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HOUSE OF LORDS. JUNE 2 —BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. Private Bills. — Birkenhead Corporation (Gas and AVater), Dudley and Oldbury Junction Railway, Greenwich Dock and Railway, Kingston-upon-Holl Corporation (Loans, 4c), Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway (New Works), South Louden Tramways, Southwark and Deptford Tramway?.

JUNE 3.-ROYAL COMMISSION. The Royal assent was given by Commission to the following Bills :—Customs and Inland Revenue, Sea Fisheries (Clam and Bait Beds), Inland Revenne Buildings, Municipal Elections Amendment (Sootland), South Wales Bridges, Local Government Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation, Local Government Boards (Highways) Orders Confirmation, Loral Government Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation (Poor Law), Metropolitan Commons Supplemental, Commons Regulation (Langbar Moor) Provisional Order Confirmation, Commons Regulation (Beamsley Moor) Provisional Order Confirmation, Inclosure (Scotton and Ferry Common) Provisional Orders Confirmation, Inolnsure (Wisbey Slack and Low Moor Commons) Provisional Order Confirmation, North and South Woolwich Subway, Brading Harbour Improvement Railway and Works (Addiiional Powers), Metropolitan Railway, Sheffield Waterworks, WeBtgate and Btrchington Gas, Paisley Waterworks, Byker Bridge (Newcas le-nponTyne), 8evenosks Gas, Cinada Company's Amendment, Fylde Waierworks, London and Blackwall Railway (Extension of Time), Penartb, Solly, and Burry Railway (Abandonment), Richmond Gas, Crystal Palace Company, Great EaBtern and East Norfolk Railway Companies, North Level and Nene Outfall, Oxford Police, Coventry Canal Navigation, Railway Passengers' Assurance, liuthin and Cerrigy-Druidion Railway (Amendment), Great Northern Railway (Ireland), Hexham Gas, St. Helen's and District Tramways (Extension of Time), Gosportstreet Tramways, Lonlon and North-Western and Midland Railwav Companies (Market Harborongh Line), Cleator and Workington Junction Railway, Mersey Dock;, Eastbourne Waterworks, Penarth Harbour, Dock, and Railway, Tyne Improvement, Hyde Gas, Burry Port and Northwestern Junction Railway Amendment, Metropolitan and Dift'ict Railways (City Lines and Extensions), Alnwick Ga«, West Lancashire Railway, Milford Haven Dock and Railwav, Burtnn-upon-Trent (Station-street Extension), Kirkcaldy and Dysirt Waterworks (Additional Powers). BILL READ A SECOND TIME.

Privatb Bill.—Rotherbam, Tarkgate, and Rawmarsh Street Tramways.


Private Bills.—Biogley Water and Improvement, London City Commissioners of Sewers (Artizins' Dwellings).

Local Government Provisional Orders (Berwick-uponTweed, Stc).

Privatb Bill—Teign Valley Railway.

Alkali Work* Regulation (clauses 20—27), Newspapers
(Law of Libel).

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bills.—Banbury and Cheltenham Direct Railway, London and North-Western Railway (New Railways), London Sea-Water Supply, Medway Conservancy, Oxted and Groombridge Railway, Lea Bridge, Ley ton, and Walthamstow Tramways.

A prospeotns is issued of the '' Central Wynaad Gold Mining Company (Limited)," which is formed to aoquire and work a mineral property, adjoining the Develah-Moyar and other well-known mines in the centre of the auriferous region. The property is known as the Manakan Kotay Mala, and comprises, according to survey map, l,5G0acr:s. Assays made by Messrs. Johnson, Mattbey, & Co., from samples of quartz sent home, are stated to have yielded very favourable result*. The capital is £100,000, in £1 shares, of which 33,000 will be taken as part payment by the vendors.

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Farther Considerations will be taken as part of the General Paptr in priority to Original Causes which have not already appeared in the paper.

Unopposed petitions must be
presented, and copies left with the
secretary, on or before the
Thursday preceding the 3aturda>
on which it is Intended they
should he heard; and any cause
intended to be beard as a short
cause must be so marked in
the cause-book at least one clear
day before the same can be
put in the paper to be so heard,
and the necessary papers must
be left in court with the
judge's o'heer the day before
the cause ii to tie put in the

At Lincoln's-inn.

TtiMdayJnew("0tn5-' adi- sums

"(.argen. pa. Wednesday. 15 i

Thnr*day ..18 {General paper.
Friiay ....17 J

Sandy, 18 f P«tne. Sht.causes,
•u / ftA 14 gen. pa.
Monday.... 20.. In Bankruptcy.
Wednesday 2i \ (
Thura 2 jj

Friday ....SljMoti

I& gen. pa. 8at, Si J Pets. sht. causes.

»•■•■» ••in'SffiiSSpt.,.

Toesday .,28 i

Friday, July 1 i Motns., adj. tms.

