was leading counsel for

MANFIELD, ANNE RAMSAY, Hove, nr Brighton. June 21. Verrall,

Brighton the plaintiffin the celebrated spiritualist case of Lyon v. Home,

Mason, John, Ellington st, Caledonian rd, Retired Contractor. and he held a brief in the Colenso case, and other important June 30. Walker, Chancery lane ecclesiastical suits. In 1869 he was appointed & Vice

MORGAN, ANDREWS, Nonington, Kent, Veterinary Surgeon. June Chancellor by Lord Hatherley in succession to the late

30. Sankey and Co, Canterbury

MURRAY, PATRICK, Newcastle upon Tyne, Draper, June 30. Chartres Sir George Giffard, and he received the honour of knight and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne hood. In the following year he was appointed a Lord OLLIVER, JAMES, St Denys, South Stoneham, Gent. July 2. Hick. Justice of the Appeal and a Privy Councillor, in succes

man and Son, Southampton sion to the late Sir Charles Selwyn. His colleague, Lord

PAULLEY, MATILDA, Bournemouth. June 24. Druitt, the younger,

Bournemouth Justice Giffard, died a few days afterwards, and he there PEDDER, EDWARD JAMES, Bootle, nr Liverpool, Photographer. Jane upon became senior Lord Justice, the late Sir George Mel.

25. Simpson and North, Liverpool lish becoming his colleague. On the passing of the Judi.

Proxe, JOHN ELLIOTT HOWARD, Liverpool, Surgeon. June 25.

Thorneley and Dismore, Liverpool cature Acts he became a persoanent member of the new ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Devonshire rd, Wandsworth rd, Boatbuilder. Court of Appeal. Lord Justice James' health had long been pre July 1. Burgoyne and Co, Oxford st curious, but he seldom absented himself from bis judicial

ROBINSON, Emma, Alnwick, Northumberland. July 9. Jones,

Durham dnties. He was attacked with congestion of the lungs about SMITH, JOHN, Bishopstone, Wilts, Yeoman, July 4. Kinneir and a fortnight before the end of the Euster Sittings, but it Tombs, Swindon was hoped that he would be able to resume his seat after

WADE, SARAI, Doncaster, York. June 24. Clark, Snaith

WARREN, ROBERT BAKER, Kingsnympton, Devon, Farm Labourer. the present vacation. He was a bencher of Lincoln's-inn,

June 4. Shapland and Son, Southmolton and had served the office of treasurer of that society. He WHITEHEAD, Jox, Manchester, Ironfounder. July 11. Farrar and was married in 1846 to a daughter of the Right Rev. Dr.

Hall, Manchester Otter, formerly Bishop of Chichester.

WILLDAY. GEORGE, Cinderford, East Dean, Gloucester, Accountant

Clerk. July 1. Bradstock, Cinderford
WILLIS, MERCY MARIA, Powis st, Woolwich. July 2. Sampson,

Wix, Henry, Walthamstow, Essex, Esq. June 30. Janson and Co,

Finsbury circus
Wood, Joix, Durham, Painter, June 11. Chapman, Durham
WRIGHT, RALPI Aston, Stafford, Stationer. June 27. Spilsbury,

[Gazetto, May 21.]





Friday ......



ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON PRIVATE Bills. — Birkenhead Corporation (Gas and

COURT O MASTER OF THRY.C. Bacox. Water), Dudley and Oldbury Junction Railway, Greenwich


Dock and Railway, Kingston-upon-Hull Corporation (Loans,

Friday, Jane., 10Mr. Pembarton Mr. Koe Mr. King &c.), Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoloshire Railway (New

Saturday...... 11 Ward


Merivale Works), South London Tramways, Southwark and Deptford

Monday ......
13 Teesdale Pemberton

Latham Tramwaye.

Tuesday ...... 14



Wednesday.... 15 Teesdale Pemberton Laiham The Royal assent was given by Commission to the fol- Thursday .... 16 Farrer


Leach lowing Bills :-Customs and Inland Revenue, Sea Fisheries

Friday ........

