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Anderson, James, and John Jeremiah Yellowley, Newcastle-upon. coln, Wholesale Grocers. Mar 3 at 3 at offices of Falkner and Owen,

Tyne, Shipbrokers. Feb 29 at 1.30 at offices of Mather and Co, Mos. Eastgate, Louth ley st, Newcastle upon Tyne

Humphreys, Robert, Walton, nr Liverpool, Saddler. Feb 28 at 2 at Ascher, Jacob, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, General Dealer. Feb 23 at offices of Williams, James st, Liverpool 2 at offices of Benning. High st, Gateshead-on-Tyne

Ives, John Parker, Gorleston, Suffolk, Fish Merchant. Feb 28 at 12 Anty. John, Dewsbury, York, Confectioner. Mar 1 at 11 at ofllces of at offices of Blake, Hall Quay chmbrs, Gt Yarmouth, Palmer, Go (arter, Union st, Dewsbury. Stapleton

Yarmonth Baker, James, Steyning, Sussex, Grocer. Mar 1 at 2 at offices of Jackson, Samuel, Liversedge, York, Foreman Quarryman. Feb 23 Edmonds and Co, Cheapsicle. Flowers, Steyning

at 3 at Swan Hotel, Mill bridge, Liversedge. Mitcheson, HeckBartlett, Alfrel William Rowsell, Pitney, Somerset, Yeoman. mondwike. Feb 26 at 11.30 at offices of Reed and Cook, Paul st, Taunton

Jeffries, William Richard, Romilly ter, Paddington, Oil and Colour Bart, George, Bath, Fishmonger. Feb 25 at 3 at offices of Clark, Man. Mar 2 at 3 at offices of Knight, Basinghall st. Mason, North Inion st, Bath

1 bldgs, Finsbury Batten. Georre, Stapleton, Gloucester, Grocer. Feb 28 at 2 at offices Jennings, London wall, Commission Agent. Mar 1 at 11 at offices of of Sihler, Exchange West, Bristol

Godden, Queen st pl, Cannon st Berry, Henry, Heckmondwike, York, Wheelwright. Feb 25 at 3 at | Jones, Edwin, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester. Plumber. offices of Sykes, Ings grove, Heckmondwike

Feb 28 at 3 at offices of Tremewen, Ward's bldgs, Deansgate, Blarland, Alfred Denne, Canterbury, Dentist. Mar 2 at 12 at Queen's Manchester

Head Ian, ('anterbury. Davidson and Morriss, Queen Victoria st, Jones, John Benjamin, (lvdach, nr Swansea, Draper. Feb 21 at 2 Mansion House

at White Bear Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester. Hartland and Co, Brudler. Joseuh. Huddersfield. York, Coach Builder. Feb 28 at 11 at 1 Swansea offices of Johnson and Crook, Market walk, Huddersfield"

Jones, Richard, Birkenhead, Chester, House and Ship Furnisher, Bretier, Henry, Woodville, near Burton-on-Trent, Builder. Feb 29 and Catherine Parr Jones, his wife. March 3 at 11 at Guildhall at 3 a offices of East, Temple st, Birmingham

Tavern, Gresham st. Thompson, Birkenhead Brice, Henry, Towcester, Northampton, Shoe Dealer. Feb 28 at 3 Kenyon, James Henry Turnor, Ashborne, Derby, Veterinary Surat ofics of Sheppard, Towcester

geon. March 7 at 3 at Green Man Hotel, Ashborne. Wise and Co, Chilton, Jacob, West Bromwich, Stafford, Coal Master. Varch 1 at Ashborne Il at cffices of Jackson and Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich

Kiddle, Francis, and Thomas Kiddle, Totterdown, Bristol, Bullders. Clarke, Roleert, jun, Blackwall, Licensed Victualler. Feb 23 at 3 Feb 23 at 3 at offices of Brown, Corn st, Bristol a fces of Steer and Knight, Basinghall st. Mason, North bldge, King, Frederick, Plaistow, Essex, Potato Salesman. March 1 at Finstury

12.30 at Swan Hotel, Biggleswade. Brett, Mincing lane (lat., Howell Hedd Lloyd, St Lawrence rd, Notting hill, Gentle. Lidilall, William Dyke, Mortlake, Surrey, Grocer. March 1 at 2 at man. Fel) 28 at 2 at Cannon st Hotel. King, Martin's lane, Can. offices of Wyvill, Hill st, Richmond. Philp, Walbrook

Littlebury, John, ('roydon, Surrey, Grocer. Feb 25 at 3 at offices of Coe, Arthur, Chilton st, Bethnal Green ru, Carman. Feb 29 at 12 at Chipperfield, Trinity st, Southwark office of Beard and Sons, Basinghall st

Lowe, Thomas, Skelton, Cleveland, York, Shoemaker. Feb 29 at 3 Collari, Samuel William, Tannton, Somerset, Jeweller. Feb 23 at a t offices of Bainbridge and Barnley, Albert rd, Middlesborough

