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able actuary and secretary for his great assiduity and bencher of Lincola's-inn, a member of the Incorporated attention to the basiness of the company. With Mr. Council of Law Reporting, a magistrate for Norfolk, and McGedy I will also inclade the staff, who certainly have one of the chairmen of quarter sessions for that county. done their duty admirably. I hope this resolution will be Mr. WILLIAM Joseph BIRD, solicitor, of Liverpool, has carried by acclamation,

been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Mr. ERASMUS WILSON, F.R.S.-If I may be permitted to Supreme Court of Judicature. second that resolution, I will say that there are duties and

Mr. URIAH Bower BRODRIBB, solicitor, of 42, Cornbill, duties ; and I feel quite convinced that the duties which de

| has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in volve upon our secretary and the staff are duties which

the Supreme Court of Judicature. they perform without hesitation, as a necessity of their Dature, and that all their thoughts are directed towards the

Mr. MONTGOMERY Hooper, solicitor, Birmingham, bas. success of the company with which they are associated.

| been appointed by the Lord Chancellor a Commissioner to They do not work merely because work is a necessity of life, administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature. but because it is the only thing calculated to prolong life, · Mr. WILLIAM John HUMERYS, solicitor, of Hereford, to give appetite and improve digestion, to make themselves has b-en appointed by the high sherift of Herefordsbire happy, and also to confer benefit on the company in which I (Mr. Edward Howorth Greenly) to be Under-Sheriff of that they are interested. Under these circumstances, I am sure county for the ensuing year. Mr. Humfrys was admitted a that all the shareholders present will throw up both hands solicitor in 1863. in acclamation in supporting this motion.

Mr. THEODORE JOHN SMITH, solicitor (of the firm of The resolution having been very cordially adopted,

Smith & Atkinson), of Hastings and Rye, bas been appointed Mr. F. McGEDY said-Mr. Chairman and Gentlemen, on a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court os my own behalf and on behalf of the staff, I return you my | Judicature. sincere thanks for this very cordial vote in recognition of our past conduct. If I may refer to what Mr. Wilson has so kindly said in our favour, I would assure you that our hearts are in the work, and that we do our best at all times

COMPANIES. to promote the interests of the company. Mr. PEMBERTON said he had great pleasure id proposing

WINDING-UP NOTICES. & vote of thanks to their solicitor, Mr. Burges, to whose courtesy and judgment they were greatly indebted. There

JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. had never been a single instance since be had been their

LIMITED IN CIAXCERY. solicitor in wbich there had been any dissatisfaction with


presented March 23, directed to be heard before the MR, on Apr his conduct, and both personally and professionally they 2. Milne and Co, Harcourt bldgs, Temple, agents for Raby, Manwere indebted to him for a great deal of the business which chester, solicitor for the petitioner came to the office.


M.R, dated March 19 it was ordered that the voluntary winding Mr. E. BURKITT seconded the motion, which was at on:

up of the company be continued, and the court appointed William agreed to.

Barclay Peat, Lothbury, an additional liquidator, to act jointly Mr. Burges briefly acknowledged the compliment, assur with Edwin Waterhouse, the liquidator. Bower and Cotton, ing them that he should do all in his power to promote the

Chancery lane, solicitors for the petitioners

ECCLESIILL WORSTED MILL COMPANY, LIMITED.--Creditors are interests of the company.

required, on or before Apr 22, to send their names and addresses, Mr. Joseph Dodds, M.P.-There is another duty which and the particulars of their debts or claims to William Gilyard, we ought to discharge, and that is to pay a due meed of

Bradford. May 6 at 11 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating

Dpon the debts and claims approbation to our excellent chairman. I beg to propose

Edison TELEPHONE COMPANY OF LONDOX, LIMITED.-Creditors that our most hearty thanks be given to him for his valuable are required, on or before Apr 25, to send their names and ad. services to the company. We have seen him in this room dresses, and the particulars of their debts or clains, to Samuel

Lowell Price, Gresham st. May 9 at 11 is appointed for hearing and elsewhere conducting the business of the company in

and adjudicating upon the debts or claims a manner that leaves nothing whatever to be desired. EQ. GENERAL FIREWOOD COMPANY, LIMITED.--Creditors are required, tirely as I concur in the votes which have already been on or before Apr 27 to ser.d their names and addresses and the passed, and in the eulogiums which bave been pronounced upon

particulars of their debts or claims to George Augustus Cape, Old

Jewry. May 10 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating our various officials, I am sure you will feel that without upon the debts and claims such an able bead in guiding the society the success tbat has | METROPOLITAN AND SUBURBAN STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY, LIMITED. attended us up to the present time, and which seems to

-Petition for winding up, presenter March 21, directed to be increase year by year, would not have been insured to us.

heard before the M.R. on Apr 2. Barker, Bedford row, solicitor

for the petitioners Mr. Basil FIELD seconded the resolution, wbich was NEWFOUNDLAND LAXD COMPANY, LIMITED,-Petition for winding up, carried by acclamation.

presented March 21, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Apr The CHAIRMAN.-I beg to tender you, gentlemen, my most

2. Makinson and Carpenter, Devereux ct, Temple, solicitors for

the petitioner sincere thanks for the very kind way in which you have

| NEWPORT CREDIT AssOCIATION, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up passed this vote of thanks. I feel that you are far too kiod, presented March 21, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Apr and tbat yoor expressions in appreciation of my services are

2. Rogers and Chave, Queen Victoria st, solicitors for the peti

tioners more eulogistic than they should be. I can only say that I STRATFORD FREE LANCE AND WEST HAM REPORTER NEWSPAPER Coxwill endeavour, as far as I possibly can, by every means in PANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented March 19, my power, to promote the success of this company, which I

directed to be heard before the M.R. on Apr 2. Peace and Waller, have very inch at heart, and nothing gives me greater

Grocer's Hall ct. Poultry, solicitors for the petitioner

YXISXEXDWY TIN PLATE COMPAXY, LIMITED.-Creditors are repleasure than to see it progress year by year.

quired, on or before Apr 30 to send their names and addresses and The meeting then dispersed.

the particulars of their debts or claims, to Richard Garnaut Cawker, Temple st, Swansea. May 16 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

(cazette, Mar. 25.] SANDERSON AND COMPANY, LIMITED.--Creditors are required, on

or before Apr 30, to send their names and addresses, and the parLEGAL APPOINTMENTS.

