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law divisions of the High Court of Justice. Candidates will be examined on general and elementary principles of law.

Hie examiner in equity will examine in the following subjects:—(I) Trusts; (2) Administration of assets. Candidates will be examined in the above-mentioned subjects.

The examiners in Roman law will examine in the Institutes of Justinian, books 1 and 2; book 3, title 13, to the end of the book; book 4, titles 1 to 5 inclusive.

Trinity Examination, 1881. Examination of Candidates for Studentships, Honours, and

Pass Certificates. The attention of students is requested to the following rules:—

As an encouragement to tudents to study jurisprudence and Roman law, twelve studentships of one hundred guineas each shall be establisbed, and divided equally into two classes; the first class of studentships to continue for two years, and to be open for competition to any student as to whom not more than four terms shall have elapsed since he kept his first term; and the second class to continue for one year only, and to be open for competition to any student, not then already entitled to a studentship as,,to whom not less than four and not more than eight terms shall have elapsed since he kept his first term ; two of each class of such studentships to be awarded by the council, on the recommendation of the committee, after every examination before Hilary and Trinitv Terms respectively, to the two students of each set of competitors who shall have passed the best examination in both jurisprudence and Roman law. But the committee shail not be obliged to recommend any studentship to be awarded if the result of the examination be such as in their opinion not to justify Buch recommendation.

No student admitted after the 31st of December, 1872, shall receive from the council the certificate of fitness for call to the bar required by the four Inns of Court unless he shall have passed a satisfactory examination in the following suhjecs—viz, (1) Roman law; (2) The law of real and personal property; (3) Common law; and (4) Equity.

No student admitted after the 31st of December. 1S72, shall be examined for call to the bar until ha shall have kept nine terms; except that students admitted after that day shall have the option of passing the examination in Roman law at any time alter having k"pt four terms.

An examination will be held in May next, to which a student of any of the Inns of Court, who is desirous of becoming a eandida'e for a studentship, or honours, or of obtaining a certificate of fitness for being called to the bar, will be admissible.

Each student proposing to submit himself for examination will be required to enter bis name, personally or bv letter, at the treasurer's or steward's office of the Iun of Court to which he belongs, on or before Monday, the 9th day of May next; and he will further be required to state in writing whether hi3 object in offering himself for examination is to compete for a studentship, or honours, or of obtaining a certificate preliminary to a cull to the bar, or whether lie is merely desirous of passing the examination in Roman law under the above-stated rule.

The examination will take place in the ball of Lineoln'sinn j and the doors will be closed ten minutes after the time appointed lor the commencement of the examination.

The examination by printed questions will be conducted in the following order :—Monday and Tuesday, May 23 and 24, at ten until one, and from two until five on each day, the examination of candidates for studentships in jurisprudence and Roman law.

The examination of candidates for honours and pass certificates, and for pass in Roman law only, will take place an follows :—Wednesday morning. May 25, at ten, on real and personal property law; Thursday morning, May 26, at ten, on common law; Friday morning, May 27, at ten, on equity; Saturday morning, May 2S, at ten, on jurisprudence and Roman law; Saturday afternoon, May 28, at two, on constitutional law and legal history.

Thu oral examination will be conducted in the same order, and on the same subjects, as above appointed for the examination by printed questions.

Jurisprudence, International Law, and, Roman Law. Candidates for the studentships will be examined in alF the following subjects:—(1) Institutes of (Sains and Institutes of Justinian; (2) Digest D., book 4, titles 1 to 6 inclusive; (3) History of Roman law; (4) Principles of jurisprudence, with special reference to the writings of Bentham, Austin, and Maine; (5) Elements of international law; (6) Principles of private international law. Candidates for honours will be examined in subject* numbered 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Candidates for a pass certificate will be examined in the Institutes of Justinian, books 1 and 2; book 3, title 13, to the end of the book; book 4, titles 1 to 5 inclusive.

The examiner in the law of real and personal property will examine in the following eut jects :—The elementary principles of the law of real and personal property, with reference chiefly to the treatises of Mr. Joshua Williams on those suhjocts. Candidates for a pass certificate will be examined in the elements of the foregoing subjects; candidates for honours will have a higher examination.

The examiner in common law will examine in the following subjects :—(1) The law of contracts; (2) The law of torts; (3) Criminal law; (4) The procedure in the common law divisions of the High Court of Justice. Candidates for a pass certificate will be examined on general and elementary principles of law; and from candidates for honours the examiner will require a more advanced knowledge of the application of those principles, and a knowledge of leading decisions.

The examiner in equity will examine in the following subjecs :—(1) Trusts; (2) Administration of assets; (3) Specific performance; (4) Partnership. Candidates for honours will be examined in all the above-mentioned subjects. Candidates for a pass certificate in those numbered 1 and 2 only.