12 at offices of Benson and Carpenter, Bank chambers Corn st, Mahony, William, Halifax, Woollen Draper. March 1 at 11 at CrediBristol

tors' Association, Crown st, Halifax Coper, Edwin, Warwick, Butcher, Feb 25 at 1 at offices of San Moody. William, Aston juxta Birmingham, Painter. Feb 25 at 3 at derson, ('hurch st, Warwick

offices of Duke, Temple row, Birmingham (err, John, Bath, Oil Merchant. Feb 28 at 12 at offices of Wilton Nicholas, Thomas, Carmarthen, Poultry Dealer. Feb 29 at 10.5 at and Sons, Westgate buildings, Bath

offices of Morris, Red st, Carmarthen Corrigan, James, and Edwin Charleson, Oldham, Tailors. Feb 25 Vorledge, Richard Laycock, Bowness, Westmorland, Fish Dealer. at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral gates, Manchester. Buckley and Mar 3 at 3 at Qneen's Hotel, Windermere. Dobson, Kendal Mattinson

Owen, Thomas, antadu, Rhydyfen, Bala, Merioneth, Beer Dealer. (eventry, Henry Aubrey, Fulham rd, Esq. March 9 at 2 at Cannon Feb 21 at Wynnstay Arms Hotel, Wrexham, in lieu of the place * Hotel, Carmon st. Sydney, Finsbury circus

originally named Dale, John, Burton-on-Trent, Auctioneer. Feb 28 at 12 at offices Palmer, George Robson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Clerk. Feb 26 at 11 of Jennings and ('c, High st, Burton on Trent

at offices of Fenwick, Jarrow-on-Tyne Dasies, Thomas, Llanfihangelystrad, ('ardigan, Draper. Feb 28 at Palmer, Joseph, Wigston Magna, Leicester, Builder. Var 3 at 12 at 2 as offices of Lloyd, High st, Lampeter

offices of Shires, Market st, Leicester Denuis. Freilerick William, ('oggeshall, Essex, Licensed Victualler. Parker, Edwaril, Bury St Edmunds, Draper. Mar 1 at 12 at the Mar 5 at 1 at offices of Davison, Finsbury pavement

Gulldhall Bury St Edmunds. Gross Desjar, Peter, trsall, York, Tailor. Mar 3 at 11 at offices of Parker, Richard, Burnley, Lancaster, Wine and Spirit Merchant. Barron, High row, Darlington

Mar 1 at 2 at Stork Hotel, Liverpool. Hodgson, Burnley D2, Jalez, Gamlinhay, ('ambridge, Farmer. Feb 29 at 11 at offices Payton, Frederick, Saltley, nr Birmingham, out of business. Feb of Wale.Gery, Saint Neots, Hunts

25 at 11 at offices of Davies, Bennett's hill, Birmingham Dir-ker, Henry Philip, and Henry John Dicker, Exeter, Organ | Pearson, Reuben Gillins, Eckington, Derby. Grocer. Fel) 25 at 3 at

Builders. Mar 2 atil at offices of Campion, Bedford circus, Exeter at offices of Camm and ('orbidge, Norfolk st, Sheffield. Stead Dixon, Thomas, Richmond, Surrey, Draper. Mar 10 at 2 at Law and Sibree, Kidgston-tipon-Hull

lirttaion, (hancery lane. Thomson and Ward, Bedforil row Plummer, John, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, Grocer. Feb 25 at 12 at 32, Drninz, George Tom, and Joseph Merifield, Howey st. Battersea, Mount Ephraim, Tunbridge Wells. Andrew and Cheale, Tun.

Timler Merchants. Mar 1 at 3 at Guildhall Coffee Tavern, bridge Wells
Graham st. Young, Newgate st

Pott, William Henry, Southport, Lancaster, Joiner. Mar 1 at 3 at Elstarily, William Alfred, Goldington, Bedford, Coal Merchant. Palatine Hotel, Victoria st, Manchester. Buck and Dicksons, Mar 2 at 3 at offices of ('onquest and Clare, Duke st, Bedford

Southport E nerton, Joseph Wright, Boston, Lincoln, Boot and Shoe Maker, Potter, Hezekiah, Stapenhill, Derby, Brickmaker. Feb 25 at 11 at Feb at 12.30 at ottices of Dyer, (hurch lane, Boston

offices of Jennings and Co, High st Evans, John Thomas, Pwllheli, Carnarvon, Bookseller. Feb 26 at Powell, Edwin,land Samuel Trusselle, Wolverhapton, Coach Makers. 1 13 a British Hotel, Banror Breese and (o, Pwllheli

March 4 at 11 at offices of Gatis, King st, Wolverhampton Farmer, William, Bewilley. Worcester, out of business. Mar 7 at 3 Pratt, Thomas Hayman, Warwick, Maltster. Feb 25 at 11 at offices at 11 of Thursfield, Swan st, Kidderminster

of Sanderson, Church lane, Warwick Firth, Joan. Halifax. Plumber. Feb 28 at 3 at offices of Learoyd | Preston, James, Old st. Shoreditch, Plane Manufacturer. March am Co, Buxton r, Huddlersfield

10 at 2 at offices of Lousada and Emmanuel, Austin Friars Fischer, Joseph Elward, Dover, Merchant's ('lerk. Feb 29 at 3 at Priest, George Thomas, Hill st, Knightsbridge, Tailor. Feb 21 at 3 Le Roal Oak Hotel, Dov-r. Ward, Folkstone

at offices of Dear, Gresham st Firter, John. Birkenhead, Boot and Shoe Maker. March 7 at 3 at Purkiss, William John, Milford lane, Strand, Licensed Victualler. ices of Hannan and Pugh, Birkenhead

