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LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. Tuesday, May 17.—Mr. Bower in the chair.—Mr. F. S. Randolph was elected a member. The question for discussion was, "That the policy of the Government in South African affairs has not been worthy of approval." The debate was opened by Mr. Lloyd Jones in support of the question, and a discussion followed, in which Messrs. Button and Ellis spoke in favour of, and Messrs. Wright, Chater, Reed, Radford, and Napier spoke against, the question. Mr. Lloyd Jones having replied, the question was decided in the negative by a majority of one vote.

UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. A meeting of this society was held on the 18th inst. at Clement's-inn, Mr. W. Dowson in the chair. The motion on the paper, "That free trade without reciprocity is injurious to the country which adopts it," was brought forward by Mr. J. W. Phillips, who was supported by Messrs. Mott-Whitehouse, and Kains-Jackson, and opposed by Messrs. Robinson, Beaumont-Moriee, and Leadam. The opener replied, and upon a division the motion was lost by a majority of seven votes.


A meeting of the above society (the first of the summer session) was held on Tuesday evening, 10th inst., at the Law Libraty, Cross-street, Manchester, with R. M. Pankhurst, Esq., LL.D., in the chair. The following was the subject for discussion: "Ought education in Board Schools to be confined to elementary subjects?" Messrs. Welsh, Coward, Batcher, and Peacock argued on the affirmative side of the question, and Messrs. T. Price, Law, Abell, and Humphreys supported the negative. Mr. Walsh having replied, the chairman delivered a very instructive address on the subject, and the question was decided in the affirmative by a majority of two votes. A vote of thanks to the chairman concluded the proceedings.


Mr. Charles Isaacson Blaker, solicitor (of the firm of Russell & Blaker), of Leamington, has been elected Clerk to the Leamington School Board. Mr. Blaker waB admitted a solicitor in 1873.

Mr. Thomas Collins, barrister, who has been elected M.P. for the Borough of Knaresborongh in the Cous°rvative interest, is the son of the Rev. Thomas Collins, of Knaresborough, and was born in 1825. He was educated at the Charterhouse and at Wadham College, Oxford, where he graduated second class in classics in 1847. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Easter Term, 1819, and he was formerly a member of the Northern Circuit. Mr. Collins was first elected M.P. for Knaresborough in 1851, but he was unsuccessful at the general election in the following year. He again held the sent from 1857 till 1865, and from 1868 till 1874 he was 41. P. for Boston. He is a magistrate and deputy-lieutenant lor tho West Riding of Yorkshire.

The Right Hon. Sir Richard Couch, and Mr. William Ambrose, Q.C., have been elected Benchers of the Middle Temple.

Mr. John O'hagan, Q.C., has been appointed third Serjeant-at-Law in Ireland, in succession to Mr. Davis Caulfield Heron, deceased. Mr. Serjeant O'Hagan is the nephew and son-in-law of the Right Hon. Lord O'Hagan. He was called to the bar at Dublin in 1845, and is a member of the Munater Circuit. He became a Queen's

Counsel in 1865, and a bencher of the King's Inns in 1877. He ia a Commissioner of National Education for Ireland.

Mr. John Jones, solicitor, of Cardiff and Pontypridd, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. Alfred Tristram Lawrence, barrister, has been appointed a Magistrate for Monmouthshire. Mr. Lawrence was educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where be graduated in the first class of the Law Tripos in 1866. He was oalled to the bar at the Middle Temple in Hilary Term, 1869, and he is a member of the Oxford Circuit. He recently acted as a Commissioner to inquire into the existence of Corrnpt Practioes in the city o( Chester.

Mr. Charles Orleans Llotd, solicitor, of 10, Gray'sinn-square, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the Counties of Middlesex and Surrey, and the Cities of London and Westminster.

Mr. John Louch, solioitor, of Lanorport, has been elected Clerk to the Langport Board of Guardians, Assessment Committee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, in succession to Mr. Horatio Frederiok Foulger Warren, deceased. Mr. Lonoh was admitted a solicitor in 1847, and he is clerk to the Langport Highway Board and to the Langport and Kingsbury School Boards.

Mr. Walter Henry Macnamara, barrister, has been appointed by the Attorney-General to be Prosecuting Counsel for the Mint at the Wolverhampton, Lichheld, Hanloy, and Newcastle-under-Lyme Quarter Sessions. Mr. Macnamara is the son of the late Mr. Henry Macnamara, who was successively a county court judge and a railway commissioner. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1871, and he is a member of the Oxford Circuit.

Mr. William Mote, solicitor, of 1, South-square, Gray'sinD, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the Counties of Middlesex and Kent, and the Cities of London and Westminster.

Mr. Ford North, Q.C., and Mr. Frederick Charles James Millar, Q.O., have been elected Benchers of the Inner Temple.

Mr. William Holland Stacey, solicitor, of Sheffield, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Conrt of Judicature.

PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED AND NEW PARTNERSHIPS. Mr. John Nicholls, solioitor, of 73, Gresham-street, London, on the 14th of May, 1881, took into partnership Mr. John Howard Grant, and the praotioe will in future be carried on under the style of "John Nioholls & Grant."

Henry Coldicott, Walter Canning, and Henry Starkey Coldicott (Coldicott, Canning, & Coldicott), solicitors, Dudley and Birmingham. March 25. So far as regards the said Walter Canning, who retires.

{Gazette, May 13, 1881.]


Joint Stock Companies.
Limited In Chancery.

G Iewern Slate Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented May 12, directed to be heard before Hall.V.C, on May 27. Gregory, Rowclifto, and Co, Bedford row, agent for Davies, Dolgelly, solicitor for the petitioners

South Yorkshihe Aebatkd Water Company, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before June 14, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Mr Frod Carter, 1, Cloth Hall st, Hndderslield Juno 28 at 11 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Scottish Petholbom tCoMPA»Y, Limited.—Petition for winding up presented May 11, directed to bo heard before Hall, V.C., on May 27. Carter, Old Jewry chbrs, solicitor for the petitioners

Gazette. May 13.1

Grocers' Society, Limited.—Creditors, are required, on or lieforo Juno 14, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of thoir debts or claims to Arthur James Hill, Finabury circus. July 1 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

[.Gazette, May 17.1


Holit House Freehold Lakd Society.—The M.R. has, by an order, dated April 20, appointed John Annslead, St Peter's close, Sheffield, to be official liquidator

IGasttte, May 13.]

