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the memorial to the Home Secretary which resulted in the Rose, JOSEPH MICHAEL, Oxford st, Grocer. Nov 30. Rose v Elliott, Queen's Bench Division quasbing the inquisition and ordering

V.C. Hall. Comins, Gt Portland st

Scott, ROBERT HERRIES DUDLEY, Brighton, Esq. Dec 15, Scott v the exbumation of the body, and the holding of a fresh Scott, V.C. Hall, Twisden, Russell sg inquest.

SIBBERING, WILLIAM, Swansea, Gent. Dec 4. Brown y Garland,

V.C. Malins. Trythall, Penzance
SWARBRICK, HARRIETT, Liscard, Chester, Spinster. Nov 30. Lodge

v Forrest, V.0. Malins. Forrest, Liverpool

WILDE, WILLIAM, Costock, Nottingham, Farmer. Dec 3. Sawbridge Mr. Edward Coxwell, solicitor and potary (the head of

v Wilde, M.R. Woolley, Loughborough

WOODHOUSE, ANDREW JONES, Barrow-in-Furness, Contractor, Dec 7. the firm of Comwell, Bassett, & Stanton), of Southampton, Smith y Woodhouse, M.R. Taylor, Barrow-in-Furness died at his residence at Redbridge, Hampshire, on the 2nd

[Gazette, Nov. 9.] inst. Mr. Coxwell was born in 1803, and was admitted a solicitor in 1828, and bad praotised for about half a century at Southampton. He was for many years in partnership

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. with Mr. Robert Harfield, but more recently was

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. associated with Mr. Robert Goodenough Bassett, the

ABERCROMBIE, NICHOLAS, St Martin's, Island of Jersey, Licensed

Victualler. Nov 30. Baker, Hertford secretary to the Southampton Chamber of Commerce, and BIRD, ANDREW DAVIES, Brunswick sq, Solicitor. Nov 30. Boyle, with Mr. Thomas Harrison Stanton. He was a notary Mecklenburgh sq public and & commissioner for taking affidavits in the

BOARDS, ELIZABETI, Lowdens, Edmonton Nov 30. Beck, East

India avenue Sapreme Court of the Colony of Victoria, and he held mapy

BROOK, JAMES WILLIAM, Lytham, Lancaster, Gent. Dec 15. Brook important public offices. He bad been coroner for the and Co, Huddersfield boroogb of Southampton since 1835, but for soveral years bis

CHESNEY, SAMUEL, York, Draper. Dec 10. Holtby, York son, Mr. William Coxwell (who was admitted a solicitor in

CLAXSTON, THOMAS, Edward st, Dorset sa, Gent. Dec 24. Inder

maur, Devonshire ter, Portland pl 1870), bad acted as his deputy in that capacity. He had COHAM, WILLIAM HOLLAND BICKFORD, Coham, Devon, Esq. Dec 16. also been clerk of the peace for the borough, and clerk to

Cecil and Co, Holsworthy

COLLIER, MARGARET, Stanley, Liverpool. Dec 9. Whitley and Co,. the county magistrates at Lyndhurst, to the New Forest

Liverpool Highway Board, and to the New Forest Board of Guardians COOMBE, GEORGE, Exeter, Carpenter. Jan 31, Fryer, Exeter and Assessment Committee, and superintendant registrar COUPER, George, Guildford rd, South Lambeth, Tea Broker. Jan

31. Webb, Austinfriars for the district. He was solicitor to the Southampton

| DAWDNEY, HARRIET, Dorking, Surrey. Dec 31. Jennings and Co, Freehold Land Society, the Sonthampton Steam Towing Whitehall pl, Westminster Company, the Chamber of Commerce, and other important ELLIOTT, ROBERT, Norton, Yorkshire, Gent, Jan 1. Fraser, Furni

val's inn public bodies. He had also acted as agent for the Board

ENGLAND, CAROLINE, Cheltenham, Gloucester. Dec 8. Poole, South of Trade in many important shipping and wreck inquiries. Petherton Mr. Coxwell's health had long been failing, and he had HEWETT, DAME LOUISA, Taviton st, Gordon sq. Jan 31. Hume and

Co, Gt James st, Bedford row been compelled to resign several of his appointments.

Hunt, JANE, Keevil, Wilts. Dec 15. Beaven, Bradford-on-Avon About three years ago he was placed in the commission HUTCHINSON, JOHN, Winton, Westmoreland. Nov 22. Preston, of the peace for the borough.

Kirkby Stephen
LINCOLN, JOSEPH, Southwick, Durham, Butcher. Dec 31. Simey,

LOCKETT, Joun, Fenton, Stafford, Esq. Nov 20. Clarke and Haw.

ley, Longton

MACKENZIR, JOIN CAMPBELL, Rue St Anne, Paris. Dec 6. Maugham,

Bedford row
MARLING, THOMAS, Horton Court, Gloucester, Esq. Dec 20. Shep.

pard, Gloucester CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. MASON, SAMUEL, Leamington, Hastings, Farmer. Dec 1. Welchman


NEWMARCH, WILLIAM, Hurworth-on-Tees, Durham, Gent. Dec 23. CERISTIE, JOHX, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Printer. Dec 3. Malcolm Bowes and Hett, Darlington v. Elsdon, M.R. King, Queen Victoria st

| PRICE, ALFRED GEORGE, St Leonards, Sussex, Esq. Dec 20. ShepCroXRIE. LEWIS. Girdler's rd, Kensington, Solicitor. Dec 8 pard, Gloucester Lester Crombie, V.C. Malins. Lucas, Fenchurch st

SBARCH, Mary, Talfourd rd, Peckham. Dec 15. Keene and Co, Esis, Sir Joux, Dublin, Bart. Dec 3. Waterton v Ennis, M.R.

Mark lane Cavell, Waterloo pl, Pall Mall

SOTHERN, HANNAs, Norwich. Dec 31. Copeman and Laddell, Nor. JAMES, HERBERT Joux, City rd, Licensed Victualler. Nov 30.

wich Marshall v James, V.C. Malins. Cronin, Southampton st, Blooms.

SOUTHCOTT, JAMES VESEY, Now Cross Gate, Surrey, Licensed Vic. bory

tualler. Nov 22. Pritchard and Sons, Gracechurch st KIDD. Rov. RICHARD HAYWARD, Norwich. Mar 26. Kidd v Blake,

TANNER, WILLIAM SAMPSOx, Worcester, Gent. Jan 1. Comins, Gt YR. Chantry, Norwich

Portland st, Marylebone KisG, GEOBGE, Earlham, Norwich, Tailor, Nov 30. King v King.

