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Brooke Robertson, Middle Temple; David Macdonald

Robertson-Macdonald, Inner Temple; Frederic Hamilton
Salusbury, Lincoln's - ion; Audrew Downing Scoales,

Middle Temple ; Bovill William Smith, Inner Temple;

Gordon Smith, Lincoln's-inn; Henry John Stanyon, and Mr. William Walker, barrister, many years a judge of

Hugh Arundell Trevanion, Inner Temple ; Daniel Ward, county courts, died at his residence, Wileich, near Doncaster,

and Francis Watkins, Middle Temple ; Édward Vincent on the 21st inst. Mr. Walker was the son of Mr. William

Vashar Wheeler, Lincoln's-inn; Sidney Wright, Thomas Walker, barrister. He was born in 1807, and was educated

Howard Wright, Artbur Watkin Williams Wynn, and at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he graduated as a

Walter Baldwyn Yates, Inner Temple. senior optime and in the third class of the classical tripos in

The following students passed a satisfactory examination 1829. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-ion in Hilary

in Roman Law :Term, 1834, and he formerly practised on the Northern Cir.

Andrew Oswald Acworth and Hugh Alston, Lincoln's. cuit and at the West Riding of Yorkshire Quarter Sessions.

ion; Coseno Gordon Antrobus and Arratoon Thomas On the passing of the first County Court Act he was ap

Apcar, Inner Temple; George Ballou, Middle Temple ; pointed by Lord Cottenham to be judge of county courts

| Willian Barnard and George Stapelton Barnes, Inner for Circuit No. 13, comprising Sheffield and other large

Temple ; Charles Croker Barton, Middle Temple ; William towns in the West Riding, and after sixteen years'

Francis Beddoes, William Francis Bence-Jones, and Robert jndicial service, be retired on a peusion. Mr. Walker was a

Wallace Glen Braddell, Inner Temple ; Charles White Bur

roughs, Middle Temple ; Fanindra Bhansan Chatterjea, magistrate and deputy-lieutenant for the West Riding, and

Lincoln's-inn ; Charles Henry Fehler Christie and Skelton an active member of the Doncaster Board of Guardians and

Cole, Inner Temple ; William Henry Cross, Inner Temple; Higbway Board, in which capacities his professional and judi.

Francis William Crook and Mancherji Dadabhai Dadycial experience was of very great value. He was married to a

sett, Middle Temple ; Edwin Arthur Eade, Lincoln's. daughter of the late Mr. Hugh Parker, banker, of Sheffield.

inn; Henry Miles Finch, Arthur Fanshawe Fox, Bene

dict William Ginsburg, John Peter Grant, Benjamin MR. HENRY WEST, 0.C.

Booth Haworth-Booth, and Frederic William Heather, Mr. Henry West, Q.C., died at his residence, Loughlin.

Inner Temple ; Edgar Percy Hewitt, Lincoln's-inn; stone House, near Dublin, on the 21st inst., being his seventy

Francis John Hext, Inner Temple; Lionel Ferneaux third birthday. Mr. West was the son of the late Mr. Henry

Knipe Hill, Gray's-ion; James Arthur Henry Jameson West, and was born in 1808. He was educated at Trinity

and Laurence John Jones, Inner Temple; Samuel College, Dublin, where he graduated B.A. in 1831, and he

Kearns, Middle Temple; Richard Walter Kitile was called to the bar in Ireland in 1833. He formerly prac.

and Thomas Richard "Lee, Lincoln's - inn; Edward tised on the Connaught Cireuit, and he was for several years

Frederic Nicholas Lynch and Thomas Russell Hillier one of the prosecuting Crown counsel for the county and

McClatchie, Middle Temple; Lionel McMahon, Inner borough of Galway. In 1862 be was appointed county

Temple; Alan Macpherson, Lincoln's-inn ; Edward Markwick, court judge and chairman of quarter sessions for tbe county

Middle Temple ; Thomas Alexander Martin, Stuart Archibald of Leitrim, and in 1864 be was transferred to the county of

Moore, Thomas Moore, and John Igoatius Morris, Inner Wexford, and he held the latter office till 1879, when be

Temple; Basil George Nevinson, Lincoln'g-inn; Glencairn retired. Mr. West was also a magistrate for the latter

Stuart Ogilvie, Inner Temple ; John Robert Patchell, Middle county,

Temple ; Henry Cecil Phillips, Lincoln's-ion; John Sackling
Pritchett, Francis Joseph Ridgway, and Frank Edward
Robinson, Inner Temple ; George Smith, Lincoln's-inn ;
William Douglas Watson Smyth, Inner Temple; Francis

Elmer Speed, Middle Temple ; Josiah Ragland Thomas, Jobn LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. Mytton Thornycroft, and Josepb Robert Walker, Inner

Temple; Roger William Wallace, Middle Temple ; Édmond COUNCIL OF LEGAL EDUCATION.

Warner, Lincoln's-inn; Benjamin Whitehead, Middle

Temple ; Arthur Allen Wickens, Lincoln's-inn; Alfred EASTER EXAMINATION, 1881.

