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<17, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their | 1837, on the first grant of a Court of Quarter Sessions to 'debts or claims to William Westcott, Coleman st. Oct 31 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating on any debts or claims

Bath, he was appointed clerk of the peace for the city, which shall be so sent in

and he was also clerk to the magistrates for the Bath BIRMINGHAM AXD MIDLAND COUNTIES LAND AND INVESTMENT Division of Somersetshire. Mr. Taylor was highly re. ASSOCIATIOx, LIMITED.-By an order made by the M.R., dated May 14, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the

spected by all classes at Bath, and his death bas caused a above association be continued. Robinson and Co, Lincoln's inn

feeling of general regret. fields, agents for Fitter, Birmingham COFFEE PUBLIC Houses NATIONAL SOCIETY, LIMITED.-By an order made by V.C. Hall, dated May 13, it was ordered that the above " MR. ALFRED BARRATT. society be wound up. Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's church yd, solicitors for the petitioners

Mr. Alfred Barratt, barrister, died on the 18:h inat. Mr. HORNSEA STEAM BRICK AND TILE WORKS, LIMITED.--Petition for Barratt was born in 1843. He was educated at Rugby, and winding up, presented May 23, directed to be heard before V.O. Bacon, on June 3. Mande, Gt Winchester st bldge, agent for

be was formerly scholar of Balliol College, Oxford, where he Webster and Styring, Sheffield, solicitors for the petitioners

graduated in 1866, having obtained the unprecedentei dis. MANUFACTURERS' FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petitio tinction of a treble first (classics, mathematics, and law and

for winding up, presented May 23, directed to be heard before Fry, J, on June 3. Wynne and Son, Chancery lane, agents for

modern history). He was afterwards elected fellow of Brabner and Court, Liverpool, solicitors for the petitioner

Brasenose College, and in 1870 he obtained the Eldon Law METROPOLITAN AND SUBURBAN STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY, LIMITED. | Soholarship. He was called to the bar at Lincolo's-inn,

-By an order of the M.R., dated May 14, it was ordered that the and pr ctised in the Chancery Division and in the Lancashire above company be wound up. Barker, Bedford row, solicitor for the petitioners

Palatine Court. Only a few months ago Mr. Barratt was NORTH-WESTERN RAILWAY OF MONTE VIDEO COMPANY, LIMITED.- appointed one of the secretaries to the Oxford University

Petition for winding up, presented May 19, directed to be heard before V.0. Hall, on June 3. Andrew, Clement's lane, solicitor

May 19. directed to be heard Commission, and his industry and energy bad enabled him for the petitioners

to render most valuable aid in the labours of that body.

[Gazette, May 24.] UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. OLDFIELD-ROAD LOAN SOCIETY.-Creditors are required, on or be

fore June 17, to send their names and addresses and the particu. lars of their debts or claims to George Alfred Packwood, Hampson st, Salford. July 1 at 11 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims


LAST DAY OF PROOF. CRICKHOWELL TRADESMEN's SOCIETY, Britannia Inn, Crickhowell, BEEVERS, JOSEPI, Barnsley, York, Bleacher. June 20. Briggs V Brecnock. Muy 14

Beevers, Fry, J. Badger, Rotherham (Gazette, May 20.]

CHATBURN, MARY CLARISSA, West Halton, Lincoln June 24. Ste

venson v Parkin, V.C. Hall, Alderson and Co, Eckington, Chester

HIVES, CHARLES John, Dover, Esq. June 10. Hives v Hives, Fry,

J. Darley, John st, Bedford row

HATCHER, DANIEL GEORGE, St Denys, Southampton, Yacht Builder.

June 8. Olney v Hyde, V.C. Bacon. Perkins, Southampton

INGRAM, GEORGE, Uppingham, Rutland, Gent, June 6. Hopkins v THE RIGHT HON. WILLIAM PATRICK ADAM.

Wright, M.R. Parker, Bedford row

KITE, JOHN RICHARD, Kingsland rd, Hackney, Moneylender. June The Right Hon. William Patrick Adam, Governor of 4. "Gibbs v Kite, V.C. Hall. Ashley, Charles sq, Hoxton Madras, died at Ootacamund, from enteritis, on the 24th inst. | PEARSON, WILLIAM, Newcastle on Tyne, Merchant. June 11. Harvey Mr. Adam was the eldest son of Admiral Sir Charles Adam,

v Beldon, M.R. Joel, Newcastle on Tyne K.C.B., and was born in 1823. He was educated at Eton,

| READE, ELIZA Ann, West Derby, Lancaster. June 10. Salthouse v

Reade, M.R. Cooper, Liverpool and at Trinity College, Cambridge, and he was called to the ISCARROTT, Jason, Poole, Innkeeper, June 10. Scarrott v Baynton, bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1849. He practised

M.R. Trevanion, Poole for a short time on the Home Circuit and at the Kent Sessions,

WILLIAMS, JOSEPI WILLIAX, Worcester, Glove Manufacturer. June

14. Corbett v Pike, V.C. Bacon, Smiles, Bedford row and he afterwards spent five years in India as private | WILSON, JAMES Thomas KERSLAKE, Exeter, Licensed Victualler. secretary to Lord Elphinstone, when Governor of Bombay. June 18. Wilson v Wilson, Fry, J. Vine, Exmouth In 1859, he was elected M.P. for Clackmannanshire in

[Gasette, May 13.] the Liberal interest, and he held the seat for years. He was for several years one of the whips of

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. the Liberal party, and he was twice a Lord of the Treasury.

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. In August, 1873, Mr. Adam was appointed Chief Com ANDREW, JAMES, Ashton-under-Lyne, Farmer. June 26. Darnton missioner of Works and Public Buildings and Paymaster- |

and Bottomley, Ashton-under-Lyne General, and was sworn in as a member of the Privy

BARBER, FAIRLESS, Rastrick, York, Solicitor. July 1, Oliver, Brig.

house Council, but he retired with his party in the following BOLAM, SARAH, Durham, Farmer. July 1. Clayton and Gibson, February, and resumed the post of whip. During six Newcastle-upon-Tyne years in Opposition he rendered valuable services to the

CAMPION, Francis, North Thoresby, Lincoln, Farmer. July 7.

