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was made on the bankrupt's allegation that he was pogBegged of considerable property, but such was not the fact.

(Bofore Mr. REGISTRAR Hazlitt, acting as Chief Judge.) Tbe receiver neper obtained possession of any part of the

April 1.--Re Barnett, Moss, & Co. bankrupt's property except his books, and Mr. Kidson After the presentation of a petition for liquidation, the overstated that, from information he had obtained since

seers of the poor of the parish within which the debtors carried bis appointment, he believed that at the time of filing the

on business caused a distress to be levied upon the goods of the

debtors in respect of one quarter's poor rates. liquidation petition the majority of the creditors of the debtor

The court ordered the offiser to withdraw from possession, were opposed to it, and were desirous that the estate should

and restrained further proceedings by the overseers, the trustee be wound up in bankruptcy.

under the liquidation undertakiog to pay the amount of the Mr. West, upon cross-examination, stated that when he rates within fourteen days. filed the liquidation petition he knew that orders had been

This was an application on behalf of the trustee under & made upon three petitions for leave to proceed, and that

liquidation by arrangement for an injunction to restrain the executions had been issued against the debtor's property which remained unsatisfied. He heard from his bankruptcy

overseers of the poor of the parish of St. Leonard, Shore.

ditch, from further enforcing a distress warrant issged clerk that the receiver had been continued under the adjudi.

against the goods of the debtors, and for an order to withcation, but he had no personal knowledge upon the subject.

draw from possession. He had set in a bill of costs for £63 against the estate. Since

The debtors, Messrs. Barnett, Moss, & Co., presented a he filed the liquidation petition he had heard that the debtor

petition for liquidation on the 17th of January, and at the had filed a former petition for liquidation, which still re.

adjourned first meeting, held on the 2nd of March, the mained unclosed, and under which he had not obtained his

creditors passed a resolution for liquidation by arrangement, discharge.

and appointed a trustee. On the 17th of March the trustee F. C. Willis, in support of the application. The soli.

received a certificate of his appointment. A few days since citor is entitled to the costs of the petition for liquidation.

the overseers of the poor of St. Leonard's, Shoreditch, He was aware, no doubt, that petitions for adjudication were pending against the debtor, but, under the circum

applied to a police magistrate for, and obtained a distress stances, he was entitled to consider that they would not

warrant against, the goods of the debtors in respect of one

quarter's poor rates, and in pursuance of that warrant be proceeded with. Moreover, there were thirty-eight

levy had been made. The trustee then obtained leave to actions pending agaiast the debtor, and the property required

serve sbort notice of the present application. It was adprotection. Mr. REGISTRAR PEPYS.-A receiver might have been ap

mitted by the trustee that, when the estate had been realized,

there would be sufficient funds for payment of the rates. pointed, and the property protected, under one of the peti

Finlay Knight, in support of the application. Under tions for liquidation.

section 32 of the Bankruptcy Act all parochial or other rates Willis. The debtor told the solicitor that he had debts

due at the date of order of adjudication are payable in and assets, and there is no reason why he should be de

priority to all other debts. They are, however, proveable prived of his costs. If the creditors had been anxious for a

debts, and under section 12 the respondents have no remedy bankruptcy they would have proceeded more rapidly.

against the person or property of the debtor, except in E. C. Willis, as amicus curie, mentioned a case from Rochester in which Mr. Registrar Murray had allowed the

manner directed by the Act. Before the time arrives for

payment of the rates the respondents levy upon the goods of costs under similar circumstances. Creed, for the trustees.— There is no authority in s'ipport

the debtors. This they bave no right to do.

Mugliston, for the respondents.—The injunction ought of the present application. The proceedings under the

not to be granted in this case. Under section 13 the court petition for liquidation were, from every point of view,

has a discretion to allow proceedings, “whether in progress utterly useless and abortive. Ex parte Sydney (23 W. R.

at the commencement of the bankruptcy or commenced 205, L. R. 10 Cb. App. 208) shows that, until the former

during its continuance, to proceed upon such terms as the liquidation was at an end, the debtor could not enter into any

court may think just.” If the respondents do not get these new arrangement. The appointment of a receiver was unnecessary.

rates quarterly they have to make a larger rate upon those The court has clearly a discretion as to the costs of the solicitor : rule 292.' In Ex parte Jeffery

people who are willing to pay, and this is obviously incon

venient to the public. Rule 260 also shows that the court (22 W. R. 287, L. R. 9 Ch. 144), Mellish, L.J., said: The object of the rule was that solicitors might know

has a discretion. The respondents might bave sold the that if they acted properly they would get their costs of a

goods under the distress, and there is nothing to show that

the estate will be prejudiced by a sale. liquidation petition, notwithstanding bankruptcy might

Knight.To allow a creditor who has a preferential right ensue, and, as far as the words will allow us, we must

to enforce that right by distress upon the debtor's property fairly carry into effect the object of the rule." But that

will be productive of the greatest inconvenience. was a different case, because there the liquidation petition

Mr. REGISTRAR HAZLITT said the rates must be paid ; the was presented before proceedings in bankruptcy. Under this adjudication there are hardly any assets, and the peti.

only question was in reference to the time. He thought the tion for liquidation and the appointment of the receiver

proper order to make under the circumstances would be to

direct the officer to withdraw from possession and to restrain were entirely uonecessary. Le also cited Ex parte Hopper

further proceedings by the overseers, but the trustee must (L. R. 8 Cb. D. 53.) F. C. Will's, in reply.-- Is the solicitor to suffer for the

undertake to pay the rates within fourteen days. There

would be no order as to costs. misrepresentation of his client in reference to the amount of the assets ? He is willing to accept what the court may think reasonable for his costs.