Wilson, WILLIAM, Stratford, Essex, Gent, Nov 30. Beck, East V.C. Bacon. Linay, Norwich

India avenue, Leadenhall st LANGLEY, RICIARD, Tunbridge Wells. Nov 30. Langley v Argyle,

Wright, HENRY, The Heath, Hampstead, Clerk in Holy Ordere. V.C. Hall. Cripps and Son, Tunbridge Wells

Dec. 1. Denton and Co, Gray's inn sq MILLISON, SARAR Axx, Bishopsgate st. Dec 1. Mellison v

[Gazette, Nov. 2.] Mellison, V.C. Bacon Hicks, Wellington st

APPLEYARD, JOSHUA, Halifax, York, Esq. Dec 1. Holroyd and NEWKAX, JAMES, Hadlow, Kent. Nov 30. Cripps v Walker, V.C. Smith, Halifax Hall. Stone and Simpson, Tunbridge Wells

CASTLEMAN, ISABEL, Winchester. Dec 4. Stead and Co, Romsey PAKETYSON, HENRY, Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster, Engineer. Dec 2. CHARNLEY, WILLIAM, Sedbergh, York, Retired Farmer. Dec 11. Challinor v Scowcroft, V.C. Malins. Taylor, Bolton

Garnett, Barrow-in-Furness PARTS. JOIX. Bromley, Kent. Dec 6. Hall y Simint

CUMMING, JOHN, Queen st, Mayfair, Dec 18. Gregson, Angel ct, Maline. Webb, Austin Friars

Throgmorton st RoetxsOX, HENRY LIKE, Austin Frlars. Dec 1. Astley v Robinson, GLASCOCK, CHARLES, Fleet st, London, Tailor. Dec 1. Miller and V.C. Malins. Allin, St Peter's alley, Cornhill

Miller, Sherborne lane ROOD, ELIZA, Hayter road, Brixton. Dec 3. Climpson v Rood, GREGSON, HARRISON, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Gent. Dec 15. Leitch V.C. Bacon. Meckreth, New Broad st

and Co, North Shields SZOKT. JOHS STROUD, Dawlish, Devon, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Grew, FREDERICK, Birmingham, Lithographer. Jan 1. Ryland

Den 10. Short y Short, V.C. Malins. Yarde, Raymond bldgs. and Co, Birmingham
Gray's inn

HILL, JOIN COMPTON, St. Leonard's-on-Sca, Sussex, Gent. Jan 1. (Gazette, Nov.5.] Cole, Church ct, Clement's lane

JINKERSON, SAMUEL, Great Yarmouth, Gent. Jan 1. Worship and ALLISON, ARTITE, Crawley, Sussex, Esq. Jan 1. Blaker y Clemit Rising, Great Yarmouth son. V.C. Hall. Campbell, Warwick st, Regent st

MOUNTFORD, SARAH, Stanley, Stafford. Dec 21. Hamshaw, BECITALL, WILLIAM ASTON, Sandhurst, Victoria, Australia. Apl 18, Hanley

Baekall v Class, M.R. Keighley, New Cross rd, New Cross Nash, JAMES, Martley, Worcester, Esq., M.D. Dec 31. Hyde, ELLIOTT. JOHN EDWIN, Brighton, Timber Mercbant. Jan 1. Par. Worcester sell v Chinery, V.C. Hall. Verrall, Brighton

NEWLING, ANN FRANCES, Tranquilla terace, Hammersmith. Dec 31. Gres, WILLIAM, Reading, Berks. Dec 9. Gibbs v Gibbs, V.C. Hall. Chinn, Lichfield Cooper, Chancery Lane

NEWLING, CHARLES, Tranquilla terrace, Hammersmith. Dec 31. GODZRKE, DANIEL HUMPHRIS, Spencer rd, near Wandsworth, Gent. Chinn, Lichfield

Lewin v Godfree, V.C. Hall. Lewin & Co, Southampton | PABXBB, JAMBS, Preston, Lancaster, Cotton Spinner. Dec 1. Clarke, Et, Strand

HAIGE, RETBEN, York, Sizing Merchant. Nov 30. Long v Haigh, SALE, MARY, Bristol. Dec 30, Hippisley, Bristol.
V.C. Bacon. Leeming, Halifax

SALE, Thomas LYNE, Bristol, Gent. Dec 30. Hippisley, Bristol Harrisox, JOSEPH, Darlington, Durham, Butcher. Dec 4. Latimer , SANDFORD, SUSANNA, Deal, Kent. Nov 13. Knocker, Dover v Harrison, V.C. Malins. Steavenson, Darlinzion

SRED, JOSEP THOMPSON, Skelsmergh, Bobbin Manufacturer. PAISTER, WILLIAM, Belgrave sq, Esq. Nov 30. Paynter v Paynter, Dec 24. Thomson and Wilson, Kendal

V.C. Malins. Sandiland, Humphry, and Armstrong, Fenchurch Watts, Ann ELIZABETH, Thornhill crescent, Islington. Dec 11. avenue, Fenchurch et

Heales and Son, Carter lane, Doctor's commons

ate Gentleman.


WRAIGHT, DANIEL WILLIAM, Canterbury, Gent.. Jan 6. I Plummer

COUNTY COURTS. and Fielding, Canterbury YONGE, GEORGE JAMES, Rezel rd, Clapham, of no occupation. Dec I, the Right Honourable Roandell, Barou Selborne, Lord 1. Reader, Strand

[Gazette, Nov.5.]

High Chancellor of Great Britain, do, under the powers

vested in me by the County Coart Rules, 1875, hereby order ATKINSON,!CATHERINE, Sowerby, York. Jan 1. Richardson, Thirsk

that the offices of the county courts may be closed on the ATKINSON, JOHN, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. Jan 1. Bremner oth the

24th, the 27th, and 28th days of December, 1880. and Co, Liverpool BARNES, CHARLES, Norwich, Licensed Vlctualler. Dec 10. Sada Given under my hand this 4th day of November, 1880. and Linay, Norwich

SELBORNE, C. BRADFORD, HENRY PHILIP, Norwich, Leather Merchant. Dec 10.

Kent, Norwich
CAZALAR, ANDREW, Tours, France, Esq. Dec 11. Inman and Inman,

CAZALAR, MARIE ADELE, Bath. Dec 11. Inman and Inman, Bath
COCKBURN, CHARLES LA COSTE, Paris. Dec 25. Balderston, Bedford

FRICKER, Mrs. ELIZABETH, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Jan 12. Wood The hearing of the Evesham Election Petition, which was

postponed on account of the late Petition Judges retiring, FURBER, THOMAS, SEN, Sutton, Stafford, Farmer. Dec 10. Adderley and Marfleet, Longton

is now fixed for Thursday, December 2, when it will be GARBUTT, CHARLES JAMES, Gosforth, Northumberland, Solicitor. tried at Worcester, before Groves and Bowən, JJ.

