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and that we ought to protest, in a general meeting of our SOCIETIES.

society, against any attempt to fasten upon us the responsi. bility for the present state of litigation. We did not make

the law, nor ourselves. We are only its instruments and LAW ASSOCIATION.

creatures. There is no doubt the process of the law could At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the

be much simplified, economized, and accelerated, but this ball of the Incorporated Law Society, Chancery-lane, on

cannot be done while all its elements are out of joint. Thursday, the 7th inst., the following being present-viz., |

The evil of the present system lies chiefly in the vexation Mr. Desborough, chairman, and Messrs. Boodle, Cronin,

and annoyance caused to us in our daily practice by the Desborough, jun., Lucas, Sawtell, Scadding, Sidney Smith,

carelessness, listlessness, and inattention of permanent offi. and Styan, a grant of £5 was made to the daughter of a non

cials. Positive delight seems to be taken by some of them member, the annual general court was fixed for Thursday,

in giving solicitors and their olerks plenty of trouble for the 26th of May, at three o'clock, and the ordinary general

nothing. The offices of Registrars in Chancery are noted business was transacted.

for this. They could, with advantage to the public and profit to the profession, be abolished altogether. The forms of

orders now drawn up by them could just as easily be settled INCORPORATED LAW SOCIETY.

between the solicitors and counsel. We are requested to publish the following circular, which Another economy which might easily be introduced has been addressed to the members of the Ivoorporated would be allowing solicitors to appear in all cases without Law Society :

the intervention of counsel. The last annual and proDear Sirs,-For some time past a committee has been vincial meetings of the society pointed to this. The public sitting in secret upon the “Costs of Litigation."

demand it. The Lord Chancellor's “Sohool of Law" Our branch of the profession bas, upon many oocasions had the game end. Several bills printed by order of the in past years, grievously soffered from legislation apon House of Commons indorse it, and the tardy concessions wbich we were not consulted, but at the same time the of the Inns of Court confess that tbis act of jastice to us public interests have not been advanced. I have no doubt the and the public cannot be far distant. Yet, who believes recommendations of this committee will be well worthy of that a secret oommittee composed of distinguished gen. consideration and attention, but the manner in which it is tlemen interested against it will breathe & word in favour constituted is not calculated beforehand to inspire either of such a change ? Individual members may favour it, the public or the profession with that confidence which but the prejudice, prestige, and patronage of them all are oaght to be reposed in any body of men whose discussions likely to stifle it. Are we, therefore, to say nothing ? are devoted to an alteration of the law.

I ask you not to allow yourselves to be left in such a servile The “Costs of Litigation" manifestly affect our branch of position. At least, it is right and proper wben our council the profession more than the other, and the public more than are able to do so little, and wben they write to the papers either. Yet out of the professional gentlemen composing the and petition Parliament without oonsalting as in general committee, two only are solicitors, and the rest are, or were, meeting, that we should ourselves meet in our common barristers, and there is no one representing the general pub ball for the parpose of discussing these great and important lic. The council of our society has made suggestions to the questions. committee which, from reports in the papers, appear to have 1 * I therefore beg to enclose a form of requisition to the been rejected with indifference if not with contumely, I council to call a meeting, which I shall be obliged by your cannot indorse all of these suggestions, but at the same time sigoing and returning to me.-Yours faithfully, this rejection shows that our society receives no attention,

EDMUND KIMBER. although it is said to be composed of the most influential members of the profession. It seems as though we had re. cently become an object of derision, for I was told the other day by a bencher of one of the Iops that “what little influence the Incorporated Law Society had it had lost.” Another

LAW STUDENTS' JOURNAL. member of his branch of the profession said, “he thought every solicitor who attempted to conduct his own business

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. without the assistance of counsel ought to have his tongpe cut out." I don't look upon these atterances as the sober Tuesday, March 15, 1881.-Mr. J. K. Wright, LL.B., in reflections of sober minds, but they are an indication of the the chair.-Mr. H. Waldron and Mr. H. Davies were hostility which has set in against us.

elected members. Mr. Radford opened in the affirmative The articles and correspondence and spasmodic ejacula. the question for debate, “Is it desirable that the British tions of county court and other judges continually ap. troops should be withdrawn from Candahar?" and was pearing in the press, are another indication. Yet for followed on the same side by Messrs. Kirk and Napier, all this our council makes no sign. Complaints from The negative view was supported by Messrs. Hatton, individual members are heard on all sides, and Adams, Lloyd Jones, and Hemsley, and the further aiswithcut number, at the way in which we are barassed by cussion of the question was, on the motion of Mr. Todd, officials and attacked for our profits ; but not a single word adjourned. is urged on our behalf to show the public the real state of Tuesday, March 22.-Mr. Bartlett in the chair.-Mr. the case. Let us paint the picture in its true colours. Let | T. M. Reed was elected a member. The adjourned debate justice be done. Don't let us lie quiescent while other on the question, “Is it desirable that the British troops people tread upon us. It is the easiest thing in tbe world to should be withdrawn from Candahar?" was continued by blame a solicitor, and I think the time has now come when Mr. Todd in the negative, who was supported by Messrs. the solicitor should have something to say for himself and | Payne, W. F. Barry, C. E. Barry, Sargeant, add Neale ; should be heard. The interests of the public will be found | Messrs. Hurst, T. W. Williams, Reed, H. Mossop, and on examination to be ours too. Routine and red tape pay Rhys spoke in favour of the affirmative. Mr. Radford no one. The public want costs to be diminished. Very | having replied, the question was put to the meeting, and good. Do they imagine they can diminish them without decided in the negative by 17 votes to 9. consulting their producer ? They might just as well tell a Tuesday, March 29,- Mr. Bower in the chair.—The ques. baker at what price he shall sell a loaf. Every single arbi- tion for the evening's debata was, “It is desirable that martrary vexation and restraint placed upon the agent of the law riage with a deceased wife's sister should be legalized ?" must necessarily increase the expense of the law. If it be Mr. Bartlett opened the debate in the afirmative, and was not paid for according to the law of the land, it will be ac- followed on the same side by Messrs. Cook, Tomes, Sargeant, cording to the law of supply and demand. No man in a free Napier, and James. The negative side was supported by country can be forced to perform services which are useless Messrs. R. Mossop, Nicholls, C. E. Barry, and Chater. The or for nothing. Yet this is what this committee appears to opener having replied, the question was put to the meeting, be atteinpting to do. I doubt very much if her Majesty's and decided in favour of the affirmative by a majority of ten Government are fully cognizant of their labours, though votes. they may some day be asked to be responsible for them.

