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Mr. Swinburne, Mr. Barrs, and Mr. Fernandes, prizes of the
Incorporated Law Society. Value five guineas each.

Tbe council bave giren class certificates to the candidates in the second and tbird classes.

The number of candidates who attended the examination was severity.

Mr. THEODORE John Smith, xolicitor (of the firm of Smith & Alkinson), of Hastings and Rye, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Ackrowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the County of Sussex.

Mr. JOHN GODFREY SPRAGGE, chancellor of the province of Ontario, ba« been appointed Chief Justice of tbat province, in succession to Mr. Thomas Moss, dece seed.

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. Tuesday, May 31.-Mr. E. G. Spiers in the chair.-Mr. J. W. Ellis was elected a member. Mr. F. K. Munton opened he debate on the subject appointed for discussion in the affirmative, the question being, “Is the Government Bankruptcy Bill satisfactory?". In the discussion which followed, Me-srs. Suxelby, Brown, and Fox opposed, and Messrs. F. J. Gruen, W. F. Barry, and Bower supported the Biil. Mr. Monton baving replied, the question was put to the meting, and decided in the affirmative by a large majority.

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. ALBERT West, WILLIAM MUSKERKY Tilsox, and WILLIAN BYRNE-Jones (West, Tison, & Byrne Jone), solicitors, Buckl. rsburs, London. May 19. So far as regard the said Albert West. The practice will be carried on at 20, Bueklersbury, by the said William Muskerry Tilson and William Byrne-Jones, under the style of Til.on & Byrne. Jones.

[Gazette, May 27, 1881.]


COMPANIES. Mr. ALFRED EDMUND BATEMAN, barrister, has been ap

WINDING-UP NOTICES. pointed one of the Secretaries to the Royal Com mission on

Joint STOCK COMPANIES. the Treaty of Commerce with France. Mr. Bateman was

LIMITED IN CHANCKRY. educated at St. John's College, Cambridge, where he SOUTHPORT AND WEST LAXCASHIRE BANKING COMPANY, LIMITED.graduated second class in the classical tripos in 1862. He |

By an order made by the M.R., dated May 16, it was ordered that

the voluntary winding up of the above company be continued. was called to the bar at Lincolu's-inn in Michaelmus Term,

Gregory and Co, Bedford row, solicitors for the petitioner 1872, and he has been for several years a clerk at the Board

icazette, May 27.) of Trade.

CLIVIGER COTTON SHED COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made Mr. John ALEXANDER BOYD, Q.C., of th, Ontario bar,

by the M.R., dated May 21, it was ordered that the above company has been appointed Chancellor of the Province of Ontario, be wound up. Milne and Co, Harcourt bldgs, Temple, agents for in succession to Mr. John Godfrey Spragge, who has been

Creeke and Sandy, Burnley, solicitors for the petitioners appointed Chief Justice of the province.


order made by the M.R., dated May 21, it was ordered that the Mr. WILLIAM ATHELSTAN BLAXLAND, solicitor, of 32, above company be wound up. Randall and Angier, Gray's inn pl, Lincoln's-ion-fields, has been appointed an Assistant in the

petitioners in person

WHITEHEAD AND COMPANY, LIMITED.--Creditors are Solicitors' Department in the Metropolitan Board of Works.

IITED.-Creditors are required, 02

or before Oct 25, to send their names and addresses and the parMr. Blaxland was admitted a solicitor in 1867.

ticulars of their debts or claims to William Theobald, St Swithin's

lane. Nov 3 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon Mr. THOMAS BRassey, barrister, M.P., has been created a

the debts and claims Civil Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath. Sir T.

[Gazette, May 31.] Brassey is the eldest son of the late Mr. Thomas Brassey, and

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. was born in 1836. He was educated at Rugbyand at University | MADRAS IRRIGATION AND CANAL COMPANY.-The M.R. has, by an College, Oxford, where he graduated third class in law and order dated Mar 23, appointed Samuel Lowell Price, Gresham st, modra history in 1859, and he was called to the bar at

to be official liquidator Lincola's-inn in Hilary Term, 1866. He has been M.P., for

[Gazette, May 31.] Hastings in the Liberal interest since 1868, and he was ap

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. pointed Civil Lord of the Admiralty in April, 1880.

PRIDE OF SYDENHAM LODGE, Kent United District, Ancient Order Mr. GEORGE JOHN BRAIKENRIDGE, solicitor, of 16, Bart.

of Britons, Golden Lion, Sydenham. May 24

Saint Asapu FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Saint Asaph, Flint. May 21 lett's-bui dings, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner

(Gazette, May 27.] for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the County of Middlesex and the Cities of Lon


upon-Hull. May 28 don and Westminster.

RHYMNEY FIREMEN'S FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Duke of Wellington Ina, Mr. ARTHUR BRETT, solicitor, of Market Harborough, has

Rhymney, Monmouth, May 29

[Gazette, May 31.] been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. HENRY SHEKELL HAYNES, solicitor (of the firm of
Haynes & Clifton), of 4, Tokenbouse-yard, and of Romford
and Stratford, has been elected Chairman of the Justices' THE RAILWAY
Clerks' Society for the ensuing year. Mr. Haynes was ad.

