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thonght himself as good a judge as Mr. Chamberlain of the would injore them with the Chancellor and with the way in which public opinion was likely to move, and did | Government, and lessen the influence they undoubtedly not care for his boasting in the House of Commons.

possessed at the present time. (Cries of " Adjourn.") He Mr. W. M. WALTERS, speaking as a member of the council, would advise them not to adjourn. The annual meeting thought that they would like to have an opportunity of con- would shortly be held, and if in the meantime the council sulting with each other, as they had not known the nature of had not done what the members thought they ought to the resolutions to be submitted to the meeting until they have done, let them say 80. Bat do not let them do any. entered the hall. He was in accord with mach that had thing to lessen the just influence wbich they had exerbeen said, but there might be other questions which it was cised. necessary to consider. They might all assent to the principle Mr. HUGHES advised the adjournment, that the council involved in the resolutions, but they ought not to be so might have an opportunity for discussion. He would go placed that they would be compelled to do something which with them in everything, except delay. would injare the responsible position they occupied. The The motion to adjourn the meeting for a fortnight was council were at present in amicable consultation with Lord carried, Coleridge and other authorities, and they must be cantious. On the motion of Mr. KIMBER, a vote of thanks was The effect of the discussion would doubtless be beneficial,

passed to the president, and the proceedings terminated. but if the conclusions they were to arrive at were postponed for a fortnight it would bave all the necessary effect. He hoped they would not determine upon anything that day which would look as if they were offended because tha president was not on the committee, and that they were LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. showing their spite by endeavouring to throw disoredit on the committee.

Mr. GRINHAU KEEN, also a member of the council, said LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. that large committees of the society were always formed Tuesday, May 10.--Mr. Bartlett in the chair. - Mr. whenever important questions were to be considered, as

C. P. Fielder was elected a member. The adjourned dewas the case when the cbarter of the society was altered, ! bate npon the question, “ Are the Government proposals and when Lord Selborne's School of Law Bill was before

as to Irish land reform satisfactory ?" was resumed. The Parliament, and these committees repdered great assist. disc.ission was continued by Messrs. Lloyd Jones, Green, ance to the council. The suggestions of the members Ellie, Beddoes, Kains-Jackson, W. F. Barry, and Napier ; would always receive every consideration at the hands of

and the question on beicg pat to the meeting was decided the council, as bad been the case with regard to the sog. 1 in the negative by a majority of tbree votes. The debate gestions of the committees he had mentioned, which he for next Tuesday, the 17tb inst., will be upon the question, thought were in every case adopted. If the members of “ That the policy of the Government in South African the society and the members of the council worked to. | affairs bas not been worthy of approval." gether in tbe same direction, and aiding each other, a great deal of good would resolt.

The PRESIDENT observed that he felt his position a very UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. pecaliar one. He had the bonour to be the president of |

A meeting of this society was held on Wednesday, the 9th tbe society, and as such be occupied the chair, and not

inst., at the Law Institution, Mr. D’A. B. Collyer in the merely as president of the council. At tbe same time, the

| chair, when the following question was discussed : _“Does meeting would readily imagine that for the last nine or

the word children' in the statute 22 & 23 Car. 2, c. 10, ten months the functions of the president of the council

include only children legitimate according to English law, or had not been slight. He was the executive of the council,

does it also include children legitimate according to the law and had to carry into effect the determinations of the

of the country where they are domiciled, but illegitimate council; and at the present moment he was necessarily,

according to English law ? ” Mr. Parker opened the disperhaps, better acquainted chan any one present with the cussion, and argued that the word "children" included only difficulties that were in the way, and, he hoped he might children legitimate according to English law. He was venture to say, with what would be best for the profession supported by Messrs. Dale, Hart, Samuel, and S. A. Jones, at large. He trusted they would give him the credit that, and opposed by Messrs. Gatey, Jenks, and Bartram. The being in this anomalous position, he intended what he said opener replied, and after tbe chairman lad summed up, the for the benefit of the whole of the profession, and not of question was decided in favour of constraing the word the society alone, and as the representative of both. And children" so as to include only children legitimate accordhe said, honestly and sincerely, that they had better net | ing to English law, by a majority of four votes. pasg any resolution that day. Mr. Green bad sapposed that Mr. Chamberlain bad said something which he did not say. The Bankroptoy Bili was founded almost entirely on the i

BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. suggestions of the council, and it was quite a mistake to! A meeting of the above society was beld on Tuesday Boppose that be bad ever said anything disrespectful con- | last at the Law Library, Bennett's-hill, Birmingham, when cerning them. There never was a period in the history of T. Martinean, Esq., took the obair, and the following moot the society when they had more influence than at the point was discuesed :-"A. alights at the door of an ion, present moment. If this resolation were passed the leaving his servant in charge of his horse and trap, with members would put themselves in antagonism with the instructions pot to move away. The servant, contrary to council. He bad said they bad great influence, and were such instruotions, drives np and down the road, and in so represented on the Costs of Litigation Committee; but if doing negligently causes injury to B. Is A. liable for the they were to recommend a Royal Commission, on the injury so caused by bis servant ?" The speakers on the ground substantially that they were not sufficiently repre- affirmative were Messrs. Vince, G. T. Edwards, Shnte, sented upon it, they would be doing much harm. The | Rowlands, Platnauer, Ryland, and Ludlow. The speakers meeting objected that it was a secret committee. All ! on tbe negative were Messrs. Corbett, Hoggios, Swinson, committees must be secret. They did not publish what and Smith. After an address from the chairman, the they had resolved upon until they had made tbeir report. I question was put to the meeting, aud carried in the affirma. When the Judicatare Committee sat the council had only tive by a large majority. A vote of thanks to the chairman two members upon it. If it bad sat twenty years since concluded the meeting. they would hare bad done. Why should the president of the society be on the committee ? He was a conveyancing man, and they had upon it one of the most competent members of the council in Mr. Hollame, and an eminent