The examiners in constitutional law and legal history will examine in the following books and subjects:—(1) Stubb's Constitutional History of England ; (2) Hallam's Constitutional History; (3) Broom's Constitutional Law; (4) The Principal State Trials of the Stuart Psriod; (5) the concluding chapter of Black9tone's Commentaries, beinif that "On the Progress of the Laws of England." Candidates for honours will be examined in all the above-mentioned books and subjects.

By order of the council,
(Signed) Jas. Andkkson. Chairman, pro Urn.

Council Chamber, Lincoln's Inn Hall, Jan 24.

MIDDLE TEMPLE. The following scholarships have beeD awarded by the masters of the bench of the Middle Temple, viz.—CommOD law.—Daniel Franois Browne, a scholarship of 50 guineas; Patriok David Fleming, B.A., Trinity College, Dublin, a scholarship of 20 guineas. Real and Personal Property.— Reginald C. Saunders, a scholarship of 50 guineas; David Norman M'Nanghton, a scholarship of 20 guineas. Equity. —William B. Tarpey, University of Loudon, a scholarship of 50 guineas; James Andrew Strahan, M.A., Q leeo's University of Ireland, a scholarship of 20 guineas. International and constitutional law.—William H. C. Payne, of St. Peter's College, Cambridge, a scholarship oi 5'> guineas; William Clark, a scholarship of 20 guineas. Iu addition to the above, there were awarded to students of the Middle Temple, by the Council of Legal Education,, the following prizes—viz. (1), in respeot of the examination on the subjects of the different classes, out of an aggregate sum of £395 the sum of £295 ; (2) in respect of studentships, out of a sum of 600 guineas the Bum of 200 guineas was awarded to Mr. Richard Robert Cherry, a student of the Middle Temple.


First Ll.h. Examination-, Examination For Honours.Jcr.isl'rodence And Roman

First Class.

Harris, David Lewis (Exhibition).—Downinj Coll., Camb.

Third Class. Stevenson, George Frederick.—Private study.

Btowd, Robert Weir.—Gray's-inn and privato study.
Upjohn, Arthur Ritchie.—Private study.
Holah, Arthur.—Private tuition.
Lithiby, John.—Private tuition.


First Clata.

Upjohn, William Henry (Scholarship).—Gray's-inn.

Napier, Thomas Batoman.—Private study.*

Williams, Harry Montague.—Private siudy.

• Obtained the number of marks qualifying for the scholarship.

Second Class.
Robinson, Al/red.—Private Btudy.
Lawrance, Hamilton Edward.—Private study.

Third Class.
Barrs, Henry Hollier Hood.—Private study.
Bloomer, Charles Edward.—Private study. \ &j

Oldlield, Herbert Rooke.—Private study. j
Sewell, John Thos. Beadsworth.—Univ. Coll. and pr. st. j 5.

Ll.d. Examination.
Ball, William Edmund Bunting.—Gray's Inn.

LAW STUDENTS' DEBATING SOCIETY. Tuesday, January 25.—Mr. Wright, LL.B., in the ohair. —The aubjoct for debate was as follows:—"A., in January, 1873, paid into bis private account at his bankers £1,000, whioh arose from a security improperly realized wbioh be held in trust for B. In February, 1878, he paid into the same account £500 of his own moneys, and subsequently drew out £1,000 for his own purposes. Afterwards, in January, 1879, he paid in £500 of his own moneys, and in February, 1879, £2,000, which also arose from a security improperly realized, held in trust for C, and in March, 1379, £1,500 of his own moneys. Subsequently he drew ont for bis own purposes £2,500, and died in January, 1880, insolvent. C. claims £2,000 balance. Is he so entitled f" Mr. F. J. Green opened the question in the affirmative, and a debate followed in which Messrs. Collier, Van Sommer, Kirk, Napier, and Spiers supported the negative, and Mr. Bower the affirmative. The opener having replied, the question was put to the meeting and decided in the negative by a majority of fonr votes.


A meeting of this sooiety was held on Monday, the 24th of January, at the Law Institution, Mr. A. D. Maclaren in the chair, when tho following moot was discussed:—" I9 contributory negligence a valid defence to an indictment for manslaughter ": Reg. v. Burchell (4 F. & F.) The moot was opened by Mr. F. O. Edlin in the negative, and he was supported by Messrs. Spence, Maxwell, and Parsons, and optosed by Mr. Bartrnm. The opener replied, and after the chairman had summed up, the question was decided iu the negative by a majority of eight votes.

A meeting of this society was held on Wednesday, the 26th of January, at Clement's-inn, Mr. E. F. Spence in the chair. The motion on the paper, that "The facilities for obtaining divorce ought to be increased," was brought forward by Mr. Jenks, who was supported by Messrs. Ls Breton, Maclaren, and Hilliard, snd opposed by MessrB. Bull, Bateman, Napier, Acland, Kittle, Jackson, Parsons, Spence, and Bamford. The opener replied, and upon a division the motion was lost by a majority of two votes against it.