ticulars of their debts or claims to Thomas George Sharpe, Huddersfield. May 18 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating

upon the claims Mr. EDWARD EBENEZER KAY, Q.C., has been appointed a YARMOUTH AQUARIUM SOCIETY, LIMITED.-The M.R. he Judge of the Chancery Division, in succession to Sir Richard

order, dated March 4, appointed Mr. Lovewell Blake, Great Yar

mouth, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on or Malins, resigned. Mr. Justice Kay is the son of Mr. Robert

before Apr 26 to send their names an l addresses, and the particu. Kay, of Rochdale, Lancashire, and was born in 1822. He lars of their debts or claims to the above. May 10 at Îl is apwas educat-d at Trinity College, Cambridge, where he

pointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claires. graduated B.A., in 1844, and he was called to the bar at

í Gazette, Mar. 29.) Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1847. He published in


MIDDLESBOROUGH, REDCAR, SALTBURN-BY-THE-SEA, AND CLEVEconjunction with Mr. Henry Vaughan Johnson) several

LAND DISTRICT PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY.-Petition volumes of reports in the court of Vice-Chancellor Wood. for winding up, presented March 26, directed to be heard before He became a Queen's Counsel in 1866, and be was for several the M.R, on Apr 9. Jackson, Clement's inn, Strand, agent for

Jackson and Jackson, Middlesborough, solicitors for the petiyears one of the leaders in the court of Vice-Chancellors

tioners Wcol, Giffard, James, and Bacon, Mr. Justice Kay is a

(Gazette, Mar. 29.)


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Deeping St James, Lincoln. March 23
DODLESTON FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Dodleston, Chester. March 22

| Gazette, Mar. 25.] MASONIC BENEFIT SOCIETY, White Hart Tavern, College st, Lam.


LAST DAY OF PROOF. [Gazette, Mar. 20.]

AMBROSE, SAMUEL, Haven lane, Haven Green, Gardener. April 5.

Ambrose v Ambrose, Fry, J. Wright, Walbrook
BOLLETER, HENRY, Charlotte st, Portland pl, Gent. April 25.

Hess v. Bolleter, Fry, J. Howard, New Bridge st

COATES, EDMUND, jun, Lodge rd, St John's Wood, Wine Merchant.

April 15. Irving v Barker, M.R. Barker, Bedford row ALTHOUGH, says the Times reporter, only two or three weeks

HARGRAVE, CHARLES, Clanricarde gdns, Bayswater, Gent. April

11. Coupland v Allen, V.C. Hall, Phillips, Old Jewry chmbrs have elapsed since, at the end of February, when the Order HARRIS, GEORGE SMITH DELAVIL, Linslade, Bucks, M.D. April 11. in Council fosing the common law divisions took effect,

Cloutte v Harris, V.C. Bacon Martin, Fenchurch st

MORDEX, JAMES JOSEPH, Colchester, Plumber. April 20. Morden the Jadicatore Act came for the first time fully into opera

v Martin, V.C. Hall. White, Colchester tion, the effect of continuous sittings of courts for different ROCHE, JAMES, Deal, Gent. April 22. Newman v Roche, V.C. Bacon. kinds of business has already been shown in a very striking Mellor, Harcourt bldgs, Temple way. As to business in Banc, the Special Paper was

RORIR, JOHN JAMES, Plymouth, Gent, and Jane RORIE, Homidu.

comble pl, Plymouth. April 16. Rorie v Rorie, V.C. Malins. Vizard, speedily cleared, and the New Trial Paper much reduced ; | Lincoln's inn fields and only two cases remained in the Crown Paper and five SWIFT, WILLIAM, Ledsham, Chester, Hotel Keeper. April 18. Swift from inferior courts. The great bulk of business in Banc is

v Swift. V.C. Bacon, Moore, Birkenhead

WILSON, JANE, Sliema, Malta. May 1, Hensman v Clark, V.C. Hall (as it has always been) in the Trial Paper, though that is

Hensman, College hill much reduced, as regards business in Banc, by the operation

[Gazette, March 18.] of Lord Cairns' Act, ander which the judges wbo try cases

Evans, WILLIAM, Pennard, Farmer. April 15. Evans v Davies,

M.R. Collins, Swansea dispose of them on furtber consideration ; and, of course,

HILL, HUGH, London rd, Southwark, Horse Repository Keeper. Den cases are continually being entered from time to time; March 23. Pharoah v Apps, V.C. Bacon. Castle, Poultry but at this time only 69 cases remain in tbe New Trial

INGHAM, JAMES, Stonestile, nr Bradford, Farmer. April 14, Ingham Paper and 12 in the Special Paper-six special cases and

v Ingham, V.C. Bacon. Cross, Bradford

LEAD BITTER, THOMAS GIBSON, Low Warden, Northumberland, Gent six demurrerg—and two in the Crown Paper and five from April 23. Gibson v Gibson, V.C. Hall. Gibson, Hexham inferior courts, making altogether only 88 cases in Banc to

PEPPERCORX, WILLIAM, Luton, Yeoman. April 21. Peppercorn v dispose of, which two courts in Banc will be sitting

Peppercorn, V.C. Hall, Millman, Great James st, Bedford row

LLEN, JAMES, Sheerness, Licensed Victualler. April 15. Fray v continuously op to Easter to try, and, it may safely be said, Sellen, M.R. Winch, Chatham will dispose of them all. As to Nisi Prius business, the fol

WHITE, JOHN, Skipton, York, Builder. April 30. White v White, lowing is a correct account:--Total Middlesex printed list, 741.

Fry, J. Robinson, Skipton

[Gazette, March 22.] (Tbe figures on the list are 734. The additional seven were causes wbich were stayed at the time of the publication of the list, and were therefore omitted from it, but afterwards

CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. restored to their places on becoming ready for trial) :

LAST DAY OF CLAIM. Tried, special juries, 80; common juries, 207–287 ; with

ANDERSON, JANE, Sunderland, Shipowner. Apr 11. Steel, Sunder

land drawn or struck out, 256 ; stayed, 21 ; in list for March 26, BAILEY, MARY ANN, Wateringbury, Kent. Apr 29. Marchant and 4; made remanets by the parties, 80; remanets for want Co, George yd, Lombard st of time to try, special juries, 19; common juries, 74-93;

BAKER, ROBERT BENJAMIN, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Gert. May 1.