COMMISSION* mitred a solicitor in 1864, and is registrar of the Romford | Feb. 28 : March 1, 2, 5, 23, 1881.- The Tharsis Sulphur and County Court, clerk to the magistiates for the Beacontree Copper Company (Limited) and others v. The London and Division of Essex, and clerk of the peace, coroner, and clerk North. T'estern Railway Company. to the magistrates for the Liberty of Havering-atle-Bower Supply of wagons-Special A t - Railway and Canal Trafic Mr. JAMES Bishop HOCOMBE, solicitor, of Rugby

Act, 1854, 4. 2. chambers, Great James-street, Bedford-row, has been ap

The Railway and Conul Traffic Act, 1854 (17 & 18 Vict. pointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme

c. 31), s. 2, requires facilities to be given according to the powers Court of Judicature.

of railway companies, and as special Ruilway Arts make the

powers of some compunies larger tban those of others, so they Mr. EDWIN WILLIAM John, solicitor, of Haverfordwest. I also extend or limit the facilities tbey giva to the public, ang has been appointed a Perpetual Commi-sioner for taking the | thus the general enactment as to affording facilities has to be read Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for Pem

and considered with reference to the language of any special brokeshire and the Town of Haverforılwest.

clauses regarding them.

A railw-y was transferred to a railway company under & Mr. HENRY Bishop RowsELL, solicitor, of 36, Great special Act, section 15 of which provided that the railway James-street, and of Hastings, has been appointed a Com pany, when requested so to do by any pers' ne occupying w missioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of makufactories adjacent to, and Dav og sidings cnnected wit Judicature.

railway transferred, was at all rea-opnble times and with all due Mr. FRANCIS Suelton, solicitor, of 39, Threadneedle

diligence to provide wagons proper and sufficient for the 600street, has been elected Clerk to the Edmonton Board of

veyance of all traffic passing exclusively on tbe lines of railway

transf-rred. Guardians and Rural Sanitary Authority. Mr. Shelton was admitted a solicitor in 1880.

| * Reported by W. H. MacNAMARA, Esq., Barı ister-at-Law.


works or

Upon complaint by persons occupying works or mana factories The works of some of the applicants are connected by adjacent to the railway that the railway company did not supply sidings with the railways referred to in section 15 of the Si. en fficient wagons for the traffic on tbe railway

Helens Act, 1864, and requests for wagons for their traffic Held, that, although the duty cast upon the railway company

were frequently addressed to the respondents ; but it is said by that Act was limited to cases where there was a request for

that the ore from Garston Docks does not pass exclusively wagons by members of a particular class, and where also any particular lines of railway were required to be ured, vet where

over those railways, and, therefore, that the liabilities of the the duty did arise, it determined what was a reasonable facility

respondents are to be measured solely by the Traffic Act, within the meaning of action 2 of the Railway and Capal Traffic 1854, considered independently of the special Act. The Act, 1854, as effectively as if it were a duly of a more general kind St. Helens Capal and Railway Act, 1846, authorized a dock or one which applied under any circumrtancrs; and ihe railway | to be made at Garston, on the Mersey, and there is no doubt company were enjoined to afford all rea-chable facilities for the that section 15 of the Act of 1864 applies to any traffic con. receiving, forwarding, and delivery of the applicants' ore passing | veved from the dock so made, now called the old dock, to exclusively over the lines transferred, having regard to the above

Widnes, St. Helens, or any other place on the railways section.

formerly belonging to the St. Helens Company. But under This was an application under section 2 of the Railway and an Act passed in 1867, a second dock was made at Garston Canal Traffic Act, 1851, for en order enjoining the London in a space enclosed by a continuation of the sea wall of the and North-Western Railway Company to afford reasonable | old dock, and this new dock, like the old one, has sidings and facilities to the applicants for the unloading and receipt of approacbes branching off from the railway. Traffic from pyrites at Garston Docks, and for forwarding it to St. the new dock uses these sidings, and hence such traffic, it is Helenand Widnes, by supplying an adequate number of said, does not pass exclusively over railways that belonged to wagcns for the traffic.

the St. Helens Company. But the docks and railways of The applicants were either importers or consumers of the the St. Helens Company were distinct parts of their underore, or owners of the vessels in which it was imported. They taking, and the works since executed at Garston have been complained that the respondents, to wbom the Garston Docks an extension, not of the railway at that place, but of its dock belonged, did oot give due facilities for vessels laden with ore accommodation. The charges the respoudents are authorized to berth and unload in the docks, and did not supply in reason. to make by the St. Helens Transfer Act, 1864, s. 13, for ore able time wagons for the carriage of such ore from the docks cr merchandize conveyed between Garston Dock (the old one to St. Helens and Widnes.

that is) and St. Helens, or sidings directly communicating Webster, Q.C., and French, appeared for the applicants. with the lines of the St. Helens Railway, or between the

The Solicitor-General (Sir F. Hierschell, Q.C.), Litller, Q.C., | same Garston Dock and the sidings of any works or manuand E. R. Moon, for the respondents.

factories in the township of Widnes, direcily communicating The COMMISSIONERS delivered the following judgment : with the St. Helens lines of railway, include dock dues,

