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wants an extension of time. He gets nn order almost as a 1 -matter of course. The costs fall on the ultimately losing yarty. If the solicitor had to pay down 10s. or 20s. as the ■ costs of his convenience, he would hare managed to do without it.

Thirdly, it would be necessary to abrogate the present "rules of taxation. A master is bound by the practice. For instance, suppose in a certain class of case two counsel are allowed. The master must allow them in such a c ase, or a judge will set aside his taxation. If the judge refused, the I Divisional Court wonld; if that refused, then the Court of Appeal, or, finally, the House of Lords. In other words, though, as I believe, the courts could by general agreement and rules alter the prpctice, no particular master, or judge, or court can.

Perhaps, indeed, an Act of Parliament would be neces

- sary; certainly it would be expedient. There are other matters—for instance, the having of two counsel in a trumpery case for a few pounds. This ought not to be; yet .no one can stop it. But my present object is not to go into

- details, but to point out what I think defects of system.


Order Of Court.
Wednesday, the 2nd day of March, 1881.

Whereas, it Las been represented to me that the state of Tiealth of the Hon. the Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard Malins is such as temporarily to prevent his sitting in court or in chambers, for hearing and determining causes and matters ■which have been assigned to, and are now pending in, his court, I, the Right Hon. Roundell, Baron Selborne, Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, do therefore order, th it all causes and matters which have been assigned to and are now pending before the Hon, the Vice-Chancellor Sir Richard Malins, be for all purposes transferred, until further order, to the Hon. Sir Edwnrd Fry, one of the judges of the Supreme Court attached to the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice, to be heard and disposed of by him so far and to such extent as he shall consider necessary or expedient. And this order is to be drawn up by the registrar, and set up in the several offices of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice. Selborne, C.

With the exception of short causes, which will be taken ■each week, Mr. Justice Fry will not try or hear on motion for judgment, or further consideration, any of the causes transferred under the order of court of the 2nd of March, 1881, until further order or on special application to be made to him in urgent cases.

His lordship will hear motions, short causes, petitions, and adjourned summonses on Friday and Saturday in each week. H. Latham, Registrar.

3rd March, 1881.


By an Order in Council, which oame into force on the 26th of February, 1881, the three common law divisions were consolidated into one, to be called the Queen's Bench. And it was further ordered that all pending proceedings of every kind '* he continued, carried on, and completed in the Queen's Bench Division." In accordance with the above order, solicitors are requested to alter the title of such proceedings as have been commenced in the Common Pleas or Exchequer as follows:—"In the High Court of Justice, Queen's Bench Division.—Wrii issued in the Common Pleas or Exchequer Division."

FEB. 25.—BILLS READ A SRCOND TIME. Private Bills.—Bray Township, Copland's Patent

BILLS READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bill.—Hylton, Southwick, and Monkwearmouta Railway. S ulici tors' Remuneration.

FEB. 28.—BILL READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bill.—Hancock's Patent.

MARCH 1.—BILL READ A THIRD TIME. Private Bill.—Australian Agricultural Company.

MARCH 2.—ROYAL ASSENT. The Royal Assent was given to the Protection of Person and Property (Ireland) Bill.

HOUSE OF COMMONS. FEB. 24.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. Private Bills.—Potteries, Shrewsbury, and North Wales Railway, Southwark and Deptford Tramways.

FEB. 25.—BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Blind and Deaf Mute Children.

FEB. 28.—BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. Private Bills.—Cheshire Lines Committee, Glencaira Railway, Great Northern Railway, Lea-bridge, Leyton, and Walthamstow Tramways, London and North-Western and Midland Railways (Market Harborough, &c), London and North-Western Railway (Additional Powers), London and North-Western Railway (New Railways), London and NorthWestern Railway (Rickmnnsworth, Amersham,and Chesham Railways), Midland Railway, Watford and Ricktranswortb. Railway, Bridgwater Riilway.

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. Bill to alter and amend the Law with regard to the Regis* tration of Marriages (Mr. Blennerliasset).

MARCH 1.—BILL READ A SECOND TIME. India Office (Sale of Superfluous Land).

MARCH 2.—BILL READ A SECOND TIME. Exemption from Distress.


Private Bill.—Green's Patent.


On the 28th ult., says the Daily Chronicle, at the Bowstreet Police-court, a solicitor named John Pattenden Biggenden, of 2, Wellington-place, Liverpool-road, Islington, and James Hattersley, of 37, Well-street, Hackney, solicitor's clerk, were charged with feloniously forging a receipt for the payment of £87 9i. 8d., with intent to defraud, and with being accessories to the personating of a certain person, one Frederick Thomas Day, with intent to obtain a cheque for the payment of £87 9s. 8d. Frederick Thomas Day, publican, deposed that he became acquainted with Hattersley about nine years ago. Witness knew he was in the "law line," and witness intrusted him with gome county court business in 1876. He also in'rusted him with an action in a superior court.' In 1877 ohancery proceedings were commenced, and witness employed Hattersley, and from time to time paid him various sums of money for costs, but had never received any bill. On August 5, 1879, an order for £87 9j. 8d. was made, and subsequently witness pressed Hattersley to obtain the money for him. In consequence of a conversation he had with a clerk in Bipgenden's office, witness called to see Hattersley, and asked him how his case was getting on. He replied, "All right." Witness said he believed he (prisoner) had received the money. He replied, "I cannot get it without you." Witness said, " But I have been told that you have got it." He, however, still denied it, and witness threatened to see further into it. S nne few days afterwards he called on Hattersley again and pressed for payment. He said he had not received it. Witness called again about a week afterwards and told him he had ascertained that the money had beeu received, and that someone must have forged his name. In December witness went to the Pay Office, and for the first time s iw the forged signatures. Mr. Andrew Henry Joyes, clerk to the Chancery Pay Office, produced the book of payments for November, 1879, and proved handing the cheque to a person representing himself to be Frederick Thomas Day. That person signed the receipt in the book, and John Pattenden Biggenden identified, him as Pay. Mr. Rawlinson Wallers, Bank of England clerk at the new Law Courts, cashed the cheque, and gave in payment six £10 notes and four £5 notes. Sir. Reed, chief clerk in the London and County Bank, Hackney, proved the payment of these notes by Hattersley into his account at the hank. The case was then remanded.

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. March 9.—Messrs. Emvisr Fox & Bousfibld, at the Mart, at 2 p.m., New River Shares (see advertisement, February 19,

p. 5).

Msrch 10.—Messrs. C. C. & T. Moore, at the Mart, at 1 for 2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Estates (see advertisement, this week, p. 6).

