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Prieto T Ginnett (Q B) app of pU from jdet of Mr. Juetioe Williams at tiial—Nov 22 (S O for secaiity)

Robinson v Carry (Q B) app from jdgt of Justuses Fitld and Manisty on demr—Nov 23

L Lubtz v Hall (C P) app of pit from jadgt of Ja-tioes Lindley and Lopes, on motion—aot tried by Mr Justice Grove in London—Nov 29

Fornivall v Chitty (Q B) app of deft from jadgt of L C J Cocktarn after trial at Guildford—Deo 1

Sawyer v Crystal Palace Co (Exob) spp of pit from jadgt of Baron Pollock at trial—Deo 6

Corcoran Witt & Co v Phippen and anr app of pit from jadgt of Mr Justice Williams at trial in Middlesex—Dec 14

Cochrane v Rantz app of pit from jadgt of Baron Pollook without jarv in Middlesex—Dec 16

In re the Rev T Pelham Dale, Clerk (Q B—Crown side) app of Mr Dale from refusal of L C J of England and Justices Field 4 Manisty to discharge writ of att jobment—Dec 17

Tie Queen v Lord Penzance & ore (Q B—Crowo side) app of Mr Dale from 3 orJera consequent on preceding judgt — Dec 17

In re the Rev Richard William Enraght, Clerk (Q B—Crown side) app of Mr Enraght from refusal of L C J of England and Justices Field & Manisty to discharge writ of attachment —Deo 17

The Queen v Penzsnce) Q B—Crown side) app of Mr Enraght from 3 orders consequent on preceding judgt—Deo 17

Edwards v the Midland Ry Co app of deft Co from Mr Justice Fry at trial—Dec 20

Sumner v Schoefild (Exoh) app of pltff from order of L C B Kelly and Baron Huddleston, on special case—Dec 24

From Orders made on Interlocutory Motions in the Common Law Divisions. 1879.

De Oleaga & Co T West Cumberland Iron & Steel Co, limd (Q B) app of pits from L C J Cockburn and Justices Lush and Manisty—July 12 (S 0 for seenrity)


Caslon & Co T Gray & Co (Protser Clt—Exch) app of pit from L C Baron and Baron Huddleston, dismissing app from order of Mr Justice Field—May 8 (referral to Master to report to court, by order of June 23) Bennuon v Meek (Exch) appl of defts from Mr Justioe Lindley to set aside verdict and reference—Aug 27 (S O until motion made in Q B Div) Tuner v Galloway (Q B) app of pit from rule nisi discharged by Justices Lush and Manisty Dec 8

d & Co v Brownhill & Co (Q B) app of defts from i Field and Manisty refusing to refer back award—Deo 10

Latter v Bradell & ors (C P) app of pit from rule nisi discharged by Justices Lindley and Lopes—action tried before Mr. Justice Linaley at Manchester—Deo 17

Stones v Salmons & ors (C P) app of deft from rale nisi discharged by Justices Denmw and Lindley—aolion tried before Mr. Justice Lindley at Manchester Deo 21

Morgan admr v Rees & anr (Q B—Crown Side) app of pit from order of Lord Coleridge and Mr. Justice Field Dec 22

Markwick v Stanford & ors (Q B) app of pltff from Justices Manisty and Field diimiesing pltffs motion to rescind order of Judge at Chambers—Dec 23

Biack ▼ Muller (Q B) app of pltff rule nisi discharged by Justices Manisty and Field—action tried before Mr Justice Field at Guildhall—Dec 30

Middleton v Gibson & Co (Exch) app of pltff from Sir H Hawkins and Mr Justice Stephen dismissing spp from order of Judge at Chambers—Dec 31

(Original Motion) Edwards v The Midland Ry Co appli cation for stay of execution pending app from judgt of Mr Justice Fry—by order

For Hearing.

In re Jane Stratford Boyee, deed Crofton v Gautier (J S Kir wan intervening) app of deft Gautier from judgt of Sir James Hannen (3 O for security)—Feb 6


Ship Norseman Owners of Ship Qumtero and ors v Owner* of 8hip Norseman app from j udgt of Sir R J Phillimore (with nautical assessors)—May 7

Ship Rata via—Owners, Master, Officers & Crew of the Gleniffer v Owners of Bat a via, her Cargo and Freight app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore (with Nautical Assessors)— June 4

Ship Mabel (consolidated actions)—Butchard & Ors v Owners

of the Mabel, her Cargo and Freight app of deft from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore (with Nautical Ai-sessots)—June 24 Sbip Margaret—Humphrey & Ors v Owners of Margaret and Freight app of pits from Sir R J Philliuiore (with Nautical Assessors)—June 24


Baker (by hit Committee) v Baker, Wheeler, & Owen app of reep from order of the President overruling demurrer—July 24


Sbip Alhambra—W Everitt & Son v Tho Owners of the Alhambr* app of delta from Sir R J Phillimore—Sept 3

Ship Rosalie—Strowger if ors v The Owners of th- Rosalie and Freight app of defts from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore (with Nautical Assessors)—Sept 20

New Appeili.

