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Seller, w

rabbit holes ;” and yet he doos employ them out of rabbit | Harrison, W.

Peel, H. holes, and insists that the Act of Parliament does not apply | Hayward, C. A. G.

Percival, E. to him. It is not for this or any other court to question the | Howgill, C. W.

Perry, J. T. wisdom of the Legislature ; their duty is to interpret and | Hill, Broster

Petre, S. H. apply the law. A case of hardship is easy to conceive where | Hill, E. F.

Potter, R. A. the rabbit holes are within plantations which the farmer has | Hobbs, C. G.

Preston, W.J. no right to enter. But even in such a case the farmer could | Hobrow, F. W. C.

Pugh, Jas. not be justified in setting the plain terms of the Act of Par- | Hodgkinson, A. W.

Pyman, C. B. liament quite at defiance. It is undeniable, on the other Hodgkinson, F. E.

Read, J. F. hand, that the setting of spring traps in open ground con- | Hopkinson, H, L., B.A. Reed, S. H. duces to the destruction both of winged and ground Iarson, J. F.

Rees, H. M. game; and this consideration is of importance in judg. Jackson, C. E.

Roberts, S. ing of another of the defender's pleas, to the effect Jacomb, R. B., M.A. Romer, C.. jun. that the Ground Game Act gave the pursuer no Jamblin, F. H.

Rooke, J. W. more extensive rights than he had under this lease Johnson, A.

Rooper, F. E. which was entered into before it passed. It is true that Johnson, D. K.

Ruddock, R. T. it gave him no more extensive rights-it even limited | Johnson, F.

Rass, O. A. them, as it did those of the defender, by prohibiting him Jobostone, Jno.

Sadd, W.J. from taking game in certain ways and at certain times, | Jones, E. T.

Sargeant, W. H. in regard to wbich he was quite at liberty before. But Jones, H. C.

Sayer, W., B.A. it made an enactment--that now in question-plainly meant to prevent the injurious destruction of game by the

Sewell, J. T. B. laying down of traps in places where creatures more vala.


Shadbolt, L. A. able tban rabbits are certain to go. If that provision bel Kinnair, H., jun.

Sieveking, A. F. favourable to the interests of the parguer, the fact that it ! King, R.

Simpson, C. H. did not exist when he entered into his leage does not dero- | Kitcbing, J. S.

Sluter, A. gate from his right to call for its enforoement as the law

| Lancaster, R.

Smith, C. A. of tbe land. The defender finally states as a ground of defender finallo states as a pronnd of Leonard, R.

Smith, J. C. resistance that, before the passing of the Act in question,

nestion Leslie, F. J.

Smith, S. S. he let his right to trap rabbits from 31st of August, 1880, to !

380 | Lewis, L. 0.

Stevens, W. G. 31st of Marcb, 1881. If the person to whom he let that I

Lewis, W. D.

Syrett, A. right thinks proper to take steps in due form to prove tbat

Lightbody, A. W.

Tanner, J. A. C. the enactment in question had made it impossible for him

| Livesay, W. S.

Tarn, W.F. to exercise bis rigbt to any advantage, bis claim for

Lloyd, A.

Taylor, G. B. damages may be considered. But in the meantime it

Lloyd, G. R.

Thurnall, W. cannot be entertained in a question between the pursner

į Lochée, W. A.

Thurston, H. P. and defender.

Lord, Joo.

Tomkinson, W. C. B.
Louch, E. Q.

Underwood, J. J.
Lythe, H. G.

Vardon, P. J.
Mallım, H. B.

Venn, F. H.

Marshall, T. D.

Wales, s.
Martin, J. D.

Walker, A. A.
Mason, H. H.

Waikins, F.

M4son, R. C.

Watson, J. H. List of successful candidates who passed the Final Ex.

Ma'tbew, G. A.

Weaving, E. G. amination, 18th and 19th of January, 1881 :

Matthews, F.

Whinney, C. T. Adamson, F. W.

Matthews, T.

Wilkes, R. M.
Bury, Jao.
Almond, J. W. R.

Matthews, W. H.
Bush, J.

Williams, T., jun.
Anderson, R. A.

Williams, w. M.
Carlyle, F. J.

Mayhew, R. C.
Andrews, C. F.

Meggitt, W. F.
Chamberlain, H.

Wilson, F. H.O.

Millard. c.
Andrews, S. R.

Wilson, H. F., B.A.
Charlton, T. F.

Miller, J. M., B.A.
Apps, T. R. B.

Wioser, H. A.
Clark, J. W.

Nicholson, G. O.
Archer, Rt.

Witchell, P.
Claydon, G. S.

Olding, W. H.
Armstrong, E. M.

Wood, H. J.
Cooke, G. A.
Armstrong, H.

Owen, G. II. M.

Wotton, E.
Cooksey, T.

Palmer, W.
Ayrton, Jno.

Woulfe, R. T.
Coxwell, G.S.
Bake, E. 0.

Parr, T. W.
Croome, w.c.

Wright, J. K., jun., LL.B.
Baker, S.
Dalton, W.L.T.

Pearce, Joseph Barratt, J. R.

Daphne, P. Bites, T. C. Davies, Fk.