NEW ORDERS. solicitor in Mr. Harrison. He would perhaps have liked three or four solioitors on the committee; but, as things

HOUSE OF COMMONS. went, he thought that was as many as they could fairly

New STANDING ORDER. ask for. Therefore he did not like that a resolution should ! The following Standing Order was agreed to on the 10th be passed asking for a Royal Commission. He thought it of March:-"The municipal or other local antbority of

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any town or district alleging in their petition that such OAKHAM COLLIERIES COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required town or distriot may be injariously affected by tbe provi

on or before June 3, to send their names and addresses and the

particulars of their debts or claims, to Charles Frederick Finney, sions of any Bill relating to the lighting or water supply 12, St George's crescent, Liverpool. June 17 at 11 is appointed thereof, or the raising of capital for any such purpose, for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims shall be entitled to be beard against sach Bill."

igasette, May 6.] ANGLO-VIRGINIAN FREEHOLD LAND COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, presented May 6, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on May 26.* Rooke and Sons, Lincoln's inn fields, solicitors


order made by the M.R., dated Apr 30, it was ordered that the LEGAL APPOINTMENTS.

company be wound up. Andrew and Co, Great James st, Bed.

ford row, solicitors for the petitioners

CLIVIGER COTTON SIED COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding Mr. JUSTICE Kay has received the honour of Knighthood. up, presented May 7, directed to be heard before the M.R. on May

21. Milne and Co, Harcourt bdgs, agents for Creeke and Sandy, Mr. RICHARD BULLOCK ANDREWS, Q.C., has been

Burnley, solicitors for the petitioner appointed a Puisne Judge of the Supreme Court of the GAEWERN SLATE QUARRY COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding Colony of South Australia. Mr. Justice Andrews was called up, presented May 7, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C.. on to the bar at Adelaide in 1857. He was created a Queen's

May 20. Hepburn and Co, Bird-in-Hand ct, Cheapside, solicitor

for the petitioner Counsel for the colony in 1865, and he has beld the office of

LLANDRINDOD WELLS FREEHOLD LAXD AND BUILDING COMPANY, Attorney-General. He has been Crown Solicitor and Public

LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented May 6, directed to Prosecutor since 1870.

be heard before Hall, V.C., on May 20. Vanderpump, Gray's inn Mr. ARTHUR JOSEPH ELLIS, solicitor, of Maidstone, bag

sq, solicitor for the petitioner

MANCHESTER VAL DE TRAVERS PAVING COMPANY, LIMITED.been appointed Clerk to the Maidstone Burial Board. Mr.

Petition for the compulsory winding up or for the present volunEllis was admitted a solicitor in 1878.

tary winding up to be continued, presented May 9, directed to be Mr. ERNEST HEPBURN, solicitor, of Haslemere, has been heard before the M.R. on May 20, Bolton and Co, Lincoln's appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the

inn fields, agents for Symonds, Manchester, solicitor for the peti

tioner Supreme Court of Judicature.

NEW VICTORIA SALT COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Mr. GRIFFITH Jones, solicitor, of Aberystwith, has been Bacon, V.C., dated Apr 30, it was ordered that the voluntary

winding up of the company be conticued. Hollams and Co, appointed a Perpetual Commission-r for Cardiganshire, for

Mincing lane, solicitors for the petitioner taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

PENARTI IRON AND STEEL COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding Mr. W. R. A. KIME, Tolicitos, of 49, Bedford-row, W.C., up, presented May 9, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on May

20. Marsland, St Swithin's lane, agent for Addleshaw and Warhas been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner in and for the

burton, Manchester, solicitors for the petitioner County of Middlesex and the Cities of London and West

THORP's GAWBER HALL COLLIERIES, LIMITED.--Hall, V minster. Mír. Kime was admitted in Easter Term, 1875.

an order, dated May 6, appointed Thomas Young Strachan, NewMr. ALFRED BRAY KEMPE, barrister, has been appointed

castle upon Tyne, to be official liquidator

TRAMWAY STARTING AND STOPPING COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition Secretary to the Royal Commission on the Ecclesiastical

for winding up, presented May 5, directed to be heard before the Courts. Mr. Kempe is the son of the Rev. Jobn Edward

M.R. on May 21. Randall and Angier, Gray's inn pl, petitioners Kempe, rector of St. James's, Piccadilly. He was educated in person at St. Paul's School, and he was formally scholar of Trinity WESTERN DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED.-By an order College, Cambridge, where he graduated as a wrangler in

made by Hall, V.C., dated Apr 29 it was ordered that the society

be wound up. Finch, Borough High st, solicitor for the peti. 1872. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in

tioner Michaelmas Term, 1873. Mr. Kempe is a member of the

Gazette, May 10.7 W. stern Circuit, and he was formerly one of the staff of the



Apr 12, apppointed George Alfred Packwood, 28, Hampson st, Mr. CHARLES Henry LEEMING, solicitor, of Halifax, has Salford to be official liquidator been appointed a Commissioner for taking Bai! and Affida

[Gazette, May 6.]

PATENT COMPOSITE FIRE LIGHT COMPANY.-Petition for winding up vits in the Supreme Court of the Colony of Queensland.

presented May 7, directed to be heard before the V.C, on May 20. Mr. ALEXANDER CAMPBELL ONSLOW, Attorney-General of

Bradley, Mark lane, solicitor for the petitioner

[Gazette, May 10.] West Australia, has been appointed to act as Chief Justice of

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. that colony. Mr. Onslow was called to the bar at the Inner

| WELL AND GALLOWAY, LIMITED.-Petition for the continuing of the Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1868. He was for several voluntary winding up, présented May 4, directed to be heard beyears Attorney-General of British Honduras, and he was fore the V.C. on May 14, at St George's Hall, Liverpool. Bateson

and Co, Liverpool, solicitors for the petitioners appointed Attorney-General of West Australia about a year

[Gazette, May 9.] ago.