This is an application under section 2 of the Traffic dit, receiving from the ship and loading on the wagons, and also 1854, complaining of the London and North-Western Rail the use of wagons, and by the London and North-Western way Con pany for not affording, according to its powers, Railway (New Works and Additional Powers) Act, 1867, reasonable facilities for the carriage of traffic from Garston this section of the Act of 1864 is made applicable to the new Docks to St. Helens and Widnes. The traffic is pyrites, dock, as are also the two other sections of that Act which and the applicants are either importers or consumers of the make mention of the old dock. But the railway has remained ore, or owners of the vessels in which it is imported. It is since 1867 the same as it was before, for the Act of that year the duty of the respondents to transship the ore into the authorized no new line, but only such approaches and wagens in which it is sent forward, and a supply of sidings as might be required for the purposes of the new dock. wagons on hand is daily required at the docks to prevent | It is immaterial as to traffic being deemed to use the same the detention of ships, and demurrage claims, and to keep railway that it is not all loaded in the same sidings, or on the the factories at work where the ore is consumed. For same portion of the terminus communicating with the docks, several months previously to the application being made and we think that traffic conveyed between either dock and there was a great scarcity of wagons at the docks, and we Widnes, St. Helens, or other places on the same railway are asked to decide that one of those facilities which a system, passes exclusively on the lines of railways transferred railway company is compellable to afford was in this case, from the St. Helens Company in the meaning of that expresunder the circumstances, to provide sufficient wagons for the sion in section 15 of the St. Helens Transfer Aot, 1864. ore, aod to take care that the uploading or receiving of the The application refers chiefly to traffic for which wygons ore was not delayed for want of wagons,

are requested in the terms of the section just cited, and it By the act for transferriog the undertaking of the St. alleges as to sucb traffic that the respondents have not, at all Helens Company to the London and North-Western Com. reasonable times and with all due diligence, provided wagons panr, the St. Helens Canal and Railway Trunsfer Act, 1864 proper and sufficient for its conveyance. But it refers also (27 & 28 Vict. c. 296), 8. 15, the London and North-Western generally to the local traffic in ore of the St. Helens Railway Company, when requested so to do by any person occupying from Garston in wards, as 10 wbich the importers and ship works or manufactories anijacent to, and having sidiogs con- owners contend that it, as well, bas not been afforded the nected with, the railways hereby transferred, is at all reason reasonable facilities as to unloading and wagons which a able times and with all due diligence to prvvide wagons company is liable for under the Traffic Act, irrespectively of proper and sufficient for the conveyance of all traffic passing | any special Act. It appears that ships with ore in dock are exclusively on the lines of railway hereby transferred, bertbed and discharged by the railway company, and it is except coal slack and refuse material. The duty cast upon said that as to many of the ships more than a reasonable time the respondents by this section is limited to cases where elapses between their coming into dock and their unloading there is a request for wagons by members of a particular being finished. This miglit be, because there were more ships class, and where also only particular lines of railway are in dock than there were berths for, but it is attributed for the required to be used, but where the dury does arise, it most part to the work of unloading being retarded for want of determines what is a rea-onable facility within the meaning wagons. That ships had frequently to cease working from of the Traffic Act as effectively as if it were a duty of a more this canse, and that the applicants were continually comgeneral kind or one which applied under any circumstances. | plaining to the company's superintendents and managers, That Act requires facilities to be given ccording to the were facts clearly proved by the evidence. The ships are unpowers of railway companies, and as special Railway Acts loaded by the company's steam cranes, and their dock master make the powers of some companies lirger than those of keeps a daily account for each crane of the ship on which it others, so they also extend or limit the facilities they give to ) is at work, and of any time and for what cause that it is un. the public, and thus the general ena tment as to affording employed.' This account for 1878, 1879, and part of 1880 was facilities bas to be read and considered with reference to the produced at the hearing, and from the words "no wagong" language of any special clauses regarding them. In this occurring repeatedly, especially in the entries for October, 1879, case the special obligation is the more incumbent to be per and following months, it appears evident that the complaints formed, because it is one of the terms on which the St that for want of wagons ore could not be got from the ships Helens railways were transferred to their present owners, nor deliveries of ore to the manufactories sent forward, were and being an obligation to find wagone, it makes a company well sounded. The delays, and consequent questions as to neglecting it answerable under the Tr-ffic Act. This was time to be allowed after a ship was in dock or in berth before the pripciple of our decision in Watkinson and others v. demurrage, made ship owners relactant to charter their ships Wrexham, Mold, and Conneh Quay Railway Company. for voyages to Garston. A ship in this trade is generally