Attention is directed to a Dew assurance corporation, called into existence by the Employers' Liability Act, 1880, which came into operation the let of January this year. The object of this corporation is to enable employers to protect themselves by means of iusuranoe against the liability imposed upon them by the new Act, by which employers of labour of every description are held liable to make compensation for personal injuries suffered by workmen in their service from any of the causes specified by the statute. The establishment of this oompany will enable employers to dispense with the neoessity of endeavouring to arrange with their workmen to contract themselves out of the Act, and, by offering insurance facilities to both masterB and men, will solve a question whioh has already caused a certain amount of ill-feeling between them. The oompany starts under most favourable ciroumetanoes. The directors are gentlemen of great commercial experienoe and beads of large meroantile firms.


Ban urn Hi.

Fkiday, Feb. 25, 1881. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Harley, Alexander, Gloucester rd. Pot Feb 23. Brougham. March 15 at 11

Kraft, Michael, Roval Mint st, Tower hill, Baker. Pet Nov 4. Haz

litt. March 0 at 12.30 Luscomlje, (* P , Chcnpsidc, Commission Agent. Pet Feb 22.

Hazlitt. March 9 at 12.30

To Surrender in the Country. Armstrong, George White, Cardiff, AVagon Builder. Pet Feb 21.

Langley. Cardiff, March 8 at 11 Brittain, Henry, Jun, Birmingham, General Merchant. Pet Feb 22.

Cole. Birmingham, March 17 at 2 Ellis, Daniel, Longtown, Hereford, Farmer. Pet Feb 21. Shcppard.

Tredegar, March 9 at 12 Gothorp, James, Spofforth, York, Farmer. Pet Feb 21. Perkins.

York, March 9 at 12 Graham, John, and John "William Lake, Beeston, nr Leeds, Millers.

Pet Feb 23. Marshall. Leeds, March 23 at 11 Hammond, James, Highway Supply Stores, Enfield, Grocer. Feb

Feb 22. Pulley. Edmonton, March 18 at 12 Harms worth, George Henry, Victoria rd, Surbiton hill, Wine Merchant. Pet Feb 21. Bell. Kingston, March 10 at 3 Smaller, Herbert, John, Stroud, Gloucester, Tobacconist. Pet Feb

23. Biddiford. Gloucester, March 12 at 2 Waller, Robert Ashton, Westhorpe, Suffolk, Farmer, ret Feb 23.

Collins. Bury St Edmunds, March 9 at 12

Tdeshat, Mar. 1,1881.
Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.
To Surrender in London.
Bice, William Howard, Derby villas, East Dulwich, Builder. Pet

Feb 24. Hazlitt. March 10 at 11

To Surrender in the Conntry. Cooper, James Cuthbcrt, Newcaatlc-upon-Tyno, Chemical Merchant.

Pet Feb 24. Daggett. Newcastle, Mar 11 at 11 Fan.hill, Robert, Batlcy, York, Butcher. Pet Feb 2t. Nelson.

Dewgbury, Mar 17 at 3 Griffith*, Hugh, and John Davics, Liverpool, Painters. Pet Feb 25.

Cooper. Liverpool, Mar 14 at 12 Gnffiths, John, Lampeter, Cardigan, Corn Merchant. Pet Feb 25.

Lloyd. Carmarthen, Mar 17 at 12 Marsden, James Thomas, Burnley, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturer.

Pet Feb 24. Hartley. Burnley, Mar 17 at 3.30 Price, Thomas, Kinlet, Salop, Farmer. Pet Feb 2*. Talbot. Kidderminster, Mar 10 at 12 gnmerset, William, Lydncy, Gloucester, Clerk in Holy Orders. Pet

Feb 25. Davis. Newport, Mar 14 at 12

Friday, Feb. 25,1881.
Cobb, Michael Miles, Stowmarket, Suffolk, Innkeeper. Feb 23
Liquidations by Arrangement.
Friday, Feb. 25, 1881.

Amsden, Alliert, Moore Park terrace, Fulhara, Linen Draper. March

8 at 3 at offices of Crump, Budge row Ardley, Philip, Enfield Town, Farrier. March 7 at 3 at offices of

Christmas, Walbrook Aahfonl, Walter, Ipswich, Grocer. March 16 nt 2 at offices of.

Pollard, St Lawrence st, Ipswich Barrett, Edmund, Leeds, Fishmonger. March 9 at 3 at offices of

Dunn and French, East parade, Leeds Bayliss, Thomas Henry, Roseville, Coseley, Stafford, Grocer. March.

11 at 11 at offices of Fellows, Priory st, Dudley Benson, James George, Liverpool, Boot and Shoe Maker. March 9 1

at 2.30 at offices of Lumb, Moorfields, Liverpool Bentley, Jeremiah Hunter, Darley Dale, Derby, Innkeeper. March ■

10 at 3 at offices of Goodwin, Bakewell

Bland, Henry, Scarborough, York, Chemist. March 7 at 3 at offices.

of Richardson, Queen st, Scarborough Brooks, George,.jun, High st, Stratford, out of business. March 18 at

3 at Swan Hotel, Stratford. Atkinsou, Stratford Buhhsh, Peer, Russell sq, Dealer in Precious Stones. March 17 at 3

at Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Lewis and Lewis, Ely plr


Bush, John, East st, Walworth, Provision Dealer. March 10 at 3 at

offices of Fowler and Co, Borough High st, Southwark Candy, William, Cheltenham, Umbrella Maker. March 14 at 11 at

offices of Stroud, Clarence parade, Cheltenham Chadwick, John, Rochdale, Lancaster, Woollen Manufacturer.