: _Board Office, Alfreton, Derby. May 4 Prime Minister and Attorney-General for the Cape Colony,

CO-OPERATIVE PRODUCTIVE MANUFACTURING SOCIETY, LIMITED, practises as a solicitor at Cape Town, and is a member of the Albert st, Newton Heath, Lancaster. Apr 28 Colonial House of Assembly

COURT BANKS OF THE WHARFE, Race Horses Inn, Kettlewell, York.

May 4 Mr. FRANCIS SUMMERS, solicitor, of Hall and Grimsby, Sisters' UNITED TIMPLARS' MUTUAL BENEFIT SOCIETY, Missionhas been elected an Alderman for the Borough of Kingston room, Mill st, Toxteth park, Liverpool. May 2 u pon-Hull. Mr. Summers was admitted a solicitor in 1857. Widows' AND ORPHANS' INSTITUTION, Manchester Order of Odd

Fellows, Commercial chbrs, Temple st, Birmingham. Apr 30

(Gazette, May 6.]



SOCIATION, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented May 3,
directed to be heard before the M.R. on May 14. Robinson and

Co, Lincoln's inn fields, solicitor for the petitioner

LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before June 15, to send
their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or
claims, to John Percivall, Colmore row, Birmingham, and Edwin
Hooper, Harborne, Stafford. June 30 at 3 is appointed for hearing

and adjudicating upon the debts and claims CARRIAGE CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED. --The M.R.

has fixed May 16 at 11 at his chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator

MR, GEORGE BROOKE NELSON. Mr. George Brooke Nelson, solicitor, registrar of the Dawg. bury County Court, died at his residence, Denison Hall, Leeds, on the 5th itist., from an attack of apoplexy. Mr. Nelson was born at Nottingham in 1804. He was admitted a solicitor in 1828, and be soon afterwards went into partnership with Mr. Hemingway, of Leeds, to whom he had been articled. The partnership was dissolved in 1839, and about seventeen years later Mr. Nelson was joined by the late Mr. John Bulmer, and more recently bis son, Mr. George Hirdi Nelson, who was admitted a solicitor in 1858, and is steward of the Manor of Hunslet, became a member of the. firm. Mr. Nelson was a perpetual commissioner for the

'West Riding of Yorksbire, and he had a very extensive | CHICHESTER, Sir ALEXANDER PALMER BRUCE, Bart, Arlington ct, private practice. He was for many years steward of the

Devon. June 30. Few and Co, Surrey st, Strand

CLARKE, CHARLES JAMES, Shirley, Southampton, Gent. May 23. Honour of Pontefract, and after the passing of the first Pearce and Co, Southampton County Courts Act he became clerk to the Leeds, Dewsbury, Curtis, ELLEN, Burton Salmon, York. May 31. Clark, Snaith Pontefract, and Wakefield County Courts. About ten years

EsdAILE, EDWARD JEFFRIES, Taunton, Somerset, Esq. May 19.

Foster, Wells later the duties of the office were divided, and he became

FOORD, JOHN BROMLEY, Bexley Heath, Esq. June 8. Ford and Co, registrar of the Dewsbury County Court (Circuit No. 12), Bloomsbury sa which office he held until his death, Mr. Charles Arthur GEE, WILLIAN HENRY, Wilford, Nottingham, Gent. June 1,

Richards and Woodward, Nottingham Tennant having been latterly associated with with him as

GIBSON, ELIZABETH, Miles' Asylum, Hoxton. May 31. Walker and junior registrar. He was also district registrar for Dewsbury Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's inn under the Judicature Acts. Mr. Nelson was an active Guy, WALTER, Charlotte st, Buckingham Palace rd, Licensed member of the local Conservative party, and had acted as

Victualler. May 30. Pownall and Co, Staple inn registration and election agent both in the borough

HARDEAN, Ann, James st, Westbourne terrace. Johnsons and Co,

of Austin friars Leeds and in the West Riding. He was one of the patrons | HOBSON, RACHAEL, Leeds. July 6. Crumbie, York of the Vicarage of Leeds and one of the Trustees of Pious

HUTTON, JAMES, Calverley, York, Retired Draper. May 23. Morgan Uses, and he was a liberal supporter of the Leeds Church

and Morgan, Shipley Extension Society. He leaves a widow, two sons, and two

KNIGHT, Joun, Ivegiil, Cumberland, Yeoman, May 14. Bendle,

Carlisle • daughters. Mr. Nelson was buried at St. Mark's, Wood LE Breton, Francis, Crosby sq, Esq. June 30. Minet and Co, house, on the 10th inst.

New Broad st
LIDDELL, HENRY, Longbenton, Northumberland, Esq. May 31,

Dees and Thompson, Newcastle upon Tyne

LUCAS, CHARLES Rose, Clifton, Bristol, Esq. May 26. Meredith SIR ROBERT BOWCHER CLARKE, C.B.

and Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn Sir Robert Bowcher Clarke, C.B., many years Chie

MARSHALL, JOHN WILLIAM, St George's road, Eccleston sq. June 1.

Parker. Barnard Castle Justice of Barbadoer, died at his residence, Eldridge, REED, Sir CHARLES, Fann st, Aldersgate st, Knight, M.P. June 13. Chisleburst, on the 9th inst., in bis seventy-pinth year.