chartered to make a series of voyages, and the agent of one on the St. Helens line may properly be demanded even in charterer (the Rio Tinto Company) put in a list of vessels, circumstances which would excuse a deficient supply of them the owners of which had paid Is. 5d. a ton extra lo have them in the case of other lines. We are of opinion that the comdischarged in the Mersey at another port than Garston for plaints have been proved at least as to wagons for carrying the sake of more dispatch in unloading. In sme casos | such of the ore from Garston as came under the special enactthe consumers at Widoes, anable to get the ore by railway ment, and that as to ore similarly circumstanced in future it to prevent the stoppage of their works, had the ore brought is our duty to enjoin the respondents to afford all reasonable from the ship by lighter at an extra cost of 10!d a ton, and facilities for the receiving, forwarding, and delivering of it, a witness for the Rio Tinto Company, whose business it was having regard to the provisions of section 15 of the St. to receive their ore from vessels and deliver it to the different Helens 'ransfer Act, 1864. buyers, and who nad to keep books showing, amongst other Part of the application was an allegation that the respondthings, what ore was discharged into lighters, said he had ents neglected the local traffic of the St. Helens line because frequently, in consequence of the short supply of wagons, their maximum rates on that line were lower than the correloaded the ore into lighters alongside the quays. The main sponding rates on their other lines. This charge was withfacts were uncontradicted by the respondents, as to such of drawn by the applicants at the hearing, but, as respects the them at least as bore date between the end of September, question of costs, no extra expense having been caused by 1879, and end of March or April, 1880, but it was repre it, the fact that it was made may be left out of considerasented on their part, by way of explanation and excuse, that the state of things during that period was exceptional, The application also contained a complaint that ships in that a revival of trade which commenced about September, dock at Garston were not berthed in proper turn, and that an 1879, caused their traffic to increase faster than they could undue preference was given to some steamers trading from find means to convey it, and that in particular the requisi Havre, pot only in berching them before other ships, but also tions for railway stock were so numerous that they had not in keeping a vacant berth for them when there were other enough stock for all in full, but that the wbole of their ships in dock waiting to discharge. One or two instances general stock was put in circulation and distributed equally were given in which a berth was so kept vacant, but as to as far as possible, and an augmentation of it at once ordered, them we prefer to express no opioion, as they were stared to and they have now 2,000 more traffic wagaus than they be the subject of an action still pending. But as to the had then.

alleged undue or unreasonable preference in the steamers from It is noticeable, also, to account for Occasional short Havre having been berthed and unloaded as soon as they supplies at any time, that the wagons which come into the arrived, we consider that ground of complaint to have failed docks upder load are not available to be loaded back with to be made out. Costs must be paid by the respondents, exore instead of being returned empty, because the export cept so far as they have been increased by that particular trade is coal, which comes in owners' wagons, and conse complaint. quently the supply of wagons to be used for loads of ore Subsequently the Commissioners gave the respondents depends upon empties being daily collected and delivered leave to appeal from their judgment to the Queen's Bench with punctuality at the docks, and upon the actual number Division upon the question whether or not section 15 of the required not being under estimated in advance in the calcu St. Helens Capal and Railway Transfer Act, 1864, applies to lations of the dock officers. But the complaints about the traffic which originates upon and passes over the docks, wagon supply for the Garstop traffic being insufficient were sidings, and approaches at Garston, constructed under the not nade, for the first time, towards the latter end of 1879. powers of the respondents' Act of 1867. There were many complaints in 1875, as admitted by the Solicitors for applicanis, W. W. Wynne, for H. Forsla e di respondents, and again later, and an association formed in | Hawkins, Liverpool. 1873 by the Widoes traders to protect their interests as Solicitor for respondents, R. F. Roberts. manufacturers was stated by their chairman, one of tbe applicants, to have frequently brought before the respondents the manner in which the traffic between Garston and Widnes was worked with reference to the number of wagons amongst other points. Strong, Reid, & Page, another of CREDITORS' CLAIMS. the applicants, have six steamers, making each ten or eleven voyages a year to Garston, and a member of their CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. firm, who gave evidence, was asked as follows :-" Dealing

· LAST DAY OF CLAIM. with the last three years of the Garston trade from the

BARRATT, FRANCIS, Plymouth, Esq. July 1. Stokes, Bodmin shipowner's point of view, bave you found any delays BARROW, Rev JAMES, Southwell, Nottingham, Cierk. July 25. there?"-A. “ Almost continuous delays." Q. “From Stenton and Co, Southwell what cause ?"-A. “ Solely from want of wagons." As re- |

BEAL, HENRY RIDLEY, Leinster gdns, Hyde Park, Esq. July 8.

Beal, Lincoln's inn fields gards the press of orders for wagons from trade, from Septem- BROOK'S, THOMAS, Mattocklane, Ealing, Esq. July 1. Palmer and ber, 1879, becoming rapidly and generally more active, had Bull, Bedford row, Holborn , the case been tbat there was a large and sudden increase of BURLINGTON, ELIZABETH, Brownlow rd, Dalston. June 9. Bridger, the cre traffic, and that the respondents did not at once send

Botolph lane, Eastcheap

COWPER, FREDERICK, Montagu sq, Esa. June 24. Stoneham and extra wagoos in proportion, it would have been met by their Legge, Philpot lane answer that their reserve of stock was not sufficient to | CRESTADORO, ANDREA, Chorlton upon Medlock, Manchester, Librarian give at once additional wagons at all points of their

| July 1. Shaen and Co, Bedford row line. Bat the imports of pyrites into Garston according to

CROOKES, SEPTIMUS WILKINSON, Shifnal, Salop, Gent. July 1.