CALLS TO THE BAR. The undermentioned gentlemen were on. Wednesday called to the bar:—

Inner Temple.—William Ebenezer Grigsby, holder of a certificate of honour, second class, Trinity, 1880, first class studentship, Hilary, 1874, awarded by the Council ot Legal Education, and Baratow Law Scholar, 1879, B.C.L., Oxford, and LL.D., London; William Edward Maxwell; Alfred Miner, M.A., Oxford ; Arthur Jacob Ashton, B.A., Oxford; Charles John Syer Wilkinson, Cambridge; Montaguo Shearman, B. A., Oxford; Colin Jamieson; Stnnislas Matthew Rhodes, Dublin; William Henry Myers, M.A., Oxford; James Sirlebottom, B.A., Cambridge; James Hay, B.A., LL.B., Cambridge; William Anthony Byam Musgrave,

B.A., Oxford; William Toynbee; Walter Baker Clode, B.A., Oxford; AHred Doran, B.A., Camridge;. Thomas Eustace Smith, holder of a pupil scholarship in real property awarded by the Inner Temple, July, 1878 \. Archibald Beoce-Jones, Oxford; Charles Stephen Hunter,. B.A. and LL.B., Cambridge ; Edward Fanecourt Mitchell, B.A. and LL.B., Cambridge; James Edward Aldous, B.A., Cambridge; Stanley John Weymau, B.A., Oxford; Harry Arthur Pearson, B.A., Cambridge; James Greenwood, and Richard Williamson Harper, B.A., Cambridge, Esqs.

Middle Temple.—Peroy Petten Easton, St. Alban's Hall, Oxford, hi. A.; George Paris Bradshawe, Charsley'a Hall, Oxford, M.A. ; Edward BuBhnell Chambers, Pembroke > College, Cambridge, M.A.; John George Cox; Arthur Gwynne James, Trinity College, Cambridge, LL.B., holder of a studentship of 100 guineas, granted by the Inns of Court, in Roman law and jurisprudence ; Robert Colin Ringrose, Edinburgh University, M.A., Middle Temple, 100' guineas scholar in real and personal property; Albert William Chaster, University of London, LL. B.; Bernard Batigan Hackney} William Thomas Raymond; Alfred V. Suice Smith; Nathaniel Joseph Highmore ; William Redbead Edmnnd Barker; Simon John Fraser Maoleod, University of London, LL.B., Middle Temple, fifty guineas scholar in equity, and 100 guineas soholar in international and constitutional law, and holder of a studentship of 100 guineas granted by the Inns of Court in Roman law and jurisprudents ; Clarendon Golding Hyde, King's College, London, Associate ; and Archibald Nugent Robertson, Esqs.

Lincoln's Inn.—Herbert Batty, M. A., Cambridge, and of the Bombay Civil Service, Common Law Lecture Prizeman, December examination, 1879 ; Frank Thomas Lawrence, University of London; Benjamin Francis Conn Costelloe, B.A., Oxford; William Summers, B.A., Oxford (M.P. for Staleybridge); Harold de Vaux Brougham; Edward Gordon Williams, jun., B.A., Cambridge; Montagu Lewis Parkin, B.A., Oxford; John Baron Moyle, M.A. and B.C.L., Oxford, fellow of New College; Ralph Thicknesse Thicknesse, B.A., Oxford ; Maurice Des Graz, B.A., Cambridge ; Reginald Fairbairn, B.A. and LL.B., Cambridge; Courtney Stanhope Kenny, LL.M., Cambridge, fellow and law lecturer of Downing College; Arthur Sharood, B.A., Oxford; George Thomas John Millar, B.A., Cambridge; Walter Mew Barnes, Brasenose College, Oxford; Edwin Ffoulkes Ball, B.A., Cambridge; and Thomas Wood, Auckland, New Zealand, Esqs.

Gray's Inn.—William Henry UpjohD, of the University of London, LL.B., University Exhibitioner in Roman law and jurisprudence, and University Law Scholar, holder of the First Senior Studentship o[ the Four Inns of Court, awarded Hilary Term, 1873, holder of a certificate of honour from the Council of Legal Education, Hilary Term, 1881, Holt Scholar, 1877, Lee Prizeman, 1880; Charles Augustus Vaneittart Conybeare, B.A., late ljunior student of Christ Church, Oxford; Edward Robinson; William Elliot Lewis; and Frederick William Batchelor, 15.A., Sidney-Sussex College, Cambridge, Esqs.