Feb 21 at 2 at offices of Lynch, Chancery lane Fruster, Thomas Martin, Sheffleld, York, Chair Maker. March 1 at Quinton, Thomas, (wthorn, York, Shoemaker. Feb 24 at 2 at offices 11 at othees of Porrett, Bank st, Sheffield

of Watson and Son, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-Hull Fi, F#lwaril. St Margarets, nr Dover, Baker. Feb 28 at 2 at the Rainbow, Robert Francis, Stratford-upon-Avon, ('oal Dealer, Feb Bra! (ik Hotel, Dover. Ward, Folkstone

26 at 3 at Seven Stars Inn, Stratford-upon-Avon. Lane Frampt n. (harles, Stanford Dingley, Berks, Farmer. Feb 23 at 11 Raymond, Charles, Chipping Norton, Oxford, Baker. Feb 23 at 11 at offices of Beale and Martin, London st, Reading

at (rown and (ushion Hotel, (hipping Norton. Kilby and Mace, Fuller, Edwin, St Paul's, Bristol, Plumber. Feb 29 at 12 at offices Chipping Norton ces of Nibls, Exchange West, Bristol

Robinson, Henry, Weybridge, Surrey, Wine Merchant. March 1 Grge. Edwin, Broaulstairs, Kent, Upholsterer. Feb 28 at 2 at at 3 at offices of ('ooper, Lincoln's inn fields the (G:hall ('ofee hous., Guildhall. Sparkes, Ramsgate

Robinson, Isaac, Dewsbury, York, Tinner. Feb 28 at 10.15 at offices CHETTY, Samuel, Sutcombe, Devon, Draper. Feb 25 at 12 at offices of of scholes and Son, Leeris rii, Dewsbury Torte, ('astie st, Barnstaple

Rogers, John, Afonwen, Flint. Butcher. Feb 21 at 3 at the Bull 61. Joth, Sherburn, iir South Milford, York, out of business. Feb Hotel, Denbigh, Mwyndex Evans, Holywell 27 at 1 at the Railway Station Hotel. Rhodes, Sherburn, South Roper, Adam, Hornchurch, Essex, Farmer. Feb 21 at 12 at offices of Milford

Preston, Mauk lane Gamer, Frederick ('hristopher, Harpley, Norfolk, out of business. Rowley, David, Tipton, Stafforyl, Provision Dealer. March 1 at 11 Fel) 25 at 11 at offices of Bircham, Fakenham

at offices of Travis, Church lane, Tipton Green, Joseph, Kendal, Westmorland, Joiner. March 1 at 11.30 at Sage, Henry, Bonsal terrace. Peckham, Baker, March 1 at 12 at

the Bari Room. Market pl, Kendal. Thompson and Wilson, offices of (ummins an('o, l'hion court, Old Broad st Kemal

Seymour, Robert, Dewsbury, York, Bricklayer, March 2 at 10.30 at Griffith, Sunnel. Whitbr, Chester, Joiner. Mar 1 at 2 at ofllces of offices of Ridgway and Ridgway, Union st, Dewsbury Cartwright, White friars, (hester

Sharley, William George, Kirkby-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, InnHarrison, ("harles Ashley, Anbourn, 'Lincoln, Farmer. Feb 25 at 11 at keeper. March lat 3 at offices of Acton, Victoria st, Sottingham otees of Tweed and (o, Lincoln

Shar), Thomas, South Shields, out of business. Feb 26 at 10 at Home, Joseph, Blagilen, Somerset, Innkeeper. Feb 25 at 11 at offices ofhces of Newlands, King st, South Shields of Peer and (ook, Panl st, Taunton

Shipley, John, Owston, Lincoln, Potato Merchant. Fel) 21 at 12 at Howell, Evan John. Narberth, Pembroke, Chemist. Mar 8 at 12.30 tbe Red Lion Hotel, Epworth. Parkin and (o ** the Rutzen Hotel, Varberth. Brown, Pembroke Dock

Simpson, Robert, Tulcaster, York, Faumer, March 1 at 11 at the Huwman, William Johnson, and William Robert Basker, Louth, Lin. 1 Bay Horse Iu, I ickering. Harrison, Kirly Moorside

actices Charles, Stanford ard, Folkstoneker. Feb 28 at 2 at the

Smith, Joseph, Worlrby, Lincoln, Blacksmith- March 2 at 12 at 1O INVESTORS.--Circular of Investments, inst offices of Sowter, Bigby st, Brigg

1 ready, containing useful information, and showing how a Smith. Richard, Clydach, nr Swansea, Provision Merchant. Feb | large income can be secured by the purchase of French Rentes.