March 10 at 3 at offices of Molesworth, Central chmbrs, the Walk,


Cohen, Nathaniel, Well st, WThitechapel, Tobacconist. March 8 at

11 at offices of Sydney, Queen st, Cheapside

Cole, Thomas, Anerley, Surrey, Upholsterers* Manager. March 9 at 3 at offices of Pcarce and Co, Chancery lane. Watson, Southampton bldgs

Currio, John, Manchester, Costume Maker. March 11 at 3 at the Cannon st Hotel, Cannon st. Robinson Walker, Manchester

Dade, Daniel Henry, New Church st, Bermondsey, Merchant. March

10 at 3 nt offices of Terrell, Lombard st

Dean, Henry, Cornwall, Innkeeper. March 10 at 3 at offices of

Nicholls, Bank st, St Columb Delarue, Walter, Brighton, Grocer. March 7 at 3 at offices of Lamb

and Evctt, Ship st, Brighton Dickin, Thomas, Blythebury, Shifnal, Salop, Former, March 10

at 3 at offices of Young, Station rd, Wellington. Phillips and Co,


Dixon, George Edward, Birmingham, Commission Agent, March 17

at 3 at offices of Wells, Paternoster row Dovo, George Thomas, Manilla st, Millwall, Shipwright. March 17"

at 2 at offices of S mailman, Queen st, Chenpside Downs, Francis, Claypole, Lincoln, Farmer. March 10 at 12 at

Saracen's Head Hotel, Newark. Brittle, Nottingham Ellis, Walter, Boxford, Suffolk, Plumber. March 11 at 11 at offices

of Goody and Son, North hill, Colchester Ellison, Thomas, Manchester, Decorator. March 15 at 3 at offices of

Hankinson, Manchester Evans, Henry Griffiths, East Ham, Essex, Stono Mason. March 10

at 2 at offices of Richardson, liucklersbury Evans, James, Barnslcy, Grcccr. March 11 at 11 at offices o£

Parker and Hickmott, Regent st, Barnsloy Fallows, George, Stoke-npon-Trent, Stafford/Fruiterer. March 7 at

11.30 at offices of Tennant and Co, Cheapsidc, Hanlo;? Fellows, James Henry, Aston, Birmingham, out of business. March

9 at 3 at offices nf Wright and Marshall, New st, Birmingham Flatt, Herbert Gardiner, Confidence Metal Works, Bow common.

Metal Smelter. March 10 at 3 at offices of Wells, Paternoster row Gardner, George, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grocer. March 9 at 3 at

offices of Stanford, Collingwnod st, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Gilbert, William Henry, Groveland, Tipton, Stafford, Beer Retailer.

Mar 10 at 11 at offices of Forrest, Church st, Oldbury Green, Richard, Everton, Liverpool, Master Mariner. Mar 15 at2 at

offices of Fowler, South Castle st, Liverpool Hargrcavcs, William, Manchester, Restaurant Proprietor. Mar 16

at 2 at the Mosley Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester. Chew and Sons,


Haskins, Georgo White, Banner st, St Luke's, Window Blind Manufacturer. Mar 7 at 4 at offices of Canwarden. Old Jewry

Hammings, Henry, Bristol, Builder. Mar 9 at 2 at offices of Hobbs, Clare st, Bristol

Hill, Alfred, Nowport, Monmouth, Eating house keeper. Mar 15 at

11 at offices of Parker, Commercial st, Newport

Hill. Moses, Netherton, Worcester, Boat Stcerer. Mar 11 at 11 at

offices of Clulow, High st, Brierlcy Hill Hollins, Joseph, York, Law Stationer. Mar 9 at 2 at offices of Cobb,

Blake st, York

Howard, Thomas, Lewisham, Kent, Builder. Mar 17 at 1 at tho

Metropolitan Hotel, South place, Finsbury Hubbard, Stephen, Norwich, Tailor. Mar 7 at 12 at offices of Bavin

and Davncs, Exchange st, Norwich Hughes, William, Rattray rd, Brixton, Poultry Salesman. Mar 18

at 11 nt Ridler's Hotel, Holborn Hunt, Henry, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Farmer. Mar 8 at 3 at offices of

Fardell, Cambrian House Offices, Market Bt, Rydo Ingram, John, Oakham, Rutland, of no occupation. March 10 at ID

ut offices of Stapleton, St Paul's street, Stamford 'Inwood, George, Worcester, Milkman. March 11 at 3 at offices of

IStallard and Son, Pierpoint st, Worcester Irish, William, Bromsgrove, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. March 10 at 12 at offices of Corbett, Avenuo House, Tho Cross, Worcester

James, John, Wolves Newton, Monmouth, Farm Bailiff. March 10 at 12 at offices of Haines, Westgate chambers, Berkeley Bt, Gloucester

James, John, Brockley, Kent, Builder. March 8 at 3 at 140, High at,

Deptford. Marchant and Co, George yd, Lombard st Jamieson, William, Gorleston, Suffolk, Smack Owner. March 12 at

12 at offices of Clarke, Regent st, Gt Yarmouth Jones, Esau, Brecon, Grocer. March 8 at 2 at offices of Bishop,

Wheat st, Brecon Jones, William, West Bromwich, Stafford, Coal Dealer. March 10

at 12 at offices of Wright and Co, Oldbury Keatloy, Luke, Kenilworth, Warwick, Tailor. March 14 at 11 at

offices of Sanderson, Church st, Warwick Kcighley, John, Calverley, York, Grocer. March 8 at 3 at offices of

Turner and Hewson, Park sq, Leeds Leins, Louis Augustus, Ave Maria lane, Dressing Case Manufacturer. March 15 at 2 at offices of Lickorish, Queen Victoria st Lemon, Aquila, Dartford, Kent, Licensed Victualler. March 10 at 3

at Bull Hotel, Dartford. Mitchell, Gravesend Levy, Henry Philip, Cardiff, Schoolmaster. March 8 at 11 at offices

of Morris and Son, High st, Cardiff Leyland, Thomas, Beswick, nr Manchester, Grocer. Ma rch 0 at 3 at

offices of Harwood, Cross st, Manchester Ludgate, Joseph, Fifield, Berks, no occupation. March 10 at 2 at

offices of Paul, High st, Maidenhead Marsdon, George, Manchester, Grocer. March 15 at 2 at offices of

Chew and Sons, Swan st, Manchester McBryde, James Paton, Liverpool, Tallow Chandler. March 10 at 3

at offices of Lupton, Sweeting st, Liverpool Mickleburgh, John, Hendomen, Montgomery, Land Agent. March

11 at 12.30 at Dragon Hotel, Montgomery. Bassett, Shrewsbury Morley, John, Leeds, Milkman. March 9 at 3 at offices of Pilling and

Co, Queen Anne bldgs, New Briggate, Leeds. Wells, Leeds Morrison, Betsy, Goldhawk rd, Shepherd's Bush, Plumber. March

7 at 11 at offices of Preston, Mark lane

Mosdell, Henry William, Salisbury. Clothier. March 10 at 1 at Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Nodder and Gater

Mujjgleton, James, Twyford, Leicester, Innkeeper. March 10 at 10.30 at offices of Barker, Sherard st, Melton Mowbray

Mulloy. John, Liverpool, Builder. March 15 at 2 at offices of Lyon and Reynolds, Old Castle bldgs, Preeson's row, Liverpool

Nelson, William, Langford, Bedford, Market Gardener. March 11 at 2 at Swan Hotel, Biggleswade. Conquest and Clare, Bedford

Newman, George, Nether Compton, Dorset, Pig Dealer. March 10 at 3 at offices of Davies, the Abbey, Sherborne

Newton, Thomas Edward, Loughborough, Leicester, Hosiery Manufacturer. March 11 at 12 at offices of Clifford, Church gate, Loughborough

Nobbs, Charles William, Aldermanbury, Basket Importer. March

12 at 12 at offices of Greening, Fenchurch st

Oaten, Thomas Yelverton, Bristol, Hosier. March 4 at 11 at offices

of Nurse, Corn st, Bristol Painter, Rachel, Westbourne Park ter, Paddington, Milk Contractor.