"Another Firm of Solicitors of Forty Years' Stmding" write to the Times:—"The gentlemen who addressed you on the 17th inst. must consider themselves highly favoured in having had to wail only ten days for the PaymasterGeneral's certificate of the state of a fund in court. Our last experience of this routine requirement was that wo were kept waiting for a similar thing (so short when supplied that an office-boy could have copied it out in three or lour miuutJs) over two months, and we only got it then through the personal request or remonstrance of the Vice-Chancellor. At the same time we lieird of another case, where there was a delay of close upon six months, though the money was urgently required, and very constant application, as in our case, was made, the answer given being that the too small staff in the olbce was greatly over-taxed, and that to further hasten this work would break down the office. Now, whou we consider that the Paymaster-General is, in point of fact, the snitor's banker and nothing more, what must be thought of a system which will not allow the suitor to knew the state of his balance nnder six or two months, or even ten days? Such information ought to be ready the day after it is asked for, just as our pass-book is the day after it is left to be entered up."


Mr. Edmund Uifford Ames, solicitor, of Frome, hag been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for Somersetshire for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women.

The Right Hon. Sir Richard Couch has been appointed a Member of the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council, in succession to the Right Hon. Montague Bernard, resigned. Sir R. Coach is the son of Mr. Richard Couch, and was born in 1817. He was called to the bar at the Middle Temple in Hilary Term, 1841, and he formerly practised on the Norfolk Circuit. He was recorder of the borough of Bedford from 185S till 1862, when he was appointed a puisne judge of the High Court at Bombay. He was Chief Justice of Bombay from 1866 till 1S70, when he was appointed Chief Justice of Calcutta. He retired in 1875, and, soon after his return to England, he was created a Privy Councillor. He had received the honour of knighthood in 1866.

Mr. Btam Martin Davies, barrister, has been appointed an Inspector of Workhouse Schools under the Local Government Board. Mr. Davies is the sou of General Francis John Davies, of Daneburst, Sussex, and was born in 1840. He was educated at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford, where be graduated third class in law and modern history in 1862. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn io Hilary Term, 2866, and is a member of the South-Eastern Circuit.

Mr. William Bkkwis Elsdon, solicitor, of Hewcastlenpon-Tyne, has been appointed a Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria.

Mr. Alfred William Granger, solicitor, of Durham, has been appointed Clerk to the Justices of the West Division of Chester Ward, in the County of Durham, in succession to Mr. John Watson, resigned. Mr. Granger was admitted a solicitor in 1S68, aod is the under-sheriff for the county of Durham for 1881.

Mr. Frank Chowder Rett, solicitor (of the firm of Freer, Eett, & Hett), of Brigg and Scunthorpe, has been appointed Assistant Clerk to the Board of Guardians of the Gltnford Brigg Union. Mr. Hett was admitted a solicitor in 1869, and he is in partnership with Mr. Thomas Freer, the clerk to the county magistrates, and with Mr. Roslin Hett, registrar of the Brig? County Court.

Sir Arthur Hobhouse, K.C.S.I., Q.C., has been appointed a Member of the Privy Council. Sir A. Hobhousa is the fourth son of the Right Hon. Henry Hobhouse (Under-Secretary of State for the Home Department), and was born in 1819. He was educated at Eton and at Christ Church, Oxford, where he graduated first class in classics in 1840. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Michaelmas Term, 1842, ai d he became a Queen's Connsel in 1862. He practised for several years in the Rolls Court, and he was successively a Charity Commissioner and an Endowed Schools Commissioner. From 1872 till 1877 he «as a legal member of the Council of the Governor-General of India, and in 1877 he was created a Knight Commander of the Star of India. Since his return from India he has acted as arbitrator under the Epping Forest Acts. Sir A. Hobhouse is a belcher of Lincoln's-inn, being treasurer of the society for the present year, and steward of the Manor Courts of Eton College.

Mr. Samuel George Norclifie Spofforth, solicitor, of Chesterfield, has been appointed Depnty Coroner for the Hundred of Scarsdale, in Derbyshire, which appointment has been approved by the Lord Chancellor. Mr. Spofforth was admitted a solicitor in Trinity Term, 1875.


WINDING-UP NOTICES. Joint Stock Companies. Limited In Chancery. Exchange Banking Company, Lixitkd.—Petition for winding up presented Jan 20 directed to Ihj heard before Bacon, V.O-, on Jan 29. Clarke and Co, Lincoln's _inn fields, solicitors for the petitioner

Hamhton-on-sea Estate AmooiAtion, Limited.—By an order made by the M.R. dated Jon 15 it was ordered that the association be wound up. Warner, Quality ct, Chancery lane, solicitor for the ]>etitioner

.hampton-on-ska Estate Association", Limited.—The M.R. has fixed Jan 29 at 12 for the appointment of an official liquidator

Hull Cement And Lixe Works, Lixitrd.—The M.R. by an order dated Dec 0 appointed Pickering, juur, Kingston-upon-Hull, to be

official liquidator. Creditors are required on or before Feb 21, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to the above. March 11 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating' upon the debts and claims London Food Storks. Lixitrd.—The M.R. has fixed Jan 27 at 12 at his chambers for the appointment o fan official liquidator


