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paid in part out of the proceeds of real estate. For several | reported, so that I might have seen how their lordships reasons there could be no right of retainer as to the proceeds had dealt with it in their judgments. But, as it cannot of real estate. In the first place, the Aot made real estate now be reported for another month, I will no longer delay assets in equity, and in equity there never was any right of my decision. I am of opinion that neither of the objecretainer. Again, the right applied, ex necessitate, only tions is sufficient to induce the court to refuse the leave to what came into the hands of the executor, and asked for by the trustee. As regards the lessors I intimated, real assets did not come into his hands. Farther, the during the argument, that in view of the decision of the right arose out of the executor's incapacity to sue Court of Exchequer in the case of Smyth v. North, I should for his debt by reason of his being executor, and he never find considerable difficulty in giving weight to the objeccould have sued, if he had not been executor, in respect of tion. I remain of the same opinion. If the point had the real assets under the Act. The mere accident of the been res integra, and unaffected by authority, it would have payment of the specialty debts partly out of the real assets been my duty to have given it the fullest consideration, and could not alter the rights of the parties, and the executor to have propounded my own views in my own way upon was bound, more than anyone else, by the rule that legal the construction which ought reasonably to be put upon assets ought first to be applied in the payment of debts. | the section. But I am absolved from any such necessity, The order of August, 1876, proceeded upon the right of the because I entirely concur in the construction given to that specialty creditors to be paid out of any assets which were section in the case of Smyth v. North by thetwo learned judges, available, and could not have been intended to enlarge the Barons Martin and Pigott. In expressing this concurrence executor's right of retainer. The specialty debts baving ex- I do so in all humility, having regard to the dissent and hausted the legal assets, and the executor having no right of opinion in that case of Lord Justice Bramwell, and to the retainer against the equitable assets, there was no fund very strong terms in which that opinion was couched. against which his right existed, and the claim must be dis- | But, it is to be observed, that that case was decided nine allowed. — SOLICITORS, Currie, Williams, & Williams; years ago, and that, wbile numerous cases have since arisen Geare & Son; Webb, Stock, f Burt; Slibbard, Gibson, & Co. in this court in which the court has given leave to trustees

to disclaim under similar circumstances-some of them to my own knowledge cases in which Lord Justice Bramwell's

remarks in Smyth y. North have been strongly urged against CASES BEFORE THE BANKRUPTCY leave to disclaim being given—the point, so far as I know, REGISTRARS.

has never come before the Court of Appeal, and not a single (Before Mr. REGISTRAR MURRAY, acting as Chief Judge.)

authority bas been produced by Mr. Latham which in any

way militates against that decision. I do not forget that April 9; May 7.-Ex parte The Trustee, Re Clarke.

the dock company offered by their counsel to give an underA company granted a lease of certain premises to H.

taking not to sue the trustee, or make any claim against H. assigned the lease to C., and C. mortgaged the lease by the debtor's estate, as a mode of meeting the alleged diffi. way of underlease to T., H., & Co.

culty. But, unless the difficulty is one which would C. baving presented a petition for liquidation, H. gave notice to the trustee under liquidation, pursuant to section 24 of the

lead to manifest injustice, would the court be justified Bankruptcy Act, requiring him to decide whether he would dis

in refusing leave to the trustee to exercise a right given to claim or not.

him by the Act, and in forcing upon him an undertaking Held, upon an application being made for the purpose, that

which he is not inclined to accept i Ho desires to have all C.'s trustee was entitled to leave to disclaim the premises.

the benefit of a diszlaimer, and none the less because This was an application by the trustee under the liqai

notice has been served on him by his assignor. I am of dation of Richard Clarke, jun., for leave to disclaim the

opinion that the exercise of such a discretion by the court debtor's interest in certain leasehold property, under the

would be inconvenient and improper. The same observation Rules of 1871.

applies to the objection of the under-lessees, who desire that The original lease, dated the 2nd of December, 1875,

the court will only give leave to the trustee to disclaim the was granted by the East and West India Dock Company

equity of redemption, and they refer me to a case of Re

Wilson, in which the learned Chief Judge made such an to one Hill, for twenty-one years, at a rent of £300 a year. On the same day Hill assigned the lease to the debtor by

order under what is said to have been precisely similar cir.

cumstances. That case is very short and I will refer to it. a deed containing the usual covenants of indemnity by

[The case and judgment were read.] It is quite clear that the debtor.

the particular form of order was in that case so framed, not On the following day, December 3, the debtor mort.

at the instance of Pound, the mortgagee, who was quite gaged the lease by way of underlease to Messrs. Truman,

willing that the trustee should disclaim generally, but at Hanbury, & Co. for the whole term, wanting three days. ! the instance of Simmons, the lessor, for whom Mr. Montagu The original lesgee, Hill, having given notice to disclaim,

appeared, and who probably was seized with the same kind under the 24th section of the Bankruptoy Aot, the trustee of alarm which has operated upon the dock company in this made the present application.

case. What Mr. Montagu's arguments were the reporter does Clarkson (solicitor), in support of the application.

not tell us, but looking to the undertaking by which the order Latham, for the lessors, opposed the application, on the is prefaced they were most probably of a similar kind. Be ground that, looking at the words of the 23rd section, that that as it may, I only regard this case as an authority for the where the property was “a lease,” it should be deemed to proposition laid down in the head-note. [The head-pote was bave been surrendered at the date of the "order of adjudi- | read). There is nothing in the observations of the Chief cation," they would be deprived of their remedies against Judge to guide me as to the grounds of his decision. His the original lessee, Hill. We are willing to give an observations are very short, and I will read them. [His undertaking not to sue the trustee, or make any claim | Honour read then). At that time, moreover, the case of against the debtor's estate.