Bell and Ingoldby, Louth Liberal party, and did much to secure its victory at the DAMES, JOHN LONGWORTH, South Molton, Devon, Gent. June 24. last general election, and he was very popular with his Crosse and Co, South Molton political opponents. In April, 1880, he resumed the office

Dixon, WILLIAM, Little Ryle, Northumberland, Farmer. June 15. of Chief Commissioner of Works and Public Buildings,

Middlemas, Alnwick

EVE, WILLIAM. June 25. Ackland and Son, Saffron Walden but in the following October he was appointed Governor of | FAWCETT, HENRY, Barwick-in-Elmet, York, Maltster. July 1. Madras. During his short tenure of office Mr. Adam had Bickers, Tadcaster become very popular throughout the Madras Presidency.

GALLWEY, ConstaNT GRACE, The Common, Woolwich. Jaly 15.

Bartlett, Arthur st West, London Bridge The climate bad a prejudicial influence upon him, and revired | GOODWIN, JOSEPH, Billinge-stead-Rainow, Chester, Farmer. Jane a disease of old standing. Mr. Adam was married to the 11. Mair and Co, Macclesfield daughter of General Sir William Wylie, K.C.B.

GOULD, Joux, Charlotte st, Bedford sq, Esq., F.R.S. July 1.

Tweedie, Lincoln's inn fields
GREENHALGH, RICHARD, Bolton, Lancaster, Gent. June 20. Ryley

and Haslam, Bolton

HARDEN, GEORGINA CAROLINE, Bloemfontein, Orange Free State,

South Africa. June 21. Williams Mr, John Taylor, solicitor, olerk of the peace for the

HENDERSON, MARY, Skinner st, Stockton on-Tees. June 1. Draper, city of Bath, died at that place on the 17th inst. Mr. Stockton-on-Tees "Taylor was the youngest son of the late Mr. William HINDLEY, SAMUEL, Broadwater Down, Tunbridge Wells, Esq. July

5. Oliver, Lincoln's inn fields Joshua Wendy Taylor, and was born in 1799. He was admitted a solicitor in 1822, and he bad practised for

HOLDSHIP, JAMES MICHAEL, Howley pl, Maida Vale, Esq. June

15. Boxall and Boxall, Chancery lane nearly sixty years at Batb. He was formerly in part-1

HOOPER, CATHERINE, Green Park, Bath. June 17. Emmet and Co, nerabip with Messrs. William Wykeham Kingston & John

Bloomsbury sq Kemp. At a later date he was associated with Mr. Isaac

Iveson, Thomas, Wigton, Cumberland, Cattle Dealer. June 7.

Benson, Wigton Williams; but more recently he had carried on business | JENKIN, WILLIAM, Plymouth, Lodging House Keeper. June 30. alone. He was a perpetual commissioner for Somerset.

Derry, Plymouth

| JONES," "DAVID, Ruabon. Denbigh, Innkeeper. July 9. shire, and he had a very extensive private practice. IQ

Jones Oswestry

JONES, THOMAS, Birmingham, Baker. July 6. Whateley and Co,

KING, EDMUND, James st, Haymarket, Army Contractor. June 20.

Morris, Walbrook

PRIVATE BILLS. - Edmonton Local Board, Rosebush and LANGDON, CHARLES, Exeter, Hotel Proprietor. June 25. Huggins,

Fisbguard Railway, Ruthin and Cerrig-y-Druidion Railway.. Exeter PRYOR, ALFRED REGINALD, Baldock, Herts, Esq. June 14. Ingram

MAY 20.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

PRIVATE BILL.-Lancashire and Yorksbire Railway. READB, HARRIOTT ELIZABETH, Bath. July 1. Inman and Inman, Bath

MAY 23.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. REID, HUGH, Fell st, Cheapside, Merchant. June 30. Phelps and PRIVATE BILLS.--Caterbam Springwater, Greene's Patent; | Co, Gresham st ROSTRON, WILLIAM, Lower Darwen, Lancaster, Paper Manufacturer

Witham Drainage, Colpe and Marsden Local Board. June 10. Costeker, Over Darwen

SCRIVEX, John, Quarry Bank, Stafford, Publican, June 3. Homer, Land Tax Commissioners.

Brierley hill
STONEHAM, DAVID, Rotherhithe, Barge Builder. July 14. Farnfield,

Lower Thames st

PRIVATE BILLS.—Bristol Docks, Dadley and Oldbury TERBY, JAMES, jun, Margate, Timber Merchant. June 24. Cordwell, Jonotion Railway, Greenwich Dock and Railway, Kingston

Moorgate st
VALLANCE, FRANCES SARAH, Gordon sq. June 15. Twist and Sons,

opon-Hull Corporation (Loans, &c.), North British and Coventry

Montrose and Bervie Railway Companies, Penarth HarVERNON, ELIZABETH, Newcastle-on-Tyne. June 30. Stanton and boar, Dock, and Railway, Soutb London Tramways, Atkinson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Southwark and Deptford Tramways.
WATERMAN, RICHARD, Calne, Wilts, Retired Tradesman. June 7.
Henly, Calne

[Gazette, May. 17.] Local Government Provisional Orders (Birmingham,

Tame, and Rea, &c.), Tramways Orders Confirmation
(Nos. 1, 2, and 3).



Lunacy Law Amendment.
PRIVATE BILL.–Bradford Water and Improvement.


Stolen Goods (referred to Select Committee).


Bill to Consolidate the Law of Parliamentary Elections.
PRIVATE Bills.- Dagenban Dock, Metropolitan and and Corrupt Practices therein (Mr. Hardcastle).
District Railways (City Lines and Extensions).

Bill to Amend the Freshwater Fishories Act, 1878 (Mr.-
MAY 20.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. Stuart Wortley).
PRIVATE BILLS.–St. John's Hospital, Bedford ; London
City Commissioners of Sewers (Artizans' Dwellings), Great
Northern Railway
Bridges (South Wales).

Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation
(Clay Lane).

With reference to the remarks of Mr. Woodforde, the

judge of the Derby County Court, on the taxation of badkPRIVATE BILL.–St. Aelen's and Distriot Tramways.

ruptcy costs by county court registrars, Mr. G. H. Weller, MAY 23.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

the registrar of the Derby County Court, has addressed a

letter to a local journal, in which he says, “Mr. Woodforde PRIVATE BILLS.-Holland (Parts of) and Sutton Bridge

has by some incomprehensible error misled the whole of the Water, Ipswich Tramways.