Tuesday, February 8, 1881.-Mr. Bower in the chair. Beadle, w.S.

Debenham, E. P. Bell, H. H.

Mr. P. T. Rhys and Mr. J. E. Fox were elected members Dickinson, J.

The following question was discussed:-"A married woman, Bell, Thos. Double, A.

having a life estate in property settled to her separate use with Benoraft, W. P. Doudney, J. A.

remainder as she shall by deed or will appoint, dies without Bennett, H.F. Drew, A. H.

haviog exercised her power. Is the property liable to satisfy Berington, J. C.

Drew, J. W. Bewley, H. N.

a sum of money due on a bond given by the married woman? Duhe, H. W.

The debate was opened by Mr. J. W. Evans in the affirmaBill, A. R.

Eade, E. S. Bliss, G.

tive, and was continued by Mr. Heppell in the negative. Elliott, E. K. Bond, J. T.

The following members also addressed the society:-Messrs. Evans, D. R. Booker, W. T.

Gregson, R. Mossop, Bartlett, Kirk, and Sargeant on the Fairfax, A. Bogson, Jas.

affirmative side, and Messrs. Green, Woodhouse, Claremont, Fenton, Geo. Boughton, H. J.

and H. Mossop on the negative. The opener having replied, Floyd, w. Bourne, J. B.E.

the president summed up, and the question, on being put to Forbes, Joo. de B. Bowen, J. H.

the meeting, was decided in the negative by a majority of five Franklin, A. T. Bradley, F. W.

votes. The subject for discussion on the 15th inst. will be, Gee, E. Brightwell, H.

“Is the Government Bill with regard to corrupt practices Gee, L. E. Brocklesby, H.P.

at elections satisfactory ?"
Gilmore, J. C.
Brokenshire, N.

Gray, A.
Brotherton, Jag. R.
Greaves, V. R. N.

Brown, H. F. .
Hall, M. H.

A meeting of this society was beld at the Law Institu-
Burton, A. O.
Harrison, G.

| tion, Chancery-lane, on Monday, February 7, Mr. A. D



Maclaren in the chair. The moot, “ Was the case of Angus person be called Chief Baron though there are no barons ? 1. Dalton rightly decided ?" (L. R. 4 Q. B. D. 192, 40 L. J. There is nothing in a name, certainly. If the thing were N. S. 615, 48 L. J. N. S.) was opened by Mr. Wade in the desirable, a reasonable name could be found -riz., as sugnegative, and he was supported by Mr. Jonks and opposed gested by Mr. Justice Stepben, first vice-president, second by Messrs. Rosher and Shera. The opener replied, and after | vice-president. But I now come to the subetance of the the chairman had summed up, the question was, upon a objection, which is remarkable. He says, as I understand division, decided in the affirmative by the casting vote. bim, there is a class of barristers who are great advocates—I

The usual weekly meeting was held at Clement's-ion on suppose he means before a jury. These men get into ParliaWednesday, the 9th inst., Mr. F. 0. Edlin in the chair. ment and in time become Solicitor-General, and AttorneyThe subject of debate, “ That the conduct of the Home Rule General, and eventually Chief Justice or Master of the Rolls. party has rendered indispensable the adoption of a measure He leaves out the Chancellorship. These med, says he, restricting liberty of debate in the House of Commons," was would not be tempted to leave the bar to be puisne judges, opened by Mr. Parsons, who was supported by Messrs. Dow. nor even to be Lords of Appeal, or Lords Justices. For son, Warburton, Synes, Brown, Le Breton, Harvey, Sbera, which latter offices, indeed, says he, their fitness may be Perkins, and Newman, and opposed by Messrs. Trotter, doubted. The consequence is the greatest advocates would Hatton, Tillotson, and Maclaren. The opener replied, and cease to be judges, to the great disparagement of the upon a division the motion was carried by a large majority. bench. Moreover, the most important cases are tried before

On Wednesday, February 16, the inaugural meeting will judges; men's lives are at stake, public attention is fixed on be Leld, at which Mr. Mclotyre, Q.C., M.P., will take the such cases, and you adopt a system which prevents the chair, and a debate will then be held on the subject “That our fittest men from trying them ! Wonderful! This is an land laws require remodelling for the purpose of restraining argument which, if good for anything, is good for having, the accumulation of landed property in the hands of the not three, but fifteen Chief Justices. Surely Mr. Justice

Stephen forgets that the puisne judges try these remarkable cases as much or nearly as much as the chiefs. On circuit fourteen judges go, only two of whom were chiefs, so that

six-sevenths of the cases, great and small, are tried LORD JUSTICE BRAMWELL ON on circuit by the puisnes. So in London. The chiefs never

go to the Old Bailey. I can only remember three or four

occasions in the last twenty-five years. There have been others UNDER the signature" B.” Lord Justice Bramwell writes when it suited a cbief to go, or when he had to go the to the Times :