Webb, Austinfriars total, 741. Estiinated list for Easter Sitting:- The above

BRADSHAW, John, Bramley, Leeds, retired from business. May 2. Temanets, 173 ; entered after the publication of the Hilary Nelson and Co, Leeds printed list, and now ready for trial, 344 ; probable entry BRADY, John, Westbury upon Trym, Gloucester, retired Surgeon. to April 27 inclusive, judging by experience-say, 163;

Apr 9. Gregory and Son, Bristol

BROWN, HENRY, Halifax, Draper. June 1. Stansfeld, Halifax total, 680. Then the following is a correct statement of

Brown, LENNA, Stafford. Apr 30. Greatrex, Stafford the cases in the Lundon List :- In the present printed list CARTWRIGHT, Fairfax WILLIAM, New Burlington st, Esq, M.P. Apr tbere are-Special juries, 170; common jaries, 303-478. Of

23. Maude, Lincoln's inn fields the special juries, 14 actions by the same plaintiff (on

CLOSE, THOMAS, Nottingham, Esq. Apr 30. Cursham, Nottingham

CULLEY, Henry, Old Basford, Nottingham, Bleacher. Apr 11, marine policies) are stayed. About 20 other actions Richards and Woodward, Nottingham are also already stayed. The 478, therefore, should be con DALTON, JANE SARAH, Aubourd, Lincoln. Tweed and Co, Lincoln siderably discounted before the real task wbich is before the

DAVIES, FRANCES, The Pavement, Clapham common. May i. Green

feld, Abchurch lane courts can be correctly estimated.

Doust, WILLIAM HENRY, Greenwich, Kent, Pilot. Apr 11. Howard.

and Shelton, Greenwich rd GRAY, JOSEPH, Wilton, York, Farmer. Apr 8. Whitehead, Picker


GREEN, GEORGE, sen, Mawby rd, Camberwell, Gent. Apr 10. Howard OBITUARY.

and Shelton, T'hreadneedle st GRIFFIN, ROBERT, Eastfield rd, Hornsey. Mar 26. Trehearne, Vic.

toria st, Westminster MR. JOHN BREND WINTERBOTHAM.

HAGGER, JOHN, Brook st, New rd, Gent. Apr 8. Smith and Wilmer,

New sq, Lincoln's inn Mr. John Brend Winterbotbam, solicitor (tbe head of the HOLLIER, RUTI, Peckham, Surrey. Apr 30. Harcourt, Moorgate st firm of Winterbotham, Bell, & Winterbotbams), of Cbel

KENDALL, THOMAS MITCHELson, jun, Newton upon Rawcliffe, York

Esq. May l. Peters, York tenbam, died on February 27. Mr. Winterbotham was the LAUBTON, Joun, Sunderland, Durham, Shipowner. Apr 11, Steel, son of the Rev. Willian Winterbotham, and was born in Sunderland 1805. He was admitted a solicitor in 1827, and had prac

LLOYD, WILLIAM, Llanarmonynyale, Denbigh, Clerk in Holy Orders. .

Apr 21. Lloyd and Roberts, Ruthin tised for more than half a century at Cheltenhau. He

LUKE, JOHN, Plymouth. Apr 11. Coode and Co, St Austell was for several years associated in partnership with his | MACKIE, WILLIAM, Hindley, Lancaster, Gent. Apr 1. Rowbottom,. elder brother, the late Mr. Rayner Winterbotbam, and


MARSHALL, EBENEZER John, Chichester rents, Chancery lano, Li. was afterwards joined by Mr. John Penrice Bell, and still

censed Victualler. Apr 30. Harcourt, Moorgate st more recently by bis song, Mr. John Brend Winterbotham, MARTIN, ROBERT, St Austell, Cornwall, China Clay Merchant. Apr jan. (wbo was admitted in 1854), and Mr. James Batten

9. Coode and Co, St Austell

| METCALFE, WILLIAM, Threshfield, York, Innkeeper. Apr 9. Robin. Winterbotham (who was admitted in 1859). Mr. Winter.

son, Skipton botbam always acted with the Liberal party, and took an MITCHELL, NANCY, Brighton. Apr 30. Harcourt, Moorgate st* active interest in local business. He was for many years


Esq. Apr 4, Nelson and Co, Essex st, Strand one of the Cheltenham Improvement Commissioners. He

MOLLART, FRANCES, Hanley, Stafford. Apr 10. Wilson, Stoke upon was opposed to the incorporation of the borough, but Trent ever since the granting of the obarter be bad been a Moon, JAMES STOCKS, Lingfield, Surrey, Esq. Apr 20. Learoyd

and Co, Albion chambers, Moorgate member of the Town Council for the South Ward. Two or

MOORE, HENRY, Mardens, Hildenborough, Kent, Esq. May 10. three years ago he declined a request to serve the office of Johnson, Lincoln's inn fields mayor. Mr. Winterbotham was buried on the 3rd vlt., NUNN, MARY Ann, Colchester, March 31. Prior, Colchester most of the members of the Town Council being present

OSBORNE, GEORGE WILLOUGHBY, Hawford, Worcester, Major Gene.

ral in Indian Army. Apr. 19. Clarke, Gresham House, Old at the funeral,

Broad st

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PAUL, MARY, Melcombe Regis. Apr 30. Baskett and Son, Evershot PRESTON, EDWARD, Grango rd, Bermondsey, Builder. Apr 25. PREECE, SAMUEL MOFFATT, Maidenhead, Berks, Auctioneer. Apr Wilkson and Drew, Bermondsey st 30. Ward, Maidenhead

SEATON, John Louis, Hampstead rd, Upholsterer. Apr 18. Roscoe RANCE, MARY, Teignmouth, Devon. May 9. Griffith, High Holborn and Co, Kings st, Finsbury sq ROGER, JACKSON, Beck, Lamplugh, Cumberland, Retired Farmer. SAUNDENS, GEORGE, Wallingford, Berks, Auctioneer. May 2. Apr 11. McKelvie, Whitehaven

Hedges and Co, Wallingford RUSTON, MARY ANX, Whitehaven, Cumberland. Apr 2. Atter, SHEPHERD, JAMES, Jeffry's sq, Ship and Insurance Broker. Apr Whitehaven

5. Gole, Lime st Simons, GEORGE, Leicester, Gent. Apr 20. Stevenson and Son, SHIRWOOD, ELIZABETH, Birmingham, Pattern Card Maker. Apr 14. Leicester

Robinson and Son, Birmingham SMALE, Thomas LAND, Tuffnell pk rd, Holloway, Hay Salesman. SIMCOATES, THOMAS, Anderby, Lincoln, Grazier. May 2. Caparn Apr 15. Martin, London Wall

and Co, Holbeach SMALLCOMBE, JOHN, Box, Wilts. Apr 14. Robertson and Maule, SKITT, JOHF, Stockwell, Surrey, Gent. June 14. Duffield and Bath

