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three questions in tbe affirmative and the fourth in favour of Charlotte. There waa a large attendance of barristers and students from the several Ions, and Messrs. Wheelhouse, Griffith, and Brown, benchers of Gray's-inn, were also present.

Tbe next meeting of the society will take place in the Hall of Gray's-inn, on Thursday, May 12, at eight p.m., under tbe presidency of Mr. J. Westiake, Q.C.

The following notice relative to the society has been issned by the secretaries, who will be happy to supply printed copies to any who may wish to have them :— The meetings of this society are held twice during each term in the Hall of Gray's-inn, at eight o'clock p.m. The object of the society is to afford to members of tbe Inns of Court opportunities of arguing moot points of law. Tbe questions to be argued are proposed by eminent members of the profession ; and the gentleman who proposes the q uestion presides over the discussion, and gives judgment; the procedure adopted following as closely as possible the actual practice of the courts. So subscription or formal admission to the society is required; any member of an Inn of Court being at liberty to attend the meetings, notice of which is regularly screened in the halls and libraries of the several Inns. The undersigned will be glad to receive the names of any gentlemen who are willing to assist ihem in furthering the objects of the society : C. A. V. Conybeare, F. B. De M. Gibbons, and E. Robinson, the Library, Gray's-inn; E. H. Pickersgill, I.T., 13, King's Bench-walk; A. K. Iogpen, M.T., 7, Stone-buildings, Lincoln's-inn; A. A. Prankerd, L.I., 8, Fig Tree-court, Temple.

John Battye and John Samobl Elliott, Birstal.Yorks,. solioitors (Battye & Elliott). April 30.

[Gazette, May 3,1881.]


WINDING-UP NOTICES. Joint Stock Cohpanibb. Llxitxd In Chancery. Cabbiagb Co-opebative Supply Association, Limited.—By an order made by the M.R., dated April 22, it was ordered that theassociation bo wound up. Purser, Fenohurch st, solicitor for the petitioners

Province Brescia SiEAst Tramway Company, Limited.


before person

[Ga«tte, Apr 29.J


Mr. Henry Kemp Avoar, solicitor, has been appointed Deputy-Clerk of Arraigns at the Central Criminal Court. Mr. Avoryis the eldest son of Mr. Henry Avory, the late clerk o! arraigus, and he was admitted a solicitor in 1871.

Mr. Samuel Brown, solicitor (of the firm of Potter & Brown), of Rotherhaoi, has been eleoted Town Clerk of that borough, in succession to Mr. George WagBtail'e Hodgkinson, deceased. Mr. Browu waa admitted asolioitor in 1865. His firm are solioitors to the Rotherham Burial Board.

Mr. William Nichols Marcy, solicitor, of Bewdley, has been appointed Clerk to the Conservators of Clee Hill Common. Mr. Marcy waa admitted a solioitor in 1831. He is olerk of the peace for Worcestershire, and olerk to the magistrates of the Cleobnry Division of Shropshire, and he has served the offioe of mayor of Bewdley.

Mr. Eustace William Owles, solicitor, of 22, Chancerylane, W.C., has been appointed a Commissioner to take the Acknowledgments of Married Women in and for the County of Middlesex, the Cities of London and Westminster, and the County of Kent.

Mr. William Edward Pbrram, solicitor, of Bristol, has been appointed n Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women (or Gloucestershire, and Somersetshire, and the City of Bristol.

Mr. Edward Claris Srwell, solicitor (of the firm of Sewell & Son), of Cirencester, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer < > uhs in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. jAMes Stirling, barrister, who has been appointed by the Attorney-General to the office of Junior Equity Counsel to the Treasury, was educated at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated as senior wrangler and first Smith's Prizeman in 1860. He was called to the bar, at Lincoln's-inn, in Michaelmas Term, 1862, and he practises in the Chancery Division.

Mr. John White, barrister, has been appointed Secretary to the Royal Commission of the Medical Acts. Mr. White was formerly a scholar of Balliol College, Oxford, where he graduated second class in Liters, Hummiotcs in 1362. He was afterwards elected a fellow of Queen's College, and he was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inu in Michaelmas Term, S66. He is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit.

DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS. Thomas Rogers and Walter John Brain, Reading, solicitors (Rogers & Brain). April 9.

[Gazette, April 29, 1881.]

ROT1NCK UF OUKPUiA oi r.A-M Ihajihai Vvjuah I, A^aj»a I mu.