County Palaxijtb Op Lancaster. Aschoft, Robinson, And Wilson, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented May 10, directed to be heard before the V.C., 21, Old s<j, Lincoln's inn on May 23. Johnson, Liverpool, solicitor for the petitioner

[Gazette, May 13.] Friehdly Societies Dissolved. Caebville Friendly Society, Grange Inn, Carrville, Durham. May 9

Liberty Lodge, Independent Order Of The Golden Fleece, Hose anil Crown Inn, "Westgate, Bradford. May 10

Non-commissioned Officers' Funekal Socikty, Royal Marine Barracks, Chatham. May 10

[Gazette, May 13.]

United Brothers Of Mabylebone Benefit Society, Star Coffee Tavern, Wigmore st. May 12

[Gazette, May 17.J


MR. ROBERT THOMAS HEAD. Mr. Robert Thomas Head, solicitor, of Exeter, died at his residence, The Briars, Alpbington, on the 11th inst. Mr. Head was born in 1806, and was admitted a solicitor in 1829. A few years later he settled at Exeter, where he carried on business until his death. He was formerly in partnership with Mr. Clement Henry Venn, and more recently (for a short time) with Mr. Bartholomew Charles Gidley, the present town clerk of Exeter. Mr. Head had an extensive practice, and lie was for many years solicitor to the West of England and South Wales Land Drainage and Inelosure Company, the Exeter Building Society, and the Exeter braiich of the London Association for the Protection of Trade. He t>ok an active part in municipal business. He had been three times mayor of Exeter, and he was at the time of his death an alderman for the city. Mr. Head bad long been in bad health. His Sod, Mr. Robert William Heal, solicitor, died only a few months ago, and more recently he had lost his wife.



Bklmore, John, Harlcsdon, Gent. June 3. Woodgate v Belemore,

M.R. Peace, Grocer's hall ct, Poultry Blight. Thomas, East Stonehou^e, Dovon, Gent. June 3. Blight

v Luxon, M.R. Curteis, Stonehouse Ch.vrlksworth, Sarah Gommrrsall, Clifton, Bristol. June 13.

Brenan v &imos, Fry, J. Cartwright, Lothbury Hallett, .tamks, Swiss Cottage Tavern, St John's wood, Licensed

Victualler. May 27. Hallett, v Hicks, V.C. Bacon. Arnold, Wellington st, Strand Irving, John, Maryport, Cumberland, Farmer. Juno 1. Steele v

Mark, V.C, Hall. Tyson and Hobson, Maryport Isaac, John, Highampton, Devon, Yeomnn. June 10. Dennis v

Isaac, Fry, J. Fulford, North Tawton Jessop, JonN, Swincshead, Lincoln, Farmer. June 3. Bagg v

Groom, V.C. Hall. Staniland and Wigolsworth, Boston Jones, Morgan, Llantwit juxta Neath, Glamorgan, Farmer. June

3. Jones v Thomas, V.C. Bacon. Scale, Neath Smith-, William, Elvington, York, Farmer. May 25. Smith v Smith,

V.C. Hall. Burland, South Cave, York Stokhs, John Milbocrne, Clanricardo gardons, Bayswater, M.D.

Oct 1. Stokes v DuCros, Fry, J, Henley, Lincoln's inn fields Thomas, Richard Price, Diaserth, Radnor, Gent. June 11. Thomas

v Thomas, Fry, J. Stephens, Prcsteign Wetherell, John Middlktox, Darlington, Cab Proprietor. June

3. Greathead v Harrison, M.R. Hutchinson, Darlington

[Gazette, May 6.] Barker, Emma Ann, Longridge rd, Earlscourt. June 15. Gregg v Barker, V.C. Hall. LydalT, Southampton buildings, Chancery lane

Crwkn, John, Bradford, York, Woolstapler. June 7. Bradford

Banking Company, Limited, v Craven, M.R. Hutton, Bradford Ildbrton, Assk M Ary, Newcastle upon Tync. May 31. Ilderton

v Izat, Fry, J. Bruce, Bishop Auckland L\kemak, Joan-, Lantcglos by Camelford, Wadebridge, Cornwall,

Gent June 6. Lakeuian v Male, M.R. Dutton, Churton st,


Larlham, Jkne Sarah, Gt Yarmouth, Lodging house Keeper. June 7. Arnold v Scott, V.C. Bacon. Clowes, Gt Yarmouth

Webb. Georgb Henry, Bagshot, Surrey, Butcher. June 11. Webb v Webb, Fry, J. Lovegrove, Windsor

[Gazettet May 10.]


Aspland, Alfred, Dukinfield, Chester, Esq. June 30. Brooks an Co, Ashton-under-Lyno

Blundell, Thomas, Liverpool, Fruiterer. June 20. Seaman, Liverpool

Foabd, Elizabeth, Deo st,* Bromley. June 11. Chew, Leyton Gascoyne, Cuables, Chesterfield st, Mayfair, General in H.M.'s

Army. Juue 7. Tathams and Procter, Lincoln's inn fields Hammond, James, Tipton, Stafford, Mining Surveyor. June 21.

Round, Tipton

Henery, Mary Ann Hancock, Arlington rd, Camden Town. Jane

6. Indermaur and Co, Chancery lane Hogan, Rev. Arthur Riky, M.A., Wallington Vicarage, OrfonL

July 1. Earle and Co, Manchester Holland, Petbb, Church Coppenhall, Chester, Farmer. Aug 6.

Cooke, Crewe

Hvtton, John Coward, Blackburn, Lancaster, Cotton Mtnufac

turer. May 18. Wilkinson, Blaokburn Jakeman, Harriett, Shtrloy, Warwick, Farmer. June 1. Beale

and Groves, Birmingham Kkabtland, Samuel, Minerva terrace, Brixton rd, Ironmonger.

May 31. Stoneham and Legge, Philpot lano Lays, Francis Fenwick, Linnholm, Southsea, Hants, Major in

H.M.'s Army. June 30. Ovans and Co, Tooley st Lea, Charles, Aden terrao?, Stoke Newington, Coal Merchant.