March 11 at 2 at offices of Brown, Basinghall st Palmer, Abel Jones, Landport, Hants, Outfitter. March 11 at 12 at

offices of Edmonds and Co, Cheapside. Cousins and Burbidge,


Parker, William Posford, Northampton, Carpenter. March 8 at 3 at

offices of Becke, Derngate Pellatt, Joseph, Goldhawk rd, Shepherd's Bush, Boot Maker. March

14 at 2 at Law Institute, Chancery lane. Daniel, Bedford row Phillips, George, Bourn, Lincoln, Farmer. March 14 at 11 at Angel

Hotel, Bourn. Atterand Brown, Peterborough Pilcher, George, Leicester, Licensed Victualler. March 11 at 3 at

offices of Loseby and Battiscombe, Market pi, Leicester Reeves, John, Manchester, Estate Agent. March 15 at 3 at offices

of Boote and Edgar, Booth st, Manchester Roberts, William, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Licensed Victualler. March

8 at 11 at 31, Stepney st, Llanelly. Howell

Rolls, Richard, Weymouth, Dorset, Boot Maker. March 0 at 1 at

Anderton's Hotel, Fleet st. Hanne. Weymouth Royston, William, Birmingham, Provision Dealer. March 7 at 10.30

at offices of Eaclen, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Sendall. James, Norwich, Cnnch Maker. March 9 at 11 at offices'of

Blyth, Castle chambers, Norwich Senior, David, Oakes Lindlcy, Huddersfleld, Joiner. March 9 at 2

at offices of Armitage, Lord st, Huddersfleld Slim, Benjamin, Smethwiek, Stafford, Labourer. March 11 at 11 at

offices of Shakespeare. Church st, Oldbury Smith, James, tho younger, East Dereham, Norfolk, no occupation.

March 8 at 2 at offices of Bavin and Daynes, Exchange st, Norwich Smith, John, Chard, Somerset, Agricultural Implement Manufacturer. March 11 at 12 at offices of Fewings and Oakley, Queen st,

Exeter. Luke, Exeter Smith, John, Stourport, Worcester, Tobacconist. March 14 at 12 at

offices of Crowther and Prior, Bank bldgs, Kidderminster Snowdon, Alfred Henry, Nottingham, Baker. March 14 at 11 a

14, Low pavement, Nottingham. Black Stokes, John, Worcester, Builder. March 11 at 12 at offices of Cor

bett. Avenue House, the Cross, Worcester Stonham, John Dulvcy, Bcckley, Sussex, out of business. March 16

at 11 at offices of Butler, Watchell st, Rye Snggitt, William, Holme-upon-Spalding Moor, York, Farmer. March

11 at 11.30 at offices of Crumbie, Stonegate, York Surman, James, Jericho, Oxford, Carman. March 10 at 12 at the

Town Clerk's Office, Townhall, Oxford. Bickerton Thurstun, Charles, Leek, Stafford, Paper Box Manufacturer. March

8 at 11 at the Swan Hotel, Saint Edward street, Leek. Bishton,


Tomkinson, Ann, Nantwich, Chester, Plumber. March 10 at s at the Welch row Head, Nantwich. Martin, Nantwich

Townscnd, Edward, Croydon, Surrey, Grocer. March 9 at 3 at the Masons' Hall Tavern, Masons* avenue. Seymour Fowler, Dowgate hill

Tucker, William Bnrras, King st East, Hammersmith, Travelling Auctioneer. March 18 at 3 at offices of Green and Wright, Queen Victoria st

Waddington, William, Norton, near Doncaster, out of business,

March 10 at 3 at the Royal Hotel, Norton. Lodge, Wakefield Wadsworth, George, Wombwell, York, Saddler. March 16 at 4 at

offices of Rideal, Chronicle chmbrs. Bamsley Walker, John, Rye lane, Peckham, Butcher. March 9 at 3 at offices

of Wills and Watts, Carter lane Waller, John Frederick, Norton, near Doncaster, Farmer. March 12

at 11.30 at the Elephant Hotel, Doncaster. Lodge, Wakefield Walmsley, William, Bamber Bridge, nr Preston, Lancaster, Draper.

March 11 at 3 at the Shelley's Arms, Fishergate, Preston. Holland,


Warburton, Richard, Altrincham, Chester, Stone Mason. March 9

at 3 at offices of Griffin Brothers, High st, Manchester. Tremewen,

Dean's gate, Manchester Wareham, Samuel, John Hollingworth, and William Wareham,

Newton, nr Hyde, Manufacturers. March 10 at 2 at the Clarence

Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester. Brooke, Hyde Wheatley, William, Manchester, Potato Salesman. March 15 at 3

at the Dog and Partridge Hotel, Corporation st, Manchester,

Sims, Manchester Whitaker, George William, Woodbridge, Suffolk, Timber Merchant.

March 19 at 12 at offices of Pollard, St Lawrence st Ipswich Whitehead, Henry, Collingham York, Innkeeper. March 10 at 3 at

offices of Walker, South parado, Leeds Whiteley, Thomas. Wistow Lordship, nr Selby, York, Farmer.

March 11 at 11 at tho George Hotel, Selby. Button and Son,

Selby t Williamson, Joseph, Podehole, Lincoln, Butcher. March 9 at 12 a

offices of Cammack, Spalding Williamson, Robert, Pinchbeck, Lincoln, Farmer. March 11 at 11 a

the White Hart Hotel, Spalding. Calthrop, Spalding Wilson, Poter, Bury, Lancaster, Grocer. March U at 11 at offices of

Butcher and Litton, Princess st, Manchester. Hardings and Co,


Winter, Erank, Westbonrne grove, Bayswater, Trunk Manufacturer.