<■ * Ken. pa. Saturdky .. 2 j Petns, int. causes,

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Saturday . .2, { ***** ««-
Monday ....25..In Bankruptcy.
Tuesday, .,26'
Wednesday., it 7
Thursday ,.2S .

Ij t Motns. adj. sum.
) & gen. pa.

Saturday ^

Monday, Aug. I ..In Bankruptcy.
Tuesday...- 2.

TZTM£y- 4) Remaining motns
Friday J>Kcm«'nln<C I»8->

Sa urLy .. 6 & «"»»•■
Monday 8'

Further Considerations will bs
taken as part ot the Genera.
Paper in priority to Original
Camas which hare not already
appeared in the Paper.

Any cause intended to be
heard as a short cause niuat be
so marked in the cause book at
least one clear day before tho
same can be put in the paper to
be so heard, and the neces-
sary papers must be left in
court with the Judge's officer
the day before the causa is tj
bo put into the paper.


At Lincoln's-inn.

Tuesday,Jnel4..Motns. & gen. pa.

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Monday, AU3.I
Wednesday., 3
Thursday .. 4
Friday .... 5
Saturday .. 6t
Monday..., 8

Fnrther Considerations will be
taken as part of the General
Paper in priority to Original
Causes wat?b hare not already
appeared in the Paptr.

Any cause intended to be heard as
a Short Cause mii>t be so
marked in the Cantie Bosk at
least one clear day before the
same can be put in Lhs paper to
be so heard, and the necessary
papers must be lett in court with
the Judge's ohiuer t^ie ilay before
the cause is to be put into the

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Thnriday .. 4

Friday, .... 5

Sa'.unlay .. 6

Mnndiy .... 8 'Causes in which Witnesses arc be examined before the Conr** will be taken on Mondays* Tuesdays and Wednesdays: and Causes without Witnesses* and Further Considerations will be taken on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

Any cause Intended to bs
heard as a abort cause must be so
I marked in the cause book at
east one clear day before tl»e
same can be put in the paper
to be so heard, and the necaj*-
sary papers must be lett in
tjourt with the judge's nrflcer
the day before the cause W to
be put into the paper.

Ma. Ju.t.cb KAT.
At LincolnVlua.
Tuesday, Jne IA i
Weineshty. 15/
Thursday ..16)

.18 J

.20 )


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Friday ....



Thursday ,


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Jane 13.—Mr. Cruris, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Oround Renta

(see advertisement, this week, p. 8.)
June 14.—Mr. O. F. Brown, at the Mart, at 2.30 for 3 p.m..

Reversion, Stocks, &o. (aee advertisement, this week, p. 7.) Jane 14.—Messra. Dsbemham, Tewson, Faumkr, & Buidoe

WATBit, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Fieshold Estataa aud

Properties (see advertisement, this week, p. 8.)
Jane 14.—Messra. Stannabd & Rows, at the Mart, at 1 p.m.,

Freehold Properties («ee advertisement, tbis week, p. 19.)

Jane IS.—Messrs. Edwim Fox & Bousfield, at the Mtit, at 2 p.m., Freehold Rstates (see advertisements^ May 21, p. 5, also p. 17, this week )

Jane 16.—Messrs. Dehen: Ham, Tgwsox, Farmer. & BaiDORwiiEB, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Estates and Building Lwd (see advertisement, this week, p. 9.)

June 17.—Mr. Rodixs, at the Mart, at 12 fur 1 p.m., Freehold Ground Rents and Leasehold Property (aee advertisement, this week, p. 19.)

Jane 18.—Messrs. Reader & Son, at Aylesbury, at 1 for 2 p.m., Farm, &c. (lee advertisement, this week, p. 19.)



Bennbtt.—Hay 28, at Marksdanes, Bruton, Somerset, the wife of William Bennett, solicitor, of a daughter.

Bowkn. — Jone 3, at 1, Grove-villas, Brentwood, the wife of H. Storer Bowes, of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Burn.—May 31, at The Laurels, Streaiham-place, S.W., the wife of M. James Burn, of 11 and 12, Clement's-lane, Lombard-street, E.C., solicitor, of a daughter.

Farquhab.—May 25, at 18, Frogmore-street, Abergavenny, the wife of James II. Farnubar, solicitor, of a son, stillborn.

Glyk.—June 4, at Heath Wood, near Old Beaky, the wife of Lewis Edmuid Glyn, barrister-at-law, of a soa.

LlTTLB.—June 6, at 24, Ebnry-atreet, the wife of Robeit Little, Crown Solicitor of Queensland, of a son.

Malden.—June 7, at 1, Caatellain-road, M.ida-hill, the wife of Charles Edward Maiden, barrister-at-law, of a daughter.

West.—June 5, at Heatbfield, Chialehurat, the wife of Stephen H. West, barrister-at-law, of a son.