Derby Press. He called my attention to the speech of Mr. BILLS IN COMMITTEE.

Wilson, and requested me to look into the matter. I Local Government Provisional Orders (Poor Law),

immediately communicated with Mr. Wilson and ascertained' Bridges (South Wales).

the case be referred to was Re Sturgess, a matter twelve BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

months old. I had other correspondence with that gentlePRIVATE BILLS.-Gosport Street Tramways (Extensions), man, but, to cut a long story short, I reported tbereon to London and North-Western and Midland Railways (Market the judge in substance that the assets consisted principally Harborougb, &c.), Cleator and Workington Junction Rail. of mortgaged property, and realized altogether £249 7s. 38. way, Mersey Docks and Harbour Board, Eastbourne Thereout the trustee paid to the secured creditor £149 6s. 6d., ater, West Lanoashire Railway, Alnwick Gas.

and to otber preferential creditors £20 178. 3d., a WElementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation total of £170 38, 9d., leaving a balance of £79 38. 6d. (Clay Lane), Inolosure Provisional Orders (Scotton From this sum the costs of selling and conveying the morte and Ferry Common), Commons Regulation Provisional gaged property had to be deducted, and as the debtor's Order (Langbar Moor), Commons Regulation Provisi. heirship title had to be proved, and there was also a question onal Order (Beamsley Moor), Metropolitan Commons of dower, &c., these expenses were heavy, and the Supplemental, Inclosure Provisional Order (Wibsey Slack auctioneer's charges (including a sale of furniture and effects) and Low Moor Commons).

being added, reached £44 188. 7d. The costs of the liquida. BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

tion, which were exceptionally heavy (there were five Bill to Extend the Provisions of the Act of 1843 relating

creditors restrained), amounted to £29 158. 9d., leaving to the Arrest of Fugitive Offenders in Different Parts of

£4 9s. 7d. to meet the charges of receiver and trustee, &c. the United Kingdom and the Colonies (the Lord Chan

Now, as $170 3s. 9d. was paid to creditors, how Mr.

Woodforde made out that £245 was spent in ex. cellor).

penses passes my comprehension. My report was MAY 24.-BILIS READ A SECOND TIME. Private Bills.- Matlock Water, Sontbport and Cheshire

in writing and a full one, with figures, but being

unable to attend in his court owing to my being Lides Extension Railway.

engaged with a very heavy list in the Nisi Prius Court at BILL IN COMMITTEE.

the same time, I wrote to Mr. Woodforde an explanatory Charitable Trusts (passed through Committee).

letter so as to prevent the possibility of mistake, and BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

expressed my willingness to attend in his court if he PRIVATE Bills.- King's Lyon Dook, West Ham Local required further information. He did not send for me. Board, Gocle and District Gas and Water.

For the information of your general readers, unlearned Looal Government Provisional Orders (Poor Law), Bridges in legal matters, I may say that the costs in bankruptcy, (South Wales).

like the costs of sale and conveyance of freehold estate,


whether the estate be worth £50 or £500, are, with the 83 Liebmann (Goldberg and L) v Proprietors of Hay's Whar

(Arkcoll and C) SJ exception of the ad valorem stamps, much the same, and of

84 Parkinson (Harper, 3 and B) v Howell (R and A Russell) course appear proportionately to be very heavy on small

85 Meyer (W A Crump and Son) v Waller (Walker, B and W) estates, but it must not be forgotten that the same work

86 Dunham and ors (Štibbard, G and Co) v Bowring and Co (Parker has to be done in both. I may observe, in respect to the and Co) SJ judge's observations as to a superior taxing master, that 87 Williams (Wolferstan, А and J) v Preston (W R Preston)

88 Hopkins (Bolton, Smith and Co) v Buckland (West, K, A and Co) no taxing master, high or low, peripatetic or otherwise,

SJ can tax regardless of the scale sanctioned by the judges. 89 Lever (Davidson and M) v Jackson (E Hughes) SJ I do not agree with Mr. Woodforde's assertion that the taxing 90 Graham (AW Mills) v British Equitable Asce Co (H Gover)

91 Essex (RH Ward) v London Tram Co, id (JO Jacobs) SJmasters in the superior courts tax otherwise than by scale.

92 Browne (Botterell and R) v Watts, Ward and Co (Flux, Slade I will now, for my own personal satisfaction, state that I

and Co) SJ am a salaried officer having no interest in the fees, which go 93 Judkins, Connorton and Son (Stibbard, G and Co) y Patton and to the Crown, therefore I have no inducement to bring

Vickers (Lowless and Co) SJ

93a Whitecross Wire and Iron Cold (Hollams, son and C) v • grist' to the county court mill, but rather, on the con.

Saville and org (Ingledew and I) SJ trary, if I consulted my own ease; and I believe Mr. Wilson

94 Watson (CFB Birchall) v Rose-Innes and Son (In Person) SJ and all other trustees will admit that there is no kind of 95 Lack (HT Ives) v D'Epineuil (Cunliffe, B and D) SJ

96 United Kingdom Mutual Steam Ship Assurance Assoc ld (Parker relationship’ or collusion subsisting between us ; in fact,

and Co) y Blythe and anr (Robinson and E) without jury Mr. Wilson in his letter to me of May 11 denied that he had

97 Mc Isaac (Vallance and V) v Jay (Mnnns and L) SJ charged this court or its officers with mal-administration. In 98 Wisdom and Warter (T Allingham) v Hayes ( M Cooke) conclusion, I may add that before any bill is taxed a copy of

99 Rusion (Plews, I and H) v The Agricultural Press Cold (GS

Gibb) it is sent to the trustee, whoge duty it is to attend the

100 Lovering, trustee, &c (J Nicholls) v Peters (J R Chidley) taxation and point out any items he considers objectionable." 101 Long (H Staniland) v Comber (J Cornford) SJ

102 Garle (Ashurst, M, C and Co) v Bernard (E Lee)
103 Beeton (Field, Rand Co) v Bunn and anr (C E Lacy)
104 Maspons and Hermano (Waltons, Band W) v Mildred, Goyenecho

and Co (Freshfields and W) SJ:stayed
105 Knight (H Aird) v Saul (WJ Milton)
106 Pope and anr (H Montagu) v Yeomans (Collette and C)
107 Harris (Robinson, P and s) v Clarke (H H Wells)