March 9 at 3 at the Jamaica Coffee house, St Michael's alley,

Cornhill. WaJburton and De Paula, West Bt, Finsbury Wippell, Henry, Yatton, Somerset, Commission Agent. Mar 16 at

2.30 at offices of Reed and Cook, Bridgwater Withecombe, John William, Tarvin, Cheshire, Innkeeper. Mar 8 at

2.30 at offices of Brassey, St Werburgh st, Cheshire Wood, John, Stockport, Publican. Mar 11 at 3 at Bank chamberJ,

Market place, Stockport. Newton Woodley, John Frederic Potter, Leytonstone, Essex, Beer Dealer,

Mar 15 at 2 at offices of Nazer, Castle st, Holborn Wright, James Henry, Hare st, Bethnal Green, Boot Manufacturer.

Mar 10 at 3 at Mullen's Hotel, Ironmonger lano. White, Queen at,

Cannon st

Wright, Thomas, Middlesborough, York, Provision Merchant. Mar 14 at 11 at offices of Jackson and Jackson, Albert rd, Middlesborough

Tuesday, Mar. 1,1881.

Ahern, John, Salford, Lancashire, Electrician. Mar 21 at 3 at offices

of Farrington and Crofton, Mosloy st, Manchester Allison, John, Helperthorpe, York, Farmer. Mar 7 at the George

Hotel, Malton, in lieu of the place originally named Bailey, Thomas Baker, Walsall, Stafford, Grocer. Mar 11 at 3 at

offices of East, Temple st, Birmingham Bain, Alexander William, Gray's inn rd, Bookbinder. Mar 18 at 3

at the Law Institution, Chancery lane. Child and Son, South sq,

Gray's inn

Baker, Robert, and Charles Rix, Grantham, Lincoln, Drapers. Mar

14 at 1 at offices of Bescoby, Grove st, East Retford Bamford, Walters, Southwell rd, Nottingham, Ironmonger. Max 14

at 11 at offlceo of Stevenson, Week Day-cross, Nottingham Baraett, William Moundfield, Henhull, nr Nantwich, Cheshire,

Farmer. Mar 15 at 3 at offices of Hill, Market st, Crewe Bastow, Benjamin, Holbeck nr Leeds, Maltster. Mar 16 at 11 at

Wharton's Hotel, Park lane, Leeds. Curry, Cleckheaton Baxter, William, Summercoats terrace, East Dulwich, Builder.

Mar 17 at 3 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Scarlett, King at,


Beake, Albert, Bedminster, Bristol, Cordwainer. Mar 16 at 12 at

offices of Hiley, Nicholas st, Bristol. Meade and Co, Bristol Bebbington, James, Hanley, Stafford, Printer. Mar 10 at 11 at

offices of Challinor, Cheapside, Hanley Bingham Archelaus, Manchester, Seedsman. March 17 at 3 atoffices

of Heath and Sons, Swan st, Manchester Blackmore, William Francis, Exeter, Innkeeper. March 16 at 3 at

the Castle Hotel, Castle st, Exeter. Friend, Exeter Blcase, Herbert Williamson, Livorjwol. Accountant. March 15 ftt3

at offices of Banner, Union ct, Liverpool. Copeman, Liverpool Blount, Thomas, Oldbury, Clog Maker. March 14 at 11 at offices of

Forrest, Church st, Oldbury Bonlden, Joseph, junr, the Market, Sonthwark, Fruit Salesman.

March Oat 3 at offices of Noton, Lombard st Bowe, Albert, Broadhempston, Devou, Miller. March 15 at 3.30 at

offices of Creed, Newton Abbot Brant, Charles, Hucknall Torkard, Nottingham, out of business.

March 14 at 3 at offices of Belk, Middle pavement, Nottingham Brigg'*, William, Hirst Courtney, York, Innkeeper. March 15 at 2.30

at the George Hotel, Selby. Spencer, Bradford Browning, Charles Stanbury, Torquay, Devon. Fisherman. March

18 at 11 at 11, Abl>ey rd, Torquay. Hartnoll, Exeter Brownjohn, William, Southampton, Merchant. March 12 at 10.30

instead of Feb 28 as previously fixed. Watts, Albion pi, Southampton

Buckle, Richard, Great Horton, York, Stuff Manufacturer. March

at 11 at offices of Peel and Co, Chapel lane, Bradford Burton, John, and Samuel Baynham. Winchester, Tailor. Mar|21

at 2 at offices of Cape, Cheapside. Miles Campbell, Charles William, Gt Hermitage st, Wapping, Lightermftu

March 0 at 1 at offices of Dobson, Minories Chichester, William, New Park rd, Brixton hill, Gent. March 21 at

3 at offices of Toulmin and Co, Bell vd. Strand Cliff. William, Leighton, Chester, Shoemaker. March 17 at 11 at

offices of Hill, Market st, Crewe

Coulter, Robert, Worcester, Innkeeper. March 11 at 12 at offices of

Pidrock and Sons, Foregate at, Worcester Cowborn, John Mitchell, Cleckheaton, York, Drysalter. March 18

at IS at the Victoria Hotel, Bradford. Walker, Dewsbury Craven, William, Beswick, Manchester, Provision Merchant.

March 33 at 3 at offices of Oram and Co, Peter st, Manchester Davis, Bernard Prank, Brighton, Dealer in Jewellery. March 14 at 3 at offices of Barnett, Palmerston bldgs. Old Broad st

, Goldhawk rd, Shepherd's Bnsh, Baker. March 24 at 2 at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Thomson and Ward, Bedford row

Dore, Peter, Longcot, Shrivenham, Berks, Farmer. March 21 at 11

at offices of Boodle, Albion bldngs, New Swindon Dow, John, jon, Watford, Herts, Saddler. March 14 at 3 at offices of

Helmore, Bishopsgate st Within Duetham. Berry Pomeroy, Mile End rd, Umbrella Manufacturer.

MaTch 14 at 1 at offices of Dubois and Beid, Poncras lane,

Queen st

Imms, Edward, Alvechurch, Worcester, Needle Scourer. March 15

at 11 at offices of Williams, Prospect hill, Redditch Evans, James, Barnsley, Grocer. March 11 at 11 at offices of Parker

an.l hVkniott, Regent st, Barnsley Fetly, William, Carlton, nr Barnsley, Shoemaker. March 14 at 2 at

offires of Gray, Kastgate, Barnsley Fowler, Samuel, Farsley, York, Tea Merchant. March 11 at 4 at

effiee* of Atkinson and Wilson, Tyrrcl st, Bradford Fox, f>Iwin. Bramshaw, Hants, Farmer. March 15 at 3.30 at office

of tt'atis, Albion pi, Southampton Fox, John Henry, Bristol, Printer. March 14 at 12at office of Evans,

Exchange bldgs East, Bristol Frost, George, Cambridge, Baker. March 17 at 3 at office of Symonds

Be net st, Cambridge Frost, John, Castleton, Derby, Licensed Victualler. March 18 at 8

at offices of Binns, Fig Tree chbrs, Fig Tree lane, Sheffield Fyson, Alfred, Witham, Essex, Coal Merchant. March 9 at 3 at Lion

Hotel, Cambridge. Hall, Ely Garland, Thomas Hodges, Sutton Vony, Wilts, out of business.