Tuesday, April 5, 1881.-Mr. Spiers in the chair.--Mr. At any rate, I think you will agree with me that our past A. A. Michell was elected a member. The treasurer laid services to the public have not been sufficiently recogoized, I before the society a list of unpaid fines and subscriptions, and the secretary made a statement of the proceedings of the society during the preceding quarter. From this statement

MANCHESTER LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. it appeared that the quarter commenced on the 11th of The eleventh meeting of the session was held on Tuesday, January and terminated on the 29th of March, during the 15th of March, at the Law Library, Cross-street which time twelve meetings had been held, six being devoted Chambers, at half-past six o'clock, when the chair was taken to general questions, four to legal questions, and two wholly to by C. R. Hardman, Esq., solicitor. The following was the tie business of the society. Sixteen new members had been subject for discussion:-“ Are the proprietors of a newspaper, elected, and four members had resigned. The average attend. in the absence of negligence, punishable in respect of a libel anceat the meetings had been twenty-six, the highest number | published therein by their responsible editor without their at any one meeting being thirty-four, aod the lowest thirteen. knowledge ?” Mr. Hislop opened in the affirmative, and was The average number of speakers was eight, and of voters followed on the same side by Messrs. Ellison and Hilditch, eighteen. The average length of the debates was two hours whilst Messrs. Abell, Coward, and Wbittington supported the twenty-six minutes. The rest of the evening was devoted to negative contention. In an animated discussion which the discussion of motions, and amongst other business tran. followed Messrs. F. W. Roe, Rycroft, Rayner, Read, Winser, sacted, a resolution was passed appointing a special com and Birch took part. Mr. Hislop then replied and, the mittee to consider the rules of the society, and to report to learned chairman having summed up, the question was de. the society thereon. At the meeting of the society to be cided in the negative by fifteen votes to eight. A vote of held on the 12th inst., Mr. A. M. Ellis, LL.B., will read a thanks to the chair:nan brought the proceedings to a conclu. paper on the following snbject :-“The Tendency of sion. Liberalism to Promote an Uaconstitutional Theory of the

At a meeting of this society, held on the 22nd ult., under Representation of the People," after which a discussion will

the presidency of J. B. Pavne, Esq., solicitor, a lecture was take place.

delivered by J. W. Hamilton, Esq., L.L.B., barrister-at

law, on the “Employers' Liability Act, 1880." Mr. UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY. Hamilton sketched the state of the law affecting the liability A meeting of this society was held on Monday, the 14th of employers prior to the passing of the Act, and the changes ul., at the Law Institution, Mr. R. B. D. Acland in the

which that measure introduced. Speaking of the procedure chair, when the following moot was discussed : “A firm of | under the Act, he pointed out that the condition precedent brevers being inconvenienced by the refusal of a branch of to the maintenance of an action was the giving of notice of a London bank to cash cheques drawn on other branches of injury within six weeks from the occurrence of the accident the same bank, sent out the following circulars to their cus. | causing the injury. In case of death the want of such notice tomers, about 140 in number: 'Messrs. H- hereby give was not to be a bar to an action if the judge should be of notice that they will not receive in payment cheqnes drawn opinion that there was reasonable excuse for the want of the on any of the branches of the C. Bank. A run to the

notice. The time within wbich the action must be taken amount of about £300,000 was made on the bank in con was six months from the occurrence of the accident, and in sequence. Was the circular a libel ?---Capital and Counties

case of death within twelve months from the time of death. Bank v. Henty." The discussion was opened by Mr. Til. | The action must always be commenced in the county court, lotson in the affirmative, and he was supported by Mr.

but could be removed to a superior courr. As to the Bartrum, and opposed by Messrs. Qnicke, Maclaren, and measure of damages, it was provided that the compensation Nelbam. The opener replied, and upon a division the moot

recoverable shoald not exceed a sum equivalent to the esti. was decided in the negative by two votes.