North Wales or Norfolk Circuit, and it fell to him to go. So I cannot agree with Mr. Justice Stephen's opinions as of the cases at Westminster and Guildhall, they are tried expressed in the artiole in the Nineteenth Century on the almost indifferently by chiefs and puisnes. Chief Justice Jadicature Act. They seem to me beside the questions to | Cockburn, indeed, who liked a page of the Times daily debe considered. He objects to the present Court of Appeal, voted to him and bis performances, picked out of the general and would re-establish the Exchequer Chamber, as I think. lists cages wbich would afford him that gra:ification, but no Be it so. I never saw adytbing very bad in that court or the other chief ever did. There really seems to me po foundation principle of it. But it is not the question or one of the ques for this argument. The first year I was a judge I was sent tions whetber what he proposes should be done. Then he on circuit to try & murder which lasted four days. No objects to wbat be calls the “one-judge system." That also chief volunteered to go. I always went to the Old Bailey is not now & question. It is established by the law of the whatever the cases were. No obief, though on the rota, did. land. But, says the learned judge, the changes proposed are The same is true of other judges. But it is not true that we " isolated changes, the effect of which can hardly be estimated should not get such men as Mr. Justice Stephen mentions. anless a full statement is giveo of the scheme of which thes | to be judges. When they found they could neither be are to form part." But a full statement is given. We know Chancellor nor Chief Justice, and were not made Lords of entirely what is the scheme of which they will be part. To | Appeal nor Lords Justices, because “the public interest did ase his own simile, we have a plan of the entire building of not require men of that class to be placed there," they which this part, when repaired, is to be part. His argument would quietly take their seats as puisne judges after they had is as though you could not repuir one wing of a building witb saved a good sum of money by their large practice. There out polling the wbole down and re-building. I will not be are many things I should like to notice in Mr. Justice tempted to discuss the “one-judge system" at length. It is Stephen's article, some to agree with and some to dissent the law, and we must act on that while it so continues. But from, but they are beside the questions to be discussed, and I I wholly approve it. As far as cases before judge and jury refrain. I entirely agree that appeals are allowed wbere they are concerned, it is old. The statement that it will “sub- ought not to be. I am surprised at the objection (page 79) ordinate the judges of the common law division to the Court “that two judges may overrule four ;” of course, so it of Appeal and make them mere commissioners to take evid. always must be. In the Lords two may overrule seven. I ence" is, in my opinion, wbolly unfounded. Indeed, it is to am the more convinced the changes proposed should be made me unintelligible, and, were it possible, I should say pro. io tbat such a man as Mr. Justice Stephen can say so little ceeded from a jealousy of tbat court. Where the case is not against them. a jury case, but one for the judge only, there should be but one judge at common law, unless there should be more in chancery, and that no one contends for. But, I repeat, we must deal with the law as we find it.

I now addresy myself to what are the questions. They LEGAL APPOINTMENTS. are two :-First, sball the three common law divisions (as they are called for preciseness) be made into one? To this

Mr. JAMES ALLON TUCKER, solicitor, of Bath and Calne, Mr. Justice Stephen does not object much, if at all. Hon

• He has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in doubts if three divisions of five men each could not more easily arrange what each five should do than one division of

the Supreme Court of Judicature. fifteen what that division should do. Very likely. But the

Mr. Henry Fox BRISTOWE, Q.C., has been appointed three divisions would not only have each to agree within

Vice-Chancellor of the County Palatine of Lancaster, in itself, but each to arrange with the two others; and it is to

succession to the late Mr. George Little, Q.C. Mr. Bristowe

succession to the late Mr. Go me manifest that the fifteen could arrange better if not first is the second son of the late Mr. Samuel Ellis Bristowe, of divided into tbree parts. But, as Mr. Justice Stephen says

| Beesthorpe Hall, Notinghamshire, and was born in 1824. nothing much, if anything, against this proposal, I will say

| He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Trinity no more about it,

Term, 1847. He practised for many years as an equity He does object more, though, to the abolition of the offices draftsman and conveyancer, and was for several years one of of the two chiefs. He says the money is of no consequence.

the editors of the WEEKLY REPORTER. He became a Queen's I agree, tbough it may be observed it would nearly pay for

Counsel in 1869, and has since practised in the court of another judge-auite if the salary of tbe Master of the Rolls Vice-Chancellor Malios. Mr. Bristowe is a bencher of the is reduced. He says that even if the divisions are abolished

Middle Temple. Dames could be found for the two; and, following an argu- Mr. EDWARD HENRY BIGGIN, solicitor, of 61, Chanceryment which appears a favourite one now-a-days, he says, Why, lane, bas been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths if other officers have wrong names, should not judges, and a in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. WILLIAM BANTOPT, jun., solicitor (of the firm of | Anglo-FRENCH PORCELAIN COMPANY, LIMITED.---The M. R. bas, by Birkett & Bantoft), of Ipswich, bas been appointed a Com an order dated Dec 20, appointed Samuel Lovelock, 19, Coleman missioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judica

st, to be official liquidator, in the place and stead of George Soott


V.C.B. dated Jan 29, it was ordered that the company be wound Mr. FREDERICK DUTTON, solicitor, of 3, Drapers-gardens,

up. Clarke and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, solicitors for the peti.

tioner Tbrogmorton-street, London, has been appointed a Commis.