May 20. De Jersey and Co, Gresham st Manning, George, Melbourne, Victoria, Gold Digger. Nov 1.

Gasquet and Metcalfe, Idol lane, Gt Tower st Manning, John, Madeira villas, Twickenham, Secretary. Augl.

Gasquet nnd Metcalfe, Idol lane, Gt Tower st Marshall, Anne, Headingley, Leods. June 14. Ford andWarren,


Mckkown, Thomas, Tottenham, Retired Banker. June 7, Greenfield, Alichurch lane

Moxon, Joshua, Huddersfield, Weaver. June 2. Moseley, Hudderefield

Mundy, James, Welford, Berks, Yeoman- Juue 24. Pinaiger, Newbury

Murphy, Joseph, Lewisham, Keni, Porter. June 13. Martin, Dublin

North, Sarah, Barnsbury grove, Islington. May 2$. Lane and

Andrews, Essex st; Strand Palatiano, Henry Leonidas Hartley De, Mancreifed, Boncarth,

Cardigan, Gent. July 1. Fussell and Co, Bristol Powell, Edward Griffith, Coedmawr, Carnarvon, Esq. jQDfil^

Roberts and Thomas, Carnarvon Richardson, William, Scarborough, York, Gent. June 1. Watte,


Robbon, William, South Shields, Ship Surveyor. Julyl. Duncri

and Duncan, South Shields Sainsbury, Mary Ann, Liverpool. June G. Norris and Sots,


Shayle, George, Bosbury, Hereford, Gent. June 24. Masefiell

and Sons, Ledbury Stork, William, Birkby, Huddersfiotd, Yarn Spinner. May 23.

Pennington, Bolton Sybray, Charles Bower, Matlock, Derby, Gent. June 1. Potter,

Matlock Bridge

Tidey, Henrietta Harriett, Edgwaro rd. June 7. Hughesaad

Son, Covent Garden Toplis, Charles, Eastwood, Nottingham, Gent. July 1. Dowion

and Wright, Nottingham Wkeldon, Thomas, Birmingham, Licensed Victualler. June S.

A Birmingham

[ Gazette, May. 3.]

Bousfikld, Mary Ann, Kendal, Westmoreland. June 11. Harrison and Milne, Kendal

Bull, Ghorgk, Nottingham, Gent. July 15. Speed, Nottingham

Crompton, Hannah Margaret, Grove lane, Cuuiberwcll. Juue-*. Morris, Aldcrmanbury Postern

Crowe, Michael Joseph, Ipswich, Suffolk, Superannuated Pulic: omcer. May 14. Mills, Ipswich

Elwes, Robert Hamond, Coiurham House, Norfolk, Esq. Juuc6. Hamond, Lincoln's inn fields

Faerae, Thomas, Chapelfleld within Pilkington, Lancaster, Beerhouse Keeper. May 30. Grundy and Son, Manchester

Foley, Francis Stephen, Ridgway Oaks, Enfield, Collar Manufacturer. June 13. Shearman, Gresham at

Fypfr, Eliza, Windsor rd, Holloway. Juno -i. Newbon ami O, Wardrobe pi, Doctor's commons

Goodman, Richard, Holloway rd, Grocer. June 7. Houghtous and Bytield, Graccchurch st

Hammond, Wtlliam, Hunton, Kent, Miller. June 21. Mocctton and Co, Maidstono

Hanbury, Reginald George, Portman sq, Esq. June 5. Walls an' Co, Queen Victoria st.

Jam us, William, Oxford, Gent. July 1. Hazel and BaiuUN Oxford

Jowsey, Jans, Longhorsley, Northumberland. June 4. Mia*» mas, Alnwick

Langoik, Henry Edwin, Warren st, Fiteroy sq. June 10. East Mi, Clifford's inn

Lowe, Ann, Ardwick, Manchester. July 1. Fox, Manchester Maclkod, the Right Honourable Sir John M A Cphrrson, KA'.^ 1.

Stanhope st. July 5. Maples and Co. Frederick's pU Old Jewry Martin, Sarah, Richmond, Surrey. June I. Hird, Newwgva.


Megaw, John Geob&e, Cannon Bt, Esq. July 31. Chappie MSd Co, Carter lane

Moore, William, Sunderland, Durham, Master Mariner. Jane 1*. Ellis and Boulton, Sunderland

NsiTDicr, William, Great Baraugh, York, Farmer. May 11. Jack" son, ifalton

Opishhaw, Kobeet, Sutton, Surrey, Esq. June IS. Stevenson and Co, Manchester

Paixk, Waltek, Wallsall, Stafford, Wino Merchant. May 31. Barnes and Russell, Lichfield

Pebks, Bejtjamix, Birmingham, Cooper. July 30. Russell, Birmingham

Powell, Edwabd Griffith, Coedmawr, Carnarvon, Esq. June

IS. Rol>erte and Thomas, Carnarvon Baxsdex, Sarah, Ivy Lodge, Twickenham. June 15. Farrar and

Co, Lincoln's inn fields Richlev, Jane, Corbridpe, Northumberland. July 1. Clayton

and Gibson, Newcastle upon Tyne Shch, Frederick, Monewden, near Wickham Market, Suffolk

Clerk in Holy Orders. June 15. Johnson and Master, Southamp*

ton bldgs. Chancery lane Smith Habht, Norfolk crescent, Hyde park, Clerk in Holy Orders.

June 6. Tompson and Co, Stone bldgs, Lincoln's inn SiiiTii, Hexby Stooks, Headingley, Leeds, Gent. Juno 20. Hors

fall and Latimer. Leeds Smith, John, Sheffield, Ivory Cutter. June 7. Ibbotson, Sheffield Sowteu, William, Duffleld, Derby, Farmer. June 3. Moody,


SrsicKLAxn, Robeht, Bristol, Retired Fishmonger. June 2. Gregory and Son, Bristol

Takgett, Jambs JonifsoiT, Durrington, Wilts, Yeoman. June IS.