Bruty, Tokenhouse yard SMITH, LUCY, Leicester, May 2. Stevenson and Son, Leicester STACKHOUSE-Acton, Francis, Acton Scott, Salop. Apr 4. Salt, STOCKDALE, ROBERT, Darlington, Durham, Butcher. Apr 16. Newby Shrewsbury and Co, Stockton on Tees

TAYLOR, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Jeweller. March 31. Turner, SUFFIELD, Right Hon EMILY HARRIOT, Dowager Lady, Weymouth. Birmingham Apr 18. Taylor, Norwich

THOMPSON, FREDERICK, Wakefield, York, Corn Millers Engineer. TORRENTINE, GEORGE, Whitehaven, Cumberland, Builder. Apr 11. July 1. Harrison and Beaumont, Wakefield McKelvie, Whitehaven

THOMPSON, SAMUEL, Skipworth, York, Farmer. Apr 23. Phillips, VENABLES. "ROBERT, Walthamstow, Esses, Esq. Apr 30. Edell, York King st, Cheapside

TOOGOOD, WILLIAM, Mount st, Grosvenor sq. Glass Merchant. May WARD, JOHN, Wakefield, no occupation. Apr 16. Jackson, Malton 1. Holmes and Co, Arundel WARWICK, JANE, Scotby, nr Carlisle, Cumberland. Apr 22. Thorn WEST, THOMAS, Worcester, Gent. May 19. Gillam and Sons, Wor. burn, Carlisle

cester WILDE, EDWARD, Naimwood, Llandrinio, Montgomery, Farmer, WILD, THOMAS, Cold Eaton, Derby, Farmer. May 1. Holland and Apr 20. Davies, Oswestry

Rigby, Ashborne Wood, ROBERT, Winder, Cumberland, Mining Steward. Apr 11. WILLIAMSON, WILLIAM, Lower Norwood, Surrey, Gent. Apr 15. McKelvie, Whitehaven

Goodheart and Medcalf. Mincing lane *Young, WILLIAM, Chorlton on Medlock, Lancaster, Shipping Agent.

MARTHA, Leeds, Eating house Keeper. Apr 18. Mark March 31. Myers, Manchester

land and Davy, Leeds

[Gazette, Mar. 15.] WORTHINGTON, MARK, Bramhall, Chester, Farmer. April 20. ..ALDER, THOMAS, Wakefield, York, Esq. July 1. Harrison and Kearsley and Co, Manchester Beaumont, Wakefield

YOUNG, JANE, Fenton Wooler, Northumberland, Domestic Servant. BEADEL, SOPHIA, St Leonard's on Sea, Apr 18. Harrison and Co, May i. Gray, Berwick upon Tweed Lincoln's inn fields

[Gazette, Mar. 18.] LBECKET, JOHN, Heath, nr Wakefield, Esq. July 1. Harrison and Beaumont, Wakefield

ACRAMAX, ALFRED JOIX, Gratton road West. Kensington Park, Breaks, Thomas, Beal, Kellington, York. Farmer. Apr 30. Wood, Official Assignee. Apr 30. Baileys and Co, Berners st Pontefract

ANDERSON, MATTHEW, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne. May 1. Brett, MARY, St Leonard's on Sea. May 2. Harris and Godwin, Griffith and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne Moorgate st

Aston, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Manufacturing Jeweller. May 16. Brown, John Norman, Clifton, Bristol, Gent. Apr 30. Becken. Pointon, Birmingham ham, Bristol

BARROW, RICHARD, Newmarket St Mary, Suffolk, Veterinary Sur. CARTER, Rev JAMES, Bridekirk Vicarage, Cumberland. Apr 25. geon, Apr 30. Fenn, Newmarket Hayton and Simpson, Cockermouth

BIBBY, SARAH, Chester terrace, Regent's Park, Domestic Servant. Cousen, John, Holmesdale rd, South Norwood, Esq. May 1. Fraser, May 1. Leman and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Furnival's inn

BIGGS, ALFRED, Brighton, Gentleman, May 17. Poole, BartholoDALE, ALFRED, Leytonstone. Apr 30. King and Peto, Abchurch mew close lane

Biggs, CHARLES BENNETT, Brighton, of no occupation. May 17. Dawson, DANIEL, Rochdale, Lancaster, Silk Mercer. May 1. Tyrer Poole, Bartholomew close and Co, Liverpool

BLACKEO, WILLIAM, Lathom, Lancaster. June 15. Whitaker, LanEccLES, ANTHONY, Eyarth Hall, Denbigh, Esq. May 18. Collins caster pl, Strand and Co, Liverpool

BLAKELEY, LUKE, Soothill, Dewsbury, Rag Merchant. Apr 30. EDWARDSON, MARY ANN, Liverpool. Apr 26. Whitley and Co, Scholefield and Taylor, Batley. Liverpool

CARVER, FRANCIS, Langthorpe, York, Farmer. Apr 16. West, EDWARDSON, ROBERT CHARLES, Liverpool. Apr 26. Whitley and Thirsk Co, Liverpool

CHAMOT, ALEXANDRE Louis, Boltons, South Kensington, Merchant. FURNIVAL, JACOB, Royal Leamington Spa, Warwick, Esq. Apr 30. May 15. Munns and Longden, Old Jewry Southorn, Royal Leamington Spa

CLARKE, John, Peckham grove, Camberwell, Commercial TraFYLER, Rev SAMUEL Arnot, Cornhill, Northumberland. May 2. veller. Apr 28. Parkes, Queen Victoria street Jones, Durham

CONSTABLE, HENRY, Epsom, Surrey, Jockey. Apr 25. White, GOLDÁM, Rev RICHARD, Lee, Kent, Clerk. June 14. Duffield Epsom and Bruty, Tokenhouse For Leicester. May 1. Oliver and Sons,

DOHERTY, Rev JOHN, Turnham Green, Clerk, Apr 23. Biggin, Gordon, ELIZABETH, Oadby, Leicester. May 1, Oliver

Chancery lane Carey st

DORMAN, JOIN, Ashford, Kent, Tanner. Apr 30. Dorman, SandHAGGER, Francis, Warren st, Fitzroy sq. Apr 13. Smith and wich Wilmer, New sq

EDWARDS, ISAAC, Ebbw Vale, Monmouth, Beerhouse Keeper. May HAGGER, JAMES, Vinegar yard, St Giles South, Tallow Chandler. 1. Rice Harris, Tredegar Apr 18. Smith and Wilmer, New 80, Lincoln's inn fields