Mr REGISTRAR PEPYs said he thought the petition for liquidation utterly useless under the circumstances which existed at the

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. time. Several petitions for adjudication had been presented against the debtor, and, if they had been simply adjourned sine LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY die, the case would have been different, but some of the creditors had applied for and obtained appointments for a further

Tuesday, April 12.-Mr. Kirk in the chair.-Mr. F. J. bearing. Then, and not till then, the debtor put a liquida.

Manning was elected a member. Mr. A. M. Ellis, LL.B., tion petition on the file. It was competent for the petition

read a paper on “ The tendency of Liberalism to promote an ing creditors under the bankruptcy petitions to make an

unconstitutional theory of the representation of the people.” application for the appuintment of a receiver, but they had

A discussion followed, in which Messrs. Napier, Fargus,

W. F. Barry, Bower, Bartlett, Van Sommer, and Reed took not done so, and although the bankrupt stated that he had assets amounting to £8,000, the actual amount was very

part. A vote of thanks to Mr. Ellis for his paper terminated amall. The applicant now asked that he might receive £63

| the proceedings. There will be no meeting of the society out of the estate for costs, but as he (the registrar) had a

next Tuesday, the 19th inst., being Easter Tuesday. discretion under rule 292, he must decline to make any order, and the application would be refused.

BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. Solicitors for the applicant, West, Tilson, & Byrne Jones. Solicitors for the trustees, Kearsey, Son, & Hawes,

A meeting of the above society was held on Tuesday last, at the Law Library, Bennett's-hill, Birmingham, W. Evans, Esq., presiding. After some special business, the following moot point was discussed :-“ Oaght trial by jary in civil causes to be abolished ?" The speakers on the affirmative were Messrs. Lane, E. C. Rogers, Smith, and Platisaner. The speakers on the negative were Messrs. Ludlow, Haggins, Ryland, O'Connor, Cochrane, Rowlands, and Corbett. At the close of the discussion the chairman suomed ap, and put the question to the meeting, when there was a large majority in favour of the negative. A vota of thanks to the chairman concluded the meeting.

olerk of arraigns, to whose practice ho afterwards 800ceeded. A year or two later, on the death of Mr. Robert Marshall Straight, he became clerk of arraigos at the Central Criminal Court and deputy-olerk of assize on the Home Circuit. He had also an extensive private practice, having been for several years associated in partnership with his son, Mr. Henry Kemp Avory, who was admitted a solicitor in 1871. Mr. Avory was well versed in criminal law, and he was frequently consulted by the judges apon matters of practice. His health had for a long time been failing, and daring several months he had been unable to attend to his official daties. Arrangements had been recently made to present Mr. Avory with a testimonial, which had been liberally supported by many of the officials of the Corporation of London, and by members of both branches of the profession.

LIVERPOOL LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. A meeting of this association was held at the Law Library, Liverpool, on Monday, April 4. The chair was taken by Mr. F. J. Leslie. After some discussion as to altering one of the roles of the society, the following subject was debated:-“That eduoation in Board schools ought to be confined to elementary subjects.” Mr. Hall and Mr. Dawbarn were the opening speakers on tbe affirmative and negative sides. The following members took part in the debate:-Messrs. Rathbone, Rendan, Mills, Birkett, Pierce, Gair, Crosfield, McKenna, and Hannay. The question, when pat to the vote, was deglared equal; but was decided in the affirmative by the casting mote of the chairman.

MR. JOHN WILLIAM WILLCOCK, Q.C. Mr. John William Willoook, Q.C., died at Woodside, Addlestone, on the 5th inst., in his eighty-first year. Mr. Willcock was born in 1800, and was called to the bar at the Inner Temple in Michaelmas Term, 1825. He sub. sequently migrated to Lincoln'g-inn, and practised as an equity draftsman and conveyancer. In 1851 he received a silk gown from Lord Truro, and he was for a long time one of the leaders in the court of Vice-Chancellor Wood, but he retired from practice about fifteen years ago. Mr. Willcook was a beacher of Lincoln's-ino.


Serjeant Peter Burke died on the 26th olt. The deceased

LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. was the second son of Mr. Peter Burke, of Elm Hall, Tipperary, and he was elder brother of Sir John Barke, the The Dake of BUCKINGHAM has been elected Chairman well-known antiqnary and genealogist. He was born in 1811 of Quarter Sessions for Baokinghamshire, in succession to and was edocated at Caen College. He was called to the Lord Cottesloe, resigoed. bar at the. Ioner Temple in Trinity Term, 1839, when he Mr. John Hands, solicitor, of 60, Queen Victoria-street, joined the Northern Circuit and the Lancashire, Man | bas been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in chester, and Kirkdale Sessions, and he also practised for the Sapreme Court of Judicatare. some years before Parliamentary Committees. He held for Mr. WILLIAM HAMMOND SOLLY bas been elected Deputy. several years the local rank of Queen's Counsel for the

| Chairman of Quarter Sessions for the St. Albans Division County Palatine uf Lancashire, and in 1860 he was created

of Hertfordsbire. a serjeant-at-law, but he had for many years ceased to practise. Mr. Barke was the author of several works on

Sir JOHN BUDD PABAR has been appointed a Magistrate the Law of Copyright and Patents, and he had also pub.

for Devonshire. Sir J. Phear was born in 1825, and was kished a Life of Edmund Burke, “ Celebrated Trials con

formerly fellow of Pembroke College, Cambridge, where he nected with the Aristnoracy," and “The Romance of the

graduated as a wrangler in 1847, and he was afterwards Foram." In 1866 be was elected director of the Society

elected fellow of Clare College. He was called to the bar of Antiqaaries for Normandy, being the first Englishman

at the Ioner Temple in Hilary Term, 1854, and he formerly upon wbom such an honour bad been conferred.