Wilson and Sons, Salisbury Taylor, Johx, Croxton Hall, Chester, Farmer. July 1. Bygott,


Ttkxek, Mary Axs, East Grinstead, Sussex. May 31. Head and

Sons, East Grinstead Fmsworth, Mary, Liverpool. June 14. Whitley and Co, Liverpool Wklpobd, Robkkt Seth Alfred, Newcastlo upon Tyne, Gent.

Clayton and Gibson, Newcastle upon Tyne Wright, Samuel, Wolverhampton, Innkeeper. July 1. Smith,


lOasette, May 0.]

Baker, William, Warwick st, Pimlico, Cheesemonger. Juno 20.

Liiwrenee. Chancery lane Babclat, Mart Klizabetii, Airfield Grange Park, Ealing. June 21.

Booty and Bay 1 iffe, Raymond bldgs. Gray's inn Bhaham, Isaac, Gorton, Lancaster, Gent. June 7. Slater and Co,


Bboasbxnt, Amos Platt, Liverpool, Gent. June 3. Bellringer

and Cunliffe, Liverpool Carter, Abraham, West Tytherton, nr Chippenham, Wilts, Farmer.

June 24. Keary and Co, Chippenham Chibch, William, Biggleswade, Bedford, Brickmaker. June 7.

Hunnybnn and Sons, Huntingdon Claydov, Charles, Shepherd's Bush, Gont. Juno 20. Hodden

nml Co, Chancery lano Cliff, Ank, Bovrdon, Chester. June 13. Chapman and Co,


Cbowdeb, James Pbcolibb, Ripley, Surrey, Gont. Juno 16.

Wilson, Bedford row Dostald, Owen, ^Nottingham. Gent. June 21. Watson and Co,


Dowsing, Edward Hugh, Brighton, Sussex, Physician. June 11.

Foster, Queen st place Edingtoit, Sar Ah , Upper Montagu st, Montagu sq. Juno 21. Surr

and Co, Abchurch lane Gardiner, John, Richmond, Surrey. June 10. Cam,Birmingham Gilluaii, Thomas, Frimley, Surrey, Tailor. Juno 20. Lindsay

and Co, Basinghall st fiKANT, Lacha Ank, Kingsland rd. July 6. Collings, Strand Habdwickb, WiLLLAM,Hendon,M.D. JunelS. Marchant, Fulham

pi, Paddington

Hirst, Thomas, Huddersfield, Wool Merchant. June 15. Mills and

Bibby, Huddersfield Hoggard, George, Holljeck, Leeds, Tailor. June 4. Scott, Leeds Howell, Thomas Joskph, Clifton, Bristol, Engineer. June 15.

Smith, Nails worth Jeggxks, Edward, East Molesey, Surrey, Gent. Juno 21. Bullon,


Jones, John, Mold, Flint, Farmer. June 21. Kelly and Keene.Mold Micharl, Clement, Yellow-spring, Ohio, North America. July 1.

Watney and Co, Clement's luno Poitis, "margakkt, Creaton, Northampton. Juno 30. Cookson

and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn Rhodes, Manovh, Bradford, York, Silversmith. June30. Rhodes,


Samlrr, Catherine, Limpley Stoke, Wilts. June C. Murly and

Co, Bristol

Smmd, Henrt, Taukau, Auckland, New Zealand, Farmer. Juno ^ 10. Button, Throgmorton st

Stacpoole, Vallbss Richard Comtit, Captain, Merchant Service.

Aug 22. Wynne and Son, Lincoln's inn fields Steel, Richard, Lucas pi, Commercial rd East, Tax Collector.

June 12. Fleet, Hatton Garden Todd, Rev. John, Scorton, York. Aug 5. Hunton, Richmond W'lLKiNsoir, Axx, Burnby, York. June 30. Powell and Sargent,


Wilkisson, Robert, Burnby, York, Farmor. Juno 30. Powell and

Sargent, Pocklingtnn Wolte, Henrt, Southampton, Gent. Juno 21. Cottman, Blomficld

st, Harrow rd

[Gazette, May 10.1

Mkax, Mary, Lamesley. Dtirhnm. July 9. Kenmir, Gateshead Uhidson, Henry, Dartmouth, Devon, Bleacher. Aug 1. Watkins and Son, Bolton

Bi Hee, James St Geobge, Auberies, nr Sudbury, Suffolk, Esq, Q.C.

Jane 18. Remnant and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Caktweight, Rev William Henry, Wrington, (Somerset, M.A.,

Clerk. Juno 30. Perham, Bristol Cox, Jonathan, Sandridgc, nr St Alban's, Hertford, Farmor.

June 20. Bcal, Sessions House, Clerkenwell

Davenport, Isaac, Claverley, Salop, Gent. June 22. Flowker and

Page, Wolverhampton Baton, James, Birmingham, Brass Caster. June 21. Hawkes and

Weekes, Birmingham Edwards, Elizabeth, Reading, Berks. Juno 4. Beale and Martin,


Elwyn, James, Norwich, Baker. July 1. Miller and Co, Norwich Epps, Alexandre, Chilham, Kent, Builder. June 20. Furlcy, Canterbury

Favell, Ernest, Loeds, Cloth Merchant. June 30. Killick and Co, Bradford

Galton, Thkodobh Howard, Hadzor House, Woroester, Esq.

July 1. Blount and Co, King st Cheapside Gayfer, Thomas, Linton, Cambridge, Merchant. June 21. Ack

land and Son, Saffron Walden Griffin, Mary Ann, Tring, Hertford. Juuo 21. Vaisey, Tring Guest, John, Huhne, Manchester. June 30. Partington and Allen,


Hamlin, Thomas, Redhill, W'rington, Somerset. June 21. Synip

son Whitty, Redhill Hopcraft, Richard, Wendover, Buckingham, Butcher. June 21.

