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Serff v Luff app of deft Luff V C B—Mar 3

In re Robson, deed, Emley v Davidson app of Attorney-Gen

V C B—Mar 4

The Plating Co v Farquharson app of defts V C B—Mar 11
Johnstone v Cox app of deft Tbos Naylor V C B—Mar 17
In re Combes, deed, Hoyland v Waits app of pit V C M—
Mar 23

Jackson v Bridge app of pit M R—Mar 23
Harpham v Shacklock app of B Denison and Co V C M—
Mar 24

Sotheran v Dening app of pit M R—Apr 13
In re Roberts, deed, Ripington v Roberts-Gawen app of Chris-
tian Knowledge Society V C H—Apr 14
Marshall v Berridge app of deft Fry, J—Apr 14

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the
Chancery Division.

Rudow v Great Britian Mutual Life Assurance Society app of

deft Siciety V C B—Mar 25 Walker v Siggers app of pits Fry, J—Apr 2 Mitchell v Condy app of deft Y C B—Apr 4 (not before May


Warner v Mosses app of defts V C B—Apr 7

Blyth v Banks app of deft Fry, J—Apr 9

In re Birchtll, deod, Wilson v Birchall app of deft Mary

BirobaU V C M-Apr 14
In re Birchall, deed, Wilson v Birchall app of Infant defts

V C M—Apr 14

Parbury v Spink app of deft Fry, J—Apr 20
Stephens v Stephens app of S Harton Y C M—Apr 20
Shaw v Brown app of pit Fry, J—Apr 21
Scarman v Collins app of deft from order dated Mar 26 VCB
—Apr 21

Scarman v Collins app of deft from order of Apr 1 V C B—
Apr 21

For Judgment.
(Heard in Hilary Sittings.)
Wright v Marwood Gordon v Marwood argument of role
nisi for new trial (c.a.v. Mar 15—present Lord Coleridge
L C J, and Lords Justices B ram well and Baggallay)
Poyser v Mynors app of deft from judgt of A Wills, Esq, Q C
at trial (c.a.v. Apr 11—present Lords Justices Bramwell,
Baggallay and Lush)

For Hearing.


Akerblom v Price apt of pit from judgt of L C Baron and Mr
Justice Stephen—Apr 6 Akerblom v Price app of deft
from order of Mr Justice Deuman and Baron Pollock for new

In re Charles M Roche, gentn. one &o app of Mr Roche from
Lord Coleridge and Mr. Justice Grove—Apr 27

Edward Gilbertson on behalf of himself and the other English
members of the Ottoman Bank v John Ferguson, surveyor of
taxes app of Gilbertson from order of Barons Pollock and
Huddlest in—L. C. Baron dissentiente—on appeal caie stated
by Commissioners of Income Tax —July 3

Adams & anr v The Severn and Canal Carrying, Shipping and Steam Towing Co app of defts from judgt of Lord Coleridge as wrong upon findings of Jury—Aug 23 Adams & anr v The Same Co app of pits from order of Mr Justice Denman and Baron Pollock for new trial

Corcoran Witt & Co v Phippen and anr app of pit from judgt of Mr Justice Williams at trial in Middlesex-Dec 11


Ingledew & ore v Temple app of pits from judgt of Mr Justio*

Manisty at trial, at Durham—Feb 18
Skinner v The Mayor. &c, of Sunderland app of defts from

judgment of Mr Justice Manisty after trial at Durham—Feb


Williams v Jones app of deft from judgt of Joseph Brown,
Esq, Q C, after trial at Cardiff-Feb 28

Lee & anr v The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co app of pit
from judgt of Mr Justice Williams at trial in London—
March 1 .