Ships Magnificent aid Bastian rot Evans & ors v Owners of Magnificent Dickson & ors v Dobell (consolidated actions) app of deft from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore—Nov 18

Ship Umberto Galatola Owners of the Winston v Owners of the Umberto Ga'atola and Freight app of deft from judgt of Sir R J Phillimore—Nov 18

Ship Macleod Welsh v O wners of Ship Maoleol and Freight app of defts from interlocutory order of Sir R J Phillimore— Dec 23

List Of Causes Foh Hilary Sittings, 1881,
Before tho Master Of Tub Rolls.
Causes for Trial (with Witnesses).
Appleton vMayor,&cof Bolton Sargsnt v Scott act

act Coatev Rogers mf com with

Day v Coward aot wit by order

In re Watson, deed, Watson v Creaves v Tofield act and m

Watson act & m f j f j

Deacon v Dolby Dolby V Amos v May aot

Deacon act In ra Stewart deed Stewart v

In re Carter, deed Carter v Land act

Fuller act&mfj In re Jones, deed Jones v

Jennings v Mills act Parker act

Long v Brown act Attorney-Gen T Felixstowe

Kemp v Milward act Ry & Dock Co aot

Barker v Hosford act Hill v Tombs act

Rogers v Ditton act Meeres v Ridlington act

Palmer v Neal act Robinson v Robinson act

Greenough v Smith act Mybill v Barber act

In ro Mitchell, deceased, Glaz-brook v Williams aet Mitchell v Mitchell acn & Hariridge v Hartridge act mfj Blundell v Prudential Assnce

Hopkins v Victoria Mansions act

limd a & m f j Taylor v Hodgson act

In re The Scarsdale Brewery In re Sadler, deed Horsley v Co limd, expte claim of Sadler act Chesterfield & North Derby- Bremner v Bates issue for shire Bank (entered with trial without pleadings, by witns actns by order) order In re Messrs 11 or rocks & Phillips v Jones aot Miller limd, and Trade Marshall v Berridge act Marks No 1041m and Regis- Mitchell V Henry act tration Acts, 1875-7—appli- Clarborough v Toothill act cation to register— adjd from Redgrave v Hurd act Chambers (entered with Pawson v Feok act witns actions by order) Smith v Evans act

In re Bridge >' Estate, Hill v. Dent v Stead act Bridges, claim of Upton, In re Hopwood, deed Major exor of Clements—adjd from v Hutchinson act Chambers—Witns t> be cross Scott v The Credit Lyonnais exd on affidavit (enterd act •with witns actions by order) Raw v Jackson act Panton v Panton act Hudson v Silvester issue

Noel v Noel acn & m f j Stone v Halt act

(8. O.) Baker v Scott- Simpson act

Saldanha v Andrews act Victory Printing & Folding Long v Ovendon act 4 m f j Machine Manufacturing Co

(crots-exmn on affidavits) v Dawson & Sons aot Wyburn v Haden act Colonial Assurance Corpora

Malt ick v Margeriton act tion limd v Lane act

Jackson v Bridge act Patmoro v Skeet act

Jacks n v Buckley act Anderson v Davies act

In re Norman, dec 1 Norman MoLoughlin v Duff act ▼ Crump act & m f j

Further Considerations.

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Shardlow v Cottttill dem to Andrews v Wstolford demr
Stmt of Claim Stmt of Claim

Caiter vltolfe demr to Stmt Mackenzie v Hog; demr ty
of Claim Stmt of Claim

Causes for trial [w Carpenter v Dickens act Jameson v Maskell act Great Eastern Ry Co v East

London Ry Co m I j (Jan 17) Ayres v Ayres act Bowen v 'Hutchings, Hatchings v Bowen act Freeman v Freeman m f j Attorney-Gen v Lower Thame s

Valley Sewerage Board act la re Wrexham Brewtry Co

(Daw's claim) pt bd In re St Laurence, Victoria &

Valentine Amalgamated

Mining Co lmd (ex Toyne) In re Sm th's Estate In re Daioly's Estate (Wy

umn's claim) In re Joha Simpson s Application (Trade Marks Act) In re Nadin's Trade Mark In re Watson Stelfox v Peterson In re General Exchange Bank

limd (Herbert's case) In re The Mutual Dress

Supply Association limited

(Tickner's claim) In re Clough's Estate Wain

wright v Nail ad soma Wilson v Wilson m f i Freme v Clement act & m f j In re Skipwortb, deed Parkin

T Turner sp c Barton T Sutton mfj Romney v Edwards ad sumns In re Rowe, deed Eydeu v

Phillipps act Oliver v Stroud ad sumns Broadbent v Mtikle ad samns Almada v Davis act Ward v Marriott ad sumns I'leyford v Heap mfj Wise v Birmingham, &c, Land

Investment Association act Corporation of Birmingham v

baker question of law In re Myatt's Estate Andrews

v Myatt (Frank Myati'a


In re Myatt's Estate AndrewB v Myatt (Charles Myatt's claim)

In re Ba'neeley's Estate Hales v Barneeley (Lee's claim)

Challinor v Challinor act

ithout witness •)In re Hall's Estate Hall v

Hall ad sumns Salmon v Gorman ru f i In re Chretien Chietien v

Chretien mfj In re Rodeers, deed Day v

Collins sp c Cocks v Cox ad sumns In re Anglo-American Telegraph Co ad sumns Pittman v Harris mfj (short)

In re Knowles, deed Baker v

Knowles sp c la re Ringrose, deed 1'Aa.son

Wilson mfj Sborrock to Cannon and V &

P Act ad sumns In re Bircb, deed Pryor v

Ingram act & m f j la re Richardson, deed Richardson v Richardson mfj In re Girling, deed Girling v

South act In re The Colonial Trusts Corporation (ex pte Carb)n Co. Debenture Holder's case)

In re British Seamless Paper

Box Co. lmd adj sum Tomalin v Yardley act Jowitt v Cowgill mfj In re Barber, ded, Bennett v

Barber mfj short Miles v Miles s c Batemsn v Snelling mfj Sotheran v Derring act George v Cooper aot & mtn f j

la re Daniel, deed, Northampton Union Bank v Daniel m f j short In re Cunningham, deed, Gee

V Dickenso 1 Bo In re Dix, decJ, Hawkiu v

Dix a o Firtb. v Baume aot In re Druce, deed, Land v

Jones s c
Steward v Wells mfj short
Digby v Bently a & m f j
In re Hughes, deed, Starkey

v Loddidge act
Nolda v Mellor m f j
Denby v Rogers a & m f j
Buckley v Howard act
Lamb v Pollen act

Before the Vice-Chancellor Malins.
Causes for trial.