Petition for winding up, presented April 26, directed to be heard before tho M.R. on May 7. Silberberg, Comhill, petitioner in

Carriage Co-OPERATIVE Supply Association, LIMITED.—Tho M.R

has by an an order dated April 5, appointed Alfred Audrey Brood 35, Walbrook, to be provisional liquidator Cofpbb Publtc Houses National Society, Limited.—Petition for winding up, presented May 2, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on May 13. Girdlestone, Albany Court yard, solicitor for tho petitioner

Darlington Brewery Company, Limited.—Creditors are required on or before May 31 to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to William Augustine Spain, 1, Ciresham Ixlgs, Basinghall st. June 14 at. 11 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Electhic And Magnetic Company, Limited.—Petition for voluntary winding up, presented April 28, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on May 13. Campbell and Co, Warwick st, BegentsL, solicitors for the petitioners

Bockks' Society, Limited.—The M "R. has by an order, dated March 22, appointed Arthur James Hill, 1, Fiusbury circus, to be official liquidator

[Gazette, May. 3.]

County Palatini Op Lancaster.

Higher Eanam Brewery Company, Ltmited.—The V.C- has fixed May 12 at 10.30 at the offico of the district registrar. Municipal bdgs, Dalo 8t, Liverpool, for the appointment of two liquidators

{Gazette, Apr. 29.j


MR. RICHARD WARD NICHOLSON. Mr. Richard Ward Nicholson, solicitor, town clerk o Ripon, died at that place on the 2Sth ult., after a long illnets. Mr. Nicholson was the son of Mr. Richard Nicholson, solicitor. He was born in 1S23, and was admitted a solicitor in 1853, and shortly afterwards on his father's death he was elected town clerk of the city of R'poo, which office he held until his death. In his, official capacity he had rendered very valuable service to the borough! He curried out the acquisition by the corporation of the das Works, and he also prepared the new bye-laws. He was a perpetual commissioner for the West Riding of Yorkshire, and he had a very extensive private practice. On the issue of a separate commission of the peace for the city of Ripon he was selected as the first clerk 10 the boroogh magistrates, and he was (till last year) clerk to the county magistrates, and to the magistrates of the liberty of Ripon. He w»a also for many years clerk to the trustees of the Ripon and Harrogate Turnpike Roads, to the governors of the Ripon Grammar School, and to the Borough Charity Trustees. Mr. Nicholson was unmarried. He was buried on the 3rd inst., at Trinity Church, Ripon.

MR. ROBERT HEYSHAM MOUNSEY. Mr. Robert I Icy sham Mounsey, solicitor and notary, of Carlisle, died at his residence, Castletown, Cumberland, on the 25th ult. Tbe deceased was the eldest son of tbe late Mr. George Gill Mounsey, solicitor, many years secretary to the Bishop of Carlisle, and district registrar of the Court of Probate. He was born iu 1S28 and was admitted a solicitor in 1851. Shortly afterwards he went into partnership with his father and with his brother, Mr. John Gilts Mounsey, and he practised at Carlisle until his death. Mr. Mounsey had a very large private practice. Ho was a notary public, and he was also (Jointly with his brother) secretary to the Bishop of Carlisle. He was also registrar of the diocese of Carlisle, and of the archdeaconries of Carlisla abd Westmoreland.

[blocks in formation]

Ashmohe, Charles, Granville pi, Portman sq, General iLM.'s

Army. June '20. Crozier and Son' Dublin Bales, George William, Ipswich, Suffolk, Gtinmaker. June 1

Cobbold and Co, Ipswich Bakkow, Ciiarlks Falconer James, Ingatestone, Essex, a Clerk in

the Bank of England. June 21. Wren, Fenchurch st Battiscombb, Rev Robert Samuel, Barkway, Hertford. July 1.

Lucas and Sou, Fenchurch st Bibgmax, Johw Christian, Ampthill sq, Gentleman. Juno 13.

Barber, Old Jewry Bcttery, Francis, Great Steeping, Lincoln, Gentleman. June 30.

Allisons and Allison, Louth Caulfeild, Edwin Toby, Lansdowne, Bath, a Commander in the

Royal Navy. June 7. Wood and Co, Raymond buildings, Gray's


Copland, James, Wigan, Lancaster, Gentleman. Juno 10. Scott and Ellis, Wignn

Cornice, Henry, Lawn rd, Hampstead, Ironmonger. May 31.

Cornick, Hampstead Coeeie, William, Cleveland sq, Hyde pk, Esq. July 1. Cooke,

New inn, Strand

Coubtauld, Samuel, Halstead, Essex, Esq. June 19. Janson and

Co, Finsbury circus, Crack, Charles Napoleon, Cheshunt, Herts. June 10. Makinson

and Carpenter, Devereux ct, Temple Cresswell, Henry Richard, Lewi sham, Kent, Gent. June 1.

Warmiugton, Grcsham buildings, liasinghall st Cross, Thomas, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Iron Merchant, June 15,

Heard, Cardiff

Dodd, Hknky, Kendal, Westmoreland, Butcher. Jane 13. Thomson

and Wilson, Kendal Fortune, Alice Plant, Liverpool. Juno 20. Miller and Co, Liver.