108 Hills (G Brett) v Mitchell (T Beard and Sons)

109 Bailey and Leetham (Rollit and Sons) v Lamplough and anr


110 Same (Same) v Matthews (Same) SJ

111 Lambe and Ćo ld (G Lockyer) v Rogers and anr (F Bradley) Date.


MASTER OF THE Y.C. BACON. 112 Moon (Lumley and L) v Cohn (S Toppin)

113 Harnett, Horry and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Palmer's ShipMonday, May 30Mr. Koe Mr. Jackson Mr. Teesdale

building and Iron Cold (GM Clements) SJ Tuesday ...... 31 Clowes Cobby


114 Gilroy (Bell, Brodrick and G) v Powells Duffryn Steam Coal Co Wednesday, June 1 Koe

Jackson Teesdale

ld (Ullithorne, C and V) SJ Thursday .... 2 Clowes Cobby Farrer

115 Lawrenco, Weaver and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Maltby (EP

James) Friday ........ 3 Koe

Jackson Teesdale

116 Lightbody (Lumley and L) v Bignold (Beyfus and B)
V. C. HALL. Mr. Justice Mr. Justice 117 Larmouth (FW and H Hilbery v Burton (L Hand)


118 Haines (W Rawlins) v The Carshalton Gas and Coke Co (Bell, Monday, May 30Mr. King Mr. Pemberton Mr. Latham

Brodrick and G) Tuesday ...... 31 Merivale Ward


119 Eldridge and anr (Wellborne and Son) v Brown, trading, &c (G

R Harrison) Wednesday, June 1 King

Pemberton Latham

120 Heather and anr (HG Heather) v Coppin (Miller an Thursday .... 2 Merivalo Ward


121 Ross and Co (F Bradley) v Barber (W H Hughes) Friday ........ 3 King

Pemberton Latham 122 Stewart Bros (Kearsey, Son and H) V Hartwell (J Rae) SJ

123 Mercantile Mutual Marine Ince Assocn limd (Greenop and Sons) The Whitsun Vacation will commence on Saturday, the 4th

v Wilkinson (Botterell and R) stayed
dav of June, and terminate on Tuesday, the 7th day of June, 124 Hopcraft and Co (J Rae) v Hathorn (EH Smith)
1881, both days inclusive.

125 Davies and ors (Miller and Miller) v Nutt (C Mallam)
126 Fairhurst (J Seeley) v Talbot (Digby and Jones)

127 Reubens and Wife (Tucker, B and L) v Bradley, sued, &c (CE HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE.

R Preston)

128 Brough (J W Marsh) v Brough (J E Smith)

128a Elman (WB Harte) v Cox (G Reader) LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL.

129 Rowney (Wild, B and W) v Stein Brothers (Ellis and Crossfield) (Continued from page 550.)

130 Hooper (Stocken and J) v Woodall and Co (Field, R and Co) SJ

131 Lupton (J T Miller) v Russ and anr (Magill, E and R) 55 Humphry (Sandilands, H and A) v Samuel and anr (A. Rosen 132 Bowden (Stibbard, G and Co) v Prichard, Junr (Hensman and thal ; Peace and Co)

N) 56 A Field and Co (Field, R and Co) v Townshend Wood and Co 133 St James' Bank limd (E Lee) v Kerr (Stocken and J) (Hacon and T) SJ

131 Martin (Jno Curtis) v Board of Works for the Poplar District 57 Pile (A D Michael) v Blumer (Bell, B and G)


WH Farnfield) SJ 57a Passenger (Hollams, Son, and C) v Norrington and Co (Nicol

135 Reubinson Bros (J M Barnard) v Lewis and Co (Underwood,

Son and P) Son, and J) SJ

136 Hudson (Blake and Snow) v Till and Birchall (C W Taylor, 58 Sladden (Speechly, M and L) v Noyes (E Moore) SJ

In Person) 59 Bremner (Lewis Davis) v Argent (Lovett and Co)

137 Ramsey (Allen and E) v McManus (Hogan and H) 60 Kenyon and Sons (Kearsey, Son and H) v Érnsthausen and 138 Burton (Same) v Moore (W Tanner) Oesterley (Hollams, Son and C) SJ

139 Rhodes Bank Coffee Palace Permanent Benefit Building Soc (1 61 Hatch (Yewdall and Son) y McManus (Hamlin and G)

Flux and L) Union Bank of Manchester ld (Clarke, Wand 62 Beldam and anr (Barlee, B and C) v Lawlor and anr (H Luxton)

R) 63 Ollier (Hunter and D) v Shoolbred and Co (

GH Barber)

140 Alexander and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Fison (C A Flint) SJ 64 Harris (Gregory, R and Co) v Waring (Fox and Co) SJ

141 Richardson (HH Richardson) v Salomos (W Rawlins) 65 Wood (HA Lovett and Co) v Palmer (W Rawlins)

142 Crosse and Wife (Rogers and C) v Harcourt and anr (Buchanan 66 The Mayor, &c, of London (T J Nelson) v Smith (T O Dear) SJ

and R) 67 James (Spyer and Son) v Sheldon (Phelps, S and B) SJ

143 Crosse (Same) v Same (Same) 68 Vyse and Co and anr (Phelps, S and B) v Batley and Co (Baylis | 144 Hannay and anr (Hollams, Son and C) v Lubbock (Waltons, B and P)

and W) 69 Belaieff (Chappell, Son and G) v Collins (Waltons, B and W) SJ 145 Same (Sáme) v Reiss (Same) SJ 70 Coulson (F W Denny) v N Metropolitan Tram Co (HC Godfray) 146 Ide and Ckristie (Waltons, B and W) v Crichton (Hollams, Son SJ

and C) SJ 71 Amos Pembroke (Indermaur and Co) v Hill and Giles (Duncan, 147 Sharp, secy, &c (Stacpoole and Son) v Mo Clean (Hargroves Warren and G)

and Co)" 72 Redford and Wife (Houghtons and B) v London Tram Co, limd 148 Stephens (Same) v Wilkins (N Jourdain)