Creditors are required on or before March 1 to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to Murray, King st, Manchester. March 22 at 12 is appointed for hearing and abjudicating upon the debts and claims


Petition for winding up presented Jan la directed to be heard before the M.R on Jan 29. Gregory and Co, Bedford row, solicifor the petitioners

Southport And West Lancashire Banking- Company, Limited.— Petition for winding up, presented Jan is, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Jan 29. Prior and Co, Lincoln's inn fields, agent for Harris, Liverpool, solicitor for tho petitioners

Vhon Slatr Company, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before Feb 19 to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to Harvey, Gresham bldgs, Basinshall st. March 3 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Worcester And Abrrystwith Railway (abandonment) Act.— Petition for winding up presented Jan 19, directed to be heard before Bacm, V.C., on Jan 29. Ingram and Co, Lincoln's-innfields, solicitors for the petitioners [Gazette, Jan. 21.]

Bedford Brewing And Malting Company", Limited.—Petition for winding up presented Jan 21, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Feb 4. Pritchard and Co, Painters' Hall, Little Trinity lane, agents for Grundy and Co, Manchester, solicitors for the petitioners

Brown, Biyley, And Dixon, Limited.—By an order made by Malins, V.C., dated Jan H, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of tho above company be continued. Pilgrim and Phillips, Church ct, Lothbury, agents for Watson & Co, Sheffield, solicitors for the petitioner

English Ykast Company, Limited.—By an order made by Malins, V.C , dated Jan 11, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Powell, Essex st, Strand, solicitor for the petitioners

General Firewood Company, Limited.—By an order made by Hall, V.C. dated Jan 14, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Abrahams and Co, Old Jewry, solicitors for tho jjetitioner

Geavesend And Nohtiifleet Co-operative Stores, Limited.— By an order made by tho M.R., dated Jan 15, it was ordered that tho company be woundup. Crundall and Co, Cannon st, solicitors for the company.

N. C. Szbrelmey And Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up presented Jan 22, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Feb 5. Lewin and Co, Southampton st, Strand, solicitors for the petitioner

Onllwyn And Dltlais Colliery Company, Limited.—Petition unwinding up presented Jan 1H, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Feb 5. Davis, Conduit st, Bond st, solicitor and petitioner in person.

Rochdale Paper Manufacturing Company, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before Mar 1, to send their name* and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to James Turner, Belfield, Rochdale. Durbishirc and Tatham, Man Chester, solicitors for the liquidators

Suburban Farm And Dairy Produce Co-operative Supply Association, Limited.—Creditors are required, on or before Feb 21, to send their names and addresses and the particulars of their debts or claims to Baker Philip Daniels, Poultry. Feb 2S at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims

Swadl'xcotk Colliery- Company, Limited.—V.C. Hall has fixed Tuesday, Feb 1 at 12 for the appointment of an official liquidator

Trimley Hall Lime Works And Caergwile Sand Quarries, Limited.—Petition for winding up nresented Jan 22, directed to be heard before V.C. Malins, on Feb"*. Sharpe and Co, Bedford row, agents fur Ryland and Co, Birmingham, solicitors for the petitioners

Union Land And Building Company, Limited.—Petition for

winding up presented Jan 22, directed to be heard before V.C.

Malins on Feb 1. Dixon, South sq, Gray's inn, agent for Need ham

and Co, Manchester, solicitors for the petitioner William Levett And Company Limited.—V.C- Hall has, by an

order dated Jan 20, appointed Worloy, Leadenhall et, to be otticial


Ynismendwy Tin Plate Company, Limited,—Petition for winding up, presented Jan 22, directed to be hoard before Matins, V.C, on Feb 4. White, Godliman st, agent for Thomas, solicitor for tho petitioner. [Gazette, Jan 25.J

Unlimited In Chancery.

Oldfield Road Loan Society.—The M.R. has fixed Tuesday, Feb 1 at 12 at his chambers for the appointment of an otticial liquidator. [Gazette, Jan. 211

Britannia Fire Association.—Petition for winding up^ presented Jnn 22, directed to be heard before Bacon, "V.C., on Feb 5. Musgrave, Queen Victoria st, solicitor for the petitioner.

[Gazette, Jan. 25.J

County Palatine Of Lancaster. Knott Mill (dabwkn) Paper Company, Limited.—By an order made by Little, V.C, on Jan 21, it was ordered that the company l>e wound up. Cobbett. Wheeler, and Cobbett, Manchester, solicitors for the petitioner. [Gazette, Jan. 21 J

Friendly Societies Dissolved. Grand United Temperance Benefit Camp, Grant's Coffee House,

Pelham st, Hastings, Sussex. Jan 19 , Lodge Of United Brothers, Horseleyfields Tavern, Horseley

fields, Wolverhampton, Stafford. Jan 15 . Royal Victoria Benefit Society, Napier Inn, Devonport. Jfl