Smyth v. North had not been heard, or the Chief Judge Whitting (solicitor), for the mortgagees, also opposed, might have decided differently. I pass from this case to on the ground that, by the disclaimer, their sub-lease | Smalley v. Hardinge. No doubt, if the law laid down by would be destroyed.

Mr. Justice Mathew had been affirmed on appeal, it would MeSweeney, for Hill.

have afforded good ground for the sub-lessees endeavouring Clarkson, in reply.

to intercept the disclaimer, and for their urging upon the The following authorities were cited :-Smyth v. North, court some mode of assisting them out of the difficulty. 20 W. R. 242, L. R. 7 Ex. 242; Re Wilson, 20 W. R. 363,

But that decision having been overruled, and the L. R. 13 Eq. 126; Reed v. Harvey, 28 W. R. 423; Smalley Court of Appeal baving, as I understand, decided that v. Hardinge, 29 W. R. 554; Ec parte Buxton, Re Muller, the under-lessee's right under such circumstances remains 29 W. R. 28, L. R. 15 Ch. D. 289; Ex parte Brook, L. R. intact, notwithstanding disclaimer by the trustee, any 10 Cb. 100.

difficulty of that sort is removed. I see no ground for reA portion of the article, “ The Effect of Disclaimer fusing the application of the trustee. upon ao Underlease,” 25 SOLICITORS' JOURNAL, 423, was In regard to the question as to how far the court would also read to the court.

Cur, adv. vult. be justified in limiting or interfering with the trustee's May 7.-Mr. REGISTRAR MURRAY :-Before disposing of

statutory right to disclaim under the discretion purported this case I was hoping that the recent case of Smalley v.

to be given by the Role of 1871, I would refer to the case Hardinge, before the Court of Appeal, might have been of Reed v. Harvey, and to the observations of Lord Justice


Lush in his judgment as to whether that rule could operate tars). A sum of £193 was distributed in grants of relief to control the Act, or whetber, to that extent, it would among eight necessitous widows and families of solicitors; not be beld to be ultrà vires. The role is, as his lordship ten gentlemen were admitted members of the association, saye, a rule as between the trustee and the court, and one and other general business transacted. might add also the creditors and the bankrupt's estate.

Upon the whole, the order I propose to make is this. It is in the form which was very carefully settled some years ago, and it bas not only been acted on by myself, bot as I understand universally by all the registrars. The form of the order will be this. It will recite the lease ; it will recite the assignment to Hill; it will recite

INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY. the under-lease made by the debtor to the mortgagees,

FINAL EXAMINATION. and it will recite the resolution, and the appointment of A list of those gentlemen who passed the Final Examina. trastae, and, following the words of the statute, it will tion, held on the 26th and 27th of April last :recite that, whereas part of the property of the debtor Abbott, C. T.

Hordern, John acquired by the trustee consists of the hereditaments com Alms, E. T.

Hutchinson, Frank prised in the said indentare of lease, subject nevertheless | Barber, Fras.

Jackson, J. T. to the indenture of under-lease and mortgage hereinbesore Barrs, H. H. H., LL.B. Jennings, G. C. H. recited, and whereas the trustee bas applied for leave to Bell, Arthur

Johnson, H. W. dieclaim such property : Now upon hearing, &c., it will Bere, J. H.

Jones, Lemuel be ordered that the trustee bave leave to disclaim such | Birch, F. J. P.

Kuott, E. F. property.

Blackburne, S. S.

Lacy, R. H. Application granted.

Blackburne, T. B.

Laidler, F. B. Solicitors for the trustee, Rodgers & Clarkson.

Bode, W. F.

Lamond, A. W. Solicitors for the East and West India Dock Company, Borlase, A, C.

Lander, J. V. T., BA, Freshfields & Newman.

Brock, G. E.

Lawrence, E. J. Solicitors for the mortgagees, Bevan & Whitting.

Brocke, Walter

Lee, F. H., B.A. Solicitor for Hill, Soames.

Brown, H. J., B.A.

Leonard, V. E.
Bulleid, G. L.

Lewis, A. S.
Bunting, C. J.

Lowe, E. A. E.

Burchell, w. W.

Lowe, H. C.
Calvert, J. o.

Malkim, James

Camm, Samuel

Martin, F. W. (Before Mr. COMMISSIONER KERR.)

Capes, F. S.

Mason, R. W.
May 17.-Gilbert v. Terry.

Challinor, E. W. S.

Maughan, Hugh Terry, solicitor, applied for an order for a new trial in

Clarke, A. W.

May, H. B. 0.
Coe, R. B.

Mayo, P. W. this case. He said it was an action brought against himself

Collingwood, A. H. by Mr. Gilbert, surveyor, of old Jewry-chambers, and tried

Meadows, D. P.
Constantine, Arthur

Millar, J. M. before his Honour and a jury, in which the plaintiff claimed

Cotton, W. J.

Milne, Oswald compensation for attending a trial at Westminster, and giving

Croker, Josias

Milne, Wilfrid evidence as a surveyor on behalf of his (Mr. Terry's) client. 'The jury found a verdict for Mr. Gilbert, and gave him

Morgan, G. H.