COTTAGES AND VILLAS BUILDING AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, sioner to take Acknowledgments of Married Women for the LIMITED.-By an order made by the M.R. dated Jan 29 it was Colonies of Queensland, New South Wales, and New Zea ordered that the company be wound up. Bryden, Bennett's hill, land, and also a Commissioner to take Affidavits in the

Doctor's Commons, solicitor for the petitioner

FLAGSTAFF SILVER MINING COMPANY OF UTAH, LIMITED.-The Supreme Courts of the Colonies of Queensland, New South

M.R. has by an order dated Dec 14 appointed James Waddell, Wales, Victoria, New Zealand, and Tasmania. Mr. Dutton Queen Victoria st, to be official liquidator. Creditors are required has also been appointed a Justice of the Peace for the

on or before Apr 4 to send their names and addresses to the above.

Apr 26 at 11 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the Province of South Australia.

debts and claims Mr. PATRICK FRASER LL.D., O.C. has been appointed a | LIBERIA COFFEE COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up pre

sented Feb 3 directed to be heard before the V.O.H. on Feb 18. Judge of the Court of Session in Scotland, in succession to

Vandercom and Co. Cannon st, solicitors for the petitioner. the late Lord Ormidale. The new judge was called to the LOMBARD LOAN AND INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED. --Petition bar in Scotland in 1843, and he was appointed sheriff of for winding up, presented Feb 2, directed to be heard before the Renfrewshire in 1862. He bas been for several years dean of

V.C.M. on Feb 18. Jourdain, Ludgate hill, solicitor for the peti.

tioners the Faculty of Advocates, and he was last year appointed & MARINE AQUARIUM COMPANY, SCARBOROUGH, LIMITED.-By an Queen's Counsel for Scotland. He is the author of a treatise order of the M.R., dated Jan 29, it was ordered that the voluntary OD “The Law of Personal and Domestic Relations."

winding up of the company should be continued. Taylor,

Hoare, and Taylor, Gt James st, Bedford row, solicitors for the Mr. H. L. W. GODWIN, solicitor, of 64, Moorgate-street petitioner. and New Southgate (of the firm of H. S. Harris & Godwin), MERSEY STEEL AND IRON COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for wind.

ing up, presented Feb 4, directed to be heard before the V.O.M. has been appointed Solicitor to the School Board for Edmon

on Feb 18. Wynne and Son, Chancery lane, solicitors for the peton. Mr. Godwin was admitted in Hilary Term, 1868.


Mosaic TILE COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has by an order dated Mr. HENRY GRIFFITH has been elected Treasurer of the Jan 10 appointed Frederick Hooper Harvey, Sandford place, Honourable Society of Gray's-inn for the ensuing year.

Stoke Newington, and James Alexander Croft, Ashley, Putney, to

be official liquidators, Creditors are required, on or before March Mr. RICHARD CLARENCE HALSE, solicitor, of 61, Cheap 10, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of side, has been elected Chairman of the Law and City Courts

their debts or claims, to the above. Friday, March 25, at 12, is Committee in the Common Council. Mr. Halse was admitted

appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and

claims a solicitor in 1860, and he is a common councilman for Cheap REVENUE MINERAL COMPANY. LIMITED.-Petition for winding up Ward.

presented Feb 4 directed to be heard before the M.R. on Feb 19.

Bolton, Smith, and Co, Temple gardens, Temple, Solicitors for Mr. RICHARD Hart, solicitor, of Folkestone, has been the petitioners appointed a Magistrate for that borongh. Mr. Hart was SOUTH KENSINGTON Co-OPERATIVE STORES, LIMITED.-Creditors are admitted a solicitor in 1829. He is vestry clerk of Folke.

required, on or before March 1, to send their names and ad.

dresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Henry stone parish, and clerk to the Folkestone Burial Board, and John Leslie, Frederick's place, Old Jewry. Tuesday, March 22, was for several years clerk to the borough magistrates.

at 12, is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts

and claims Mr. MARK SHEPHARD, solicitor, of 27, College-street, i South LONDON DAIRY SUPPLY ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.--By an College-bill, has been elected Chairman of the Epping Forest

order made by the M.R., dated Jan 29, it was ordered that the Committee in the Common Council. Mr. Shephard was

association be wound up. Bellamy and Co, Bishopsgate st Within,

solicitors for the petitioner admitted a solicitor in 1840, and he is deputy for Vintry TRAMWAYS SHARE INVESTMENT COMPANY, LIMITED.--By an order Ward.

made by V.C.B., dated Jan 29, it was ordered that the company

be wound up. Bellamy and Co. Bishopsgate st Within, solicitors Mr. CHARLES ALFRED WOOLLEY, solicitor (of the form of for the petitioner Hill, Fitzhugb, Woolley, & Griffitb), of Brighton, has been

Gazette, Feb. 8. elected Town Clerk of Hove, in succession to Mr. William Packwood, deceased. Mr. Woolley was admitted a solicitor


MERSEY STEEL AND IRON COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding in 1856.

up presented Feb 2 directed to be heard before the V.C. at St George's Hall, Liverpool, on Feb 15. Simpson and North, Liver

pool, solicitors for the petitioner DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP.

: Gazette, Feb. 4.] WILLIAM HENRY BROOK and Percy DAVIES, Warrington, solicitors. Jan. 31.