Dec 15. Garbutt and Taylor, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
GRAHAM, FORTESCUE, East Stonehouse, Devon, Knight Commander

On Saturday week, in the Court of Appeal, the Lord Chanof the Bath. Nov 30. Cleverton and Son, Plymouth

cellor stated with reference to cases before the court wben the HEWETT, JOHN DICKASON, Palmer's Green, Southgate, Ge:

late Lord Justice Thesiger was a member, that those which Dec 31, Henderson and Buckle, Fenchurch st HOOPER, THOMAS, Albrighton, Salop. Yeoman, Jan 1. Manby aud

were part heard must be re-argued; and that in any case in Son, Wolverhampton

which the arguments were concluded, and judgment was HOWARD, EBENEZER, St Leonard's, Esq. Dec 16. Tilleard and Co, still reserved, where the majority of the court agreed, &

Old Jewry
JONES, JAMES PATESHALL, Turkey st, Enfield, Esq. Dec 23

third judge would sit pro formd, and, unless counsel Rivington and Son, Fenchurch bldgs

objected, judgment would be delivered. KING, ANNE, Alton, Southampton. Jan 20. Fielder and Sumner, It is not always well, says the Times, to delay giving

Godliman st, Doctors' commons
LIPSCOMBR. WILLIAM. Godstow. nr Oxford. Publican. Dec 1. preferment to eminent lawyers until they are old and
Thompson, Oxford

exhausted by toil at the bar. Comparatively young MARSHALL, THOMAS MORRISON, Marine parade, Brighton, Esq. Deo men have of late in one or two cases been pot upon the

21. Freshfields and Williams, Bank bl NOBBS, JAMES, Heigham, Norwich, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer.

bench, and the experiment has answered. They work Dec 31. Sadd and Linay, Norwich

hard ; they are plastic, and can adapt themselves to a new NORTHEY, WILLIAM BROOK, Sevenoaks, Kent, a Colonel in Her

system; and they are more likely than their seniors to Majesty's Army. Jan 10. Bennett and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn RAMA, LEE, Norwich, Tobacconist, Sept 1. Clabburn, Norwich

| possess the gift of opportune reticence, which is one ROBERTS, WILLIAM, Worksop, Nottingham, Tailor. Dec 31. among the rarest as well as most valuable of jadicial

Hodding and Beevor, Worksop
STEVENS, ROBERT, Banbury, Oxford, Grocer. Dec 4. Kilby and

virtues. Mace, Banbury

The Western Jurist says tbat the following representation Thomas, Joan, Liverpool, Warehouseman. Nov 30. Davies, Liver by the bar was filed in a certain court on May 10, 1874:

pool WARD, STEPHEN HENRY, Finsbury circus, M.D. Dec 31. Johnsons

"To the Hon. Samuel Foerry, Judge.-We, the members and Co, Austinfriars

of the bar, have noticed with regret the baggard, worn, and [Gazette, Nov. 9.] over-taxed appearance of your Honour, and have learned

with pleasure that there is a cirous show in session (admis. sion fisty cents, for adults), we therefore ask that this

court be adjourned until Monday morning, and (although NEW ORDERS.

not in the habit, generally) will ever pray." [Here follow the names of the bar.]

According to the Western Jurist, an eloquent Chicago THE TRADE-MARKS ACTS.

advocate addressed a jury as follows:-" Gentlemen of the A declaration for the reciprocal protection of manufacturing jury, you hev beern the witness swar he saw the prisoner and trade-marks was signed on the 6th inst, by her Majesty's raise bis gan; you have heeru him swar he saw the flash Minister at Berne and the Swiss Plenipotentiary. The de- and beerd the report; you have heern him swar he saw the claration confers on the subjects of each of the contracting dog fall dead ; yon have beern him gwar be dug the ballet States the same rights as belong to native subjects.

out with his jack-knife, and you be seen the bollet It is stated that the new law upon trade-marks now in force produced in court ; bat whar, gentlemen--whar, I ask you, in Switzerland embraces three points of procedure-viz., de is the man who saw that bullet hit that dog?” posit, registry, and renewal. The act of deposit (made at the The recent retirement of Mr. John Worlledge from the Federal Bureau at Berne) must be accompanied by a legal

county court judgeship held by him for so many years to attestation as to the place of manufacture; the trade-mark in triplicate, with exact description of the article; a block of the

the great advantage of officials, advocates, and suitors, has trade-mark, of a specified size and thickness; and, lastly, a

been the subject of general regret, and has been testified sum of twenty francs for each separate trade-mark

by the presentation of a joint address from the county · deposit can be made by a third party 'by procuration. The court officials and the legal profession. The signatures, registration must contain information as to the number of the which numbered 153, included those of all the registrars trade-mark; the date of deposit and publication; the name, and high bailiffs within the circuit, and of solicitors who profession, and address of the proprietor ; the description of the had signed the rolls of the several courts in the district. article, and of any modifications which might have been made since the day of deposit. The description is given in the A decision of the New York Court of Appeals in Hynes v. language of the depositor, provided it is in one of the three McDermott, decided last month, says an American legal national languages; if otherwise, in French. Renewal is journal, shows that photographic copies of documents are accompanied by the same formalities as deposit.]

not admissible for all purposes. A witness was on the stand for the purpose of proving handwriting by comparison;

but the original documents being in the possession of the THE SAVINGS BANKS ACT, 1880.

person who controlled them, and who lived beyond the Friday's Gazette contains regulations under the Savings í

seas, and who refused to give them up, they had been Bank Act, 1880, with respect to investments in Government

photographed, and these copies were offered by which to stock by depositors in savings banks, made by the Commis

make the comparison. The court refused to allow the sioners of ber Majesty's Treasury, with the consent of compa

comparison with the photographed handwriting, and this the National Debt Commissioners. so far as any regulations | ruling was upheld on appeal. “There was no proof," said relate to those Commissioners, and with the consent of the

Folger, C.J., “ of the details of the process by which they Postmaster-General, so far as any regulations relate to post

were taken, nor as to the accuracy of the work. We think office savings banks.