Crump, E. R. tbree guineas; but he (Mr. Terry) submitted that the verdict

Moxon, James

Carrey, H. E. was against the weight of evidence, that it was perverse,

Cusker, J.J.

Neill, Archibald and contrary to the direction of his Honour. There was

Dallimore, H. G.

Norwood, Charles

Dacieil, R. A., B.A. Okey, George nothing said by the plaintiff to make him (Mr. Terry)

Davies, Edward, B.A. O'Connor, A, J. personally liable, and it was held that a solicitor could

Dennis, A. B.

O'Kelly, T. C. not be held liable for the costs of a witness unless it could be shown he went out of his way to secure attend.

Denton, c. St. John

Oldfield, H, R., LL.B. ance. Assuming that he was liable, he submitted the

Oliver, A.J.
Dickinson, George
Douglas, R. K. V.

Palmer, G. A. damages were excessive. A guinea was the utmost sum

Douglas, Thomas

Pattinson, A. T. allowed to a surveyor gving evidence at a trial, and be

Down, T. L.

Pawson, J. H. contended that Mr. Gilbert would not be allowed three

Dowse, Robert

Penrose, J. C. guineas in any court. He (Mr. Terry) had been forty

Driver, J. H.

Pickering, Atkinson, jun. years in business, and never had an application like

Druce, J. A.

Pitman, A. G. the present before, but be considered there was an

Duke, Frederick

Porter, P. E. B. important professional principle involved, and upon

Duncan, R. D.

Prall, G. W. these grounds he hoped his Honour would grant a new

Dyall, George

Preston, F. s. trial,

Eagleton, John

Procter, Ricbard His Honoro said the plaintiff swore that the defendant

Edelston, P. H.

Pryce, J. D. went to him and told him he (Mr. Terry) wanted him to Edmonds, W. F. 0.

Quiggin, E. S. give evidence on behalf of his client, and the jary believed

Edmondson, R.

Raby, Samuel that the defendant was onwise enough to say a word on Edwards, C. J.

Raley, W. E. his own responsibility, and so found against him. If the

Estill, John

Richards, T. M., LL.B. two parties were agreed upon the evidence, he (the learned

Eves, C. J.

Robey, P. J. commissioner) would grant a new trial. He could not say

Farmer, J. H.

Robinson, F. W. tbat he agreed with the amount awarded, but he would

Fernandes, G. W. L. Rogers, W. S., M. A., LL.M. not disturb the verdict for that.

Fisher, B. E.

Roscoe, W. M.
Application refused, with costs.-City Press,

Gardner, James, jun. Rose, F. P.
Geach, W. L.

Salt, H. F. G.
Geary, A. R. O.

Sargeant, Albert
Goold, C. A.

Sheldon, A.S.

Gould, H. W.

Shum, Sydney
Gray, H, G.

Shute, Gay, jun.
Hall, Joha


Simpson, C. E. T. The usual monthly meeting of the board of directors of Hearn, T. R.

Smith, A. C. K. this association was held at the Law Institution, Chaucery. Henderson, G. C.

Solomon, G. E. lane, London, on Wednesday, May 11, the following | Hilton, S. O.

Stacpoole, William directors being present:-Messrs. Rickman (in the chair), Hodgson, Arthur

Swinburne, William Asker (Norwich), Brook, Hedger, Janson, Kays, Penning. Hodson, J. E.

Sykes, F. James on, Roscoe, Rose, Walters, and Woolbert, Mr. Eiffe (secre. Hope, C. E.

Tatham, L. J., B.A.

Templeton, M.
Weldon, A. W.

Condgel in 1865, and a bencher of the King's Inde in
Thompson, W. H.
Welford, G.L.

1877. He is a Commissioner of National Edacation for Turner, Alan Wilkinson, B. G., jun.

Tuttell, T. J. F.
Wilkinson, Thomas

Mr. John Jones, solicitor, of Cardiff and Pontypridd,
Tweedale, J. W.
Williams, Edwin, B.A.

has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths Uttley, J. F. Williams, F. W.

in the Supreme Court of Judicature. Uttley, Thomas F.

Williams, Rees W. Veale, E. W., LL.B.

Mr. ALFRED TRISTRAM Lawrence, barrister, has been Wills, G. T. Wade, G. E. Woods, H. T., B.A.

appointed a Magistrate for Monmouthshire. Mr. Lawrence Wannop, E. B.

wag educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he Yearsley, Samuel, jun.

graduated in the first class of the Law Tripos in 1866.

He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Hilary LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. Term, 1869, and he is a member of the Oxford Circuit. Tuesday, May 17.-Mr. Bower in the chair.-Mr. F.S. He recently acted as a Commissioner to inquire into the Randolph was elected a member. The question for dis existence of Corrapt Practices in the city of Chester. cussion was, “That the policy of the Government in Mr. CHARLES ORLEANS LLOYD, solicitor, of 10, Gray's. South African affairs has not been worthy of approval.” inn-square, has been appointed á Perpetual Commissioner The debate was opened by Mr. Lloyd Jones in support of | for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women the question, and a discussion followed, in which Messrs. I for the Counties of Middlesex and Surrey, and the Cities of Hutton and Ellis spoke in favour of, and Messrs. Wright, London and Westminster. Chater, Reed, Radford, and Napier spoke against, the ques.