DoriD—Ashinoton.—June 2, at Sheffield, John Theodore Dodd, barrister-at-law, to Mary Louisa, daughter of the late Bev. Henry Ashington, rector of Brauocswell and vicar of Anwick, Lincolnshire.

RemfutCollou.—May 7, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Caloutla, by the Rev. T. H. Wbitamore, John Edwards Remfry, solicitor, Calcutta, to Janet, daughter of Captain Collom. DEATHS.

Greaves.—June 3, at 11, Blandford-sqaare, Charlei Sprengel

G-eaves, Q.C., aged 79. Hayes.—May 30, at Ashley House, Haodswnrth, Edwin John

Hayes, Town Clerk of Birmingham, agad 68. Rab —At Shoreham, Sussex, George Rae, solicitor, of 164,

Bedford-street South, Liverpool, aged 44.

The following, says the Scottish Journal of Jurisprudence, appear in the public newspapers as words nsed by a learned Lord Commissioner of Justiciary in passing sentence on a prisoner who had the misfortune to have only one leg. In pronouncing sentence of six months' imprisonment, his lordship strongly advised "the prisoner to seriously consider dnriDg tint time whether be should not do well to return to honest hairdreesiog. If he did not he might be sure he would come to serious evil before long. That would not be a thing in the far future, but immediate and certain for socitty would prove too strong for him, even if he had two lege, hut he teemed, being a cripple, to have only



Ft:i D v v, Juue 3, 1881.

Under tbe Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors mast forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Coney, James, Liverpool rd, Islington, Builder. Jvt May 31.

Murray. June 17 at 12 Cooper, Thomas Henry, Featherstono bldgs, Holborn, Accountant.

Pet May 31. Murray. June 17 at 12 Hayes, Richard, Goswell rd, Wine Merchant. Pet Juno L

Brougham. June 14 at 12

To Surrender in tho Country. Barmby, John, Langtoft, York, Grocer. Pet May 31. Farrcll.

King! -Hull, June 21 at 3

Brown, William Henry, LuUm, Chatham, Coal Merchant. Pet May

20. Hay ward. Rochester, July 7 at 2 Clemetson, James, Pembnry, Kent, Grocer. Pet May 30. Cripps.

Tunbridge Wells, June 10 at 3 Croft, Charles Chesman, Southampton, Grocer. Pet Juno 1. Daw,

juu. Southampton, June 15 at 2 Delves, George, Soutliborough, Kent, Clerk. Pet May 30. Crippa.

Tunbridge Wells, June 11 at 4 Eyre, Robert, Manchester, Beer Retailer. Pet May 30. Lister.

Manchester, June 10 at 12 Fox, Edwin. Bramshaw, Southampton, Farmer. Pet May 17.

Paw, iun. Southampton, June IB at 12 How, Clark, Workington, Curcl>erland, Cement Merchant, ret

May 30. Wangh, Cockermoutb, Juue 20 at 4 Jones, John, Penmacnmawr. Carnarvon, Iroumonger. Pet May 31.

Jones. Bangor, June 18 at 11.30 Moody, Nicholas, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Solicitor. Pet May 30.

Ingledcw. Newcastle, June 15 at 11 Rjawding, George, St Helen's, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Pet

June 1. Cooper. Liverpool, June 15 at 12 Rowling, Ambrose, Little Thurlow, Suffolk, Innkeeper. Pet June 1.

Eadcn. Cambridge, June 23 at 11

Tuesday, June 7, 1S81. Under the rtanftrupciy Act, 1861*. Creditors mnst forward their proofs of debts to tho Registrar. To Surrender in tho Country. .Bullock, Mary, Oldham, Lancaster, Pet June 1. Tweedalo. Oldham, June 2D at II

Pet May 21.


Glyune Jones. 2. Cooke. Pet June 2.

Jones, J P , Carnarvon, Grocer.

Bangor, June 17 at 3.30
Ives, Charles, Ringland, Norfolk, Farmer.

Norwich, June 20 at 12
Pamall, Anne Pope, Bristol, Harness Manufacturer.

Harley. Bristol, June 21 at 2
Powell, Thomas, Devynonck, Brecon, Timber Merchant. Pet Juno.

3. Rees Lewis. Merthyr Tydfil, Juue 20 at 11 Talbot* John Farrow, Leicester, Butcher. Pet June 2. IngramLeicester, June 23 at 12

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. Friday, June 3, 1881. Allison, William, Tanfield ct, Temple, Barrister-at-Law. May 26. Durly, Rev. John Clerc Scott, Machin, Monmouth. June 1 Howard, Miller, Epping, Essex, Gent. May 25 Root, Samuel, Woodford, Essex, out of business. May 20

Tuesday, June 7, 1881. Vivian, Hon. C. Hussey, Onslow sq, Brompton. June 3 White, Arthur J. C, Inverness terrace, Hydo park, Gent. June 3LiqaidatiODB by Arrangement. FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. Fhiday, June 3, 1881. Baker, Robert Bishop, Portishead, Somerset, Beerhouse Keeper. June 9 at 11 at offices of O'Donoghuc and Anson, St Augustine's, parade, Bristol

Barber, William, Willingdon, Sussex, Land Agent. June 16 at 2.» at the Gildridge Hotel, Terminus rd, Eastbourne. Coles and Carr, Eastbourne

Barker, John, Bendlam, York, Innkeeper. June 17 at 2 at Court

house, Helmsley. Pearson, Helmsley Barker, John. Sandy, Bedford, Market Gardener. June 20 at 12 30

at offices of Smith, Sandy Barker, John Hugh, Sandall rd, Camden rd, Licensed Victualler.