mated earnings during the three years preceding the injury The usual weekly meeting of this society was held Wednes

of a person in the same employment, and the same grade, day evening, the 16th ult. at Clement's-inn, Mr. H. S. A. and in the same district as the injured workman. It had Fuy in the chair. The motion on the paper, “That the

been doubted by some whether employers had the power to Guvernment does not deserve the confidence of the country,"

contract themselves out of the Act. In his judgment the was brought forward by Mr. Le Breton, who was supported

law did permit employers to enter into contracts with their by Messrs. Clarkson, Phillips, and Brown, and opposed

workmen to exclude the operation of the Act; and there by Messrs. Dowson and Shirley. Mr. James Spence, who was

could be no doubt a contract of that kind would be benepresent as a visitor, spoke in favour of the motion, after which ficial to workmen if it were so drawn as to entitle them to speech the debate was, on the motion of the secretary, ad

equitable compensation in case of injury or death. A more journed until the 6th of April.

difficult question was whether such a contract would exclude A meeting of this society was held on Wednesday evening, the right of the personal representative of a workman to sue the 23rd ult., at Clement's-inn, Mr. W. Dowson in the

in case of his death resulting from the accident. He inchair. The motion on the paper, “That trial by jury ought

clined to the opinion tbat it would not. If death took place to be abolished,” was brought forward by Mr. Wade, and he the personal representative of the deceased man might, he was supported by Messrs. Kaing-Jackson and Spence; and

believed, sue the employer, notwithstanding that the emopposed by Messrs. Gamble, Phillips, Beaumont, Morice,

ployer had contracted himself out of the Act. For this Hirvey, and Robinson. The opener replied, and upon a

reason : the Act made the cause of action in case of death division the motion was lost by a majority of eight votes.

accrue to the personal representative and to the persons who A meeting of this society was held on Monday, March 28,

would benefit under Lord Campbell's Act, and this being so at the Law Institution, Mr. B. T. Bartrum in the chair,

he did not think a contract made by the workman with his when a discussion took place upon the following question :

employer would deprive them of their right of action. " A debtor who had made defauit in payment of the whole

The lecture was then discussed by Messrs. Attkins, Rycroft, debt under a judgment, and had been imprisoned, was

Norton, Hardman, Winser, Innes, Price, Law, Smith, and imprisoned again for default in payment of an instalment of

the bon, sec. (Mr. Batcher), and after a few words from the same debt under a new order. Was he imprisoned

the learned chairman, Mr. Hamilton replied to their critilegally? Tue discussion was opened by Mr. Foy, who

cisms and questions. Vɔtes of thanks to the lecturer and argued the question in the affirmative, and he was supported

chairman concluded a highly interesting and instructive by Messrs. Spence and Gamble, and opposed by Messrs. Mac- ! meeting. laren, Gatey, Phillips, Rundle-Levey, Nelham, Parsons, and A meeting of the above society was held on the 29th ult. Samuel, who argued the question in the negative. The at the Law Library, Cross-street, Manchester, with Mr. opener replied, and after the chairman had summed up, the Hislop in the chair, when Mr. T. K. Peacock was elected question was decided in the negative by a majority of four hun. sec. in the place of Mr. Butcher, who had retired, his yotes.

time being fully occupied with other matters. The chair A meeting of this society was held on Wednesday, the 6th was then taken by J. H. P. Leresche, Esq., barrister-at-law. jost., at Clement's-inn, Mr. W. Dowson in the chair, when The following was the subject for discussion : “Can a the adjourced debate on the motion “ That the Government foreigner not resident in the British dominions obtain a does not deserve the confidence of the country” was con copyright in a book first published in this country ?" Messrs. tinued. Messre. Hutton, Spence, and Newman spoke in favour Butcher, Rayner. and Hargraves argued on the affirmative of, and Messrs. Parsons, Ackland, Tillotson, and Symes side of the question, and Messrs. Innes and Schofield underspoke against, the mution. Mr. Le Breton replied, and upon took the negative side. Messrs. Rycroft, Hislop, Brantha division the motion was carried by a majority of four votes. waite, Law, Hardman, J. Price, and Coward then joined in The debate of this society will, in future, commence at 8 the discussion. Mr. Butcher having replied, the chairman o'clock p.m. instead of 7.30 p.m.

summed up, and the question was decided in the affirmative

by a majority of five votes. A vote of thanks to the chair. Mr. ROBERT HARDING MILWARD, solicitor and notary (of man concluded the business of the meeting.

the firm of Whateley, Milward, Balden, & Spencer), Bir. mingham, has been appointed by the high sheriff of Stafford.

shire (the Hon. Augustus Cholmondeley Gough Calthorpe) BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

to be Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year. A meeting of the above society was held on Tuesday last, Mr. Milward was admitted a solicitor in 1861, and is a justice At the Law Library, Bennett's-bill, Birmingham, when of the peace for the county of Worcester, J. Barham Carslake, Esq., took the chair, and the Mr. ALBERT EDWARD OVERELL, solicitor (of the firm of following moot point was discussed :-"A. is the owner of a

Overell & Son), of Warwick and Leamington, has been piece of freehold land, subject to a rent-charge and other appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the onerous covenants within the meaning of section 23 of the

Supreme Court of Judicature. Bankruptcy Act, 1869. B. purchases this land from A.,

Mr. CHARLES PENUALLOW PETERS, solicitor, of Knighton, and indemnifies him against the non-payment of the rentcharge, and non-performance of any of the covenants. B.

has been appointed by the high sheriff of Radnorshire afterwards becomes bankrapt, and the trustee in bankruptcy