[Gazette, Jan. 8, 1881.]

“ Law" writes to tbe Times :-" Will yon kindly allow the attention of the public and my brotbers of the legal profession to be called to the enclosed notice, wbich

appeared at the head of the list at the common law COMPANIES.

judges' chambers this morning, without any previous warning to the parties or the profession, except such as

could be gained by a perusal of the list published in toWINDING-UP NOTICES.

day's papers or at the Royal Courts after six p.m Joint Stock COMPANIES.

yesterday? I had a gommons adjourned by a judge last LIMITED IN CHANCEBY.

week till to-day, when it was fixed to be heard at twelve EDISON TELEPHONE COMPANY OF LONDON, LIMITED.-The M.R.

o,clock, but on arriving at that bour I found it had been has fixed Feb 12 at 11 at his chambers for the appointment of an transferred to tbe eleven o'clock list in pursuance of the official liquidator

potice, which is as follows:- The Hop. Baron Pollock ELDORADO GOLD MINING COMPANY, LIMITED. ---Petition for winding will sit at chambers to-day, and all the summonses returned up presented Jan 8 directed to be heard before the M.R. on Feb 19. Randall and Angier, Gray's inn pl, solicitors, petitioners in person

for twelve o'clock will be taken at eleven o'clock, and ENGLISH YEAST COMPANY. LIMITED.-The V.C.M. has fixed Feb 15

those returned for one o'clock will be taken at twelve at 12 at his chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator

o'clock, or as soon after as may be convenient. Counsel GENERAL FIREWOOD COMPANY LIMITED.-The V C.H. has fixed

will be heard at balf-past twelve. I was told by an Feb 14 at 12 at his chambers for the appointment of an official fficial that further changes in regard to the list would liquidator

probably be made between this and the 18th inst. I can HOPE IRON, STEEL, AND WIRE COMPANY. LIMITED.-Petition for winding up presented Feb 3 directed to be heard before the M.R.

only say I hope we sball have prior notice of them. May on Feb 12. Field and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agents for Buckton

I suggest ibat before they are made the council of the Law and Greenall, Warrington, solicitors for the petitioners

Society shoold be consulted, or a few solicitors who MERCANTILE MUTUAL MABINE INSURANCE Association, LIMITED. themselves practice at chambers, or even hall-a-dozen

--Petition for winding up, presented Feb 1, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Feb 12. Greenop and Sons, St Peter's alley,

managing clerks of large firms should be asked to advise. Cornhill, solicitors for the petitioner

Such a course would result in increased conveuience both [Gazette, Feb. 4.] to the public and the authorities."





FEB. 3.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. DORANT, SUSAN DURANT, Bryanston sg. March 1. Durant v Leth. PRIVATE BILLS.-Seotional or Blook-Buildings Managebridge, V.C. Hall, Lethbridge and Son, Abingdon st, Westminster

ment, &o., Colne and Marsden Local Board. ENNOR, NICHOLAS, St Teath, Cornwall, Gent. Feb 26. Ennor v Male, V.C. Malins. Kingdon, Bedford row

OLIVE, WILLIAX, Tottington Lower End, nr Bury, Lancaster, Paper PRIVATE BILLS.-Stookton Bridge, Boston Ocean Dook

Manufacturer. Feb 25. Olive v Westerman, M.R. Grundy, and Railway, Tookton Bridge, Brading Harbour, Rathin
SHORT, GEORGE, Maidstone. Kent, Hosier. March 1. Short v

and Corrig.y-Druidion Railway. Cooper and others, V.C. Hall. Monckton, Maidstone

FEB. 7.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. STANDEX, WILLIAM, Hastings, Tailor. Feb 26. Meadows v Vinall, PRIVATE BILLS.-Rhondda and Swansea Bay Railway, V.C, Malins. Lydall, Southampton buildings, Chancery lane

Oxford Police. TTIPOED, GEORGE PARKER, Barnes, Surrey, Printer. Feb 22. Nes

FEB 8.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. bit v Turford, M.R. Turner, Fleet et WHINERY, SAMUEL, Underbarrow, Westmoreland, Gent. Feb 25. PRIVATE BILLS.-Cadogan and Hans-place Estate, Car. Whinery v Webster, M.R. Moser, Kendal

marthen and Cardigan Railway, East London Water, (Gazette, Jan. 28.]

Byker-bridge (Newcastle-upon-Tyne), Hylton, Southwick,

and Monkwearmouth Railway, Railway Passengers' AssurCREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

ance Company, Solicitors' Remuneration, Settled Land,

Conveyanoing and Law of Property, Limitation of Actions. ARMSTRONG, Ann, Edentown, Stanwix, Cumberland. March 1.