June 24 at 3 at offices of Smith and Co, Aldcrmanbury Barnes, Jacob, Heigham, Norwich, Builder. June 10 at 12 at offices

of Stanley, Bank plain, Norwich Bates, Elizabeth, George House, Gainsborough rd, Builder. June

17 at 11 at offices of Peck, Lincoln's inn fields Bettany, James, Walsall, Stafford, China Dealer. June 17 at 11.30*

at offices of Loxton, the Bridge, Walsall Bigge, George Richard, Bolani, Northnmbcrland, Clerk in HolyOrders. June 15 at 11 at offices of Keenlyside and Co, Grainger

st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Blackman, Frederick, Watford, Herts, Corn Merchant. June 14 at*

2 at offices of Apps, South sq, Gray's inn Blakeley, Albert, Bradford, York, Linen Draper. June 15 at II a«

offices of Wilkinson, Kirkgate, Bradford Borrow, William Henry, and Adolphus Wilkey, Leadenhall st.

Brokers. Juno 17 at 12 at offices of Watney, Tilleard, and

Freeman, Clement's lane, Lombard st Bo wen, Henry, Morriston, Glamorgan, Chemical Manufacturer.

June 13 at 2 at the Castle Hotel, Castle sq, Swansea. Donague, Bradbury, John, Nassau st, Sobo, China Dealer. June 13 at 10.30

at offices of Bat-rat, London wall. Lomax, Haymarkct Brady, Christopher, Ardwick, Manchester, Provision Merchant.

June 22 nt 3 at the offices of Farrington and Crofton, Moaley st,


Bromilow, Georga, Bolton, Lancaster, Bootmaker. June 10 at 3 a*offices of Ram well, Pennington, and Co, Queen's buildings, Ridgefield, Manchester

Brown, John, Nottingham. Fruiterer. June 17 at 12 at offices of Fraser, Brougham chambers, Wheeler gate, Nottingham

Campbell, John William, Tranu-ere, Draper. June 15 at 4 at office* of Laugton and MacConual, Lord st, Liverpool. Wyles, Liverpool

Cartwright, James, Bishopsgate st, Engineer. June 20 at 11 ai

offices of Jenkins, Tavistock st. Strand Clay, John, Cleckheaton, York, Innkeeper. June 11 at 11 at offices

of Curry, Cleckheaton Coatcn Francis, Pontefract, York, Miliner. June 20 at 3 at offices

of Arundel and Son, Ropergate, Pontefract Cockhill, Aaron, Halifax, Pork Butcher. Juuo 17 at 3 at offices of

Boocock, Silver st, Halifax Cook, John, Alderton, Wilts, Baker. Juno 8 at 12 at George Inn,

Malmesbury. Tonkin, Bristol Cotterell, Robert, Cardiff, Builder. June 20 at 3 at offices of South

Wales Merchants' Association, Duke st, Cardiff. Griffith and

Corbctt, Cardiff

Cox, Juhn, South borough, nr Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Jane

17 at 3 at 13, Church rd, Tunbridgo Wells. Stone and Simpson,.

Tunbridge Wells Crabb, George, Birkenhead, Licensed Victualler. June 13 at 2 30 at

offices of Hannan and Pugh, Duncan st, Birkenhead Creaser, James, York, Picture Frame Maker. Juue 15 at U at office

of Waddington, Stonegnto, York Crowle, Lewis Howard, and Harry Ernest Crowlc, Bank Wi'.s

Hackney, Grocers. June 10 at 3 at offices of Norris, Southampt -n

bldgs, Chancery lane Dicke, John Adolphus, Chalton st, Euston nl. Cabinet Maker.