Edmund Wigan, Middle Temple ; Arthur George Witherby The Council of Legal Education have awarded to the and John Wood, Ioner Temple. following students certificates that they have satisfactorily passed a public examination :

Louis Jobn Aitken, Edward William Batber, and Edward
Sumner Bird, Lincoln's-ind; Alan Walter Lennox Boyd,
Inner Temple; Reginald Brett, Middle Temple ; Frederick

Gordon Bluett Campbell, Inner Temple; Charles Henry
Chadwick, Lincoln's-inn ; Jobn Brandon Chancellor and

Mr. PERCIVAL BIRKETT, solicitor, of No. 6, Lincoln'sHenry Reginald Clayton, Inner Temple; Joseph Coateworth,

inn-fields, London, has been appointed a Commissioner in Lincoln's-inn ; Charles Henry Cook, Frederick Francis and for the Supreme Court of Hong Kong, for taking Oaths Daldy, Hanbury Davis, Edward Louis De Hart, Thomas and Declarations, and for doing all Acts authorized to be Edward De Sampayo, and Walter Russell Donogb, Inner

| done by any Commissioner or Notary Public under the Code Temple; Arthur Lee Ellis and Charles Gregson Ellis, of Civil Procedure in the Colony of Hong Kong (sec. 56, Lincoln's-inn; Herman Erichsen, Inner Temple: Harry sub. 7, of Ordinance No. 13 of 1873), in England. Trelawney Eve, Lincoln's-inn; Charles Henry Evill, Inner Mr. Robert MALCOLM KERR, LL.D., judge of the City Temple; Godfrey Werge Fardell, Gray's-inn; Arthur Edwin Court, has been elected Chairman of the St. Pancras Board Gasper, Inder Temple; Richard William Giles, Middle of Guardians for the ensuing year. Temple; Herbert Wilson Greene, Inner Temple; William

Mr. CHARLES ROBERT RIVINGTON, solicitor, of 1, FenBrandford Griffith, Middle Temple ; William Dagdale Har-church-buildings has been elected' Vestry Olerk of the land, Arthur Addlesbaw Hartley, William Frederick Parish of St. James's, Dakes-place. Mr. Rivington is the Harvey, and Percy Ambrose Sewell Hickey, Inner Temple ; son of the late Mr. Charles Rivington, solicitor. He was Spencer Langton Holland, Lincoln's-inn; Herbert John I admitted in 1869. and is also vestry clerk of the parishes of Butler Hollings, and Jonathan Edmondson Joel, Inner í St. Andrew Undershaft. St. Katharine Cree, and St. Temple ; Arthur Macdonald Kirkbam, Lincoln's-inn; Harry Katharine Coleman, clerk to the Stationers' Company, and Norman Lachlan, Middle Temple ; John Grant Lawson ward clerk of Aldgate and Lime-street Wards. and William Edward Lawson, Inner Temple ; Alfred Henry Lefroy, Francis Paul Lefroy, and John Henry Lonsdale, Lincoln's-inn; Charles Carroll Macnamara, and Sandford

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. Moore, Inner Temple; Alexander Falconer Morison, | WRIGHT, GEORGE, and ALAN WILLIAM Cam, Broad-street. Middle Temple ; George Musgrave, Inner Temple ; Walter corner, Birmingham, solicitors. (Wright and Co.) The said John Napier, Lincoln's-inn ; Karl Pearson, Inner Temple; Alan William Cam will continue to carry on the said business Robert Arthur Berthon Preston, Lincoln's-inn; Henry on his own account under the style or firm of Wright and Laurence Prior, and Mohammed Lutfur Rahman, Inner Co March 7. Temple ; Henry Charles Richards, Gray's-inn; Russell

[Gazette, April 26, 1881.7



was a state of law which required to be carefully considered, for this reason: Where a man knew himself to be insolvent he owed a duty to the general body of his creditors—those who

had no security; and when: a man was insolvent any act WINDING-UP NOTICES.

which was in that sense voluntary he might refuse to do. JOINT STOCK COMPANIES.

Where a man was hopelessly insolvent he should say in reply

to the pressure of a creditor, “No ; you are asking me to do LIMITED IN CHANCRRY. BRITANNA HOME AND COLONIAL FIRE ASSOCIATION, LIMITED. that which as an honest trader I cannot do,” and he (the

Creditors are required, on or before June 1, to send their names and judgo) thought that, without injustice to the creditors, the law addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to Messrs.

might be in such a state as that it sbould not only be the duty Frederick Dixon Dixon-Hartland, M.P., and John Messent, 429, Strand. June 16 at 11 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating

of the debtor to refuse to give an advantage to a particular upon the debts and claims

creditor, but that it should also be considered a matter of CLEDDAU VALLEY SLATE QUARRIES COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition

conscience binding opon the creditor himself not to ask for for winding up, presented April 1, directed to be heard before the

preference for himself when he knew that the debtor was M.R.. on April 30. Andrew and Co, Great James st, Bedford row, solicitors for the petitioners

insolvent and had no right to give it. He thought that state COTTAGES AND VILLAS BUILDING AND INVESTMENT COMPANY LIMITED. of the law would tend to raise the standard of commercial -The M.R. has, by an order dated March 15, appointed Charles

morality, and would lead to the result that any creditor who Grubb Cutler, 18, Bennett's hill, Doctor's commons, to be official liquidator

had the misfortune to find that his debtor was insolvent would PATENT COMPOSITE FIRE LIGHT COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for not say to him, “Give me all you can,” as was now said, winding up, presented April 20, directed to be heard before Hall,

but, “ Being insolvent it is your duty to place your unpledged V.C., on May 6. Bradley, Mark lane, solicitor for the petitioners