TJsill T Whelpton demr Wilson v De Coulon act Kent v Stuckey's Banking Co

act & m f j, wits Coney v Tennant f o Price v Torrens act, wit* In re Thompson Thompson v

Gover act, wits Ford T Owen act & m f j Hewett v London, Tilbury &

Southend Ry Co act West of England, &c Bank v

Nicholls act De Borgue v De Bergue act,


Thompson v Wilding quest

of law Baker v Wood aot wits Riddell v McDonnell act & m

f j (part heard) Oliver v Lowther aot & m f j,


In re Evans, Owen v Evans

act, wits In re Wolstcnholme Marshall

T Alzlewood special cace

Brown v Bridlington Burial

Board act, wit Miles v Rowland act In re Morewood Errington v

Morewood f c 4c sums Merrill v Morton f e Bland v Dawes special case la re Goodall Kench v Bond

f o

Knight v Cnisar f c
In re Hill Hill v Brown
Farmer " Parnell act, wit
In re Combes Hoyiand v

Waite m f j
Sanders v Sanders act, wit
Kerby v Neal act, wil
Shroeder v Grant act, witos
In re Oliver, Hawkins v

Oliver fur coneon Winton v Daviea a & m for

jadgt, witns Martin v Fi'z Gibbon a.Voi


Hodgson v Fox far coneon Ac adjd sumcs

In re Hooff, Pickens v.

Matthews, farconson Gregson v Jackson act witns la re Johnson, Holland v

Fletcher, act, wi'na In re Benoy, Beooy v Gird,

actn, witos In re Sialism, Simpson v

Bowes fur conson In re Dean, Pembleton vDean

act witns In re Lovibond, Lovibond v

Lovibond, act, wiins New Sharlston Colliery Co

lim, v Emmens aotn witns In re Gladstone, deed Gladstone v Gladstone f o In re Jones Jones v Daviea

f o

Westbrook v Brain sot
Ricci v Sutherland f 0
Brooke v act
Lloyd v Brady f c
English Channel, Aco Co v Rolt

aot, wits
K'llik v Turtle act, wits
Baillie v Traherne sp c
In re Balgooly Distillery Co

act & m f j la re Metzgar, Metzgar v

Melzgar f c Reed v Reed act wits Russell v Deare act In re Whitwell, Taylor v

Whitwell fo Elere v Harvey aot wits In re Moroom, Morcom v

Francis f a Clabnall v Paul & Sons act,


Carter v James act
Gladstone v Gladstone f c
Bensusau v Bensusan act, wits
Thompson v act,

In re Mills, Hill v Cornwall

f c

Cohen v Lovering f o
Pyatt v Stretton aot
Fleming v Hardcasile f c
In re Seamen, Rhodes v Wish

act, wits
Dait v Kelson mfj
Porter v De Gruohy act, wits
In re Wainwright, Wain-

wright v Liversidge f o In re Matthews, Hassall v

Oertoa f o Brewer v Yorke, Yorke v

Brewer f o Thompson v Ringer act Oliver v Watkins act, wits In re Stutters Clark v Forsey


In re Potter, Po'ter v Potur

act, wits Wells v Rayment act Turner v Tepper f o Bellamy v Smith act, wi s Debenham v Shippey act Hay v Tummons act, wits Paget v Penney act Jackson v Jackson aot, wits Irish v Irish f 0 Fox y Bearblock f c & sums

to vary Leedor v B rereton mfj Smith v Grenville act, wits Barker v Riddell act, & m f j In re Lindo, Foreatier v

Buddioom a c Bartley v Bartley f c Hampton v Hampton act Davis v Davis act witns Garrett v Howd motn for


In re Green Green v Pratt fo

In re Wa'erton Frewster v Waterton act wits

In re Davis Davis v Galmye mtn f jdgt (short)

la re Palmer Trott v Palmer f o

Rogers v Rogers s o la re Smith Smith v Smiih f o

In re Richardson Turner v

Richardson f c Pike v Griffith act Pritchard v Pritchard actn

wilns Smith v Alden a w Evelyn v Evelyn a w In re Clifton Hoare v Fiitm


In re Pennell Ja&aiumo v

Wheeler act In re Hamilton Hamilton v

Jobson mfj (short) Rawlinson y Hodson a w In re Swift Barber v Swift

mfj (short) The Civio&c Building Society

y Wilson act Hickman v Robinson act Kirkpatrick y Anderson act Smart y Flood & Co limd


In re Sibbering Birchall v

Brown f o White y City of London

Brewery Co act In re Taylor O'Beirne v Smith

f o

O'Beirce v Smith f c

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Andrew v Taylor act
Roberts v Richards act
Humphreys v Brown act
Is re Lulbam Brinton v

Lulham act
Beade r Reade act
Powell r Thomas act
Nobel a Co v Krtbs & Co aot
Jacksin v Copp act
Beran v White act
Weston v Joyner act
Aid raws v Digby Down v

Digby Saunders v Digby


Air Gas Light Co v Murray

Hiiks v Doublrday act
Vinall T Vinall act
Farret v Sidebottom act
Aitken v Lee act
linage T Ecclea act
Braeenose Colliery Oxford v

Holden act
Miguih T Elkins act
Copbam T Twining act
Molloy T Kilby act
Lane v Charaley act
Harris v Fleming act
The Sheffield Banking Co v

Blsck act
The Sheffield Banking Co v

Black act
In re Weston, Joyner vBartho

Jooes T Standard act
Wood v Anglo American Cat-
tle Co act
Smith v Farndale act
I'ixon v McDonnel act
In re Todd's estate Toddv
Tcdd adjd anms set down
with witns causes by order

[blocks in formation]

Causes for Trial (without wilneaae*).

