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Woolf objected that Eady had no locus standi upon this | result, the applicant had been convicted, after a full trial, application,

of attempting to tamper with the prosec ation. He had, The Bankrupt.—The creditors assembled at the meeting therefore, been found guilty of conduct utterly disgraceful were perfectly aware of the existence of the property and to a professional man, and he clearly ought not to be of its value.

restored to the rolls, as he had committed tbe offence in Mr. REGISTRAR MURRAY said he thought the trustee was his character of an officer of the court, and had thereby entitled to an order in the form granted in Ex parte Jarvis. disentitled bimself to be any longer clothed with the ex. The fact of the existence of the property was not brought ceptional privileges which the court gave to its officers. to the notice of the creditors. The report of the official The court had arrived at that conclusion with deep regret, assignee had been made upon an affidavit by Slater, the as it seemed hard to say that there should be offences for late trustee, in wbich he swore by the card that there was which no repentance could avail. no other property of the bankrupt appearing upon his FIELD, J., concurred.-Times. statement of affairs, and that such property was so and so. Then the official assignee caloulated the amount necessary for payment of the composition upon that statement, and he (the learned registrar) was perfectly convinoed, upon the evidence, that unless the creditors were friends of the bank

SOCIETIES. rupt, or creditors for small amounts only, they would not, if aware of the facts, so disregard their own interests as to take a composition of 4s. in the pound when :he estate showed

LAW ASSOCIATION. very much more. He had no hesitation, therefore, in say

At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the ing that the resolution ought to be rescinded. In reference

Hall of the Incorporated Law Society, on Thursday, the to Mr. Tatham's claim, he could not adjudicate upon it.

5th inst., the following being present-viz. : Mr. Boodle Mr. Eady asked that an order might be made by which his

(chairman), and Messrs. Burges, Collison, Cronin, Lucas, interests would be protected, but he had obtained a charge

Styan, Sidney Smith, Sawtell, and Á. B. Carpenter upon the property, and he might enforce his security in the

Secretary)-a grant of' £40 was made to two members' proper tribunal. His Honour thought it would give rise

families, one new member was elected, and the ordinary to great inconvenience and difficulty if orders yere made

general business was transacted. “ without prejudice"; that Mr. Eady had no locus standi upon this application; and that he must settle his rights as best he might.


The forty-sixth half-yearly general meeting of the Solicitors for the trastee, Ashurst, Morris, Crispe, & Co. members of this association was beld at the Law InstituSolicitor for Mr. Tatham, Blair.

tion, Chancery-lane, London, on Wednesday, May 4, to receive from the board their report and balance-sheet for

the past balf-year, and to transact other general SOLICITORS' CASES.


Mr. PHILIP RICKMAN, the depaty.chairman of the QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION.

board (in the unavoidable absence of Mr. John Lewis, of (Sittings in Banc, before Lord COLERIDGE, C.J., and Wrexham, the chairman), presided. FIELD, J.)

Among other members present were the following: April 28. - In the Master of Mr. W. Talley.

Mesgrg. Walters, Pennington, Girand, Hunter, Brook,

Yeomans (Sbeffield), Roscoe, Hedger, Smith, Pidoock This was an application by Mr. William Talley to be

(Woolwicb), Kays, Wilkin (Wakefield), Morgan (Birrestored to the rolle. He was admitted as a solicitor in

mingham), Woolbert, Proudfoot, Kennedy, &c., &c. 1852, and was in practice until 1875, when he was struck

The secretary having read the notice convening the meetoff the rolls, after having been convicted at the Old Bailey

ing and the minutes of the previous half-yearly meeting, the of having endeavoured to persuade one Lancaster not tu

report which follows, as printed and in the hands of the give evidence against two soldiers, then committed for

members present, was agreed to be taken as read :-"In trial on a charge of felony.

conformity with the 16th rule of the association, the The applicant appeared in person, and

board of directors have the pleasure of reporting as to the Wills, Q.C. (with whom was Murray), was for the

progress and work of the association during the past half. Incorporated Law Society. Mr. Talley addressed the court at some length in sop.

“Since their report was presented at Sheffield in October port of his, petition and read several affidavits, in one of

last eighty new members have been added to the associawhich be stated that his conviotion had been procured by a mieconstruction of the evidence and a misrepresentation

tion ; and the aggregate number of solicitors in England

and Wales now enrolled as members of the association is of the law, and the use of other corrupt and unlawful

2,645, of whom 985 are life, and 1,660 annual members. means,

Forty-five life members are contributors also of annual Wills, in answer to a question of the court, said that

subscriptions ranging from one to five guineas each. the view that was taken by the Incorporated Law Society

“During the half-year the receipts of the aasociation have was that the applicant had been properly convicted of

amounted to £1,665 188. tampering with a witness. It was wholly immaterial that

“The board have distributed during the same period in the persons who had been charged with the felony had at

grants of assistance a sum of £923, of which £528 were apthe trial been acquitted, or that there had beep, if such

plied in relief of members and their families, and £395 in had been the case, any irregularity in the proceedings relief of non-members and their families. In one case the large against Mr. Talley.