[Gazette, Apr, 22.]

assets under the control of the law, so that they might be

equally divided between me and all your other unsecured LOMBARD LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED.Creditors are

creditors.” He did not tbink that a law of that description required, on or before May 31, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to Thomas Meggy, 22

would be inconvenient to commerce, and it would tend very Bedford place, Russell square. June 14 at 12 is appointed for much to raise the standard of commercial morality. He hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

should like to know whether that view would be one that N. 0. SZERELMEY AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has order, dated March 15, appointed Joseph John Saffery, 14, Old

would be entertained by commercial and professionul men. Jewry chambers, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, His meaning oi the word “voluntary” was that, the Act. on or before May 20, to send their names and addresses and the was voluntary if a man was not compelled to do it, and it particulars of their debts or claims to the above. May 31 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

should be made the duty of a man who was insolvent to say RICHARDS AND COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, pre

“No," to an unsecured creditor ; "You know I am in sented April 20, directed to be heard before the M.R. on May 7. solvent ;” and it should also be made the duty of the creditor Davies and Co, Frederick's place, Old Jewry, agents for Ensor,

who knew of the insolvency not to ask for preference, but to Cardiff, solicitor for the petitioner

Gazette, Apr, 26.]

place the unsecured assets so that they might be administered

equally for the benefit of all the unsecured creditors.

Apr 22
ARMITT'S WELL-WISHER LODGE, White Horse Hotel, Congreve st,

Birmingham. April 22

foregate, Shrewsbury, Salop. Apr 22

BEXEVOLENT INSTITUTION, St John's School, Walsall,, Stafford,
April 22

(Gazette, Apr. 26.] PRIVATE BILLS.Crystal Palace Company, Lancashire

and Yorkshire Railway, Peparth, Sally, and Barry Rail-
way, Medway Conservancy (No. 2).

Bridges (South Wales).'


Alkali Works Regulation, Inland Revenge Buildings In the course of a bankraptcy case before Mr. Daniel,

(passed through Committee). Q.O., the Bradford County Court Judge, on Tuesday, he

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. remarked that as far as he had been able to judge, the PRIVATE BILLS.-Cleator Moor Local Board, Goole and DOW Bankruptcy Bill seemed to go a long way towards District Gas and Water, St. Helen's and District Trans redressing many of the grievances of the present system. ways. There were two points to wbich be should like attention

APRIL 26.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. to be drawn-namely, the provisions in the Bill which re. | PRIVATE BILL. -Birkenhead Corporation Improvement lated to the amendment of the law of fraudulent preference (No. 2). add those with reference to jurisdiction. In the report of

APRIL 27.-BILLS READ A FIRST TIME. the Committee of the House of Commons, over which the Bill for the Declaration of the Law relating to Fresh late Sir Henry Jackson presided, attention was called to | Water Fish not of the Salmon kind (Mr. E. Noel). the evils which had arisen in the case of Butcher v. Stead in

Bill for better securing the Purity of Beer (Colonel the House of Lords, and he observed that the 64th olause Barne). of the Bill dealt with those evils, providing tbat any payment voluntarily made by an insolvent, with a view to give a creditor a preference, should be void.

COURT PAPERS. That provision would moet that case, but the evils which had arisen from the decisions given previously SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. to the Act of 1869 were not tonobed, and those

evils appeared to him to have arisen from the decisions of
the court, which had held that where there was pressure



there was no fraudulent preference ; that pressure might be a
mere application for payment, and that where payment was

Monday, May 2Mr. Farrer Mr. Ward Nr. Leach
Tuesday ...... 3

Teesdale Pemberton Latham made after pressure it was not a fraudulent preference,

Wednesday.... 4 Farrer


Leach because to make a fraudulent preference according to the

Thursday .... 5 Teesdale Pemberton Latham views of the judges the act done by the debtor must be a spon.


Leach taneous act. In the case of Ex parte Topham, Lord Justice

Saturday...... 7 Teesdale Pemberton Latham Mellish, in his carefully considered judgment, referred to the

Mr. Justice Mr. Justice case of Ex parte Blackburn, which went up from that court,


KAY. and said that the Act of 1869 did not alter the previous law,

Monday, May 2Mr. Cobby Mr. Merivale Mr. Clowes according to which it was quite clear that pressure was

Tuesday ...... 3 Jackson King

Koe not only sufficient to prevent a payment being a fraudu. Wednesday.. 4


Clowes lent preference, but that the creditor, though he knew the Thursday .... 5 Jackson


Koe debtor to be bopelessly insolvent, had a right to use any | Friday ........ 6


Merivale Clowes amount of pressure for the purpose of getting his debt. That | Saturday...... Jackson


Friday ......