Benale, Carlisle
BLACKRTER, ELIZABETH, West Ham, Essex. Feb 28. Brewis and

Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

BOISSIER, Rev. PETER HENRY, Clifton, Bristol, March 31, Harwood,

PRIVATE BILL.-West Ham Local Board.
BOWER, Rev. ROBERT SMITH, Park Village West. March 25. Druce

FEB. 4.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. and Co, Billiter sq

PRIVATE BILLS. — Bradford Water and Improvement, Briggs, 'GEORGE, Asylum rd, Old Kent rd, Victualler. Feb 28. Reading Corporation, Swapage Railway, Tyne Improve

Childs, Doctor commons
BOMBERRY, THOMAS, Potton, Bedford, Carpenter March 12. | ment, Westbury-on-Trym Gas (No. 1), Chesbire Salt
Veasey, Baldock

Diatricts Compensation.
CAUSER, ELIZABETH, Stafford. Feb 28. Morgan, Stafford

FEB. 7.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. CLEMENTSON, MARY LOUISA, Coleherne rd, West Brompton. March PRIVATE BILLS.—Alnwick Gas, Birkenhead Corporation

31. Champion and Co, Ironmonger lane COEX, Joux, Rutland st, Pimlico, Hall Porter, March 15, Goody

(Gas and Water), Birkenhead Corporation (Improvemeni, and Stock, Queen Victoria st

&c.), Burton-on-Trent (Station-street Extension) Railway, DALTOX, CHARLES JAxes, Twickenham Park, Lieut.-Gen. H.M.'s

Cambridge University and Town Gas, Cleator and Army. March 1. Trevor, Guisborough, York DAVIDOFF, ADELE, South st. Piccadilly. Arnold and Co, Carey st

Workington Junction Railway, Elbam Valley Light Dawsox, Jaxe, Carlisle, March 1. Bendle, Carlisle

Railway, Holland (parts of) and Sotton Bridge Water, DESORMEUX, CAROLINE, Russell st, Reading. March 25. Saunders, | Kingston-upon-Hall Corporation Loans, &c., London City

Holborn circus
DOD, JOSEPH, Lower Bebington, Chester, Gent. Apr 1. Peacock

Commissioners of Sewers (Artizans' Dwellinge), Oxted and and Co, Liverpool

Groombridge Railway, Richmond Gas, Ryton Local Board FENNELL, HENRY, Adlebvrgh, Suffolk, Gent. March 12. Southwell (Water), Sheffield Water, Southport and Cheshire Lines

and Fry, Saxmundham HAYDON, GEORGINA, Plymouth. March 8. Sparks and Blake,

Extension Railway, Stalybridge Extension and ImproveCrewkerne

ment, Uxbridge and Rickmanaworth Railway, Westbury. HOBDAY, Mary ANN, Bathurst st, Hyde park. March 24. Hall, upon. Trym Gas (No. 2), Westgate and Birchington Gas,

Sohthampton st
JAMIESON, ALEXANDER, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Grocer. Feb 28.

Woking Water and Gas."
Brewis and Co, Newcastle-upou-Tyne

KESDALL, THOMAS, Whinfell House, Westmoreland, Gent. Feb 21. Consolidated Fand (panged through Committee).
Heeiis, Appleby

LAXE, Joux, Doncaster, Butcher, March 31. Palmer, Doncaster PRIVATE BILLS.-Goole and District Gas and Water,
Lieut.-Gen., H.M.'s Royal Artillery. March 15. Martin, Pershore

North Staffordshire Railway (Cauldron Quarries). McCRkIGHT, CHARLES WILLIAM DICKEY, St Helier's, Jers y, Esq.

FEB. 9.-BILLS READ A SECOND TIME. March 12. Ormerod and Allen, Manchester

PRIVATE Bills.- Aylesbury and Rickmangworth Rail. WYERS, THOMAS, Sheffield, Jeweller, March 31. Rodgers and Co,

way, Fylde Water, Glasgow and South-Western Railway, Sheffi ald PATTISON, EDWARD, Gateshead, Durham, Glasscutter. Feb 28.

Hoylake and Birkenhead Rail and Tramway, Lydd RailBrewis and Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

way, Manchester, Sbeffield, and Lincolnshire Railway PATTISON, EDWARD, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Glasscutter. Feb 28. (Additional Powers), Manchester, Sheffield, and Lincoln

Brewis and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne
PETRIE, JANET, Brunswick pl, Swansea, March 25. Stricks and

ebire Railway (New Works), Metropolitan Railway, Skipton Bellingham, Swansea

and Kettlewell Railway (Extension to Ayegarth). PITKAX, JOSEPH, Yeovil, Gent. March 1. Kingdon, Sherborne

BILL RÉAD A FIRST TIME. RAMSAY, KATIABINE, Vale Parish, Guernsey. Feb 26, Johnston

Bill to further amend the Law relating to Sea Fisheries, and Co, Finsbury pavement REDGLAVE, WILLIAM, Birmingham, Domestic Servant, March 7. by providing for the Protection of Clam and other Bait Williams, Birmingham

Beds (Mr. Chamberlain). RODBAED, EDWARD, Merriott, Somerset, Gent. March 8. Sparks

and Blake, Crewkerze
SADLER, JAMES, Oldbury, Worcester, Brick Manufacturer. Feb 11.