(Captain Cecil Alfred Tafton Otway) to be Under-Sheriff executes a disclaimer of the property under the said section.

of that county for the ensuing year. Mr. Peters was Does the land revert to the Crown?" The speakers on tbe

| admitted a colicitor in 1872, and is registrar of the county affirmative were Messrs. Lane, Ludlow, Robinson, and

court, Knighton, Radnorshire, O'Connor. The speakers on the negative were Messrs. | Mr. CHARLES HORACE REILY, barrister, has been appointed Barber, Barrow, Rogers, Steere, and Ryland. After an able to act as Assistant Seoretary to the Government of Bengal summing-up by the chairman, the question was put to the in the Legislative Department. Mr. Reily was called to meeting, and carried in the affirmative. A vote of thanks to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity Term, 1870. the chairman concluded the meeting.

Mr. Giles Symonds, solicitor, of Dorchester, has been appointed by the high sheriff of Dorsetshire (Mr. John Batted) to be Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing

year. Mr. Symonds is town clerk and clerk to the county LEGAL APPOINTMENTS.

and boroagh magistrates at Dorchester, registrar of the Dorchester County Court, and one oi the coroners for the

county. He was admitted a solicitor in 1834, and is in Mr. JUSTICE Mathew and Mr. JUSTICE CAVE have re- partnership with his son, Mr. Henry Symonds. ceived the honour of Knighthood.

Mr. HENRY Roby THORPE, solicitor, of Nottingham, has Mr. LLEWELYN ADAMS, solicitor, of Ruthin, has been ap- been appointed by the high sheriff of Nottinghamshire by the high sheriff of Anglesea (Tbomas Edward John (Mr. George Coke Robertson) to be Under-Sheriff of that Lloyd, Esq.) to be Under-Sheriff of that county, and has

county for the ensuing year. Mr. Thorpe was admitted a also been appointed by the high sheriff of Denbighshire

solicitor ja 1858. (Oliver Burton, Esq.) to be Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year. Mr. Adams was admitted a solicitor

Mr. EDWARD LAMB WaugIT, solicitor, of Cockermouth, in 1845. He is deputy-clerk of the peace of Denbighshire,

has been appointed by the high sheriff of Cumberland (Mr. clerk to the Ruthin Highway Board, clerk to the magistrates

Samuel Porter Foster) to be Under.Sheriff of that county for the borough of Ruthin, and of the petty sessional division

for the ensuing year. Mr. Waugh is the son of Mr. Edward of Ruthin, in the sounty of Denbigh.

Waugh, solicitor, M.P. for Cockermouth. He was admitted

a solicitor in 1873, and he is registrar of the Cockermouth Mr. EDWARD HARRY ADCOCK, solicitor, of Palmerston

County Court. buildings, Old Broad-street, and Penge, has been appointed a Commissioner to take Allidavits in England for use in the High Court of Oudh, in India

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. Mr. LEWIS ERRINGTON BOLINGBROKE, solicitor, of ARTHUR BURCH and SAMUEL BARNES, Exeter, solicitors. Norwich, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer March 25. The basiness will be in future carried on by Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Arthur Buroh.

[Gazette, April 1, 1881.] Mr. ROBERT JOSEPH CROSTHWAITE, barrister, has been

WASHINGTON HAMILTON BROWN, WALTER REGINALD appointed to act as Deputy Secretary to the Govern. |

COLLINS, and JAMES CHAPMAN Woods, Swansea, solicitors

| (Brown, Collins, & Woods), March 31. Crosthwaite was educated at Merchant Taylors' School,

[Gazette, April 5, 1881.] and he was formerly scholar of Brasenoge College, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1862. He has been a member of the Bengal Service since 1863, and he was called to the bar at tbe Middle Temple in Trinity Term, 1868. He is registrar of the High Coart of Judicature at Allahabad.

COMPANIES. Mr. ALFRED WILLIAM GRANGER, solicitor, of Darbam, has been appointed by the bigb sheriff of Darbam (Mr.

WINDING-UP NOTICES. Matthew Kearney) to be Under-Sheriff of that county for

Joint STOCK COMPANIES. the ensuing year. Mr. Granger was admitted a solicitor


DARLINGTON IRON COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on Mr. LEONARD HOPWOOD Hicks, solicitor, of 5, Gray's or before Apr 30 to send their names and addresses and the par.

ticulars of their debts or claims to Edwin Waterhouse and inn-square (Hinks & Son), has been appointed by the

William Barclay Peat, Albert hill, Darlington bigh sheriff of Essex (Thomas Jenner Spitty, Esq.) to be ENGLISH YEAST COMPANY, LIMITED.-Fry, J., has by an order, Under-Sheriff of that county for the ensuing year. Mr. dated March 18, appointed Frederick Bertram Smart, Cannon st, Hicks was admitted a solicitor in 1846. Messrs. T. M.

to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on or before May

2. to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their Gepp & Sode, of Chelmsford, will be the acting under debts or claims to the above. May 11 at 12 is appointed for

hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims Lincoln's-ion-fields, the town agents.