Shepheard and Sons, Finsbury circus The deceased was the eldest son of the late Mr. Robert

RENDICK, WILLIAM, Great Baraugh, York, Farmer. May 14. Jack.

son, Malton Bowober Clarke, of Eldridge, Barbadoes, and was born in ROBERTS, MARTIA, Green st, Grosvenor sq. May 21. Domville and 1802. He was an LL.B. of Trinity College, Cambridge,

Co, New sq, Lincoln's inn and he was called to the bar at the loner Temple in

ROWLANDSON, THOMAS, Grayrigg, Westmorland, Publican. May

20. Little and Lamonby, Penrith Hilary Term, 1827. He was for several years Speaker of RUTHERFORD, THOMAS BUNYAN, Hothfield. Kent, Land Steward. the House of Assembly of Barbadoes, and he was Solicitor

June 30. Norwood, Ashford General of the colony from 1842 till 1848, when he was

SEELEY, MARTIA, Elsley rd, Wandsworth, June 4, Curtis and Betts,

South sq, Gray's inn · appointed Chief Justice, and he held that post till 1874, THORN, THOMAS, New Windsor, Berks, Farmer. May 23. Care, when he retired on a pension. From 1849 till 1859 be Bracknell was also Chief Justice of the Island of St. Lucia, In 1840

TILL, WILLIAM, Barnsley, York, Outfitter. June 1. Dibb and Co,

Barnsley he received the honour of knighthood in recogoition of his VavasoUR, MARY Axx, Clifton, Gloucester. June 1. Smith and services in the cause of slave emancipation, and in 1848 he Mammatt, Ashby-de-la-Zouch was created a Civil Companion of the Order of the Bath,

WATERMAN, HENRY, Ampton, Suffolk, Farming Bailiff. Jane 9.

Westhrop, Ipswich Sir R. Clarke was married in 1829 to the youngest

[Gazette, Apr. 23.] daughter of the late Mr. John Spooner, of Barbadoes.



PRIVATE BILL.-London and Blackwall Railway.

Sea Fisheries (Clam and Bait Beds).

MAY 6.--BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. PRIVATE BILLS.-Witham Drainage, Westgate and Bircb. ington Gas, Great Western and East Norfolk Railway.

MAY 10.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Inland Revenue Buildings.


ALMOND, MARY, Bolton, Lancaster. May 28. Barnes v Morris,

M.R. Hulton, Bolton
DAVIDOFF, ADELE, South st, Piccadilly. May 28. Ford v Goldsmid,

M.R, Árnold and Co, Carey st, Lincoln's inn
FORD, GEORGE, Gt Marlborough st, Publican. June 1, Wallis v

Reynolds, V.C. Hall. James, Fleet st
HAND, SELIXA MIDDLEMORE, Bradford, York, Boot and Shoe Maker.

May 25. Cooper v Hill, V.C. Bacon. Mumford, Bradford McCLEAN, JOHN ROBINSON, Park st, Civil Engineer, June 1. Bidder v McClean, M.R. Hargrove, Victoria st, Westminster Abbey

Gazette, Apr, 29.
Bennisox, GEORGE Gibson, Flamborongh, York, Farmer. May 31.

Kingston v Greenley, MR. Harland, Bridlington
CORRY, THOMAS, South Shields, Publican. June 14. Gibbons v

Wilson, V.C. Hall. Mabane and Graham, South Shields
Dysox, GEORGE WILLIAM, Stoke Poges. Bucks. Esq. June 6.

Wimsett v Dyson, Fry, J. Hughes, Bedford st, Covent Garden
FOWLER, WILLIAM, Cardiff, Coal Merchant. June 15. Alexander v

Fowler, V.C. Hall. Morris and Son, Cardiff
GRAME, ELLEXORA, Shaldon, Devon. June 3. oldrieve y Græme,

V.C. Hall, Edmonds and Son, Totnes
ORLICI, MARY EUPHEMIA Vox, Slough. June 10. De Berends v

Murdoch, V.C. Hall. Hore, Lincolns inn fields
PALMER, Robert, Minster, Kent, Farmer. May 31. Copland v

Palmer, V.C. Hall. Winch, Lancaster pl, Strand
STANFORTI, GEORGE, Crowle, Lincoln, Farmer. May 30. Bell v
Staniforth, M.R. Parkin, Doncaster

(Gazette, May 3.]

India Office Auditor (Superannuations).

Bridges (South Wales).

Private Bill. ---Cheltenham Corporation Water.


MAY 10.-BILLS READ A TAIRD TIME. PRIVATE Bills.--Byker Bridge (Newcastle-upon-Tyre!, Skipton and Kettlewell Railway (Extension to Aysgartb).

MAY 11.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Newspapers (Law of Libel).

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At the Liverpool Assizes on Monday, in the Crown Court, BANKS, ISABELLA RHODA, Claremont villas, Thornton Heath. May

Mr. Justice Mathew, in charging the grand jary, touched 14. Hudson and ('o, Bucklersbury

upon the question of the reform of tbe criminal law with Bexton, MARY, Bulwell, Nottingham, May 28. Hunt and reference to an appeal to a superior court in cases in which

Williams, Nottingham
Booth, George, Huddersfield, Iron Merchant. May 26. Moseley,

the prisoner might deem the sentence he r-ceived to be 100 Huddersfield

severe. An appeal to the Court of Criminal Appeal, his lordBRATLEY, John, Gedney, Lincoln, Farmer. June 1. Harrison, ship said, would inevitably result in the court laying down

Bermondsey st
CARTER, ERNEST Tilson SHAEN, Watlington pk, Oxford, Assistant

regulations for the amount of punisbment to be inflicted Commissary Her Majesty's Army Service Corps. June 21. Poole

| which would be a guide to all who administered the criminal and Co, Chancery lane

| law throughout the country.