Fortune, Johx, the younger, Liverpool, Civil Engineer. June 20.

Miller and Co, Liverpool Gates, James, Cranhaui, Essex, Yeoman. July 1. Haynes and

Clifton, Romford Green, William, Gloucester rd, Kensington, Greengrooor. July L

Shepheard and Sons, King st, Kensington Griffiths, Llewellyn, Lantwit juxta Neath, Glamorgan, Gent.

May 31. Curtis, Neath Haines, John, Addison rd, Kensington, Gent, June 24. Tatton,

Lower Fhillimoro pi, Kensington Harrison, Jon>-, Ecdos, Lancaster, Gent. June 10. Fox, Man*


Hill, Ay.y, Robert st, Chelsea. May 31. Mead and Sons, Jernryn st. Saint James's

Hodge: In Son, George Wagstaffe, Rotherham, York, Solicitor, June 30. Pashley, Rotherham

Hogarth, William, Scotswood, Northumberland, Paper Manufacturer. May 31. Allan and Davios, Newcastle

Jones, Hugh, Liverpool, Draper. Juno 13. Miller and Co, Liverpool

Jordan, Gustavus, Luton, Bedford, Accountant, June 1. Cooke, Luton

Joy, Joiix William, Knareslwrough, York, Wool Rug Manufacturer.

May 25. Ibberson, Westgato Kingdom, John, Monken Hadley, Gent. June 1. George, Barnet KnrGZETT, Mary Awn, Shipston on Stonr, Worcester. May 28.

Hancock and Hiron, Shipston on Stour Lennox, William Pitt, Hans pi, Brompton. June 30. Masterman

and Co, New Broad st Levick, George, West Kami Essex, Surgeon. June 21. Curtis,

Union ct, Old Broad st Jiiixs, Joseph, Salford, Lancaster, Cotton Doubler. May 31.

Leigh, Manchester Moon, James, Kingston on Thames Veterinary Surgeon. Juno 10.

Sherrard, Lincoln's inn lields Xewbould, Ann, Rawmarsh, York. May 31. Pashley, Rotherham Nicholson, Waltbe Harkness, Swansea, Shipowner. May 31.

Mead and Sons, Jermyn st, St James's Parker, Vugbb, Worksop, Nottingham. June 30. Hodding and

Beevor, Worksop Pember, John Edward Ross. Woodfield Lodge, Streatham, EBq.

June 15. Druces and Co, Tlilliter sq Penny, Isaac, Liscard, Chester, Esq. June 20. Miller and Co,


Pickworth, Francis, Surfleet, Lincoln, Farmer. June 1. Wiles and Smith, Hurl ding

Pucxey, William, Manchester, Tailor. May 31. Leigh, Manchester

Kendall, William, Bristol, Lodging House Keeper. June 27.

Gwynn and Co, Bristol Richmond, Jomr Weems, Clunes. Talbot, in the Colony of Victoria,

Mining Manager. Dec 31. Randall, South sq, Gray's inn Ri&g, Hugh, Crossrigg Hall, Westmoreland, a Lieu tenant-Colonel

on the Retired List of tho Madras Army. Juno 21. Brundrett

and Co, King's Bench Walk, Templo, London Sargent. Robert. Kingston upon Hull, Merchant. June 4. Leak

and Co, Hull

Smith, Augustus Frederick, Cornwall id, Westbourne pk, Esq.

June 30. Masterman and Co, New Broad st Smith. Mary, Great College st, Camden Town. May 31. Gush and

PMllips, Finsbury circus Spencer, Richard, Ockbrook, Derby, Farmer. June C. Sale and Mills, Derby

Taylor, William, Seven Sisters* road, Islington. Gent. May 21.

McDiarmid and Tcather, Newman's ct, Cornhill Tucker, Elizabeth, Saint Leonard, Exeter. June 10. Truscott,

Yickery, Benjamin, Bishopsgato st, Gent. June 1. Mason, Grcsham st

Wagstaff, Hannah, Chipping Barnet, Hertford. Junel. George, Barnet

Ward, Horatia Nelson, Woodridings, Pinner. May 27. Senior

and Co, New inn, Strand Wells, Charles, Brighton, Tea Dealer. June 1. Stuckey and Co,


White, Emily, Hyde pk gate, South Kensington. June 1. Baker

and Nairne, Crosby sq Woethingtox, Hannah, Abbey, Burslem, Stafford. June 14.

Coopers, Newcastle under Lyme

[Gazette Apr. 20.]


HOUSE OF COMMONS. APRIL 28.-BILLS BEAD A THIRD TIME. Private Bills.—Alnwiok Gas, Aylesbury and Riokmanswortu Railway, Burton-upon-Trent (Station-Btreet Extension) Railway, Lancashire County Justices, Leicester Improvement, Swansea Corporation Loans. Inland Revenue Buildings.