that a comparison of a signature in dispute with such

photographic copies of other writings, for the purpose of | allowing an opinion from an expert as to the character of

the signature as real or feigned, when the originals from The British Mutual Investment Co v Cobbold action witns wbich the copies are made are not brought before the jury, 1880° B. 101 and may not be shown to other witnesses, ought not to be Chaplin v Emery act, witns 1880 C. 0,409 permitted. We may recognize that the photographic Stannard v St Giles Vestry, Cainberwell act, witns 1878 process is ruled by general laws that are uniform in their | S. 480 operation, and that, almost withcut exception, a likeness is Clayton v Sir D. Salomons act, witns 1880 O. 0,148 brought forth of the object set forth before the camera. Braginton v Yates act, witns 1875 B 206 Still, somewhat for exact likeness will depend upon the Jones v Stoh wasser act & motn for judgt, witns 1880 J. 11 adjustment of the machinery, upon the atmospheric Millett v The Victoria Fire Office, limited act, witns 1878 conditions and the skill of the manipulator; and in 80

M 370 delicate a matter as the reaching of judicial results by the

Keate v Phillips act, witns 1878 K. 75 comparison of writings through the testimony of experts, it In re Hill, Pharoah v Apps act, witns 1880 H. 0,972 ooght to be required that the witness should exercise bis Hazlewood v Desborough act & motn for judgt, witns 1879 scoren opon the thing itselt which is to be the basis of his H, 455 judgmert; and still more, that the thing itself should

Elers v Eady act, witns 1878 E. 8 be at hand to be pot under the eye of other witnesses for

Oatram v Maude act, witns 1880 08 the trial opon it of their skill.”

Serjeant v Abbotts act, witos 1880 S. 115
In re Blunt, Burrett v Burrett act, witns 1880 B 137
Girvin v Hughes act, witns 1880 G. 0,165
Scott v Ashwin aot wit 1880 S 02,460

Jacob v Diokenson aot wits 1880 J. 15

West v West act & motn for judgt wits 1880 W. 0,466

Pickard v Pickard act wits 1879 P. 115 SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. In re Jackson Wilson v Donald act wits 1880 J. 52

Newbury v Pratt act & motn for judgt wits 1879 N.


Earl Cathoart v De Trafford act wits 1880 C. 0,759

In re Gibson, Leadbitter v Gibson act wits 1880 L. Monday, Nov. 22Mr. King Mr. Teesdale Mr. Jackson

0,531 *Tuesday ...... 23 Merivale Farrer


Allen v Comedy Opera Co, limd act wits 1879 A. 163 Wednesday.... 24 King


Thursday .... 25

W. 257

Williams v Daniel act wits 1879

Friday........ 26 King


Tuoker v Barker act wits 1880 T. 0,528 Saturday .... 27 Merivale Farrer Cobby

Edison Telephone Co of London v India Rubber, Gutta

Percha, &c., Co act wits
Mr. Justice

y... Bacon.

E. 37

SELBORNE, C. Monday, Nov. 22Mr. Ward Mr. Latham Me. Koe

None of the cauges in the above schedole will be placed Tuesday ...... Pemberton Leach


in the paper for hearing before Wednesday, the 24th day Wednesday.... Ward

Latham Koe

of November, 1880, unless by the written consent of all Thursday .... 25 Pemberton Leach

26 Ward


R. H. LEACH, Registrar, Saturday ,





November 18, 1880.

Tuesday, the 16th day of November, 1880.

Whereas from the present state of the business before the

3 per cent. Consols, 994 xd Annuitias, April, '85, 8; Master of the Rolls and the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon, I Ditto for Account, 997 xd Do. (Red Sea T.) Aug. 1908 it is expedient that a portion of the causes assigned to the Lo. 3 per cent. Rednced, 973 Ex Bills, £1000, 2. per Ct, 2 pm Master of the Rolls, and now standing for trial or hearing New 3 per Copi., 96}

Ditto, £500, Do, 2 pm

Do. 3) per Cont., J&n, '94 Ditto, £100 & £200, 2 pm before his lordship, should be transferred to the Vice-Chan.

| D). 2 per Cant., Jan. '94 Bank of England Stock, 276 ellor Sir James Bacon: Now I, the Right Honourable Anavitics Jan '80

Ditto for Account.
Roandell Baron Selborne, Lord High Chancellor of Great
Britain, do hereby order that the several causes set forth in
the schedule hereto be accordingly transferred from the

INDIAN GOVERNMENT SECURITIES. Master of the Rolls to the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon, Ind. Stk., 5 per C., July,'80, 103) | Enf.Pr. 5) per Cent., May, 81 and taken as causes assigned to the Vice-Chancellor Sir Ditto for Account

Ditto Debentures, 4 per Cent Janes Bacon, and be marked in the cause books accordingly. Ditto 4 per cent., Oct. '88, 1047 April, '64

Ditto, ditto, Certificates

Do.Do, 5 per cent., Aug. '73 And this order is to be drawn up by the registrar and set up

Ditto Enfaced Ppr., per Cent. Do. Bonds, 4 per Cent. £1000 in the several offices of the Chancery Division of the High 2nd Enf.Pr., s per C., Jan.'72 | Ditto, ditto, under £1000 Court of Justice. SCHEDULE


Pald. Closing Price Is re Taoner, Mortimer v. Drewe action & motn for T. 160

Stock Caledonian ...... jadgt, witns 1879

100 114 Stock Glasgow and South-Western

100 in re Mitebell, Mitchell v Mitchell act & motn. for judgt Stock Great Eastern Ordinary Stock

100 Fitns 1878 M. 184

Stock Great Northern ........................


126 Simmons v Hitchman action witns 1879 S. 453

Stock Do., A Stock* ......

100 1311

100 Bailey

Stock Great Southern and Western of Ireland
Porter action witns 1879 B. 6,084

Stock Great Western--Original

100 127 Leotas v Barwell action witns 1879 L. 5,271

Stock Lancashire and Yorkshire.

100 135 Morgan v. Jones action witns 1880 M. 52

Stock London, Brighton, and South Coast.... 100

146 Towers v Kirkman action witns 1878 T. 436

Stock London, Chatham, and Dover ..........

100 1024 Stock London and North-Western ......


156 The Plating Co, limited v Farquharson action witns

Stock London and South Western ......

100 1879 P. 264

Stock Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln


961 Glazier London Brighton, &c, Company action witns Stock Metropolitan


100 Stock

100 1879 G.

80 216

Do., District
Stock Midland .................

100 1361 In re Pugh, Pugh > Beddoes action & motn for judgt witns Stock North British ......

90 1879 P. 251

Stock North Eastern.......

100 Turner v Haneock action & motn for judgt witns 1879

Stock, North London ...
Stock North Staffordshire

100 T. 249

Stock South Devon
Johnstone v Cox action & moto for judgt witns 1879 J. Stock South-Eastern ..............


1307 134 Saldanha v Andrews action & motn for judgt witns 1877 S. 408

" A receives no dividend uatilo er rent. has been paid to B.







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Liquidations by Arrangement. BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.


FRIDAY, Nov. 12, 1880.