(JO Jacobs) SJ 73 Head (H B Clarke) v Willey (Layton and J) without jury

149 Sanders Bros (GM Clements) v Maclean and Co (Maples, T and

Co) SJ 74 Thorpe (F W Mount) v Great Eastern Ry Co (C A Curwood) SJ | 150 Cobbett (Lanfear and S) v Brown (Plews and I) 75 Newby (Harper, B and B) v Hood and anr (Ashurst, M, C and C 151 Dyson (G Mc Connal) v Money (Pritchard and M) to be tried 76 Adamson and anr (HC Coote) v Adams (Ingledew and I) SJ

with 41 77 Bates (JES King) v Burrell (E Burrell)

152 Blackden (Bridges, S, H and Co) v Pilley (H Morris) SJ 78 Pullin (Same) v Holden (Baker, B and H)

153 Lewis (Learoyd and Co) v N Metropolitan Tram Co (HC God. 79 Clarke (HJ Manning) v Baltar (Kearsey, Son and H)

fray) SJ 80 Curwen (Field, R and Co) v Newport (Alexandra) Dock Co 154 Chapman (Warburton and De P) v Turner (W R Helmore) (Bircham and Co) SJ

155 Brett (F Bradley) v Brett (CO Humphreys and Son) 81 Firmin and anr (Mercer and M) v Paul (Phelps, S and B) SJ 156 Hunt and Son (F Stanley) v Reynolds (Blewitt and T) 82 Fern, Barker and Bickley (TD Pettiver) v Pilbrow (Woodfin and 167 Duffy (F Bradley) v Boyd (Johnsons, UB and A) W)

| 158 Miller and anr (Miller and Miller) v Kittier and Co (F Dutton)

136 Huon and


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159 Lloyd's Banking Co (Gregory, R and Co) v Saunders (Rooks 239 Tatham on behalf of himself and ors (Lowless and Co) v Besleys and Co) SJ

and Wilson (Arkcoll and C) 160 Anderson and ors (H Kimber and Co) v Skinner and Co (Hollams,

240 Lake (J P May) v Longman (H A Graham) Son and C) SJ

241 Brinsop Hall Coal Co ld (Chester, M, B and G) v Houghton and

anr (Gregory, R and Co) SJ 161 Cochrane (Lowless and Co) v Smith (Tibbits and Son)

242 Harvey (GoLockyer) Bordman (Bordman and Co) 162 Von Krembach (Goldberg and L) v Howard and anr (Clarkes, 243 National Provincial Investment Association, ld (Berry and B) Wand R)

v Hopcroft (Wynne, Baxter and C) 163 Blagden and Angus and W Caudery and Co (Mercer nad M) v 244 Adamson and Ronaldson (Hollams, son and C) v Tuff, Moore Savary, Young and Co (E Andrew) SJ

and Roberts (Parker and Co) SJ 164 Newby (Harper, B and B) v Henry Rifled Barrel Engineering

245 Lee (E Lee) y Huntly (Green and C) and Small Arms Cold (Mason and E)

246 Hills (Barlee, B and C) v Barton (Appleby, 3rd party) (Hatton

and W; Pearce and Sons) 165 Ratcliff (Robinson, P and s) v Homfray and Co (Street, Son

247 Taylor (Munns and L) v Kino (Terreli and A) and P) SJ 166 Cook (W R Preston) v Cox (J S Fowler)

248 Bray (Waltons, B and w) v Neptune Marine Insce Co (Shum,

Cand Co) SJ 167 Boydell (W T Boydell, junr) v Grain (Yorke and W)

249 Walker, Bros, and Co (Stibbard, G and Co) v Lindsay (Carr, 168 Walker, Henderson and Co (Chorley, O and C) v Adamson and

Son and F) Ronaldson (Hollams, Son and C) SJ 169 Cummins (W B Harte) v Buckley (Saxelby and F)

250 R and G Boby (Flux, Slade and Co) v Davenport and Sons (H 170 Hunter (Same) v Mitchell (Hollams, Son and C)


251 Walton and anr (Bell, Brodrick and G v Gibson (Palmer and B) 171 Chopping (W R Preston) v Compton (G A Sedgy

252 Watson and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Moss Bay Hematite 172 Walker (Stibbard, G and Co) v Cassels (Waltons, B and w) SJ 173 Lambert (Stocken and J) v Wood (E Woodard)

Iron and Steel Co (Johnston and H) SJ 174 Smith (R BH Fisher) v Little (J Terry)

253 T West and Co (W A Crump and Son) v Garle and Michael

(Ashurst, MC and Co: WH Smith and Son) 175 Smith (JH Lee) v Catt and anr (Rodgers and C)

254 Harris (L Barnett) v Boyd, exor, &c (JS Ward) 176 Cooper (Peace and W) v Marks ( GE Carpenter)

255 Wells (D E Langham) v Stockdale (Morley and S) 177 Kemp (Sorrell and Son) v Powis and Co (Combe and W)

256 Dean (Freeman and W) v Billups (Cunliffe, B and D) SJ 178 James (Hatton and w) v Lupton (Jno Hayward) 179 Maltwood (J H D Daniel) v Prince (J Vernon and Co) SJ

257 Stephen (Bompas, B and D) v Rhymney Iron Co (Hollams, Son 180 F G and R Vigor (Lowless and Co) v Sheffield (Hollams, Son

and C) SJ commission

258 Oram (É Heritage) v Gilbert (F Needham) SJ and C) 181 Scrutton and anr (Same) v Same (Same)

259 Weatherley, Mead and Hussey (E Flux and L) v Preston (M

Abrahams and Co)
182 Dickinson (Parker and Co) v Glover and ors (Waltons, B and

260 Summers (C Harris) v Witherby (J Barrett)
261 Lazarus (OFB Birchall) v Wixley and Co (

GMWetherfield) 183 Fowlie (Parkers) v Roberts, Smith and Co) Hõllams, Son and C) SJ

262 Paulin and ors (T Paulin) v Hilliard and anr (Stoneham and L)

263 Westenholz (Plews, I and H) v Yearsley (W B Harte) 184 Shipston (Wilson and Son) v Kirby (T W Rogers) 185 Foster (M Abrahams and Co) v Roberts (J T Moss) without

264 Ellis, trustee, &c (Sorrell and Son) v The Star Life Assce Socy

(Ingle, O and H) jury 186 Hallett and Co (Dollman and P) v J and E Lumsden (Shum and

265 Schumacher (Hollams, Son and C) v The Canton Insce Office

(Freshfields and W) SJ Co) 187 Van Nierop and Sons (Parker and Co) v Henderson Bros

266 Cassado (Same) v British and Foreign Marine Insce Co, ld (Pritchard and Sons) SJ

(Gregory, R and Co) SJ 188 Alderson (RL Ratcliff) v Read (H Holland)

267 Durham (Same) v Patey and Pasteur (Oehme and S) SJ 189 Daniels (Harper, B and B) y Newby and Co and anr (Ashurst,

268 Hogarth (Same) v Mills (H F and E Chester) M, C and Co)

269 Leary and Co (Same) v Steeves, Bros, and Co (Field, R and Co)

SJ 190 Kinmond, Luke and Co (Neish and H) v Williams (J Rae) SJ 191 Vallance (H W Vallance) v O'Beirne (HC Barke.)