grant of £128 was made to enablo a member to accomplish Lord COLERIDGE, without calling upon the learned his wish of emigrating to Canada with his four children. counsel to address the court, said that he was clearly of

“ A sum of £789 28, 6d. has been invested during the halfopinion that the petition must be dismissed. In 1878 a

year in the purchase of £300 Consols and £500 Reduced person had charged two soldiers with having committed an Three per Cent. Annuities, and the total funded capital of outrage upon him, and Mr. Talley had been retained to de. the association now consists of £9,000 Consols, $5,500 Refend one of them. The applicant when so acting had duced Three per Cent. Annuities, £19,000 India Four per offered the prosecutor a sum of money if he would with Cents., £4,207 London and NorthWestern Railway Four draw from the prosecution. He had taken bim to a public per Cent. Perpetual Debenture Stock, and £250 London house and induced him to sign a paper to the effect that and St. Katherine Docks Four per Cent. Debenture Stock he would go withdraw. Mr. Talley bad then asked a in all £37,957 stock, producing annual dividends amounting solicitor to lend his name for a nominal prosecution, so to £1,338. that there might be an arrangement onder which at the “ A balance of £238 18. 6d. remained to the credit of the trial the case might be withdrawn. The solicitor to association with the Union Bank of London at the date of whom Mr. Talley had made his proposal had refused to be the closing of the half-yearly account (February 28 last), and concerned in any way in any such transaction. In the a sum of £15 was in the hands of the secretary.



" An abstract of the accounts as audited is appendeu to this advantages of party government outweigh its disadvanreport.

tages," was brought forward by Mr. C. Parsons, who was " The board regret having to record the decease of a col. supported by Messrs. Le Breton, Newman, Robinson, and league, Mr. Frederick Barlow, of Cambridge, in whose stead Maclaren, and opposed by Mr. Spence and Mr. Jackson (who as a director they have elected Mr. Thomas Musgrave vacated the chair pro tem., being replaced by another memFrancis, of Cambridge.

ber of the committee). The opener then replied, and upon “ The annual festival of the association will be held this a division the motion was carried by a majority of five year under the presidency of her Majesty's Attorney votes. General, Sir Henry James, Q.C., M.P., at the Albion A meeting of this society was held on Wednesday, the 4th Tavern, Aldersgate-street, London, on Wednesday, the 22nd inst., at Clement's-inn, Mr. Acland in the chair. The motion of June next, at seven o'clock p.m. The objects of this on the paper, “ That the Government Land Bill satisfies the association being so useful and meritorious, the board venture just demands of the Irish people," was brought forward by to hope, not only that the president will be well supported Mr. A. Trotter, who was supported by Messrs. Davies, Macat the festival, but that, through the kind and generous co. laren, Bateman Napier, and Robinson, and opposed by operation of their professional brethren throughout the king Messrs. Spence, Brown, King, and Derry. The opener dom, the result of the festival will be made beneficial to tbe being absent, Mr. Symes replied on his behall, and upon a interests of the association."

division the motion was carried by one vote. The DEPUTY-CHAIRMAN, in moving the adoption of the The examiners for the Cookson Prize have awardeil it to report, said he considered it satisfactory. It would be seen Mr. E. Jenks, and specially commended the essays bearing that the board had been enabled to give increased assistance the mottoes “Gradatim” and “Fecimas et nos Hæc where needed, during the past half-year, to members as well Juvenes.” us non-members, and their families; and in one case of a Mr. Kains-Jackson will, at the meeting to be held on member had given him so large a grant as £128, to Wednesday, the 11th inst., read a paper entitled "Loru assist him in emigrating to Canada with his family, where Beaconsfield,” to be followed by a discussion. the hoped to do better.

Mr. WILLIAM MELMOTH WALTERS seconded the resolution, which was put, and carried unanimously.


The 684th ordinary meeting of the Birmingham seconded, a vote of thanks to the directors and auditors for

Law Students' Society was held in the Law Library, their valuable services, which was unanimously agreed to ; after which, a vote of thanks, moved by Mr. R. PENNING

Bennetts’-bill, Birmingham, on Friday, the 22nd ult., TON, and seconded by Mr. F. T. WOOLBERT, was passed to

T. A. Garland, Esq., in the chair. The minutes of the the deputy-chairman, Mr. P. Rickman, for his kindness in

previous meeting having been read and confirmed, a debate presiding, which terminated the proceedings.

took place on moot point No. 644:—“ Would the judgment of the Court of Appeal in Re Withernsea Brickworks which decided that section 87 of the Bankruptoy Aot, 1869 (wbioh deprives execution creditors of the fruits of the execution where the sheriff has notice of a bankruptoy within fourteen days after sale) is not made applicable to

the winding up of companies by the Judicature Act, 1875, LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY

g. 10, be sustained on appeal in the House of Lords ?” Thé

speakers on the affirmative were Messrs. Ludlow, Steere, Tuesday, April 26, 1881.-Mr. C. E. Barry in the and Hinds, and on the negative Messrs. Barber and chair.-The following question was appointed for the Cochrane. After the opening speakers on either side had debate :-“Can a defendant who delivers a counter-olaim replied, the chairman sammed up, and on the question for damages for breach of a contract recover damages being put to the meeting it was decided in the negative accroing between the date of the writ and the delivery of by a majority of two. the connter-claim ?” Mr. F. J. Green opened the debate in he taffirmative, and was followed by Mr. Spiers in the negative. The following members also spoke on the

GRAY'S INN MOOT SOCIETY. question :-Messrs. Bartlett, Kirk, Sargeant, Fox, and The first meeting of the above society for the current term Carr. The president having summed up, the question wag was held in the Hall of Gray's-inn on Thursday, the 28th of put to the meeting and decided in the affirmative by a | April, when the following question was argued before Mr. majority of six votes.