Hay ward v Hamilton app of defts from order of Baron FoIIocr & Sir Henry Hawkins directing entry of judgt for pitMarch 4

The Trent Mining Co v. The Midland Ry Co app of pits f rom judgt of J P Murphy, Esq, Q C, at trial at Lincoln-March 12

The Queen v Charles J Whitchurch (Q B—Crown Side) app of
the justices from order of Baron Pollock and Mr Justice
Stephen for certiorari—March 12 _

The Guardians of the Poor of the Fulham Union v The unar-
dians of the Poor of the Isle of Thanet Union (Q B-Crown
Side) app of the Fulham Guardians from judgt of JuTM0*'
Field & Manisty on case from Quarter Sessions—March la

Midland Land & Investment Corporation limd v Peto app of pits from judgt of Mr Justice Denman at trial at Westminster —March 16

Toppin v Pooley app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes at trial at Westminster—March 17 (Security ordered April

Gt Western Ry Co v Sirhowy Ry Co app of deft from judgt of

Justices Williams & Mathew on ep c—March 19 McMahon v Field app of pit from part of judgt of Mr Justice

Fry at trial tt Chester-March 21 Reynolds v Williams app of pit from judgt of Mr Justice Grove

at trial—March 22 Hare v Churchwardens & Overseers of Putney app of pit

from judgt of fiaron Pollock & Sir H Hawkins on sp c—

March 23

Turquand v Evans app of deft from judgt of Lord Justice

Baggalliy after trial at Bristol—March 26 Pattinson v Mayor, &o, of Lichfield app of deft from refusal

of Justices Grove and Lindley to set aside award -James v Powell and ore app of defts from judgt of Alfred Wills,

Esq, Q C, after trial—Mar 26 Jones v Powell and ors app of defts from judgt of Alfred Wills,

Esq Q C, after trial—Mar 26 Hunt and ors, trustees, &c, v Johnson app of deft from judgt

of Jnstices Williams and Mathew, on special case—Mar 28 Paghouee Mill Co, limd v Anderson Bros app of defts from

judgt of Justices Williams and Matthew, on special case—

Mar 28

Hcdgson v Pryor and ors app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Lindley at trial—Mar 29 Williams v Phillips app of defts James and Dyke from judgt

of Joseph Brown, Esq, QC, at trial—Mar 29 The Rhymney Ry Co v Tne Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co,

limd app of deft from judgt of Justices Williams and Mathew

on special case—Mar 30 ■In Devonshire Coumy Court at East Shoreham Lyons v Tucker

app of pit from Justices Grove and Lindley discharging rule

nisi to set aside judgt of county court—Apr 2 !Ellis and ors v Haley app of pits from judgt of Mr Justice

Stephen at trial at Leeds—Apr 2 JJollar v Webster app of pit from part of judgt of Mr Justice

Manisty at trial—Apr 7 ^National Mercantile Bank, limd v Rymill app of defendant

from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes after trial in Middlesex—Apr

Fletcher v Hudson app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice

Stephen at trial at Appleby—Apr 11 Solomon v Lederer app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice

Williams at trial—Apr 12 Hewitt v Paxton app of pit from judgt of Sir Henry Hawkins

after trial in Middlesex—Apr 13 Wilcockson v Powell app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice

Stephens at trial in Middlesex—Apr 14 Dulteel and anr v Curteis app of deft from judgt and discharge

of rale nisi by Mr Justice Denman and Baron Pollock—Apr


Cooke and ors v Sheard app cf pits from judgt of Baron Pollock and Mr Justice Stephens on special case—Apr 14

Cooke and ors v Sheard app of pit from rule nisi for new trial discharged by Justices Denman and Cave and Baron Pollock action tried at Liverpool by Mr Justice Manisty

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Queen's Bench Division. 1880.

Caalon & Co v Gray & Co (Prosser Clt) app of pit from L C Baron and Baron Huddleston, dismissing app from order of Mr Justice Field—May 8 (referred to Master to report to court, by order of June 23)

on v Meek appl of defts from Mr Justice Lindley to set verdict and' reference—Aug 27 (S 0 until motion 1 in Q B Div)


TBsines v Bromley app of pit from refusal of Baron Pollock to

order review of Master's taxation—Jan 17 Stevenson, Jaques, & Co v McLean app of pit from order of

Justices Field & Manisty—action tried by Lord Justice Lush

—Jan 18

Johnson & anr, trading, &c, v Raylton, Dixon, & Co app of deft from order of Mr Justice Manisty directing entry of judgt for pit—March 28