EDWARDS, MARY, Mostyn, Flint. May 31. Cope, Holywell HAGGER, JOSEPH, Brentford, Commercial Traveller. Apr 13. Smith FAWDINGTON, THOMAS, Gate Fulford, York, Glass Painter. May 2. and Wilmer, Lincoln's inn fields

Newton and Co, York HAGGER, LYDIA ELIZABETH, Warren st, Fitzroy sq. Apr 13. Smith HANGOOD, JAMES, Bristol, Gentleman, Apr 21. Wise, Bristol and Wilmer, New square, Lincoln's inn

Hudson, Rey FRANK, Blackdown Manor, nr Kenilworth, Warwick, HAGGER, SAMSON, Warren st, Fitzroy sq. Apr 13. Smith and Clerk. Apr 30. Heath and Blenkinsop, Warwick Wilmer, New sa, Lincoln's inn

HULL, THOMAS, Witton Gilbert, Durham, Builder. May 2. Proud, KALLSALL, DANIEL, Sutton, St Helen's, Lancaster, Provision Dealer, Bishop Auckland May 5. Thomas. St Helens

LOVE, HARRIET BLAGRAVE DEANE, Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. Apr HARRISON, CHARLES, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Gent. May 16. 17. Freeman and Bothamley, Queen street, Cheapside Griffiths, Cheltenham

MATIIAS, MARGARETTA LETITIA, Narberth, Pembroke. Mar 31. JAMES, FREDERICK, Clifton, Bristol, Merchant. Apr 30. Peters, Eaton and Co, Haverfordwest. Bristol

MCLEOD, WILLIAM, Kingston upon Hull, Joiner. June 1. Peach, JONES, ALEXANDER, Prince of Wales terrace, Kensington, Esq. Hull Apr 11. Boxall and Boxall, Chancery lane

METCALF, WILLIAM, Settrington, York, Farmer. Apr 22. Jackson, Jones, Evans, Durham rd, Upper Holloway, Carpenter. Apr 14. Malton Howard and Shelton, Threadneedle st

NASH, Joun, Reigate, Surrey, Gentleman. May 24. Head, KEENE, Rev CHARLES EDMUND Ruck, Swyncombe pk, Oxford, Reigate

Clerk. Apr 30. Thompson and Debenhams, Salters' Hall court, PAGE, ELIZABETH, Victoria square, Pimlico. Apr 20. Radcliffes Cannon st

and Co, Craven street, Charing cross KENYON, Thomas, Wilpshire, nr Blackburn, Innkeeper. Apr 16. PITSTOW, MARIA, Chelmsford, Essex. May 1. Albert Copland, Wilkinson, Blackburn

Chelmsford KERRISON, HENRY JAMES, Beccles, Suffolk, Gent. Apr 30. Fiske, Reason, Francis, Highworth, Wilts, Farmer. Apr 30. Kinneir Beccles

and Tombs, Swindon LUCAS, EDWARD. Kingston upon Hull, Gold and Silversmith, May 3. ROBINSON, Saint Peter, Huttoft, Lincoln, Farmer. May 15. Thorney, Hull

Bourne and Rhodes, Alford
MARKS, Joun, ('ilrhedyn, Carmarthen, Farmer. Apr 23. George, SCOFFHAM, JETHRO, Leomansley, Lichfield, retired Innkeeper.
Newcastle Emlyn

Apr 30. Barnes and Russell, Lichfield
MARSH, WILLIAM RANICAR, Parkfield Atherton, nr Manchester, SHERRIFF, GEORGE WASHINGTON, Streatham, Surrey,
Gent. Apr 30. Taylor and Sons, Bolton

Freeman and Bothamley, Queen street, Cheapside
Moss, HENRY, Ashton-juxta-Birmingham, Commercial Traveller. SMITI, JOSEPH, West Bromwich, Stafford, Farmer. May 30.
March 31. Lowe and Son, Birmingham

Caddick, West Bromwich OWEN, ROBERT, Clifton House, nr Rotherham, York, Gent. June | SMITH, WORDSWORTı, Rydal, Westmoreland, Esq. Apr 30. Sutton 29. Nicholson and Co, Wath, nr Rotherham

and Ommanney, Great Winchester street NORMAN, JOHN, Maryport, Cumberland, Gent. Apr 25. Hayton STEWART, WILLIAM GEORGE, Albion grove, Barnsbury, Gentleman. and Simpson, Cockermouth

May 18. Herbert, Vigo street, Regent street 'PascoE, HENRY, Torriano avenue, Camden rd, Gentleman. May | THOMAS, DANIEL, Ebbw Vale, Monmouth, Pauper Lunatic. May 1. 2. Watson, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane

Harris, Tredegar


THOMAS, JENKIN, Lisworney, nr Cowbridge, Glamorgan, Farmer.

Apr 20. Davies, Neath THOMAS, Rev Thomas ALFRED, Efenechtyd, Denbigh, Clerk. May

1. Lloyd and Roberts, Ruthin WELLS, JOSEPH, Sheffield, Silver Plater. Apr 16. Rodgers and

Co, Sheffield WHITEHOUSE, MARY, Alrewas, nr Lichfield, Stafford. Apr 30.

Barnes and Russell, Lichfield WICKS, EMILY, St Catharine's Plain, Norwich. June 1. Chittock

and Woods, Norwich WILSON, JOHN, Scotby, Cumberland, Farmer. Apr 30. Hodgson, Carlisle

Gazette, March 22.7


HOUSE OF LORDS. MARCH 24.-BILL IN COMMITTEE. India Office (Sale of Saperfluous Land).

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Crystal Palace, Oxford Police.


MARCH 26.-BILL READ A FIRST TIME. Consolidated Food (No. 2).

PRIVATE BILLS.-Allan's Estate, Cleveland Extension
Mineral Railway, Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoloshire
Railway (Additional Powers).
Consolidated Fand Bill (No 2) (also read a third time).

PRIVATE Bill.-Peparth, Solly, and Barry Railway.

MARCH 29.-ROYAL ASSENT. The Royal Assent was given by Commission to the following Bills : - Consolidated Fond (No. 2); Local Taxation Returns (Scotland); India Office (Sale of Saperfloons Land); Local Government Boards Provisional Orders Confirmation (Godalming, &c.); Combridge Uni. versity and Town Gag.

BILL READ A SECOND TIME. PRIVATE BILL.-Syncbronizing, Pneumatic, and Electric Company.


HOUSE OF COMMONS. MARCH 24.-BILLS IN COMMITTEE. Consolidated Fund (No. 2), Bill of Salo Aot Amendment.