F. A. Philbrick, Q.C. :-John Erichson, a natural-born Tuesday, May 3.-Mr. F. J. Green in the chair.-Mr.

Danish subject living at Copenhagen, married Mary Ritzau, J. J. Hancock was elected a member. Mr. C. B. Grant and had issue one child Charlotte. Mary Erichson died, and opened in the affirmative the question for discussion, " Are John cobabited with her sister Jane, by whom he had a son the Government proposals as to Irish land reform gatisfac Carl, and a daughter Blanche. In 1842, as he lawfully might tory?"- and was followed on the negative side by Mr.

| by Danish law, he married Jane, and thereby legitimated J. A. Neale, B.A. The following members also spoke on the

Carl and Blanche. After the second marriage a son and question :-Messrs. Bilney, Payne, Hurst, Bower, and

daughter, Frederick and Christine, were born, and Jane, the Eisdell. The debate was ultimately, on the motion of

mother, died. Erichson with the five children subsequently Mr. Lloyd Jones, adjourned until next Tuesday, the 10th

migrated to England, where he resided till his death. instant.

He had been naturalized as a British subject, and was

domiciled at the time of his death in England. He UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

left a will duly executed here, by which he devised

bis estate called Blackacre, in Surrey, to“ his elder A meeting of this society was held on Monday, the 25th son" and his heirs, not specifying him by name. oli., at the Law Institution, Mr. A. D. Maclaren in the He also directed other English real estate to be sold, and the cbair, when the following question was discussed :-" The proceeds, with certain personalty, to be equally divided among promoters of a company make the usual arrangements with all his “children." He died intestate as to other real estate the vendors of the business which the company is to carry situate in England, and left personalty undisposed of by will. on, that a large proportion of the money represented in the (1) Does Carl take the real estate devised to the "elder prospectus as being paid for the purchase of the business son"? (2) Do Carl, Blanche, Frederick, and Christine or shall in reality be given to the promoters. Of course, no either of them, and which, take shares or a share in the fund mention of this is made in the prospectus. Is the prospectus I to be divided among the children" under the will? (3) Do in consequence fraudulent ?---Sullivan V. Mitcaife.The they share in the personalty which their fether left undis. debate was opened by Mr. E. H. Quicke, and continued by posed of ? (4) Does Carl, Frederick, or Mary take the undeMessrs. Gatey, Dale, Hart, Parker, Jenks, Brown, and vised realty -Mr, S. H. Leonard, barrister, of Lincoln's-inn, Wade. The question was then put to the meeting and and Mr. C. J. Rubie, of the Inner Temple, appeared for the determined in the affirmative by a majority of eight votes. children of Jane, the case for Charlotte being argued by Mr.

The usual weekly meeting of the society was held on | E. Rundle Lévey, barrister, of Gray's-inn, and Mr. Wednesday, the 27th ult., at Clement’s-inn, Mr. C. K. | Phillips, of the Middle Temple. At the close of the hearing Jackson in the chair. The motion on the paper, “ That the the learned president in giving judgment decided the firste

three questions in the affirmative and the fourth in favour of JOHN BATTYE and JOHN SAMUEL ELLIOTT, Birstal, Yorks, Charlotte. There was a large attendance of barristers and solicitors (Battye & Elliott). April 30. students from the several Ions, and Messrs. Wheelhouse,

[Gazette, May 3, 1881.] Griffith, and Brown, benchers of Gray's-inn, were also present.

The next meeting of the society will take place in the Hall of Gray's-inn, on Thursday, May 12, at eight p.m., under the presidency of Mr. J. Westlake, Q.C.

COMPANIES. The following notice relative to the society bas been issued by the secretaries, who will be happy to supply printed copies to any who may wish to bave them :

WINDING-UP NOTICES. The meetings of this society are held twice during each

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. term in the Hall of Gray's-inn, at eight o'clock p.m. The

LIMITED IN CHANCKRY. object of the society is to afford to members of the Inns of


order made by the M.R., dated April 22, it was ordered that the Court opportunities of arguing moot points of law. The association be wound up. Purser, Fenchurch st, solicitor for the questions to be argued are proposed by eminent members petitioners of the profession ; and the gentleman who proposes the ques


Petition for winding up, presented April 26, directed to be heard tion presides over the discussion, and gives judgment; the before the M.R. on May 7. Silberberg, Cornhill, petitioner in procedure adopted following as closely as possible the actual person practice of the courts. No subscription or formal admis

[Gazette, Apr 29.] sion to the society is required ; any member of an Inn of

CARRIAGE CO-OPERATIVE SUPPLY ASSOCIATION. LIMITED.--The M.R Court being at liberty to attend the meetings, notice of which has by an an order dated April 5, appointed Alfred Audrey Broad is regularly screened in the halls and libraries of the several

35, Walbrook, to be provisional liquidator Inos.