Hamilton v Chaine (Morgan Claimant) app of Claimant from order of Justices Grove & Lindley on app from County Court on sp c—April I

Vickers v Chatwood's Patent Safe & Lock Co limd app of deft from order of J nstices Denman & Williams for new trial—act tried by Baron Huddleston—April 2

Cattlin v Cross app of pit from Mr Justice Denman & Baron Pollock refusing order for review of taxation—April 4

Sparrow v Hill app of pit from order of Justices Grove & Lindley giving leave to review taxation—April 4

Griffin v Keates app of pit from rule nisi discharged by Justices

Williams & Mathew—April 4 Dickinson v Norris app of deft from rule nisi discharged by

Mr Justice Denman and Baron Pollock—April 5 Grant v Holland app of pit from rule nisi discharged by

Justices Williams & Mathew—April 6 (Security ordered

April 13)

Ashton v Watson, Bogle, & Co app of pit from order of Mr. Justice Denman & Baron Pollock referring back to arbitrator —April 7

Marsden & anr v Meadows (Salmon Clt) app of Clt from order of Mr Justice Williams that goods seized belong to pit— April 7

Barter & Co v Dubeux & Co app of pit from Mr Justice Denman & Baron Pollock setting aside order making trustee in liquidation a party—April 11

Brown & aor v Ruff app of deft from Mr Justice Denman & Baron Pollock refusing liberty to appear and defend—April 12

Ex parte Thomas James Maltby (Q B—Crown Side) app of Applicant from refusal of Baron Pollock & Mr Justice Denman to grant habeas corpus—April 12

Cullender & Co v Central African Trading Co limd app of deft Co from Mr Justice Denman & Baron Pollock refusing liberty to revoke authority of arbitrator to make award—April 13

Englehart & Co v Bosanquet & Co app of defts from order of Justices Williams & Mathew on sp 0—April 14

Young v Sonora Co limd & ors app of pit from rule nisi discharged by Mr. Justice Denman & Baron Pollock—April 16

Dyball v Campbell app of deft from refusal of Justices Lindley & Mathew to send action for trial by referee—April 21

For Judgment.

Baker (by his Committee) v Baker, Wheeler, & Owen app of
resp from order of the President overruling demurrer (0 a v
March 25, present Lords Justices James, Brett and Cotton)

Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co v Stoomvaart Maatschappy Nederlant to be in the paper for judgt, pro forma, on May 4

For Hearing.

Ships Magnificent and Bastian Pot Evans & ors v Owners of
Magnificent Dickson & ors v Dobell (consolidated actions)
app of deft from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore—Nov 18

Robertson, petnr v Robertson, respt—Count Favagrossa, corespt. app of respt Annie Robertson from decree nisi and findings of the President—Feb 2


May 4 City of Mecca Cotosworth and ors v the Owners of the City of Mecca and Freight app of defts from refusal of Sir R J Phillimore to set aside writ—Feb 4

May 4 City of Mecca Bercaude and Co v the Owners of the City of Mecca app of defts from refusal of Sir R J Phillimore to set aside writ,—Feb 4

Ships Libra and Joseph Ricketts Owners of the Joseph Ricketts v Owners of the Libra

Owners of the Libra and General Steam Naviga'ion Co v Owners of the Joseph Ricketts app of owners of the Libra from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore witn nautical assessors—Feb 14

Wells v Pahlswn app of Lur Pahlsaon from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore—Mar 5

Ships St Petersburg and Ettrick Prehn v Bailey and ors app of pit from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore on special case— April 8

In re Kitchin Ex parte Young

In re Cottam, Morton, & Co Ex parte Turquand
In re Salisbury Ex parte Salisbury

In re Curtoys Ex parte Fillers

In re Turner Ex parte Ladbury

In re Thorpe Ex parte Tatton

In re Collie Ex parte Findlay & Co

In re Edwards Ex parte Davies

In re Rooney Ex parte Rooney and ors

In re Reed Ex parte Thompson

In re Bod en Ex parte Wing

In re Levy and anr Ex parte Walton and ors

In re Dubeaux Ex parte Banner

N.B.—The above list contains final and interlocutory appeals, set down to Friday, 22nd April, inclusive.