Teesdale Pemberton Latham (Clam and Bait Beds), Inland Revenue Buildings, Manicipal | Saturday...... 18 Farrer Ward

Leach Elections Amendment (Scotland), South Wales Bridges,


Mr. Justiga Mr. Justice Local Government Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation,


KAY. Local Government Boards (Highways) Orders Confirmation, Friday, June .. 10Mr. Latham Mr. Teesdale Mr. Jackson Local Government Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation Saturday......11 Leach



Monday ...... 13 (Poor Law), Metropolitan Commons Supplemental, Commons


Koe Tuesday ...... 14

Cobby Regnlation (Langbar Moor) Provisional Order Confirmation,

Merivale Clowes | Wednesday.... Jackson

Koe Commons Regulation (Beamsley Moor) Provisional Order

Thursday ....

16 Cobby Merivalo Clowes Confirmation, Inclosure (Scotton and Ferry Common) Pro

17 Jackson


Koe visional Orders Confirmation, Inulosure (Wisbey Slack and Saturday....

18 Cobby Merivale Clowes Low Moor Commons) Provisional Order Confirmation, North and South Woolwich Subway, Brading Harbour Improve

COURT OF APPEAL. ment Railway and Works (Additional Powers), Metropolitan Railway, Sheffield Waterworks, Westgate and Bircbington


At Lincoln's-inn and Westminster Gas, Paisley Waterworks, Byber Bridge (Newcasile-upon

App. mote, ex pte (App.motos.ex pte

apps, fron orders Tyne), Sevenoaks Gas, C1oada Company's Amendinent,

apps. from orders Wednday.. 13 made on interFylde Waterworks, London and Blackwall Railway (Ex Tuesday,Jpel4( made on interloc

locutory motu, tension of Time), Penartb, Solly, and Barry Railway (Aban.

utory motns. &

other apps.

other apps. donment), Richmond Gas, Crystal Palace Company, Great

Wednesday..15.. Appeals.

Thursday ..14 Bkcy, apps, & or

apps. Eastern and East Norfolk Railway Companies, North Level

Bkcy, apps. & or


Thursday ..16 and Nene Outfall, Oxford Police, Coventry Canal Naviga

Saturday ..16

Monday ....18

....17 tion, Railway Passengers' Assurance, Ruthin and Cerrig.


Tuesday ....19 y-Druidion Railway (Amendment), Great Northern

Monday....20 Appeals,

App, mots. ex pte. Railway (Ireland), Hexham Gas, St. Helea's and I'l'esday....21)

apps, from orders District Tramways (Extension of Time), Gosport.

App. mots, ex pte, Wednsdy ..20 made oa interioapps, from orders

(uory mots, & or street Tramways, Lonion and NorthWestern and Wednesday 22{made on interlo

Cpps. Midland Railway Companies (Market Harborough Line),

cutory moins., &

Thursday .. 21

Bkey apps and or Cleator and Workington Junction Ruilway, Mersey Docks,

other apps,

apps Eastbourne Waterworks, Penarth Harbour, Dock, and Rail.

Thursday ..23 Bkcy. apps. & or.

Fridny......22 *** | apps.

Saturday ..23 way, Tyne Improvement, Hyde Gas, Burry Port and North Friday ....21

Monday....25 Appeals. Western Junction Railway Amendment, Metropolitan and

Saturday ..25

l'aesday ...26) District Railways (City Lines and Extensions), Alowick

Monday ....27 | Appeals.

App.motas.ex ple Tuesday....28

apps, from ordrs Gas, West Lancashire Railway, Milford Haven Dock and

(App. motns.ex pte Wednesday 27 made on in'erlo. Railway, Burton-upon-Trent (Station-street Extension),

apps. from orders

utory mo:ioas & Kirkcaldy and Dysart Waterworks (Additional Powers).

Wednesday, 29 made on interloc


nory motions & Cother apps.

Thursday.. 23 (Bkcy, apps. & other PRIVATE BILL.-Rotherbam, Parkgate, and Rawmarsh

Friday,...... 29

Thurs, .... 30 Bkcy, apps, &othr
Street 'Tramways.

Saturday .. 30

Friday, July !

Monday, Aug. 1 Appeals.

Saturday ..
Private Bills.—Bingley Water and Improvement, Lon-

Monday .... 4
:4 Appeals.