June 18 at 2 at 3tf, Woodstock rd, Finabiiry park. Moore, King's

Cross rd

Drewry, George Overend, Tichborne st. Regent st, M.D. June 2'

at 2 at offices of Linklater and Co, Walbr*,ok Dunn, Ann, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, out of business. June 13 at 2 a"

offices of Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Earl, Thomas, Wtgton, Cumberland, Innkeeper. June 22 at 11 tt

offices of Lawson, King's Arms lane, Wigton Edwards, Henry, Chatteris, Cambridge, Blacksmith. June SO »i 1

at offices of Ruston, Chatteris Eldridge, Amos, Worthing, Watchmaker. Juno It at 2 at Guildhall

Tavern. Grcsham st. Goodman, Brighton Ellis, William, Brothciton, York, Butcher. June 13 at 12 at office*

of Spink, Pontefract Esoroet, James, Kingstnn-upon-Null, Drvsaltcr. June 13 at 1 *t

offices of Pickering, Parliament st, Kingston-upou-Hull. B'>M«u,

Sons and Hodgson, Hull. Fisher, John, Heekmoudwike, York, Music Seller. June 17 at 11 si

offices of Shaw, Bond-st, Dewsbury

Francis, Owen, Pwllheli, Carnarvon, out of business. June 11 at 2

at Albion Hotel, Chester. Owen, Pwllheli Fozzi, Santino George, South Shields, Licensed Victualler. Juno 17

at 3 at offices of Mabane and Graham, Harrington st, Sonth


Gibbs, Thomas, Canterbury, Horse Dealer. June 20 at 11 at Queen's

Head Inn, Canterbury. Collard, Canterbury William Graham, Tynemouth, Northumberland, Egg Dealer. Juno

17 at 2 offlccB of Joel, Newgate st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Griffith, John David, Llanddeiniolen, Carnarvon, Quarfyman. June

10 at 12 at at offices of Allanson, Bron Seiont, Carnarvon Haines, John, and Henry Hole, Cardiff, Monumental Masons. June

13 at 2 at offices of Jenkins and Co., Philharmonic chambers,

Cardiff. Merrils and Son, Cardiff. Harries, John, Carmarthen, Tea Dealer. June 13 at 11 at office of

Morris, Red st, Carmarthen Harrison, Ernest, Tranmere, Chester, Chemist. June 15 at 3 at

offices of Laugton and MacConnal, Lord Bt, Liverpool. AVylcs


Harrison, John Moore, Tranmere, Chester, Furniture Broker.

June 15 at 2 at offices of Laugton and MacConnal, Lord st, Liverpool. Wyles, Liverpool Hayes, George, Worcester, Fly Proprietor. June 14 at 11 at offices of

Tree and Son, High st. Worcester Hodges, Henry Samuel, Bristol. Furniture Dealer. June 17 at 10 at

offices of Nicholas, Corn st, Bristol Hodgson, Asher, Liverpool, out of business. June 20 at 3 at offices of

Bartlett, Dale st, Liverpool Irons, Arthur John, Leicester, out of business. June 10 at 1 at offices

of Miles and Co, Bank st, Leicester James, Henry Robert, Ktngsland rrt, Licensed Victualler. June 15 at

3 at offices of Barrett, Leadenhall st Jary, George Henry, Bury, Lancaster, Boot and Shoe Maker.

June 10 at 3 at Knowsley Hotel, Haymarket st, Bury. Molesworth,


Jenkins, Francis, Liverpool, Imix>rter of American Woodenware.

June 20 at 2 at offices of Fildes, North John st, Liverpool Jennings, Richard, Epworth, Lincoln, Butcher. June 17 at 2 at offices

of Sharp, Epworth Jones, John, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Fruiterer, Juno 15 at 10 at offices

of Howell, Cannon st, Abeidar* Kettler, Frederick, Commercial rd, Licensed Victualler. June 13 at

10.30 at offices of Dobsou, Minories Kilro3', Bernard Mark, Mare st, Hackney, Fishmonger. June 20

at 11 at Masons Hall Tavern. Masons* Avenue, Basinghall st.

Fulcher, Horton rd, Hackney Kingsbury, Phillips Lucas, Fulliam rd, Silk Mercer. June 23 at 3

at Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Lawrence and Co, Old Jewry


Kirtley, Rol>ert, West Hartlepool, Durham, Plumber. June 13 at

11 at Brunswick Hotel, West Hartlepool

Iangwood, Francis, Grosvenor terrace, London Fields, Trimming

Manufacturer. June 10 at 3 at offices of Goodwin and Co, Coloman st. Kisbey, Cheapside Luff, Willi im, Camberwcll rd. Bootmaker. Juue 23 at 2 at offices of

Gray, "Ludgate-hill Martin, Walter*Ernest, Chester, Restaurant Houso Keeper. June 13

at 12 at 13, Northgatest, Chester. Tatlock st, Chester Mercer, James, Bury, Lancaster Grease Manufacturer. June 15 at

3 at offices of Anderton, Garden st, Bury Nancollis, Robert, Castlo Northwich,, Chester, Joiner. June 17 at

3 at offices of William Poole and Co, Princes st, Manchester. Tre

mewen, Dcausgate Neale, John, Gravesend, Hotel Keeper. June 15 at 3 at offices of

Paunell, Basinghall *t. Philp, Walbrook Newitt, Arthur William, Warwick rd, Kensington, Schoolmaster.