Vaisey, Tring

Jaraczkwski, Count Miecislaw, Bennett st, Westminster. July 20. Fielder and Sumners, Godliman st. Doctors' Commons

Joxes, John, Penderyn, Brecon Tailor. June 0. Lloyd, Lampeter

Jones, Mary Ann, Newport, Monmouth. Juno 1. Jones, Philharmoni c chmbrs, Cardiff

Kendall, Walteb William, Llandudno, Carnarvon, Clerk in Holy Orders. July 1. Young 2nd Co, St Mildred's ct, Poultry

Livebseed, Jane Collinson, Ward st, Sunderland. Juuo 0. Ranson and Nelson, Sundorland

Lovell, John, Birmingham, Clerk of Works. June 21. Hawkes and Weekes, Birmingham

Moketon-dyku, Katharine Elizabeth, Pembridge villas. Bayswater. June 15. Reginald Malmesbury Morcton-Dyer, London rd, Forest Hill

Morris, John, Birmingham, Commercial Clerk. June 24. Hawkes

and Weekes, Birmingham Morrison, John, Scarborough, Gent. May 30. Woodall and

Woodall, Scarborough Needham, Joseph, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick. Junej24. Hawkes

and Weekes, Birmingham North, Robeet Egglkston, Old Normanton, Derby, Railway Clerk.

June 1. Potter, Derby Parks, Joseph, Harborne, Stafford, Hardware Factor. June 24.

Hawkes and Weekes, Birmingham Pearson, Chaelotte Augusta, Sidney st, Chelsea. June 21.

Gold and Son, Southampton bldgs. Chancery lane Pearson, Henry, Harrington st, Hampstead rd, Artist. July 1.

Winter and Francis, Norwich Pebhy, Rev William Parker, Stodhampton, Oxford, Clerk. June

15. Freeman and Bothamley, Queen st Pickles, Elizabeth, High rd, Well, Halifax. June 10. Edwards

Hill, Harrison rd

Pope, Frederick, St Mary's terrace, Paddington, Retired Licensed Victualler. June 14. Stubbs, John st, Bedford row.

Salter, Robeht, Harwich, Essex, Carpenter. June 2. Elijah Race, Hnrwich

Verb, John, Carlton upon Trent, Notts, Esq, J.P. June 21.

Wordsworth and Co, Threadneedlc st Woodbridgb, Joseph, Balsall Heath, Worcester, Coach Ma^er.

June 24. Hawkes and Weekes, Birmingham Wright, Richard Atkinson, Tockwith, York, Farmer. June 10.

Russell, Londal York

[Gazette, May 13.J


HOUSE OF LORDS. MAY 12.—BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. Pkivate Bills.—Barry Port and North-Western Jnnetion Kail way, Eastbourne Water, Elham Valley Light Railway, Beverley Water.

Stolen Goods, Elementary Education Provisional Order Confirmation (LondoD), Elementary EJnoation Provisional Order Confirmation (Clay Lane).

BILL IN COMMITTEE. Inland Revenue Buildings.

MAY 13.—BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. Private Bills.—West Lancashire Ruilway, Watford and Rickmannworth Railway, Swansea Corporation Lohiis, . London and North-Western and Midland Railways (Markst Harborough, &c), St. Helen's and District Tramways, Gosport-street Tramways (Extensions), Goole and Distnot Gas and Waier, Bnrton-npon-Trent (Station-street Exten sion) Railway, Alnwick Gas, North British Railway (General Powers), Milford Haven Dock and Railway, Leicester Improvement, Lancashire County Justice., Cleator Moor Local Board, Aylesbury and Ricktnaoswortu Railway.

Local Government Provisional Orders (Bath, &".). Local Government (Highways) Provisional Order (York), Locat Government Provisional Order (Poor Law).

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bills.—Fylde Water, London and Blaokwall Railway, Metropolitan and District Railways (Oity Lines and Extensions), Hexham Gas. Inland Revenue Buildings.

MAY IB.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. Private Bills.—Leeds Tramways, Cheltenham Corporation Water.

BILL READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bill.—Richmond Gas.

MAY 17.—BILLS IN COMMITTEE. Local Government Provisional Orders (Bath, Ac), Local ■Government (Highways) Provisional Order (York).

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bills. — Coventry Canal Navigation, Tyne Improvement.


MAY 12.-BILL READ A FIRST TIME. Bill to amend the Law relating to the Reflating of Parliamentary Voters, and to enlarge the Bights of .Borough Voters in England and Wales (Mr. Boord). MAY 13.—BILL IN COMMITTEE. Newspapers (Law of Libel).

BILL READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bill.—Uxbridge and Rickmansworth Railway.

MAY 16.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Private Bill.—Banbury and Cheltenham Direct Rail-way.

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bills.—Crystal Palace Company, Great Eastern Railway, North Level and Nece Outfall, Oxford Polioe, South-Eastern Railwav.

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. Bill to amend the Law relating to Patronage, Simony, -and Exchange of Benefices in the Charoh of England (Mr. Stanhope).

MAY 17.—BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. Land Drainage Provisional Orders, Looal Government Provisional Orders (Halifax, &o).

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bills.—3righton and Dyke Railway, Cheshire Lines Committee, Railway Passengers Assuranoe Company, •Stalybridge Extension and Improvement.

MAY 18.—BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Pbivate Bill.—Staines and West Drayton Railway.

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. Bill to abolish the Power of Imprisonment for Debt by 'Inferior Courts (Mr. Bass).


Rota or Registrars In Aitendanc On

D»*- A^at ^"h"?,""" V.cbaco.,

Monday, May 23Mr. Jackson Mr. Li'hini Mr. Pemberton

Tuesday 21 Cobby L»ach Ward

Wednesday.... 25 Jackson Laiham Pnmberton

Thursday 26 Cobby Leach Ward

Friday 27 Jackson Latham Pnmberton

■Saturday 28 Cobby LeacH Ward

v n It... Mr. Justic3 Mr. Justice

V. O. HkLL. p>r kat

Monday, May 23Mr. Teesdale M.\ Koe Mr. King

Tuesday 24 Farrer Clowes Merivale

Wednesday.... 25 Teesdale Koe King

Thursday .... 26 Farrer Clowes Merivale

■Friday 27 Teesdale Koe King

Saturday 28 Farrer Clowes Merivale

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. QUEENS BENCH DIVISION. Sittings At Nisi Prics. No action will be tried at Westminster during the present sittings after Saturday, the 21st inst. Six courts will sit in ■ London at the Gnildhall for the trial of actions on Monday next, the 23rd inst., and thence to the end of the sittings.