(App. mtns. ex pt, don City Commissioners of Sewers (Artizans' Dwellings). Tuesday.... 5

apps from orders Local Gov.rament Provisional Orders (Berwick-upon

(App.motns,ex pte Wednesday. 3 mads oa interieTweed, &c.).

apps, from orders

cutory moins, & Wednesday.. 6 made on interlo

other apps cutory motns, &

Thursday ..4 and or

other apps. HOUSE OF COMMONS.


Thursday .. 73
Bkcy apps and or

Friday .... 5

Saturday .. 6 Appeals PRIVATE BILL-Teign Valley Railway.

Friday, .... 8

Monday.... 8

Lunacy pelitions will be taken Alkali Works Regulation (clauses 20—27), Newspapers Monday, ..!!?

every Saturday daring the Sit(Law of Libel).

PRIVATE BILLS.--Banbury and Cheltenham Direct Rail-

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. way, London and North-Western Railway (New Railways),

CHANCERY DIVISION. London Sea.Water Supply, Medway Conservancy, Oxted MASTER OF THE ROLLS. | Friday, July 1.. Motns. & gen pa. and Groombridge Railway, Lea Bridge, Leyton, and Walt.

At the Rolls House.

Pets, ht, caus.. hamstow Tramways.

Tuesday,Jn914..Moins. & gon. pa. Saturday ... 2 adj. suns. & gen.
Wednesday 15 )
Thursday ..16 Causes with wi's. | Monday..... 4
Friday ....17

Tuesday ....5 General paper.

(Pets.,sht. causes, Wednesy .... A prospeotus is issued of the "Central Wynaad Gold Saturdy,...,18 adj. sums., and Thursday .. Mining Company (Limited),” which is formed to acquire

gen. pa.

Friday, ... 8..

... 8.. Votns. & gen. p. and work a mineral property, adjoining the Develah-Moyar


(Pets, sht, casses, and other well-known mines in the centre of the auriferous

Tuesday....20 General paper.

Saturday .. 9adj. sumas, and Wednesday..22

geo.pi. region. The property is known as the Madakan Kotay Thursday ..23)

Monday ....11) Mala, and comprises, according to survey map, 1,560 acres.

Friday .......24..Mtns, & gen, pi. Tuesday ....12 General paper,

Pets., sht. cau. Agsays made by Messrs. Jobpson, Matthey, & Co., from


Saturday ..25 adj. sums. & gen. Thursday ..14) samples of quartz gent home, are stated to have yielded

Friday......15.. Motns, & ger, D. very favourable results. The capital is £100,000, in £1

Mon., ......27)

( Petns, sht causes shares, of which 33,000 will be taken as part payment by

General paper.

Saturday ..16 adj. samns., and

Igen. pa. the vendore.

Thursday ..30)

Thursday.. 20 apps.



Saturday .. 9


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Thursday:. 4 adj. samns., and

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Satardar Pets, sht. causes


Tuesday. .. 2 Remaining motns & gen. ps.

Wednesday.. 3

At Lincoln's-inn.
Monday ....25..In Bankruptcy.

remain ing petns., Tuesday, ..26)

adj. samns., and Tuesday,Jnel4 Motns, adj. sums. Friday. Wednesday..27 General paper.

and gen. pa.

Sa:urday..6 gen. pa.
Thursday ..29)

1) Causes for trial Mond xy .... 8

Friday......29 Motns. adj. sum.

18 without wits., & Causes in which Witnesses are & gen. pa.

Thursday ..16

be examined before the Cour",

(Sht. caus., ptos. Pets., sbt. Caus.

will be taken on Mondays Saturday ..30 1 & gen. ps.

Friday ....17 adj. sumns, and Tuesdays and Wednesdays: Monday, Aug.1. . In Bankruptcy.

(gen. pa.

and Causes without Witnesses, Tuesday.... 2

and Further Considerations will

je j Adj, sums. & gen
Wednesday. 3) Remaining.motns
Satrdy,.... 18

be taken on Thursdays, Fri.
Thursday ..SSRemaining pe s.,

days and Saturdays. Friday ....

Tuesday....21 General paper. Any cause & adj. sumas,

intended to be Saturday Wednesday. 22)

heard as a short cause must be so Monday .... 8

marked in the cause book at Further considerations will be

Thursday ..23 Motns. adj. sum
& gen. pa.

east one clear day before the taken as part of the Genera.