15 [Gazette, Jan. 2o-J

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Da Vies. Joins, Jenkinallis, Radnor, Farmer. Feb 1. Davies v Oldbury, V.C. Malius. Wallis*. Hereford

{GazvtU. Jan. 11.] Ashworth. Thoshs, Hashpits, Ohadderton, Lancaster, Farmer. Feb ft. Chad wick v Whitehead, MR, Buckley and Mattinson, Oldham

Brett, Gj:okge AKTnrH, St Helen's, nr'Rydo, Southampton. Feb

15. Brett v Le Marchant, V.C Hall. Rowcliffe, Bedford row Dale, Geoige, Kidsjrrove, Stafford, Grocer. Feb 7. Stubbs v

Dale, V.C. Bacon. Lewis, Wilmington sq, Clorkenwell Fox, Chiblhs James, Oxford. Feb 11. Pidduck v Fox, M.R.

Kingsford, Essex st, Strand HxiTOT, Giobgg Hedefksox, Regent's park rd, Esq. Feb 5.

Lapraik v Heaton, V.C. Hall. Brooks and Co, GodUman st.

Doctors' commons JopLixe, John. Stockton, Draper. Fob 5. Coopin v Maughan,

V.C; Bacon. Faber, Stockton-on-Tees Niden, Frederic, EaMbourne, Wino Merchant. Feb 11. Johnston

v Landman. V.C. Hall. Stevens, Old Jewry Pi Acre, Johx. Seveuoaks, Victualler. Feb 7. Shepherd v Thorpe

V.C. Hall. Randall and Angler, Gray's inn pi

[Gazette, Jan. It. J rlrix, Johx, Hanley, Surgeon. Fob 14. Willicombc v Crowe, V.C.

Bacon. Ackriil, Tunatall Dtcxsox, James, Chepstow, Monmouth, Draper. Marl. McCutchan

v Dickson, V.C. Hall. Haines, Gloucester DiTCJtsiAx, Fredebick, Brick lane, Whitechapel, Oilman. Feb 15.

Ditch man v Ditehman, M.R. Snow, College hill Habgood, Axs Elizibetb" Akkwateh, Bartholomew villas, Kentish

Town. Feb 19. Cnmmiugs v Cummiugs, V.C.Malins. Paterson,

Bouvcrie st. Fleet st Hugh, Samuel Wood, Huddersncld, Esq. Feb 10. Bradbury v

Haigh, V.C. Hall. Lnycock and Co, Hnddersfleld Little, Fraxcis, Finboronvh rd, West Broiupton, Gent. Feb 10.

Mather v Roddy, V.C. Hall. Richardson and Sadler, Golden sq Mobgax, Chbistophek, Brockley, Kent, Gent. Feb 10. Morgan v

Morgan, V.C. Hall. Collins, King William st Bichakdsox, Chirlks Kdwahj), Brunswick pi, City rd, Licensed

Victualler. Feb 11. Storey v Richardson, M.R. Humphrey,

Fencharch avexmc, Fcnchurch st

[Gazette, Jan. 18.J


Baetox, Johx R\rtox, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire,Maltster. Feb 9. Be*coby, Retford

BoothBoYd. William, Dukinfield, Chester, Grocer. Feb 10. Hyde, Stalybridge

Btcklet, Eliba, Barton-on-Irwell. Feb 10. Wood nnd Co, Manchester

Bcrtox, Robert Lixgkx, Longner Hall, Salop, Esq. Feb 12. Salt

and Sons, Shrewsbury Bitlfb, Stkphfx Kixg, Mildonhall. Wilts, Gent. March 10.

Merrimans and Gwillim, Marlborough Car Tic El, Fbaxcks, Stamford st, Blacksriars rd. Feb 25. Hubbard

and Co, Bocklersbury Cartwright, Margaret Coombe, Redland, Bristol. March 1.

Clarke and Sons, Bristol Chrksox, James, Gallows Gre°n, nr Brentwood, Gent. Feb 28.

Pnetans and Landons, NewBrond st Corsixs, Johx Sims. Llanvrechva Upper, Monmouth, Surgeon.

Feb 1. Lawrence, Newport Dixhax, Svrah, Wellington, Somerset. Feb 23. Hanbury and Co,

New Broad st

Eikx<ihaw, Emily Augtsta, Winburg, Orange Free State, South

Africa. May G. Powys, Lincoln'* inn fields Kvixs. Elizabeth, Vymering, Hants, Retailer. Feb 1-1. Feltham,


Holme, Hexrt, Altrincham, Chester, Gent. Feb 16. Wood and Co, Manchester

Hot'GHTox, Joseph Jonx, Hastings. Feb 28. Foster, Queen st pi Klxg, Miry Axx, Turnham Green, Chiswick. Feb 23. Watson

and Co, Hammersmith Midglst, George, Kingston-upon-Hull, Grocer. March 15. Jackson

and Son, Hull

Nodix, Edward Btbox, Brixton, Surrey, Gent. Feb23. Indcrmaur

and Co, Chancery lane Ncmb. Thomas, King's Lynn, Norfolk, Gent. March 1. Beloe,

King's Lynn

Pert, Cecil Ormsbt, Cottingham, Northampton, Esq. Feb 10.