practised on the Norfolk Circuit. He was a judge of the High Court at Calcutta from 1866 till 1876, when he was

appointed Chief Jastice of Ceylon. He was knighted in MR. RICHARD NEWCOMB THOMPSON. 1877, and retired on a pension in 1879. Mr. Ricbard Newcomb Thompson, solicitor (the head of

Mr. George William Reade, solicitor, of Congleton, the firm of Thompsons, Phillips, & Evans), died at Stanford

has been appointed by the high sheriff of Cheshire (George on the 21st olt. Mr. Thompson was the son of Mr. William

Dixon, Esq., of Astle Hall, Chelsord), to be Under-Sheriff Thompson, solicitor, of Stamford, and was born in 1804.

of that county for the ensuing year. 'Mr. Reade was ad. He was admitted a solicitor in 1825, and had practised for

mitted a solicitor in 1853, and he is clerk of indictments and about fifty-five years at Stamford. He was originally in

deputy-olerk of assize on the North Wales and Chester partnership with his father, the firm being afterwards

Circuit, clerk of indictments for the Cheshire Qaarter joined by Mr. Richard Phillips. More recently he was

Session, and a justice of the peace for the borough of Conassociated with Messrs. William and Richard Phillips

gleton. Thompson, with Mr. Joseph Pbillipe, who is clerk of the Lord RENDLESHAM has been elected one of the Chairmen peace for the parts of Kesteven, in Lincologbire, and with of Quarter Sessions for the Eastern Division of the County Mr. Richard Mills Evans, who is registrar of the Stamford of Saffolk. County Court, clerk to tbe Stamford Board of Guardians, | Mr. HENRY GOODIER TURNER, solicitor (of the firm of superintendant registrar, and clerk to the borough magis- | Rayner & Turner), of Manchester, has been appointed a trateg. Mr. Thompson was a perpetual commissioner for | Commissoner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, and Rutlandshire, and of Judicatore. clerk to tbe trustees of the Stamford Borough Charities, Mr. ALFRED Young, barriater, has been appointed and be bad a very extensive private practice.

Recorder of the City of Gloucester, in sacoession to the

late Mr. Granville Somerset, Q.C. Mr. Young was called MR. HENRY AVORY.

to the bar at the Inner Temple in Hilary Term, 1858. He

practises on the Oxford Circuit and at the Staffordshire Mr. Henry Avory, solicitor, clerk of arraigos at the Central Criminal Court, died at 26, Ladbroke-gardens, Notting-bill, on the 6th inst., after a long illness. Mr. Avory was born in 1826. He was admitted a solicitor in

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. 1857, having been articled to the late Mr. John Clerk, Henry DARELL BROWN and ALEXANDER FREDERICK who was clerk of the peace for the city of London, and | ROOKE, solicitors (Brown & Rooke), Westerbam, Kento


April 1. In future business will be carried on by the said
Alexander Frederick Rooke udder the style of Brown &

[Gazette, April 12, 1881.]




VACATION NOTICE. There will be no sitting in court during the Easter vacation. All applications wbich may require to be immediately

or promptly beard are to be made to Lord Coleridge, Lord WINDING-UP NOTICES.

Chief Justice of England. In any case of great urgency the Jorxt STOCK COMPANIES.

brief of counsel is to be sent to the judge by book-post or

parcel, prepaid, accompanied by office copies of the affidavits LIMITED IN CHANCERY, EXCHANGE BANKING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required,

in support of the application, and also by a minute on a on or before May 12, to send their names and addresses and the | separate sheet of paper, signed by counsel, of the order he particulars of their debts or claims to Henry Threlkeld Edwards,

| may consider the applicant entitled to, and an envelope Cannon st. May 23 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

capable of receiving the papers and addressed as follows:-JOHN MARLAND DAVIES AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has “ Chancery official letter. "To the Registrer in Vacation, by an order, dated May 31, appointed Joseph James Bissicks, Chancery Registrars' Chambers, Royal Courts of Justice, Victoria st, Bristol, Oil Merchant, to be official liquidator. Credi.

London, w.C.On applications for injunctions or writs of tors are required, on or before May 9, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to the above.

ne exeal regno, in addition to the above, there mast also be May 16 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the sent the original, writ, or a copy of it, with the indorsements debts and claims

thereon, a copy of the statement of claim, if any, and, if LEGAL, MEDICAL, AND GENERAL STORES, LIMITED.-Petition for

the original writ is not sent, & certificate that it has been winding up, presented Apr 6, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Apr 30. Warner, Quality ct, Chancery lane, solicitor for the

issued. The papers sent to the judge will be returned to petitioners

the registrar. The address of Lord Coleridge, Lord Chief NEW VICTORIA SALT COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for the con

Justice of England, who during the Easter vacation will act tinuance of the voluntary winding up, or failing that, for the winding up, presented Apr 6, directed to be heard before Bacon,

as Vacation Judge in the Chancery Division, can be obtained V.O., on Apr 30. Hollams and Co, Mincing lane, solicitors for the on application at the Chancery Registrars' Chambers (Room petitioners

136), Royal Courts of Justice. The chambers of Mr. Justice OSBORNE HIGGINS AND COMPANY, LIMITED. --Creditors are required, on or before May 11, to send their names and addresses

Fry will be open on Saturday, April 16, from eleven to one. and the particulars of their debts or claims to Henry Threlkeld On Good Friday, and on Monday and Tuesday in Easter Edwards, Cannon st. May 18 at 12 is appointed for hearing and week, the said chambers will not be open. adjudicating upon the debts and claims