Ackland, Clement, Dunsford, Devon, Grocer. Nov 29 at 11 at offices AMPHLETT.-On Nov. 6, at 22, Upper Gloucester-place, Dorset.

of Andrew, Bedford circus, Exeter. Tweed, Honiton

Aldous, Simon, Dickleburgh Hall, Norfolk, Farmer. Dec 1 at 11 at square, the wife of R. Holmden Amphlett, barrister-at-law,

offices of Miller and Co, Bank chmbrs, Norwich of a daughter.

Allen, Charles Stephen, Brampton, Huntingdon, Coach Builder. BYRNE.--On Nov. 12, at Aynscombe House, Upper Tooting, Nov 29 at 12 at offices of Gaches, Cathedral gateway, Peterborough

the wife of E. Widdrington Byrne, barrister-at-law, of a son. Allen, Thomas, Kessingland, Suffolk, Fishing Boat Owner. Nov 29 CLARKE.—On Oct. 8, at Calcutta, the wife of Frederick Clarke, at 11 at offices of Hill barrister-at-law, of a son.

Andrews, Edward, Hampton wick, Licensed Victualler. Dec 1 at

2.30 at offices of Clements, Clarence st, Kingston-on-Thames GREENWOOD.-On Nov. 10, at 16, St. George's-road, S.W., the

Barber, Richard Augustus, jun, Leicester, Commercial Traveller. wife of G. G. Greenwood, barrister-at-law, of a son.

Nov 30 at 12 at offices of Harvey, Selborne buildings, Millstone HAMMOND-CHAMBERS.-On Nov. 5, at The Heathers, Great lane, Leicester Marlow, the wife of R. S. B. Hammond-Chambers, of Barker, John, Ipswich, Furniture Broker. Dec 1 at 12 at Pearce's Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law, of a daughter,

Rooms, Princes st, Ipswich. Jackaman and Sons, Ipswich MARTIN.-O. Nov. 5, at Downshire-square, Reading, the wife

Barnes, William, Staplehurst, Kent, Grocer. Nov 29 at 12 at the

Queen's Head Hotel, High st, Maidstone. Peterson and Peterson. of John Wesley Martin, solicitor, of a daughter.

Bury st WATTS.-On Nov. 5, at 'Holmfield. Merton-road, Wimbledon,

Barras, William Joseph, Frederick Arthur Barras, and James Edwin the wife of Albert Watts, of Doctors’-commons, solicitor, of a Barras, Huddersfield, Woollen Manufacturers. Nov 24 at ll at the daughter.

Imperial Hotel, Huddersfield, Bottomley, Huddersfield

Batchelor, Arthur Charles, Landport, Hants, Grocer. Nov 25 at 4 at SETON-KARR-PILKINGTON.-On Nov. 11, at Roby, Henry

offlces of King, North st, Portsea Seton-Karr, of 30, Lancaster-gate, barristér-at-law, to Edith

Batterham, William, West Walton, Norfolk, Farmer. Nov 26 at 11

at offices of Ollard, York row, Wisbech, St Peters Eliza, daughter of William Pilkington, of Roby Hall, Liver

Bedford, William, Aston, Warwick, Licensed Victualler. Nov 26 at

11 at offices of Fowke, Ann st, Birmingham DEATHS.

Belcham, William Isaac, Southend, Essex, Farmer, Nov 25 at 12 at MoCALMONT.-On Nov. 4, at Southampton, F. H. McCalmont, offices of Duffield and Bruty, Tokenhouse yard barrister-at-law, aged 34.

Blackwell, George, Gloucester, Stonemason. Nov 25 at 4 at the New MCGACHEN.-On Oct. 18, at Galt, Ontario, Frederic Stewart

Inn Hotel, Northgate st, Gloucester. Goldring, Cinderford McGachen, barrister-at-law, of the Inner Temple.

Boylin, Eleanor, Selly Oak, Worcester, Brick Manufacturer. Nov 25

at 3 at offices of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham WILDE.-On Nov. 10, at the Aubrey-road, William Wilde, late

Brook, William, Hulme, Manchester, out of business. Nov 24 at 3 Chief Justice of St. Helena, and a bencher of Gray's-inn, in at offices of Johnson, Manchester his 83rd year.

Buckwell, Ebenezer, and William Buckley, Wakefield, Joiners. Nov

23 at 3 at offices of Barratt and Senior, Wood st, Wakefield Bullman, William, Mare st, Hackney, Costume Warehouseman.

Nov 21 at 3 at the Chamber of Commerce, Cheapside. Morley,

Butler, Richard Lloyd, Poulton-le-Fylde, Lancastes, Painter. Nov

25 at 3 at offices of Pratt, Market st, Blackpool
Butt, Henry John, Sholing, Southampton, Carpenter. Nov 25 at 3

at offices of Bell, Portland st, Southampton Bankrupts.

Byrne, William, Allen terrace, Kensington, Stationer. Dec 7 at 3 at FRIDAY, Nov. 12, 1880.

Law Society, Chancery lane

Calvert, John, Clayton-le-Moors, Lancaster, out of business. Nov Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

25 at 3 at Borough Arms, Blackburn. Whalley, Accrington Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Carroll, Michael, Hanley, Égg Dealer. Nov 23 at 11 at Royal Hotel,

Crewe. Ashmall, Hanley
To Surrender in London.

Cattell, Robert Venning, Cambridge, Inspector of Nuisances, Nov Brill, Charles, Thistle gr, South Kensington, Pet Nov 9. Murray. 23 at 2 30 at offices of Ellison and Co, Alexandra st, Petty Cury, Nov 26 at 11

To Surrender in the Country.

Chaine, Louisa Rebeccah, Hove, Sussex, Boarding house ProprieChild, James Joseph, and William John Hinde, Lower rd, Deptford, tress. Nov 29 at 12 at Old Ship Hotel, Brighton. Hodson, New

Furniture Manufacturers. Pet Nov 9. Pitt-Taylor. Greenwich, Shoreham
Nov 26 at 1

Clare, Peter, Sinderland, Dunham Massey, Chester, Farmer. Nov Honeychurch, William, Exmouth, Devon, Innkeeper. Pet Nov 10. 18 at 11 at offices of Simpson and Hockin, Mount st, Albert sų,. Daw. Exeter, Nov 23 at 2

Jones, Herbert, Swansea, out of business. Pet Nov 10. Jones. Clough, Jeremiah, Thomas Appleby, and William Simpson, Burnley,
Swansea, Nov 23 at 11

Cotton Spinners. Nov 29 at 3 at Exchange Hotel,
Longhorn,' Alfred, Cottingham, York, Cowkeeper. Pet Nov 8. Burnley. Sutcliffe, Burnley
Rollit. Kingston-upon-Hull. Nov 22 at 3