AttoTO«y-Gen v Dean, &o. of

Manchester demr of the

defts the Dean and Canons Attorner-Gen v Dean, &c of

Manchester demr of Eocl

Repablic of Pern v Rnzi m f

decree (not before Not 16) James ▼ Capital & Counties

Bk issue for trial Matcaeeter, &c, Banking Co

T Wriglry act In re Carroll Damon T Carroll


The Tea Co v Carter act
Attorney-Gen v Guardians of

Peer of Dorking act
In re Burge Gillard v Lauren

son act
Is re Thomas Bird v Thomas

m f j

In re Dawson Dawson v Daweon sp c

Tats T Tate act

la re Roberts Repingtoi v Roberts sp e

In re The Hall Botanic Gar-
den Co, limd, to S. R. Meg-
gitt & V. & P. Act, 1874
(exato S. R. Meggitt) ad
sumns set down aa non
witns act

Same (expte Hull Botanio
Girdens Co) same

In re Foster Lacon v Powell

In ra Homer Fomfret v

Graraam act
Hulton v Hulton m f j
In re Williamson's Estate
Williamson v Williamson
(expte pllff) ad sumns set
down as non witna act
Same v Samo (expta deft) same
In ro Fawcett Fawcett v

Fawcelt act & m f j
In re Dowse Dowse v Glass
m f j

Smith v Spenry act
Kelly v DoniM sp c
In ra Scott's Estate Bmrcke
V Scott (Galbraith's Claim)
ad aomns

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Wartnaby, William, Oakham villa, Ealing, Gent. Jan 18. Wart

naby v Wartnabv, M.B. Ncate, Southampton st, Bloumsunry sq

{llazrlte. Dec. 21.] Bombs, Frederick, High st, Croydon, Ironmonger. Jan 15.

Buckland v Bowtlen, V.O. Bacon. King, Queen Victoria st Bright, Robert, Dalwood, Devon, Yeoman. Jan 23. Pelham v

Edwards, M.R. Canning, Chard Startik, Robbet Framcis Pate, Lieutenant H. M.'s 10th Hussar.

Jan 12. Startin v Stnrtin, V.C. Bacon. Johnson, Gray's inn sua.

[Ua:ctte, Dec. 28f~

SALES OF ENSUING WEEK. Jan. 12.—Mr. Bobert W. Mann (Messrs. Trullofb), at at the Mart, at 2 p.m., Leatehold Property (»oe advertisement, this week, p. 4).


Hibbebt.—On Dec. 26, at Brouebtin Bank, Grange-overSande, the wife of Peroy J. Hibbert, barrister-at-law, of a son.


Haselfoot—Cowen.—On Jan. 1, at St. Helicr, Jersey, Frederick K. H.Haselfoot, of the Inner Temple, barrister-atlaw, to Kofo Agnes, daughter of Surgeon-Gen. II. L. Cowen, H. P., Army Medical Department.

Lacghton—Watts. - On Dec. 30, at Southport, Alfred Nelson Laughton, advocate, Douglas, I - If of Man, to Florence Holford Watts, of Netterwood, Birkdnle.

Okell— Lee.—On Jan. 1, at Soulbgate, Middlesex, Herbert Okell, eolicilor, Glargow, to Helena, daughter of Juhu S. Lee, of Cannon-hill, Soutbgate.



Friday, Dec. 31, 1880. Under tbe Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Clarke, Edward, Montague st, Russell sq, out of business. Pet Dec

28. Pepya. Mar 25 at 11 Curry, Edward, Abbey st, Bermondsoy, Cowkeeper. Pet Dec 21.

Pepys. Jan Hat 11.30 Smith, John, Columbia rd, Hackney rd, Baker. Pet Dec 21. Pepys. Jan 19 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. Aston, George, Longton, Stafford, Builder. Pet Dec 22. Keary.

Stoke upon Trent, Jan 11 at 11 Eyre, Hubert E , Lindlcy hall, nr Hinckley, Leicester, Gent.

Pet Dec 17. Ingram. Leicester, Jan 13 at I Pidcock, George, Bakewell, Derby, Grocer. Pet Dec 29. Weller,

Derby, Jan 18 at 12 30 Barnwell, James, Bolton, Lancaster, Ale Merchant. Pet Doc 29.

H olden. Bolton, Jan 12 at 11.30 Scriven, Benjamin, jun, Portland, Dorset, Yeoman. Pet Dec 28. Symonds. Dorchester, Jan 11 at 11

Tuesday, Jan. 4,18S1. Under the Bankruptcy Act, I860. Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. To Surrender in London. Brown, George, Bedfont tcrraco, Fulham, Builder, ret Dec 30.

Pepys. Jan 21 at 12.30 Cleghorn, Robert Hedloy, Moorlano, Artificial Flower Maker. Pet

Dec 30. Pepys. Jan 21 at 1 Price, Enoch Thomas, Green st, Bethnal Green, Stay Manufacturer. Pet Jan 1. Pepys. Jan 19 at 11

To Surrender in the Country. Bullen, Alfred, Cambridge, Brewer. Pet Jan 1, Eadcn. Cambridge, Jan 17 at 11

Eland, Thomas, Aldborough, York, Corn Factor. Pet Dec 29. Rollit.

Kingston-upon-Hull, Jan 21 at 3 Elms, John, and William Evans, Manchester, Builders. Pet Dec 23.

Lister. Manchester, Jan 17 at 12 Erskine, William Thomas, Bolton, Lancaster, Accountant. Pet Dec

30. Hoklcn. Bolton, Jan 20 at 11 Hall, William Stephen, Birkenhead, Cheshire, Grocer. Pot Dec 31.

Williams. Birkenhead, Jan 14 at 10 Leslie, George, Mayhull, Lancaster, Major in her Majesty's Service.