Creditors are required, on or before May 16, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to William Aldridge, Basinghall st. May 23 at 12 is appointed for

hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims NORTHFIELD IRON AND TYRE COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order

made by Hall, V.C., dated Apr 1, it was ordered that the voluntary CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. winding up of the company be continued. Ridsdale and Co, Gray's

LAST DAY OF PROOF. inn sq, solicitors for the petitioners

BAILRY, ROBERT, Nottingham, Broker. Apr 22. Phillips v Bailey, REVENUE MINERAL COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has by an order

M.R. Cranch, Nottingham dated Apr 6, appointed Edward Hart, Moorgate st, to be official

BULLOCK, WALTER TREVELYAN, Faulkbourne Hall, Essex, Clerk. liquidator

Apr 29.' Holland v Bullock, M.R. Smith, Craven st, Strand THORP's GAWBER HALL COLLIERIES, LIMITED.--By an order made by Hall, V.C., dated March 31, it was ordered that the collieries be

FLETCHER, MICHAEL, Kexby, York, Farmer. Apr 26. Mills v wound up. Bell and Co, solicitors for the petitioner

Fletcher, M.R. Wilkinson, York IWAYS CORPORATION, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or GARDNER, JOIN, Vauxhall bridge rd, Westminster. Apr 14. Gardner before May 2, to send their names and addresses and the particu. v Gardner, V.C. Bacon. Draper, Vincent sq, Westminster lars of their debts or claims to Francis Thomas Large, Bucklers

HATFIELD, JAMES, Leeds, Gent. May 4. Barnfather v Hatfield, M.R. bury. May 10 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating

Pullan, Leeds upon the debts and claims

HatuwAY, ROBERT BRYANT, Frampton Cotterell, Gloucester, Far. WESTERN DISTRICT CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY, LIMITED.-Petition for

mer. Apr 28. Gibbs v Vizard, V.C. Hall. Trenfield, Chipping winding up, presented Apr 8, directed to be heard before Hall.

Sodbury V.C., on Apr 29. Finch, Borough High st, Southwark, solicitor

Judge, THOMAS, Macclesfield, Chester, Innkeeper. May 4, Judge for the petitioner

v Judge, M.R. Hand, Macclesfield


LAWRENCE, ROBERT, Waltham St Lawrence, Berks, Builder, Apr 25.

Chubb v Lawrence, V.C. Bacon, Cave, Bracknell
Church Vestry, Northampton, Apr 6

PERCY, MATTIEW, Etruria, Stoke upon Trent, Furnace Manager.
Gazette, Apr. 8.)

Apr 30. Welsh v Percy, V.C. Hall. Challinor, Hanley TRUE BRITONS' FRIENDLY SOCIETY, White Horse Inn, St Paul's, WILKIE, David Howe, Henry st, Portland town, St John's wood, Bedford. Apr 8

Baker. Apr 30. Wilkie v Wilkio, Fry, J. Neish, Watling st, [Gazette, Apr. 12.] Queen Victoria st

[Gazette, Apr. 1.] At the Charleville Petty Sessions, says the Irish corres

EASTWOOD, JEFFREY, Burnley, Lancaster. May 3. Liddell v Binns,

M.R. Backhouse and Co, Barnley pondent of the Times, a case of a covel obaracter came oa

CRESSWELL, MARY Olver, Farm lane, Fulham. May 16. Cresswell, for hearing. Mr. J. R. O'Gorman, proprietor of one v Cridland, V.C. Hall. 'Wade, Clifford's inn of the hotels of the town, was indicted for that, KNIGHT, CHARLES, Blackheath rd, Kent, Distiller's Collector. May being an innkeeper, he, on the 15th of March, refused 2. Knight v Viney, M.R. Griffithes, Staple inn to receive and entertain Mr. Norris Goddard, Mr.

LELLO, Jonx, New Cross, Wednesfield, Wolverhampton, Farmer. Charles Jobn Smith, and other representatives of the

Apr 30. Lello v Lello, Fry, J. Low, Clifford's inn

Powis, John, Pall Mall East, Gent. Apr 29. Powis v Powis, M.R, Property Defence Association at his hotel, they being able

Wainwright, Staple inn and willing to pay for their entertainment. At balf-past

SMITH, JOHN SODEN, Upton, Hereford, Gent. Apr 27. Thackwell six o'clock on the evening mentioned five persons applied v Roberts, V.C. Bacon, Dent, Wolverhampton for and obtained accommodation at the hotel, and at balf. WHITESIDE, HENRY HOLMES, Kingston upon Hull, Stockbroker. past ten o'clock Mr. O'Gorman, having been informed that

Apr 29. Hull Banking Company, Limited y Jackson, M.R. Rus

sell, Bedford row they were representatives of the Property Defence Asso.

(Gazetto, Apr. 5.] ciation, compelled them to leave the house, which they did, baving previously warned Mr. O'Gorman that they would hold him responsible for the consequences of his


LAST DAY OF CLAIM. aots. Mr. Rice, the Sessional Crown Prosecutor, was

Bennett, EMILY, Belsize avenue, Hampstead, Apr 30. Norton and Unable to produce any anthorities showing that the charge Co, Victoria st, Westminster made was an indictable offence, as all the “Jarveys” re BERGIN, PATRICK, Graham rd, Dalston, Clerk H.M. Customs. May

12. Carleton-Holmes and Son, Bedford row fused to convey his law books from the railway station to

Booth, Rev. Joux, Bromyard, Hereford, Clerk. Apr 30. Thorpe, the court-house. Under these ciroumstances, the magis.

Nottingham trates decided to submit the evidence in the case to the Bow, JOHN LAWRENCE, Nottingham, Builder, May 2. Hunt and Law Adviser for his opinion as to whether an indictable

Williams, Nottingham

Brown, GEORGE, Tweedmouth, Berwick upon Tweed, Carpenter. offence was disclosed.