COFFER PUBLIC HOUSES NATIONAL SOCIETY, LIMITED.-Petition The undersigned will be glad to receive the names

for winding up, presented May 2, directed to be heard before Hall, of any gentlemen who are willing to assist them in further V.C., on May 13. Girdlestone, Albany Court yard, solicitor for ing the objects of the society : C. A. V. Congbeare, F. B. the petitioner De M. Gibbons, and E. Robinson, the Library, Gray's-ion;


on or before May 31 to send their names and addresses and the E. H. Pickersgill, I.T., 13, King's Bench-walk; A. R. particulars of their debts or claims to William Augustine Spain, Ingpen, M.T., 7, Stone-buildings, Lincoln's-ing ; A. A. 1. Gresham bdgs, Basinghall st. June 14 at 11 is appointed for Prankerd, L.I., 8, Fig Tree-court, Temple.

hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims ELECTRIC AND MAGNETIC COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for volun. tary winding up, presented April 28, directed to be heard before Fry, J., on May 13. Campbell and Co, Warwick st, Regent st,

solicitors for the petitioners LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. ROCERS' SOCIETY, LIMITED.-The MR. has by an order, dated

March 22, appointed Arthur James Hill, 1, Finsbury circus, to be

official liquidator Mr. Henry Kemp Avory, solicitor, has been appointed

[Gazette, May. 3.] Deputy-Clerk of Arraigns at the Central Criminal Court.

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. Mr. Avory is the eldest son of Xr. Henry Avory, the late HIGHER EANAX BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED. --The V.C. has fixed clerk of arraigus, and he was admitted a solicitor in 1871. I

May 12 at 10.30 at the office of the district registrar, Municipal

bdgs, Dale st, Liverpool, for the appointment of two liquidators Mr. SAMUEL Brown, solicitor (of the firm of Potter &

(Gazette, Apr. 29.] Brown), of Rotherbam, has been elected Torn Clerk of that borough, in succession to Mr. George Wagstaffe Hodgkinson, deceased. Mr. Brown was admitted a solicitor in 1865. His firm are solicitors to the Rotherham Barial


Mr. WILLIAM NICHOLS MARCY, solicitor, of Bowdley, has been appointed Clerk to the Conservators of Clee Hill

MR. RICHARD WARD NICHOLSON, Common, Mr. Marcy was admitted a solicitor in 1834. Mr. Richard Ward Nicholson, solicitor, town clerk He is clerk of the peace for Worcestershire, and olerk to | Ripon, died at that place on the 28th ult., after a long the magistrates of the Cleobury Division of Shropshire, illness. Mr. Nicholson was the son of Mr. Ricbard and he has served the office of mayor of Bewdley.

Nicholson, solicitor. He was born in 1823, and was Mr. EUSTACE WILLIAM Owles, solicitor, of 22, Chancery admitted a solicitor in 1853, and shortly afterwards on his lane, W.C., has been appointed a Commissioner to take the

father's death he was elected town clerk of the city of Ripon, Acknowledgments of Married Women in and for the County

which ofice he held until bis death. In his official capacity of Middlesex, the Cities of London and Westminster, and the

he had rendered very valuable service to the borough. He County of Kent.

carried out the acquisition by the corporation of the Gas Mr. WILLIAM EDWARD PERRAM, solicitor, of Bristol, bas

Works, and he also prepared the new bye-laws. He was a been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the

perpetual comunissioner for the West Riding of Yorkshire, Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for Glouces

and he had a very extensive private practice. On the issue

of a separate commission of the peace for the city of tershire, and Somersetshire, and the City of Bristol.

Ripon he was selected as the first clerk to the boroogh Mr. EDWARD CLARE SEWELL, solicitor (of the firm of magistrates, and he was (till last year) clerk to the county Sewell & Son), of Cirencester, has been appointed a Com-magistrates, and to the magistrates of the liberty of Ripon. missioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Ju He was also for many years clerk to the trustees of the Ripon dicature.

and Harrogate Turnpike Roads, to the governors of the Mr. James STIRLING, barrister, who has been appointed by Ripon Grammar School, and to the Borough Charity Trusthe Attorney-General to the office of Junior Equity Counsel tees. Mr. Nicholson was unmarried. He was buried on the to the Treasury, was educated at Trinity College, Cam. 3rd inst., at Trinity Church, Ripon. bridge, where he graduated as senior wrangler and first Smith's Prizeman in 1860. He was called to the bar, at Lin

MR. ROBERT HEYSHAM MOUNSEY. coln's-inn, in Michaelmas Term, 1862, and he practises in the Chancery Division.