Collins, Lewinton, Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Builder. Nov 29 at 3 at Noble, William, Nottingham, Draper. Pet Nov 8. Speed. Not King's Head Inn, Burton st. Tewkesbury. Gabb, Cheltenham tingham, Nov 26 at 11

Cook, Alfred, Worle, Somerset, Innkeeper. Nov 30 at 11 at offices of Sheffield. Thomas, Syston, Leicester, Gent. Pet Nov 9. Ingram. Smith, Tydenham terrace, Weston-Super-Mare Leicester, Dec 1 at 12

Cooke, William, Riseley, Bedford, Wheelwright. Nov 29 at 11 at West, Joshua Hasten, Blackburn, Lancaster, Grocer. Pet Nov 6.

oflices of Mitchell and Wood, St Pauls sq, Bedford Bolton. Blackburn, Nov 23 at 11

Cooper, William, Bunker's hill, Nottingham, Fruiterer. Nov 30 at Wilson, Isham Baker, Shipston-on-Stour, Worcester, Brickmaker. at 3 at offices of Parsons and Bird, Wheeler gate, Nottingham Pet Oct 7. Fortescue. Banbury, Nov 23 at 12

Coulson, Mary, and Margaret Isabella Coulson, Sunderland, Brewers. Wordsworth, Cullen Forth, Henley-on-Thames, Farmer. Pet Nov 6. Nov 26 at 12 at offices of Steel, John st, Sunderland Collings. Reading, Nov 27 at 12

Craig, Andrew, Newcastle on Tyne, Builder. Nov 23 at 2 at offices

of Elsdon, Royal arcade, Newcastle on Tyne TUESDAY, Nov, 16, 1880,

Crawford, George Charles, Evering rd, Stoke Newington, out of Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

business. Nov 25 at 2 at offices of Jennings, Leadenhall st Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Daniels, Frederick William, St Philip's, Bristol, out of business.

Nov 22 at 11 at offices of Gridley, Armoury sg, Stapleton rd, To Surrender in the Country.

Davies, John, Billingsly, Hereford, Farmer. Nov 23 at 12 at offices Beach. Charles. Chertsey rd. Gunnersbury. Builder. I

of Mills, Exchange chambers, Broad st, Hereford. Bishop, Brecon Ruston, Brentford, Nov 30 at 2

Dawes, William, Kenwick, Hartlepool, Durham, Beerhouse Keeper. Graham, Verner, Fields Alsager, Chester, Wine and Spirit Mer Nov 26 at 3 at offices of Bell and Son, Church st, West Hartlepool chant. Pet Nov 10, Mair. Macclesfield, Nov 24 at il

Dorer, Eugene, Castle st, Holborn. Nov 30 at 2 at offices of Wills Maxwell, Mary Jane, Toxteth pk, Liverpool, Butcher, Pet Nov 13. and Slade, Grocers' Hall ct, Poultry. Wrightson and Green, Tri. Cooper. Liverpool, Nov 29 at 12

nity sg, Tower hill Pearson, Henry, Stockport, Chester, Cotton Doubler. Pet Nov 12. Drummond, Joseph, Stockton on Tees, Coal Merchant. Nov 22 at Hyde. Stockport, Dec 2 at 11

11 at offices of Draper, Finkle st, Stockton on Tees Ziffer, Ferdinand Henry, Manchester, Machinery Agent. Pet Nov Ekins, Robert Hempstead, Abbott's Ripton, Huntingdon, Farmer. 11. Lister. Manchester, Nov 29 at 12

Nov 25 at 11 at George Hotel, Huntingdon. Hunnybun and Sons

Ellis, Thomas, Ramsey St Mary. Huntingdon, Potato Merchant

Nov 24 at 2 at George Hotel, Ramsey. Serjeant, Ramsey
FRIDAY, Nov. 12, 1890.

Elsworth, John Scott, and Francis Elsworth, Sculcotes, Kingston

upon Hull, Tar Distillers. Nov 24 at 2 at Imperial Hotel, Paragon Boothroyd, Edwin, Halifax, Grocer. Nov 10

st, Kingston upon Hull. Laverack, Hull Lockhead, William, Lightcliffe, nr Halifax, Designer. Nov 10

Friar, George, Berwick upon Tweed, Cabinet Maker. Nov 29 at 11 McMillan, Thomas, Huddersfield, Travelling Draper, Nov 9

at offices of Dunlop, Quay walls, Berwick upon Tweed Palmer, Henry Douss, Choumert rd, Peckham Rye, Clerk in the

Gamble, Thomas, Huntington, York, Farmer, Nov 26 at 3 at offices Civil Service. Sept 8

of Dale, Blake st, York Picot, c , the Barracks, Hounslow, Gent. Oct 28 Powell, Joseph Daniel, Fisherton, nr Salisbury, Licensed Victualler.

Gardner, Henry, Heywood, Lancaster, Joiner, Nov 24 at 3 at offides

of Anderton and Donelly, Garden st, Bury Nov 9

Gates, John, Fakenham, Norfolk, Shoemaker. Nov 26 at 3 at offices TUESDAY, Nov. 16, 1880.

of Cates, Swan st, Fakenham Hall, Clement, West Knoyle, Wilts, Farmer, Nov 9

Gay, James, Widcomb, Chewton, Somerset, out of business. Nov Napier, Archibald L M , St James's pl, St James's st, Li

21 at 2 at offices of Carter, Broad st, Bristol tenant in H, M's. Grenadier Guards. Nov 12

I Gelder, Thomas, and John Gelder, Luddington, Lincoln, Farmers..


Nov 25 at 3 at offices of Pease, Banks ter, Goole. Hind and Ever. | Rhodes, John Burton, Wakefield, Boot Dealer. Nov 29 at 3 at offices. att, Goole

of Lodge, Townhall chmbrs, King st, Wakefield Goodman, Thomas, Newport Pagnell, Buckingham, Baker. Nov 26 Robson, Elizabeth, Chester-le-street, Durham, Grocer. Nov 29 at 11

at 12 at Anchor Hotel, Newport Pagnell. Bull, Newport Pagnell at offices of Marshall, Claypath, Durham Gok, James, St Helens, Lancaster, Butcher, Nov 25 at 3 at offices Rothwell John Charles, Rochdale, Lancaster, Grocer. Nov 26 at 3 of Thomas, Ormskirk st, St Helens

at offices of Molesworth, Central chambers, The Walk, Rochdale Graham, Benjamin, Wakefield, Watchmaker. Nov 23 at 11 at offices Salt, George, Longton, Stafford, Grocer. Nov 25 at 11 at offices of of Peet, Colmore row, Birmingham