LAGER BEER BREWERY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, pre

sented March 30, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Apr 9. Mr. EDWARD HOLROYD HOULDITCH, solicitor (of the firm Pyke and Minchin, Newgate st, solicitors for the petitioners of Follett, Battisball, & Houlditcb), of Exeter, has been


for winding up, presented March 30, directed to be heard before appointed by the high sheriff of Devonshire (Mr. Charles

the M.R. on Apr 9. Marsland, St Swithin's lane, solicitor for the Arthur William Troyte) to be Under-Sheriff of that petitioner county for the ensuing year. Mr. Houlditch was admitted

STOCKS AND COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up, pre

sented March 30, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Apr 3. a solicitor in 1870.

Bell and Co, Bow churchyard, agents for Woodhouse, Hall Mr. Thomas Maynard How, solicitor, of Shrewsbury,


an order, dated March 21, appointed Harry Seymour Foster, 3, has been appointed by the high sheriff of Shropshire (Mr.

Copthall bldgs, to be official liquidator Robert Jasper More) to be Under-Sberiff of tbat county for TRAMWAYS CORPORATION, LIMITED.-Hall, V.C., has by an order tbe ensuing year. Mr. How was admitted a solicitor in dated March 25, appointed Francis Thomas Large, 20, Bucklers1846.

bury, to be official liquidator

[Gazette, Apr. 1.1

ment of India in





Gloucester since 1877. Mr. Somerset was married to a danghter of the late Sir George Dashwood, Bart.


by the M.R. dated March 26, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Milne and Co, Har. court bldgs, Temple, agents for Wood and Co, Manchester, solici.

tors for the petitioners LONDOX FOOD STORES, LIMITED, --The M.R. has by an order, dated

Jan 27, appointed Frederick Bertram Smart, 53, Cannon st, to be official liquidator PATENT TUBE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding ap, pre

sented Apr 1, directed to be heard before Hall, V.O., on Apr 29. Myatt, Abchurch lane, Cannon st, solicitor for the petitioner


9 at 12 at his chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator

[Gazette, Apr. 1.7 YORKSHIRE PROVIDENT LOAN SOCIETY,--By an order made by the

M.R. dated March 26 it was ordered that the society be wound up.
Peace and Waller, Grocer's Hall ct, agents for Learoyd and Co,
Huddersfield, solicitors for the petitioners

[Gazette, Apr. 5.]

an order dated March 21, appointed John Sutherland Harmood Banner, 24, North John st, Liverpool, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on or before Apr 29, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to the above. May 12 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts or claims

[Gazette, Apr. 1.] FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. FRIENDLY SOCIETY, School-room, Ringstead, Norfolk. March

30 PRESTBURY FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Bee Hive Inn, Prestbury, Gloucester. March 28

[Gazette, Apr. 1.] ARTISTS' AMICABLE FUND, Freemasons' Tavern, Great Queen st,

Lincoln's inn fields. Apr 1 RUARDRAN MUTUAL PROVIDENT SOCIETY, Bell Hotel, Ruardean, 1 (Gloucester, Apr 1

[Gazette, Apr. 5.]

MR. CHARLES SPENCER OWEN. Mr. Charles Spencer Owen, solicitor (the head of the firm of Owen, Middleton, & Marshall), of Harwich, Man. ningtree, and Mistley, died at Manningtree, on the 20th ult., in his seventy-ninth year. Mr. Owen was born in 1802. Hé was admitted a solicitor in 1835, and he formerly carriod on business in Chancery-lane, where he was for several years in partnership with Mr. Elijah Litchfield. A few years later he removed to Manningtree, where he practised until his death. A few years ago he was joined by Mr. Thomas Alfred Middleton and Mr. Charles Henry Thomas Marsball, and he had also offices at Mistley. Mr. Owen was a perpetual commissioner for the counties of Essex and Suffolk and he had a very good private practice.

MR. RICHARD LUDLAM ROOKE. Mr. Richard Ludlam Rooke, solicitor (of the firm of Rooke & Midgley), of Leeds, died suddenly on the 20th ult. Mr. Rooke was the eldest son of Mr. William Rooke, of Leeds. He was admitted a solicitor in 1845, and he had practised over thirty-five years at Leeds. He was formerly in partnership with Mr. Francis Ferns. He next practised for several years alone, but latterly Mr. James Midgley was. associated in business with him. Mr. Rooke was highly respected at Leeds, where he carried on a very extensive private practice, and he was solicitor for the Leeds Licensed Victrallers' Association, the Yorkshire Warehouse Company, and the Bradford Canal Company.


Mr. William Corrie, barrister, many years Remembrancer OBITUARY

of the city of London, died at 26, Cleveland-square, on the

24th ult., at the age of seventy-five. Mr. Corrie was born in MR. EDWARD BREESE.

1805, and was admitted a solicitor in 1827, and ba prac

tised first in Grosvenor-street, and afterwards in Adams. Mr. Edward Breese, solicitor (the head of the firm of

court, Broad-street, having been for a short time in partnerBreese, Jones, & Casson), of Dolgelly, Portmadoc, and

ship with Mr. Henry Charles Verbeke. A few years later Pwllbeli, died rather suddenly at Morva Lodge, Portma.

he relinquished his practice and entered at the Inner doc, on the 11th ult. Mr. Breese was born in 1835, and

| Temple, where he was called to the bar in Trinity Term, was admitted a solicitor in 1857, having been articled to