List Of Causes For Easter Sittings, 1881.
Before the Master Op The Rolls.
Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).

Appleton vMayor, &c of Bolton act

Day v Coward act
In ro Mitchell, deceased,
Mitchell v Mitohell act &
mfj (May 3)
Jacks n v Buckley act
Hudson v Silvester issue
Wethers! 1 v Olendon Iron Co
act without pleading by order
Lo Bond T Curtis act
Spicer v Mayor, &c, of Mar-
gate act
Danrnan v Crippa act (May 16)
Merrimun v Rawlins act
Lalor v Skinner act
Manlove v Forrest act
Phil'ips v Hankin act
Drum Slate Quarry Co Id v

Spence set
Mackie v Nye act
Levitt v Pilhrow act & m f j
Robertson v Johnson act
Tonkins v Martin act
Casson v Robinson act (May

Fothergill v Hemsley act

(May 5) Levetus v Newton act (Bir

mingbam) Maltby v Hodgkinson act MoBtyn v Lancaster act Fiince v Bonsall Local Board

of Health act Price v Smith act Steel v Andrews act Robinson v Drakes act Needham v Seastron act York Union Banking Co v

Denby act Pearson v Bailey act Sanders v Fox act Banner v Berridge act Pratt v Pratt act Shardlnw v Cotterell act Mitchell T Chapman act In re Trimniell, deed, Trim

mell v Shaw act and mfj Cullum v Hobbs act New Sharleaton Collieries Co,

limd v Emmena act Were v Blair act Madew v Rolls act and mfj Taylor v Moetyn act

Daw v Rooke aot and mfj
Nathan v Elkan act

Bostock v Vocables act
Hart v Hart act
Bell v Steneford aot
Parish v Hogg act
Western Brazilian Telegraph

Cor Bibby act and mfj

(June 15) Perks v Hill act Ross v Nash aot Johns v Graham act Pawsey v Armstrong aot Thompson v Hook act Dennistoun v Kough aot

(cross-examn) Geo*began v dowser aot Tasker v Attenborough act In re Brittlebank, deed Coates

T Brittlebank act Sykes v Wniteley aot (Hud

dersfield) London & Soutb-WeBtern Ry

Co v Gorom act Lungley v Mayor, &o, of

Southampton act Carter v Rolfe aot Eades v Starbnok Car & Wagon

Co act

Yorkshire Ry Wagon Co v Gt

Western Ry Co act Yorkshire Ry Wagon Co v

MoClure act In re Balderston, deed Balder

ston v Rannard act & m f j Ib re Werderman's Patent

Electric Light, motn of

Werderman against Burgees,

Spence, & Co with wits by


In re William Darnford, an articled dark pet (set down in wits list by order)

Moxon v King act

Thorp v Simpson act & m f j

Goddard v Jeffreys act

Hood v Newby act

Brown v Stevens act

Rooke v Nisbet act

Jones v Jon°s act

Stevens v Walker aot

Heywood v Mansell aot

Bartlett v Pain (4) aot

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Budd v Hitohins aot wits
Hill v Cameron act wits
Sower by v Cook aot wits
Smith v Taylor act wits
Wrenoh v Ingram act wits
Templeman v Day act wits
Earp v Duke of Devonshire
Hunter v Charlton act wits
Appleton v Taylor act wits
Hardcastle v Taylor act wits
Fletcher v Pouppeville aot

Starkey v Blank act wits
Kirkman v Presoott aot wits
Cadman v Draper act wits
Bank* v Savage aot wits
Cummings v Hargreaves act

In re Maddock Chesterfield, &o Colliery Co v Richardson act wits

Standiah v Taylor act wits

May 17
Nicoll v Fencing act wits

Cooke v Woolaraa act wits

Burrow v Scammell aot winj
Bunney v Wartnaby act wit*
Searman v Collins act wits
Morgan v Miller aot wits
Swann v Cheal act wits
In re Smith Smith v Smith