APRIL 29.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Customs and Inland Revenue.

BILL READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bill.—Leeds Tramways.

MAY 2.—BILL IN COMMITTEE. Alkali Works Regulation.

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bills.—Forness Railway, London and NorthWestern and Midland Railways (Market Harborough),. Midland Railway, Milford Haven Docks and Railway, and Rotherham and Bawtry Railway.

Looal Government Provisional Orders (Bath, &c), Local Government Provisional Order (Poor Law), Local Government (Highways) Provisional Order (York).

MAY 3.—BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Pkivate Bills.—Barrow-in-Furness Corporation, Gosport-street Tramways (Extension), Great Western Railway,. Watford and Rickmansworth Railway, West Lancashire Railway.



Rota Of Registrars In Attkndanck On

Data. CoimT o» Mastm o# xna y 0 B

AirsAL. Rolls.

Monday, May 9Mr. Kin? Mr. Teesdale Mr. Jackson

Tuesday 10 Merivale Farrer Cobby

Wednesday.... 11 King Teesdale Jackson

Thursday .... 12 Merivale Farrer Cobby

Friday 13 King Teesdale Jackson

Saturday 14 Merivale Farrer Cobby

v f Hi,, Mr. Justice Mr. Justice

V. C. Hail. j,Hy kat

Monday, May 9Mr. Koe Mr. Latham Mr. Pemberton.

Tuesday 10 Clowes Leach Ward

Wednesday.... 11 Koe Laiham Pemberton.

Thursday .... 12 Clowes Leach Ward

Friday 13 Koe Latham Pemberton,;

Saturday...... 14 Clowes Leach Ward

Chancery Division.Ordek Of Court.

Saturday, the 30th day of April, 1881. Whereas, from the present state of the business before the Master of the Rolls and Mr. Justice Kay respectively, it is expedient that a portion of the causes assigned to the Master of the Rolls, and now standing for trial or hearing before his lordship, should for the purpose of trial or hearing be transferred to Mr. Justice Kay ; Now I, the Right Honorable Roundell Baron Selborne, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, do hereby order that

the several causes set forth in the schedule hereto be ac■cordingly transferred from the Master of the Rolls to Mr. Justice Kay for the purpose only of trial or hearing, and be marked in the cause-books accordingly. And this order is to bo drawn up by the registrar and set np in the several offloes of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Jostice.


From the Master of the Rolls' Cause Book.
^Sanders v Pox act wits 1880 S 3,185
Banner v Berridge set wits 1880 B 167
Pratt v Pratt act wils 1881 P 121
Shardlow v Cotterell act wits 1880 S 1,707
In re Tritrnell, deed, Trimnell v Shaw act wits & m f j

1880 T 1,369
AVerev Blair act wits 1878 W 270
Madewv Rolls aot wits Am fj 1880 M 270
DawvRooke act wits &mfj 1880 D 2,051
Nathan v Elkan actwits I860 N 808
Bostock v Venables actwits 1880 B 3,948
HHrt v Halt act wits 1880 H 3,258
Bell v Stenteford actwits 1880 B 4,932
Parish v Hogg actwits 18S0 P 0,366
The Western Bmzlian Telegraph Co v Bibby act wits &

m f j 18S0 W 1,557
Tcrks v Hall act wits 18<?0 P 0,529
Johns v Graham act wits 1880 J 509
Pawsey v Armstrong act wits 18S1 P 50
Thompson v Hooke act wits 1880 T 1,182
Dennistoun v Kough act wits 1875 D 123
Geoghegan v Clowser actwits 1880 G 0,204
Tnsker v Attenborough act wits 1880 T 1,613
Jn re Brittlebank, deed, Coates v Brittlebank act wits 1880

B 2,757

-fit keg v Whiteley actwits (Huddersfield) 1880 8 262 The London & South-Wusiern Ry Co v Coram act wits

1880 L 2,295
Lunglev v Mnvor 4: Corporation of Southampton actwits

1879" L ISO
Carter v Rolfe act wits 1880 C 2,002
Eades v Starbuck Car & Wagon Co actwits 1880 E 411
The Yorkshire Railway Wagon Co v The Great Western

Railway Co aot wits 18S0 Y 02
The Yorkshire Railway Co v Madura act wits 1880 Y 02
In re BalderstoD, deer), Balderston v Rannard act wits and

motn forjudgt 18S0 B 42
.Bush v Needham act wits and motn for judgt 1880 B


Moxon v King actwits 1880 M 1,412
'Thorp v Simpson act wits and motn for judgt 1880 T