June 1. Wise and Co, Ashborne

CHADWICK, Mary, Dewsbury, York. Apr 30. Chadwick and Sons, HURNARD, JAMES, Lexdon, Essex, Esq. May 10. Pope and Co, Col.Dewsbury

chester CLARK, JOSEPH OLIVER, Kingston upon Hull, Gent. Apr 16. Thomp. | KELLY, ELIZABETI, Liverpool. May 5. Dreaper, Liverpool son and Co, Hull

MATHISON, WILLIAM, Berwick upon Tweed, Grocer. May 12. Dun. EDMONDSON, JOHN MELLOR, Liverpool, Leather Merchant, May 1.

| lop, Quay Walls, Berwick Norris and Son, Liverpool

OLDFIELD, JOHN, Walton Grove, nr Chesterfield, Earthenware Man.

ufacturer. May 2. Black, Chesterfield EDWARDS, THOMAS, Tredegar, Monmouth, Retired Grocer. June 1.

Pace, EDWARD HENRY, Pershore, Worcester, Solicitor. Apr 15.Shepard, Tredegar Fox, EDWARD CHARLTON, Belgrave, Sidmouth, Devon, M.D. June

Pace 1. Mercer and Alderson, Sheffield

PIKE, JOIN, Navarino rd, Dalston, Fishmonger. May 9. Morley

and Shirteff, Palmerston buildings, Old Broad st GRAHAM, FERGUS JAMES, Pau, France, Esq. May 1, Williams and

RABY, WILLIAM, Bolton, Lancaster, Innkeeper's Assistant. Apr 30. Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Brown and Hinnell, Bolton HARDING, HENRY WHITTALL, Newington Butts, Timber Merchant.

REDHEAD, THOMAS WARRINER, Bolton, Lancaster, Innkeeper. Apr Apr 30. Gedge and Co, Old Palace yd, Westminster

30. Brown and Hinnel, Bolton JONES, JOSEPH, Wigan, Provision Dealer. May 17. Barlow, Wigan

RELPI, MARK, York, Game Dealer. May 2. Cobb, York
KINGSBUEY, WILLIAM EBENEZER, Walthamstow, Essex, Retired
Wholesale Newsvendor. May 31. King and Peto, Abchurch lano

RICE, JAMES, King's Norton, Worcester, Farmer. May 11. Newey,

Birmingham MUSGRAVE, Sir RICIARD COURTENAY, Edenhall, Cumberland, Bart.

Ross, ESTHER, Manley pl, Kennington pk. June 1. Tilleard and June 1. Williams and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Co, Old Jewry NOYCE, GEORGE, Hythe, Southampton, Gent. May 21, Hickman

SCHLESINGER, Max, Russell sq, M.D. May 14. Emanuel and and Son, Southampton

Simmonds, Finsbury circus PARSONS, SAMUEL NEWTON, Milborne Port, Somerset, Surgeon. May

SWIFT, HELEN, Holmthorpe, Redhill, Surrey. May 14. Sweetland, 7. Bennett, Bruton

Old Broad st POPE, HENRY MONTAGU RANDALL, Old sq, Lincoln's inn, Barrister

WALKER, MICHAEL, Clapham rd, Gent. May 16. Walker, Norfolk at Law, May 13. Barnard and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

st, Strand REID, LOUISE ELEANOR, Southwick st, Hyde pk. May 16. Jull and Rogers, Queen Anne's gate, Westminster

WATKINS, THOMAS, Llandavi, Kilgeddin, Monmouth, Gent. June 20.

Watkins, Pontypool Ross, AXNE, Redbridge, Southampton, Apr 26. Ross, Brambridge,

WHYTE, CHARLES, Clifton, Bristol, Inspector-General of Hospitals. nr Bishopstoke

Apr 30. Richardson, Bristol ROUTLEDGE, Jonx, Bankhead, Cumberland, Yeoman. Apr 11.

WILLIAMS, CHARLOTTE, Brooksby st, Islington. May 20. Layton Saul, Carlisle KINGSNGTH, ELIZA WEBBER, Spring House, Lower Merton. May

and Jaques, Ely pl, Holborn

[Gazette, Apr. 5.] 16. Rhodes and Son, Chancery lane KINGWELL, SARAI ANN, St David, Exeter. May 3. Savery, Mod.

ARTHUR, DANIEL, Bishopsworth, Somerset, Gent. May 20, New bury

man and Co, Yeovil KNOWLES, ADAM, Ince, nr Wigan, Lancaster, Brewer. May 17.

BAHR, GEORGE WILLIAM, Liverpool, Merchant. July 30. Forshaw, Barlow, Wig'in

Liverpool LUND, JAMES, Worthing, Sussex, Surveyor. Apr 25. Verrall,

BENINGTON, HENRY GEORGE, Lee, Kert, Esq. May 14. Cobbold and Worthing

Woolley, Chancery lane MACHIX, Jonx, Hinstock, Salop. Apr 28. Underhill, Newport

BOND, ELIZABETH SARAH, Jeffry's st, Camden Town. June 1. LARRIOTT, MARY, Clifton, Bristol. May 1. Salt and Parnell, Bristol

Matthews and Wells, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane
MARSHALL, MARTHA, Weybridge, Surrey. Apr 23. Futvoye and
Co, John st, Bedford row

BREWSTER, JAMES, Gipsey hill, Norwood, Esq. July 1. Cole and

Son, Church ct, Clement's lane SYITH, NATHANIEL, Dukinfield, Chester, Beerseller. Apr 25. Booth,

BRIDGEHOUSE, THOMAS, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Mason. Apr 25. Ashton-under-Lyne

Costeker, Over Darwen TABE, JAMES, Barton-le-Willows, York, Butcher. Apr 30. Jackson,

CAPELL, Thomas, sen, Floore, Northampton, Farmer. Apr 27.Malton

Roche, Daventry TUBNBULL, ANDREW, Seaham Harbour, Durham, Gent. June 1.