270 Starr (H M Ogle) v Hilton and anr (H Morris)

271 May (J Frost) v Bernard (Haigh and A) 192 Hearn Marson and D) v Hinds (C Harris) 193 Goodwin (C Harcourt) v Leckie (W W Wynne and Son)

272 H Bucknall and Sons (Waltons, B and w) v Hunter and Co

(JJ and CJ Allen) SJ 194 Galmoye (

Galmove and Co) v Hanrott (In Person) 195 Norton ( GM Wetherfield) v South Eastern Ry Co (WR Stevens)

273 The Counterslip Sugar Refinery Co, ld (Same) v Magdeburg

General Insce Co (Stibbard, G and Co) SJ 196 Green and Pitt (HG Smallman) v Salinger (J Mackrell and Co) 197 Bell (Miller, S and B) v Maidenhead Waterworks Co (0 Í

Mander) SJ 198 Ocean Steam Ship Co (Flux, Slade and Co) v Anderson, Tritton

QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION. and Co (Waltons, B and W) SJ 199 Barrett (Lowless and Co) v Stallybrass and ors (Ingledew and


LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. 200 Smith (Jas Curtis) v Morrell (Coburn Young)

(Continued from page 533.) 201 Palmer (WH Roberts) v Cross Robinson and H) 202 Hincks and anr (EF B Harston) v Griffin (Ashurst, M, C and 203 Wheeler and ors (E W Beal) v Wood (S H Behrend) Co)

20+ Briggs and anr (R F Brunskill) v Veley and ors (Paterson, S H3 Hope (T Allingham) v Russell (W W Young) SJ

and B) 204 Warwick (Oehme and S) v Eisler (T Blair)

205 Doughty and anr (Jackson and P) v Reed (Noon and C) 205 Esses (M Abrahams and Co) Wallis (

WH Smith and Son)

206 Digby (Digby and J) v Walker (In Person) 206 Jones (Trinders, and C H) v Ferdandes (Williamson, Hill and

207 Leach (W H Armstrong) v Ballard (Harrisons) Co) SJ

208 Pooley (Harper, B and B) v Royal Exchange Bk ld and ors 207 Gibson (Simpson and C) v Luxton (H Luxton)

(Newman, S and H; Hollams, Son and C; Crundall and Co. 208 Ablett (Chorley, C and C) v Wrigley (Lattey and H)

HF Barnett) SJ 209 Worcester City and County Banking Co, ld (Chester and Co) v | 209 Peacock (Clarke, R and C) v Lockwood and Co (Jenkins and Ridler and anr (Routh, S and Co)

Co) 210 Akerblom (R Greening) v Price and Co (Norris, A and Co) 210 Hansen (Billing and K) v Magalhaes (Trollope and w) SJ 211 Warwick (Chester, M, B and G) v Stein Bros (Ellis and Cross

211 Rochester and anr (Same) v Ayton (Lindus and B) field) SJ

212 Natl Co-operative Stores Association limd (Deané, C and Co) v 212 De Roubaix and Co (Champion, R and P) v General Steam

Grosvenor Co-operative Stores ld (Stibbard, G and Co) Navigation Co (W Batham)

213 Maple (Lumley and L) v North Clifton Hotel Co limd (Clarke 213 Miller (SS Seal) v Williams (R B Johnson)

and Sons) 214 Salter and Sons (H Gething) v A B Luck (JC Scard)

214 Siebe and anr (W Caister) v Edney and Co (Cunliffe, B and D) 215 Hawkes (JS Lickorish) v North Met Tram Co (HC God

215 Greaves (

WH Jackson) v Gibbons (Chappell and G) 216 Smith (Same) v Same (Same)

216 Tingey (Wills and W) v Weigel (W Beck) 217 Moorhead (Miller and ) v Batt (Badham and w) SJ

217 Welby (Tucker and L) V Attye (Turner and T) 218 Same (Same) v Clarke (TM Cridge)

218 Howland (WH Waller and Son) v Barnett (West, K A and Co) 219 Spittle, Lister and Co (Jas Neal) v Levi Bros (H Sydney) 219 Lindsay, trustee, &c (Gasquet and M) v The Rev W W Thornton 220 Flatau (H A Maude) v Barnett (JM Barnard)

(J Rae) 221 Schneider (Hollams. Son and C) v Batt and Co (Pauwels 3rd | 220 Robinson and anr (Benn Davis) v Heritage (

GS and H party) ( WA Crump and Son) SJ

Brandon) 222 Hincks ( È F B Harston) v Mitchell (Moresby-White and Co)

221 Bell (Gedge, K M and M) v Wood (Morten and Co) 223 Budd (Druces, J and A) v Prince (P W Nazer)

222 Quincey (W R Philp) v Brasholz (Goldberg and L) 224 Taylor (Sole. Turner and K) v Westcott (Munns and L)

223 Prop (8 À V Philpot) v Hoare and Son (J H Burney) 225 Atkinson (Pattison, Wigg and Co) v Whiting (Layton and J)

224 Steed (Same) v Same (Same) SJ

225 Short (Wolseley and H) v Great Western Ry Co (RR Ne 226 Green, Holland and Sons (J Knight) v Stone (R Davies)

226 Spencer, the younger (H Wickens) v Pudney (J Croft) . 227 Lewis (Keene, M and B) v Hatton and anr (In Person)

227 Salter (JC Button and Co) v Hankey (Abbott, J and Co) 228 Lowe (RH Plater) v Garden (SF Taylor)

228 Goodenough (J Edell) v Barnett and anr (Finney, B and Co) 229 Roth (HC Draper) v Bond and ors (JW Marsh)

229 Tomkin (Harris and P) v Myers (Wild, Band W 230 Bone (T Noton) v Ferme (T Foster)

230 Granneman (Same) v Same (Same) 231 Robinson (Matthews and G) v Hickman (Saunders, H and B) 231 Price (Newman, SH and W) v Colquhoun (G Clark) 232 Hickman (Saunders, H and B) v Robinson (Matthews and G)