Grant v Carpenter f c (April


Turnour v Owen mfj

De Montauban v Batierfield


In re Hatfield Wilkinson v

Teaadale mfj (short) Kearaley v KesrBley f c Watson v Porttr Watson v

Root mfj Todd v Lester act wits Perry v International, &C,

Telegraph Co Dillim To v Duffisld f o In re Packer Line v Packer


Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir Chaules Hall.
Causes for trial (with witnesses).
James v Capital & Counties Bk Harris v Fleming act

act James v Capital & Countf"

Vinall v Vinall act act & m f j

Fairer v Sidebottom aot Dixon v McDonnel act

Molloy v Kilby act In re Todd's estate Told v

[blocks in formation]

Mather v Mather act (for

trial only) Johnson v Cambrian By Co

act (for trial only) Banque Franco-Egyptienne v

Lntscher act (for trial


Willata v Met Board of Works

act (for trial only) Thomas v Prosser act (for

trial only) Smith v Meox act (for trial


Price v Torrens act
Hale v Earl de la Warr

(fer trial only)
Tregear v Wells act

trial only) Heald v Midland By Co

(for trial only) Collinge v Rhodes act

t-ial only) Tower v Id;

trial only) Champitt v Paine

11 iaf only) Mitjhell-Henry v

('or trial only) Stone v Uatt act

only) Morgan v Owen

trial only)

Before Mr. Justice Fry. see (or trial (with Witnesses).

act (for trial (for trial


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act (fur act

(for (for (for act

Tidy (for trial act (foT

Pardew v Ellis only)

Pardew v Ellis act

Hailstone v Marsh act
Hedley v Eocl Commrs

(for trial only) The Blackpool, &<>, By v Imperial Hotel Co, Blackpool,

limd act (for trial only) Williamson v Load act (for

trial only) Wood v Berridge aot (for

trial only) Compton v Preston act & m f j

(for trial only) Tarver v Tarvor aot & m f j Bainbrigge v Brown act Edwick v Hawkes & Co aot

(for trial only) Winwood v Jenkins act (for

trial only) In re Slocombe Latham v

Slocombe act (for trial


Martin v Gordon act (for

trial only) Seddon v Bank of Bolton act

(for trial only) Worthington v Cave aot (for

trial only) Watts v Meers act (tor trial j


Harlock v Athberry aot (for

trial only)
Berkshire v Grubb aot & m f j
Thomas v Houosell aot &

Middleweek v Dearsley act
Caithness v Caithness aot
McFarquhar v Bothney act
Heine v Crosse act
Johnson v Gillam act & m f j
Chase v Jones act & m f j
Bigot v Taylor act
In re Stevens Stevens v Tal-

maah act
In re Stevens. Stevens v

Stevens act
Corner v Pack wood aot
Burt v Sbrivell aot
Thomas v Howard act
In re Way Solomon v Way


InrePliling. PalmervPilling

Causes for trial (without witnesses)
And Farther Considerations,

Bees vThomae act
'turner v Brown act
Williams v Bawden act
Lawes v Carter act
Curling v Thorp act
Skinner v Todd act
Green v Coates act
Whitbread v German act
Hughes v Morris act
In re Johnson Golden v Gi'lam -

Robinson vTownend act
Brighton Aquarium Co v

Brighton Corpn aot
Whitlock v Whitlock act
In re Hickman Fisher \

Hartill act
Messenger v Minter act
Bird v Bccles Commis act
James v Blaiberg aot
Usill v Whelpton

Coney v Tenant f 0 Thompson v Wilding ques of law

In re Jobnson Melland v

Fletch act pt hd Bussell v Deare aot Fleming v Hardcastle f c In re Gladstone Gladstone v