June 10 at 12 at offices of Phelps anil Co, Ureshum st. Wbitton,


Nicholes, Joseph Henry, Gt Tower st, Licensed Victualler. June 15

at 11 at offices of Jones, Mark lane Oldacre, Thomas Smith, Stokc-upon-Treut, Stafford, Saddler. June

15 at 11 at offices of Ashmall, Albion st, Hanley

Peake, John, Birkenhead, Draper. June 16 at 3 at offices of Thompson, Hamilton st, Birkenhead

Philcox, Henry Frederick, Grays, Esse.'*:, Tailor. June 20 at II at offices of Preston, Mark lane

Pick ard, Abraham, Benjamin Pickard, and George Pickard, Bradford, Wood Box Manufacturers. Juue 10 at 11 at offices of Richardson, Cheapside, Bradford

Pitcher, William Michael, Cheltenham, Bootmaker. June 15 at 3 at offices of Billings, Regent st. Cheltenham

Pohl, Otto Erast, Liverpool, Salt Merchant. June 20 at 2 at offices of Harmond aud Co, North John st, Liverpool. Stone and Co, Liverpool

Postlethwaite, Roger, Millom, Cumberland, Farmer. Juno 15 at 11 ut Temperance Hall, Ulverston, Jackson, Ulver ton

Preston, John, Gleason, Aldingham, Lancaster, Coal Dealer. Juue 1 at 11 at Temperance Hall, Ulverston Sims, Barr-w-in-Furness

Hatcliffe, Thomas Samuel, Bradley, Bilston, Stafford. Grocer. June

16 at 11 at offices of Hall and Son, Lichfield Bt, Bilston

Robson, William Ashford, Kent, Marine Store Dealer. Juno 17 at 11

at offices of Waterman, Bank st, Ashford Red!earn, John Hooson, Worksop, Nottingham, Builder. June 20

at 3 at offices of Hodding aud Breevor, Potter st, Worksop Reed, Henry Joseph, Norwich, Saddle and Harness Maker. Juno

13 at 12 at the Coachmakers* Arms, Bethel-street, Norwich Robinson, Brice Grant Dean, Hey wood, Lancaster, Plumber. June

20 at 3 at 17 York st, Hey wood. Henry Todd Rolfe, Arthur Tillott, Garboldisham, Norfolk, Grocer. June 25 at

12 at offices of Stanley, Bank Plain, Norwich

8smuels, Lewis, Bristol, Publican's Valuer. June 11 at 12 at offices

of William Andrews, Nicholas st, Bristol- Essery, Bristol Scrace, Isaac, Mount st, Grosvenor sq. Coffee-house Keei>er. June

14 at 3 at offices of Knight, Bow st, Covent Garden

Sealv, Frederick George, Catdicot, Monmouth, Builder. June 17 at 3 at offices of Haines, Wcstgate Chambers, Berkeley st, Gloucester

Shaw, James. Manchester, Glass Merchant. June 21 at 3 at theTrade Protection Association, China buildings, St. Ann's st, Manchester. Tremewen, Manchester

Sheppard, Arthur Nelson, Roman rd, Old Ford, Timber Merchant. June 20 at 3 at offices of Saffery and Co, Old Jewry chambers. Eastwood, Great St. Helen's

Sherrington, Job, Wigan, Lancaster, Grocer. June 20 at 3 at theMinorca Hotel, Wallgate. Wood, Wigan

Smith, Charles Jesse, High st, Camden Town, Wine Merchant. June 16 at 2 at offices of Foreman and Co, Gresham st. Badham and Williams, Salter's Hall ct. Cannon st

Snowden, Edward, Pagnell, Peterborough, Rope Manufacturer.June 16 at 3.30 at Mansion house chbrs, Queen Victoria st. Buckby, Leicester

Stoddart, John Atkin, Spurstowo rd. Hackney, Shipbroker's Clerk*

June 14 at 3 at offices of Bridger, Botolph lane, Eastcheap Thomas, William, Swansea, Glamorgan, Builder. June 14 at 2 at

offices of Donngue, Worcester pi, Swansea Townend, Edward, Huddersfield, Farmer. June 1" at 3 at offices of

Booth, John William st, Huddersfield Whitakcr, John, Ilkley, York, Oil Merchant. June 11 at 3 at offices of

Atkinson and Wilson, Tyrell st, Bradford Wilding, Arthur, Wolverhampton, Grocer. June 18 at 11 at offices of

Stratton, Queen st, Wolverhampton Wllks, Blfred, Walsall, Stafford, Grocer. Juno 21 at 11 at offices of

Glover, Lichfield chbrs, Leicester st, WalsaU Wilson, Thomas, North Dalton, York, Fanner. June 16 at2 at offices

of Pickering, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-HuIl. Leak aud Co.

Kings ton-U])on-Hull Wood, James Henry, Kingston-upon-Hull, Music Hall Manager.