) v Nettelfield (RC Dewy) 233 Vavasseur (Tatham. O and N) v Read (F Bradley)

233 Snelgrove (J S Rubinstein) v Eltringham Colliery Co (Pyke and 234 Wakeley Bros (W Butcher) v Cullum (W Beck)

P) 235 Walker (Roscoe, H and S) v Joseph (L Barnett)

234 Pensom (Same) v Manfredi (Yorke and w) 236 Leech and Co (Simpson and C) Y James and Rymi!l (Keene, M | 235 De Salaberry (T|Sampson) v Futcher and ors (Taylor, H and T; and B)

D Aston) 237 English Bros (Clarke, Rand C) v Norton and Kite (Peacock

236 Cummins (Brighten, P und N) v Scott (J B Churchill) and G)

237 Mure (SR Glyn) v Gambier (E S Cavell) 238 Val de Travers Asphalte Paving Co, id (Ellis and Crossfield) v

238 Hallward (

GR Burn) v Merchants' and Traders' Discount Co Hall and Co (Hunters, G and H)

limd (Allin and G)


BIRTHS. BERKELEY.-April 24, at Cedar-hill, Antigua, West Indies,

the wife of the Hon. Henry Berkeley, Solicitor-General of

the Leeward Islands, of a daughter. CLARK.-May 8, at Summerfield, Dulwich, the wife of W.J.

Hyne Claik, barrister-at-law, of a doughter. JARDINE.-April 30, at Matherap, Bombay Presidency, the

wife of James Jardine, barrister-at-law, of a daughter, LOUGHBOROUGH.- May 14, at 121, Portedown-road, W., the

wife of Arthur Loughborougb, of Lincoln's-ion, barrister-at

law, of a son. MACPHERSOX.-May 15, at Clifton, Bristol, the wife of Jobb

Macpherson, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. MORRIS.—May 16, at Roseneath, Thurlow-park-road, Lower

Norwood, the wife of Francis Wyld Morris, solicitor, of a son, PATIENCE.-May 16, at 60, Brownswood-road, South Hornsey,

N., the wife of H. A. Patience, solicitor, of a son. SUTTON.-May 11, at 2, Sedgley Bank, Kersal, Manchester, the wife of Edmund Sutton, barrister-at-law, of a son.

DEATH. YOUNGHUSBAND.-May 16, at Malta, William Ogle Grey

Youngbusband, barrister-at-law, of 3, Plowden-buildinge, Middle Temple.


239 Gittins (Lumley and L) v Gunn (Gush and P) 240 Macartney (J Ă Hales) v Richards and Co límd (Wontner and

Sons) 241 Wells (Wilkinson and H) v Barnes (Patey and W) 242 Frend and anr (A F Coe) v The Silicate Paint Co (Parkers) 243 Gittins (Lumley and L) v Gadsden (Gush and P) 244 Ness (Stokes, S and S) v Lush and Sons (EH Parnell) 245 Bone and Son (A S Edmunds and Son) ✓ Chapman Hall limd

(Ashurst and Co) SJ 246 Sowton and ors (Andrew, W and G) v Aikman (In Person) 247 Jones (Digby and J) v Barnett (AJ Murray) 248 Norris (CW Taylor) v Cornet (L Hand) 249 Griffn (HW Mackreth) v Graham (H Holland) 250 Blaiberg (Moresby-White and: Co) y Weston and anr (Keene, M

and Co) 251 Sexton (Peckham, Mand P) v Gould (J Andrews) 252 Knight (Sandom, K and K) v Pick (Saxelby and F) 253 Ridley and Co (W Morley) v Cohen (Micklethwait and 254 Wylde (JH Waring) v Godfrey (Harris and P) 255 Gittins (Lumley and L) v Cohn (Gush and P) 256 Westminster Assocn limd (Gedge, K M and M) v Tennant

(Lewis and L) 257 Burton (J B May) v London Tramways Co limd (J O Jacobs)

SJ 258 O'Keefe (H Pook and Son) v Bellord (J S Lickorish) 259 Horner (Š Betteley and Co) v Ingram (Wyatt and B) 260 Murset and ors (G S and H Brandon) v Laidlaw and Sons

(Gregory, R and Co) Com SJ 261 Janes (J Coram) v Freeman (J Farmer) 262 Wimshurst and Co (S B Booth) v Oliver (A F Barnard) 263 Jelks (

GH Hall) y Underwood (E Ti lyard) 264 Brown (Same) v Camm (Bell, B and G) 265 George (Same) y Allday and anr (Gregory, R and Co) 266 Anglo Universal Bank limd (Ashurst, M and Co) v Robertson

(Chappell, Son and G) 267 Dixon (Yorke and W) v Lawrence (Lewis and L) 268 Greenwood (C Mossop) v Edwards (W H Hughes) 269 Iles (May, S and B) v Forman (J and M Pontefix) 270 Landais and anr (T Donnithorne) v Rogers, Sons and Co (Druce,

Sons and Co) SJ 271 Prudential Assurance Co (Phillips and Son) v Western Provident

Asscn and anr (C E Mortimer) SJ 272 Cornell (L A Wenn) v Stokoe (G MC A Low) 273 Davis (Marson and D) v Fuller (Cooper and R) 274 Crick (W T Ricketts) y Cullum (W Beck) 275 Mc Bean (A R Oldman) v Beart and ors (Remnant and Co) 276 Brown (E W Owles) v Scobell (Tippetts, Son and T) 277 Hall (Hargrove and Co) v Great Western Ry Co (R R Nelson)

SJ 278 Sadler (Clutton and H) v Bennett and anr (G H Carthew; Poole,

H and P) 279 Willis and'ors (Nye and G) v Deller (A Abrahams) 280 Patterson (Wilkinson and HI) v London and South Westn Ry Co

(MH Hall) 281 Dell (Marson and D) v Peck (H H Ede) 282 Goldsworthy (C E Freeman) v Bendall (Lewis and L) 283 Rackstraw (Crosse, Sons and R) v Moore (Bolton and M) 284 Wilson and Wife (Brighten, P and N) v Great Eastern Ry Co