1836. He practised on the Northern Circuit, and he was Mr. John Breese, of Portmadoc, to whose practice he soon

also one of the counsel in the Palace Court, of which he was afterwards succeeded. He had ever since practised at Port

for some time the deputy-steward. In 1851 he was selected madoc, and more recently also bad offices at Dolgelly and

by Sir George Grey to be a magistrate at Clerkenwell Pwllheli. Mr. Robert Jones and Mr. Randall Casson had

Police Coart, and in 1860 he was transferred to Bow. been for several years associated in partnership with him.

street, where he presided with great ability till 1863, He was for a short time deputy-clerk of the peace for

when he was elected (out of a large number of candidates) Merionethshire, and in 1859 he was appointed clerk of the

to the office of remembrancer of the city of London, in which peace by Lord Mostyn, the Lord-Lieutenant of the county.

office he succeeded in obtaining the respect and esteem of Mr. Breese was also clerk to the lieutenancy for Merioneth.

the Common Council and all the officers of the corporation. shire, and clerk to the county magistrates for the Penrhyn,

Mr, Corrie held the pust of remembrancer for nearly fifteen Portmadoc, and Ardudwg Divisions. He was an active sap

yoars, but in 1878 he was compelled by ill-health to tender porter of the Liberal party in North Wales, and he had been

been his resigoation, and he retired with a full pension. accepted as a candidate for the Carnarvon Boroughs at the next vacancy.


Mr. George Wagstaff Hodgkinson, solicitor (of the firm SOMERSET, D.C.L., Q.C.

of Hodgkinson & Pashley), town clerk of Rotherham, died Mr. Granville Robert Henry Somerset, D.C.L., Q.C., re at that place on the 24th ult. Mr. Hodgkinson was the corder of Gloucester, died at his residence, 18, Queen Anne's. son of Mr. Richardson Hodgkinson, of Worksop. He was gate, on the 23rd ult. The deceased was the eldest son of born in 1843, served his articles with his relative, Mr. the late Lord Granville Charles Henry Somerset (his mother Grosvenor Hodgkinson, late M.P. for Newark, and he was having been a daughter of the first Lord Carrington), and admitted a solicitor in 1865. He was for a short time a grandson of the sixth Duke of Beaufort. He was born in clerk in the office of Mr. John Postlethwaite Cartwright, of 1824, and was educated at Christ Churcb, Oxford, where Chester, and afterwards in that of Messrs. Ford & Lloyd, he graduated B.A. in 1845. He obtained a fellowship at of Bloomsbury-square. A few years later he commenced All Souls' College, aud afterwards proceeded to the degree practice at Stone in partnership with Mr. Robert Wright, of D.C.L. He was called to the bar at the Inner Temple whom he afterwards succeeded as clerk to the Commissioners in Hilary Term, 1851, and he formerly practised on the of Taxes for the Firebill Division, but in 1876 he removed to Oxford Circuit and at the Monmouthshire Sessions. Mr. | Rotherham, where he joined Mr. William Fretwell Hoyle, Somerset became a Queen's Counsel in 1868, and had since the registrar of the Rotherham County Court. This partconfined kimself to parliamentary practice. He had been nership was subsequently dissolved, and more recently be counsel for many of the leading railway companies, and he was joined by Mr. Robert Pashley. In 1878 he was elected was engaged in the committee rooms within a few days of town clerk of Rotherham, on the death of Mr. William his death. He was a magistrate and deputy-chairman of Whitfield. Although he held the office less than three quarter sessions for Monmouth sbire, and à bencher of the years, he had discharged his public duties with great ability, Inner Temple, and he had been recorder of the city of and be bad succeeded in introducing considerable improve.


ments in the system of keeping the borough accounts. Mr. Isaacs, George, Taunton Somerset, Esq. May 7. Tucker and

Lake, Serle street. Lincoln's inn fields Hodgkinson's premature death has cavsed great sorrow. His

JOHNSON, ROBERT HENRY, Turvey, Bedford, Esq. May 31, Mott health had long been delicate, but his last illness was very and Dent, Bedford row, sbort. He was baried at Worksop on the 28th ult. He was LAURENCE, BRNJAMIN, Weston super Mare, Hay and Corn Merchant. uowarried.

Apr 12. Davies, Weston super Mare
LE MARE, EBENEZER ROBERT, Hazelwood, Clevedon, Somerset, Esq.

May 20. Cunliffe and Co, Manchester
LUTHER-WATSON, LOUISA AXXE, Devonshire place, Portland place.

May 4. Lethbridge and Son, Abingdon street, Westminster
LYCETT, WILLIAM, Stafford, Gentleman, May 21, Hand and Co,


MANTELL, FRANCIS RINERS, Lostwithiel, Lanlivery, Cornwall, Esq. CREDITORS UNDER ESTATES IN CHANCERY. June 24. Bevan and Hancock, Bristol LAST DAY OF PROOF.

MARDALL, JAMES, Harpenden, Hertford, Brewer. May 7. Weed

and White, Poultry CHANCELLOR, GEORGE, Reading, Berks, Wholesale Provision Mer.