Pot Dec 30. Cooper. Liverpool, Jan 19 at 12

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. Friday, Dec. 31, isso. Haslcwood, Jane, Norfolk sq, Hyde pk. Dec 28

Tuesday, Jan. 1, 1881. Baveas, Paul Caralambos, Little Chapel st, Westminster, notel Keeper. Dec 31

Liquidations by Arrangement.

FIRST MEETINGS OK CREDITORS. Friday, Dec. 31, 1880. Andrew, Henry, Penistone, York, Stone Merchant. Jan 11 at 3.30 at offices of Dranaflcld and Sons, Penistone

Boot Manufacturer.

Barnctt, Bnrnett, Barbican, Furrier. Jan 10 at 3 at Guildhall Coffee

house, Gresham st. Wood and Wootton, Fish st hill
Bourne, Penry, Stratford, Essex, Butcher. Jnn 1 at 10 at offices of

Biggcnden, Finsbury sq buildings, Chiswell st
Bradshaw, Thomas, Wigan, Lancaster, Commission Agent. Jan 15

at 10 30 st offices of Wilson, King st, Wigan
Bush, John, Bristol, Builder. Jan 17 at 2 at offices of Baker and

Longworthy, Bank chambers. Com st, Bristol
Chanipncss, Henry James, Bridgo st, Westminster, Restaurant

Proprietor. Jan 18 at 2 at Cannon st Hotel, Cannon st. Liukl&tor

and Co, Walbrook Chidley, Alfred, Strood, Kent, of no occupation. Jan 17 at 3 at

King's Head Hotel, High st, Rochester. Shokcspear, South

amptou bldgs. Chancery lano
Clnrk, Frederick, Harmon st, King&l&nd rd,

Jan 11 at 3 at offices of Ward, Walbrook
Clarke, James, Nottingham, Grocer. Jan 11 at 12 at offices of Acton,

Victoria st, Nottingham
Conroy, Joseph, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Beerhouse Keeper. Jan 17

at 11 at offices of Keonlyside and Co, St John's chmbrs, Grainger

st West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Csomor, Michael, Goldsmith st. Wholesalo Furrier. Jan 12 at 3 at

Guildhall Coffee House, Gresham st. Rooks and Co, King st,


Downes, John, Hampton, Chester, Provision Dealer. Jan 11 at 12.15 at the Lamb Hotel, Nantwich. Churtou. Chester

Dunficld, James, Leeds, Tailors Trimming Merchant. Jan 13 at 3 at offices of Pullan, Albion st. Leeds

Elliott, William Percival, Stockton-on-Tees, Grocer. Jan 20 at 11 at offices of Dodds and Co, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees

Ephraim, Levi, and Louis Cohen, Commercial st, Spitalfields, Picture Frame Manufacturers Jan 11 at 2 at offices of Goldberg and Langdon, West st, Finsbury circus

Evanson, Robert Valentine Blako, WTakefield, York, Curate. Jan 11 at 3 at offices of Lodge, Townhall chmbrs, King st, Wakefield

Feather, Alfred, Dewsbury, York, Earthenwnro Dealer. Jan 13 at

10 15 at offices of Scholes and Son, Leeds rd, Dewsbury Fielding, George, Longwood, York, out of business. Jan 22 at 2 at

offices of Freeman, Market walk, Huddersfield Foster, John, Nornianton, York Builder. Jan 11 at 2 at offices of

Cousins, Bank chmbrs, Park row, Leeds Fox, Charles, Bridge terrace, Kilburn, out of business. Jan 10

nt 1 at Ridler'e Hotel, Holborn. Goatly, Westminster Bridgo


Grimes, Henry, Bristol, General Dealer. Jan 8 at 12 at offices of Essery, Nicholas st, Bristol

Hagan, James Charles, Salford, Lancaster, Boot Dealer. Jan IS at 3 at offices of Sutton and Elliott, Fountain st, Manchester

Haley, John, Dewsbury, York, Waste Merchant. Jan 11 at 3 at offices of Shaw, Bond st, Dewsbury

Harris, Bernhardt, Nottingham, Drapery Shopkeeper. Jan 11 at 11 at offices of Webster, Brougham chmbrs, Wheelorgate, Nottingham

Hodge, Alfred, Redcar, York, Grocer. Jan 11 at 11 at offices oi

Spry, Zetland rd, Middlesborough Hodgkinson,"

21th inst),

Queen st chmbrs, Sheffield Hudson, Peter, Kingaton-npon-Hull, Photographic Artist. Jan 8 at

2 at 30 Paragon st, Kingston-upon-Hull

Jay, Henry, Leytonstone, Essex, Builder. Jan 14 at 2 at offices of

Vincent, Budge row, Cannon st Jones, William, Hulme, Lancaster, Baker. Jan 13 at 3 at offices of

Gardner, Cooper st, Manchester Kay, John Winfred, Warwick rd, Kensington, Coal Merchant. Jan

12 at 3 at offices of Christmas, Walbrook Lee, Jeremiah, Manchester, Brace Manufacturer. Jan 13 at 3 at the

Fulstoff Hotel, Market pi, Manchester. Tromewen, Manchester Litchfield, William, Seymour st, Euston sq, of no occupation. Jan

8 at 3 at 6, Wilton pi, Sarum hill, Basingstoke. Lynch Marsh, John, Leigh, Lancaster, Coal Merchant. Jan 13 at 11 at

offices of Hargreavcs, Dickinson st, Manchester Moore, Phillip Henry, Egerton, Kont, Farmer. Jan 20 at 3 atofflces

of Hallott and Co, Ashford Morris, Robert, Dolgclly, Merioneth, Grocer. Jan 11 at 2 at the

Wynstoy Arms Hotel, Rnabon. Davies, Dolgclly Mouncey, Christopher, Clement's lane, Wood Broker. Jan 13 at 3

at offices of Bryant, Philpot lane Nobbs, Charles, Bournemouth, Southampton, Printer. Jan 13 at 4

at offices of Wheatley and Taylor, Observer chambers, Bourne.