King and Peto, Abchurch lane the figures put in were, for 1878, 172,000 tons ; for 1879, DAY, JAMES, Spitalfields Market, Gent. June 20. Hanbury and Co, 157,000 tons; and for 1880, 232,000 tons. The imports

New Broad st were not more in the latter part of 1879 than in the corres

Dracox. JOSEPH, Ibstock, Leicester, Farmer. July 1. Smith and

Mammatt, Ashby de la Zouch ponding part of 1878. They were at an increased rate Dixon, William, Owersby, Lincoln, Farmer. June 30. Rhndex, throughout 1880, and wagons were more plentiful after the Market Rasen beginning of that year, but it was not till April or May that

DOYLE, ELIZABETH, Crimplesham Hall, Norfolk. June 14. Reed

and Wayman, Downham Market there were as many as were wanted, and that complaints i DOYLE, HANNAH. Crimplesham Hall, Norfolk. June 14. Reed islam ceased as to the way in wbich ore was discharged and for. Wayman, Downham Market warded. But up to the end of 1879 it was for ore of an

EYRE, FRANCIS, Kingston on Hull, Merchant. June 21. Holden

and Co, Kingston upon Hull amount in which there was nothing excessive that the means

GILBERT, WILLIAM, Stamford, Commercial Traveller. Sept 1. of conveyance seem to bave been deficient, and as regards, at Atter, Stamford any rate, the species of traffic mentioned in section 15 of the HAYMAN, ELIZABETU, Teignmouth, Devon. July 1. Whidborne Act of 1864, we tbiok the respondents did not give facilities

and Tozer, Teignmouth

HIRSCII FELD, MARTIN LOUIS, Tressillian crescent. Lewisham ham according to their statutory obligations. It was not enougb, . rd, Gent. June 29. Clarke and Co, Gresham House, Old BI having regard to those obligations, to distribute wagons street equally as far as possible. We think, as to the traffic in

HOLDEN, JAMES HENRY, Hampton Court Palace. Gent. June 24.

Holden and Co, Kingston upon Hull question, their duty in respect of providing wagons goes HOLDEN, JOHN FEARNE, Kingston upon Hull, Surgeon. June 2.. beyond their general duty in that respect. They are re Holden and Co, Kingston upon Hall quired at all reasonable times and with all due diligence to

HOWARTH, Joun, Stockport, Grocer, July 12. Smith, Great Under

bank, Stockport provile wygons proper and sufficient for the conveyance of all such tratfic, and under this enactment wagons for service

KEER, WILLIAM, Orford, Suffolk, Farmer. Aug 13. Weltor, Woo



LANE, JANE, Bolton, Lancaster, Beer Seller. June 3. Eckersley,

LORD, JAMES, Lee, Kent, Manchester Warehouseman. June 14,

Saxelby and Faulkner, Ironmonger lane
MANFIELD, ANNE RAMSAY, Hove, nr Brighton. June 24. Verrall,

Mr. Charles Hall has been appointed a Queen's Counsel.
MORRIS, GEORGINA, Plymouth. June 29. Willcocks and Prideaux,

On Thursday week an influential deputation of country NEWMAN, LUCY, Stockwell Park rd, Brixton. June 14. Saxelby bankers waited upon Mr. Chamberlain, at the Board of and Faulkner, Ironmonger lane

Trade, on the subject of the pending Bankruptcy Bill. OGDEN, WILLIAM HENRY, Highfield, nr Southampton, Esq. June 30. Baddeley and Sons, Leman st

Mr. W. Beckett Denison, as president of the association, OXLEY, JOHN STEWART, Worth, Sussex, Esq. June 30. Johnsons stated that the main provisions of the Bill met with the entire and Co, Austin Friars

approval of country badkers, wbo recognized it as an earnest PETVIX, Anx, Street, Somerset. June 24. Bulleid, Glastonbury Pervix, EDWIN, Street, Somerset, Carpenter. June 24, Bulleid,

attempt to deal with the very serious imperfections in the Glastonbury

present law. There were, however, several particulars in REDKISON, WILLIAM, Holloway rd, Ivory Turner. June 20. Han which amendments were desired. These were :-1. The pro

bury and Co, New Broad st RICHARDSON, FREDERICK, Lowestoft, Suffolk, Esq. June 21.

visions of the 16th clause, with regard to the valuation of Ingram and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

securities. ; 2, the provision in the 17th clause, requiring Rigdey, Saras, Margate, Kent. July 30. Wightwick and Gardner holders of bills of exchange to value the other names upou Folkestone

the bills before voting as creditors upon the bankrupt's SCHENK, GEORGE, Vine st, Minories. July 1. Hollams and Co, Mincing lane

estate ; 3, the provision requiring payment of all moneys SEYMOUR, SAMUEL, Leckhampton, Gloucester, Bricklayer. June 29. into tbo Bank of England. On the first point it was sub. Mallory, Cheltenham

mitted that the existing rules of court, which were incorSOLLEY, JAMES, Ickham, Kent, Farmer. July 9. Plummer and

porated into the Bill in the 16th clause, worked unjustly Fielding, Canterbury TWEDDELL, WILLIAM, Dunston, Durham. July 1, Arnott and

to the partially secured creditor in compelling him to Swann, Newcastle upon Tyne

give up for the benefit of the estate any surplus which VERNELL, JAMES, Thames Ditton, Surrey, Gent. June 24. Kennedy

the security might realize above the valuation price, while and Co, Clement's inn, Strand WEBB, RICHARD MALLAY, Brighton Esq. June 24. Verrall,

in the event of the security realizing less than the value Brighton

placed upon it, the creditor could not prove for the balance, [Gazette, May 20.] and it was suggested that the Scotch law on the subject

would, in its main features, meet the justice of the case. On the second point, it was urged that the existing law did not give rise to any practical injustice, but that if any amend. ment was necessary it would be sufficient to provide that the holders of bills should value the names of those liable

in priority to the deblor. On the third point, it was conHOUSE OF LORDS.