28 at 11 at 14, Fisher st, Swansea. Hartland and Co, Swansea { without liability or possibility of loss. A small deposit only reSmith. William, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Grocer. Feb 26 at 3 at į quired on the amount of purchase. Speculative accounts opened on offices of James, Nelson sg, Newcastle-under-Lyme

most favourable terms.-Address, WHITE, BARKLEY, & Co., Brokers, Stone, Frederick, Douglas st, Deptford, Oilman. March 1 at 3 at 20, Change-alley, Lombard-street, London.

the New Exchange buildings, George yd, Lombard st. Marchant and Co

BOROUGH OF BIRKENHEAD. Stevens, Williams, Commercial rd East, Butcher. March 7 at 3 at TOWN CLERK'S OFFICE. - Wanted, an efficient offices of Shea rér, Basinghall st. Procter and Andrews, Princess

General Clerk, who can attend Meetings of Committees and st, Spitalfields

has a knowledge of Municipal and General Law. Salary, £150 per Straw, Thomas, Hanley, Stafford, Tripe Dresser. Feb 19 at 11 at

annum. Also, a Shorthand and Writing Clerk, Salary, £30 per offices of Stevenson, Cheapside, Hanley

annum. Styles, George, Bewdley, Worcester, Grocer. March 1 at 11 at offices

Applications, accompanied by testimonials, to be sent in, stating of Whitcombe, Lord st, Bewdley

experience of applicants, on or before the 1st of March next. Sullivan, Patrick, Plymouth, Provision Merchant. Feb 28 at 2 at

ALFRED GILL, Town Clerk, Birkenhead. offlces of Cleverton and Son, Princess pl chambers, Plymouth

Town Hall, 10th February, 1881. Tacey, Thomas, and George Tacey, Leicester, Wholesale Warehousemen. Feb 25 at 3.30 at offices of Owston and Dickinson, Friar lane, Leicester

LOR SALE.-A Conveyancing and General PracTheaker, Martin, South Elmsall, York, Cattle Dealer. Feb 28 at 2

tice in large Town on the East Coast of Yorkshire, capable at the Crown and Anchor Hotel, Pontefract. Dryden, Wakefield of great development. Solicitors only need apply. - CIVIS, Thomas. Samuel Frank, Swansea, Coal Merchant. Feb 24 at 12 at | “Solicitors' Journal” Office, 52, Carey-street, W.C.

offices of Richards, Castle sq, Swansea Turner, Toomas, Ross, Hereford, Agricultural Implement Merchant. I AW.-Wanted, by Solicitor, aged 30 (admitted Feb 28 at 11 at Bryant's ct, Brookend st, Ross. Adams

U five years), Engagement as Managing Clerk, or to Conduct Vallender, George, Eldersfield, Worcester, Innkeeper. March 7 at

Branch Office. Good Advocate, experienced in every branch, and l at offices of Brookes and Badham, Tewkesbury Vann, Thomas, jun, Small Heath, Birmingham, Sugar Boiler. Feb

accustomed to act without supervision. Could introduce London

Business. Fair Salary required, — Address, SOLICITOR, care of 25 at 3.30 at offices of Green, Ann st, Birmingham Vickery, Thomas, Bridgwater, Somerset, out of business. March

May's Advertising Offices, 159, Piccadilly. 7 at 12-30 at offices of Brice, York buildings, Bridgwater Wace, John Richard, Baker st, Portman sq, Grocer. March 8 at 3

I AW. - Wanted, in a City Solicitor's Office, a at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Piesse and Son, Old Jewry U Managing Conveyancing Clerk, capable of carrying through chambers

matters placed in his hands. Salary, £300 a year. Written apWade, John, Nottingham, Butcher. Feb 28 at 12 at offices of Fraser, plications, stating age, and giving the names of references, only Midland chmbrs, Wheeler gate, Nottingham

attended to.-Address, Y., Messrs. Rixon & Arnold, 29, Poultry, Walker, Henry, Barlow, Derby, Colliery Proprietor. Feb 28 at 2 at E.C.

Angel Hotel, Chesterfield. Shipton, Chesterfield
Walker, Richard, Tunstall, Stafford, Grocer. Feb 28 at 12 at offices

L NGAGEMENT Wanted as Bill Clerk or Account. of Hand and Co, Martin st, Stafford Warren, George, Saul, Gloucester, Coal Merchant. Feb 28 at 12 at

1 ant. Advertiser has a method of keeping both books and offices of Parker, Newnham

costs that insures accuracy and saves the principal all trouble.Weare, William Sydney, Birkenhead, Chester, Watchmaker. Mar

Address, LEX, 32, Glengall-grove, Old Kent-road, S.E. 8 at 3 at offices of Mawson, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead. Thompson, Birkenhead

W ANTED, an experienced Conveyancing Clerk Wiggins, Joseph, Ormskirk, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Feb

(not articled), capable of transacting business without 23 at 3 at offices of Mastres and Fletcher, North John st, Liverpool | supervision, Salary, £250 per annum, payable monthly.-Apply, Wilding, Richard, Ross, Hereford, Tailor. Feb 26 at 3.30 at 27 High

by letter only, to A. B., 15, Arthur-road, North Brixton. Town, Hereford. Corner Williams, Alfred Prosser, Blaina, Monmouth, Builder, Feb 28 at 2

W ANTED, by a respectable, middle-aged man, at Queen's Hotel, Newport. Powell, Brynmawr Wood, Frederic James, Walworth rd, Hosier. Mar 3 at 3 at offices

married, Position of Office-keeper or Caretaker. Good of Andrews and Mason, Ironmonger lane, Cheapside. Dear,

references as to character.-Address, G. E.C., care of Yates & Alex. Gresham st

ander, Printers, Lonsdale-buildings, Chancery-lane. Wood, Mary Ann, Southport, Lancaster, Milliner. Feb 28 at 3.30 at offices of Barstow-Jackson, Nevill st, Southport


ford's-ind, then First Prizeman, Winner of the Incorporated Law Society's only (the Scott) Scholarship for the year 1876, Con. veyancing Gold Medallist, and First Class Law Honours, London,

prepares Students, both privately and in class, for the Preliminary, Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder.