MCKENNA, John WILLIAM, Great Marlborough st, M.D. May 2. chant. Apr 26. Chancellor v Brown, M.R. Croome, Grace Nash and Field, Queen st church st

MILLS, ZACHARIAI, Bradley, Stafford, Retired Ironworks Manager. GRAINGER, WILLIAM, Brandsby, York, Yeoman. Apr 14. Grainger May 1. Hall and Son, Bilston v Grainger, V C. Hall. Richardson, Thirsk

Payne, CHARLES ROBERT, Warden Court, Isle of Sheppey, Kent, GRANGE, STEPHEN, St John's wood rd. Apr 23. Cooper v Todd, Farmer. May 21, Lepper and Blaxland, Mark lane Fry, J. Hughes, Bedford st, Covent garden

PAYNE, JOHN SELWYN, Bath, Colonel in Militia. Apr 30. Harwood, GRENFELL, CHARLES GRANVILLE, North End, Fulham, Metal Broker.

Bristol Apr 27. Grenfell v Grenfell, V.C. Hall. Batten, Fetter lane, ROBERTS, MARY SUSAN, Liverpool. June 22. Whitaker, Lancaster Fleet st

place, Strand HERVEY, MARY ANN, Alexander st, Westbourne pk. Apr 25 Ward ROBSON, THOMAS CHARLES, Highgate, Gent. May 31. Hume and v Watkins, V.C. Hall. Parrott, Lincoln's inn fields

Co, Great James street, Bedford row Hodge, John, Sen, Silverion, Devon, Farmer. Apr 14. Hodge v SALMON, WILLIAM WEBBER, Truro, Cornwall, Retired Builder. Apr Dyer, V.C. Bacon. Denshaw, Bampton

30. Hearle Cock, Truro HODGE, JOHN, Jun, Silverton, Devon, Farmer. Apr 14. Hodge v SAWER, JOHN LAMB, Grange road terrace, Stoke Newington, Gent. Pidsley, V.C, Bacon, Denshaw, Bampton

Apr 22. Harries and Co, Coleman street JACKSON, JOSEPI, Acton Trussell, Stafford, Farmer. Apr 30. Jack SHIELD, JAMES, Newcastle upon Tyne, Merchant. June 1. Mather son v Talbot, Fry, J. Morgan, Stafford

and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne JOHNSON, THOMAS, Horncastle, Lincoln, Wine Merchant. Apr 25. SNOOK, HARRY, Erchfont, Wilts, Lab

30. Marsh Johnson v White, Fry, J. Tweed, Horncastle

Devizes LENNOX, JAMES, Poplar walk rd, Camberwell. Apr 25. Lennox Stevenson, WILLIAM, Nottingham, Gentleman. Apr 20. WhitMoir, V.C. Malins. Churchill, Clement's inn, Strand

tingham, Nottingham MATTHEWS, Thomas, Hawkchurch, Dorset, Yeoman. Apr 25. Mat. WALL, MARTHA, Goldhawk road, Shepherd's Bush. Apr 23. Farmer, thews v Matthews, Fry, J. Day, Bridport

Queen Victoria street POPHAM, FRANCIS LEYBORNE, Hunstrete, Somerset, Esq. Apr 19. WAUGH, JAMES HUTCHINSON, Horley, Surrey, Esq. Apr 30. Popham v Cherry, M.R. Merriman, Austinfriars

Sheffield and Sons, Cullum street SAUNDERS, JACOB, Bristol, Picture Frame Maker. Apr 19. Walmsley

Gazette, Mar. 25.] v Saunders, M.R. Brown, Bristol TODD, MARY, and Anne TODD, Barmonth, Merioneth. Apr 21. Davies v Davies, V.C. Bacon. Milne, Kendal

ABBEY, Richard Dale, Kingston upon Hull, Saddler, May 10.

Priestman, Kingston upon Hull [Gazette, Mar. 25.]

BAKER, HENRIETTA, Wellesley road, Croydon. May 13. Sampson, BISHOP, TIMOTHY, Rowton, Salop. Farmer. Apr 30. Bluck v Bishop,

King street, Cheapside V.C. Hall. Smith, Gt James st, Bedford row

Bottom, JOSEPH, Northgate, Huddersfield, Ironmonger. Apr 25. CURTIS, ELIZABETH JANE, Mrismore sq. Apr 22. Thomson v Mac.

Milnes and Swift, Huddersfield walter, M.R. Medcalf, Mincing lane

BUTTERY, FRANCIS, Great Steeping, Lincoln, Gentleman, Apr 26. GURNEY, WILLIAM, Longhope, Gloucester. Apr 27. Gurney y Gur.

Allisons and Allison, Louth ney, V.C. Hall. Bradford and Farish, Queen Victoria st

Calvert, ELIZABETH, Greenhamerton, nr York. Apr 22. Richard. HEPBURN, Joun, Grove pk, Camberwell, Gent. Apr 22. Carlill v

son and Byron, Harrogate Smith, O.C. Hall. White, Southampton st, Bloomsbury

CARNLEY, HENRY, Kingston upon Hull, M.D. May 10. Priestman, MAIN, MARY, Bovey Tracy, Devon. Apr 13. Hole v Elmes, V.C.

Hull Hall. Kitson, Torquay

| Collins, Joun, Longbrugh, Cumberland, Gentleman. June 1. Nichols, GEORGE, Bristol, Gent. Apr 25. Light v Diment, V.C.