Ooddard v Jeffreys act wits 18S1 G 326
Hood v Newby act, wits 1880 H 1,838
Hall v The New Sedgwick Gunpowder Co limd act wits

1880 H 1,857
Brown v 8tevens act wits 18S0 H 3,051
ftooke v Nisbet actwits 1881 It 41
Jones v Jones actwits 1881 J 1,011
Stevens v Walker act wits 18S0 S 01,397
Heywood v Mansell actwits 1881 H 317
Bartleit v Pain actwits 18S0 B 4,421 ; Reading v Pain

act wits 1SS0 R 1,846; WVlchman v Pain act wits

1880 W 3,300; Clarke v Pain aot wits 1SS0 C


Worsley v Levy act wits 1880 W 3,562

In re Bone's Estate, B ine v EKord actwits 1878 B 173

Turner v Green actwits 1880 T 0,423

Tyler v Jennings actwits 1881 T 497

Parker v White act wits 1SS0 P 0,596

Wreford v Jackson actwits 1880 W 1,327

Jones v Jones act wits 1881 J 280

Attorney-Gen v Leage act wi's 1879 A 199

Selborne, C.

This List contains Rii Actions entered in the Queen's Bench
Division, in which Notice of Trial has been given, and also all
Actions in the Chancery Division, in which Notico has been given
of Trial before a Judge and Jury; up to and including 27th, April,

The Actions which have been entered but for various reasons aro at present not reni'y for Trial are omitted from this List. Such of

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Prudot (Pyke and M) v Foresteau (E B Tattersholl) Stayed

Foresteau (E B Tattershall) v Prudot (Pyke and M)

Maspons and Hermano (Waltons, B and W) v Mildred, .

Goyoneche and Co (Freshfields and W) S J
Murrieta (Same) v Whito (C F B Birchall) SJ
Knight (H Aird) v Saul (W J Milton)
Pope and anr (H Montagu) v Yeomans (Collette and C)
Harris (Robinson, P and S) v Clarke (H H Wells)
Hills (G Brett) v Mitchell (T Beard and Sons)
Bailey and Leetham (Rollit and Sons) v Lamplough and anr

(Satchell and C) SJ
Same (Same) v Matthews (Same) SJ

Lambe and Co, Id (G Lockyer) v Rogers and anr (F Bradley)
Ganlt (Houlders) v Hookway and anr (Armstrong and L) SJ
Moon (Lumley and L) v Cohn (S Toppin)

Harnett, Horry and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Palmer's Ship-
building and Iron Co, Id (G M Clements) S J

Raymond and Reid (Mercer and M) v Robert Bell and Co,
(Maples, T and Co) SJ

Gilroy (Bell, Brodrick and G) v Powells Duffryn Steam Coal Co
Id (UUithorne, C and V) SJ

Lawrence, Weaver and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Maltby (E P

Lightbody (Lumley and L) v Bignold (Beyfus and B)

Day (R H Ward) v Kitchen and Co (Hicklin and W)

Larmouth (F W and H Hilbery) v Burton (L Hand)

Haines (W Rawlins) v The Carshalton Gas and Coke Co (Bell,

Brodrick and G)
Schwartz (Hollams, Son and C) v The West Hartlepool Steam

Navigation Co (H C Coote)
Elclvidge and anr (Wellborne and Son) v Brown, trading, &c

(G R Harrison)
Heather and anr (H G Heather) v Coppin (Miller and V)
Ross aid Co (F Bradley) v Barber (WH Hughes)
Stewart Bros (Kearsay, Son and H) v Hartwell (J Rae)
Cartwright (G Castle) v Guerrier (Hollams, Son and C)
Bowker and King (Robert Greening) v Salamon and Co (Same.)
Mercantile Mutual Marino luce Assocn, linid (Grconop and Sons) ■

v Wilkinson (Botterell and R) stayed
Hopcraft and Co (J Rae) v Hathorn (E H Smith)
Streiff (Markby, S and Co) v Henry Guche and Co (Plunkett

and L) without jury
Davies and ors (Miller and Miller) v Nutt (C Mallam)
Fairhurst (J Seeley) v Talbot (Digby and Jones)
Reubens and Wife (Tucker, B and L) v Bradley, sued, &c (C E:

R Preston)

Brough (J W Marsh) v Brough (J E Smith)

Rowney (Wild, B and W) v Stein Brothers (Ellis and Crossfield)

Hocmer (Stocken and J) v Woodall and Co (Field, R and Co)

Lupton (I T Miller) v Russ and anr (Magill, E and R)
Bowden (Stibbard, G and Co) v Prichard Junr (Hensman and

St James' Bank, limd (E Lee) v Kerr (Stocken and J)
Martin (Jno Curtis) v Board of Works for the Poplar District
<W H Farnfleld)