tended that the puyment of all moneys into the Bank of

England would make it practically impossible to work many MAY 27.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

estates, and more especially those in which the trustee for å PRIVATE BILLS.-Brighton and Dyke Railway, Cheshire shorter or longer period of time was compelled to carry on Lipes Committee.

the busioess of the debtor, and it was urged that the objecBILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

tions to the present system would be sufficiently met by PRIVATE BillS. - Nar Valley Drainage, Warebouse requiring trustees to pay all moneys 10 a separate account Owners' Company, Hyde Gas, Leicester Improvement. with such baok as the majority of creditors should appuint,

MAY 30.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. all balances unclaimed on the closing of an estate being paid PRIVATE Bills.--Bagot Estate, Forneos Railway, Staly. by the trustees into the Bank of England. Mr. Chamberlain bridge Extension and Improvement, Edmonton Local Board, expressed his satisfaction that tbe Bill in its chief provisions Great Eastern Railway.

met with the approval of the country bankers, and expressed BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

the hope that the amendments which he was intending to Private Bills.- Stockton Bridge, Milford Haven Dock introduce would meet the objections which had been raised, and Railway, Burton-upon-Trent (Station-street Extension) and enable the Bill to pass into law during the present Ruilway, Dudley Gag.

session. Mr. Denison having thanked Mr. Chamberla', the BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

deputation retired. Customs and Inland Revenue.

MAY 31.-BILIS READ A SECOND TIME. PRIVATE BILLS.-Redoastle and Tarradale Estates, Ellon

An issue is announced of 6,000,000dols. First Mortgage Trost Estates, Earl of Hardwicke's Estate, London and

Six per Cent. Gold Bonds of the Oregon and California North Western Railway (Additional Powers), Rosebagh

Railroad Company, and the London and San Francisco Bank and Fishguard Railway, Midlard Railway, Bray Township.

will receive subscriptions for 2,245,000 dols. of the amount. Cnstoms and Inland Revenne, Veterinary Surgeons,

Tbe loan is made in pursuance of the plan of re-organization Local Government Provisional Orders (Poor Law, No. 2).

ratified by the stockholders on the 7th of last monih, and

the proceeds, after discharging the prior lien of 2,000,000dols. BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

of German Obligations, are to form a construction fund exPRIVATE BILLS ---Cleator Moor Local Board, Rgton Looal

clusively applicable to the completion of the lines and the payBoard (Water), Cheltenbam Corporation Water, Matlook

ment of interest not exceeding four coupons per bond. A Water.

statement has also been issued showing the position and

prospects of the company. The present Oregon anů California HOUSE OF COMMONS.

Railroad Company is a re-organization of the original Oregon

and California Railroad Company, with which has been conMAY 26.-BILL IN COMMITTEE.

solidnied tbc Oregon Central, Western Orgon, and Albany Alkali Works Regulation (Clauses 1-15).

and Lebanon Railroad Companies, and it now owns all the BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

railroads, lands, franchises, and property of those companies. PRIVATE BILLS.-Exeter Tramwaye, Reading Corpora It derivrs its land grants god franchises from the Government tion, Rotherbam, Parkgate, and Rawinarsh Street Tram of the United States. Tbe grants of lands made by Acts of waye.

Congress were at the rate of 12,800 acres (equal to twenty MAY 30.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

square miles) per mile of road, subject to tbe ordinary reservaPRIVATE BILL8.–Central Norfolk Railway, Charnwood tions of existing rights. Considerable sales have been made, Forest Railway (Deviation, &c.), Metropolitan Board of but there still remain over 1,900,000 acres. This immense body Worke, Metropolitan Bridges, Potteries, Shrewsbury, and of lands can of course only be realized in a long series of years; North Wales Railway, Whitland and Cardigan Railway, and the large proportion of timber land, wbile perhaps of Woking Water and Gas.

gr at value in the future, is not available for immediate Customs and Inland Revenue.

cultivation or settlement. The capital of the company as MAY 31.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

re-organized consists of twelve millions of dollars of Seven PRIVATE BILLS.-Birkenhead Corporation (Improvement, per Cent. Preferred Stock, and seven million dollars of Com&c.) (No. 2), Lea Bridge, Leytop, and Walthamstow Tram- mon Stock. The properties are now subject to the prior lien waye, South Metropolitan Gas.