183 Solomon (A S Jonas) v Bitton (A A Silberberg)
184 Stephenson (Kisch, Son and H) v Higgins (8 Price)
185 Schüssele and anr (J G Shearman) v Zoebeli and anr (Dod and

186 Prudential Assurance Co (Hanhart and G) v Sabin (Baradford

and F) without jury 187 Phillips and Wife (Noon and C) v Geneste and Wife (J Rae) 188 Anderson and ors (Nash and F) v Davis and anr (Tilleard, G

and H) 189 Humber (R Ballard) v Norwood (Middlesex) Waterworks Co

limd (J L G Powell) SJ 190 Furness (Stones, M and S v Turner and anr (J Bowen May) 191 Wilson (Kingsford, D and Co) v Strugnell (Gregory and Co) 192 Kempf (J P Musgrave) v Morton, Rose and Co (Bischoff, B B* 193 Smyth (

GS and I Brandon) v Wingrove (Woodward and Mc L)
191 Tyler (W O Jones) v Smith (W O Reader)
195 Wright (A S Jonas) v Cicognani and Co (Lindus and B)
196 Mason (

GB Howard) v Aird (In Person) SJ
197 Gardner (JH Lamb) v Bramble (J Perry)
198 Baldwin (Sandom, K and Kv Sams (Freston an
199 Crawley (J'H Lamb) v Harwood (Tidy and T)
200 Renton and Co (T R Apps) v Cullum and anr (W Beck)
201 Hartmont (Lumley and L) V Foster (Darley and C)
202 Cook and anr (W Maynard) v Dunlop (J R Bailey)

(To be continued.)



Monday, May 16Mr. Latham Mr. King Mr. Koe
Tuesday ...... 17 Leach Merivale Clowes
Wednesday.... 18 Latham


Koe Thursday .... 19 Leach Merivale Clowes Friday ........ 20 Latham King

Koe Saturday...... 21 Leach

Merivale Clowes

Mr. Justice
V. O. HALL. Mr. Justice


ΚΑΥ. Monday, May 16Mr. Pemberton Mr. Jackson Mr. Teesdale Tuesday ...... 17 Ward


Farrer Wednesday.... 18 Pemberton Jackson Teesdale Thursday .... 19 Ward


Farrer Friday ........ 20 Pemberton


Teesdale Saturday...... 21 Ward



192 Kempico) Commr Brandon) v




May 17.-Mr. S. WALKER, at 12 for 1 p.m., Freehold Property

(see advertisement this week, p. 6). (Continued from page 515.)

May 18.-Mr. ARTHUR JACKSON, at the Mart, at 2 p.m. Lease

hold Properties (see advertisement, May 7, p. 3). 122 Corbet (A Cayley) v Baldock (CO Humphreys ard Son) SJ 123 Pilbrow (SF Langham) v Golding (O Harcourt) 124 Belsey (In Person) v Wilks (White, B and Co) 125 Crocker (W B Abbott) v The Metropolitan Ry Co (Burchells) SJ 126 Millisich (In Person) v Selim (In Person) 127 Hooper and Wife (Bordman and Co) v Burden (

WJ Foster)

BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS. 128 Acworth (K Peck) v Heiestad and anr (Stibbard, G and Co, C

BIRTHS. Barfield)

BURRIDGE.-May 7, at Wellington, Somerset, the wife of 129 Tindall and anr (W F Stokes) v Severn (E W Owles)

William Burridge, jun., solicitor, of a 800. 130 Shirley (Noon and C) v Abbott and anr (Taylor and J).

GREENWOOD.-May 7, at Thornton House, Muswell-hill, the 131 Griffin (Richardson and S) v Johns and ors (J and H'M Yetts)

wife of Harry Greenwood, of Lincoln's-inn, barrister-at-law, SJ 132 Same (Same) v Nicholls and ors (Same) SJ

of a son. 133 Harrison (E W Owles) y Fraser (Í Scai

MARRIAGE. 134 Reid (Terrell and H) v South Eastern Railway Co (WR Stevens)

(WR Stevens) | MACKENZIE-DONOVAN.-May 7, at Framfield, Henry Gordon SJ

Mackenzie, barrister-at-law, Inner Temple, to Beatrice 135 Gunner and anr (Wilkinson and H) v Benjamin (J Davis)

Kathleen, daughter of Alexander Donovan, of Framfield136 Mingay (Pearpoint and B) v Mouat (Bockett and Son) SJ

place, Sussex. 137 Coulstring (Crowder, A and V) v Greville (Bloxams and E) SJ

DEATHS. 138 Waterer (CF Emmott) v Hawkins (W H Lane)

FULFORD.—May 8, at 89, Queen's-gate, Cecil Mark Fulford, 139 Nye (Anderson and Sons) v Nicholson (G Reader 140 Steel (A S Jonas) v Webber and Co (T H Strangways)

barrister-at-law, aged 40. 141 Seaman (A Haynes) v Smith (Bolton, R and B)

HALE.—May 4, at The Grove, Walsbam-le-Willows, Suffolk, 142 Fyfe (Howard and Co) y McDonald (Hatton and W)

Joseph John Frost Hale, barrister-at-law, aged 38. 113 Blake (TR Apps) v Holmes (Kingsford, D and Co) 144 Smith (H Wickens) v Denton otherwise Cardew (Lumley and L) 145 Coombe and Wife (T Johnson) v Moore (Bolton and M) 146 Heaven (H Wicker.s) v Denton otherwise Cardew (Lumley and L) 147 Hall and anr (Eardley, Holt and R) v Conron and Adams (Letts

Bros) 148 Weldon (H Levy) v Thompson, trading, &c (G C Winkworth) 149 Jenkins (E Kennedy) v Dart (J Murray) 150 Barrow (Merriman, Þ and M) v Smith (Ridsdale, C and Co) SJ

Bankrupta. 151 Consolidated Credit and Mortgage Corporation ld (G J and P

FRIDAY, May 6, 1881. Vanderpump) v Fieldus (Venn and Wood)

Under tbe Bankruptcy Act, 1869. 152 Bettyes (RH Ward) v Blaiberg (Moresby-White and Co)

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. 153 Rigglesworth (G A Stewart) v Cronmire (Stones, M and S)

To Surrender in London. 154 Hussey (C Gasquet) v Dennan (AP Judge)

Butlin, William Thomas, Railton rd, Herne hill, Draper. Pet May 155 Partridge (R H Harris) v Woosnam (Neish and H) SJ