(CA Curwood) SJ 285 Footman, junr (Same) v Same (Same) SJ 286 Akers (F'J and G J Braikenridge) v Hall (W Eley) 287 Shaw (Chester, M B and G) v Bunker (WS Fox) 288 Hately (F St Paul and Co) v North Met Tramways Co (

HO Godfray) SJ 289 Brown (Kent and R) v Cotton (Flux, S and Co) 290 Sykes and anr (J W Sykes) v Desmond (Lewis and L) SJ 291 Emanuel and anr (Lewis and L) v Love (Arkcoll and C) 292 Anthony (Hatton and w) y Wyatt and anr (Popplestone ar 293 Hutley (J Plaskitt) v Marshall (E Bromley) 294 Ashman, an infant (RB Johnson) v Strong (

WH Nick 295 Johnson (CJ Davis) v Humphries (W Maynard) 296 Booth (Blunt, T and' L) v Galloway and anr (W B Abbot; Mickle

thwait and Co) 297 Creswell (F Taylor) v Begbie (Sorrell and Son) 298 Griffiths (Morgan and G) v Smith (Gamlen and Son) 299 Holohan (R Biale) v Passawer (E Betteley) 300 Skinner (Bordman and Co) v Williams and ors (Ford and Co) 301 Bainbridge (Same) v Same (Same) 302 Law Society (C O Humphreys and Son) v Shaw and Blake

(Ashurst, M and Co) SJ 303 Same (Same) v Waterlow Bros and Layton (Layton, Son and L)

SJ 304 Martin (West, K, A and Co) v Bond (Tilleard, G and H) 305 Pritchard (WH Armstrong) v Pearson (Sladen and M) 306 Pritchard, Clerk (Same) v Same (Same) 307 ('hidley (In Person) v Abrahams (G W Naanton) 308 Bentley and Sons (Phelps, S and B) v Widdrington (Doyle and

Sons) 309 Cooper (H H Wells) y Cowing (L Drew) 310 Hughes (W and J Gibson) v Thompson (W Easton) 311 Saala (J B Nunn) v Hussey (T Sampson) 312 Shapcott (RC Green) v Cook (W G Payne) 313 Chapman (In Person) v Rendle and anr (Dubois and R; Hicklin

and W) SJ 314 Holland and Co (Hillearys and T) v Veuve Pommery et Fils

(Tippetts and Son) 315 Davis and Co (In Person) v Le Fevre, sued, &c (J H Shakspear) 316 Morris and Co (Lumley and L) v Leigh and anr (Beyfus and B) 317 Sheffield (F Sheffield) v Wandsworth and Putney Gas Light

and Coke Co (Doyle and Sons)


FRIDAY, May 20, 1881.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London. Hull, Edwin, Gresham st, Auctioneer. Pet May 18. Brougham.

June 14 at 11 Lomas, John, Upper Tulse hill, Chemical Manufacturer, Pet May

19. Hazlitt. June 1 at 12.30 Riddick, Robert, Grafton st, Mile end, Travelling Draper. Pet May 17. Murray. June 1 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. Amor, Charles, Hendon wharf, Hendon, Coal Merchant. Pet May

18. Boyes. Barnet, June 9 at 11 Buck, George Miles, Reepham, Norfolk, Grocer. Pet May 11.

Cooke. Norwich, May 28 at 12 Elvey, William, Aylestone-park, Leicester, Bricklayer, Pet May 18.

Moore. Leicester, June 1 at 11 Evans, John, Llanwrst, Denbigh, Clerk in Holy Orders. Pet May

18. Jones. Bangor, June 1 at 3.30 Groves, Decimus, Birmingham, Fancy Draper. Pet May 13. Party.

Birmingham, May 30 at 2 Potter, James, Barton-on-Humber, Lincoln, Carrier. Pet May 16.

Bateg. Gt Grimsby, June 9 at 11.30 Simmonds, Edmond, 'Worcester, Builder. Pet May 16. Beale. Worcester, June 1 at 12.30

TUESDAY, May 24, 1881.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London, Hammond, Edmund, Colveston crescent, Dalston, Builder. Pet May 21. Brougham, June 14 at 11.30

To Surrender in the Country. Bruton, John, Swansea, Presentation Tea Dealer Pet May 19.

Bellingham, Swansea, June 4 at 11 Harwood, George, Sandford, Oxford, Baker. Pet May 19. Bishop.

Oxford, June 9 at 11.30 Howard,' A , Brighton Pet May 19. Jones. Brighton,

June 9 at 11 Pearce, Edward, Isleham, Cambridge, Farmer. Pet May 21.

Eaden, Cambridge, June 11 at 2 Phillips, Joseph, and John Phillips, Mynyddysllwyn, Monmouth,

Farmers. Pet May 20, Davis, Newport, June 5 at 1 Powell, George Edward, Brockley, Kent, Watchmaker. Pet May

20. Pitt-Taylor. Greenwich, June 21 at 1 Tidmarsh, William, Minety, Wilts, Farmer. Pet May 18. Townsend. Swindon, June 4 at 10


TUESDAY, May 24, 1881. Baker, William, Hoarstone, nr Bewdley, Worcester, Farmer. May

Blanc, Numa, Scarborough, York, Photographer. May 19
James, Robert, Wold Carr, York, Pawnbroker. May 21
Mills, Thomas, jun,, Liverpool. May 21
Simmons, Abraham, Grafton st, Tottenham ct rd, Coach Dealer:
May 18.

• Liquidations by Arrangement.

FRIDAY, May 20, 1881.
Adams, Lewis, Kingswinford, Stafford, Beerseller. June 1 at 11 st

offices of Whitehouse, Castle st, Dudley Adams, William, Birmingham, Draper. June 1 at 3 at offloes of

Fallowe, Cherry st, Birmingham Barnes, Job, Cravford, Kent. Gent. June 3 at 2 at offices al

Quilter and Co, Moorgate st. Tilleard and Co, Old Jewry

SALE OF ENSUING WEEK. June 2.- Miesis. C. C. & T. MOORE, at tbv Murt, at 1 for 2

p.D., Fr+rbola, Copyb: la, and Learetold Estatts (eeu ad vertlootutat, this wock, p. 3)

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