COOKE, 'THOMAS, Liverpool rd, Licensed Victualler. May 11. Joel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Fisher, Essex st, Strand VINCENT, JOSEPH, Chaffcombe, Somerest, Farmer. May 16.

CORFIELD, JAMES, Yeovil, Somerset, Gent. May 12. Bollen, Clarke and Lukin, Chard

Yeovil WAINWRIGHT, ELLEN, Liverpool, May 21. Jones and Kitchingman,

CROSSLEY, THOMAS, Heckmondwike, York, Tailor. Apr 29. Dean Liverpool

and Son, Batley WAED, JOHN, Wakefield, York, out of business. May 2. Mander

Davies, WILLIAM EDMUND, Brighton, Gent. June 1. Clarke and and Son, Wakefield

Co, Ship st, Brighton WEBSTER,' WILLIAM, Bideford, Devon, Esq. June 1. Webster,

DICKINSON, WILLIAM HENRY, Tonbridge Wells, Kent, Clerk in Liverpool

H.M.'s Customs. May 21. Bogue, Chancery lane WEST, JOB HENRY, Thornton Heath, Croydon, Esq. June 1.

DENING, CHARLES, Chard, Somerset, Ironfounder, May 28. Canning Blachford and Co, College hill, Cannon st

and Kyrke, Chard WILLIAMS, EDWARD, Slough, Bucks. Licensed Victualler. May 1.

DREWETT, JANE, Clifton, Bristol. May 2. Gwyer, Bristol Hubbard, Joint Stock Bk chmbrs, West Smithfield

EDWARDS, RICHARD, Osborne terrace, Clapham road, Gent. May WILLIAMS, FREDERIC WILLIAM, Bath, Retired Grocer. May 30. 31. Fell, Aylesbury Lindus and Bicknell, Cheapside

ELLIS, LOUIS, HEATON, Harley st, Cavendish sq. May 19. Baileys WILLIS, JOSEPI, Kingston-upon-Hull, Master Mariner. May 5.

and Co, Berners st Thompson and Co, Hull

ELMORE, ALFRED, St Alban's rd, Kensington, Esq. June 1. Hedges LGazette, Apr. 1.1 and Brandreth, Red Lion sq

HENDERSON, PETER LINDSAY, Woodfied, Hendon, Steamship Owner. ADSHEAD, HENRY STAPLETON, Macclesfield, Chester, Iron Merchant. May 28. Aston, Lombard st May 10. Killmister, Macclesfield

HENRIQUES, ARTHUR QUIXANO, Manchester, Merchant. June 13. ARTITR FRANCIS, Ermington, Devon. May 3. Savery, Modbury, Sale and Co, Manchester Devon

HOUGHTON, SOPHIA, Liverpool. May 4. Burton and Coleman, ASHWORTI, WILLIAM, Rochdale. May 1. Worth, Rochdale

Liverpool BAIR, GEORGE WILLIAM, Liverpool, Merchant. July 30. Forshaw, Hunt, ALICE, Waterside, Eccleshill, Lancaster. Apr 30. Costeker, Liverpool

Over Darwen BAKER, WILLIAM, Failsworth, Lancaster, Butcher. Apr 30. Clay KING, ROBERT, Kennington rd, Lambeth, Retired Cab Proprietor. ton, Ashton-under-Lyne

May 9. Edmonds, Brixton rd BROWNING, RICHARD, Stoke Saint Gregory, Somerset. May 17. LAMB, WILLIAM, Brisco, nr Carlisle, Cumberland, Yeoman. June 4. Benson and Carpenter, Bristol

Hough, Carlisle CLARK, JOHN, Swinefleet, nr Goole, York, Master Mariner. May 10. LANCASTER, Rev. THOMAS BURNE, Clifton, Bristol, Clerk. May 20. England and Son, Goole

Wood and Co, Raymond bldgs, Gray's inn CLARK, MARGARET, Kimberley, Griqualand West, South Africa. LONGSTAFF, ROBERT, Neasham, Durban, Market Gardener. Apr 30.. May 10. England and Son, Goole

Waistell, Darlington CLEARY, JAMES, Liverpool, Car Proprietor. Apr 13. Lynch and MCKIBBIN, ALEXANDER, Broughton, West Derby, Lancaster, Mer. Teebay, Liverpool

chant. June 1. Thompson, York COLLEXS, Axx, West Luton, Bedford, May 2. Neve, Luton

MossMAN, WILLIAM, Southwark pk rd, Traveller. Apr 30. ChapDARKE, ÁxN ELIZABETH, Cooper's row, Licensed Victualler. Apr 28. man, London wall Shum and Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's inn

NALDER, WILLIAM, Sanford pl, Stoke Newington common, Gent. DRUMMOND, WILLIAM CHARLES, Portswood, Southampton, Lieu May 8. Kearsey and Co, Old Jewry

tenant-Colonel in her Majesty's Service. Juno 1. Green and POSTLETHWAITE, George, 'Oakleigh, East Grinstead, Sussex, Esq. Moberley, Southampton

May 31. Hasties, East Grinstead EARNSHAW, AARON THORPE, Rochdale, Joiner. May 10. Standing | READ, WILLIAM, Chardstock, Dorset, Yeoman. May 28. Caoning and Taylor, Rochdale

and Kyrke, Chard EDWARDS, JAMES, Exeter, Retired Hat Manufacturer. May 30. SAUNDERS, CHARLES HENRY, Clarence rd, Kentish Town, Gent. Petherick, Exeter