Pickett, Arthur, Henley-npon-Thames, Coal Merchant. Jan 14 at 11

at Broad Face Hotel, Reading Creed Pike, Samuel George, Pemell'B pi, Peckham, Soap Maker. Jan 7 at

3 at offices of Parke, Colobrook row. Islington

Plummcr, Edward, Spring pi, Wandsworth rd. Cab Proprietor.

Jan 17 at 1 at offices of Moss, Grocechurch st Porrett, Samuel, Wood Norton, Norfolk, Farmer. Jan 15 at 11 nt

offices of Winter and Francis, St Giles st, Norwich Porter, James Charles, Bristol, Lozenge Manufacturer. Jan 11 at

11 at offices of Hancock, Broad st, BriBtol Ravensdale, George, Lower Broughton, near Manchester, Grocer.

Jan 13 at 3 at offices of Lawson, Peter st, Manchester Ridge, Snmuel, Bradford, near Manchester, Millwright. Jan 21 at

3 at offices of Boote and Edgar, Booth Bt, Manchester Rigby, Charles, Southport, Lancaster, Fisherman. Jan 13 at 3 at

offices of Barstow- Jackson, Nevill st, Southport Robinson, Henry Blundy, AVike Farm Ash, Surrey, Farmer. Jan 19

at 12 at offices of Thompson and Sons, Grantbnm Rogers Alfred, Manchester, Produce Agent. Jan 11 at 3 at offices

of Cobbett and Co, Brown st, Manchester Rose, James, Bradford, York, Innkeepar. Jan 1-1 at 4 at officas of

Atkinson and Wilson, Tyrrell st, Bradford Rostron, William, Bolton, Lancaster, Grocer. Jan 20 nt 3 at offices

of Robinson, Townhall sq, Bolton Sjience. John Henry, Manchester, Hat Trimming Merchant. Jan 14

at 2 at offices of Phillips, Marsden st, Manchester

Zetland rd, Middlesborough

son, Henry (erroneously printed Hopkinson in GBzettoot st), Sheffield, Draper. Jan 7 at 3 at offices of Binney ana

Sutton, Charles, Leicester, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer. Jan 21 at

3 at offices of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester Tarns, James, Longton, Stafford. Florist. Jon I t at 11 at offices of

Cope, Waterloo rd, Burelem Thomas, William George, Little, Tio Manufacturer.

Jan 20 at 2 at offices of Creasey, St Clement's Hous-o, Clement's

lane. Neish and Howell, Wntliiig st Tborn, Lewis, Stratton. Cornwall, Boarding-house Keeper. Jan 11

a: 12 at offices of Thornc, Castle st, Barnstaple Tucker, James Edwin, Bristol, Grocer. Jan 11 at 2 at offices of

SiWy, Exchange West, Bristol Tartar, Joseph Edward, Mary*a-cottages, Rotheritho, Ship Smith.

Jan 9 at 2 at Rosedale Arms Tavern, Ambrose st, South wark

Park rtl. Bilton. Strcatham Ward, John, Thirsk, York, Auctioneer. Jan 11 at 1.30 at Queen

Hotel, Leeds- West, Think

arden, Robert Cunningham, Bedford terrace, Costlc-hill, Ealing, Sv.ue Merchant. Jan 10 at 12 at offices of Hardcastle, Finsbury

Jan 17 at 12 at


Waterhooae, Bdwtn, Shelton, Hanley, Grocer. Jar
Creditors Association, Arthur st, East Neal Lime st

TcESniv, Jan. 4, 1891.
Ambrose, William Richard, Walworth rd, Provision Merchant. Jan

19 as 2 ax offices of Armstrong. Chancery lane Andrew. George, Latimer road, Netting hill, Lath Render. Jan 17

a: 11.30 at offices of Bird, Bedford row A£im_% Samuel, Denbigh, Coal and Provision Merchant. Jan 17 at

J st Hawk and Buckle Inn, Denbigh. Jones and Sou, Denbigh Baird, Charles Bradford, Chatham, Bootmaker. Jan 21 at 3 at King's Head Hotel, High st, Rochester. Shakespcar, Southampton bldgs, Chancery lane Baas, Thomas, Thruesington, Leicester, Former. Jan 21 at 11 at

offices of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester Barnes, Thomas, William Barnes, and William Barnes, Walkden, near Wondey, Lancaster, Cotton Manufacturers. Jan 21 at 3 at offices of Doyle, Mount st, Manchester Beecroft, Alfred, Newark-on-Trent, Nottingham, Wine Merchant. Jan IS at 12 at Clinton Arms Hotel, Newark-on-Trent. Bescoby,

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Nathaniel, Tadmarton, Oxford, Malstcr. Jan 11 at 3 at of Pain and Hawtin, Banbury David, Whitby, York, General Draper. Jan 17 at 3 at offices > likes, Northgate, Darlington

George, Leicester, Grocer. Jan 15 at 10 at officos of Wright,

gate, I

Bolton, Clarence, Upper Gordon rd, Enfield, out of business. Jan 17

at 1 at offices of Dear, Gresham st Boycs, William, Birmingham, Coach Spring Manufacturer. Jan 15

at 10.30 at offices of Fallows, Cherry st, Birmingham Brieriey, Arthur, Rochdale, Lancashire, Cotton Spinner. Jan 20 at 3 at the Wellington Hotel, Drake st, Rochdale. March, Rochdulo Britfsuu, Charles, Scarborough, York, Boot Dealer. Jan 19 at 3 at the Creditors' Association, Park row, LeedB