Gladstone f 0 In re Matthews Hassall v

Overton fc In re Lindo Forestier v Bud

dioom sp 0 Civic, &c, Socy v Wilson act Kirkpatrick v Anderson act

(May 2) Heathcote v Stanier aot Blondel v Blondel act & m f j Hudleston v Hudleston 2nd

f c

Jeffery v Henry mfj

In re Johnson Jobnson v

Leigh f 0 In re Lander Lander v Lander


In re Booket B ishford v Hopkin aot & m f j Oscanne v Kennedy f c Priolean v Kaselack f c Gilbert v Bagot question of law

In re Gilmour Bell v Gilmour f 0

Loosemore v Tiverton, &o, Ry Co act

Norman v Indian Mammoth

Gold, &c, Co m f j Tarns v Biles f c In re Morgan Griffiths v

Morgan f 0 Clay v Clay f 0

Moore v Mo jre act
In re Stuckey Stuckey v War-
ton f c & sums to vary
In re Lea Lea v Lea f 0
Brandon v Paul sp c
In re Jones Fog v Jones spc
In re Wilson Parker v Wilson

Lewis v Smithett f c

Sankey v Smithett f c

In re Staoger Leathes v

Sianger-Leathes t a In re Weatherhead Weatherhead v Evors f c Brown v Hewers act Walters v Walters 2nd f c In re Spiller Spiller v Madge f c

Mason v Hibberd act

Garlick v Clark f 0

In re Middleton Thompson v Harris f c

Hart v Gilbert f c

In re Sibbering Brown v Garland f o

In re Emmott Emmott v Low 2nd f 0 (short)

Gale v Gale act

In re Poule Webb v Poole m fj

In re Jones Jones v Davies

m f j

In re Johns Binns v Leth

bridge mfj (short) In re Bandlesou Leach v

Slack act k m f j Sawyer v Gidd'ngs f c Sutherland v Sutherland m f

j (short) Fox v Dolby mfj Hutton v Brown f 0 In re Borrow Berrow vFreccia


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For Argument.

Xondon, Bouffler v Levy Pollock, B

Middlesex, Nowell v Williams (part heard) Lord Coleridge, CJ Manchester, Chapleo and Wife v Brunswick Permanent Building

Society (stands over) Lord Coleridge, CJ

Dorchester, The Queen v Dorset Lord Coleridge, CJ

jLowes, Ball v Beardsley L C Baron

Warwick, Forde v Osborne and others Field, J

Middlesex, Perciral v Hughes (part heard) Manisty, J

London, Brown v Rolt and Co Williams, J

London, Dale and another v Wakefield Williams, J

London, Heard v Patti (motn for judgt) Official Referee

Middlesex, Taylor v Upton Bowen, J

Manchester, Mill Hill Spinning Co v Mills Stephen, J

Manchester, The Queen v Duncan Baggaflay, LJ

Middlesex, Reading v the Great Eastern Ry Co Stephen, J

Middlesex, Lord Ashburton v The Gt Western Ry Co Stephen, J Leicester, Dolby v Green & Son Denman, J

Middlesex, Champion v Hicka Brothers Stephen, J

Norwich, Holmes v Gagen Hawkins, Sir H

Middlesex, Taylor v Hodkinson and others Lopes, J

London, Scar v Nnnn Official Referee

Middlesex, Dudley v Brown and another Stephen, J

London, North v Gherelli (motn for judgt) Official Referee

London, Nash v Cooper (motn for judgt) Official Referee

London, Mcers v Watts Lopes, J

London, Carter v North Met Tramways Co Field, J

London, Lillcy v Doubleday Hawkins, Sir H

London, Burrow v The Conservators of River Thames Field, J London, Dubois and another v Bishop Lord Coleridge, CJ

Middlesex, Chamberlaine v Barnewell Field, J

London, Johnson v The Commercial Union Assurance Co

Lord Coleridge, CJ

•London, Levy v Israel Lopes, J

London, Sanderson v Spillman and others Williams, J

London, Betteley v Loaring Field, J

Liverpool, Hill v The Mostyn Coal and Iron Co Field, J

London, Christopherson and another v The United Kingdom

Eastern Telegraph Co Manisty, J

London, Smith v Wyer and another Williams, J

.E&sex, Eddington and another v Palmer (Trustee, &c)

Hawkins, Sir H

SPECIAL PAPER. Cases Stakotng Over. ZThe Rhodes Bank Building Society v The Union Bank of Manchester Dem Clifton v Viscount Bury and others Dem Mason v Elmslie & Co Dem Blewitt v Cotton Dem Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for War v Horsman

(stands over till mentioned by the Attorney-General) SC Hodgson v Pryor Dem Lupton v The Monmouth Ry Co SC

Fob Aboumk5t.