Intermediate, and Final. Students are also carefully prepared Guaranteed Pure Soluble Cocoa of the finest Quality, with the

through the post. Fifty-three out of sixty of the pupils last sent excess of fat extracted.

up have been successful. Classes are now reading for the April The Faculty pronounce it “the most nutritious, perfectly digestible

Examinaticns, and will commence for the June on Tuesday, March beverage for Breakfa.t, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for

8.--For terms, &c., apply, No. 1, Mitre-court-buildings, King's Ir valids and Children."

Bench-walk, Temple, E.C. fighly commended by the entire Medica 1Press.

PRELIMINARY, INTERMEDIATE, FINAL (Pass and Honours) Bring without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates,

LAW EXAMINATION. Keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas M R. ALBERT GIBSON'S Classes and Postal THICKENED yet WEAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER

Preparation for these Examinations continue throughout chan such Mixtures. Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break

| the year, except during one month in summer. Two Residential

P upils received. Terms on application to 35, Southampton-build. fast Cup, coating less than a halfpenny. COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest

ings, Chancery-lane, or to St. Mary Cray, Chislehurst. Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is pro.

1 [N.B.-At the Michaelmax Examination, 1880, out of 26 pupils hibited.

p for the Final 22 passed, out of 17 sent up for the InterIn tin packets at ls. 60., 38., 5s. 6d., &c., by Chemists and Grocer, mediate 16 passed, and all 9 pupils sent up for the Preliminary Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors,

passed. At seven out of the last eight Examinations Mr. Gibson's

pupils have taken Honours; the successes including First, H. SCHWEITZER & co., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C. Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Prisemen, besides many Cere

tificates of Merit, Second and Third Class Honours. In last EDE AND SON

June Four and in last November three pupils secured Honours. ]




The Back Numbers of all these Papers

tion to E. H. BEDFORD (the Editor), No. 9, King's Bench-walk, TO Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole ) ft ho Judicial Bench Temple, E.C. Corporation of London, &c.


of 1880, and Rules thereunder. By W. HOWLAND ROBERTS


"All the necessary materials seem to be supplied, and the comESTABLISHED 1689.

mentary shows a good grasp of the subject."-Law Journal.

REEVES & TURNER, 100, Chancery-lane, London, W.C. 94. CHANCERY LANE. LONDON.

NHURCH PREFERMENT WANTED.--Private M ORTGAGES effected on Freehold or Long Lease

patrons, interested in the legitimate sale, by private treaty,

of advowsons, presentations, &c., in favour of well-recommende W hold Securities. Solicitors having funds to invest, or requir- ! clergymen, should refer to the PRIVATE PATRONS' GAZETTE, ing money on good finished property, are invited to send particulars i edited by Mr. W. EMERY STARK, Associate Institute of Actuaries, to Messrs. STUART BARKER & Sox, Surveyors, 78, King William F.R.G.S., &c. Post free for six stamps. --Address, Messrs. W. street, City, E.C.

EXERY STARK, 23 Bedford-street Strand.





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IN CONSEQUENCE of the death of the eldest son of Lord Justice COTTON the arrangements for the sittings of

the Court of Appeal at Lincoln's-inn this week have CONTENTS.

been disarranged, and it is now uvderstood that Lord

Justice BRETT will sit with the Court of Appeal at CUBREST TOPICS ...........


Westminster for a fortnight longer at least. THE COXVEYANCING BILL


313 RECEXT DECISIONS ............



WE UNDERSTAND that the Procedure Committee have CASES OF THE WEEK :

resolved to recommend the abolition of pleadings in Nonk v. Monk ............ ...........****

..... 314

certain classes of cases. Among other changes which Ex parte Mathewes ......... Watson v. Cave..........................................

315 are likely to be recommended are the restriction of the In re Whately, Milward, &


employment of counsel at judges' chambers, and a Laird v. Briggs............

316 Robinson v. Pickering ...........

diminution in the number of assizes from four to three

.................... 316 The British Dynamite Company v. Krebs ...

316 a year, at all of which civil causes shall be taken. Great Western Railway Company v. Waterford and Limerick Railway Company ......

...... 317 Sotheran v. Dening .......

...................... 317 Benecke v. Craddock ...

317 THE HOUSE OF LORDS has during the present session Molloy v. Kilby .....

sat on thirty days, yesterday being the thirtieth, and CASES BEFORE THE BANKRUPTCY REGISTRARS:Re Jacobs.................................................. 318

therefore the recent Order in Council which consolidates Re Boulden, the younger ..............................

.... 318

the common law divisions comes into operation to-day Re Noble ........ SOLICITORS' CASES ........


(Saturday). New rules respecting the re-arrangement of REFRESHERS .........

320 the several offices of the abolished divisions will be neces. OBITUARY..............

..................... 320

sary, but these will be conveniently embodied in the rules LEGAL APPOINTMENTS COMPANIES ................................................. 321

which will result from the deliberations of the Procedure SOCIETIES ..................................................... 321 Committee and the Committee of Judges. LAW STUDENTS' JOURXAL.... CREDITORS' CLAIMS .......................................