This list contains all actions entered in tho Queen's Bench Divi. sion, in which notice of trial has been given; and also all actions in the Chancery Division, in which notice has been given of trial be. fore a judge and jury, up t» and including May 23, 1831.

Tho actions which have been entered but for various reasons are at present not ready for trial are omitted from this list. Such of them as become ready during the present sitting will be inserted is nearly as possible in their original positions.


1 Charles Roberts and Co (Mercer and M) v Horn (Hollams, Son

and C) 8J

2 Brandt and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Parker and Co (Mercer

and M) SJ

3 Kekule (Same) v Gregory and Co (Plews, I and H) SJ

4 Baring (Markby, S and Co) v Drummond (Hollaing, Son and CI

5 Watson (Wild, B and W) v Lord Dorchester (Lumley anil L)

6 Dressel (W Eley) v Seifert (Goldberg and L)

7 Brcmncr (Lewis Davis) v Argent (Lovett and Co) S Uorbiu (Gard, C and H) v Fowis (Combo and W)

9 Pilditch (L C W Goddcn) v Diinbleby (Smith, Davies and Co)

10 Cooper (T Cooper and Co) v Mcllwraith and anr (Ingledow and

11 Anderson (G and W Webb) v Brockelbank Shipping Co, limd

(Kisch, Son and H)

12 Wingrove (Hilleary and T) v Tubbs and Lewis (Chappell, W anl

Co) SJ

13 Sutton (Dalton and Jessctt) v Great Eastern Ry Co (C A Cur.


11 Westenholz Bros (Mercer and M) v D G Asscr and Co (W B Philp)

15 Raggio (Lowlcss and Co) v Norrington and Co (F Needham)

stayed SJ

16 Dyball (T G Bullen) v Campbell (Lcwin and Co) SJ

17 Gladstone (Simpson and C) v Broads, Patterson and May (Link

latcrs) SJ

18 Thompson (J Rae) v Hall (Cnrr, Son and T)

19 Cropper (F Ncodham) v Salisbury (II H Edc)

20 Hoaro and anr (Hyde, T and M) v Hindley (W A Domring]

Stayed SJ

21 Wait (Nash and F) v Fabrice (J Hill)

22 Capital and Counties Bank Id (Robins and Son) v Local Bonrd

for the District of Ventuor, Islo of Wight (Clarke, It and CI SJ

22a Pitman and anr (Lvno and H) v Universal Marine Insce Co

(Hollams, Son and C) SJ 22b Same (Same) v Bonus (Same) SJ

23 Fosters Parcels Co (Lovoll, Son and P) v Sutton (Armstrong and


2-1 Capital and Counties Bank, Id (Robins and Son) v CogniJ (Clarke, R and C) SJ

25 Paddington Land and Building Society, limd (A E Francis) vT

and J Sntchwell (T O Dear)

26 Laws and ors (C F B Birchull) v Berridgo (Willoughbyand C)

27 Same (Same) v Same (Same)

28 De Mattos (Klmslio. F and S) v Batch (T M Jenkins) SJ

29 Wilkie (T O Dear) v Spence (C C Ellis, M and Co)

30 Mugucridgo and Badham (Combe and W) v Power (Roy and C)


31 Bowker (A T Hewitt) v Hughes (M H Lewis)

32 Shmikland and Co and Young (fielder and S) v Bain (Clarkson,

G and W) SJ

33 Bartels and anr, trading, ic (J G Shearman) v Do Benery,

trading, &c (H Montngu) SJ 31 Murray, trustee, &c (Murray, H and S) v Davics (Darlcy and f 1 SJ

35 Peal (Nash and F) v Smith (Tibbits and Son)

35a Palmer (Keene, M and B) v Hooper (Tilleard, G and H)

36 Hildcsheimer (Goldberg and L) v Coleman (Wilson, B andC)


37 Tickcll (Lyne and H) v Foster (Field, R and Co)

38 Willetts (Farndelds) v Hemmines 1 Kecne, M and B)

39 W Barter and Co (Roberts and U) v Dubcux (Wilson and Son)

3J „ ,

40 Webb and anr (Tatham, O and N) v Tho North-Western Ry ct

Monte Video Co. Id (Morgan and H)

11 Money (G P Pritchard and M) v Rosenthal and ors (G McCoanal)

to be tried with 151

12 Johnson (.1 and R Goble) v Gay (Cattarns, J and H)

43 Edwards (Pyke an.l M) v Whillier (Helder, R and G) postyxme 11 Lamberg and Co (Hollams, Son, and C) v Huntley, Berner an .

Co (Shum, 0 and P) SJ ■15 Chaplin, adrnx, Ax (Travers, Smith and It) v Jacobs (C J D»TM) 46 King (Arglos and A) v Morris (Pvke and M) without a jury 17 Schroder (Clarke, R and C) v Williams and anr (Smith, Danes,

and Co) SJ

■13 Overbeck (W A Crump and Son) v Overbeck (Murray, H and Co) pstpd SJ

19 Eastern Agency limd (Simpson and C) v Holdaworth and to (Prior, B, 0. and A)

50 Bartlett (T D I'ettiver) v Evre (Bircham and Co) SJ

51 Brown, Shiplev, nnd Co (l'aines, L and B) v Back and Ma-jsca

(Frere, F and F) SJ

52 Carre (J Lott) v Blenkinsop (Lewis and L) SJ

53 Naylor (G M Clements) v Marvport Hematite Iron Co (Gregory,

R and Co) SJ

51 Peat (Van Sandau anil C) v Jones (Clnpham and F) SJ

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May 25.—Messm. Edwin, Fox, & Bousfield, at the Mart, at 2 p.m.. Freehold Properties and Ground Rents (see advertisement this week, p. 0).

M»y 27.—Messru. Jones, Lang, & Co., at the Mart, at 12 for lpm., Freehold Property (see advertisement tbiH week, p. 6).

Jlay 27.—Meter*. Norton, Tbibt, Watnby, & Co., at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Properties (see advertisements', April 30, p. C, and this week, p. 5).



Friday, May 13, 1891.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London.
Bftrtlett, Thomas Henry Nicks, Whitehall place, ret May 10.

Murray. May 27 at. 11 Tuck, William Henry, Recent st, Artist. Pet Apr 20. Pepys. May

25 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. Chislett, Edwin, Charlcombe, Somerset, Butcher. Pet May 0.