Clarke and Hawley, Church st, Longton Greenough, Peter, Northwood, Stafford, Coal Agent. Nov 24 at 11 Saunders, William, Histon, Cambridge, Farmer. Nov 26 at 11 at at offices of Ashmall, Albion st, Hanley

offices of Papworth and French, St Andrew's hill, Cambridge Hamilton, Robert, Pemberton, Lancashire, Carter. Nov 27 at 10.30 Scarlett, Edward George, Glasshouse st, Woollen Merchant. Nov 24 at othces of Wilson, King st, Wigan

at 2 at offices of Hulse and Co, Cheapside Hargreaves, John, Muschamp rd, Surrey, Assistant to a Public Com. Scolefield, Allen, Hartshead, Cleckheaton, York, Cabinet Maker. pany. Nov 25 at 2 at 25, Essex st, Strand. Tindale

Nov 22 at 3 at offices of Clough, Railway st, Cleckheaton Hawthorn, John Robinson, Townsend Bucknall, Stafford, Brick Scott, Arthur, Church st, Chelsea, Carman. Nov 29 at 2 at Masons

Mannfacturer. Nov 24 at 3 at offices of Ashmall, Albion rd, Hall Tavern, Masons' avenue, Coleman st. Scott

Sears, Johanna Elizabeth, and George Charles Sears, Datchet, Heyland, Charles Philip. Redcar, York, Chemist, Nov 26 at 11.30 Bucks, Builders. Nov 25 at 3 at offices of Durant, Guildhall chamat offices of Tomason, High st, Stockton

bers Heyn, Gastavus, Liverpool, Ship Broker. Nov 29 at 2.30 at offices Sharpe, George, Ledstone, York, Engineer. Nov 26 at 3 at offices of of Thompson, Sweeting st, Liverpool

Kaberry, Ropergate, Pontefeact Hill, Benjamin, Barnsley, Collier, Dec 1 at 4 at offices of Rideal, Simcock, Thomas, Liverpool, Hairdresser. Nov 26 at 3 at offices of Chronicle chambers, Barnsley

Blackhurst and Fretson, Dale st, Liverpool Hindes, Aaron Wheeler, and Tom Edwards, East Dulwich, Builders. Simmonds, Charles Henry, Barnsley, York, Shopkeeper. Nov 27 at Xov at 10 at offices of Vant, Leadenhall st

10 at offices of Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley Hitch, George, jun., Stanstead Abbots, Hertford, Carpenter. Dec 1 Slee, John, Penrith, Cumberland, Builder. Nov 25 at 2 at offices of at 12 at the Saracen's Head Hotel, High st, Ware. Cobham and Little and Lamonby, Penrith Hunt, Ware

Smith, John, and James Smith, Accrington, Lancashire, Soap Manu. Hollins, Edward Thomas, Clerk to Hotel Co. Nov 20 at 1 at offices facturers. Nov 24 at 3 at Peel's Arms Hotel, Whalley rd, Accringof Scott, Aldermanbury

ton, Whalley. Accrington Homes, Thomas, Lower marsh, Lambeth, Boot and Shoe Manu. Smith, Walter Charles, Rotherham, York, Iron Merchant. Nov 26. facturer. November 19 at 2 at the Mason's Hall, Mason's avenue,

at 11 at Ship Hotel, Westgate, Rotherham. Oxley and Coward, Basinghall st. Parke, Warwick ct, Gray's inn

Rotherham Horsfield, George William, Pendleton, nr Manchester, Mineral Smith, William, East Dean, Gloucester, Farmer. Noy 26 at 12 at Water Manufacturer. Nov 24 at 3 at offices of Gaunt and Grainger, offices of Parker, Newnham Queen's chambers, John Dalton st, Manchester.

Southwell. Henry. Rochdale, Bobbin Manufacturer. Nov 25 at 3 at Hughes, Charles, Wolverhampton, Grocer. Nov 26 at 11 at offices

offices of Wiles, Acker st chambers, Acker st, Rochdale of Stirk, North John st, Wolverhampton

Stephens, John, Neath, Glamorgan, Surgeon. Nov 22 at 11 at offices Hughes, Thomas, Woolwich, Licensed Victualler. Nov 22 at 12 at of Davies, Alma pl, Neath 111, Cheapside. Peake, Woolwich

Swann, William, Birmingham, Jewellers' Material Maker. Nov 29 Hvde. Richand, Strangeways, Manchester. Nov 25 at 10 at the

at 3 at offlces of Buller and Bickley, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Thatched House Hotel, New Market place, Manchester, Butter Taylor, Henry Frederick Hudson, Croydon, Butcher. Nov 20 at worth, Manchester

10.80 at Green Dragon Hotel, High st, Croydon, Dennis- St John's Inns, Thomas Henry, Wheeler st, Vauxhall Bridge rd, Cab Pro

grove, Croydon prietor. Yox 22 at 2 at 51, Millbank st, Westminster

Temperton, William, Dronfield, Derby, Grocer. Nov 24 at 11 at office Jackson, Elizabeth, Garstang, Lancaster, Grocer'. Dec 1 at 3 at

of Jones and Middleton, Gluman gate, Chesterfield odices of Buck and Dicksons, Winckley st, Preston

Thomas, William, Ferndale, Glamorgan, Grocer. Nov 25 at 12 at Jerics. Edward, and Henry Arthur Thorne, Leeds, Oil and Agr

offices of Collins, Broad st, Bristol. Rosser, Pontypridd cultural Merchants. Nov 24 at 11 at offices of Tennant and Barre Thompson, Arthur, and George Richard Kidd, Newcastle-u pon Ahion st, Leeds

Tyne, out of business. Nov 25 at 2 at offices of Aitichison, Cot Jervis, John James, Wolverhampton, Boot Manufacturer. Nov 25

lingwood st, Newcastle upon Tyne a 143) at offices of Rudland, Queen st, Wolverhampton

Thompson, Joseph Smith, Carlisle, Grocer's Assistant. Nov 25 at 3. Jones, Edward, Leicester, Chemist. Nov 29 at 3 at offices of Buckby, at offices of Johnson, Bank st, Carlisle Millstone lane, Leicester

Thorley, William, Hanley, Stafford, Grocer. Nov 24 at 10 at 33 ces, Joshua, Brick lane, Spitalfields, Provision Merchant. Nov 23

Albion st, Hanley. Ashmall at 3 at offices of Ricketts, King's Cross rd

Tidbury, Henry, Feltham, Middlesex, Market Gardener. Nov 30 at Kezyon, Thomas, Blackburn, Lancaster, Woollen Draper. Nov 23