Serff v Luff app of deft Laff VCB-Mar 3

In re Robson, decd, Emley v Davidson app of Attorney-Gen LIGT OF APPEALS FOR EASTER SITTINGS, 1881.

V C B-Mar 4

The Plating Co v Farquharson app of defts VC B-Mar 11 APPEALS FROM THE CHANCERY DIVISION,

Johostono v Cox app of deft Tho8 Naylor VCB-Mar 17 1880.

In re Combos, deca, Hoyland v Waite app of plt VCMNobel's Explosives Co, limd v Jones, Scott & Co app of defts

Mar 23 VC B-July 9

Jackson v Bridge app of plt MR-Mar 23 Preston v Neele app of Plaintiff VC B-July 22 (aot before Harpham v Shacklock app of B Denison and Co VCMMay 2)

Mar 24 Bagot v Easton app of plt V CB-Aug 7

Sotheran v Dening app of plt MR-Apr 13 Keen v Laws & Co app of defts VCB-Aug 9

In re Roberts, decd, Ripington v Roberts-Gawen app of ChrisFowlers v Walker app of plts and notice of variation by defts

tian Knowledge Society VCH-Apr 14 VCB-Aug 9

Marshall v Berridge app of deft Fry, J-Apr 14 Owen's Patent Wheel Tyre & Axle Co limd v Kleinwort app of plta VCB-Aug 18 (8 O for security)

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Emma Silver Mining Co limd v Grant app of deft MR

Chancery Division. Aug 21

1881. In re Basye Consolidated Silver Mining Co limd app of Mark Rudow v Great Britian Mutual Life Assurance Society app of Dyett and anr V CH-Aug 23

deft Siciety F C BẠMar 25 Witham v Vane app of plte Fry, J-Oct 8

Walker v Siggers app of plts Fry, J-Apr 2 Crawcour v Salter app of deft V CM-Oct 13

Mitchell v Condy app of deft VČ B-Apr 4 (not before May Beddall v Wallis app of defc from order on fur. conson. MR --Oct 25

Warner v Mosses app of defts VCB-Apr 7 Krehl v Burrell app of deft Fry, J-Oct 26

Blyth v Banks app of deft Fry, J-Apr 9 Roxburghe v Cox app of plts VC B-Nov 3

In re Birchall, deod, Wilson v Birchall app of deft Mary Beckett v Attwood app of plt VCM-Nov 3

Bireball VCM-Apr 14 In re Camden Charities app of Attorney General V CH- In re Birchall, decd, Wilson v Birchall app of Infant defts Nov 10

VCM-Apr 14
Whitmore v Farley app of plt Fry, J-Nov 12

Parbury v Spink app of deft Fry, J-Apr 20
Farrow v Austin app of plt V CM–Nov 13
In re Knapman, decd, Knapman v Wreford app of C F Yorke

Stephene v Stephens app of S Harton VCM-Apr 20

| Shaw v Brown app of plt Fry, J-Apr 21 and anr V CH-Nov 15

Scarman v Collins app of deft from order dated Mar 25 VCB Du Puy v Welsford app of plt V CB-Nov 18

-Apr 21 In re Markham, decd, Markham v Markham app of J Buckton Scarman v Collins app of deft from order of Apr 1 VCBVCM—Nov 29

Apr 21
Lyon • Tweddell app of dft CBDec 8
Brewer v Yorke Yorke v Brewer app of dft Yorke VCM-


For Judgment. In re Burton, decd, Burton v Barton app of deft VCB

(Heard in Hilary Sittings.) Dec 17 Dicks v Yates app of deft V CB-Dec 17

Wright v Marwood Gordon v Marwood argument of rale Smith v Day app of deft Fry, J-Dec 18

nisi for new trial (c.a.v. Mar 15-present Lord Coleridge Sheffield Water Works v Bingham app of deft MR-Dec 18

LCJ, and Lords Justices Bram well and Baggallay) Hester v Hester app of deft Thos Hunt VCB-Dec 21

Poyser o Mynors app of deft from judgt of A Wills, Esq, QC Donnison v The People's Cafe Company app of defts VCM

at trial (c.a.v. Apr 11-present Lords Justices Bramwell, -Dec 22

Baggallay and Lush)
Harrison v The Cornwall Minerals Ry Co app of deft W

For Hearing.
Penton, VCH-Dec 23
In re Graham, decd Marsden v Grabam app of Attorney-Gen
from V C of County Palatine of Lancaster Dec 24

| Akerblom v Price apt of plt from judgt of L C Baron and Mr

Justice Stephen-Apr 6 Aker blom v Price app of deft Wilmott v Barber app of deft Fry J-Dec 31

from order of Mr Justice Denman and Baron Pollock for now 1881.