June 14 at 3 at offices of Chambers, Scale lane. Kin gston-upon—


Wood, Enoch, Patricroft, Lancaster, Corn Merchant. Juno 16 at 3 at

offices of Marlow and Dixon, Cross st, Manchester Wood, William, Grenard rd, Peckham, Boot and Shoe ilanufacturer.

June 15 at 3 at offices of Bordman and Co, Victoria st, Trinity st,.

South wark


Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

Guaranteed Pare Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the excess of fat extracted.

The Faculty pronounce it " the most nutritions, perfectly digestfble> Mveraie fcr Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable fcrIiviltda and Children."

Highly commended by the entire Medlca 1 Press.

Bring without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palate*,, tceeps better In all climates, md Is four times the strength or rocoas Thickened yet Weakened with starch, &c, and In Kkalitt Cheaper. than such Mixtures.

Made intttanldntuiMy with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Breakfast Cup, oo3ttnfc less than % halfpenny.

Cocoatiha A La Vamllk i? the most delicate, digestible, cheapest Mantila Chocolate, and may he taken when richer chocolate is pre— hi hi ted.

Iq tin packets at Is. rd., 3s., 6s. 6d , ftc, by Chemists .»nd Grocers,
Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietor-,
H. SCHWElTZEc * CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C.

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LAW.—Wanted, by a OentlemaD, a Clerkship in London. Good experience in Conveyancing. Very smallsalary accepted if in an office where advertiser could see other branches of practice.—Address M., Office of this Journal.

MADAME TUSSAUD'S EXHIBITION BAKER-STREET.—On View, portrait Model* of KINO ALFONSO XII. and Victor EMMANUEL, the Dnke and Dncheu o EDINBURGH, the EMPEROR OF RUSSIA, the SHAII of PERSIA,. Sir SAMUEL BAKER, the late Dr. LIVINGSTONE, Mr.H. M. STASLEY, Rev. H. WARD BEECHER, Sir GARNET WOLSELET, MARSHAL McMAHON, MARSHAL 8AZAINE, M. 'IHIERS, th« late CHARLES DICKENS, and Dr. KENEALV, M.P. Also superb and costly Court Dresses; the complete line of BrUtm Monarchs from William the Conqueror to Queen Victoria; and over 300 PortraiTs Models of Celebrated aud Distinguished Characters. Admission, la. Children under twelve,6d. Extraroooi,6d. Open from lOa.m.til.lOp m

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KINAHAN'S LL WHISKY. Pure, Mild an Mellow, Delicious and most Wholesome. Universally rocum tnemled by the Profession. TheCreani of Old Irish Whi-kiee

K~~\Inahans Llivhisky. Dr. HassalT nys— "Solt and Mellow, Fare, well Matured, and of very eicellen' quality."

INAHAN'S^ LL WHISKY. Gold~Medal, Paris Exhibition. 187H ; Dublin Exhibition, 1865, the Uold Meual. 20, Oreat Titclifield-slreet, London, W.


The Medical [Profession for over Forty Tears bare appro red of thla pute

Rotation as the bent remedy for ACIDITY of the STOMACH, HEARTBURN, HEADACHE, GOVT

and INDIGESTION, And ae the iafe»t Aperient for Delicate Constitution.?, Ladies Children, and Infants.


Solicitors' Account Books.


Stationers, Printers, Engravers, Registration Agents, See., ■49 FLEET-STREET, LONDON, E.C. (comer of Serjeanta' inn).

Annual anH oilier Returns Stamped and FUeJ

YATES & ALEXANDER, General Printers, Lons- | dale Buildings, 27, Chancery-lane, immediately opposite the \ Chancery-lano Post-olBce. .

LAW, Parliamentary, and General Printing by Yates 4 Alexander, 27, Chancery-lane.

ijCTIONEERS' Work, Particulars and Conditions of Sale, Posters, Ac, printed by Yates A Alexander.

PAMPHLETS, Books, Newspapers, Circulars, Rules and Regulations of Societies printed by Yates 4 Alexander.

PROSPECTUSES of Public Companies, Memoranda and Articles of Association, Share Certificates, Receipts "Notices, &c., printed by Yates A Alexander, 27, Chancery-Ianc.

D~ ISCOUNT for Cash allowed by Yates & Alexander, Lonsdale Buildings, 27, Chancery-Lane. __

STATEMENTS of Claim and Defence, Affidavits Petitions, and Pleadings printed by Yates & Alexander.


oUps.teeseBy*ei> PROVISIONS,

POTTED MEATS and YURK andHGAlifcrPliis; alao

^SSENOK OF BEEF,"nBlSEP TEA, ^URTLE SOUP, and" JELLY, and other g P E (J i A U IT 1 E S lor 1 N V A L 1 OS".