Mr. John Louch, solicitor, of Langport, has been tion. Mr. Lloyd Jones having replied, the question was de

elected Clerk to the Langport Board of Guardians, Asse88cided in the negative by a majority of one vote.

ment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, in sic

cession to Mr. Horatio Frederick Foulger Warren, UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. deceased. Mr. Louch was admitted a solicitor in 1847, A meeting of this society was held on the 18th inst. at

and he is clerk to the Langport Highway Board and to Clement's-inn, Mr. W. Dowson in the chair. The motion

the Langport and Kingsbury School Boards, on the paper, “That free trade without reciprocity is in

Mr. WALTER HENRY MACNAMARA, barrister, has been apjarious to the country which adopts it," was brought

pointed by the Attorney-General to be Prosecuting Counsel forward by Mr. J. W. Phillips, who was supported by

for the Mint at the Wolverhampton, Lichheld, Hanley, and Messrs. Mott-W bitehouse, and Kains.Jackson, and opposed

Newcastle-under-Lyme Quarter Sessions. Mr. Macnamara by Messrs. Robinson, Beaumont-Morice, and Leadam. is the son of the lato Mr. Henry Macnamara, who was sucThe opener replied, and upon a division the motion was cessively a county court judge and a railway commissioner. lost by a majority of seven votes.

He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term,

1871, and he is a member of the Oxford Circuit. MANCHESTER LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

Mr. William MOTE, solicitor, of 1, South-square, Gray's

ind, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for A meeting of the above society (the first of the summer

taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married session) was held on Tuesday evening, 10th inst., at the Law Women for the Counties of Middlesex and Kent, and the Library, Cross-street, Manchester, with R. M. Pankhurst,

Cities of London and Westminster. Esq., LL.D., in the chair. The following was the subject for discussion: “Ought education in Board Schools to be

Mr. HORD NORTH, Q.C., and Mr. FREDERICK CHARLES confined to elementary subjects?Messrs. Welsb, Coward,

JAMES MILLAR, Q.C., have been elected Benchers of the Batcher, and Peacock argued on the affirmative side of the

Inner Temple. question, and Messrs. T. Price, Law, Abell, and Humphreys Mr. WILLIAM HOLLAND Stacey, solicitor, of Sheffield, supported the negative. Mr. Walsh baving replied, the

has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in chairman delivered a very instructive address on the sub the Supreme Court of Judicature. ject, and the question was decided in the affirmative by a majority of two votes. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the proceediogs.


Mr. JOHN NICHOLLS, solicitor, of 73, Gresham-street,
London, on the 14th of May, 1881, took into partnerabip

Mr. Join HOWARD GRANT, and the practice will in future LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. be carried on ander the stýle of “ John Nicholls & Grant."


STARKEY COLDICOTT (Coldicott, Canning, & Coldicott), Russell & Blaker), of Leamington, has been elected Clerk to

solicitors, Dudley and Birmingham. March 25. So far as the Leamington School Board. Mr. Blaker was admitted a

regards the said Walter Canning, who retires. solicitor in 1873.

[Gazette, May 13, 1881.] Mr. THOMAS COLLINS, barrister, who has been elected M.P. for the Borough of Knaresborough in the Conservative interest, is the son of the Rev. Thomas Collins, of Knares. borougb, and was born in 1825. He was educated at the

COMPANIES. Charterhouse and at Wadham College, Oxford, where he graduated second class in classics in 1847. He was called to

WINDING-UP NOTICES. the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1849, and he

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. was formerly a member of the Northern Circuit. Mr. Collins

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. was first elected M.P. for Knaresborough in 1851, but he was GAEWERN SLATE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, rreunsuccessful at the general election in the following year.

sented May 12, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on May 27. He again held the seat from 1857 till 1865, and from 1868

Gregory, Rowcliffe, and Co, Bedford row, agent for Davies, Dol.

gelly, solicitor for the petitioners till 1874 he was M.P. for Boston. He is a magistrate and SOUTI'YORKSHIRE AERATED WATER COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors deputy-lieutenant for the West Riding of Yorkshire.

are required, on or before June 14, to send their names and adThe Right Hop, Sir RICHARD Couch, and Mr. WILLIAM

dresses and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr Fred

Carter. 1. Cloth Hall st, Huddersfield June 28 at 11 is appointed AMBROSE, Q.C., have been elected Benchers of the Middle

for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims SCOTTISI PETROLEUM COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding

up presented May 11, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., On Mr. Joan O'HAGAN, Q.C., has been appointed third May 27. Carter, Old Jewry chbrs, solicitor for the petitioners Serjeant-at-Law in Ireland, in succession to Mr. Davis

Gazette, May 13.7

GROCERS' SOCIETY, LIMITED.-Creditors, are required, on or before Caulfield Heron, deceased. Mr. Serjeant O'Hagan is the June 14, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of Dephew and son-in-law of the Right Hon. Lord O'Hagan, their debts or claims to Arthur James Hill, Finsbury circus. July He was called to the bar at Dablin in 1845, and is a

1 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts member of the Mungter Circuit. He became a Queen's

and claims

[Gazette, May 17.)



WEBB. GEORGE HENRY, Bagshot, Surrey, Butcher. June 11. Webb HOLLY HOUSE FREEHOLD LAND SOCIETY.-The MR. has, by an

v Webb, Fry, J. Lovegrove, Windsor order, dated April 20, appointed John Armstead, St Peter's close

[Gazette, May 10.] Sheffield, to be offlcial liquidator

(Gazette, May 13.]