In re Charles M Roche, gentn. one &c app of Mr Roche from In re James Gosman's petition of right app of Attorney-Gen VCM-Jan 1

Lord Coleridge and Mr. Justice Grove-Apr 27

Edward Gilbertson on behalf of himself and the other English Eames v Hacon app of defts Fry, J-Jan 4

members of the Ottoman Bank v John Ferguson, surveyor of Kearsey v Roche app of plt V C B-Jan 5 Towers v Kirkman app of deft V CB-Jan 10

taxes app of Gilbertson from order of Barons Pollock and Marwick v Dennett app of defts V CH-Jan 11

Huddleston-L. C. Baron dissentiente-on appeal case stated In re Taylor, deceased

by Commissioners of Income Tax - July 3 Tomlin v Underbay app of defts V CH-Ján 12

Adams & apr v The Serern and Canal Carrying, Shipping and In re The Metropolitan Ry Co & Cotton's Trustees app of Ry

Steam Towing Co app of defts from judgt of Lord ColerCo VCH-Jan 12

idge as wrong upon findings of Jury-Aug 23 Adams & anr In re Lawrence, deceased Lawrence v Bickerton

v The Same Co app of plts from order of Mr Justice Denapp of F W

man and Baron Pollock for new trial Lawrence V'CM-Jan 14 Lawrence v Lawrence app of F W Lawrence VCM-Jan 14 |

Corcoran Witt & Co v Phippeu and anr app of plt from judgt In re Phillips, deceased Kington v Hill app of deft VCH

of Mr Justice Williams at trial in Middlesex - Dec 14 -Jan 21

1881. Patching v Barnett app of Arthur Patching V CM-Jan Ingledew & org v Temple app of plts from jadgt of Mr Justice 22

Manisty at trial, at Durham-Feb 18 Patching v Barnett app of parties having liberty to attend Skinner v The Mayor, &c, of Sunderland app of defts from VCM-Mar 7

judgment of Mr Justice Manisty after trial at Durham-Feb In re Goodier, deceased Goodier v Johnson app of plt VCH -Jan 26

Williams v Jones app of deft from judgt of Joseph Brown, In re Smitb, deceased Smith v Clatton app of Sir E Scott Esq, QC, after trial at Cardiff-Feb 28 and anr MR-Feb 1

Lee & anr v The Aberdeen Steam Navigation Co app of plt In re Edison Telephone Co limd app of Edison and ors MR from judgt of Mr Justice Williams at trial in LondonFeb 2

March 1 Peters v Lewes & East Grinstead Ry Co app of Ry Co VCH | Hayward v Hamilton app of defts from order of Baron Pollock -Feb 2

& Sir Henry Hawkins directing entry of judgt for pltHarland v Garbutt app of plts VC B-Feb 4

March 4 Attorney-Gen v Humphrey app of defts Fry, J-Feb 6 The Trent Mining Co v. The Midland Ry Co app of plts from Laird v Briggs app of deft Fry, J-Feb 7

judgt of J P Murphy, Esq, QC, at trial at Lincoln-March Cockburn v Edwards app of defts Fry, J-Feb 8

12 Attorney-Gen v Dorking Union app of Informant V CH- The Queen v Charles J Whitchurch (Q B-Crown Side) app. of Feb 8

the justices from order of Baron Pollock and Mr Justice Gt Eastern Ry Co v Norwich & Spalding Ry Co app of Mid- Stephen for certiorari–March 12 | land & Eastern Ry Co v C B-Feb 11

The Guardians of the Poor of the Fulham Union The GuarHalsey v Brotherhood app of plts MR-Feb 14

dians of the Poor of the Isle of Thanet Union (Q B-Crown Llanoyer v Homfray Phillips v Llanover app of Lady Side) app of the Fulham Guardians from judgt of Justices Llanover VCH-reb 25

Field & Manisty on case from Quarter Sessions - March 15




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Lowes & East u of pilte vc Born J-Feb

Midland Land & Investment Corporation limd v Peto app of Griffla v Keates app of plt from rule nisi discharged by Justicos

plts from judgt of Mr Justice Denman at trial at Westminster Williams & Mathow-April 4 - March 16

Dickinson v Norris app of deft from role nisi discharged by Toppin v Pooley app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes Mr Justice Denman and Baron Pollock-April 5

at trial at Westminster—March 17 (Security ordered April Grant v Holland app of plt from rule nisi discharged by 13)

Justices Williams & Mathew-April 6 (Security ordered Gt Western Ry Co v Sirbowy Ry Co app of deft from judgt of April 13) Justices Williams & Mathew on ep c-March 19

Ashton v Watson, Bogle, & Co app of plt from order of Mr. McMahon v Field app of plt from part of judgt of Mr Justice Justice Denman & Baron Pollock referring back to arbitrator Fry at trial at Chester March 21

-April 7 Reynolds v Williams app of plt from judgt of Mr Justice Grove Marsden & anr v Meadows (Salmon Clt) app of Cit from order at trial—March 22

of Mr Justice Williams that goods' seized belong to pltHare y Churchwardens & Overgaars of Putney app of plt April 7

from judgt of Baron Pollock & Sir H Hawkins on ep - Barter & Co v Dubeux & Co app of plt from Mr Justice DenMarch 23

man & Baron Pollock setting aside order making trustee in Turquand v Evans app of deft from judgt of Lord Justice liquidation a party-April 11 Baggallay after trial at Bristol-March 26