(Sht. causes, pets. same can be put in the paper Paper in priority to Original Friday......24 adj. sumos., & to be so heard, and the nucesCausas which have not already

gen pap.

sary papers must be left in appeared in the Paper.

pourt with the judge's officer Any cause intended to be Saturday ..85 (Adj. sums. & gen.

the day before the cause is to heard as a short cause must be Monday.... 27

be put into the paper.
80 marked in the cause book at Tuesday ....25 Goaeral paper.
least one clear day before the Wednesday..29 )

same can be put in the paper to

At Lincoln's-inn.
be 80 heard, and the neces-

Thursday ..20 Hots, adj. sumns
1 & gen. pa,

sary papers must be left in

Sht, caus., pets., Weines tay.15 court with the judge's officer

Friday,July 1 adj. samas., & Thursday ..16 the day before the cause is to

(Ganral Dis.

Friday.... 17

gen. pa.
be put into the paper.

Saturday ..18
Saturday .. 2 (Adj. gums. & gen

V.C. SIR CHARLES ILALL. Monday.... 4)

Tuesday.... 5 General paper. Wednesday..22
At Lincoln's-inn.
Wednesday 6)

Thursday .. 23 General pa).r.
Tuesday,Jnel4..Motns. & gen. pa.

7 Thursd....

Friday, ...,24

Mots. a tj. sumns.
Wedne day..15) General so er.

1 & gen. pa.

Saturday ..25)
Thursday. .16

(Sht. causes, pets. Monday ..... 27
Friday......17.. Pets, & gen. pa. Friday, .... 8 adj. bumos, & Tuesday ....28
Sht. caus., adj

(gen. pa.

Wednesday .29 (

Saturday .. 9 (Adj. sums. & gen | Thurs 'ay ..30 General papy: Monday ....


Friday, July 1
Tuesday....21 General paper.
Monday ....)

Saturday .. 2
Wednesday.22 )

Tuesday....12 General paper.

Monday ....
Thursday ..23..Mots. & gen. pa.
Wednsday..13 )

Tuesd iy ..
Friday ....24..Pets. & gen. pa.

Thursday 14 Motny, adj. sumns Wedaesday. 6

& gen. pa.
Sht. causes, adj
Saturday ..25

Thursday .. 77 General papa:. suins. & gen. pa.

Short causes, pets, Friday .... 8

Friday ....15 adj. sumns., & Saturday .. 9)
Tuesday....28 General paper.

gen. pa.

Monday ....11

Saturday.. 16 Adj. sums & gen. Tuesday ...12
Thors..... 30..Mote, & gcn. pa.

" pa.

Friday,July 1.. Petns. & gon. pa.
Monday.... 18

Thursday ..14 > General piper.
Sht. caus., adj.

Tuesday....19 General paper. Friday .... 15
Wednesday 20 )

Saturday ..16
Monday .. 4

Thursday .,21 Mots. adj. sumns, Monday.... 18
Tuesday.... 5 General poper.

& gen. pa.

Wednes, .. 6)

(Sbt. caus. petns., Wednsday..20
Thursday .. 7.. Mtns, & gen. pa.

Friday ....22 {adj. sumns., & Thursday.. 21 > General paper, Friday, .... 8..Pets, & Gen. pa.

(gen, pa.

Friday ....22
9 Sht. caus., adj

Saturday ..23
Saturday ..23 Adj. sams. & gen.

Monday....11 )
Monday ....2

Tuesday.... 26
Tuesdy ....12 General paper.

Tuesday .... 26 General paper. Wednesday, 2:
Wednsdy ..13

Thursd y ..23 S General pu, er
Thurs. ... 4..Moins, & gen. pl.
Thier:day ..28 Motns, adj. sums

Friday, ....29
Friday ....15.. Pius, & gen. pa.

& gen, pa.

Sat....... 30
Sht. caus.,

Pets., Sht. causes,
Saturday ..16

Monday, Aug 1
v sums., & gen. pa. Friday ....29 { adj. sums. & gen. Tuesday.... 2


Wednesday 8
Tuesday ..19 General paper. I Saturday ..30 :

90 Adj. sums, & gen. Thursd..... 4 General papr. Wednesday, 20


Friday ....
Thursday .21. Motns, & gen. pa. | Monday, Aug. 1

Friday ....22... Pets. & gen. pa.