LAST DAY OF CLĂIM. up, presented May 10, directed to be heard before the V.C., 21, ASPLAND, ALFRED, Dukinfield, Chester, Esq. June 30. Brooks an old sg, Lincoln's inn on May 23. Johnson, Liverpool, solicitor for Co, Ashton-under-Lyne the petitioner

BLUNDELL, THOMAS, Liverpool, Fruiterer. June 26. Seaman, Liver. [Gazette, May 13.] pool


GASCOYNE, CHARLES, Chesterfield st, Mayfair, General in H.M.'s CARRVILLE FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Grange Inn, Carryille, Durham. Army. June 7. Tathams and Procter, Lincoln's inn fields May 9


Round, Tipton Rose and Crown Inn, Westgate, Bradford. May 10

HENERY, MARY ANN HANCOCK, Arlington rd, Camden Town. Jane Non-CoMMISSIONED OFFICERS' FUNERAL SOCIETY, Royal Marine 6. Indermaur and Co, Chancery lane Barracks, Chatham, May 10

HOGAN, Rev. ARTHUR RIKY, M.A., Wallington Vicarage, Oxford.

[Gazette, May 13.] July 1. Earle and Co, Manchester UNITED BROTHERS OF MARYLEBONE BENEFIT SOCIETY, Star Coffee

HOLLAND, Peter, Church Coppenhall, Chester, Farmer. Aug 6. Tavern, Wigmore st. May 12

Cooke, Crewe . [Gazette, May 17.]

HUTTON, JOIN COWARD, Blackburn, Lancaster, Cotton Manufac.

turer. May 18. Wilkinson, Blackburn JAKEMAN, HARRIETT, Shirley, Warwick, Farmer. June 1. Beale

and Groves, Birmingham
KEARTLAND, SAMUEL, Minerva terrace, Brixton rd, Ironmonger.

May 31. Stoneham and Legge, Philpot lane

LAYE, FRANCIS FENWICK, Linnholm, Southsea, Hants, Major in

H.M.'s Army. June 30. Ovans and Co, Tooley st

LEA, CHARLES, Aden terraco, Stoke Newington, Coal Merchant. MR, ROBERT THOMAS HEAD.

May 20. De Jersey and Co, Gresham st

MANNING, GEORGE, Melbourne, Victoria, Gold Digger. Nov 1. Mr. Robert Thomas Head, solicitor, of Exeter, died at his

Gasquet and Metcalfe, Idol lane, Gt Tower st residence, The Briars, Alpbington, on the 11th inst. Mr, MANNING, JOAN, Madeira villas, Twickenham, Secretary. Aug 1. Head was born in 1806, and was admitted a solicitor in

Gasquet and Metcalfe, Idol lane, Gt Tower st 1829. A few years later he settled at Exeter, where he

MARSHALL, ANNE, Headingley, Leeds. June 14, Ford and Warren,

Leeds carried on business until his death. He was formerly in McKeown, Thomas, Tottenham, Retired Banker. June 7, Green. partnership with Mr. Clement Henry Venn, and more re

field, Abchurch lane cently (for a short time) with Mr. Bartbolomew Charles

Moxon, JOSHUA, Huddersfield, Weaver. June 2. Moseley,

Huddersfield Gidley, the present town clerk of Exeter. Mr. Head had an

MUNDY, JAMES, Welford, Berks, Yeoman June 24. Pinniger, extensive practice, and he was for many years solicilor to Newbury the West of England and South Wales Land Drainage and

MURPHY, JOSEPI, Lewisham, Kent, Forter. June 18. Martin,

Dublin Inclosure Company, the Exeter Building Society, and the

NORTH, SARAH, Barnsbury grove, Islington. May 28. Lane and Exeter branch of the London Association for the Protection Andrews, Essex st; Strand of Trade. He took an active part in municipal business.

PALATIANO, HENRY LEONIDAS HARTLEY DE, Mancreifed, Boncarth, He had been three times mayor of Exeter, and he was at the

Cardigan, Gent. July 1. Fussell and Co, Bristol

POWELL, EDWARD GRIFFITH, Coedmawr, Carnarvon, Esq. June 18. time of his death an alderman for the city. Mr. Head bad Roberts and Thomas, Carnarvon long been in bad health. His son, Mr. Robert William RICHARDSON, WILLIAM, Scarborough, York, Gent. June 1. Watts, Head, solicitor, died only a few months ago, and more


ROBSON, WILLIAM, South Shields, Ship Surveyor. July 1. Duncan recently he had lost his wife.

and Duncan, South Shields
SAINSBURY, MARY ANN, Liverpool. June 6. Norris and Sons,

SHAYLE, GEORGE, Bosbury, Hereford, Gent. June 24, Masefield

and Sons, Ledbury
STORK, WILLIAM, Birkby, Huddersfield, Yarn Spinner. May 25.

Pennington, Bolton
SYBRAY, CHARLES Bower, Matlock, Derby, Gent. June 1. Potter,

Matlock Bridge

Son, Covent Garden BELMORE, JOIN, Harlesdon, Gent. June 3. Woodgate v Belemore,

Toplis, CHARLES, Eastwood, Nottingham, Gent. July 1. Dowson

and Wright, Nottingham M.R. Peace, Grocer's hall ct, Poultry Blight, Thomas, East Stonehouse, Devon, Gent. June 3. Blight

WHELDON, Tuomas, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. June 8.