Mr. Robert Heysham Mounsey, solicitor and notary, of Mr. John WHITE, barrister, has been appointed Secretary l the 25th ult. Tbe deceased was the eldest son of the late

Carlisle, died at his residence, Castletown, Cumberland, on to the Royal Commission of the Medical Acts. Mr. White

| Mr. George Gill Mounsey, solicitor, many years secretary to was formerly a scholar of Balliol College, Oxford, where he

the Bishop of Carlisle, and district registrar of the Court graduated second class in Litere Humaniores in 1862. He of Probate. He was born in 1828 and was admitted a was afterwards elected a fellow of Queen's College, and he

solicitor in 1854. Shortly afterwards he went into partner. was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Term,

ship with his father and with his brother, Mr. John Giles 866. He is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit.

Mounsey, and he practised at Carlisle until his death. Mr. DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIPS.

Mounsey had a very large private practice. He was a notary

public, and he was also (jointly with his brother) seoretary THOMAS ROGERS and WALTER JOHN BRAIN, Reading, to the Bishop of Carlisle. He was also registrar of the solicitors (Rogers & Brain). April 9.

diocese of Carlisle, and of the archdeaconries of Carlisle and [Gazette, April 29, 1881.] | Westmoreland.



VICKERY, BENJAMIN, Bishopsgate st, Gent. June 1. Mason,

Gresham st
WAGSTAFF, HANNAH, Chipping Barnet, Hertford. June 1. George,


WARD, HORATIA NELSON, Woodridings, Pinner. May 27. Senior CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25.

and Co, New inn, Strand

WELLS, CHARLES, Brighton, Tea Dealer. June 1. Stuckey and Co, LAST DAY OF CLAIM

Brighton ASAMORE, CHARLES, Granville pl, Portman sg, General H.M.'s WHITE, EMILY, Hyde pk gate, South Kensington, June 1. Baker Army. June 20. Crozier and Son' Dublin

1 and Nairne, Crosby sq BALES, GEORGE WILLIAM, Ipswich, Suffolk, Gunmaker. June 1 WORTHINGTON, HANNAH, Abbey, Burslem, Stafford. June 14. Cobbold and Co, Ipswich

Coopers, Newcastle under Lyme BABROW, CHARLES FALCONER JAMES, Ingatestone, Essex, a Clerk in

[Gazette Apr. 26.] the Bank of England. June 24. Wren, Fenchurch st BATTISCOMBE, Rev ROBERT SAMUEL, Barkway, Hertford. July 1.

Lucas and Son, Fenchurch st
BERGMAN, JOHN CHRISTIAN, Ampthill sq, Gentleman. June 13.

Barber, Old Jewry
BUTTERY, FRANCIS, Great Steeping, Lincoln, Gentleman. June 30.

Allisons and Allison, Louth
CatLFBILD, EDWIN TOBY, Lansdowne, Bath, a Commander in the
Royal Navy. June 7. Wood and Co, Raymond buildings, Gray's

COPLAND, JAMES, Wigan, Lancaster, Gentleman. June 10. Scott APRIL 28.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

and Ellis, Wigan CORNICK, HENRY, Lawn rd, Hampstead, Ironmonger. May 31,

PRIVATE BILLS.-Alnwick G48, Aylesbury and RickCornick, Hampstead

mansworth Railway, Burton-upon-Trent (Station-street CORRIE, WILLIAM, Cleveland sq, Hyde pk, Esq. July 1, Cooke,

Extension) Railway, Lancashire County Justices, Leicester New inn, Strand COURTAULD, SAMUEL, Halstead, Essex, Esq. June 19. Janson and Improvement, Swansea Corporation Loans. Co, Finsbury circus,

Inland Revenue Buildings. CEACE, CHARLES NAPOLEON, Cheshunt, Herts. June 10. Makinson and Carpenter, Devereux ct, Temple

CRESSWELI, HENRY RICHARD, Lewisham, Kent, Gent. June 1,

Customs and Inland Revenue.
Warmington, Gresham buildings, Basinghall st
Cross, THOMAS, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Iron Merchant. June 15.

Heard, Cardiff
DODD, HENRY, Kendal, Westmoreland, Butcher. June 13. Thomson

PRIVATE BILL.-Leeds Tramways. and Wilson, Kendal

FORTUNE, ALICE PLANT, Liverpool. June 20. Miller and Co, Liver.

Alkali Works Regulation.
FORTUNE, Johx, the younger, Liverpool, Civil Engineer. June 20.
Miller and Co, Liverpool

Gates, JAMES, 'Cranhâm, Essex, Yeoman. July 1. Haynes and

PRIVATE BILLS.-Farness Railway, London and NorthClifton, Romford GREEN, WILLIAM, Gloucester rd, Kensington, Greengrocer. July 1.

Western and Midland Railways (Market Harborongb),Shepheard and Sons, King st, Kensington

Midland Railway, Milford Haven Dooks and Railway, and GRIFFITHS, LLEWELLIN, Lantwit juxta Neath, Glamorgan, Gent. | Rotberbam and Bawtry Railway.