Monday ....8.. General paper.
Short caus, ad.

Satrdy, ....18 sums., & gen. pa'

Monday ....18
Wednesday, 20 y General paper.
Thursday .. 21)
Friday .... 22.. Motns. & gen. pa.

( Pets., sht. caus., Saturday ...23 adj. sums, and

(gen. pa.
Tuesday.... 26
Wednesday 27 Genoral paper.
Thursday ..28
Friday .... 39..motns., & gen pa.

(Petns. sht. caus. Sat., ...... 30 Adj, sums. & gen.

Monday, Aug.1
Tuesday....? Remaining motns
Wednesday.. 3
Thursday .. 4

remaining petns,

sumns, &
Friday .... 5 alj.
Saturday .. 6 gen. pa.
Monday.... 8
N.B.-The days, if any, on which

the Master of the Rolls shall be
engaged in the Court of Appeal

are excepted. Causes and actions in which witnesses are to be examined before the court will be taken on Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, and causes and actions without witnesses will be taken on Mondays; but when the list of causes and actions witboat witnesses is exhausted, causes and actions with witnesses will be taken on Mondays

also. Further Considerations will be

taken as part of the General Paper in priority to Original Causes which have not already

appeared in the paper.
Unopposed petitions must be

presented, and copies left with the
secretary, on or before the
Thursday preceding the Saturday
on which it is intended they
should be heard ; and any cause
intended to be heard as a short
canse must be so marked in
the cause-book at least one clear
day before the same can be
put in the paper to be so heard,
and the necessary papers must
be left in court with the
judge's officer the day before
the cause is to be put in the
At Lincoln's-inn.

w Motns., adj. sums.
Wedoesday. 15
Thursday ..16 General paper.
Friday ....17).
Satrdy,...8 petns. Sht. causes,

l & gen. pa.
Monday.... 20..Io Baokruptcy.
Wednesday 24 General paper.
Thurs......23 )
Friday ....24 Motns, adj. sums.

l& gen. pa.
Sat., ..... 25 Pets, sht. causes,

(& gen, pa.
Monday....27.. In Bankruptcy.
Tuesday ..28
Wedsdy ...29 General paper.
Friday, July 1 Motns., adj. sas.

(& gen. pa.
Saturday .. 2 Petns, sht. causes,

(& gen, pa,
Monday .... 4.. In Bankruptcy.
Tuesday.... 5
Wednesday, 6 General paper.
Friday, .... 8 Motos, adj. sums

& gen. pa. Saturday.. 9 Petns., sht. caus. Yonday.... 11.. In Bankruptcy.

& gen pa.
Wednsdy ..13 General paper.
Thurs., ....14)
Friday ....15 Motas, a is. sums.

& gen pa.
Saturday ..,16 Pets., sht causes,
Monday.... 18.& gen. pa.
Wednesday, 20 General paper.
Thursd ....21
Friday ....22 ( Mts. adj. soms. &

Gen pa

Saturday .. ?{ sums., & gen. pa.


9 sams. & gen. pa.


& gen. pa.

Saturday ..23 sums. &

gen. pa.

Monday ....25
Tuesday....26 General paper.
Wednesday, 27 )
Thursday.. 28.. Mots. & gen. pa.
Friday ....29.. Pets. & gen. pa.
Saturday ..30 Sht. caus., ad.

sums, & gen. pa.
Monday, Aug.1

2 remaining pets.,
Thursday ..

emaining mot..,
Friday ....