June 1. Matthews and Wells, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane ENTWISTLE, EDWARD LOYD, St James' st, Captain 1st Royal Dra SHAW, JOSHUA, Shelf, York, Farmer. May 1. Stansfeld, Halifax goons. May 15. Swinburne and Mills, Bedford row

SHICK, JOSEPH, Mildmay rd, Stoke Newington, Gent. May 31. FISIER, WILLIAU, Gt Eccleston, Lancaster, out of business. Apr 30. Billinghurst and Wood, Bucklersbury Banks, Preston

SNEATU, LYDIA NANETTE, Gt Cumberland pl, Hyde pk. May 1. FITZWILLIAM, MARY MARIA, Brighton. May 7. Griffith and Eggar, Rooks and Co, King st, Cheapside Brighton

VERTUE, CATHERINE EKSKINE, Harcombe rd, Stoke Newington. HIBBERT, THOMAS FLETCHER, Swinton, nr Manchester, Gent. May May 20. Walker and Co, Southampton st, Bloomsbury 17. Fox, Manchester

VINCE, JOHN STRATTON, Bridgnorth, Salop, Hotel Proprietor. Apr Hick, MABIA, Moortown, Leeds. June 1. Middleton and Sons, 30. Gordon and Nicholls, Bridgnorth Leeds

WALL, Rov. WILLIAM Ellis, Powich, Worcester, Clerk. May 16. HILL, Pascoe GRENFELL, Plymouth, Solicitor. May 2. Curteis, Barneby, Worcester Plymouth

YOUNGHUSBAND, OSWALD, Weymouth, Dorset, Civil Engineer. May Hodgsor, ELIZABETI, Hartlepool, Durham. Apr 30. Todd and 19. Roy and Cartwright, Lothbury Harrison, Hartlepool

[Gazette, Apr. 8.]

205 Bucknall (Waltons, B and W) v Montgomery, Mather and Co

(Hollams, Son and C) SJ LEGISLATION OF THE WEEK. 206 Murray, trustee, &c (Murray, 1 and S) v Davies (Darley and


207 Rowney (Wild, B and W) v Bennett and Co (P W Nazer) HOUSE OF LORDS.

208 Poole (T W Rogers) v Wilson (Nash and F) APRIL 7.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. 209 Simpson (CFB Birchall) v Great Eastern Ry Co (C A Curwood)

SJ PRIVATE Bills. — Westgate and Birohington Gas, Great

210 Gray, Barrow and Co (W Beck) v Maris (Storey and C) Eastern and East Norfolk Railway Companies, Richmond 211 Gibson and Co (Hollams, Son and C) v Morgan, Connor and Gas, Swindon and Cheltenham Extension Railway.

Glyde (Bridges, S, H and Co) SJ

212 Peal (Nash and F) v Smith (Tibbits and Son) BILL IN COMMITTEE.

213 Hildesheimer (Goldberg and L) v Coleman (Wilson Band Army Discipline and Regulation.

214 Tickell (Lyne and H) v Foster (Field, R and Co)

215 Cockerill and Wife (R Bridger) v North Metropolitan Tram Co BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

210 (H C Godfray) SJ PRIVATE BILLS.-Boston Dock, Carmarthen and Cardigan | 216 Cɔllins (Same) v London General Omnibus Co (Harries, W and

R) SJ Railway, Liverpool City Police Superannuation.

217 Collingwood (W B Forbes) v Montagu (In Person) APRIL 8.-ROYAL ASSENT.

218 Baring (Markby, S and Co) v Drumond (Hollams, Son and C) The Royal Assect was given by Commission to the 219 London and County Bkg Co ld (Harries, w and R) v Burstall

(Beaumont and W) SJ Yollowing Bills:-Army Discipline and Regulation, Local

220 Marshall (RC Hanrott) v London, Brighton &c, Ry Co (Norton, Government Board (Ireland) Provisional Orders Confirma

R and Co) by Judge and Assessors tion (Clopakilty, &c.), Tackton Bridge, Lydd Railway, 221 Barclay and ors (Marson and D) v Holroyd and ors (Torr and

Co) stayed Australian Agrioultural Company, Hancock's Patent,

222 Steward and anr (F W and H Hilbery) v Hammond (Waltons, Hilton, Southwick, and Monkwearmouth Railway, Man

Band W) cbester, Sheffield, and Lincolnshire Railway, Colonial 223 Tweddell and anr (F W and H Hilbery) v Cooper, Hall and Co

(Lowless and Co) Company (Limited), Caledonian Railway (Guaranteed

224 Murley (J Scoles) y Emms (A Lewis) Annuities Stock, No. 2), Ramsey and Somersham Junction 225 Ware (D E Langham) v Robins (Nye and G Railway, Cleveland Mineral Railway, and Liverpool City

2:26 McAnally and anr (Morley and S) y Penrice (G L Wingate) SJ

227 Braumauller (Goldberg and L) v Baxter and Co (Houlders) Police Supernondation,

228 Bird (Freeman and B) v Bosdet, Forman and Co (Baker and N) BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.


229 Willets (Farnfields) v Hemmings (Keene, M and B) PRIVATE BILLS.-Fylde Water, Hexham Gas, Dudley

230 Becteley v (S Betteley and Co) v Loaring and anr (E W Parkes) Gas.

231 Chaplin, admix, &c (Travers, Smith and B) v Grieves (H BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

Wickens) Private BILLS.-North and South Woolwich Subway,

232 Abrahams (Stopher and R) v Brewer (EM Chubb)

233 Holland (HC Gosnell) v Oldham and ors (Ashley, Tee and Co) Sevenoaks Gas.

234 Holborn and ors (Ellis and Crossfield) v Jones (Yewdall and


235 W Barter and Co (Roberts and B) v Dubeux (Wilson and Son)

APRIL 7.-BILL READ A SECOND TIME. 236 Webb and anr (Tatham, o and N) v The North Western Ry of
Rivers Conservancy aud Floods Prevention.