Baker and Co, Lincoln's inn fields Pratt, William, Hevingham.Norfolk, Farmer. March 1. Miller

and Co, Norwich

Rod Well, Frederick Tom, Hastings, Brewer. March 1. Beloe, King's Lynn

Rcssell, Sarah, St Ives, Huntingdon. Feb 15. Dawbarn and Wise, March

Sitagk, Stkphex, Broadway, Worcester, Farmer. Feb 33. Eades

and Son, Evesham Savi, Jtli Ax Robert, Talbot rd, Westbourne pk, Indigo Planter.

March 10. Sweetland, Lincoln's inn fields SiEiLug, Axx, Anerley, Surrey. Feb 23. West and Co, Cannon


Taylor, William, Corsham, Wilts, Farmer. March 1. Kcary and Co, Chippenham

Tyreb, Johx, Tarbock, nr Prestcot, Lancaster, Farmer. Feb 20.

Ornttnhemi, St Helen's Wed D All, Ch Isles Mascot, Carlton, York, Esq. March 1. Weddall

and Parker, Selby

Woodward, Johx, Godshill, Islo of Wight, Gent. Feb 21. Pittis. Newport, l.W. 9

[Gazette, Jan. 14.


HOUSE OF COMMONS. JAN. 20.-B1LLS READ A SECOND TIME. Burial and Registration Acts (Doubts Removal). Judicial Committee. Augmentation of Benefices Aot Amendment.

BILL READ A FIRST TIME. Bill to Amend the Employers' Liability Ac, 1880 (Mr. Macliver).


(Before H. J. Stonor, Esq., Jndge.)
Jan. 19.—Stoncr v. Barnttt.

This case had been remitted 6ome time ago to the Wandsworth County Court by the Common Pleas Division. The> plaintiff claimed £40 for goods fold snd delivered, and on the 3rd of December, 1878, he obtained a judgment for £22 with costs, both of the superior court and the county oourt, which were taxed at £23 Cs. 4d. Execution was shortly afterwords taken out against the defendant's goods, and met by a bill of sale. A judgment summons was then taken out against the defendant, and the judge committed him for ten days, suspending the warrant for one month. On leaving the oourt the defendant openly expressed bis determination never to pay the debt, and at the end of the month he was arrested and went to prison for ten days. Some time after another judgment summons having been taken out against him, the judge made a new order for payment of the debt and costs by monthly instalments of only X2, whereupon the defendant again declared that he never would pay anything. A third judgment summons was ultimately taken out for non-payment of the first instalment of J.2. It was then proved that the defendant had been engaged in building houses, and had money at command. The judge accordingly committed him for forty day*, and the defendant again declared he would never pay the debt.

Ambrose Uayncs, on behalf of the plaintiff, now applied with reference to the matter.

His Honour said that the question appeared to be whether the new order, wbioh rem rioted the rights of the) plaintiff, was to be regarded as a distinct order within tho meaning of the 5th section of the Debtors Aot, 1869, or whether it was to be regarded as substantially the same order as the original judgment in the action. If the first view were correct the defendant was liable to commitment and imprisonment, and such was hia opinion; but if tha second view were correct the case of Evans v. Wills (L. R. 1 C. P. D. 229) would apply. In consequence of the difference of opinion existing on this subject, the* registrar had, with his approval, deolined to issue the order nntil the opinion of the High Court of Justice bad been taken on the point. This could be done by the defendant applying for a prohibition against further proceedings or by the plaintiff applying for a rule to issue the order. The Act of Parliament in question was, in his opinion, very obscure and difficult of oonstrnotion.



{Continued from p. 207.)

101 Ex Vestry of Paddington (J H Hortin) v Grout Western Ry Co

(R R Nelson)

102 Q B National Mercantile Bk limd (.11 Irvinp) v Rymill (Keems,

M and B)

103 C P Wnrmall (Stephens and S) v Downe (G Conlwell)

104 Ex Hnitley and aur (Hutton and W) v Bloomer (Digby and J)

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Hay.—Jan. 21, at Mapes-hill House, the wife of James Gordon

Hay, of Seton, Aberdeenshire, and Mapes-hill, Middlesex,

barrister-at-law. of a son. Milburn.—Jan. 18, at Portland-square, Workington, the wife

of T. Milburn, solicitor, of a son. Taylor.—Jan. 20, at Curzon-park, Chester, the wife of Henry

Taylor, solicitor, of a daughter.


Knyvett—Smith.—Jan. 20, at Sharrow, Seymour Henry Knyvett, barrister-at-law, Inner Temnle, to Margaret Louisa, daughter of William Smith, solicitor, Sheffield.