Brown & adr v Ruff app of deft from Mr Justice Denman & Pattinson v Mayor, &c, of Lichfield app of deft from refusal Baron Pollock refusing liberty to appear and defend-- April of Justices Grove and Lindley to set aside award

12 James v Powell and ors app of defts from judgt of Alfred Wills, Ex parte Thomas James Maltby (Q B-Crown Side) app of Esg, QC, after trial-Mar 26

Applicant from refusal of Baron Pollock & Mr Jarlice Den-Jones v Powell and ors app of defts from judgt of Alfred Wills, man to grant habeas corpus-April 12 Esq Q C, after trial-Mar 26

Callender & Co v Central African Trading Co limd app of Hurst and ors, trustees, &c, v Johnson app of deft from jadgt deft Co from Mr Justice Denman & Baron Pollock refusing

of Justices Williams and Mathew, on special case-Mar 28 liberty to revoke authority of arbitrator to make award--April Paghouse Mill Co, limd v Anderson Bros app of dofts from 13

judgt of Justices Williams and Matthew, on special case Englehart & Co v Bosanquet & Co app of defts from order of Mar 28

Justices Williams & Mathew on sp --April 14 Hodgson v Pryor and ors app of defts from judgt of Mr Jus Young v Sonora Co limd & ors app of plt from rule nisi distice Lindley at trial- Mar 29

charged by Mr. Justice Denman & Baron Pollock-April 16 Williams v Phillips app of defts James and Dyke from judgt Dyball v Campbell app of deft from refusal of Justices Lindley of Joseph Brown, Esq, QC, at trial-Mar 29

& Mathew to send action for trial by referee- April 21 The Rhymney Ry Co v The 'Powell Duffryn Steam Coal Co,

limd app of deft from judgt of Justices Williams and Mathew | FROM THE PROBATE, DIVORCE, AND ADMIRALTY on special case-Mar 30

DIVISION In Devonshire County Court at E18t Shoreham Lyons v Tucker

For Judgment. app of plt from Jastices Grove and Lindley discharging rule

Divorce. nisi to set aside judgt of county court-Apr 2

Baker (by his Committee) v Baker, Wheeler, & Owon app of Ellis and ors v Haley app of plts from judgt of Mr Justice resp from order of the President overruling demurrer (o a v Stephen at trial at Leeds-Apr 2

March 25, present Lords Justices James, Brett and Cotton) Dollar v Webster app of plt from part of judgt of Mr Justice

Admiralty. Manisty at trial-Apr 7

Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Co v Stoomvaart National Mercantile Bank, limd v Rymill app of defendant Maatschappy Nederlant to be in the paper for judgt, pro

from judgt of Mr Justice Lopes after trial in Middlesex-Apr forma, on May 4 11

For Hearing. Fletcher v Hudson app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice

Admiralty. Stephen at trial at Appleby-Apr 11

1880. Solornon v Lederer app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Ships Magnificent and Bastian Pot Evans & ors v Owners of Williams at trial-Apr 12

Magnificent Dickson & ors v Dobell (consolidated actions) Newitt v Paxton app of plt from judgt of Sir Henry Hawkins

app of deft from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore--Nov 18 after trial in Middlesex --Apr 13'

Divorce. Wilcockson v Powell app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice

1881. Stephens at trial in Middlesex-Apr 14

Robertson, petar v Robertson, respt-Count Favagrossa, coBulteel and apr o Curteis app of deft from judgt and discharge

respt. app of respt Annie Robertson from decree nisi and of rule nisi by Mr Justice Denman and Baron Pollock-Apr

findings of the President-Feb 2

Admiralty. Cooke and org v Sheard app of plts from judgt of Baron Pol- May 4 City of Mecca Cotosworth and org y the Owners of the lock and Mr Justice Stephens on special case-Apr 14

City of Mecca and Freight app of defts from refusal of Sir Cooke and ors v Sheard app of plt from role nisi for new RJ Phillimore to set aside writ-Feb 4

trial discharged by Justices Denman and Cave and Baron | May 4 City of Mecca Berjaude and Co v the Owners of the Pollock action tried at Liverpool by Mr Justice Manisty

City of Mecca app of defts from refusal of Sir R J Philli

more to set aside writ-Feb 4 From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Queen's | Ships Libra and Joseph Ricketts Owners of the Joseph Ricketts Bench Division.

v Owners of the Libra 1880.

Owners of the Libra and General Steam Navigation Co v Owners

of the Josepla Ricketts app of owners of the Libra from judgt Caslon & Co v Gray & Co (Proeger Cit) app of plt from of Sir R J Phillimore with nautical assessors-Feb 14

LC Baron and Baron Huddleston, dismissing app from order Wells v Pahlsson app of Lars Pablason from judgt of Sir RJ of Mr Justice Field-May 8 (referred to Master to report to Phillimore-Mar 6 court, by order of June 23).