I of two million dollars of German Obligations, wbich are


redeemable at par, at the option of the company. The pre- | Arbuthnot, William Robert, Great St. Helen's, Insurance Broker. sent issue is made for the purpose of effecting ibat redemption

June 14, at 2, at offices of Cooper Brothers and Co, George street,

Mansion House. Astley Morris and completing the line to California in order to connect with

Arnold, Robert Henry, High st, Peckham, Greengrocer. June 7, The Central Pacific, in accordance with the Act of Congress at 3, offices of Micklethwait, Red Lion sq of July 25, 1866, and thus unite Portland in Oregon, and Atherley, George, the younger, West Bromwich, Stafford, Confec.

tioner. June 8, at 11, at offices of Hughes, High st, West Brom. San Francisco in California by a through line of railroad,

wich The surplus of boods available for construction, upwards of Ballard, Herbert, Cassland rd, South Hackney, Corn Factor's Clerk. four millions of dollars, is believed to be enfficient to finish June 9, at 2, at office of Ashwin, Garden-court, Temple the road to the anthorized point of junction at the State line

Beake, Alfred, Canton, Cardiff, Boot and Shoe Maker. June 8, at

12, at office of Kennard, Queen st, Crockherbtown, Cardiff. Price, in two years. The purchasers of the bonds now offered to

Cardiff the public will have comprised in the mortgage securing their Behagg, William Ashley, Warboys, Huntingdon, Miller. June 13, bonds all the present property of the company, and all the

at 12, at Pelican Inn, Warboys. Serieant, Ramsey

Bevan, William, Bloxwich, Stafford, Harness Maker. June 10, at new property created by the surplus proceeds of the new

11, at office of Stanley, Bridge st, Walsall bonds remaining after redemption of the two millions prior Blake, Samuel James, Bristol, Grocer, June 3, at 12, at offices of lien. Acrordiog to the terms of the mortgage no further

Bennett, Broad st, Bristol issne can be made before 1883.

Bridges, Thomas, Chatham, out of business. June 7, at 11, at offices

of Norman. High st, Chatham Brokoski, Constantine, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. June 9,

at 12, at offlces of Hodgson and Haigh, Waterloo st, Birmingham

Brown, Samuel Thomas, Birmingham, Tailor. June 8, at 2, at SALES OF ENSUING WEEK,

offices of Brown, Waterloo st, Birmingham

Coles, Jesse, Fareham, Hants, Pork Butcher, June 9, at 3, at Bugle Junu 7.-Mesers. JAMES Lewis & Co., at the Mart, at 1 p.m., Hotel, West st, Fareham. King, Portsea

Fre-hold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisement, this Collinge, Abraham, Castleton, near Rochdale. Lancaster, Farmer. werk, p 3.)

June 8, at 3, at offices of Watson, Church lane, Oldham June 8.-Mexare. Edwin Fox & BOUSTIBLD, at the Mart, at 2

Conibear, John, Swansea, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. June 7, at

12.30, office of Parsons, High st, Bristol. Hartland, Davies and, Freehold Buildiog Estates (see advertisement, May 21, Isaac, Swansea p. 5.)

Cosham, Thomas, Carlton rd, Paddington, Baker. June 9, at 3, at Jana 9.-Messrs. TUNLEY & Boyle, at the Mart, at I p.m.,

offices of Anderson and Sons, Ironmonger lane Reversion (see advertisem-nt, Muy 28, p. 3.)

Coward, William, Pennington, Lancaster, Beerseller, June 9, at 3, Jane 10.-Messrs. CHÍNNOCK, GALSWORTHY & CHINNOCK, at at offices of Buckley, Bond st, Leigh at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Shares (see udvertisement, this week,

Cox, William, Leeds, Solicitor. June 7, at 11, at Brayshaw's Res. p. 3.)

taurant, Bridge st, Bradford. Grisdale, Leeds

Coxhead, Frederick John, West Ferry rd, Millwall, Barge Builder, Jun- 10.-Messrs. NORTON, TRIST, WATNEY & Co, at the

June 8, at 3, at Mullen's Hotel, Ironmonger lane. Hulbert, ColeMart, at 2 pm., Fr-ebolt and Leasehold Properties (see

man street advertisement, May 21, p. 4.)

Cranke, William, Egrement, Cumberland, Labourer. June 8, at 12,

at Shaw's King's Head Hotel, Broughton-in-Furness. Dickinson,

Davey, Frederick Thomas, and Robert Lawson, Pocock st, Black

friars rd, Hot Water Engineers. June 8 at 1, at offices of Waring,
Blackman st. Southwark
Davies, William Henry, Wigan, Lancaster, Butcher. June 9, at 11,

at office of Stuart, King st, Wigan ranerunn,

Eals, John, Haltwhistle, Northumberland, Grocer. Jane 16, at 2, at FRIDAY, May 27, 1881.

offices of Garrick, Lee and Sons, Haltwhistle Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Edwards, James, Tarporlay, Chester, Gentleman. June 14, at 1.30, Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

at the Crewe Arms Hotel, Crewe. Paddock and Sons, Hanler To Surrender in London.

Elford, Charles, Ilchester, Somerset, Baker. June 8, at 11, at offices Bath, Michael Edward Lawrence, High Holborn, Cork Manufac.

of Watts, Yeovil turer. Pet May 24. Murray. June 17 at 11

Elkington, William, Wolverhampton, Manufacturer of Washers. Harvey, and Francis Hoole Davids, Bishopsgate st Within,

June 10, at 12, at offices of Underhill, Darlington st, Wolver. Auctioneers. Pet May 25. Brongham. June 21 at 11.30

hampton Iago, Arthur John, Draper's gdns, Stock Broker. Pet May 25. Evans, George, Ludlow, Salop, Grocer, June 10, at 2, at offices of Brougham. June 21 at 11

Weyman, Mill st, Ludlow Ranwell, William, Cowper st, City rd, Packing Case Maker. Pet Flaws, Gordon Graham, Bedford, Journalist. June 8, at 4, at May 26. Hazlitt. June 15 at 12.30

George Hotel, Bedford. Jessopp, Bedford Willis, John, Vere st, Clare Market, Leather Merchant. Pet May Fletcher, Richard, and George Fletcher, Blackburn, Lancaster, 23. Pepys. June 15 at 12

Builders, June 10, at 3. at offices of Malam Brothers, Exchange

flags, Blackburn To Surrender in the Country. Asbury, David, Manchester, Ale and Porier Agent. Pet May 25.