May 31. Curtis, Neath
HAINES, John, Addison rd, Kensington, Gent, June 24. Tatton, Looal Government Provisional Orders (Bath, &c.), Local
Lower Phillimore pl, Kensington

Government Provisional Order (Poor Law), Local Govern. HARRISON, JOHN, Eccles, Lancaster, Gent. June 10. Fox, Man. chester

ment (Highways) Provisional Order (York). HILL, ANN, Robert st, Chelsea. May 31. Mead and Sons, Jermyn

MAY 3.--BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. st, Saint James's HODGKINSON, GEORGE WAGSTAFFE, Rotherham, York, Solicitor. PRIVATE BILLS. - Barrow-in-Furness Corporation, GosJune 30. Pashley, Rotherham

port-street Tramways (Extension), Great Western Railway, HOGARTI, WILLIAM, Scotswood, Northumberland, Paper Manu.

Watford and Rickmansworth Railway, West Lancashire facturer. May 31. Allan and Davies, Newcastle JOXES, HUGH, Liverpool, Draper, June 13. Miller and Co, Liver. | Railway.

Jordax, GUSTAVUS, Luton, Bedford, Accountant. June 1. Cooke,

JOY, JOHN WILLIAM, Knaresborough, York, Wool Rug Manufacturer.

May 25. Ibberson, Westgate
KINGDOX, JOIX, Monken Hadley, Gent. June 1. George, Barnet
KINGZETT, MARY ANN, Shipston on Stour, Worcester. May 28.
Hancock and Hiron, Shipston on Stour

LEXXOX, WILLIAM Pitt, Hans pl, Brompton. June 30. Masterican
and Co, New Broad st

LEVICK, 'GEORGB, West Ham, Essex, Surgeon. June 21. Curtis,
Union ct, Old Broad st


Date. MILLS, JOSEPH, Salford, Lancaster, Cotton Doubler. May 31.


ROLLS. Leigh, Manchester

Monday, May 9Mr. King Mr. Teesdale Mr. Jackson Moox, JAMES, Kingston on Thames Veterinary Surgeon. June 10.

Tuesday ...... 10


Sherrard, Lincoln's inn fields
NEWBOULD, ANN, Rawmarsh, York. May 31. Pashley, Rotherham Wednesday.... 11


Jackson NICHOLSOX, WALTER HARKNESS, Swansea, Shipowner. May 31. Thursday .... 12 Merivale


Cobby Mead and Sons, Jermyn st, St James's

Friday ........ 13
..... 13

Jackson PARKER, PIEBE, Worksop, Nottingham, June 30. Hodding and

Saturday...... 14 Merivale Farrer

Cobby Beevor, Worksop PEMBER, JOHN EDWARD Ross, Woodfield Lodge, Streatham, Esq.


Mr. Justice Mr. Justice June 15. Druces and Co, Billiter sa

Fry. PENNY, ISAAC, Liscard, Chester, Esq. June 20. Miller and Co,

| Monday, May 9Mr. Koe Mr. Latham Mr. Pemberton Liverpool

Tuesday ......
PICKWORTH, FRANCIS, Surfleet, Lincoln, Farmer. June 1. Wiles


Ward and Smith, Horbling

Wednesday.... Koe


Pemberton Prckey, WILLIAM, Manchester, Tailor. May 31. Leigh, Man. Thursday ....


Ward chester

Friday ........


Latham Pemberton RINDALL, WILLIAM, Bristol, Lodging House Keeper. June 27.

Saturday...... Clowes


Gwynn and Co, Bristol
RICHMOND, JOHN WEEMS, Clunes, Talbot, in the Colony of Victoria,

Mining Manager. Dec 31. Randall, South sq, Gray's inn
RIGG, Hrgh, Crossrigg Hall, Westmoreland, a Lieutenant-Colonel

on the Retired List of the Madras Army. June 21. Brundrett
and Co, King's Bench Walk, Temple, London

CHANCERY DIVISION.-ORDER OF Court. SARGENT. ROBERT, Kingston upon Hulí, Merchant. June 4. Leak

Saturday, the 30th day of April, 1881. and Co. Hull SMITH, AUGUSTUS FREDERICK, Cornwall rd, Westbourne pk, Esq.

Whereas, from the present state of the business before June 30. Masterman and Co, New Broad st

the Master of the Rolls and Mr. Justice Kay respectively, SMITH, MARY, Great College st, Camden Town. May 31. Gush and it is expedient that a portion of the Canges nagioned

Phillips, Finsbury circus
SPENCER, RICHARD, Ockbrook, Derby, Farmer. June 6. Sale and to the Master of the Rolls, and now standing for trial
Mills, Derby

or hearing before his lordship, should for the purpose of TAYLOR, WILLIAM, Seven Sisters' road, Islington, Gent. May 21. ( trial or hearing be transferred to Mr. Justice Kay ; Now McDiarmid and Teather, Newman's ct, Cornhill

I, the Right Honorable Ronndell Baron Selborne, Lord TrekER, ELIZABETH, Saint Leonard, Exeter. June 16. Truscott,

| High Chancellor of Great Britain, do hereby order that Exeter







the several causes set forth in the schedule bereto be ac. | them as become ready during the present Sitting will be inserted as cordingly transferred from the Master of the Rolls to

nearly as possible in their original positions, Mr. Justice Kay for tbe porpose only of trial or hearing,

LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. and be marked in the cause-books accordingly. And this 1 Cambensy (M Webb and Son) v Cassell and ors (Ashurst, NC order is to be drawn up by the registrar and set up

and Co) SJ

2 Pepperell (G M Cooke) v Simpkin, Marshall and Co (Day and C) in the several offices of the Chancery Division of the High

3 Boubee Freres (Plunkett and L) v Botto (Lousada and E) Court of Jastice.

4 Fitch and anr (GE Kaye and Co) v Isbiter (CT Foster)

5 Tippins (G Crafter) v Budden (Stollard and W) SCHEDULE.

6 Redmond (Wontner and Sons) y Gamble (Lewis and L)
From the Master of the Rolls' Cause Book,

7 Martin (
WB Brook) v Dunn (

AT Hewitt) without jury

8 Flower and ors (Flower and N) v Palmar and anr (Hubbard, Son Sanders v Fox act wits 1880 S 3,185

and R) Banner v Berridge act wits 1880 B 167

9 Sandeman (Harrison, B and H) y Harrison and ors (W Rawlins)

10 Sharkey (Scott and Co) v Hudson (J Payne) Pratt v Pratt act wils 1881 P 121

11 Stutchbury (R Chandler) v Anning (Keene, M and B) Shardlow v Cotterell act wits 1880 S 1,707

s (Tilleard and Co) y Mac Andrew (Kearsey, Son and H SJ In re Trimnell, decd, Trimnell v Shaw act wits & m fj 13 Sadler and ors (Chappell, Son and G) v Nangle (Vallance and V)

13a Knight (W and A R Ford) y Yates and Co (G Thompson) SJ 1880 T 1,369

14 Jackson and ors (Hedges and B) v Fletcher and ors (Walker, B, Were v Blair' act wits 1878 W 270

and Co; WW Wynne; Vanderpump and Co) Madew v Rolls act wits &mfj 1880 M 270

15 Daws (B Hutchinson) v Lond Gen Omnibus Cold (Harries, w Daw v Rooke act wits & mfj 1880 D 2,051

and R) SJ

16 Plummer (Same) v Same (Same) SJ Natban v Elkan act wits 1880 N 808

17 Fajkmajer (Norton, R and Co) ý Fothergill and anr (Hollams, Bostock v Venables act wits 1880 B 3,948

Son and Co; Field, Rand Co) SJ Hart v Hart act wits 1880 H 3,258

18 Skermer (Cooke, Collis and S) v Hastie (A Barker)

19 Cockx (T W Buckler) v Gaber (Thompson and W) Bell v Stenteford act wits 1880 B 4,932

20 Allen (Wilkinson and D) v Rendle (Dubois and R) SJ Parish v Hogg act wits 1880 P 0,366

21 Pope (Collins and W) v The Wanzer Sewing Machine Co limd The Western Brazilian Telegraph Co ý Bibby act wits &

(Lyne and H) mfj 1830 W 1,557

21a Candler (Austen, De Gex and Co) v Mantland (J S Fowler)

22 Robertson (W O Reader) v Great Northern Ry Co (Nelson, B and Perks v Hall act wits 1880 P 0,529

N) SJ Johns v Graham act wits 1880 J 509

23 Mason (F Needham) v Elmslie and ors (In Person) Pawsey v Armstrong act wits 1881 P 50

24 Cator (

AR Barough) v Patton, junr and Co (J Mc Diarmid) SJ Thompson v Hooke act wits 1880 T 1,182

25 Vestry of Paddington (JH Hortin) v Great Western Ry Co (RR

Nelson) Dennistoun v Kough act wits 1875 D 123

26 Henson Street Paving Co limd (Campbell, R and H) v North Geoghegan Clowser act wits 1880 G 0,204

Met Tramways Co (HC Godfray) SJ Tasker ✓ Attenborough act wits 1880 T 1,613

27 Sharkey (Argles, B and A) v Carter (H Fryer)

28 Webber (Jarvis and T) v L B and S Ry Co (Norton, R and Co) In re Brittlebank, decd, Coates v Brittlebank act wits 1880 SJ B 2,757

29 Tower (Norris, A and C) v Mortlock and Co (Smith and 8. kes v Whiteley act wits (Huddersfield) 1880 S 262

30 Tuck (À W Cattlin) v Drinkwater (F G Gorton)

31 Dyer (Cooper and R) v Brinckman and anr, exors of Conyngham The London & South-Western Ry Co v Gomm act wits

(JH Lydall) 1880 L 2,295

32 Wiggett (Ř G Chipperfield) v Hodder (Whittakers and W) post. Lungley v Mayor & Corporation of Southampton act wits poned SJ 1879 L 180

33 Markwick (Boyce and R) v Local Board of Health for the District

of Worthing (J Hands) SJ Carter v Rolfe act wits 1880 C 2,602

34 Murr (H B Dunn) v Lord Dunraven (W Hall) SJ Eades v Starbuck Car & Wagon Co act wits 1880 E 411 35 Norman (E Thrower) v Dixon (H C Coote) The Yorkshire Railway Wagon Co v The Great Westera