Ansell. Birmingham v Luxon, M.R. Curteis, Stonehouse

Gazette, May. 3.] CHARLESWORTI, SARAU GOMMERSALL, Clifton, Bristol. June 13.

BOUSFIELD, MARY ANN, Kendal, Westmoreland. June 11. Harrison Brenan v Simes, Fry, J. Cartwright, Lothbury

and Milne, Kendal HALLETT, JAMES, Swiss Cottage Tavern, St John's wood, Licensed

BULL, GEORGE, Nottingham, Gent. July 15. Speed, Nottingham Victualler. May 27. Hallett v Hicks, V.C. Bacon. Arnold, Wel.

CROMPTON, HANNAH MARGARET, Grove lane, Camberwell. June 4. lington st, Strand

Morris, Aldermanbury Postern IRVING, JOIN, Maryport, Cumberland, Farmer. June 1. Steele v CROWE, MICHAEL JOSEPH, Ipswich, Suffolk, Superannuated Police Mark, V.C. Hall. Tyson and Hobson, Maryport

Officer. May 14. Mills, Ipswich ISAAC, JOHN, Highampton, Devon, Yeoman. June 10. Dennis v ELWES, ROBERT HAMOND, Côngham House, Norfolk, Esq. June 6. Isaac, Fry, J. Fulford, North Tawton

Hamond, Lincoln's inn fields JESSOP, Jonx, Swineshead, Lincoln, Farmer. June 3. Bagg V

FARRAR, THOMAS, Chapelfield within Pilkington, Lancaster, BeerGroom, V.C. Hall, Staniland and Wigelsworth, Boston

house Keeper. May 30. Grundy and Son, Manchester JOXES, MORGAN, Llantwit juxta Neath, Glamorgan, Farmer. June

FOLEY, FRANCIS STEPHEN, Ridgway Oaks, Enfield, Collar Manu.

facturer. June 13. Shearman, Gresham st 3. Jones v Thomas, V.C. Bacon. Scale, Neath

Fyffe, ELIZA, Windsor rd, Holloway. June 4. Newbon and Co, SMITI, WILLIAM, Elvington, York, Farmer. May 25. Smith v Smith,

Wardrobe pl, Doctor's commons V.C. Hall. Burland, South Cave, York

GOODMAN, RICHARD, Holloway rd, Grocer. June 7. Houghtons STOKES, JOIN MILBOURNE, Clanricarde gardens, Bayswater, M.D. and Byfield, Gracechurch st Oct 1. Stokes v DuCros, Fry, J, Henley, Lincoln's inn fields

HAMMOND, WILLIAM, Hunton, Kent, Miller. June 24. Monckto THOMAS, RICHARD PRICE, Disserth, Radnor, Gent. June 11, Thomas and Co, Maidstono v Thomas, Fry, J. Stephens, Presteign

HANBURY, REGINALD GEORGE, Portman sq, Esq. Jume 5. Walls and WETIERELL, JOIN MIDDLETOX, Darlington, Cab Proprietor. June Co, Queen Victoria st 3. Greathead v Harrison, M.R. Hutchinson, Darlington

JAMES, WILLIAM, Oxford, Gent. July 1. Hazel and Baines,


(Gazette, May 6.] JOWSEY, JANE, Longhorsley, Northumberland, June 4. MidleBARKER, EMMA ANN, Longridge rd, Earlscourt. "June 15. Gregg v mas, Alnwick Barker, V.C. Hall. Lydall, Southampton buildings, Chancery | LANGOIS, HENRY EDWIX, Warren st, Fitzroy sq. June 10. Easton,

Clifford's inn CRAVEN, JOnn, Bradford, York, Woolstapler, June 7. Bradford | LOWE, Anx, Ardwick, Manchester. July 1. Fox, Manchester

Banking Company, Limited, v Craven, M.R. Hutton, Bradford MACLEOD, the Right Honourable Sir JOHN MACPHERSOX, K.C.8.1., ILDERTON, Axxe MARI, Newcastle upon Tyne. May 31, Ilderton Stanhope st. July 5. Maples and Co. Frederiok's pl, Old Jewry v Izat, Fry, J. Bruce, Bishop Auckland

MARTIN, SARAH, Richmond, Surrey. June 1. Hird, NewingtoLLAKEMAN, JOHN, Lanteglos by Camelford, Wadebridge, Cornwall, causeway Gent. June 6. Lakeman v Male, M.R. Dutton, Churton st, MEGAW, JOHN GEORGE, Cannon st, Esq. July 31. Chapple and Pimlico

Co, Carter lane LARLIAM, JANE SARAH, Gt Yarmouth, Lodging house Keeper. June | MOORE, WILLIAM, Sunderland, Durham, Master Mariner. June 13 7. Arnold v Scott, V.C. Bacon, Clowes, Gt Yarmouth

Ellis and Boulton, Sunderland



NENDICK, WILLIAM, Great Baraugh, York, Farmer. May 14. Jack | DAVENPORT, Isaac, Claverley, Salop, Gent. June 22. Flewker and son, Malton

Page, Wolverhampton OPENSHAW, ROBERT, Sutton, Surrey, Esq. June 18. Stevenson Eaton, JAMES, Birmingham, Brass Caster. June 24. Hawkes and and Co, Manchester

Weekes, Birmingham PAINE, WALTER, Wallsall, Stafford, Wine Merchant. May 31. EDWARDS, ELIZABETH, Reading, Berks. June 4. Beale and Martin, Barnes and Russell, Lichfield