, John, Bishop Auckland, Durham, Stationer. Jan 11 at 11 •uicca of Maw, jun., Market pi, Bishop Auckland T, Arthur, and Thomas Butler, Billiter sq, Merchants. Jan 25 at 2 at offices of Bridger, Bototph lane, Eostcheap Cawkwell, William, Rawcliffe, York, Farmer. Jan 18 at 12 at the

Downs Arms, Snaith. Mander and Son, Wakefield Chadwick, Thomas, Batley, York, Beerhouse keeper. Jan 17 at 3 at

offices of Shaw, Bond st, Dewsbury Culcs, John, Grimsbury, Northampton, Corn Dealer. Jan 21 at 3 at

the Wbite Lion Hotel, High st, Banbury. Pellatt, Banbury Cops, Thomas, Hinckley, Leicester, Boot Manufacturer. Jan 15 at

1 st offices of Wright, Gallowtree gate, Leicester Davies, William Henry, Wolverhampton, Hosier. Jan 13 at 12 at

offices of Underbill,"Darlington st, Wolverhampton Davis, John, Dover, Furniture Dealer. Jan 18 at 12 at the Guildhall

Coffee House- Mowll, Dover Davey, Lewis, Park ham, Devon, Coal Merchant. Jan IS at 3 at

offices of Bray, Queen st, Bideford DeakJn, John, Dudley, Worcester, Licensed Victualler. Jan 8 at 3

at the Bush Hotel, High st, Dudley. Davies, Dudley Drake, Noah, Middle row, KnighUbridge, Poulterer. Jan 21 at 3 at

Anderton's Hotel, Fleet st. Shakespear Boston, Frederick, Parliament st, Licensed Victualler. Jan 17 at 2 at the Lsw Institution, Chancery lane. Mackeson and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

Edwards, John, Court House, Uphampton, Docklow, Hereford, Farmer. Jan 21 at 10.30 at the Oak Hotel, Leominster. Comer, Hereford

EIlif?tt, Joseph, Middlesborough. York, Beerhouse keeper. Jan 17 at 11.30 at offices of Wilkes, Zetland rd, Middlesborough

Finch, John, Hunslet, Leeds, Boot Dealer. Jan 17 at 11 at offices of scost, Albion st, Leeds

Firth, Francis George, Leeds, Boot Merchant. Jan 17 at 3 at offices of Wright, Belvoir st, Leicester

Fists*, William, Teal by, Lincoln, Boot Maker. Jan 13 at 11 atofflces Chambers, Market Rosen.

Forman. William, Commercial rd East, Cheesemonger. Jan 21 at 3 at offices of Shearer, Basinghall st. Prockter and Andrews, Princes st, Spitalfields

Fro*t, Waiter Hamilton, Dawlish, Devon, Grocer. Jan 15 at 10 at offices of Bouthcott, Post Office pi, Bedford circus, Exeter. Hurtnoil

Gavin, Patrick Joseph, Liverpool, Cooper. Jan 20 at I at offices of

Murphv, Dale st, Liverpool Golfry, Walter, Colchester, Essex, Innkeeper. Jan 17 at 12 nt offices

of Pnor. Head st, Colchester OriJEn, George, Droitwich, Worcester, Cook. Jan 18 at 11 at offices

cf Tree and Son, High st, Worcester Grove, Arthur Thomas, Abberley, Worcester, Farmer. Jan 20 nt 12

at the Com Exchange Hall, Tenbury. Norris and Miles Hall, John, Oldham, Lancashire, Horse Dealer. Jan 13 at 3 at the

Kragr** Arms Hotel, Yorkshire st, Oldham. Blackbmne and

Rsi/the, Oldham ■ H*iL, Richard, Leicester, Builder. Jan 19 at 3 at offices of Hincks,

Harden, Charles Wood, Hjllingbourne, Kent, Farmer. Jan 19 at 12 at. Lho Bull Inn, Gabriel's hill, Maidstoiu. Ellis, Muidstono

Harmsworth, Gorge Henry, Kin<rston-on-Tharaes, Wine Merchant. Jun 25 at 12 at offices of Shervard, Lincoln's inn fields

Harvey, Hcury, St Petar-pcr-Mouutergate, Norwich, Cab Proprietor. Jun 12 at 12 at offices of Bains and Paynes, Exchange st, Norwich

Hex, John Thomas, Tachbrook st, Pimlico, Builder's Clerk. Jan 21 at 3 at offices of Scale and Smith, Lincoln's inn fields

Higham, John Ayert*, Towcester, Northampton, Coal Merchant. Jan 10 at 3 at offices of Greville, Towcester

Hill, William, Congleton, Chester, Sanitary Surveyor. Jan 15 at 11 at offices of Latham, Moody st, Congleton

Hodges, Gilbert, Bridgend. Glamorgan, Draper. Jan 18 at 12 at the West of England Merchants' Association, Broad st, Bristol. Randall, Bridgend

Hodgson, William, Wcaverthorpe, York, Butchor. Jan 17 at 3 at the

Bull Hotel, Scarborough. Crowther, Scarborough Hodgson, Levi, Grassmere, Westmoreland, Farmer. Jan 19Iat 12 at

offices of Gatey, Ambleside Holt, Richard, Bradford, York, Merchant. Jan 17 at 11 at officos of

Rhodes, New Ivegatc, Bradford Jary, Robert Maddison, Leicester, Auctioneer. Jan 25 at 12 at White

Hart Hotel, Newmarket. Wright, Leicester Jex, Henry, Aldeby. Norfolk, Farmer. Jan 19 at 11 at officos of