(adj. sums., ani
Saturday .. 6 gen, pa.
Monday.... 8
Further considerations will be

taken as part of the General
Pa per in priority to Original
Causes which have not already

appeared in the Paper.
Any cause intended to be heard as 1

a Short Cause must be 80
marked in the Cause Book at
least one clear day before the
same can be put in the paper to
be so heard, and the necessary
papers must be lost in court with
the judge's officer the day before
the cause is to be put into the

June 13.-Mr. CORTIs, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Ground Rents

(see advertisement, this week, p. 8.)
June 14.-Mr. G. F. Brown, at the Mart, at 2.30 for 3 p.m.,

Reversion, Stocks, &c. (806 advertisement, this week, p. 7.) June 14.-Messrs, DEBENHAM, TEWSON, FARMER, & BRIDGE

WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold Estates and

Properties (see advertisement, this week, p. 8.)
June 14.-Messrs. STANNARD & Rowe, at the Mart, at 1 p.m.,

Freehold Properties (see advertisement, this week, p. 19.)
June 15,-Messrs. Edwin Fox & Bousfield, at the Muit,

at 2 p.m., Freehold Estates (see advertisements, May 21, p.
5, also p. 17, this week )
June 16.-Messrs. DEBENHAM, Tewsox, FARMER & BRIDGE-

WATER, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold
Estates and Building Land (see advertisement, this week,

p. 9.)
June 17,--Mr. Robins, at the Mart, at 12 for 1 p.m., Freehold

Ground Rents and Leasehold Property (see advertisement, this week, p. 19.) June 18.-Messrs. ReadER & Son, at Aylesbury, at I for 2 p.m., Farm, &c. (see advertisement, this week, p. 19.)

| Jones, J P , Carnarvon, Grocer. Pet May 21. Glynne Jones, BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

Bangor, June 17 at 3.30

Ives, Charles, Ringland, Norfolk, Farmer. Pet June 2. Cooke. BENNETT.-May 28, at Marksdanes, Bruton, Somerset, the

Norwich, June 20 at 12 wife of William Bennett, solicitor, of a daughter.

Parnall, Anne Pope, Bristol, Harness Manufacturer. Pet June 2.

Harley. Bristol, June 21 at 2 Bowen. - June 3, at 1, Grove-villas, Brentwood, the wife of

Powell, Thomas, Devynonck, Brecon, Timber Merchant. Pet Juno H. Storer Bowen, of Lincoln's-ind, barrister-at-law, of a son. 3. Rees Lewis. Merthyr Tydfil, June 20 at 11 BURN.-May 31, at Tbe Lurels, Streatham-placé, Ś.W., the Talbot, John Farrow, Leicester, Butcher. Pet June 2. Ingram. wife of M. James Burn, of 11 and 12, Clement's-lane, Lom Leicester, June 23 at 12

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED, bard-street, E.C., solicitor, of a daughter.

FRIDAY, June 3, 1881. FARQUHAR.—May 25, at 18, Frogmoro-street, Abergavenny,

Allison, William, Tanfield ct, Temple, Barrister-at-Law. May 26. the wife of James H. Farquhar, solicitor, of a 800, stillbord.

Durly, Rev. John Clerc Scott, Machin, Monmouth, June 1
GLYN.—June 4, at Heath Wood, Dear Old Bexley, the wife of Howard, Miller, Epping, Essex, Gente May 25
Lewis Edmund Glyn, barrister-at-law, of a 80a.

Root, Samuel, Woodford, Essex, out of business. May 26
LITTLE.—June 6, at 24, Ebury-street, the wife of Robert

TUESDAY, June 7, 1881. Little, Crown Solicitor of Queensland, of a son.

Vivian, Hon. C. Hussey, Onslow sq, Brompton. June 3 MALDEN.-June 7, at 1, Castellain-road, Maida-hill, the wife

White, Arthur J. O., Inverness terrace, Hyde park, Gent. June 3

Liquidations by Arrangemont. of Charles Edward Malden, barrister-at-law, of a danghter.

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. WEST.-June 5, at Heatbfield, Chisleburst, the wife of Stephen

FRIDAY, June 3, 1881. H. West, barrister-at-law, of a sop.

Baker, Robert Bishop, Portishead, Somerset, Beerhouse Keeper. MARRIAGES.