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. PRIVATE BILLS. - Bingley Water and Improvement, Maidetone and Ashford Railway, Metropolitan District Railway, Ryton Local Board (Water), Seacombe, Hoylake, and Deeside Railway, Tyne Improvement.

MARCH 25.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. PRIVATE BILLS.- London, Chatham and Dover Railway (City and Suburban Traffic Station), London, Chatham, an Dover Railway (Farther Powers), London, Chatham, and Dover Railway (Maidstone and Faversham Junction).

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. Bill to appoiot Additional Commissioners for exeonting tbe Aots for granting a Land Tax and other Rates and Taxes (Mr. J. Holms).

MARCH 28.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. PRIVATE Bills.-- Brighton and Dyke Railway, Dudley and Oldbary Junction Railway, South London Tramwaye, West Lancashire Railway, Whitland and Cardigan Rail. way. Leases.

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. PRIVATE BILLS. —Burry Port and North-Western Junction Railway, Great Eastern and East Norfolk Railway Companies (New Title), Swindon and Cheltenham Extension Railway, Richmond Gas, Tuokton Bridge.

BILL READ A FIRST TIMÉ. Bill to amend the Agricultural Holdings Act, 1875 (Mr. 8. Hill).

MARCH 23.-BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. PRIVATE BILLs. —- Australian Agricultural Company, Fylde Water, Hancock's Patent, Hexbam Gas.


Metropolitan Open Spaces Act (1877) Amendment, Municipal Corporations Act (1859) Amendment.


LONDON.-HILARY SITTING, 1881. This list contains all actions entered in the Queen's Bench Division in which notice of trial has been given; and also all actions in the Chancery Division, in which notice has been given of trial before a judge and jury, up to and including 28th March, 1881.

The actions which have been entered but for various reasons are at present not ready for trial are omitted from this list. Such of them as become ready during the present sitting will be inserted as nearly as possible in their original positions.

LIST OF ACTIONS FOR TRIAL. 1 Borthwicks (Van Sandau and C) v Peacock (HF Ward) 2 Corbin (Gard, C and H) v Powis (Combe and w) 3 Pilaitch (L G'W Godden) v Dimbleby (Smith, Davies and Co) 4 Rawes (W Brewer) v Temple (G Lockyer) 5 Berla, Cotrim and Co (Norton, R and co) v E Pellas and Co

(Lowless and Co) SJ 6 Preston (Parker and Co) v The Cleveland Extension Mineral

Ry Co (Chappell, Sons and G) SJ 6a Sir John Pirie and Co (Same) v The Middle Dock Co (WA

Crump and Son) without jury 7 Lady Llanover (Freshfields and w) v Ebbw Vale Steel, &c, Co,

ld (Robinson, P and S) SJ 7a Lehmkuhl (RG Greening) v Blyth and Co Houghton and B) 8 Cooper (T Cooper and Co) v MCİlwraith and anr (Ingledew and

I) 9 Anderson (G and W Webb) v Brockelbank Shipping Co, la

(Kisch, son and H) 10 Irvine (Shum, C and Co) v Scrutton, Sons and Co (Nash and F)

SJ 11 Wingrove (Hilleary and T) v Tubbs and Lewis (Chapeli, W and

Co) SJ lla Harvey (W Bristow) v Willcox (CF B Birchall) 12 Wright and anr (J T Moss) v London and Śt Kath Dock Co

(W M Hacon) SJ 13 Britneff (Hollains, Son and C) v Kinloch and Co (J Knight) SJ 14 Sutton (Dalton and Jessett) v Gt Eastern Ry Co CA Curwoou) 15 Holliday (G and W Webb) v Same (Same) SJ 16 Mackintosh (C O Humphreys and s) v Stewart (Gedge and Co).

SJ 17 Bakewell (J Rae) v Geen (W Beck) 18 Tamblyn (A M Bradley) v The City Bank (Ingle, C and H) SJ 19 London and County Banking Co (Harries, W and R) v Card (E

Woodard) SJ pt hd 19a Keeble (WF Morris) v Whitworth (Ashurst, M, C and Co) 20 Raggio (Lowless and Co) v Norrington and Co (F Needham)

SJ 21 Weigel (W Beck) v Mountain (Simpson and P) SJ 22 Dubois and anr (Miller and M) v Bishop (Lawrance, P and B)

SJ 23 Peterborough Patent Brick and Tile Cold (A S Hatchett-Jones)

v Mills (Speechly and Co) SJ 24 Raffety (Tilleard, G and H) v North London Ry Co (Paines and

Co) SJ 25 Island City Savings Bank (Lyne and H) v Tully and anr

(Maples and Co) SJ 96 Weigel (W Beck) v Dyson (Wilson and Son 27 Eisler (T Blair) y Bennet (White, B and W) 28 Schneider (W Beck) v Ghioucas (W St Aubyn) 29 Pellison, Pere and Co (L Barnett) v Marsh and Meyers (JA:

Hales ; Kent and K) 30 Hutchinson (Tatham, Oblein and N) v The Army and Navy:

Provision Market, ld (Birch and K) SJ 31 Batty (J E Carter) v Clever (G R Dodd) 32 Brown and anr (Ellis and Crossfield) v Marsh and anr (Ken

and K) 33 Bartling' (Simpson and C) v Bartlett (Watson, Son and R) 34 With and anr (Ingledew and I) v Luff (BH Van Tromp) 35 Oliver and anr (Keene, M and B) v Dudin (Farnfields) 36 Stenning (Lowless and Co) v Kressman (Hollams, Son and C)

SJ 37 Porcas (Farnfields) v Hawthorn (Keene, M and B) 38 Phillips and anr (Johnsons, Upton and Co) v Savary, Young

and Co (E Andrew) SJ 39 Clarkson (F Bradley) v North London Ry Co (Paines and Co) 40 Hayward (J Hayward) v Holloway and anr (Robinson, P and

S; Paddison, Son and T) 41 Leveaux (E Dow and Co) v Bertram (Ellis and Crossfield) 42 Dyball (TG Bullen) v Campbell (Lewin and Co) SJ 43 Lown and Sons (R H Ward) v Bindoff and Co (J F Nutt and

Co) 44 Evans (Learoyd and Co) v North Met Tram Co (HC Godfray

SJ 45 Colquhoun (G Clark) v Puleston and anr (Freshfields and W

Sj 46 Gladstone (Simpson and C) v Broads, Paterson and May (Link

laters) SJ 47 Cavell and Wife (J T Moss) v London Tram Co (

HC Godfray) SJ 48 Foy and ors (J and R Gole) v Braid and anr (J Nicholls) 49 George (W Rawlins) v Dobson (JE Betts) 50 Kesterton (Dubois and R) v Lloyd's Banking Co, ld (Wragg, E

and Co) 51 Western Australia Guano Co and ors (R Greening) v Jenkins

and ors (Norris, Allens and Co) SJ 52 Searle (Woodfin and W) v Palmer (Freeman an 53 Thompson (J Rae) v Hall (Carr, Son and T) 54 Townley († Boníton) v North Metropolitan Tram Co (H