Monte Video Co limd (Morgan and H)

PRIVATE BILLS.-Beverley Water, Birkenbead Corpora.

239 Foster (Champion, R and P) v Passman (U Tyrrell) consolid

ated with 407 tion (Gas and Water), Ipswich Tramways, Southport and 239 Cleary and Co (W Tanner) v Myatt (Hunters, G and H) Chesbire Lines Extension Railway.

2 10 Hamlyn (Lumley and L) v Price (Argles and A) APRIL 8.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME.

211 Prosser (Morgan and G) v Eversden (Young and Sons)

212 Fuller (J J Hubbard and Son) v Gosnell (Tatham and P) Salmon and Fresh Water Fisheries, Ioland Revenge 243 London and S Western Bank limd (Same) v Bailey Wilson and Buildings.

Dickie (J Hayward)

244 Marks (G J Nutt and Co) v Adams Bros (Podmore and H)

215 Ollier (Hunter and D) v Cramer (Brandons) PRIVATE Bills.-Swansea Corporation Loans, Lancashire 246 Chapman (A Armstrong) v Hayes (A SH Jones) County Justices.

247 Brightman (W Ley) v Minney (J È Fox and Co)

218 Cooke and Co (H Kimber and Co) v Lawrence and Levick BILLS READ A THIRD TIME.

(Munns and L) PRIVATE BILLS.-Bradford Water and Improvement, 219 Williams (Pritchard and Sons) v Philip Levi and Co (Harper B Brading Harbour, Elham Valley Light Railway.

and B)

250 Money (G P Pritchard and M) v Rosenthal and crs (G BILL READ A FIRST TIME.

Bill to amend the Law of Bankruptoy (Mr. Chamberlain).

251 Etheridge (Ć Fitch) v Horrex (C P Pritchard and M)
252 Smith (H S Smith) v Wyer and anr (AJ Bristow: Venn and W)
253 Benecke, Souchay and Co (Druce, Sons and J) v Sotiriades and

Leask (Plews and Co; Markby Sand Co) SJ
251 Stephenson Clarke and Co (Wilkins Band F) v Richards Power

and Co (Bell B and G) SJ
255 Johnson (J and R Gole) v Gay (Cattarns, J and H)
256 Cook (Thomson, Son and B) v Luke (Neish and H) SJ
257 Cattlin (TM Cattlin) v Hurt (M Pope)

258 Seguin (Champion, R and P) v Mills (T Durant) SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. 259 Habershon (King and McM) v Gadsdun (Buchanan and R)

260 Dobson (JC Peard) v Scott and Co and ors (J Scoles) Rota or REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON

261 Mountain and anr (FW and H Hilbery) v Brett and ors (A


262 Eldridge and Long (WE Teather) v Hope and Sons (Murray, ROLLS.

Hutchins and S) SJ
Wednesday, Apl 20Mc. Clowes Mr. Cobby Mr. Farrer 263 Haines (F Clift) v King (Brook and C)
Thursday .... 21 Koe

Jackson Teesdale 261 Hogan (FW and H Hilbery) v Nourse (Same)
Friday ........ 22 Clowes



265 Hogan and Wife (FC Sydney) v Houghton (Faithfull and 0) Saturday...... 23 Koe .



266 Edwards (Pyke and M) v Whillier (Helder, Å and G)

267 Edmonds (E Doyle and Sons) v Williams (A E Williams and G) V. C. Hall. Mr. Justica

Mr. Justice

263 Kew (Howard and Co) v Bailey (Lewis and L) Wednesday, Apl 20Mr. Merivale Mr. Ward Mr. Leach

269 Simson (Druce, Sons and J) v Moon, Bower and Co (Hollams,

Son and C) SJ Thursday .... 21

Pemberton Latham 270 Birdseye (Ellis and Crossfield) v Dover Harbour Board (Bower Friday ........ 22 Merivale Ward


and C) SJ Saturday...... 23 King

Pemberton Latham 271 Davenport (Pyke and M) v More (Emmet and Son) SJ

272 Dickson (R Bridger) v Hiscock (HT Roberts)

273 Davis and Son (Thomson, Son and B) v D'Húmy (WH Smith) QUEEN'S BENCH DIVISION.

274 Barrow (H Montagu) v Cohen (S Toppin)

275 Lamberg and Co (Hóllams, Son and C) v Huntley, Berner and LONDON.-HILARY SITTING, 1881.

Co (Shum, C and P) SJ (Continued from page 439.)

276 Clarke (F Eastwood) v Moore and Wife (W L O'Neill)

277 Cattley, Gridley and Co (Stibbard, G and Co) v Selmes an 202 Braham (Lanfear and 8) v Newby (Harper, B and B) without Jackson (Sole, T and K) SJ jury

278 Black (W B Harte) v Townshend and Co (Byrne and L) 203 Gilling (Same) v South Eastern Ry Co (

WR Stevens)

279 Elman (Same) v Cox (G Reader) 204 The New London and Brazilian Bank, limd (Bischoff, B Band | 280 Green (Same) v London and S W Ry Co (M H Hall) Co) y Sir George Elliott (Baxters and Co) Comm SJ

| 231 Raphael (Same) v Link (E P James)

313 Cooke ans and L) .d and Sons



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