Wright and Brown, Carlisle Bacon, Brittan, Bristol

Cook, MATTHEW, Thornton Heath, Gentleman. May 6. Kilving. MATTHEWS, ROBERT, Cardiff, Builder. Apr 25. Matthews v Mat ton, Walbrook thews, M.R. Matthews, Cardiff

Davies, SHADRACH, Ystradyfodwg, Glamorgan, Collier. Apr 30. STOW, SAMUEL, Dunton, Bedford, Farmer. Apr 22. Stow v Kinder,

Williams, Pontypridd M.R. Benning, Dunstable

Dickson, Rev DAVID, Sundon Vicarage, nr Dunstable, Clerk. May WATKINS, ALFRED BRIMBLE, Brighton, Greengrocer. Apr 29. Watts

1. Dunster, Henrietta street, Cavendish square v Watkins, M.R. Cheesman, Brighton

DODWELL, THOMAS, Holymell Bury, Bedford. Retired Farmer. (Gazet:e, Mar. 29.] May 10. McDiarmid, Old Jewry chambers

Dunn, WILLIAM, Metropolitan Meat Market, Smithfield. Apr 15.

Chipperfield, Trinity street, Southwark CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25.

EVANS, DAVID PARKER, Clifton, Bristol, Tanner. May 20. Brittan

and Co, Bristol LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

FARROW, JOIN Robert, Rochdale, Lancaster, Joiner. June 18. ADAMS, Anos, Worthing, Ship Owner. Apr 30. Williams, New Whitaker, Lancaster place, Strand Shoreham

FIRTH, MARK, Sheffield, York, Merchant. July 9. Broomhead and BAKER, John, Liverpool, Butcher. March 30. Lynch and Teebay, Co, Sheffield Liverpool

HADLEY, Tuomas Davies, King's Norton, Worcester. Apr 30. BARROW, JANE ANN, Rhyl, Flint. May 2. Worsley, Bodfari Rhyl Johnson and Co, Birmingham BONDS, Joux, Southampton, Licensed Victualler. Apr 26. Hall, HARKER, WILLIAM, Beverley, York, Surveyor. May 10. PriestSouthampton

man, Kingston upon Hull BRAGTON, LAURENCE, Perry Barr, Stafford, out of business. May HENRIQUES, REBECCA QUIXANO, Princes square, Bayswater. May 12. Johnson and Co, Birmingham

10. Harding, Westminster chambers, Victoria st BRODIE, Sir BENJAMIN COLLINS, Bart, Brockham Warren, S

HOLMES, ROBERT, Buckden, Huntingdon, Farmer, Apr 30. JenMay 20. Simpson and Cullingford, Gracechurch street,

nings and Co, Burton on Trent CLAY, GEORGE, Brightside, Sheffield, Grocer. May 18. Vickers | Hunter, William, Whitehaven, Cumberland, Master Mariner. and Co, Sheffield

1 April 30. Brockbank and Co, Whitehaven CORNISH, AMELIA, Clifton Lodge, Norwood. May 2. Tathams and Jacksox, SAMUEL, Billinghay, Lincoln, Farmer. May 1. Milling. Procter, Lincoln's inn fields

ton and Simpson, Boston Dixon, JAMES, Helsington, Westmoreland, Yeoman. May 1. KARBY, FRANCIS, Church st, Edmonton April 30. Hine-Haycock Harrison and Milne, Kendal

and Bridgman, College hill, Cannon st EDWARDS, MORGax, Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Stone Merchant. May | LATIBURY, ROBERT, Chiswick, Esq. May 7. Hunters and Co, New 10. Davies, Pontypridd

sq, Lincoln's-inn ELMER, OBADIAH, Brecknock road, Kentish Town, Gentleman. LEE, GEORGE, Andwick, Manchester, Gent. May 20, Claye and May 14. Truefitt and Gane, Bishopsgate street Within

Son, Manchester FLATMAN, SAMUEL, Wakefield, Woolstapler. July 1. Harrison and LLOYD, Robert, Crawford, Kent, Tea Broker. May 1. Murray and Beaumont, Wakefield

Co, Birchin-lane HADFIELD, SAMUEL, Ashton under Lyne, Licensed Victualler. Apr MANKIEWICZ, JAMES, Bayswater, Merchant. May 9. Hollams and 18. Booth, Ashton under Lyne

Co, Mincing lone HARDING, HARRIETT, Shirley, Surrey. Apr 19. Pearson, Market MILBANK, JAMES, Abbotts Roothing, Essex, Farmer. April 30. Drayton

Gepp and Sons, Chelmsford HARDY, JOHN, Kirk Hallam, Derby, Farmer. June 1. Sale and RADCLIFFE, NANCY, Heywood, Lancaster. May 14. Parker, Mills, Derby

Manchester Harrison, Henry, Newton, York, Farmer. Apr 16. Wilkinson, RIPLEY, SarAH, Streatham Common. June 1. Sutton and Om. Blackburn

manney, Great Winchester st HENDERSON, Jonx, Albion street, Hyde park, Builder. Apr 26. | ROBINSON, THOMAS, Bognor, Sussex, Esq. May 6. Kinsey and Faithfull and Owen, Westminster chambers, Victoria street

Ade, Bloomsbury place HOPKINS, GEORGE, Wotton under Edge, Gloucester, Surgeon.July Rouse. WIL

Rorse, WILLIAM, Colchester, Essex, Gentleman. Apr 30. Pope 23. Brittans and Co, Bristol

and Co, Colchester HUNTER, ROBERT, Stockton on Tees, Innkeeper. May 10. Newby SMALLCOMBE, JOIN, Box, Wilts. Apr 14. Robertson and Maule, and Co, Stockton on Tees



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