Godfray) SJ 55 Fardell (W R Preston) v Same (Same)

- 56 Watson and anr (Wolferstan, А and J) v Barker (J R Greening) 57 Clarke (F Eastwood) v The Incorporated Society of Licensed

Victuallers (H J and T Child) .58 Westrope (Hollams, Son and C) v Olorenshaw (T W Palmer) 59 Hansen (Billing and K) v Pecego (Hollams, Son and C) SJ 60 Casey (J Neal) v Young, Ehlers and Co (Flux, Slade and Co) 61 Ryman (WF Morris) y Palmer (E Sweeting) 62 Nolf (W Eley) v Garden (Pawle and Co) 63 Fulwood (Dollman and P) v Umfreville (JT Moss) 64 Barrow (H Montagu) v Phillips (Bellamy and Co) 65 Matthiason (Podmore and H) v Reid (Layton and J) SJ 66 Miles, admx (Bristow and S) y Scammell (Randall and A) 67 Templeman, by next Friend (G Rose Innes and Son) y Fair.

clough and Son (Stones, Mand S) SJ 09 Hamel (Edwd Lee) v Pratt (Lumley and L) 69 Lake (A E Francis) v Millward (E W Owles) 70 Johnson (G and W Webb) v Commercial Union Assnce Co and

ors (Hollams, Son and C) SJ 71 Apfel (J J Hutchinson) v Koenigswerther (J Seeley) 72 Robbins (W H Cannon) v Metropolitan Ry Co (Burchells) 73 Fortesche (G and W Webb) v Stephens (8 Whitehead) 74 Evans (Montagu) v Beddall (Mercer and M) SJ 75 Foster (AL Antill) v Ward (Griffin and Q) 76 Howell and Co (Bell, Brodrick and G) v Hogland and ors

(Ingle, C and H; Cunliffe, B and D) S 77 Levy (Podmore and H) v Israel (J M Green) 78 London and County Advance, &c, Co, limd (Same) v Dainton

(Sole, T and K) 79 Dollar (W T Boydell) v Webster (W Rawlins) SJ 80 Savary, Young and Co (E Andrew) v John Spencer and Sons

(Gregory, R and Co) SJ 81 Schaaning and ors (Plews, I and H) v Bennett Bros (Stocken

and J) 2 Christopher and ors, exors (J W Smart) v United Kingdom

Electric Telegraph Co (Munds and L) SJ 83 Weddell (Weeks and Son) v North Metropolitan Tram Co (HC

Godfray) SJ 84 Hoare and anr (Hyde, T and M) v Hindley (W A Downing) SJ 85 Boorman (Lindsay, Mason and G) v Childs (F G Cordwell) 86 Louney (WE Teather) v Walker (Farnfields) 87 Howard (Surr, G and B) v Thompson (J and E Scott and o

(To be continued.)


FRIDAY, March 25, 1881,

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London.
Avenell, Alfred James, Plough st, Commercial rd, Packing Case

Maker. Pet Mar 22. Murrry. Apr 8 at 11.30 Penstone, Joseph, St John's rd, Hoxton, Grocer. Pet Mar 23. Brougham, Apr 6 at 12.30

To Surrender in the Country. Chinn, Charles, Coventry, Eating house Keeper. Pet Mar 21.

Kirby. Coventry, Apr 6 at 2 Drummond, George, Bradford, York, Stuff Manufacturer. Pet Mar

21. Lee. Bradford, Apr 8 at 12 Gibson, William, Sheffield, Boot Maker. Pet Mar 21. Rodgers.

Sheffield, Apr 6 at 1.30 Gough, Richard, Pershore, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Pet Mar

21. Beale. Worcester, Apr 6 at 11 Kenyon, James Henry Turnor, Ashborne, Derby, Veterinary Sur. • geon. Pet Mar 22. Hubbersty. Burton-on-Trent, Apr 6 at 1.30 Smith, James, Bromyard, Hereford, Grocer. Pet Mar 21. Beale.

Worcester, Apr 8 at 10.30 Southam, Thomas William, Oldham, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler.

Pet Mar 21. Tweedale. Oldham, Apr 6 at 11 Stokes, John, Worcester, Builder. Pet Mar 21. Beale. Worcester, Apr 6 at 3

TUESDAY, Mar. 29, 1881.

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London, Chase, Joseph, Woodford, Essex, Builder, Pet Mar 28. Murray.

Apr 8 at 11 Phillips, Samuel, Grosvenor mansions, Victoria st, of no occupation,

Pet Mar 24. Hazlitt. Apr 13 at 11 Thornton, William Western, Lime st, Tea Merchant. Pet Mar 25.

Pepys. Apr 13 at 11.30 Walton, Augustus, Old Kent rd, Auctioneer. Pet Mar 25. Pepys. Apr 13 at 12

To Surrender in the Country Dunn, Robert, North Shields, out of business. Pet Mar 26. Ingle

dew. Newcastle, Apr 11 at 11 Gibson, William, Knaresborough, York, Innkeeper. Pet Mar 25.

Perkins. York, Apr 11 at 11 Jenkins, Edward, Govtre, Monmouth, Farmer. Pet Mar 25. Davis.

Newport, Apr 11 at 11 Marchant,' William, Hythe, Kent, Coal Merchant. Pet Mar 25.

Furley. Canterbury, Apr 22 at 12 Rees, David, Swansea, Ironmonger. Pet Mar 25. Jones. Swansea,

Apr 9 at 11 Sears, James Cavford, Greenwich, Milk Dealer. Pet Mar 25. Pitt

Taylor, Greenwich, Apr 12 at 1 Skelton, Joseph, Carlisle, Builder. Pet Mar 24. Halton, Carlisle,

Apr 12 at 3 Sparks, Francis William, Addlestone, Surrey, Wine Merchant. Pet

Mar 25. Bell, Kingston, Apr 25 at 4 Youngs, William, Worlingworth, Suffolk. Pet Mar 23. Grimsey.