Reading Perks, BENJAMIN, Birmingham, Cooper, July 30. Russell, Bir Elwyn, JAMES, Norwich, Baker. July 1. Miller and Co, Norwich mingham

EPPS, ALEXANDER, Chilham, Kent, Builder. June 20. Furley, POWELL, EDWARD GRIFFITI, Coedmawr, Carnarvon, Esq. June Canterbury 18. Roberts and Thomas, Carnarvon

FAVELL, ERNEST, Leeds, Cloth Merchant, June 30. Killick and Co, Ra SDEN, SARAH, Ivy Lodge, Twickenham, June 15. Farrar and Bradford Co, Lincoln's inn fields

GALTON, THEODORE HOWARD, Hadzor House, Worcester, Esq. RICHLEY, JANE, Corbridge, Northumberland. July 1. Clayton July 1. Blount and Co, King st Cheapside and Gibson, Newcastle upon Tyne

GAYFER, THOMAS, Linton, Cambridge, Merchant. June 21. Ack. SHUM, FREDERICK, Monewden, near Wickham Market, Suffolk land and Son, Saffron Walden

Clerk in Holy Orders. June 15. Johnson and Master, Southamp, GRIFFIN, Mary Anx, Tring, Hertford. June 24. Vaisey, Tring ton bldgs, Chancery lane

GUEST, JOHN, Hulme, Manchester. June 30. Partington and Allen, Swith HAERY, Norfolk crescent, Hyde park, Clerk in Holy Orders. Manchester June 6. Tompson and Co, Stone bldgs, Lincoln's inn

HAMLIN, THOMAS, Redhill, Wrington, Somerset. June 24. SympSMITH, HENRY STOOKS, Headingley, Leeds, Gent. June 20. Hors son Whitty, Redhill fall and Latimer, Leeds

HOPCRAFT, RICHARD, Wendover, Buckingham, Butcher. June 24. SMITH, Joux, Sheffield, Ivory Cutter. June 7. Ibbotson, Sheffield Vaisey, Tring SOWIEB, WILLIAM, Duffleld, Derby, Farmer. June 3. Moody, JARACZEWSKI, Count MIECISLAW, Bennett st, Westminster. July 20. Derby

Fielder and Sumners, Godliman st. Doctors' Commons STRICKLAND, ROBERT, Bristol, Retired Fishmonger. June 2. Gregory JONES, JOHN, Penderyn, Brecon, Tailor, June 6. Lloyd, Lamand Son, Bristol

peter TARGETT, JAMES JOHNSON, Durrington, Wilts, Yeoman. June 18. Jones, MARY Anx, Newport, Monmouth. June 1. Jones, Philhar. Wilson and Sons, Salisbury

monic chmbrs, Cardiff TAYLOR, JOHN, Croxton Hall, Chester, Farmer. July 1, Bygott, KENDALL, WALTER WILLIAM, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Clerk in Holy Middlewich

Orders. July 1. Young 2nd Co, St Mildred's ct, Poultry TURNER, MARY ANN, East Grinstead, Sussex. May 31. Head and LIVERSEED, JANE COLLINSON, Ward st, Sunderland. June 6. RanSons, East Grinstead

son and Nelson, Sunderland UNSWORTH, MARY, Liverpool. June 14. Whitley and Co, Liverpool | LOVELL, JOHN, Birmingham, Clerk of Works. June 24. Hawkes WELFORD, ROBERT SETH ALFRED, Newcastle upon Tyne, Gent. and Weekes, Birmingham Clayton and Gibson, Newcastle upon Tyne

MORETON-DYER, KATHARINE ELIZABETH, Pembridge villas, BaysWRIGHT, SAMUEL, Wolverhampton, Innkeeper. July 1. Smith, water, June 15, Reginald Malmesbury Moreton-Dyer, London Wolverhampton

rd, Forest Hill [Gazette, May 6.] MORRIS, JOHN, Birmingham, Commercial Clerk. June 24. Hawkes

and Weekes, Birmingham BAKER, WILLIAM, Warwick st, Pimlico, Cheesemonger, June 20.

MORRISON, JOnn, Scarborough, Gent. May 30. Woodall and Lawrence, Chancery lane

Woodall, Scarborough BARCLAY, MARY ELIZABETH, Airfield Grange Park, Ealing. June 21.

NEEDHAM, JOSEPH, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick. June 24, Hawkes Booty and Bayliffe, Raymond bldgs, Gray's inn

and Weekes, Birmingham BRAHAM, Isaac, Gorion, Lancaster, Gent. June 7. Slater and Co,

North, ROBERT EGGLESTON, Old Normanton, Derby, Railway Clerk. Manchester

June 1. Potter, Derby BROADBENT, AMON Platt, Liverpool, Gent. June 3. Bellringer and Cunliffe, Liverpool

PARKS, JOSEPH, Harborne, Stafford, Hardware Factor. June 24.

Hawkes and Weekes, Birmingham CARTER, ABRAHAM, West Tytherton, nr Chippenham, Wilts, Farmer.

PEARSON, CHARLOTTE AUGUSTA, Sidney st, Chelsea. June 21. June 21. Keary and Co, Chippenham

Gold and Son, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane CHURCH, WILLIAM, Biggleswade, Bedford, Brickmaker. June 7.