Coltman (J W Cook) v Brooks and anr (Thompson, Son and B) >
Everett (H H Poole) v Palish and anr (In Person; Parish, D>
and H)

Reubiiison Bros (J M Barnard) v Lewis and Co (Underwood,.
Son and P)

Roberts (Roberta and B) v Greves (Smith, Davies and Co)
without jury

Hudson (Blake and Snow) v Till and Birchall (C W Taylor; In

Ramsey (Allen and E) v McManus (Hogan and H)
Burton (Same) v Moore (W Tanner)

Rhodes Bank Coffee Palace Perman»»* Benefit Building Soc (E
Flux and L) v Union Bank of Manchester (Clarke, W and R>
Alexander and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Fison (C A Flint) SJ
Richardson (H H Richardson) v Salomos (W Rawlins)
Rheinisch Westfalischer Lloyd (Hollams, Son and C) v Wills

(Waltons, B and W) SJ
Crosse and Wife (Rogers and C) v Harcourt and anr (Buchanan
and R)

Crosse (Same) v Same (Same)

Hannay and anr (Hollaing, Son and C) v Lubbock (Waltons, B

and W) SJ
Same (Same) v Reiss (Same) SJ

Ide and Christie (Waltons, B and W) v Crichton (Hollams, Son
and C) SJ

Sharp, Secy, &c (Stacpoolo and Son) v Mo Clean (Hargroves and

Stephens (Same) v Wilkins (N Jourdain)

Sanders Bros (G M Clements) v Maclean and Co (Maples, T

and Co) SJ
Cobbett (Lanfear and S) v Brown (Plews and I)
Dyson (G McConnal) v Money (Pritchard and M)
Blackden (Bridges, S, H and Co) v PiUey (H Morris) S J

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. May 9.—Messrs. Robert W. Fuller & Moon, at the Mart, . at 1 for 2 p.m., Freehold Property (see advertisement, April 30, p. 6).

May 11.—Messrs. Fuller, Horsey, Sons, & Co., at the Mart at 2 p.m., Freehold Properties (see advertisement, this week, p. 3).

May 11.—Mr. Robins, at the Mart at 12 for 1 p.m., Reversions, &c. (see advertisement, April 30, p. 6).

May 12.—Messrs. C. C. & T. Moore, at the Mart, at 12 for 1 < p.m., Freehold, Copyhold, and Leasehold Properties (sect advertisement, this week, p. 3).


•cattanach.—April 25, at 14, London-street, Edinburgh, the

wife of Peter L. Cattanach, advocate, of a eon. Hansen.—May 1, at 40, "VVeetbourne Park-road, the wife of Nicholas J. Hannen, Her Majesty's Crown Advocate at Shanghai, of a son. 8-wiFT.—May 1, at Hardshaw Hall, St. Helen's, the wife of

Thomas Swift, solicitor, of a


Fraper.—May 2, at 3, Torrirotton-park, Finchley, Gwrge Patriok Fraser, solicitor, aged 40.


Fan>AY, April 29, 1881. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to tho To Surrender in London. •Crosby, William Lamartine, Caroline st, Tottenham ct rd, Wall

Paper Dealer. Pet Apr 26. Murray. May 13 at 11 Ditcham, George Thomas Pearce, Jewin st, Fancy Goods Merchant.

Pet Apr 28. Hazlitt. May 10 at 12.30 Figes, William, Cannon st, Umbrella Manufacturer. Pet Apr 27.

Brougham. May 10 at 12 ■Gordon, George, Shepherdess walk, City rd, Tailor. Pet Apr 27.

Brougham. May 10 at 11.30 Harlev, Andrew, Edgware rd, Credit Draper. Pet Apr 26. Murray. May 10 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. Batten, John, Pendock, nr Tewkesbury, Gloucester, Surgeon. Pet

Apr 25- Gale. Cheltenham, May 9 at 2 Bengough, Charles Richard, Church st, Stoke Nowington, Bookseller. Pet Apr 26. Pulley. Edmonton, May 13 at 12 Cooke, Ernest Richard, Bradford, York, Stock broker. Pet Apr

23. Loe. Bradford, May 10 at 12 Jenkins, William, Cwmrheidol, Cardigan, Auctioneer. Pot Apr 27.

Jenkins, Aberysfcwith, May 10 at II Martin, Isaac, Colchester, Essex, Labourer. Pet Apr 23. Barnes.

Colchester, May 14 at 10 Morlev, Herbert, Chesterfield, Derby, Draper. Pet Apr 25. Wake.