3. Murray, May 20 at 11 156 Waddingham (

HJ Child and Son) v Mattock (Bolton and M) Dudley, Thomas, Pall Mall, Architect. Pet May 4. Brougham, 157 Pryce (Kayes and Jones) v Glasspool (M Webb and Son)

May 24 at 12 158 The Great Britain Mutual Life Assurance Society (Prideaux and Halberstamm, Ernst, Joseph Segalla, and Adolphe Segalla, PalmerSons) v Wright (Smith and Wilmer) SJ

ston bldgs, Old Broad st, and 37, Swainest, Bradford. Merchants. 159 Graham (JF Raw) v Brinton (A J Day)

Pet May 3. Murray. May 17 at 11.30 160 Cook (Philbrick and C) v Cochrane (J I Irving)

Hough, George, Bishopsgate Within, Master Mariner. Pet May 4. 161 Bosher (GLP Eyre and Co) v Baroni (H Smith)

Brougham. May 24 at 11 162 Bewicke ( GE Kaye and Co) v Graham (Prior and

Turner, Walter, George st, Portman sq, no occupation. Pet May 2. 163 O'Reilly (F G Gorton) v Leuchars (Bower and Co)

Pepys. May 18 at 12.30 164 Smith (Rexworthy, 6 and Co) v Lavington, Bros (Tatham, o

To Surrender in the Country. and N)

Francis, John Roderick, Dowlais, Glamorgan, Builder. Pet May 2. 165 Kite (BH Van Tromp) v Smith (V J Chamberlain) SJ

Lewis. Merthyr Tydfil, May 16 at 12 106 Angell (HF Kite) v White and anr (HW Christmas)

Jones, Thomas, Dukinfield, Chester, out of business. Pet May 19. 167 Pellotier and Wife (Walls, A and M) v Metropolitan Ry Co Hall. Ashton-under-Lyne, May 19 at 12 (Burchells) SJ

Lightbown, James, Accrington, Lancaster, Stonemason. Pet May 169 Kaye (In Person) v Barrett (AL Antill)

4. Bolton. Blackburn, May '18 at 11 169 Stark and anr (WB Palmer) y Smart (E S Carr)

McKiever, Mary Jane, Fishponds, Gloucester, Draper. Pet May 2. 170 Swann (W Maskell) v Higdon (Silvester and Co)

Harley. Bristol, May 23 at 2 171 Biggs and Co (J Best) v Dawson (

Greenfield and A)

Potts, John, Consett, Durham, Tailor. Pet May 4. Ingledew. 172 Lampard (Boxall and B) y Hill (E Doyle and Sons)

Newcastle, May 19 at 1 173 Neill (H Aird) v Union Lighterage Cold (Renshaw and R) SJ Stoddart, Herbert Randall, Sutton Coldfield, Warwick, Solicitor's 174 Youngers (C W Francis) v Peck (HH Ede)

Clerk. Pet May 3. Cole. Birmingham, May 26 at 2 175 Tidman and Wife (R Chapman) v L General Omnibus Co Swire, Roger Mowbray, Manchester, Coal Agent Pet May 2. (Harries, W and R) SJ

Lister. Manchester, May 23 at 12 176 Newton, Jenkins and Co(CO Newman) v Sanders Bros (F W

TUESDAY, May 10, 1881.

To Surrender in London. 177 Beckingsale (WT Elliott) v Waterhouse (Jenkinson an

Samuels, C- , Upland rd, East Dulwich, Builder, Pet May 6. 178 Driver (Evans and P) v Wastell (In Person)

Pepys. May 25 at 11.30 179 Hayward (Flower and N) v Hastie (J Gray)

Shea, William., Ellingford rd, Hackney, Boot Manufacturer. Pet 180 Newman (Clarkson, G and w) y Graham and ors (Lowless and May 5. Hazlitt. May 25 at 11

Webb, Edward Harvey, Aldridge rd villas, Westbourne Park, 181 Batthyany (Deacon, Son and G) v Bouch (Norris, A and Co) SJ Captain, H.M.'s Native Infantry. Pet May 6. Pepys. May 25 at 182 Brutton (Edwards and Son) v Birch (F G Gorton)


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To Surrender in the Country.

Garner, Frederick, Silchester road, Notting hill, Grocer. May 17 Brook, Thomas Alma, Leeds, Stock Broker. Pet May 4. Cautherley. at 3 at offices of Durant, jun, Guildhall chambers, Basing hall st Leeds, May 25 at 11

Goldstine, Israel, West st, Regent st, Trimming Seller. May 23 at 2 Coleman, John, Barrington, Cambridge, Miller. Pet May 5. Eaden. at offices of Montagu, Bucklersbury Cambridge, May 21 at 12

Gray, William, Middlesborough, Tobacconist. May 18 at 3 at offices Jackson, Samuel, Bradford, York, Builder. Pet May 6. Lee. of Lewis, Zetland st, Middlesborough Bradford, May 24 at 12

Green, George William, Heath Town, Stafford, Provision Dealer. Jeffryes, Robert, Ormskirk, Lancaster, Cattle Salesman. Pet May 6 May 20 at 11 at offices of Stratton, Queen st, Wolverhampton Bellringer. Liverpool, May 23 at 12

Gregory, Frederick, Burtor-on-Trent, Carver. May 14 at 11 at offices Marshall, George, Stanton Drew, Somerset Farmer. Pet May 6. of Wilson, Station rd, Burton-on-Trent Foster. Wells, May 23 at 1

Griffiths, William, Camerton. Cumberland, Tinplate Manufacturer. Parker, Thomas, jun, Worcester, Postmaster. Pet May 6. Beale. May 18 at 3 at County Hotel, Carlisle. Clutterbuck and Trevenen, Worcester, May 26 at 10.30

Carlisle Tomlinson, John, Goulceby, Lincoln, Farmer. Pet May 6. Uppleby. Hale, Thomas, and James Henry Fisher, Kingsford ter, Seven Lincoln, May 21 at 10

Sisters rd, General Drapers. May 26 at 3.30 at offices of Watts and BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

Watts, Carter lane

Hart, Elijah, Sheffleld, Coal Merchant. May 20 at 11 at offices of TUESDAY, May 10, 1881.