PEARSON, HENRY, Harrington st, Hampstead rd, Artist. July 1. Hunnybun and Sons, Huntingdon

Winter and Francis, Norwich CLAYDOX, CHARLES, Shepherd's Bush, Gent. June 20. Hadden

PERRY, Rev WILLIAM PARKER, Stadhampton, Oxford, Olerk. June and Co, Chancery lane

15. Freeman and Bothamley, Queen st CLIFF, Anx, Bowdon, Chester. June 13. Chapman and Co,

PICKLES, ELIZABETH, High rd,'Well, Halifax. June 10. Edwards Manchester

Hill, Harrison rd CROWDEB, JAMES PECOLIER, Ripley, Surrey, Gent. June 16.

POPE, FREDERICK, St Mary's terrace, Paddingion, Retired Licensed Wilson, Bedford row

Victualler. June 14. Stubbs, John st, Bedford row. DONALD, OWEN, Nottingham. Gent. June 24. Watson and Co,

SALTER, ROBERT, Harwich, Essex, Carpenter. June 2. Elijah Nottingham

Race, Harwich DOWSING, EDWARD HUGH, Brighton, Sussex, Physician. June 11.

VERE, Joun, Carlton upon Trent, Notts, Esg, J.P. June 24. Foster, Queen st place

Wordsworth and Co, Threadneedle st EDINGTON, SARAH, Upper Montagu st, Montagu sq. Ju

une 24. Surr

WOODBRIDGE, JOSEPH, Balsall Heath, Worcester, Coach Maker. and Co, Abchurch lane

June 24. Hawkes and Weekes, Birmingham
GARDINER, JOHN, Richmond, Surrey. June 10. Cam, Birmingham
GILLHAM, THOMAS, Frimley, Surrey, Tailor. June 20. Lindsay

WRIGHT, RICHARD ATKINSON, Tockwith, York, Farmer. June 10.

Russell, Lenda) York and Co, Basinghall st

[Gazette, May 13.] GRANT, LAURA ANN, Kingsland rd. July 5. Collings, Strand HANDWICKE, WILLIAM, Hendon, M.D. June 18. Marchant, Fulham

pl, Paddington HIRST, THOMAS, Huddersfield, Wool Merchant. June 15. Mills and Bibby, Huddersfield

HOGGARD, GEORGE, Holbeck, Leeds, Tailor. June 4. Scott, Leeds
HOWELL, THOMAS JOSEPH, Clifton, Bristol, Engineer. June 15.

Smith, Nailsworth
JEGGINS, EDWARD, East Molesey, Surrey, Gent. June 21. Bullen,

JONES, JOIX, Mold, Flint, Farmer. June 24. Kelly and Keene, Mold

MAY 12.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. MICHAEL, CLEMENT, Yellowspring, Ohio, North America. July 1. Private BILLS.-Barry Port and North-Western Jonc. Watney and Co, Clement's lane

tion Railway, Eastbourne Water, Elbam Valley Light POETIS, MARGARET, Creaton, Northampton. June 30. Cookson and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn

Railway, Beverley Water. RHODES, MANOAH, Bradford, York, Silversmith, June 30. Rhodes, Stolen Goods, Elementary Education Provisional Order Bradford

Confirmation (London), Elementary Education Provisional SAMLEB, CATHERINE, Linpley Stoke, Wilts. June 6. Murly and

Order Confirmation (Clay Lape).
Co, Bristol
SHEED, HENRY, Taukau, Auckland, New Zealand, Farmer. June

10. Dutton, Throgmorton st
STACPOOLE, VALLENS RICHARD COmex, Captain, Merchant Service. Inland Revenue Buildings.

Aug 22. Wynne and Son, Lincoln's inn fields
STEEL, RICHARD, Lucas pi, Commercial rd East, Tax Collector. MAY 13.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.
June 12. Fleet, Hatton Garden

Private Bills. — West Lancasbire Railway, Watford
TODD, Rev. JOHN, Scorton, York. Aug 5. Hunton, Richmond
WILKINSOX, Axx, Burnby, York. June 30. Powell and Sargent,

| and Rickmansworth Railway, Swansea Corporation Loang,. Pocklington

London and North-Western and Midland Railways (Market WILKINSON, ROBERT, Burnby, York, Farmer, June 30. Powell and Harborough, &c.), St. Helen's and District Tramways, Sargent, Pocklington

Gosport-street Tramways (Extensions), Goole and District WOLFE, HENRY, Southampton, Gent. June 24. Cottman, Blomfield i Bt, Harrow rd

Gas and Water, Burton-upon-Trent (Station-street Exten

[Gazette, May 10.7 sion) Railway, Alnwick Gas, North British Railway BEAN, MARY, Lamesley. Durham. July 9. Kenmir, Gateshead (General Powers), Milford Haven Dock and Railway.. BUIDSON, HENRY, Dartmouth, Devon, Bleacher. Aug 1. Watkins Leicester Improvement, Lancashire County Jastices,

and Son, Bolton BTIKE, JAMES ST GEORGE, Auberies, nr Sudbury, Suffolk, Esq, Q.C.

Cleator Moor Local Board, Aylesbury and Rickmansworth June 18. Remnant and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

CARTWRIGHT, Rev WILLIAM HENRY, Wrington, (Somerset, M.A., Local Government Provisional Orders (Bath, &c.). Local

Clerk. June 30. Perham, Bristol
Cox, JONATHAN, Sandridge, nr St Alban's, Hertford, Farmer.

Government (Highways) Provisional Order (York), Locab. June 20. Beal, Sessions House, Clerkenwell

Government Provisional Order (Poor Law).

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