Chesterfield, May 13 at 11 Palmer, Henry, Sheepbridge, Derby, Licensed Victualler. Pet Apr

27. Wake. Chesterfield, May 13 at 11 Patching, William, Calverton, Nottingham, Wheelwright. Pet Apr

27. Patchitt. Nottingham, May 19 at 1 Richardson, Georee, Stockton-on-Tees, Purveyor of Milk. Pet Apr

27. Crosby. Stockton-on-Tees, May 12 at 3 Sumner, Wiiliam, Buxton, Derby, Licensed Victualler. Pot Apr 26.

Hyde. Stockport, May 12 at 12 Watson, Martin, Wolbnry, York, Farmer. Pet Apr 23, Jefferson.

Northallerton, May 11 at 4

Tuesday, May 3, 1881.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Janssnn, Johan Emil, Tabernacle row, City rd. Pet Apr 30.

Hazlitt. May 17 at 11 Mackenzie, Stanley John Wrnn, Somerset House, Strand, Clerk.

Pet Apr 28. Hazlitt. May 18 at 12 Boss, Thomas, Tower hill, Licensed Victualler. Pet Apr 29. Pepys. May 18 at 12.30

Rumnev, Richard, Marc st. Hackney, Licensed Victualler. Pet Apr

20. Pepys. May N at 12

To Surrender in tho Country. Jones, William, West Bromwich, Stafford, Coal Dealer. Pet Apr 8.

Watson, Oldbury Kirk, Thomas, Manchester, Skirt Manufacturer. Pet Apr 26. Hyde.

Stockport, May 11 at 11 Lupton, James, Sedbergh, York, Draper. Pet Apr 29. Thompson.

Kendal, May 17 at 11 Massey, Charles, Wandsworth rd. Builder. Pet Apr 29. Wil

loughby. Wandsworth, May 20 at 11 Webster, Simeon, Leeds, Cotton and Mungo Merchant. Pet Apr 29.

Marshall. Leeds, May 25 at 11 Wilkinson, Edward, Manchester. Draper. Pet Apr 28. Lister.

Manchester, May 16 at, 12

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. Tuesday, May 3, 1881. Biggs, John, Alderney st, Pimlico, Major. Apr 28

Liquidations by Arrangement.

Friday, April 29, 1391.

Arnold, Richard John, Plumstead, Kent, House Decorator. May 7 at

3 at offices of F'eake, Brewer st, Woolwich Baker, Rolx'it, Exeter. Licensed Victualler. May 17 at 11 at offices

of Campion, Bedford circus, Exeter Barnard, Thomas .Tames, Hereford, Refreshment room Keeper.

May 11 at 10 at nllires of Stallnrd, East st. Hereford Bates. William, Ncwark-upon-Trent, Nottingham, Woodware

Dealer. May 9 at 11 at offices of Foottitt, Market pi, Ncwark-on


Batty, James, Middlesborough, York, Grocer. May 9 at 11 at offices

of Robson, Linthorpe rd, Middlesborough Bell, James, Little Gomersal, York, Shopkeeper. May 12 at 11 at

offices of Curry. Cleckheaton Beynon, Benjamin, Ffynnon, Pembroke, Farmer. May 14 at 11 at

offices of Lascelles, Narberth Biggs, James, Leicester, Saddler. May 12 at 12 at offices of Hunter

and Curtis, Halford st, Leicester Brown, Robert John, Great Yarmouth, Fishing Smack Owner.

May 10 at 12 at offices of Cory, South Howard street, Great


Cobbe, Charles Barton, Bouverie road, Stoke Newimrton, Commercial Traveller. May 7 at 3 at offices of Tattam, Bishopsgato street

Cooper, Joseph, Kingston-upon-HuIl, Bricklayer. May 5 at 3 at Talbot Inn, Scale lane, Kingston-upon-Hull

Corfield, William Archer, and Charles Hersee, Chancery lane, Shorthand Writers, May 12 at 2 offices of Vau Tromp, Essex at, Strand

Croft, Charles Chesman, Southampton, Grocer. May 12 at 2 At offices of Broad and Co, Queen st, Cheapside. Carter and Bell, Eastchcap

Crook, Robert, Warrington, Lancaster, Clog Manufacturer. May

11 at 11 at offices of Addon brooke, Bank chbrs, Warwick st, Warrington

Doig, Stuart, Whitechapel rd. Baker. May 19 at 2 at the GuildhaU

Tavern, Gresham st. Jennings, Leadenhall st Drake, William Hoskins, Station terrace, Anerley, Carver and

Gilder. May 9 at 2 offices of Farlow and Jackson' St Benet's pi,

Gracechurch st

Duckworth, Henry, Nelson, Lancaster, Manufacturing Confectioner.

May 11 at 3.30 at offices of Artindale and Artindale' Burnley. Duttson, William Honry Jones, and Walter Rosebrook Duttson,

Mincing lane, Colonial Brokers. May 11 at 3 at 111, Cheapside.

Stopher and Rundle, Coleman st Dyte, David Hyman, Upper Bedford pi, Russell sq. Physician.