March H at 3 at offices of McCarthy, King st, Frome ■Geary, John, Matthias rd. South Hornsey, Draper. March 17 at 2 at

offices of Lewis and Watson, Gracechurch st Griffith*, Robert, Burslem, Stafford, Miner. March 11 at 11 at offices

of Bennett, Piccadilly bldgs, Hanley Halley, Charles James, Aston park-juxta-Birmingham, Builder. March 14 at 11 at offices of Parr and Hayes, Colmore row, Birmingham

Ham, Robert Dillon, Bath, Butcher. March 11 at 12 at offices of

Wilton and Sons. Westgate bldgs, Bath Haucox, Thomas, 'West Bromwich, Stafford, Grocer. March 17 at

11 at offices of Spencer, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Harvey, George, Chenies mews, Bedford sq. Solicitor. March 5 at

10 at offices of Evans and Peacock, John st, Bedford row Hayes, Edward, Land port, Hants, Upholsterer. March 12 at 1 at

offices of Mills, South sq. Gray's inn Hraton. John, Middleton, Lancaster, Plumber. March 15 at 3 at

offices of Pox, Princess st, Manchester Henbrey, Thomas Winton, Ore, nr Hastings, Baker. March 0 at 12

at offices of Jones and Glenuter, Harold pi, Hastings HHion* Joseph, Manchester, Estate Agent. March 11 at 3 at the

GroAveuor Hotel, Deansgate, Manchester. Boddington and Ball,


Hobbs. George, Wickwar, Gloucester, Ironmonger. March 10 at 3

at offices of Brittan and Co, Small st, Bristol Hope. Thomas Alfred, Over Darwen, Lancaster, Grocer. March 15

at 11 at offices of Radcliffe, Clayton st, Blackburn Ha mm, George, jun, Leyton rd, Stratford, Furniture Dealer. March

18 at 2 at offices of Kennedy, Warwick ct. Gray's inn Hatchings, William James, aud William Thomas Berry, Honiton,

Devon, Builders. March 14 at 12 at the Bude Haven Hotel,


Button, John, Highbridge, Somerset, Auctioneer. March 17 at 1 at offices of Ruscombe and Co, Dampict st, Bridgwater

1tt«r, Arthur Werner, Bury. Huntingdon, Agricultural Engineer. March 14 at 3 at offices of Rice and Burnett, Lincolns-inn-nelds

Jenkins. Thomas, Neath, Glamorgan, Iron Founder. March 12 at

11 at offices of Davies, Alma pi, Neath

Johnson, John, Ripley, Derby, Builder. March 21 at 11 at Bell Hotel, Sadler gate, Derby. Cursham, Ripley

Kirk. Henry 1 aiM* Thomas Kirk, Stockton, Durham, Iron Manufacturer*. March 11 at 1.45 at County Hotel, Carlisle, Ward, Middlesbrough

Kirkham, Henry. Wolverhampton, Licensed Victualler. March 12

at 10.30 at offices of Huggins and Mallard, Newhall chambers,

Newhsll st, Birmingham Knight, George, Caledonian rd. Cheesemonger. March 14 at 12 at

offices of Carter and Bell, Eastcheap Knights, Henry, Smallburgh, Norfolk, Coal Seller. March 15 at 3

at offices of Sadd and Linay Theatre st, Norwich Laverack, Samuel Smith, Reedness, York, Farmer. March 16 at 2

at offices of Clark, Burlington crescent. Goole Lea,, Egremont, Chester, Joiner. March 11 at 2 at offices of

Fowler, South Castle st. Liverpool Ledsham, Thomas, Tarporley, Chester, Builder. March 21 at 2 at

offices of Cawley, Tarporley Levi, Samuel Harris, and Harry Harris Levi, licadenhall st, Importers of Fancy Goods. March 21 at 2 at the Cannon st Hotel,

Cannon st. Sydney, Finsbury circus Long, Joseph, Osnaburgh st, Regent's pk, Clothier. March 21 at 3

at offices of Christmas, Walbrook Lord, Alfred, Krighley, York, Joiner. March 14 at 2 at offices of

Wright and Waterworth, Devonshire bldgs, Keighloy Lyons, Thomas, Manchester, Tailor. March 15 at 3 at offices of

Smith and Boyer, Brazennose st, Manchester Mfce, Thomas Kemp, Hatter, Birmingham. March 15 at 3 at offices

of Hon on. Imperial chrobrs, Colmore row, Birmingham Mikers, Charles, Mottingham, Kent, Builder. Mnrch 10 at 2 at the

Guildhall Tavern, G res ham st. Chapman, London Wall Mallows, Anne, Bnry St Edmunds, Grocer. March 15 at 12 at the

Guildhall, Bury St Edmonds. Leech and Son

t at offices of

McCarthy, Charles, Ludgate hill, Hatter. March 0 at 2 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st, Chidley, Old Jewry Nicholson, Frederick, Romford, Essex, Surveyor. March 7 at 12 at

offices of Preston, Mark lane Norris, Albert, Birmingham, Grocer, March 11 at 3 at offices of

Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham Oaten, Joel, Tettenhall Wood, nr Wolverhampton, Tin Plate Worker.

March 12 at 11 at offices of Rhodes, Queen st, Wolverhampton Osbourn, Albert Edward, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, Beerhouse

Keepor. March 9 at 11 at offices of Summers and Brown, Lock

hill chbrs, Cleethorpe rd, Great Grimsby Otter, John Charles, Broadway, Dorset, Carpenter. March 22 at 3

at Queen's Hotel, Melcombe Regis. Tizard and George, Weymouth Palin, James, Manchester, Grey Cloth Agent. March 15 at 11 at

offices of Booth and Edgar, Booth st, Manchester Pawson, William. Ashby-cum-Fenby, Lincoln, Wheelwright. March

16 at 11 at offices of Grange and AYmtringham, St Mary's Gate,

Great Grimsby

Pegg, Joseph Dawes, Portland road. Tottenham, Railway Clerk.