Porrett, Bank st, Sheffield Cooper, James Cuthbert, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Chemical Merchant. Hastings, James, and George Hastings, Great Yarmouth, Boat May 6

Builders. May 13 at 3 at offices of Preston, Regent st, Gt Yar. Edwards, George Clayton, Newgate st, Auctioneer. May 7

mouth Isdahl, Michael Ludwig, Śwansea, Shipbroker. May 5

Hayes, Frederick, William, Linden gardens, Chiswick, Artist, Rees, David, Swansea, Ironmonger. May 5

May 25 at 2 at offices of Miller and Miller, Sherborne lane Waller, Robert Ashton, Westhorpe, Suffolk. Apr 8

Hemm, Charles, Rawson, Nottingham, Grocer, May 23 at 3 at Windsor, Joseph, and Samuel Masters, Stoke-upon-Trent, Builders. offices of Whittingham, Middle Pavement, Nottingham Apr 29

Hicks, William, Stock, Worcester, Licensed Victualler, May 25 at

3 at offices of Simmons, Eveshamst, Redditch Liquidations by Arrangement.

Hull, John, Bedford. Builder. May 19 at 1 at Inns of Court Hotel,

Holborn. Conquest and Clare, Bedford
FRIDAY, May 6, 1881.

Ishman, Wolf, Liverpool, Paint Dealer. May 17 at 3 at offices of
Allen, Harry Ricketts, Leicester, Grocer. May 16 at 3 at offices of Levy, North John st, Liverpool
Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester

Jackson, Samuel, Heckington, Lincoln, Grocer. May 19 at 12.30 at Andrews, Stephen, Bristol, Boot Manufacturer. May 20 at 2 at Red Lion Hotel, Boston, Bailes, Boston offices of Phillips, Small st, Bristol. Bullard, Glastonbury

Jarrett, Charles Berners, Milnthorpe, nr Winchester. May 20 at 2 Barbor, Robert, Aston-juxta-Birmingham, Carpenter. May 20 at 12 at Royal Hotel, Winchester, Taylor, Theobald's rd at offices of Buller and Bickley, Bennett's hill, Birmingham

Jobson, John, Birkenhead, Chester, Plumber. May 19 at 1l at office Beatson, John, and Augustus Beatson, Derby, Iron Merchants. of Bleaker and Downham, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead May 24 at 2 at offices of Eddowos, St Mary's gate, Derby

Johns. Thomas, Monmouth, Grocer. May 27 at 12 at offices of Bickford, Thomas, Torquay, Plasterer. May 25 at 12 at offices of Parsons and Balding, Trafalgar pl, Newport. Colborne and Ward Mackenzie and Hext, Fleet st, Torquay

Newport Bishop, Frederick, Leominster, Hereford, Innkeeper. May 25 at 3 Jones, John, Liverpool, Builder. May 18 at 2.30 at offices of Gee, at Royal Oak Hotel, Leominster. Browne, Bromyard

North John st, Liverpool Bladon, Thomas, Oakengates, Salop, Boot Mauufacturer. May 17 Jones, John Allin, jun, Birmingham, Earth Closet Manufacturer. at 1 at Bull's Head Hotel. Wellington

May 17 at 12 at offices of Saunders and Bradbury, Temple row, Blakey, John, and John Vanston, Bradford, Ironfounders. May 19 Birmingham

at 11.30 at offices of Berry and Robinson, Charles st, Bradford Jones, Theodore Cook, Derby, Draper. May 23 at 2 at Midland Bland, Richard, Kingston-upon-Hull, Tobacconist May 18 at 11 at Hotel, Derby, Belk, Nottingham

offices of Thorp and Firth, St Mary's chbrs, Lowgate, Kingston- | Judd, Henry, Elizabeth villas, Hornsey rise, Journalist. May 16 at upon Hull

2 at offices of Norris, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane Bonnell, Henry, Bradford, Saddler. May 18 at 3 at offices of Killick Judd, Joseph Hitchman Nicoll, Brynmawr, Brecknock, Grocer. May and Co, Commercial Bank bldgs, Bradford

20 at 12 at offices of Parsons and Balding, Tredegar pl, Newport. Bonsor, James, jun, Moulton, Northampton, Draper. May 19 at 2 Simons and Plews, Merthyr Tydfil at offices of Pittman, Guildhall chbrs, Basinghall st

Kirkman, Henry, Bolton, Paper Manufacturer. May 20 at 3 at office Borthwick, William, Birmingham, Coal Dealer. May 16 at 3 at of Eckersley, Mawdsley st, Bolton

Great Western Hotel, Colmore row, Birmingham, Williams, Law, Charles, West Melton, nr Rotherham, Draper. May 25 at 4 at Birmingham

offices of Rideal, Chronicle chbrs, Barnsley Brayshaw, John, Chesterfield, Printer. May 20 at 3 at Angel Leggoe, Frederic Édwin, Sheffield, out of business. May 16 at 12 at Hotel, Chesterfield, Swatfield, Chesterfield

offices of Pierson, Queen st, Sheffield Brill, Jesse, Maesteg, Glamorgan, Grocer. May 17 at 3.30 at Mer Mabe, Thomas Alfred, Westmoreland rd. Walworth, Grocer. May chants' Association, Broad st, Bristol. Randall, Bridgend

21 at 3 at 38, Westmoreland rd, Walworth Buckley, William Clayton, Normanton, York, Grocer. May 19 at 3 Mabe, William, Swansea, Butcher. May 20 at 3 at offices of Thomas. at offices of Lister, Old Corn Exchange, Wakefield