322 A SUGGESTIOX..................


324 LOSDON GAZETTES, &c., &c.....


AN INCIDENT in every way to be deeply regretted has

culminated in the publication of the following paraCASES REPORTED IN THE WEEKLY REPORTER.

graph in the daily papers :-“We understand that the Attorney-General y. London and North-Western Railway Com.

suggestions on legal procedure, &c., which were pub. pany (App.) ............................

346 | lished on the 15th of February as having been sent to Attorney-General y. Teather (Ch.Div. M.R.)...


the Committee now sitting to consider that subject, were Bennett, Ex parte. In re Ward (App.)....... Bunn, In re." Isaacson v. Webster (Ch.Div. M.R.)..

348 sent back immediately on the 17th to the Council of the Debenham, Appellant, v. The Metropolitan Board of Works,

Incorporated Law Society without being laid before the Respondents (Q.B.Div.)............ De La Warr's, Earl, Settled Estates, In re (Ch.Div. V.C.B.) .... 350 Committee." The Council of the Incorporated Law Duke, In re. Hannah v. Duke (App.).....

Society cannot be congratulated on skill or tact shown in Empress Engineering Company, In ré (App.) ..... Hartley, In the Goods of (Prob. Div.) ..

the use of language capable of being construed as con

............ 356 Henthcote, In the Goods of (Prob.Div.) ......

..................... 356 veying a grave imputation on the other branch of the Holt, In re (App.) ...... .............................. 341

legal profession, when they “had no intention of bringing Johnstone v. Cox (Ch.Div. V.C.B.) ...

.......... ................. 351 Manchester Bonded Warehouse Company (Limited), The,

any accusation against the Bar or any member of it"; Carr (C.P.Div.) ..............

.... 354 nor can the language in which the Procedure Committee Morgan v. Rees (App.) ......

...... 345 Newitt, Ex parte. In re Garrud (App.)

have announced their rejection of suggestions, many of

344 Savage, In re (Ch.Div, M.R.) ......

348 which are of great practical value, be said to be dignified Taylor's Settlement Trusts, In re (Ch.Div. V.C.M.).


or becoming. Thomas v. Patent Lionité Manufacturing Company (Limited) (Ch.Div. V.C.M.) .......................................

... 349


........... 346




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ONE OF THE CHANGES resulting from the consolidaCURRENT TOPICS.

tion of the common law divisions will be the transfer to the Queen' Bench Division of the Suitors' Funds of the Common Pleas and Exchequer Divi.

sions. According to the last returns the Suitors' WE ARE GLAD TO LEARN that Vice-Chancellor MALINS is, in the opinion of his medical attendants, progressing as

Fund in the Queen's Bench Division amounted to

£35,788 28. 6d., that in the Common Pleas Division favourably as possible. The attack of the learned Vice

to $30,874 4s. 9d., and that in the Exchequer Division Chancellor was nothing like so serious as was at first to £47,452 169. id. The total amount of the Suitors' reported.

Fund in the Queen's Bench Division will, therefore, be

£114,105 3s. 4d. It is obvious that the extra duty which IT IS UNDERSTOOD that the Benchers of three of the the management of this fund will entail when it is Inns of Court have come to a resolution in favour of ultimately handed over (as it is likely to be) to the altering the regulations for call to the Bar, so as to Chancery Paymaster, will be but small when comparec enable solicitors to be called after the lapse of one year with the duty of managing the seventy-seven millions instead of three years as at present.

already in his hands.

ARRANGEMENTS ARE IN PROGRESS for establishing a IN CONNECTION with the transfer of the Suitors' Fund printing-office in the Royal Courts of Justice for the of the Queen's Bench Division, and possibly the porpose of doing the Government printing required in bankruptcy funds, to be administered by the present connection with the courts and legal offices.

| Chancery Paykaster, it is understood that arrangements

are being made whereby the Bank of England shall be principal, whose salaries demand $16,000 a year, is a aocommodated in the Royal Courts of Justice with reform that has often been urged. It is now suggested, sufficient space to transact there all its business of re- as a complement to this reform, that appeals should be ceiving and paying suitors' money. For many years taken direct from the sheriffs-substitute to the Supreme there has existed in connection with the office of the Court, by which means work would be found, at no Chancery Paymaster, an office which, in effect, was a | increase of cost to the country, for the two judges whom branch of the Bank of England, but this was only an it is proposed to abolish, and the local and central office for cashing chancery chegues, and it was not jurisdictions would be brought into closer connection. possible at this office to pay money into court. Money The Scotch are fond of holding up their judicial system paid into court in the Chancery Division has now to be as a model to us, and no doubt we have much to learn taken into the City; and though the operation is easily from them, especially in matters of procedure. But in transacted through a banker, yet, when time presses, the this case, as well as in the additional suggestion that journey from Lincoln's-inn to the bank causes trouble the judges of the Supreme Court should hear civil and delay. It not unfrequently happens that a causes on their criminal circuits, England suppliesplaintiff is called upon to give security for costs by an example which Scotland may well be content to paying money into court, which he may do “upon re

follow. quest” without the necessity of carrying in an order for the purpose, and in such a case the journey makes a material difference when three o'clock is near at hand. BARNARD'S INN, which is stated to have been recently This is only one of many instances which might sold, was one of the ancient Inns of Chancery. From be adduced to show how much more convenient it will the evidence given in 1854 before the Royal Commission be for practitioners and suitors when the payment of on the Inns of Court and Cbancery it appears that very money into court, and the receipt of money out of court,

little is known of the history of the society. The can be effected in adjoining ofices.