March 15 at 2 at offices of Watson, Leadenhall st Pepler, Joseph, Heddington, Wilts, Farmer. March 12 at 2 at Bear

Hotel, Marketpl, Devizes. Philips, Chippenham Perry, Alfred, Wolverhampton, Tinplate Worker. March 14 at 3 at

offices of Dallow, Queen sq, Wolverhampton Pinder, George, Laxton, Nottingham, Innkeeper. March IS at 1 at

Clinton Arms Hotel, Newark-on-Trent. Bescoby, East Retford Plant, Robert, Birmingham, out of business. March 11 at 3at offices

of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Pottle, George Thomas. Southsca, Hants, Cabinet Maker. March 14

at 11 at offices of Blake and Reed, Union st, Portsea Procter, Jarvis, Newport, Monmouth, Glass Dealer. March 14 at 12

at offices of Hutchins, Commercial st, Newport Prust, Thomas William, Leeds, Chemist. March 16 at 3 £

Brooke, East parade, Leeds Pugh, Howell, Birkenhead, Coal Merchant. March 24 at 3 at offices

of Mawson, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead. Thompson, Birkenhead Reach, Thomas, Bury St Edmunds, Saddler. March 14 at 12 at Guildhall, Bury St Edmunds. Gross Ricketts, James, Y'eovil, Somerset, Wheelwright. March 12 at Hat

offices of Watts, Yeovil Roberts, David, Everton, Liverpool, Stone Mason. March 14 at 2 at

offices of Knowles, Cook st. Liverpool Robertson, John Stewart, Liverpool, Tailor. March 16 at 3 at

offices of Gibson and Co, South John st, Liverpool. Quinn and

Sons, Liverpool

Rowland, William, Old Kentrd, Boot Maker. March 16 at 3 at office* of Kilvington, Walbrook

Rowton, Henry, Dudley, Worcester, Chemist. March 10 at 11 at offices of Whitehouse, Castle st, Dudley

Russell, Henry, Balham, Surrey, Plumber. March 14 at 11 at offices of Barnes, Finsbury pavement

Schievcr, Henry, and Alexander Snater, Bucklersburv, Hairdressers. March 10 at 2 at offices of Williams, King st, Cheapside. West and Co, Bucklersbury

Shearer, Walter Ross, Rochdale, Lancaster, Schoolmaster. March 10 at 3 at offices of Worth, Lowe rgates. Old Market pi, Rochdale

Shepherd, Alfred, Hanley, Stafford, Wholesale China Dealer. March 11 at 11.30 at offices of Tendant and Co, Cheapside, Hanley

Simpson, Christopher, Hackney rd, Brush Manufacturer. March 14

at 2 at offices of Soames and Tiles, Finsbury pavement Singer, Jeremiah, ('link, Frome, Somerset, Farmer. March 8 at 12 at

offices of McCarthy, King st, Frome Smith, Charles, Little Parndon, nr Harlow, Essex, Hny Binder.

March 12 at 10 at Green Man Inn, Harlow, Rumney, Enfield Smith, Frederick John, Laurence Pountney lane, Wholesale Grocer.

March 14at 3 at offices of Hutchinson, Gresham st Smith, John, North Creake, Norfolk, Miller. March 16 at 3 at offices

of Catcs and Bates, Swan st, Fakcnham Smith, Samuel. Bewdley, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. March 10

at 3 at Coals Quay, Bewdley. Hemingway, Bewdley Spencer, Abel, Bradford, Cabinet Maker. March 14 at 4 at offices of

Atkinson and Wilson, Tyrrcl st, Bradford Spark, Charles William, Essex st, Strrnd, Mining Agent. March 10

at 12 at offices of Hatton and Westcott, Strand Steele, James, Fenton, Stafford, Boot Manufacturer. March 16 at 11.30

at offices of Tennant and Co, Cheapside, Hanley Stoddart, Herbert Randall, Knighton, Leicester, Solicitor's Clerk.

March 23 at 11 at Royal Hotel, Market pi, Leicester. James,


Tallent, William, Forncett St Mary, Norfolk, Farmer. March 9 at 12 at offices of Atkinson, Post Office st, Norwich

Taylor, James Henry Hulme, Liverpool, Baker. March 14 at 3 at offices of Miller and Co, Percy bldgs, Ebcrle st, Liverpool

Thomson, Frederick. Tnynton, Gloucester, Farmer. March 11 at 3 at offices of Cooke, Berkeley st, Gloucester

Tomlinson, James, Lntton, Lincoln, Fanner. March 14 at 1 at Bull Hotel, Long Sutton. Cammack

Tomlinson, Tnomas Richard, Hanley, Stafford, Brick and Tile Manufacturer. March 11 at 10 at offices of Ashmall, Albion street, Hanley

Town, John, Castle terrace, Notting Hill, Drapers Assistant. March

14 at 2 at offices of Emmott, Budge row, Cannon st Turner, John, and Illtyd Moline Prichard, Lincoln's inn fields.

Solicitors. March 21 at 2 at the Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn.

Neave, Cheapside Turnham, John Turney, Praed st, Paddington, Baker. March 15 at

2 at offices of Kennedy, Warwick ct, Gray's inn Underwood, Greaves, New Lenton, Nottingham, Joiner. March 11

at 10.30 as offices of Webster, Brougham chambers, Wheeler gate,


Vivian, William Joseph, Axminster, Devon, Auctioneer. March 14 at 12 at the George Hotel, Axminster. Orchard, Exeter

Watkins, Harry Alfred, James st. Hay market. Cheesemonger. March 10 at 3 at 145, Cheapside. Butter'field, Ironmonger lane

Watson, William Rechab, Mauchester, Tobacconist. March 17 at 3 at offices of Brett and Craven, Kennedy st, Manchester

Wilcock, John, the younger, Pontefract, York, Joiner. March 14 at

"3 at offices of Kaberry, Ropergate, Pontefract Wilkins, Evan, Llanelly, Carmarthen, Collier. March 15 at 11 at 31,

Stepney at, Llanelly. Howell Williams, Christopher, and William Williams, Brnton, Somerset,

Innkeepers. March 16 at 11 at Wellington Hotel, Bruton. Bennett,


Williams, John, Penhale, Cornwall, Farmer. March 17 at 11 at

offices of Dale, Helston Wilson, George, Luton. Bedford, Butcher. March 14 at 11 at Red

Lion Inn, Luton. Times, Hitchen Wright, James, Koxton, Cambridge, Coal Merchant. March 14 at 3

at 9, Benet st, Cambridge. Symonds Young, William, Minchinhampton, Gloucester, Innkeeper. March

1-1 at 12 at offices of Smith and Stafford, Bedford st, Stroud


Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Qaalfty, with the excess of fat extracted.