Ships St Petersburg and Ettrick Preba v Bailey and ors app Bennison v Meek appl of defts from Mr Justice Lindley to set

of plt from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore on special caseaside verdict and reference-Aug 27 (S O until motion

April 8 made in Q B Div)


Ex parte Young Baines y Bromley app of plt from refusal of Baron Pollock to

In re Cottam, Morton, & Co Ex parte Turquand order review of Master's taxation-Jan 17

In re Salisbury

Ex parte Salisbury Stevenson, Jaques, & Co v McLean app of plt from order of

In re Curtoys

Ex parte Pillers Justices Field & Manisty-action tried by Lord Justice Lush

In re Turner

Ex parte Ladbury -Jan 18

In re Thorpe

Ex parte Tatton Johnson & anr, trading, &c, v Raylton, Dixon, & Co app of

In re Collie

Ex parte Findlay & Co deft from order of Mr Justice Manisty directing entry of judgt

In re Edwards

Ex parte Davies for plt-March 28

In re Rooney

Ex parte Rooney and ors Hamilton v Chaine (Morgan Claimant) app of Claimant from

In re Reed

Ex parte Thompson order of Justices Grove & Lindley on app from County Court

In re Boden

Ex parte Wing on op c-April 1

Ex parte Walton and ors

In re Levy and apr Vickers v Chatwood's Patent Safe & Lock Co limd app af deft from order of Justices Deoman & Williams for new trial-act

In re Dubeaux

Ex parte Banner tried by Baron Huddleston--April 2

N.B.-The above list contains final and interlocutory appeale, Cattlin v Cross app of plt from Mr Justice Denman & Baron sot down to Friday, 22nd April, inclusive.

Pollock refusing order for review of taxation-April 4
Sparrow v Hill app of plt from order of Justices Grove & Lind.

ley giving leave to review taxation- April 4





Galsworthy v Baylis mfi Tucker v Danby spo &mfj HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE-CHANCERY DIVISION. Digby v Bentley act &mfj Allen v Nicklin spe LIST OF CAUSES FOR EASTER SITTINGS, 1881.

In re Tayler's Éstate. Pucko- lo re Brice, decd Westbrook

ridge v Tayler adj sumns Brice mij Before the MASTER OF THE Rolls.

In re Cave, deod. Hill v Hall v New Sedgwick Gun-Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).

· Lyall act & mfj

powder Co limd act

In re Cox, decd Cox v Sharp In re The Merrybent & DarAppleton y Mayor, &c of Bolton Daw v Rooke act and mfi


lington Ry Co (Allan's case) act Nathan v Elkan Act

In re Bolton, deod Hargreaves ad sums
Day v Coward act
Bostock v Venables act

v Calvert act

In re Bishopabridge, decd In re Mitchell, deceased, Hart y Hart act

In re Harcourt, decd Portman Dowson y Wilkinson mij Mitchell v Mitchell act & Bell v Steneford act

v Harcourt spc &mfj mfj (May 3) Parish v Hogg act

France v Towoson mof j In re Clinton, decd Jackson p Western Brazilian Telegraph Jacks in v Buckley act

Slaney spc Hudson v Silvester issue Co v Bibby act and mfj

(Liverpool) (short) Watson v Cave mij

Small v Bennett mij Wetherall v Glendon Iron Co (Jane 15)

In re Clarke, decd. Clarke v Hilliar v British & Irish Mutual act without pleading by order Perks v Hull act

Starms m fj

Trust mij
Le Bond v Curtis ect
Ross v Nash act

Bush v Needham aot &mfj Jones v Jones act
Spicer v Mayor, &c, of Mar Johns v Graham act

Lloyd v Lord Anglesey act. Cross v Swith m fj (Norgate act Pawbey v Armstrong act

Hopkins v Mellersh ad sume wich) Denman v Cripps act (May 16) Thompson v Hook act

v Palmer mij Merriman v Rawling act Dennistoun

Pigott to the Gt Western Ry Tatham v Kough aot

Co, V & P Act, ad sums (short) Lalor v Skinner act


In ré Western District Bank Leggoe ý Wing mij Man v Forrest act Geoghegan v Clowser act

ad suums Phil ips v Hankin act Tasker v Attenborough act I

In re W H Tayleur's Estate Drum Slate Quarry Cold v In re Brittlebank, deod Coates

J ad sums Spence act

v Brittlebank act Mackie v Nye act Sykes v Whiteley not (Hud

Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir JAMES Bacox. Levitt v Pilbrow act &mfj dersfield)

Causes for Trial. Robertson v Jobnson act L ondon & South-Western Ry | Attorney-Gen v Birmingham, Ormath waite v Kington, &c. Tomkins v Martin act Co v Gomm act

&c, Drainage Co demr R y Co act, wits Casson v Robinson act (May Lungley v Mayor, &o, of

Rolls v Isaacs act

Jones v Jones acta, witas Southampton act

In re Evered Snelling v Jonos v Jones actn Fothergill v Hemsley act Carter v Rolfe act

Evered act, wits

Ross v Fenwick act, wits (May 5)