Sole Address,




This new Ink supplies the demand continual.? made bnt nem before met, for a Red Ink which is uninjured by Bteet or otbsr Metallic Fens. Steel Pens left in this ink for months do not Impta the beauty of Its colour, nor are the Pens in the least corroded by it. The existing Red Inks rapidly destroy Steel Fens, and lose their red colour it U6ed with other than Gold or Quill Fens. Ttiis new colour is a very rich scarlet red of great beamy. The colour of t.i<« ink ii not affected by use upon parchment, and is consequently o( great value to Solicitors snd Draughtsmen.

Sold in stone bottles, retail at Is., 2s.. 3r; and Imperial Qaartscf 43 ounces at As. each. Also in glass bottles at fid. and Is. each. SOLD BY ALL STATIONERS.

HAMPTON & SONS make NO CHARGR for insertingpartitmlarB in their FREE MONTHLY REGISTER of ESTATES, TOWN and COUNTRY HOUSES, Furnished or Unfurnished, or for Sale, to be had GRATIS at their Offices, or poet-free for two stamps. Published on the 1st of the month, and particulars for insertion should be sent not later than fire dayi previous to end of preceding- month Valuations for Probate and Transfer. Surveys.

Offices, 8, Pall Mall East, S.W.

THUEGOOD & CO., Estate and Land Agent,
Surveyors and Auctioneers, Lonsdale Cnarnbers, 27, Chanary-
lnne, W.C., hold PERIODICAL SALES ol Property, at the MART, tbe
Second Tuesday in each month. Railway, School Board, Corporation,
Board of Works, and other Compensations conducted. Valuau as tor
Probate, Mortgages, &c. Estates managed.
A scale of charges upon a

MESSRS.DEBENHAM.TEWSON, KARMKH,& BRIDGEWATER'S LIST of ESTATES and ROUSES to be SOLD or LfcT.inclrta u% Landed Fata tea. Town and Country Residences, Hunting and Sbootirg Quarters, Farms, Ground Rents. Re*)t Charges, House Property mid Investments conerally, is pnbrtr**"! on the first day ot each month, and may be ob ainea.freeof charge, at their omcet>, 80, Cheapsfde, K, C , or will be sent by postln ratarn for two stamps.—Particu'ars for ineeition should be received not later than four days previous to the ei d ol ti e I receding month.

CLAPHAM COMMON.—To Professional Mtn.-To be Let.—The privato portion of Bnsinees Premises. Occupying' one of the l)est positions in Clapham.—For detailed particulars apply to Messrs. J. Mclachlait tit Soys, Estate Agente, Clapham* common.

CLAPHAM.—To be Let, a Detached Residence, fitted with every comfort; pood bed and reception rooms, large garden and stable. Also a similar Residence without stable; also a Semi-detached House, situate in a choice position, and convenient for access to City and West-end.—Detailed particulars of Messrs. J. Mclachlan & Sons, Estate Agents, Clapham^ommon, and 35, St, James-street, Piccadilly. (2109 -2170).

CLAPHAM PABK.—To be Let, a most con\ Rcsirlencc, cl'nc to station, Rnd within a short distance of Clnphuui-common. Six bedrooms, dressing room, littcd bathroom, three reception rooms, aud offices. Extensive grounds with beanti* fully sheltered lawn, being surrounded by a belt of fine timbers. Excellent stabling, coach-house, and yard, with gardener's cirtuge, ic. Rent, £140.—Apply to ^Messrs. J. Mc'lachlix 4 Sox», Keuue Agents, Clapharn-cumrnon, and 35, St. James-street, Piccadilly. (2339). _

CLAPHAM PARK.—A Semi-detached Besidenee, well decorated; seven bedrooms, pleasant recoptiitn moms ami offices. Near station. Rent, £90. Apply to Messrs. J. Mclachlan 4 Sox, Kstate Agents, Clapham-common, and 35, SL James-street, Piccadilly. (2209).

CLAPHAM PARK.—A comfortab'e Detich-d Double-fronted House, in thorough repair ; six bcdroins l*tn room, three reception rooms, and Offices. Detached -tabling greenhouse, and good grounds. Bent, £100 per annum.—Apply w Messrs. J. & Soss, Kstate Agents, Clapham-common, and 35, St. James-street, Piccadilly. (2t82).


i» 1 respectfully to announce that their AUCTION SALKH of Estates, Building Land, (ironnd Rents, House Property, and all convertible Securities wi 11 bo held at the MART, TOKKXHOTSfr YARD, B.C., on the following days during the year IS8L Sales will also be held on special days when required. Monday, Juno 20 Monday, July 25 I Wednesday, Oct li

Friday, July 8 Wednesday, Aug. 10 Monday, X'iv-"

Wednesday, Sep. 14 I Wednesday, !>«•14 Terms on Application. Auction Sales of Furniture, Fsrmiiy: Stock, Growing Crops, Timber, Underwood, 4c., by arrangement. Property Register, together with a separate List of Farms, published monthly, and forwardod gratia on application.

Baxter, Fun, & Litpei, 09, King William-street, E.C, and Town Hull, Bromley, Kent.

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