The Faculty pronounce it " the most nutritions, perfectly diKestlble average fcr Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for I: valid* aod Children."

Highly commended by the entire He die a IPress.

Bring without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates, xeeps better in all climates, and is four timet the strength of cocoas Tbickined yet Weakened with starch, &c., and in tuun enim than such Mixtures.

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Breakfast Cup, coating lees than a halfpenny.

CocoATiHA A La Vahille is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest Yan'ila Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prohibited.

In tin packets at Is. 6d.( 3s., fis. 6d., 4c, by Chemists ind Grocers,
Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors,
H. SCHWEITZER ft. CO., In, Adam-street, London. W.C.


[blocks in formation]


To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole t ha Judicial Bench Corporation of London, &c*






4 SOLICITOR, B.A. Oxford, of varied experience,

» desires a Clerkship in the Country, with a view to ultimate Partnership.—Address, C, "Solicitors' Journal" Office, Careystreet, London.

LAW PARTNERSHIP WANTED, by a Solicitor, admitted upwards of eight years, who has capital. Beon accustomed principally to Chancery and Conveyancing.—Address, G. H., care of Davies & Co., Advertising Agents, Finch-lane, Corn

LAW.—Wanted, Situation by Advertiser (unadmitted). Competent to manage Common Law and Bankruptcy without supervision, Conveyancing with slight supervision. Twenty-five years' experience.—Address, C, care of Mr. Benson, Law Stationer, 13, Postern-gate, Hull.

LAW.—Wanted by a Solicitor (age 31), married, with private means and capital at command, a Working Partnership in the South of England. Highest references.—Address, L. B. N., Messrs. Atkey & Roper, Auctioneers and Valuers, Bankchambers, Bournemouth.

LAW.—A General Practice in a small town in the Midlands is for Sale, the owner having accepted a partnership in a distant county. There is capital house with grounds attached, and the neighbourhood is an excellent hunting country.—For particulars, apply to Cuas. Mallam, Esq., Solicitor, No. 1, Staple-inn, London, W.C.

OVER £4,000,000.
Agents wanted on liberal terms of commission.
Apply to J. Hamek Owens, Manager, Law Courts Branch
33, Chancery-lane.

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In Six Parts.

I. —Of the Owners of Merchant Ships.'

II. —Of the Board of Trade—Local Marino Boards—Mercantile Marine Offices and Naval Courta.

III. —Of the Persons employed in the Navigation of Merchant Ships, and of the Conveyance of Passengers.

IV. —Of the Carriage of Goods in Merchant Ships.

V. —Of the Hiring and Wages of Merchant Seamen.

VI. —Of General Average — Salvage — Collision —and Maritime Liens.

By CHARLES, LORD TENTERDEX, Lato Chief Justice of
Twelfth Edition.
By SAMUEL PRENTICE, Esq., of the Middle Temple, one of
Her Majosty's Counsel.
Price £2 2s.

London: Shaw & Soxs, Fetter-lane, E.C.



23, 24, Aitd 25, BIRCHIN LANE, LONDON, E.C.
Just issued, price 12s. 6d. net.

BANKRUPTCY LAW and PR ACTIO R: being a Treatise on the Law and Practice of Bankruptcy, up to the present date; with the Act of 1809; Orders, Rnles, Forms, ic.; with an Introduction and Copious Notes on tho Law, as regulated by the Leading Cases and Decisions.

By Hv. WYATT HART, B.A., Barrister-at-Lnw.

Now ready, price 3s. 6d. net.


I for NEGLIGENCE of SERVANTS, with tho Act of 1890, anil Rules issued thereunder, with Notes and a Sketch of the History of the Law.


By THOMAS BEVEN, Barrister-nl-Law.
Third Edition, price 6s. net.

T1HE BILLS of SALE ACT, 1878, with an Epitome
• of the Law as affected by tho Act, and Recent Decisions anil
Cases, together with the Statutes, Rules, and Forms relating to

By HERBERT REED, Barrister-nt-Law.
23, 24, and 25, Birchin-lane, and 30, Limc-street, E.C.

Just Published. Price 7s. Od. Tart VIII. Vol. II.

THE STATUTES of PRACTICAL UTILITY io the Civil and Criminal Administration of Justice passed 43<fc 44 Victoria (lsso), Alphabetically Arranged, with Notes thereon, and a Copious Index. By HORATIO LLOYD, Esq., Judge of County Courts. A General Index to all the numbers of Vol. II. of LLOYD'S STATUTES is given with this Part, to enable subscribers to bind them into One Volume, in continuation of the Four Volumes of CHITTY'S STATUTES by WELSBY and BEAVAN. London: Henry Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane; Stevexs & Soxs, 119» Chancery-lane, Law Publishers.

Just Published. Royal 8vo. Price 38s., cloth.

WOODFALL'S LAW of LANDLORD and TENANT ; with a full Collection of Precedents, and Forms of Procedure; containing also an Abstract of Leading Proportions, and Tables of certain Customs of the Country. The Twelfth Edition* in which the Precedents of Lenses have been Re vised and Enlarged with the assistance of L. G. G. ROBBIN5, Esq., by J. M. LELY, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barristor-at-Law; Editor of "Chitty's Statutes of Practical Utility" and "Hodges on Railways," and Joint Editor of the '* Licensing Acts" and the " Judicature Acts."

London: Hexry Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane; Wit-mast Maxwell k Sox, 29, Fleet-street; Stevexs & Sons, 119, Chancery-lane, Law Publishers.

Just Published. Demy Svo. Price 18s., cloth.


■ LATING TO HIGHWAYS IN ENGLAND AND NORTH WALES; with an Appendix of Statutes. By R. II. SPEARMAN, Esq., of the Inner Temple, Barrister-at-Law.

Loudon: Henry Sweet, 3, Chancery-lane, Law Publisher.

Second Edition, One Shilling, or 13 stamps br post.

ises, including forty distinct varieties of skin diseases.
London: Jixia Ems & Co., 48, Threadnccdle-strcet, and 170,

Just published, post 8vo, price 3s.

THE LIABILITY of EMPLOYERS, with the Act of 1880, and Rules thereunder. Bv W. HOWLAND ROBERTS and GEORGE H. WALLACE, Esqs., Barristers-at-Law.

"All the necessary materials seem to be supplied, and tho commentary shows a good grasp of the subject."—Law Journal.

Reeves & Tlrxeb, 100, Chancery-lane, London, W.C.

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