Eades v Starbuck Car & Wagon Levetus v Newton act (Bir. Co act

Causes transferred from Master of the Rolle, pursuant to Order mingbam) Yorkshire Ry Wagon Co v Gt

dated 16th November, 1880. Maltby v Hodgkinson act Western Ry Co act

In re Tanner
Yorksbire Ry Wagon Co v

Mortimer v
Mostyn v Lancaster act

In re Bluat Banett v Bunett Prince v Bonsall Local Board MoClure act

Drew Act &mfj, wits

act, witt of Health act In re Balderston, decd Balder

Keate v Paillips act, wits pt Tucker v Barker act, wits

bd Price v Smith

ston v Rangard act &mfj act

Hall v Mayor, &c, of Bootle-
Steel v Andrews act
IA re Werderman's Patent

Hazlewood v Desborough act cum Linacre' act
Robinson v Drakes act
Electric Light, motn of

wits Needham v Seastron act

Werderman against Burgers,

Transferred from Vice-Chancellor HALL, by Order of February York Union Banking Co v Spence, & Co with wits by

3, 1881. Denby Act

order Pearson v Bailey act

In re William Darnford, an Wade v Lane act wits (aot Denoon v Northway act wits. Sanders v Fox act articled olark pet (eet down before May 20)

(May 3) Banner v Berridge act

in wits list by order)

Oliver v Watkins act wits Ward Ashton v Bennett act Pratt v Pratt act Moxon v King' act

In re Statters Clark v Forsey wits Shardlow v Cotterell act Thorp v Simpson act & mfj

In re Welch Besyant v Cave Mitchell y Chapmun act Goddard v Jeffreys act

Day v Neale act wits (May 10) act wits Ja re Trimmeil, deod, Trim- Hood v Newby Act

Debenham v Shippey act Fuller v Reave act mell v Shaw act and m fj Brown v Stevens act

Barker v Riddell act and mfi Benbow v Low Low v BenCullum v Hobbs act Rooke v Nisbet act Farber v King ect wits

bow act wits New Sharleston Collieries Co, Jones v Jones act

Furber v King act wits Hooper v Smith act wits limd v Emmens act

Stevens v Walker act Were v Blair act

Heywood y Mansell act Transferred from Master of the Rolls, by order of 14th March Madew v Rolle act and mfj Bartlett v Paio (4) aot

1881. Taylor v Mostyn act

Buddy Hitobins act wits Cooke v Woolams act wits

Hill v Cameron act wits Burrow v Scammell act wit:Further Considerations.

Sowerby v Cook act wits Buoney v Wartnaby act witsFerrior v Evans fc Darrant v Freshfield fo

Smith v Taylor act wits Soarman v Collins act wits Austia v Austin fo Frodebam v Frodsbam fo

Wrench v Ingram act wits Morgan v Miller act wits In re Harries, decd Condor v Rathbone v Melly fo

Templeman v Day act wits Swann y Cheal act wits Harriss fo In re Allen, deed Everard v

Xarp v Duke of Devonshire In re Smith Smith v Smith In re Duddy, deca Duddy v Allen fo

Hunter v Charlton act wits mij
Duddy fo
In re Mones, decd Mones v

Appleton v Taylor act wits Grant v Carpenter fc (April la re Broame, decd Cole v Lovell fo (abort)

Hardcastle y Taylor act wits 38)
Lohrer fc (short) .
In re Shaw, decd Shaw v

Fletcher v Pouppeville act Turnour v Owen mfj In re Anderson, decd Fowler Aspell fc


De Montauban V Batterfield Satchell fo

Starkey v Blank act wits mij

Kirkman v Prescott act wits In re Hatfield Wilkinson Causes for trial (without witnessos).

Cadman v Draper sct wits

Teasdale mfi (short) In re Brown's Estate Ward v Wilmott v Young mij

Bapky v Savage act wits Kearsley v Keursleyfc Morse adj sums & act pt hd Stuart, Bart v Ford act & m

Cummings v Hargreaves act Watson v Porter Watson wits

Rootmfj In re Broughton and Foun- fj

In re Maddock Chesterfield,

of taine's Contract and V & P In re Horner's Petition

Todd v Lester act wits Act adj sumns Right adj sumns

&o Colliery Co v Richardson Perry v International, &o act wits

Telegraph Co In re Fox, deed Lyon v Fox Law Reversionary Interest

Standish y Taylor act wits Dillim ire v Duffield fo spc &mfj

Society v Paul act
In re The Oxford and Cam. In re Colonial Trusts Corpora-

May 17

In re Packer Line v Packer bridge Toilet Club, limd tion (case of Leggatt &anr)

Nicoll v Fenning act wits mfj adj sumus

adj sumas In re Wade & Thomas adj Sparrow v Cutts act

Before the Vice-Chancellor Sir CHARLES HALL. sumns In re Dulley, decd Dulley v

Causes for trial (with witnesses). Bowen Hutchings v Bowen Dulley spo

James v Capital & Counties Bk Harris v Fleming act act Hayes v Booth act & mfj act

James v Capital & Counties Bk In re Colonial Trusts Corpora (short)

Vinall v Vinall act

act &mfj tion (Debenture Holders' Palmer v Locke adj sumns Farrer v Sidebottom aot Dixon v McDonnel act case) adj sumns Osbora v Webb adj sumas | Molloy v Kilby act

In re Todd's estate Todd

act wits

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