Popb.—At sea, on board ship Kodney, Henry Montagu Randall Pope, barrister-at-law, 26, Old-square, Liocoln's-inn, aged 31.


Ban trapTM,

Fbiday, Jan. 21, 1881. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Bear, George, and James Hear, Cable st, St Georgo'B-in-the-East,

Cigar Manufacturers. Pet Jan 18. Murray. Feb 4 at 12 Colls, George, Linden gardens, Bayswater, Builder. Pet Jan 18.

Murray. Feb 4 at 11.30 Cuff, Frederick, Drummond st, Euston rd, Boot Manufacturer. Pet

Jan 19. Brougham. Feb -1 at 12.30 Easton, Frederick, Parliament st, Westminster, Licensed Victualler.

Pet Jan 19. Brougham. Feb 1 at 12 Mott, Robert, Green st, Grocer. Pet Jan 20. Hazlitt. Feb 2 a 11.30

To Surrender in the Country. Cai*vcr, "William Henry, Finborough rd, West Brompton, Trooper

in the 11th Hussars. Pot Jan IS. Ruston. Brentford, Feb sat Elam, William, Pendleton, Salford. Pet Jan 19. Hulton. Salford

Feb 9 at 11

Butter, Thomas, Huttoft, Lincoln. Pet Jan 13. Staniland. Boston, Feb 4 at 12

Sleddall, Alexander, Liverpool, Merchant. Pet Jan 13. Bellringer.

Liverpool, Feb 7 at 12 Taylor, Thomas Brown, Clipstone on the Wolds, Nottingham.

Farmer. Pet Jan 17. Speed. Nottingham, Feb 7 at 11 Varlcv, William, Colton, York. Farmer. Pet Jan 19. Perkins,

York, Feb 1 at 11

Tuesday, Jan. 2f>, 1881. Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Bradly, William, Naylor rd, Peckham. Pet Nov 18. Hazlitt. Feb 11 at 11

Keighlev, John Norman, New Cross rd, Solicitor. Pet Jan 21.

Hazlitt. Feb 9 at 12.30 Stacy, Charles Percy, Woodriff rd, Leytonstone, Clerk. Pet Jan 21.

Pepys. Feb 9 at 12 Tabor, Fred, Shorcditch High st, Fishmonger. Pet Jan 21. Pepys.

Feb 9 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. Baker, James, Freusham, Surrey, Gent. Pet Jan 8. Whita

Guildford, Feb 7 at 11 Feather, Nicholas Bailey, and John Hudson, Binglev, York. Pet

Jan 20. Robinion. Bradford, Feb 8 at 12 Hughes, Edward Jones, Chorlton-on-Medlock, Lancaster, out of

business. Pet Jan 20, Lister. Manchester, Feb 7 at 12 Ward, John, Newcustle-upon-Tyne, Commission Agent. Pet Jan

19. Ingledew. Newcastle, Feb 3 at 11

FninAY, Jan 21, 1881.
Powis, Henry, Upper st, Islington, Fringe Manufacturer. Jan 15

Ti KsnxY, Jan. 25, 1881.
Butler. F W , Cornwall rd, Bayswater. Jan 13

Liquidations by Arrangement.

Friday, Jan. 21, 1881.

Andrews, James, Kinnersley, Hereford, Farmer. Feb 2 at 11 at offices of James and Bod'enham, Saint Peter st, Hereford

Alcock, William, Kingsland rd, Builder. Jmi 31 at 3 at Jamaica Coffeehouse, St Michael's alley, Cornhill. Warburton and De Paula, West st, Finsbury circus

Aldcroft, William, Mobberley, Chester, Coal Healer. Feb 4 at 11 at the Albion Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester. Bygott, Sandbach

Allerton, Joseph, Farsley, York, Tobacconist. Feb 4 at 4 at offices of

Atkinson and Wilson, Tyrrol st, Bradford Andrews, Robert, Theobalds rd, Bloomsbnry, Provision Dealer.

Jan 29 at 11 at lHa, St Martin's ct, Leicester s<[ Archer, Charles, and George Spivey, Batley Carr, near Dewsbnry,

York, Coal Merchants. Feb 4 at 3 at offices of Stupleton, Unioa

st, Dewsbury

Ball, James Higson, Bolton, Lancaster, Wholesale Fruiterer. Feb

at 3 at offices of Cridland, Cross st, Manchester Burden, Andrew, Scholes, nr Holmnrth, York, Joiner. Feb 3 at 3

at offices of Booth, Holmfirth Bell, Richard, Leeds, Provision Dealer. Feb 2 at 1 at offices of Rooke

ami Midgley, White Horse st, Boar lane, Leeds Bcnbow, Thomas, Hanley, Stafford, Baker. Feb 1 at 10 at offices of

Ashmull, Albion st, Hanley

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