Bobertson. Bath, May 'J.i at 11 Dow, James Watson, Ebchester, Durham, Farm Bailiff. Pet May 9.

Daggett. Newcastle, May l!C at 11 Hart, Thomas, North Shields. Hotel Manager. Pet May 0. Ingledew. Newcastle, May 25 at 11 Jones, William, West Bromwich, Stafford, Coal Dealer. Watson.

Oldbury, May 20 at 1 Thomas,"David. Llancarvrm Factory, nr Cowbridgo, Glamorgan, Flannel Manufacturer. Pet Mav 9 .Langley. Cardiff, May 24 at 12 Tuesday, May 17, 1881. Under the bankruptcy Aot, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to tho Registrar. To Surrender in London. Appleyard, Robert Prcscot, Connaught scj, Hyde Park. Pet May 13.

Murray. May 27 at 11 Hare, Kdmunrt, Whistrm st, Hairgerston, Bedroom Furniture Manufacturer. Tet May 13. Pepys. May 31 at 11 To Surrender in the Country. Smith, James, Batley, York, out of business. Pet May 12. Tcnnant.

Dewsbury, Jane 2 at 12 Staverton, Henry Edward Mathews, Totnes, Devon, Miller. Pet

May 12. Edmonds. East Stonehousc, June 2 at 12 Thorn her, Mark, Whitehaven, Mercer. Pet May 13. Were. Whitehaven, June 1 at 12 Terrell, Elizabeth, Great Yarmouth, Boat Owner. Pet May 12. Wotfiedge. Great Yarmouth, June 1 at 11

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. Feiday, Aay 17, 1881. Campoverde, Joseph Maria, Funiival's inn, Library Agent. May IS

Pritchard, Frederick William, Rathbone pi, Oxford st, Wine

Merchant. May 13 Robinson, John, Macclesfield, Chester, Silk Manufacturer. May 5 Robinson, Ralph, Macclesfield, Chester, Gent. May 5 Liquidation* by Arrangement. FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

Friday, May 13, 1881. i Ackroyd, William, Bradford, York, Stuff Manufacturer. May 21 at 11 at offices of Killick and Co, Commercial Bank buildings, Bradford

Adams, George, Boy lest one, Derby, Farmer. May 20 at 12.30 at

offices of Coni>er and Chawner, High st, Uttoxetcr Aldridge, William, Bedwardine, Worcester, Commercial Clerk. May

Mat 11 at offices of Tree and Son, High st, Worcester Andrews, John, Nottingham, Iron Turner. May 26 at 11 at offices

of Stevenson, 11, Weekday cross, Nottingham Ashbee, John, Cross Keys, Newport, Monmouth, Builder. May 28

at 11 at offices of Parker, Commercial st, Newport Askey, James, Stoke upon Trent, Builder. May 25 at 11 at offices of

Ayre, Cheapside, Hanloy Atkinson, John, Carlton, nr Bamsley, York, Farmer. May 27 at 3

at offices of Rideal, Chronicle chbrs, Barnsley Baker, John. Tipton. Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper. May 20 at 4 at

offices of Stokes and Co, 1, Priory st, Dudley Baker, Thomas, Ventnor, Isle of Wight, Bookseller. May 20 atll at

offices of Fraser, Billiter House, Billiter st. Webb, Euston rd Baker, William Henry Charles, New Wimbledon, Surrey, Merchant.

June 3 at 3 at offices of Bridge and Bonsall, 11, Union ct, Old

Broad st

Bell, James, Twice Brewed, nr Haltwhistle, Northumberland,

Farmer. June 2 at 2 at offices of Carrick and Co, Haltwhistle Blackburn, John, Royetone, nr Barnsley, York, Farmer. May 25 at

3 at offices of Rideal, Chronicle chbrs, Barnsley Botterill, William, and William Botterill, jun, Dunstable, Bedford,

Painters. May 31 at 12 at the Guildhall Tavern. Benning and

Son, Dunstable

Brighton, Thomas, Dean'st, Soho, Dealer in Precious Stones. May

21 at 10 at offices of Micklcthwait and Co, 3, Long Acre Broadbcar, William Charles, St George. Gloucester, Mason. May 25

at 12 at offices of Sinnott and Spofforth, 12, Broad st, Bristol Brooks, Joseph Thomas, Abercram, nr Ystradgunlais, Brecon,

Police Constable. May 20 at 12at Dyffryn chbrs, Neath. Kemp

thorne and Son

Browning, Thomas Osborne, Caistor, Gt Yarmouth, FaJmer. May

25 at 3 at South Quay, ('it Yarmouth. Worship and Rising Bunting, Sarah, Atlow, Derby, Farmer. May 20 at 3 at Green Man

Hotel, Ashljorne. Hextall, Derby Bunting, William, Atlow, Derby, Farmer. May 20 at 2 at Green

Man Hotel, Ashbomo. Hextall, Derby Buxton, James, Denton, Lancaster, Manufacturer. Maj' 27 at 12 at

offices of Eltoft, King st, Manchester

Calvert, Michael, Bradford, York, Grocer. May 30 at 3 at offices of

Watson and Dickons, Cheapside, Bradford Chapman, Harrison, Bowness, Westmoreland, Innkeeper. May 25'

at 3 at offices of Bowr.ass, Bowness Clark, Walter, Tooley st, Southwark, Potato Merchant. May 25 at

3 at offices of Shearer, Bas-inghall st. Procter and Andrews, Princes st, Spitalfields

Colling, Alfred, Brighton, Tobacconist. May 20 at 2 at offices of Nye. Lukest, Brighton

Coppack, Johr, Chester, Coal Merchant. May 24 at 11 at offices of Mason, Bridge st row East, Chester

Crawley, Hugh, and John Davics, Egremont, Chester, builders. May 21 at 2 at offices of Fildes, North John st, Liverpool

Creasey, Henry, Sutterton, Lincoln, Farmer. May 31 at 12 at offices of Bissill, Sleaford

Daniels, Sydney Herbert, Fenny Stratford, Bucks, WatchmakerMay 27 at 12 at Inns of Court Hotel, High Hoi born. Becke, Northampton