treasurer and secretary of the Inn then deposed that its books were three hundred years old, and that it

held its property under a lease renewable every fourWE ARE NOT SURPRISED to learn from the reply of the

teen years at a fine of $1,400. There were never Attorney-General for Ireland to the question of Mr.

any students at the Inn, although about two hundred MORGAN LLOYD, that Mr. PARNELL's suggestion that an

years ago a reader occasionally came from Gray's Inn, evicted tenant should, before the expiration of his notice

to which society Barnard's Inn was originally attached; to quit, render the land in his occupation useless by

and the library, which consisted of “ a few old books

that were of no use” has been sold. In 1854 ploughing it up, has been under the consideration of the

the rents payable to the society amounted to Government. Assuming that the land ploughed up is

£1,000 pasture land, and mainly valuable as such, the act of

a year, and the society consisted of ploughing seems to fall within section 51 of the Malicious

a Principal, five Ancients, and nine Companions. Injuries Act, 1861 (24 & 25 Vict. c. 97), which pro

The Companions appear to be chosen by the Principal vides that “whosoever shall unlawfully and maliciously

and Ancients, and in R. v. The Principal and Ancients:

of Barnard's Inn (5 A. & E.), the Court of Queen's commit any damage, injury, or spoil to or upon any real

Bench discharged a rule for a mandamus to admit Mr. or personal property, either of a public or private nature, for which no punishment is hereinbefore provided, the

WILLIAM GRESHAM, a solicitor, as a member of the damage, injury, or spoil being to an amount exceed

society, on the ground that the court had no authority ing £5, shall be guilty of a misdemeanor," and

over a voluntary society. The advantage of being a liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding

Companion was stated to be “the dining," and the adtwo years, with or without hard labour, while in case

vantage of being an Ancient, "dinners and some little any such offence shall be committed between the

fees." The dinner in hall was described as “a kind of hours of nine of the clock in the evening and six of

convivial party." the clock in the next morning," the sentence may be penal servitude for not less than five years. Again, by section 59, “ every provision of this Act not hereinbefore THE CURIOUS CASE of In re Copp, reported in our last: 80 applied shall apply to every person who, with intent 1 week's issue (29 W. R. 336)-in which a Master and a to injure or defraud any other person, shall do any of the Judge and a Divisional Court successively held that the acts hereinbefore made penal, although the offender shall 36th section of the County Court Act, 1856, which fixes be in possession of the property against or in respect a limit to costs as between solicitor and client in actions. of which the act shall be done." Mr. Parnell's recent where not more than £20 is claimed, applies to actions recantation of his advice is not unwise, since section 8 of brought in the High Court-was on Friday last reversed the Accessories Act, 1861 (24 & 25 Vict. c. 94) enacts by the Court of Appeal. The material words of the that “whosoever shall aid, abet, counsel, or procure the section are: “Where in any action the debt claimed commission of a misdemeanor, ... shall be liable does not exceed £20, an attorney shall not be entitled to to be tried, indicted, and punished as a princi pal recover from his client any further costs" than those offender.”

mentioned in the County Court Act, 1846, s. 91, "unless upon taxation of costs the registrar be satisfied, by writ.

ing under the hand of the client, that he has agreed to THE PROPOSAL by the Government to reduce the pay" further costs, in which case the registrar may allow strength of the Supreme Court in Scotland by two judges the costs agreed to be paid. An action in which less has led to an interesting discussion in the Scotsman upon than $20 had been claimed having been brought in the the entire judicial system of that country. Legal busi High Court, and the plaintiff, after judgment recovered ness is concentrated at Edinburgh to a far greater extent but not satisfied, having applied for taxation of costs, the than at London ; but, at the same time, the local courts master taxed on the county court scale, allowing the of the sheriffs possess both a larger and a more inde solicitor, as per section 91 of the County Court act, 1846, pendent jurisdiction than our county courts. The one pound three shillings and sixpence for counsel's fee, sheriff courts, though undoubtedly efficient, are consti. &c. The point of law was at once taken on behalf of tutcd in a manner that is unintelligible to an English the solicitor that the County Court Acts had no applicaobserver. They are composed of a sheriff-substitute, tion to the case upon the construction of section 36 of who performs nearly all the work, and of a sheriff the Act of 1856. Tbe words “any action," of course, principal, who may practise before the Supreme Court, grammatically, include an action in the High Court, and and whose chief duty consists in hearing appeals from it was argued not without force, and before three tribunals his substitute. The entire abolition of the sheriffs. with success, that there was not only nothingin the context to deprive the words of their grammatical meaning, but declared that the obtaining of such an award that the context pointed the other way, inasmuch as in 1... shall be a condition precedent to the liability the sections preceding the 36th, “ county court" actions | or obligation of the company to pay or satisfy were dealt with eo nomine. But the Court of Appeal, any claim ander this policy for loss or damage unanimously and unhesitatingly, declined to accede to in respect of which any such difference may have this argument, pointing out that the use of the word arisen, and to the enforcement of any such claim.” “registrar" showed that a county court action, and a This condition was held to mean that if the in. county court action only, was intended to be dealt with. surance company are liable, and do not dispute the Counting the judicial minds which have been exercised amount claimed, they will pay it; that if the upon this question—which has so oddly slumbered for company are liable and do dispute the amount twenty-four years—we bare four for the client and three claimed, they will pay an amount to be ascertained by for the solicitor. On the whole, we imagine the threo to arbitration, but until that amount was ascertained there be in the right, especially as in Re Worth (reported ante, would be no liability on the part of the company. It is p. 297) JESSEL, M.R., upon a consideration of other stated that most of the fire insurance companies have of enactments in pari materia, has come to a similar con. late inserted in their policies a clause requiring claimants clusion. But why should not “if the taxation should be to resort to arbitration (each party paying his own costs in a county court" be read in after “ registrar," with as of the arbitration). The result is that unless the claim is equal facility as the Court of Appeal has read in “in a large the cost of the arbitration will probably swallow up county court” after “ in any action"?