May 23 at 3 at offices of Dyte and Stead, Chancery lane. Venn

and Woodcock, New inn. Strand Bbdell, Thomas, Leeds, Wholesale Confectioner. May 11 at 12 at

offices of Lowrcy, South parade, Leeds Emblin, Samuel Alfred, and Edward Jones, Bristol, Timber Merchants. May 10 at 2 at offices of Dix, Exchange bdgs, Bristol Evans, David, Llantrissant, Glamorgan, Innkeeper, May 10 at HJO

at offices of Morgan, Mill fit, Pontypridd Evans. George Henry, Poland st, Oxford st, Coffee house Keeper.

May 6 at 3 at 191, Fleet st. Fisher, Finsbury pavement Ewing, Frederick, Bay st, Dalston, Commercial Traveller. May 17

at 3 at offices of Ccoper. Lincoln's-inn Fields Gooch, Charles Frederick, East Bergholt, Suffolk, Grocer. May 15

at 2 at offices of Pollard, St Lawrence st, Ipswich Gray, Robert Owen, Berwick-upon-Tweed, Ironmonger. May 13 at

2 at Queen's Rooms, Berwick-upon-Tweed. Weatherhead Gregory, Walter Keys, Dover, Draper, May 11 at :J at .oifices of

Bordman and Co, Victoria House, Southwark Gumbley, William, Aston Manor, Warwick, Grocer. May 10 at i

at offices of Jaques, Temple row. Birmingham Hampson, Thomas Charlton, Tylder-ley-eum-Shackerley, Carrier.

May 10 at 12 at offices of Dowling and Urry, Silverwell street,


Hannon, John, Llansantiffraid Glyn Dyfrdwy, near Corweu, Merioneth, Blacksmith. May 10 at io.15 at Harp Inn, Cor wen. Lloyd and Roberts, Ruthin

Harrison, William, Ambleside, Westmoreland, Joiner. May Wat 11 at King's Arms Hotel, Kendal

Hobster, William, Nottingham. Plumber. May 17 at 3 at offices of Neville, Brougham chambers, Nottingham

Holder, John, Bradford, York, Merchant. May 11 at 11 at offices Of Berry and Robinson, Charles st, Bradford

Holland, James, Castle Northwieh. Chester, Stone Merchant May 17 at 3 at offices of Cheshire and Sou, ApplomarkeL streeL, Nortfiwich

Hooker, John, Euston rd. Milk Condenser. May 13 at 12 at offices

of Greenfield, 16, Abchurch lane Hopper, Amelia Hannah, Plymouth, Proprietor of School for Girls.

May 11 at 12 at offices of Pearse.'.Primcees sq, Plymouth Howe, ,'Iabez, Long Ditton, Surrey, Miller. May 16 at 3 at officea

of Bell, Epsom

Hudson, John, Gt Parndon, Essex, Implement Agent. May 12 »t

12 at offices of Gregory, Cannon st

Hughes, James Thomas Lnshford, Oldham, Lancaster, Grocer. May 12 at 3 at offices of Ascroft. Clegg st, Oldham

Jones, Whitmore, Sidbury, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. May 10 at 11 at ofiices of Alien and Beauchamp, Sansome pi, Worcester

Kilworth, William, and Richard Ladkin, Leicester, Wheelwriphts. May 17 at 3 at offices of Gill, Conway buildings, Greyfriars,


Lane, Samuel, High Wycombe, Buckingham, Mineral Waters Manufacturer. May 13 at 11 at offices of Clarke, Easton st, High Wycombe

Llovd, Thomas William, Tonypandv. nr Pontypridd, Greengrocer.

May 12 at 12 at offices of Arthur Lovett, Duke st, Cardiff. Uruver

and Grover, Cardiff Long, William Henry, Frank, Watford, Hertford, Contractor

May 11 at 3 at offices of Boydell, 15, Warwick-court, Gray's-inn Marsh, Frederick, and Harold Southeard Marsh, St. George's m'

Pcckham, Oilmen. May 23 at 3 at 173, Ball's Poud rd. Fenton,

Kings! and Green McMillan, James, Newport., I.W., Boot Dealer. May 11 at 1 at I«n»

of Court|Hotel, High Holborn. Joyce, Newport « Musgrave, George Henry, Newark-upon-Tront, Nottingham, Mi

May 16 at 12 at Ram Inn, Castle gate, Ncwark-upon-Trent. Mee

and Co, East Retford Newman, Reulien, Southampton, Grocer. May 10 at 3 at 6, ArtMir

st East, London Bridge. May and Co, Adelaide place, London


Outhwaite, John Henry, Parliament st, Westminster, Contratcor. May 16 at 3 at Cannon st Hotol.iCannon st. Philp, Walbrook

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