Cumberland Co-operative Benefit Building Society V The Furness

Ry Co SC

Earl of Dartmouth v Munday SO

Barnes v Dowling SC

'Vining and another v Harper dem

8 haw and others v Earl of Jersey SC

Socic'tc' Anonymo v J Batt & Co dem


Foa Argument.
Lancashire, The Queen v Holme and another
Uloacestershire, The Queen v Ross Union

First Day.

Ttn the Matter of a Solicitor

In the Matter of Burt, Bolton & Co, and Pokarney, Fielder £ Co
In the Matter of a Solicitor
In the Matter of a Solicitor

In the Matter of a Solicitor, and in an action of Judge v Green
Abercrombie v Jordan, and In the Matter of E A Hunt

Motions St\xdiitg Fob Judgment.
In the matter of Johnson, a solicitor
.Harris v Truman, Hanbury & Co

Cbowit Sidb.
Rules Standing for Judgment.
The Queen v The Recorder of Birmingham

For Akqi'mknt.

Northumberland, "White v The Justices of East Division of

Coquetdalo Ward
Bedfordshire, Gibbins v Jordan and another
Buckinghamshire, Payno v Wheeler
Buckinghamshire, Payne v Jackson and another
Lancashire, Martin v Barker
Lancashire, Hardy v Atherton
Devon, Devon port Water Co v Canniford
Liverpool, Henderson v Ambrose
Newport, Cooke v Watts
Cardigan, Morgan v Rees

Cheshire, Da vies v Wise (Cramer & Co, Claimants)
Bolton, WhiUaker v Rhodes
York, Karlsson v Smithson & Co

Stafford, Danks v West Uromwieh Improvement Commissioners Essex, lies T The Assessment Committee of West Ham Union and others

Lancashire, Lee 4 Son v Kearn and another

York, Watkinson v Slingsby and anr

Derby, Brassington v Key worth Langford Friendly Society
London, Colwefi v Kidson

Southampton, Alresford Rural Sanitary Authority v Scott

Burnley, Mayor of Burnley v.Rawlinson

Essex, Downes v Wellum

Middlesex, Rudeforth v Cox & Son and another

London, Fox v Furber

Middlesex, Wagner v Harris

Cardigan, Jones v Jones

Northampton, Woolston v The Midland Ry Co

Metropolitan Police District, Gillingham v Walker

Devon, Jarris and anothor v Tonkin

Berks, Culley v Charman

Kent, Barker and others v Bayfield and others

Derby, Pearce v Scotcher

York, Whittaker v Lowcock

Barnsloy, Dibb v Parker and others

Sunderland, The Mayor of Sunderland v Marshall

Liverpool, Hider and another v Harvey

Surrey, Lewis v Cooper (Gibbons, Claimant)

Sunderland, Middlemas v The Mayor of Sunderland

Kent, Filmer v Barling and Wife

Middlesex, Grimes and Wife v Shepherd

Metropolitan Police District, Porkyns v Priest

REVENUE PAPER. Attorney-General (Informant) and the Metropolitan Ry Co, and John

Bell (Defendants) cause by English information

Attorney-General (Informant) and the Metropolitan District Ry t *o,
and George Hopwood (Defts) cause by English information
Cases Stated Pursuant To 37 Vict., Cap. 16.
Dodson, Surveyor, &c, v Walker & Maude
Keen, Surveyor, &c, v Farlow