2 at The Bell and Anchor Hotel, Hammersmith rd. Haynes, al 11 at Wellington Croft, Manchester. Needham, Blachburn

Hammersmith rd King Charles, Sevenoaks, Kent, Builder. Nov 26 at 12 at Crown

Tonge, Enoch, Openshaw, near Manchester, Grocer. Nov 26 at 3 Hotel. Sevenoaks. Pittman and Smart, Guildhall chambers, Ba.

at offices of Cobbett and Co, Brown st, Manchester Ench si

Tournay, Robert, Blackstock rd, Highbury vale, Varnish Dealer. Keres, Benjamin Henry, Caledonian rd, Furniture Dealer. Nov 25

Nov 30 at 12 at 60, Saint Paul's churchyard. Plunkett and Leader st 3 at offices of Andrews and Mason, Ironmonger lane, Cheapside. Unwin, Ralph, Fenton, Stafford, Crate Manufacturer. Nov 25 at Veh, Easton rd

11.30 at offices of Welch, Caroline st, Longton leto, William Alexander, Victoria Park rd, Draper. Nov 23 at

Vaughan, Joseph, Wellington, Salop. Grocer. Nov 25 at 11 at 3a coices of Priestly and Co, Cheapside. Jackson, Clement's inn

Chapel House, Wellington. Bidlake, Wellington Stran1

Wain, George, Leicester, Brickmaker. Nov 25 at 3 at 2, Welford Levy, Mark, Birmingham. Clothier. Nov 23 at 11 at offices of East,

pl, Leicester Stone and Co Tenient, Birmingham

Walker, George, Nottingham, Fishmonger. Nov 26 at 1 at Leeds Layard, George, Farnworth, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler, Nov 26

Arms Hotel, Victoria st, North Grimsby. Belk, Nottingham a 3 at rifices McEwen, Lloyd st, Manchester

Walker, John Saunders, and Ebenezer McQueen, Liverpool, Wool Ma 'l. William, Hanley, Stafford, Mechanic. Nov 24 at 12 at

Merchants. Nov 29 at 2 at offices of Goffey and North, Commerce s Ashmall, Albion st, Hanley

chmbrs, Lord st, Liverpool Marzen, Henry, Chorley, Lancaster, Hosier. Nov 26 at 3 at offices

Walls, George Richmond Hope, Nottingham, Plumber. Nov 23 at JACKEon, High st, Chorley

3 at offices of Cranch, Poultry arcade, Nottingham Marsall, John Francis, Scothorne, Lincoln, Farmer. Nov 23 at 11

Walsh, Robert, Warwick st, Regent st, Chemist. Nov 24 at 3 at ces of Tweed and Co, Saltergate, Lincoln

offices of Lumley and Lumley, Conduit st Vedt, Edward, Haslemere, Surrey, Leather Dresser. Dec 1 at 3

Westlake, Benjamin James, Weston-super-Mare, Wine and Spirit at the Irns of (ourt Hotel, Holborn. Jones

Merchant. Nov 22 at 12 at offices of Chapman, Grove rd, WestonV-k'tk.wait, William, Long-acre, Solicitor. Nov 20 at 10 at offices

super-Mare Levie Chancery lane. Goatly. Bow st

Whitehouse, Thomas, Nottingham, Furniture Dealer. Nov 25 at 12 Y! , lliam, Wolverhampton, Baker, Nov 26 at 11 at offices of

at offices of Belk, Middle pavement, Nottingham ter , Bilston st, Wolverhampton

Whittaker, John, Manchester, out of business. Nov 24 at 11 at offices Vetrner, Edwari, Vellis, Suffolk, Butcher. Nov 25 at 11 at the

of Tremewen, Ward's bldgs, Deansgate, Manchester White Lion Hotel, Eye. Roberts

Whitteron, Edward, Westgate, Heckmondwike, York, Watchmaker. (Brian, Anthony, Ferryhill Station, Durham, Grocer. Nov 26 at 11

Nov 26 at 3 at offices of Ridgway and Ridway, Wellington st, stotines of Maw, jun, Bishop Auckland

Batley Cheri, George, Leeds, Bricklayer. Nov 25 at 2 at offices of Shaw,

Wileman, Henry, Walsall, Stafford, Baker. Nov 25 at 11 at offices ('ommercial st, Leeds

of East, Temple st, Birmingham Ozertan, Thomas Henry, Keyham, Leicester, Licensed Victualler.

Wilks, Isaac, Middlesborough, Glazier. Nov 22 at 3 at offices of Srv 29 at 3 at offices of Wright, Belvoir st. Leicester

Draper, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees Parker, Joseph Heptinstall, Cranfield, Bedford, Farmer. Nov 30 at

Williams, Edwin Humphrey, Wrexham, Denbigh, Book-keeper. Il nt offices of Jessopp, St Paul's sq, Bedford

Dec 1 at 12 at offices of Acton and Bury, Regent st, Wrexham Parles, Robert, Featherstone, York, Shopkeeper. Nov 25 at 3 at

Windle, William, Sunderland, Tailor. Nov 21 at 1 at offices of Gra. cices of Horner, Wood st, Wakefield

ham, John st, Sunderland Price, George, South Stockton, York, Innkeeper, Nov 25 at 10 at

Wyatt, Thomas, Birmingham, Journeyman Jeweller. Noy 20 at 12 of Ward. Albert-road, Middlesborough

at offices of Smith, Temple st, Birmingham Pronse, George Keech, Gloucester, Agent. Nov 25 at 3 at the

TUESDAY, Nov. 16, 1880. Sew Inn Hotel, Northgate street, Gloucester, Goldring, Cinder

Abbott, Robert, Blackpool, Lancaster, Fruiterer. Nov 26 at 11 at

Winckley st, Preston. Pratt, Blackpool Pyne, William Lane, Balham, Surrey, out of business. Nov 22 at 3

Adye, Oscar Arthur, Barnes, Surrey, Clerk. Nev 27 at 10 at offices *the Law Institution, Chancery lane. Smith, Lancaster House,

of Legal and Mercantile Association, Borough High st. RashSavoy st

leigh, Borough High st Resy, Jotun, Stockton-on-Tees, out of business. Nov 25 at 11 at offices

Ainsley, George, Swansea, Draper. Nov 26 at 11 at the Home of Dodds and Co, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees

Trade Association, York st, Manchester, Aaron Thomas, SwanReed, Tbomas John, Houghton Bank, nea Heighington, Dur

sea barn, Builder. Nov 25 at 3 at offices

Silver st, Bishop

Aldred, Joseph, jun, Ilkeston, Derby, Licensed Victualler. Dec 3 at

3 at offices of Whittingham, Middle pavement, Nottingham

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