Shakespeare, Oldbury
SALTER, WILLIAM, Chard, Somerset, Gent. March 14. Clarke and

Lakin, Chard
SANDERS, JOHN, Loughborough, Leicester, Wine Merchant, March

25. Toone, Loughborough
SCOTT, RICHARD, Nottingham, Gent. Feb 16. Burton and Co,


SHARP, LAWRENCE, Broughron, Lancaster, Yeoman, Feb 21.
Butler, Broughton-in-Furness

Thursday, the 3rd day of February, 1881. SIMPSON, STEPHEX, Brixton rd, Licensed Victualler. Feb 24. Whereas, from the present state of the business belore

Clapharn and Fitch, Bishopsgate st Without
Sopwith, Jonx, Tynemouth, Northumberland, Cabinet Maker.

the Master of the Rolls and the Vice-Chancellors, Sir Feb 28. Forster and Co, Newcastle upon Tyne

Richard Maling, Sir James Bacon, and Sir Charles Hall, SPARKS, EDWARD ISAAC, Misterton, Somerset, M.B. March 8. and Mr. Justice Fry respectively, it is expedient that a Sparks and Blake, Crewkerne

portion of the causes assigned to the Master of the Rolls SPIVEY, ELIZABETH, Doncaster, March 31. Palmer, Doncaster STEPLEX50X, JOSEPI, Long Marton, Westmoreland, Yeoman. Feb

and the Vice-Chancellors, Sir Riobard Malins and Sir 24. Heelis, Appleby

Charles Hall, and vow standing for trial or hearing before TEOEPE, Francis CORBETT, Hampton, Gent. March 8. Sparks

their Jordabips, should be transferred to the Vice-Chancellor and Blake, Crewkerne TECKTELL, WALTER, Newcastle - upon - Tyne, Factor. March 1.

Sir James Bacon ; and tbat certain of the causes so to be Lewis and Lewis, Holborn

transferred sbonld for the purpose only of trial or hearing WILSON, Rev. ARTHUR CHARLES, Nocton Vicarage, Lincoln. March be trapsferred from the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon 15. Toynbee and Co, Lincoln

i Gazette, Jan. 28.] to Mr. Justice Fry: Now I, the Right Honourable


[ocr errors]

Rouodell Baron Selborne, Lord High Chancellor of Great Dart v Kelson mfj 1880 D 1,49L Britain, do hereby order that the several causes set forth Thompson v Ringer act, wits 1880 F 1,104 in the first, second, and third sobedules hereto be accord. Oliver v Watkins aot, wits 1800 O 151 ingly transferred from the Master of the Rolls and the In re Stutters, Clarke - Forsey act 1880 8 1,523 Vice-Chancellors Sir Riobard Malins and Sir Charles Hall In re Potter, Potter v Potter act, wits 1880 P 0,564 to the Vice-Cbancellor Sir James Bacon, and taken as Debenbam v Shippey act 1880 D 0,573 causes assigoed to the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon, | Hey v Simmons aot, wita 1880 H 01,262 and be marked in the cause books accordingly. And I do Paget v Penny aot 1880 P 0,271 further order that the causes in the first sobecale when so Jackson v Jaokson act, wits 1880 J 050 transferred be for the porpose only of trial or hearing Leeder v Brereton mfj 1880 L 66 transferred from the Vice-Chancellor Sir James Bacon to Smith v Grenville act, wits 1880 S 166 Mr. Justice Fry. And this order is to be drawn up by Barker v Riddell act and mfj, wits 1880 B 2,018 the registrar and get op in the several offizes of the Hampton v Hampton sot 1880 H 2,107 Cbanoery Division of the High Court of Justice.

In re Waterton, Fewster v Watarton act,, wits 1879 W

First Schedule.

Pike v Griffith sot 1879 P 122
From the Master of the Rolle' Cause Book.

Pritohard v Pritobard act, wits
Marshall v Berridge act, wits

1880 P 1 1880 M 2,442

Smith v Alder act, wits 1880 S 04
Mitobell v Henry act, wits 1880 M 426

Evelyn v Evelyn aot, wits 1879 E 80
Redgrave v Hord act, wits 1880 R 0,703
Pawson v Peck act, wits 1880 P 0,617

Third Schedule.
Dent v Stead act, wits 1880 D 1,372

From the Vice-Cbancellor Hall's Cause Book. Scott y Credit Lyonnais act, wits 1880 S 3,196

Carteis v Arliss act, wits 1880 C 47 Raw v Jackson act, wits 1880 R 1,701

Stamford, Spalding and Boston Banking Co v Lindridge Hudson v Silvester issue for trial, wits 1880 H 1,781 Colliery Co, limd act, and mfj, wits 1879 S 35 Stone v Hatt aot, wits 1879 S 526

Wade v Lape act, wits 1880 W 83 Baker v Scott Simpson act, wits 1880 B 2,012

Dainty v Middleton act, wits 1880 D 0,195 Frith v Baume act, wits 1880 F 1,241

Hall v Swaine aot, wits 1880 H 91 Victory Printing and Folding Machine Manufactoring Co

Henry v Lawrell act, wits 1879 H 449 v Messra W Dawson & Sons act, wits 1880 V 5

Jones v Williams act, wits 1879 J 123 Colonial Assurance Corporation, limd v Lane act, wits Arnold v Argold act, wits 1880 A 273 1880 C 0,426