Ipswich, Apr 12 at 11


FRIDAY, Mar. 25, 1881. Chilton, A T , New Basinghall st, Tie Manufacturer. Mar 17 Penney, Charles Gregory, High Holborn, Glass Cutter. Mar 22

TUESDAY, Mar. 29, 1881.
Moorhead, Robert A , Newgate st, Commission Agent. Mar 22

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FRIDAY, March 25, 1881.
Abson, Thomas, Barnsley, Butcher. April 5 at 3 at offices of Gray,

Eastgate, Barnsley Allchin, William Thomas, Chigwell, Essex, Grocer. April 13 at 3 at

offices of Cook and Smith, Adelaide bldgs, London Bridge. Duf.

field and Bruty, Tokenhouse yd Allen, Walter Harris, Winterborne Abbas, Dorset, Draper. April 7

at 3 at offices of Lock, High West st, Dorchester Baker, Henry John, Birmingham, Solicitor's Clerk. April 7 at 3 at

offices of Duke, Temple row, Birmingham Ball, Catherine, Ailesworth, Northampton, Coal Merchant. April 8

at 11 at Angel Hotel, Peterborough. Hart Bedford, Arthur Charles, Wolverhampton, Builder, April 7 at 11 at

offices of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton Bevan, William, Cwmtwrch, Brecon, Grocer. April 8 at 12 at office

of Leyson and Jones, Fisher st, Swansea Bibby, Lloyd, Liverpool, Boot Manufacturer. April 4 at 2 at offices

of Fildes, North John st, Liverpool Blake, William, Snapethorpe, nr' Wakefield, Farmer. April 7 at 3

at offices of Marsden and Co. Westgate, Wakefield Boam, Joseph, Stainford, Lineoln, Coal Merchant. April 13 at 2 at

offices of Wykes and Co, Friar lane, Leicester Boston, James, Stoke-upon-Trent, Stafford, Builder. April 6 at 11

at offices of Griffith, Lad lane, Newcastle-under-Lyme Bradshaw, James, Lower Ince, nr Wigan, Lancaster, Brickmaker,

Apr 7 at 11 at offices of Johnson, Newsham bldgs, King st, Wigan Bramall, John, Alsewas, nr Lichfield, Carpenter. Apr 11 at 11 at

offices of Stanley, Bridge st, Walsall Branson, Thomas, Buckingham, Farmer. Apr 2 at 12 at offices of

Loche, St Giles st, Northampton Brown, Frank, Roughton, Norfolk, Farmer. Apr 2 at 11 at offices of

Stanley, Bank Plain, Norwich Brown, William Henry, Luton, Kent, Coal Merchant. Apr 4 at 3

at the King's Head Hotel, High st, Rochester, Shakespeare,

Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane Bruce, Frank, Heckmondwike, York, Carrier. Apr 8 at 3 at offices

of Sykes, Heckmondwike Bull, Richard, Carlisle, Grocer. Apr 11 at 3 at the Lion and Lamb

Hotel, Scotch st, Carlisle. Wannop, Carlisle Burland, Charles, Manchester, Merchant. Apr 8 at 3 at offices of

Earle and Co, Brown st, Manchester Campkin, Joseph Stockbridge, and Walter Charles Campkin, Mel.

bourn, Cambridge, Grocers. Apr 11 at 12 at 115, Cheapside.

Nash, Royston Carter, Richard Thomas, Blackstone road, London Fields, Builder.

Apr 8 at 2 at offices of Beall, Queen Victoria st Castle John, jun, Worksop, Nottingham, Coach Builder. Apr 8 at

3 at the Corn Exchange, Worksop, Whall Cawsey, Charles, Northam, Devon, Butcher. Apr 6 at 12 at offices

of Rooker and Bazely, Bridgland st, BidefordChadwick, Wright Skippon, Park st, Islington, Machinist. April 4

at 390, City rd, Islington. Popham, Vincent ter, Islington Childs, Samuel, Bath, Fruiterer. April 5 at 11 at Christopher Hotel,

Market pl, Bath, Bartrum and Bartlett Crank, Charles, jun, Shrewsbury, Salop, Grocer. April 8 at 12 at

Crown Hotel, Shrewsbury Cull, Thomas, Cheltenham, Plumber. April 7 at 3 at offices of Pruen

Regent st, Cheltenham Cunliffe, William, Rochdale, Grocer. April 11 at 3 at offices of

Jackson, Lower gates, Rochdale Curtis, George Henry, Gloucester, Steam Tug Agent. April 8 at 3

at Bell Hotel, Gloucester. Taynton and Sons, Gloucester Dicks, Alfred, Wolverhampton, Draper. April 12 at 2 at Great

Western Hotel, Monmouth st, Birmingham, Willcock, Wolver.

hampton Dixon, William, Horncastle, Lincoln, Butcher. April 5 at 12 at Corn

Exchange Hall, Horncastle. Tweed, Horncastle Eley, Samuel, Derby, Baker. April 11 at 3 at 7, Corn Market, Derby,

Close, Derby Eva, James Richard, and Frederick William Eva, Penzance, House

Decorators. April 7 at 11 at offices of Trythall and Bodilly, Clar

ence st, Penzance Fletcher, "Joshua, Crowland, Lincoln, Farmer. April 6 at 12 at White

Lion Hotel, Spalding. Calthrop, Spalding Foulkes, Thomas, Mold, Flint, Builder. April 2 at 2 at the Albion

Hotel, Railway Station, Chester. Roper, Mold Gambold, John, Dowlais, Glamorgan, Outfitter. April 7 at 12 at the

Merchants' Association, 39, Broad st, Bristol, James and Co,

Merthyr Tydfil Gillard, James, Bridgwater, Somerset, CoachbuilderApril 6 at I

at the Talbot Hotel, Victoria st, Bristol. Boulting, Bridgwater Gittings, John, Oldbury, Worcester, Ironmaster. April 7 at 2 at

the Queen's Hotel, Stephenson pl, Birmingham. Shakespeare,

Oldbury Golby, George, Cropredy, Oxford, Coal Merchant. April 8 at 11 at

the White Lion Hotel, Banbury. Aplin, Banbury Greenwood, Ebenezer, Tudor rd, Hackney. Brush Manufacturer.

April 2 at 10 at offices of Hughes and Co, 19, Leicester sq Greenwood, Joseph, Barnsley, York, Beerhouse Keeper. April 13

at 4 at offices of Rideal, Chronicle chmbrs, Barnsley Grimes, James. Leicester, out of business. April 7 at 12 at offices of

Hunter and Curtis, 13, Halford st, Leicester Gunning, William Hooper, Brighton, Fancy Dealer. April 6 at 12 at offices of Edmonds and Co, 98, Cheapside, Lamb and Evett, Brighton

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