the amount claimed, so the insurance company can offer any trifling sum in satisfaction, with a good prospect of its being accepted. There will be need by and by of a

Court of Insurance Commissioners, to protect the pubrio "HOW DO THESE THINGS get into the papers ?” asked an from the new conditions which the companies are always eminent literary character of a laudatory notice of his dra. | inserting in their policies. matic performances. Some of the subjects of notices in a weekly contemporary under the title “Coming Men" may possibly ask the same question. One of the latest of these subjects is a gentleman of the junior bar of, whom we THE LONG WRANGLE in Committee over the provisions would speak with every respect-indeed how could we do of the Protection of Person and Property (Ireland) Bill otherwise when, according to his biographer, "a pure and did not result in any material changes in the form of the forcible literary style" is joined to English diction measure, except the insertion in the 2nd section of a pro" notable for its lucidity, elegant simplicity, and idiomatic

vision, in case of the arrest of a member of Parliament, crispness," and a legal mind which has not merely “a for the immediate communication of the fact to the grasp of abstract principles, but a capacity for discerning House of which he is a member, as is done in the the principles that are embodied in a case" ? When to case of a member arrested on a criminal charge. On this it is added that this gentleman's "opinions are never Tuesday night, however, upon the consideration of the misleading"; that he is “ caustic, humorous, and can, Bill in its amended form, Mr. FORSTER agreed to several when the occasion arises, be florid, and carry the jury by

modifications. The retrospective operation of the Act is storm"; and that he has a small farm in - shire, we to be limited to the 30th of September last, and in the wonder, not that he is, according to the writer, to be the event of an arrest on suspicion of any crime other than inevitable successor of Mr. C. RUSSELL, Q.O., and Mr. | high treason, treason felony, or treasonable practices, the BENJAMIN, Q.C., in commercial cases when those warrant is to state the character of the crime, and a gentlemen retire from the bar, but that they copy of the warrant is to be given to every person arhave no$ yet yielded place to this rising rested. Mr. FORSTER also promised to add a clause projunior, whose merits are dwelt on in terms of viding for the grant of out-door relief to the families of byperbole of which the specimens we have culled give persons arrested under the Act, as well as a provision but a faint idea. Of course, as a “Coming Man," the that, at the end of three months after the arrest of any gentleman in question must not be looked for yet among person, and of every three months during his detention, the ranks of those who have made their mark as leading the Lord-Lieutenant shall consider his case and decide

the Lord Lieutenant shall consider his car juniors, but let them look to their laurels, “a chiel's thereon, his decision to be certified by the Lord. Lieutenant amang ye,” not “taking notes,” yet having notes or Chief Secretary, and to be indorsed on the copy of taken of him, and published apparently in all seriousness, the warrant filed in the office. and not in burlesque, as one might at first sight suppose. The writer of this panegyric makes the following remark :-“ The solicitors, the expert judges of the capacity of counsel, are perfectly aware of the ability of Coming Men.” We are tempted to ask why, if the The President of the Incorporated Law Society, and writer believed this, he took the trouble to pen this out. some other members of the council, last week waited rageous puff? And we would suggest to him, in the upon the President of the Board of Trade, at his request, interests of his “subject," that, in biography, as in to explain the views of the society on various alterations causes, there is such a thing as overstating a case, with in the law and practice of bankruptcy which he has in a result not unfrequently disastrous to the cause advo eontemplation. The interview lasted for upwards of an cated.

hour, and numerous points of importance were ex. haustively discussed, and Mr. Chamberlain desired that

the council would furnish him with suggestions for his “A SOLICITOR" has done good service in calling atten. ! guidance in regard to certain matters as to which he tion this week to a case of Storey V. The London and wished to ascertain their views. Lancashire Fire Insurance Company, before the Court In the Queen's Bench Division, last week, after the jury of Appeal, in which & condition was inserted in a

in the case of Fowke v. Downs bad returned a verdict for the fire-policy that, “if any difference shal at any time

defendant, and Lord Coleridge had condemned the plaintiff arise between the company and the insured, or any

to pay the costs, the latter, turning to the bench and ad. claimant under this policy, as to the amount of any loss

dressing the Lord Chief Justice, cried out in an excited voice:

“I have been swindled and you are the cause. You are not or damage by fire (and no fraud be alleged), every such

fit to sit on that bench." Amid painful sensation in court difference as and when the same arises shall be re

Lord Coleridge ordered the man's arrest, Inspector Denning, ferred to arbitration, ... and this condition shall

of the House of Commons, was sent for, a warrant was imbe deemed and taken to be an agreement to refer as mediately made out, and the prisoner conveyed in & aforesaid, and it is hereby expressly stipulated and Newgate.

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