Forster » Patterson act, wits 1879 F 194 Patmore Skeet act, wite 1880 P 1,623

Hills v Cole act, wits 1880 H 0,527 McLoughlin v Doff act, wits 1880 M 3,102

Hadoop v Bridgemarsh Brickfields Co, limd act, wits 1880 Bidwell v Bastin aot, wits 1880 B 0,783

H 0,148 Clarke v Harcourt act, wits 1880 C 3,112

Jackson v Haigh act, wits 1879 J 112 Foxton - Manchester and Liverpool Banking Co act, wits

Harding v Tatill act, wits 1880 H 01,182 1879 F 70

Bakewell v Jacob aot, wits 1880 B 0,848 Morgan v Owen act, wits 1880 M 0,858

Day v Neale act, wits 1880 D 0,156 Brown v Smart act, wits 1880 B 13

Stewart • Holland act, wits 1879 S 102 'Cannell v Gregory act, wits 1880 C 0,953

MoGregor v Middleton aot, wits 1879 M 347 Kelly v Hammersley act, wits 1880 K 29

Middletou v MoGregor act, wits 1879 M 1,242 Kinnaird v Smith act, wits 1880 K 395

Rolt v Rolt aot, wits 1880 R 0,654 Smih v Kippaird aot, wits 1880 8 1,584

Davies v Thomas act, wits 1879 D 199 Blake v Payne act, wits 1879 B 581

Ogle v Berlin Phosphate, &r, Co act, wite 1879 0 53 Record o Wbiteley act, wits 1880 R 1,934

Farber v King act, wils 1876 F 0,572 Westinghouse v The Midland Ry Co aot, wits 1880 W

Furber v King act, wits 1879 F 0,573 72

Denvon v Northway act, wits 1879 D 105 In re Williams, Williams v Williams act, wits 1880 W

Whitfield v Balderston act, wits 1880 W 1,448 2,803

Castings v White aot, and m fj, wits 1880 C 0 678 Parkinson ~ Davis act, wits 1880 P 2,157

Wheeler v Le Marobante aot, wits 1880 W 1,793 Watking v Pritchard act, wits 1880 W 2,700

Jones v Linton act, wits 1879 J 147 Bennett v Submarine Telegraph Co aot, wits 1879 B ! Ward Ashton v Bennett act, wits 1880 W 0,143 497

Mo Kensie v Yabsley act, wits 1880 M 898 Pardew v Ellis aot, wits 1880 P 70

Burney v Timotby and Green act, wits 1880 B 01,268 Pardew v Ellis aot, wite 1880 P 71

SELBORNE, C. Atherley v Saunders act, wite 1879 A 187

None of the causes in the above schedule will be placed In re Hobbe, Hobbe v Cullam act, wite 1880 H 3,119

in the paper for hearing before Thursday, the 17th day of Hoole v Smith act, wite 1880 H 129

February, 1881, apless by the written consent of all Holley v Ecolesiastical Commrs for England act, wits | parties. 1880 H 0,414

H. LATHAM, Registrar. The Blackpool Land, &o, Co v Tbe Imperial Hotel Co,

Blackpool, limd act, wits 1879 B 5,542
The King's Lyon Dock Cor Company of Proprietors of
the Norfolk Estoury act wits 1880 K 452

Williamson v Loud act, wits 1880 W 2,710
Wood v Berridge act, wits 1880 W 107
Compton v Preston act &mfj, wits 1880 C 01.244

Edwick v Hawkes and Co aot, wita 1880 E 728

FRIDAY, Feb. 4, 1881. Winwood v Jenkins act, wits 1880 W 3,103

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. Hardingham v Rowan act, wits 1879 H 375

To Surrender in London. In re Slocombe, Latham v Slocombe act, wits 1880 L D'Arcy, Henry Edward Augustus, Well st, Cripplegate, Warehouse2,234

man, Pet Feb 1. Murray. Feb 18 at 11 Martin v Gordon act, wits 1880 M 0,469

Gibson, William, Palace chambers, Westminster, Wine Merchant.

Pet Jan 31. Murray. Feb 15 at 11 ddon v Bank of Bolton aot, wits 1880 S 2,851

To Surrender in the Country. Worthington v Cave act, wit's 1880 W 1,680

Abrahams, Moses, Birmingham, Commission Agent. Pet Jan 31.

Cole. Birmingham, Feb 16 at 2 Watts v Meers act, wits 1880 W 95

Blauchard, Harvey, Hockley, Birmingham, Baker. Pet Jan 31. Harlock v Asbberry act, wits 1880 H 0,354

Parry, Birmingham, Feb 18 at 2

Haldane, Henry Ernest. Dover, Captain in H.M. 64th Regiment. Second Schedule.

Pet Jan 14. Furley. Canterbury, Feb 18 at 12.30 From tbe Vice-Chancellor Malina' Canse Book.

Munfield, William, and Hannah Munfield, Bolton, Lancaster, Pro

vision Dealers. Pet Feb 2. Holden. Bolton, Feb 23 at 11 Thompson v Fairweather act, wits 1879 T 36

Preece, Alfred, Wolverhampton, Household Furniture Dealer. Pet Pyatt v Stratton act 1880 P 0,541

Feb 1. Sanders. Wolverhampton, Feb 15 at 12

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