June 9 at 11 at offices of O'Donoghue and Anson, St Augustine's Dopp-ASHINGTON.-June 2, at Sheffield, Jobn Theodore Dodd, parade, Bristol

barrister-at-law, to Mary Lhuisa, daughter of the late Rev. Barber, William, Willingdon, Sussex, Land Agent. June 16 at 2.301 Henry Ashington, rector of Brauncwell and vicar of

at the Gildridge Hotel, Terminus rd, Eastbourne. Coles and Carr,

Anwick, Lincolnshire.
REMFRY-COLLOM.-May 7, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Calcutta,

Barker, John, Bendlam, York, Innkeeper. June 17 at 2 at Court

house, Helmsley. Pearson, Helmsley by the Rev. T. H. Whitamore, John Edwards Remfry, soli Barker, John, Sandy, Bedford, Market Gardener. June 20 at 12 30 citur, Calcutta, to Janet, daughter of Captain Collom.

at offices of Smith, Sandy DEATHS.

Barker, John Hugh, Sandall rd, Camden rd, Licensed Victualler. GREAVES.—June 3, at 11, Blandford-equare, Charles Sprengel June 24 at 3 at offices of Smith and Co, Aldermanbury Greaves, Q.C., aged 79.

Barnes, Jacob, Heigham, Norwich, Builder. June 10 at 12 at offices

of Stanley, Bank plain, Norwich Hayes.- May 30, at Ashley House, Handsworth, Edwin Joba Hayer, Town Clerk of Birmingham, agad 68.

Bates, Elizabeth, George House, Gainsborough rd, Builder. June

17 at 11 at offices of Peck, Lincoln's inn fields RAE — At Shoreham, Sussex, George Rae, solicitor, of 164, Bettany, James, Walsall, Stafford, China Dealer. June 17 at 11.30 Bedford-street South, Liverpool, aged 41.

at offices of Loxton, the Bridge, Walsall Bigge, George Richard, Bolam, Northumberland, Clerk in Holy Orders. June 15 at 11 at offices of Keenlyside and Co, Grainger

st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne The following, says the Scottish Journal of Jurisprudence,

Blackman, Frederick, Watford, Herts, Corn Merchart, June 14 at

2 at offices of Appe, South sq, Gray's inn appear in the public newspapers as words used by a learned

Blakeley, Albert, Bradford, Yörk, Linen Draper. June 15 at 11 as Lord Commissioner of Justiciary in passing sentence on a offices of Wilkinson, Kirkgate, Bradford prisoner wbo had the misfortune to have only one leg. In Borrow. William Henry, and Adolphus Wilkey. Leadenhall st. pronouncing sentence of six months' imprisonment, his

Brokers. June 17 at 12 at offices of Watney, Tilleard, and

Freeman, Clement's lane, Lombard st lordship strongly advised “the prisoner to seriously considerBowen, Henry, Morriston, Glamorgan, Chemical Manufacturer. during that time whether he should not do well to return June 13 at 2 at the Castle Hotel, Castle sq, Swansea. Donague, to honest hairdressing. If he did not he might be sure be

Bradbury, John, Nassau st, Soho, China Dealer. June 13 at 10.30

at offices of Barrat, London wall. Lomax, Haymarket would come to serious evil before long. That would not be

Brady, Christopher, Ardwick, Manchester, Provision Merchant. a thing in the far future, but immediate and certain June 22 at 3 at the offices of Farrington and Crofton, Mosley st, for society would prove too strong for him, even if he Manchester had two legs, but he seemed, being a cripple, to have only

Bromilow, Georga, Bolton, Lancaster, Bootmaker. June 16 at 3 as

offices of Ramwell, Pennington, and Co, Queen's buildings, Ridgefield, Manchester Brown, John, Nottingham, Fruiterer. June 17 at 12 at offices of

Fraser, Brougham chambers, Wheeler gate, Nottingham Campbell, John William, trann ere, Draper. June 15 at 1 at offices of Langton and MacConnal, Lord st, Liverpool. Wyles, Liver

pool Bankrapto.