Gantlett, Henry, Chippenham, Wilts, Watchmaker's Assistant.

June 10, at 4, at offices of Phillips and Son, Market place, ChipLister. Manchester, June 16 at 12

penham Leal, William Richard, and Albert Henry Leal, Freshwater, I.W., Smiths. Pet May 21. Blake, Newport, June 11 at 11

Garner, Henry, Birmingham, Cooper. June 4, at 10, at offices of

East, Temple st, Birmingham
Rudgard, William Dore, Oxford, Gent. Pet May 21. Bishop.
Oxford, June 14 at 12

Gerhold, Heinrich, Cumberland market, Regent's park, French Strutt, Elizabeth Henrietta Frances. Woolston, Southampton, Pet

Cabinet Maker. June 8, at 2, at offices of Lea, Old Jewry chambers May 20. Daw, jun. Southampton, June 10 at 12

Gibson, James, Penrith, Cumberland, Innkeeper. June 8, at 2.31,

at the oflice of Arnison, St. Andrew's place, Penrith TUESDAY, May 31, 1881.

Gittus, John, Inkberrow, Worcester, Licensed Victualler, June 3, Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

at 3, at the offices of Simmons, Evesham st, Redditch Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Goodwin, George, Worcester, Grocer, June 10, at 11,8 To Surrender in London.

Allen and Beauchamp, Sansome place, Worcester Peacock, Anthony Philip, John st, Bedford row, Solicitor. Pet May Grice, Edwin, Kingswinford, Stafford, Grocer. June 8, a 0.30, at 26. Hazlitt. June 15 at 12.30

the office of Waldron, High st, Brierly Hill To Surrender in the Country.

Halliday, Thomas ('ochran, Hulme, Manchester, Draper. June 14, Brookes, Owen, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Chemist. Pet May 27. at 3, at offices of Boote and Edgar, Booth st, Manchester Jones. Bangor, June 14 at 3.30

Halstead, Henry, Worsthorne, near Burnley, Lancaster, StoneColdham, Henry, Horsham St Faith's, Norfolk, Butcher. Pet May icason. June 11, at 11, at the office of Hodgson, Grimshawe st, 27. Cooke. Norwich, June 11 at 12

Burnley Richards, Charles Thomas, Pontefract, York, Solicitor. Pet May 27. Harris, Francis, Birmingham, Fancy Draper. June 9, at 3, at the Mason. Wakefield, June 15 at 11

Great Western Hotel, Monmouth st, Birmingham, Fitter, Bir Winterbottom, George, and William Thomas Marsh, Barnsley, York,

mingham Wire Drawers. Pet Apr 11. Bury. Barnsley.

Hayes, Henry, the younger, Sheffield, Grocer. June 10, at 3, at BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

offices of Branson, Son and Coombe, Bank street, Sheffield FRIDAY, May 27, 1881.

Haynes, Frank, Offord rd, Barnsbury. Plumber. June 8, at 3, at Briggs, Thomas, Manchester. Yarn Merchant. May 23

Anderton's Hotel, Fleet st. St. Aubin Angove, Serjeant's-inn, Drew, Ambrose, Cinderford, Gloucester, Grocer. May 20

Fleet st
TUESDAY, May 31, 1881.

Hayward. Augustus, Poland st. Oxford st. Licensed Victraller, Freeman, Richard, Blackheath hill, Greenwich, Coach Builder.

June 8, at 3, at offices of Shearer, Basinghall st. Prockter and May 25 Manning, William Dunkley, Olney Grounds, Northampton, Farmer.

Andrews, Princes st, Spitalfields May 25

Heap, Thomas, Manchester, Yarn Agent. June 7, at 11, at offices of

Heath and Sons, Swan st, Manchester
Liquidations by Arrangement.

Heath, Albert Austin, and George Scott, Stafford, Shoe Mannfac.

turers. June 9, at 3, at the Vine Hotel, Stafford. Morgan, StafFRIDAY, May 27, 1881.

ford Allen, John Fenwick, Llangoed, Anglesea, Copper Smelter. June Heselgrave, Charles Coulam, Dorking, Surrey, Builder. June 14, at

8, at 2, at Law Association Rooms, 14, Cook st, Liverpool. For 2, at the Cannon Street Station Hotel, Cannon st. Hart, Hart and shaw and Hawkins, Liverpool

Marten, Dorking Alton, Alfred, Great Driffield, York, Millwright. June 10, at 3. at | Higgins, John, Hanslope, Northampton, Licensed Victnaller. June office of Dunn, Exchange st, Great Driffield.

9, at 11, at the office of Andrew, Market square, Northampton

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