Tho Homer Hill Colliery Co, limd, v Leech, Surveyor, &c
The Great Western Ry Co v Musgrave, Surveyor, &o
The Aberdaro Rhoudda Coal Co. Ac, limd v Newman, Surveyor, &c
Chapman, Surveyor, &c v The Royal Bank of Scotlatd
Martin, Surveyor, &c v Trustees of Congregational Memorial Hall
Dodson, Surveyor, &c v London and North Western Ry Co
Improved Industrial Dwellings Co v Last, Surveyor, ic
Coomber, Surveyor, Ac v The Justices of tho County of T
Stoker v Abbot, Surveyor, &c
Whitwell, Survoyor, &c v Munby

The Justices, Ac, of the County of Warwick v Thrift, Surveyor, &c
Jeans, Surveyor, &c v E Crawshay and W Crawshay
Caird, Surveyor, &c v Worthcm
The City Bank v Last, Survcyoi, &c
Sim Fire Office Co v Ditto

Jowett, Surveyor, &c v Moss (for Justices of Lancashire)
Midland Ry Co v Blake, Surveyor, &c
Last, Svrvoyor, &c v The London Assurance Corporation
Bowers, Surveyor, &c v The Justices of tho Peace for Cumberland
Pacey, Surveyor, &c v Horsley

London and North Western Ry Co v Musgrave, Surveyor, Ac
Cottell, Inspector of Taxes v The Justices of the Co of Monmouth
Woo ten v Rolfe, Surveyor, Ac

Victoria Chambers Co, limd v Musgrave, Surveyor, Ac

Tho Justices of Kent v Lamarque, Surveyor, Ac

The Mayor, Ac, of Manchester v Applegutc, Surveyor, Ac



Bohw, Lydia Marina, Guildford st, Russell sq. May 12. Robinson v Ommoncy, Fry, J. Ommanncy, tit Winchester st

Catherall, Jane, Higher Kinnerton, Flint. May 10. Guest v Nownes, Fry, J. Flintt, Chester

Floors, Johx Harris, Fugglestone St Tcter, Wilts, Gent. May 6. Nightingale v Dulxiurg, M.R. Norton. Salisbury

Hoskixg, John, Marnzion, Cornwall, Gent. Apr 29. Birchall v Hoskiug, M.R. Carter, Serjeant's inn, Chancery lone

Hall, Joseph, Birmingham, Hay Dealer. May 10, Hall v Hall, Fry, J. Weekes, Birmingham

Selkirk, David Law, Chobham rd, Stratford, Kngineer. Apr 2**. Wiggins v Selkirk, Bacon, V.C. Bastard, Brabant ct

Walkowd, John, Great Ilford, Essex, Gent. May 0. Wolrond ▼ Lamb, M.R. Sharpe, Bedford row

I Gazette, Apr. S.J

Applktos, Maby Ask, South Molton st. May 10. Appleton v Appleton, M.R. Harcourt, Moorgate st

Davis, Jamp.s, West Lavington, Wilts, Innkeeper. May 10. Mnv 10. Hornby v Hyatt, M.R. Meek, Devises

NxRDnAM, Joskph MiLss, Newport, Mou, Mining Kngineer. May 6. Needham v Necdham, V.C. Hall. Williams and Co, Newport

Puqh, William, Shrewsbury, Painter. May 4. Pugh v. Beddoea, V.C. Bacon. Wills and Watts, Carter lane. Doctor's commons

Watts, William, Kennington Park rd, Gent. May 12. Webb v Chamberlain, Fry, J. Chamberlain, Fmsbory sq

Itfazette, Apr. 12.J

Avfield, Gf.orgr Kingston upon Hull, Gent. May 14. Nicholson

v Anfleld, Fry, J. Wilson, Hull] Combx, James, Ormiston, Down, Ireland, Iron Founder. May 10.

Combe v Combe, M.R. Gibb, Fenchurch avenuo Foster, Ann Miles, Little Woolston, Bucks. May SO. Locon v

Powell, V.C. Hall. Pattison and Co, Queen Victoria st Fbyer, Hewhy, Gray's inn pi. Gray's inn sq, Solicitor. May 23.

Baker v Fryer, V.C. Bacon. Crouch, Queen Victoria st

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