36 Lawson (Cooper and R) V LB and S C Ry Co (Norton, Rand Railway Co act wits 1880 Y 02

37 Toppin (S Toppin) v Harper and ors (In Person) The Yorkshire Railway Co v Maclure act wits 1880 Y 02 39 Wilberforce (Nisbet, Ranil D) v Philp (Lewis and L) SJ In re Balderston, deco, Balderston v Rannard act wits and

39 Fleming (Janson, Cand P) v Henderson (Dawes and Son) SJ motn for judgt 1880 B 42

40 Isaacson (Dod and L) v Fitzgibbon and ors (Harting and Son;

Beaumont and W) Bush v Needham act wits and motn for judgt 1880 B 41 Sievers (Cooke, Collis and Co) v Adelmann (Bolton, R and B)

2.655 Moxon ý King act wits 1880 M 1,412

42 Gynne and anr (G H Terrell) v Knowles and anr (Johnson,

Upton and Co) SJ Thorp v Simpson act wits and motn for judgt 1880 T 13 Van Wagner (W Stuart) v Appleton (Foss and L) 0,146

Inman (A Tootev) v Heald (W O Reader) witnout jurv Stared Goddard v Jeffreys act wits 1881 G 326

15 Rosenberg (H Sydney) v N Metropolitan Tram Co (H O Godfray)

SJ Hood v Newby "act, wits 1880 H 1,838

46 Wicks (J Cotton) v Palmer (JR Macarthur) Hall v The New Sedgwick Gunpowder Co limd act wits 47 Smith (Dubois and Reid) v Button and White (Purkis and P) 1880 H 1,857

18 Sandes (JA Talbot) y Johnstone and ors (F G Gorton) Brown v Stevens act wits 1880 H 3,051

19 Brightman (

GLP Eyre and Co) v Copland (T Sismey)

50 Gillett (Wyatt and B) v Podmore and anr (WB Harte) SJ Rooke v Nisbet act wits 1881 R 41

51 Hand and anr (E Kennedy) v Quinn (JP Biggenden) -Jones v Jones act wits 1881 J 1,011

52 Green and ors (W W Young) v O'Brien and ors (Wynne, B and Stevens v Walker act wits 1880 S 01,397

R) Heywood v Mansell act wits 1881 H

53 Johnson (Wyatt and B) v Leppard and anr (TC Russel) 317

56 Same (Same) v Same (Same) Bartleit v Pain act wits 1880 B 4,421 ; Reading v Pain 55 Wilson and Mc Lay, trustees, &c, and J J Dorman (H Holland) act wits 1880 R 1,846 ; Welchman v Pain act wits

v Maisey (R Chapman) 1880 W 3,300 ; Clarke v Pain

56 White (E Kimber) v South Eastern Ry Co (W R Stevens) SJ aot wits 1880 C

57 Smith and ors (Tucker, B and L) v Henderson, trading, &c 3,177

(Munns and L) Worsley v Levy act wits 1880 W 3,562

58 James (Jas Davis) v Russell (King and D) SJ In re Bone's Estate, Bune v Elford act wits 1878

59 Griffiths (G and W Webb) y Steel (Carey, W and De P) SJ B 173

60 Same (Same) v Halloway (Same) SJ Turner v Green act wits 1880 T 0,423

61 Letellier and anr (JWebb) v Meredyth (WF Stokes) Tyler v Jennings act wits 1881 T 497

62 Cruikshank (Wyatt and B) v Knight (OU Wart) Parker v White act wits 1880 P 0,596

63 Willett (Wontner and Sons ) v Woolloton and anr (W Maynard) Wreford v Jackson

64 Roche (Bailey, Shaw and Siv Fitzgibbon (Harting and Son) act wits 1880 W 1,327

65 Smith and anr (Robinson, Son and E) v Corkery and ors (Carey, Jones y Jones act wits 1881 J 280

W and De P) Stayed Attorney-Gen v Leage act wi's 1879 A 199

66 Horner (Digby and T) v Fisher (Whites, R and Co)

Goa Great Northern Ry Co (Nelson, Barr and L) v Shaw and anr

(Elmslie, F and S) SJ
67 Moses (J Grayston) v Isaacs (Lewis an 1 L)

63 Vernon and ors (Cunliffe, B and D) v Townley and ors (Saffery QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION.


69 Clark (F Heritage and Co) v Williams (W R Philp)

70 Compton (Taylor, Son and H) v Preston (In Person) This List contains all Actions entered in the Queen's Bench 71 Compton and Son (Same) y Same (Same) Division, in which Notice of Trial has been given, and also all 72 Knott (Plunket and L) v Blofield (HS Hubbard) Actions in the Chancery Division, in which Notice has been given 73 The Queen (Gowing and Co) v Hoggan (Wontner and Sons) SJ of Trial before a Judge and Jury; up to and including 27th April, 74 Same (Same) v Same and anr (Same) SJ 81.

75 Buckley (W L O'Neill) v Hopkins (Chinery, A and The Actions which have been entered but for various reasons are | 76 Same (Same) v United Assurance Society and org (Same) . at present not ready for Trial are omitted from this List. Such of 77 Smith and anr H Smith) v Jones (Clarke, W and R)


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