Dark, Georgo Henry, Bristol, Grocer. May 27 at 12 at offices of Evans, Exchange buildings East, Bristol

Davis, Walter Sidney, New Thornton heath, Surrey, Baker. May Slat 3 at offices of Fowler and Co, Borough High st

Dearden, Bernard, Accrington, Lancaster, Rope Manufacturer. May 30 at 3 at Adelphi Hotel, Avenue parade, Accrington. Sharpies*. Accrington

Degnan, Michael Joseph, Leeds, Shopkeeper. May 25 at 3 at offices

of Dalton, Albion st, Leeds Drinkall, Alice, Kingston upon Hull, Milliner. May 20 at 3 at offices

of Laverack, Land of Green Ginger, Kingston upon Hull Dudson, Job, Magdala st, nr Liverpool, out of business. May 2" at

4 at offices of Lowe, Mount Pleasant, Liverpool

Dunkley, John, Bishop Stortford, Architect. May 23 at 12 at offices

of Preston, Mark lano Ellison, William, St Helens, Lancaster, Decorative Painter. May 3l

at 3 at offices of Oppenheim, Hardshaw st, St Helens Farrar. Joseph Henry, Bradford, York, Rope Manufacturer. May

30 at 11 at offices of Watson and Dickons, Bradford Fry, Thomas Tozer, and Alfred Hill Mayer, Bristol, Leather Mer-

chants. May 20 at 12 at offices of Collins, Broad st, Bristol Gamble, Henry James, Halesowen, Worcester, Grocer. May 28 at

10.30 at offices of Waldron, High st, Brierley hill Gittus, John, Inkberrow, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. May 27"

at 3 at offices of Simmons, Evesham st, Redditch Green, John, Kennington pk rd, Manager to a Contractor. May

25 at 3 at offices of Ody, Blackfriars rd Green, Michael jim, Batley, York, Grocer. May 20 at 4.30 at offices

of Wooler, Exchange buildings, Batley Hammond, Charles, Golborne rd, Notting hill. Butcher. May 30 at

1 at offices of Green, Verulam buildings, Gray's inn Haworth, Titus, Burnley, Lancaster, Grocer. Ma3T 25 at 3 at Raw

linson's Temperance Hotel, St James's row, Burnley. Sutcliffe


Heap, Thoma s, Gt Tichficld st, Portland pi, Butcher. May 30 at 3

at offices of Green, Verulam buildings, Gray's inn Holden, Harry, Brighton, Licensed Victualler. May 30 £t 12 at the

Old Ship Hotel, Brighton. Hodson, New Shoreham Holmes, William, Birmingham, Hnberdnshcry Warehouseman. May

2-1 at 3 at offices of Jaqucs, Temple row, Birmingham Howarth, Robert Seel, Crewe, Chester, Clogger. May 27 at 11 at

offices of Hill, Market st, Crewe Hudson, Peter, Leekfrith, nr Leek, Stafford, Farmer. May 21 at 3"

at the Swan Hotci, St Edward st. Leek. Bishton, Leek Huggins, Robert, junr, nnckford next Wyniondhain, Norfolk,

Farmer. May 20 at 12 at the Duko's Palace Inn, Norwich Hulls, Augustus, Blackmoor st, Drary lane, Grocer- May 26 at 2 at

offices of Reeves, Clement's inn, Strand HunLer, Edwin, New Basford, Nottiugham, out of business. May

24 at 3 at offices of Belk, 7, Middle pavement, Nottingham Ingle, John Webster, Leeds, Timber Merchant. May 26 at 3 at the

Queen's Hotel, Wellington st, Leeds. Cranswick, Leeds Jackson, Esther, Manchester, Importer of Watch Materials. June 5

at 12 at offices of Furrington and Crofton, 88, Mosley st, Manches-


Jackson, Thomas, Torver, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Ma3' 24 at 11 at

the County Hotel, Ulversion. Jeavons, Ulverston Jarvis, Edwin, and Alfred Jarvis, Cardiff, Cabinet Makers. May

10 at 2 at Merchants' Association, 39, Broad st, Bristol, in lieu of

the place originally named Joel, George Frederick, Blackman st, Borough, Brush Dealer. May

27 at 3 at offices of Brocklesby and Co, 10, Water laue, Gt Tower st Johnson, Joe Marshall, Mirfleld, York, Cotton Spinner. June 1 at3>

at the Black Bull Hotel, Mirfleld. Wilson, Mirfleld Jones, Daniel, Llandovery, Carmarthen, Innkeeper. May 30 at 1 at

the King's Head Inn, Llandovery. Phillips, Llandovery Jones, John, Aberdaro, Glamorgan, Fruiterer. May 23 at 1 at offices

of Howell, 23, Cannon st. Aberdaro Jones, Richard, Pontardawe, Glamorgan, Clock Maker. May 24 at

12 at ofllces of Charle* Bros, Tho Panule, Neath Kcogh, Edward, Pump ct, Temple, Barrister at law. May 20 at 11

at offices of Roberts, 15, Coleman st Kershaw, Charles, Rochdale, Licensed Victualler. May 26 at 11 at

offices of Worth, Lower Gates, Old Market pi, Rochdale Kerslakc, William Henry, Scarborough, Draper. May 23 at 2 at the

Queen's Hotel, Manchester. Watts, Scarboiough Kirkby, Edmund Thomas, Whitkirk, York, Farmer. May 26 at Sat

offices of Pullan, 11, Albion st, Leeds Lawrence, George, Watton, Norfolk, Carrier. May 26 at 3 at offices

of Grigson and Robinson, Watton Leo, James, Ashton-upon-Mersey, out of business. May 27 at 3 at

omccs of Beaumont, 20, Booth st, Manchester Leppard, James, Cowfold, Sussex, Former. May 25 at 3 at the Old

Ship Hotel, Brighton Linden, John, High st, Uxbridgc, Commercial Traveller. May30at

3 at the George Inn, Uxbridgc. Phil]), Hayes Linslcy, George Henry, Kin gston-upon-Hull, Joinor. May 20 at SS

at offices of Eldridge and Stephenson, 3, Cogau chbrs, Bowlalloy

lane, Kingston-on Hull

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