Fisher st, Swansea Butterworth, Edward, Blackpool, Confectioner. May 18 at 3 at Manger, Richard, Crampton rd, Penge, out of business. May 18 at offices of Blackhurst, Lytham st, Blackpool

11 at offices of Hughes, Eastcheap Carless, George, Worcester, Veterinary Surgeon. May 20 at 12 at Marsland, John, Oldham, Mechanic. May 27 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, offices of Hughes, Pierpont st, Worcester

Cathedral yd, Manchester. Clark, Oldham Chrisp, Thomas, Jarrow, Durham, Greengrocer. May 18 at 3 at Mathews, William Henry, Wollaston, Worcester, out of business.

offices of Mahame and Graham, Barrington-st, South Shields May 18 at 3 at offices of Homfray and Holberton, High st, Brierley - Christy, Richard, Weston, Hertford, Miller, May 24 at 4 at Crown. inn, Hitchin. Times, Hitchin

McDonald, William, Gt Grimsby, Lincoln, Smack Owner. May 16 Clarke, Thomas, Malpool and Heanor, Derby, Blacksmith. May 20 at 11 at offices of Grange and Wintringham, St Mary's chambers at 12 at offices of Heath, Amen-alley, Derby


West, St Mary's gate, Gt Grimsby Cooper, John, Gt Malvern, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. May 18 McKendrick, John, Middlesborough, Grocer. May 18 at 11 at offices at 3 at offices of Allen and Beauchamp, Sansome pl, Worcester

of Jackson, Albert rd, Middlesborough Corbett, Henry, King's Norton, Worcester, Butcher's Manager. McNeff, George, Edgware rd, Unredeemed Pledge Salesman. May

May 13 at 3 at offices of Huggins and Mallard, Newhall st, Bir 30 at 2 at 34 Gt Quebec st, Marylebone rd mingham

Millington, John, Wigan, Bricklayer. May 18 at 10 at offices of Crabtree, Charles, and James William Crabtree, Bingley, York, Wilson, King st, Wigan Paper and Paper Tube Makers. May 17 at 11 at offices of Harrison

Mills, Samuel Willis, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. May 19 at 3 at East parade, Leeds

offices of Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham Creed, William, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Grocer. May 21 at 11 at Morgan, David, Llanfihangel Helygen, Radnor, Farmer. May 18 at offices of Clark, Regent st, Cheltenham

2 at County Court Office, Builth, Williams and Co, Newtown Cross, Charles, Alfrick, Worcester. Farmer, May 21 at 11 at offices Moss, Frederick William, Vauxhall walk, Vauxhall, Veterinary of Trce and Son, High st, Worcester

Surgeon. May 18 at 12 at offices of Plunkett and Leader, St Paul's Davey, Robert Edward, Reading, Berks, Provision Merchant. churchyard May 18 at 2.30 at offices of Creed, the Forbury, Reading

Murton, Henry, Liverpool, Provision Merchant. May 30 at 2 at Davies, William Sadler, Bedminster, Bristol, School Board offices of Spencer, ('ook st, Liverpool

Officer. May 16 at-12 at offices of Benson and Carpenter, Bank Newberry, William, Grove rd, Holloway, out of business. May 26 chbrs, Corn st, Bristol

at 4 at offices of Holloway, Ball's Pond rd. Cooper, Lincoln's inn Davis, Edwara, and Michael Joseph Gashion, High Holborn, Tailors. felds June 1 at 12 at Law Institution, Chancery lane. V anderpump,

Newton, John, Nottingham, Grocer. May 18 at 3 at offices of Belk, Gray's inn sa

Middle pavement, Nottingham Dunn, John, Yelton, Northumberland, Farmer. May 10 at 1l at Ogden, James, Bolton, Lancaster, Grocer. May 20 at 3 at offices of offices of Forster and Paynter, Fenkle sti, Alnwick

Whittingham, Exchange st, Bolton Edwards, Edward, Dudley, out of business. May 19 at 3 at offices Parkinson, Edmund Wollaston, Hill st, Brompton, M.D. May 26 at of Waldron, High st, Brierley hill

2 at Crown Inn, Royston. Blood, Witham Emerson, Albert, Brighton, Builder. May 19 at 11 at offices of Pol Peacock, Charles Beckett, Regent st, Silversmith. May 25 at i at lard, Prince Albert st, Brighton

Westminster Palace Hotel, Victoria st, Westminster Errington, William, and James Briggs, Sunderland, Durham, Cattle Parton, Thomas, Crewe, Chester, General Dealer. May 23 at 11 at

Food Manufacturers. May 18 at 11 at offices of Haswell and Mar offices of Hill, Market st, Crewe shall, John st, Sunderland

Peacock, James, Pulborough, Sussex, Sadler. May 20 at 11.30 at Fanthorpe, Thomas White, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, Glass Dealer. Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn, Mant, Storrington

May 20 at 3 at offices of Mason, Victoria street South, Great Pearce, Richard, Brighton, Hatter. May 25 at 12 at offices of EdGrimsby

monds and Co, Cheapside. Pollard, Brighton Fenton, William, Leeds, Smallware Dealer. May 17 at 3 at offices of Pearson, Thomas, Barnton, Chester, Farmer. May 16 at 12 at Wood. Dunn and French, East parade, Leeds

side Hotel, Birkenhead. Mason, Chester Frank, Joseph, New rd, Whitechapel, Licensed Fedlar. M:

Phipps, Edward George, Church Stretton, Salop, Grocer, May 23 3 at offices of Brighten and Co, Bishopgate st Without

at 12 at offices of Corser and Son, Swan hill, Shrewsbury

m ingham 16 at 3.

Buchants' A: Maester: Swatha, Printer


Whitting Edmund Wollasto Blood, Withamsmith. May 25 at 4 as

27 at

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