Worship and Rising, South Quay, Great Yarmouth Jones, David Kent, Fochriw, Glamorgan, Surgeon. Jan 15 at 1 at

officos of Simons and Plows, Church st, Merthyr Tydfil Jones, John, Llandefcilog, Carmarthen, Bootmaker. Jan 14 at 10.5

at offices of Morris, Rod st, Carmarthen Knnggs, Frederic, Shanklin, Isle of Wight, Ironmonger. Jan 25

at 3 at offices of Duranr, Guildhall chmbrs, Gresham st Lawrence, Nathan, Cardiff, Auctioneer. Jan 19 at 11 at offices of

Jones, Philharmonic chmbrs, Cnrdiff Law ton, Hannah, Wakefield, York, Milliner. Jan 11 at 11 at offices

of Feniandes, Cross sq, Wakefield Lloyd, Robert, Wolstanton, Stafford, Beorseller. Jan 11 at 11 atofflces

of A cock, Newcastle st, Burslcm Lynch, Patrick, Queen's road, Peckham, Provision Merchant.

Jan 15 at 12 at offices of Farlowand Jackson, St Benetpl, Gracechurch st

McArthur, Charles, Llandilo, Carmarthen, Nuraoryman. Jan 17 at 11 at offices of Lewis, Rhosmaen st, Llandilo

Marsh, Joseph Caaplin, Birmingham, Outdoor Beerhouse Keeper. Jan 17 at 2 30 at offices of Burton, Union passage, Birmingham

Martin. Thomas, Beckenham, Kent, Stono Mason. Jan 13 at 2 at offices of Ikin, Line oln's-inn-fields

Meadows, William, Albany street, Regent's park, HamandBeof Dealer. Jan 12 at 3 at offices of Brett, Finsuury pavement

Montague, Henry St. John, Wellington, Durham, Grocer. Jan 21 at 11.30 at offices of Solkeld, Elvct Bridge, Durham

Moor, George, Bromsgrovo, Worcester, Builder. Jon 17 at 12 at offices of Corbett, Avenue House, the Cross, Worcester

Morgan, John, Aberystwith, Cardigan, Bookseller. Jan 15 at at 10 at the Georgo Hotel, Shrewsbury. Hughes and Sons, Aberystwith

Oliver, Harry Robert, Brighton, out of business. Jan 15 at 1 at offices

of Mills, New rtl, Brighton Pantin, Charles, Wrexluim, Denby, out of business. Jon 29 at 12 at

offices of Jones, Henblas st, Wrexham Porkes, Joseph, Middlesborough, Grocer. Jan 11 at 13 at offices of

King, Wilson st West, Middlesborough Pitts, William, Redditch, Worcester, Needle Stamper. Jon 19 at 11

at offices of Williams, Prospect hill, Redditch Porter, William Francis, Gamlingay, Cambridge, Grocer. Jon 23

at 11 at the debtor's residence, Gamlingay. Cranfield, St Ives Readman, George, Castletou, York, Innkeeper. Jan 19 at 2

at the White Hart Hotel, Kirby Moorside. Pearson, Helmsley Redfern, Joseph, Hyde, Choster, Cab Proprietor. Jan 20 at 3 at

offices of Brooks and Co, Townhall chambers, Ashton-under


Reed, Ann, Dutton, Chester, Farmer. Jan 19 at 11 at offices of

Fletcher, Winnington, Northwich Richards, Henry, Wordsley, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Jan 20

at 11.30 at offices of Homfray and Holberton, High st, Briorlcy


Rickell, John, Helmsley, York, Brewer's Assistant. Jan 18 at 12 at

offices of Man and Son, New st, York Rust, Chamberlain, Barnsbury rd, Barnsbury, Draper. Jan 17 at 3 a

offices of Lewis, Wilmington sq, Clcrkcnwell Saunders, Edward, Woburn, Bedford, Carrier. Jan 17 at 3

at the Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Tebbs, Bedford Savory, Edward, Prestbury, Gloucester, Market Gardener. Jan 17

at 10 at the offices of Smith, Corn Exchange, Cheltenham Scriven, William, Bridgnorth, Salop, Machinist. Jan 13 at 3.30 at

offices of Miller and Co. Church st, Kidderminster Sedgmond, Elizabeth, Falmouth, Cornwall, Grocer. Jan 13 at 3 at

offices of Tilly and Co, Church st, Falmouth Seed, Jonas Wood, Hartshead-cum-Cliftou, York, Farmer. Jan 19

at 3 at the Creditors' Association, Crown st, Halifax Shonfeld Robert "William, Walworth rd, Boot Manufacturer. Jan

21 at 3 at offices of Harte, Moorgato st Skempton, Josiah, Tempsfurd, Bedford, Farmer. Jan 18 at 3 at

offices of Smith, Sandy Blade, Frederick William, Harrow rd, Grocer. Jan 11 at 1 at 202,

High Holborn. Best, Essex st, Strand Smith, Nathaniel, Birmingham, Grocer. Jan 11 at 11 at offices of

Burton, Union passage, Birmingham Smith, William, Liverpool, Iroufounder. Jan 17 at 11 at offices of

Killey, Lord st, Liverpool Snowdon, John William, Hartlepool, Draper. Jan 19 at3 at offices

of Bell anil Sou, Church st, West Hartlepool Solomon, Fanny, Fins bury pavement, Manufacturer of Infants'

Hoods Jan 17 at 2 at offices of Goldberg and Langdon, Wc^t st,

Finsbury circu3

Spaul, Alexander, Winstanley rd, Clapham Junction, Wratch Maker.

Jan 10 at 2 at offices of Seeley, High Holborn Stephens, John, BulLey, Gloucester, Boot Maker. Jan 12 at 11 at

offices of York, Berkeley st, Gloucester

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