Cartwright, James, Bishopsgate st, Engineer. June 20 at 11 at

offices of Jenkins, Tavistock st, Strand FRIDAY, June 3, 1881,

Clay, John, Cleckheaton, York, Innkeeper. June 11 at 11 at offices Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

of Curry, Cleckheaton Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Coaten Francis, Pontefract, York, Miliner. June 20 at 3 at offices To Surrender in London.

of Arundel and Son, Ropergate, Pontefract Coney, James, Liverpool rd, Islington, Builder. Pet May 31. Cockhill, Aaron, Halifax, Pork Buicher. June 17 at 3 at offices of Murray. June 17 at 12

Boocock, Silver st, Halifax Cooper, Thomas Henry, Featherstone bldgs, Holborn, Accountant. Cook, John, Alderton, Wilts, Baker, June 8 at 12 at George Inn, Pet May 31. Murray, June 17 at 12

Malmesbury. Tonkin, Bristol Hayes. Richard, Goswell rd, Wine Merchant. Pet Juno 1. Cotterell, Robert, Cardiff, Builder. June 20 at 3 at offices of South Brongham. June 14 at 12

Wales Merchants' Association, Duke st. Cardiff. Griffith and To Surrender in the Country.

Corbett, Cardiff Barmby, John, Langtoft, York, Grocer. Pet May 31. Farrell. | Cox, John, Southborough, nr Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Miler. Jane Kingston upon Hull, June 21 at 3

17 at 3 at 23, Church rd, Tunbridge Wells. Stone and Simpson, Brown, William Henry, Luton, Chatham, Coal Merchant. Pet May Tunoridge Wells 26. Hayward. Rochester, July 7 at 2

Crabb, George, Birkenhead, Licensed Victualler. June 15 at 2 30 at Clemetson, James, Pembury, Kent, Grocer. Pet May 30. Cripps. offices of Hannan and Pugh, Duncan st, Birkenhead Tunbridge Wells, June 16 at 3

Creaser, James, York, Picture Frame Maker. June 15 at ll at office Croft, Charles Chesman, Southampton, Grocer. Pet June 1. Daw, of Waddington, Stonegate, York jun. Southampton, June 15 at 2

Crowle, Lewis Howard, and Harry Ernest Crowle, Bank bldgs. Delves, George, Southborough, Kent, Clerk. Pet May 30. Cripps. Hackney, Grocers. June 10 at 3 at offices of Norris, Southampt Tunbridge Wells, June 14 at 4

bldgs, Chancery lane Eyre, Robert, Manchester, Beer Retailer. Pet May 30. Lister. Dicke, John Adolphus, Chalton st, Euston rd, Cabinet Maker. Manchester, June 16 at 12

June 18 at 2 at 36, Woodstock rd, Finsbury park. Moore, King's Fox, Edwin. 'Bramshaw, Southampton, Farmer. Pet May 17. Cross rd Daw, jun. Southampton, June 15 at 12

Drewry, George Overend, Tichborne st, Regent st, M.D. June 2) Hope, Clark, Workington, Cumberland, Cement Merchant,

at 2 at offices of Linklater and Co, Walbr ok May 30. Wangh. Cockermouth, June 20 at 4

Dunn, Ann, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, out of business. Jue 15 at a Jones, John, Penmaenmawr. Carnarvon, Ironmonger. Pet May 31. offices of Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyna Jones. Bangor, June 18 at 11.30

Earl, Thomas, Wigton, Cumberland, Innkeeper. June 22 at 11 16 Moody, Nicholas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor. Pet May 30, offices of Lawson, King's Arms lane, Wigton Ingledew. Newcastle, June 16 at 11

Edwards, Henry, Chatteris, Cambridge, Blacksmith. June 20 at 1 Rawding, George, St Helen's, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. P

at offices of Ruston, Chatteris June 1. Cooper. Liverpool, June 15 at 12

Eldridge, Amos, Worthing, Watchmaker. June 14 at 2 at Guildhall Rowling, Ambrose, Little l'hurlow, Suffolk, Innkeeper. Pet June 1. Tavern. Gresham st. Goodman, Brighton Eaden. Cambridge, June 23 at 11

Ellis, William, Brotherton, York, Butcher. June 15 at 12 at offices TUESDAY, June 7, 1881.

of Spink, Pontefract Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Escreet, James, Kingston-upon-Hull, Drysalter. June 13 at 9 a Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

offices of Pickering, Parliament st, Kingston upon Hull. Holden, To Surrender in the Country.

Sons and Hodgson, Hull. Bullock. Mary, Oldham, Lancaster, Pet June 1. Tweedale.

Fisher, John, Heckmondwike, York. Music Seller. June 17 at 11 at ham, June 29 at 11

offices of Shaw, Bonil-st, Dewsbury



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