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"There is much in the past of which the society may be justly proud; but, after all, the main practical usefulness of the past is to point a mural for the present and the future. It is never permitted to such a body to rest and be thankful. Its labours and responsibilities multiply in a corresponding ratio to the increase of its influence and importance; and, if any proof of this selfevident fact were needed, one glance at the comparative bulk of the records of the society's work in the earlier and more recent years of its existence, and even of the work of ten years ago and of to-day, would alone supply it. To societies of this character applies with as much truth as to individuals the old adage Qui cessit esse melior cessit esse bonus; and it may be that, if this cbapter is taken up by an historian writing on the same subject fifty years hence, it will be mainly used to illustrate the magnitude of the strides taken in the interval. The Incorporated Law Society must ever aspire to be a faithful leader and true reflex of enlightened views, and a watchful guardian alike of the honour and of the best interests of a learned profession. It can only fulfil the task with effect, and raise its voice with authority, if it is heartily supported on all Bides by those whose cause it represents and advocates. And it will be a matter for sincere gratification to every member of the society if this record of the past, and the reflections which these pages may suggest as to the field of useful and honourable work which may lie before the society in the future, should lead members (and especially country members) of the profession, who have not yet joined the society's ranks, to realize that there are higher and larger considerations involved in doing so than any question of the mere personal conveniences of membership."

After the lists of the council, officers, and examiners, the charter and regulations are printed, and then follow the Solicitors Acts, and the regulations for the examinations, with specimens of the questions set during the year 1880. Lists of candidates who passed during the year are next given, followed by liste of the honours won since 1856. Subsequently we find the proceedings and resolutions at the annual and provincial meetings, and to these succeed lists of the London and country members of the society ; a local list of the latter being also given. Lists of names of partners in London and country firms who are members of the society, and of foreign correspondents of members of the society, are also given. Many suggestions will, no doubt, be made of desirable additions to the contents of the book, and on a future occasion we may venture upon some, but at present we shall only say that, for a first attempt, we consider this calendar a success.


To Correspondents.—W. B., Next week.

THE PAH) TRUSTEE SYSTEM. [2V> the Editor of the Solicitors' Journal.']

Sir,—I should like to ascertain tho views of your readers as to the effect of the paid trustee system upon the administration of bankrupts' estates, with the view of learning the opinion of the profession whether the appointment of paid trustees has been advantageous or otherwise, either in saving expense or rendering the liquidation speedier or more beneficial to the creditors.

Of course I have my own opinion on the subject, but as there are many in the profession who have had greater experience than myself, I should like to ascertain their views. F. M.

At the Hertfordshire Quarter Sessions the Marquis of Salisbury was unanimously eleoted chairman in the room of Earl Cowper, who reoently resigned.



At the usual monthly meeting of the directors, held at the hall of the Incorporated Law Society, Chancery-lane, on Thursday, the Cth of January, the following being present— viz , Mr. Desborough (chairman), and Messrs. Hedgers, Desborough, jun., Luca9, and Williamson, and A. B. Carpenter (aecrotary), ona new member was elected, and the ordinary general business was transacted,



The sixth meeting of the session was held on Tuesday, tbe 4th January, at the Law Library, Cross-street-chambers, at half-past six o'clock, when the chair was taken by Thomas Nash, Ijsq., barrister-at-law. The following was the subject for discussion :—" Is it expedient that actions for breach of promise to marry should be abolished P" Mr. Millar opened in the affirmative, and was followed on the same side by Messrs. Gilmoro, Hartley, Coward, Attkins, and Birch; whilst the negative was supported by Messrs. Norton, Welch, J. F. Price, Law, Bycroft, Stock*, Ellison, Smith, and Steinberg. Mr. Millar having replied, the learned chairman summed up, and the question was decided in favour of the negative. A vote of thanks to the chairman ooncluded tbe proceedings.


SIR REDMOND BARRY. The death is announced of Sir Redmond Barry, K.C.M.G., senior puisne judge of the Supreme Court of the colony of Victoria. The deceased was the son of Major-General Henry Green Barry, of Ballyclough, Cork, and was born in 1813. He was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, where he took the usual degrees, and he was called to the bar in Ireland in 1838. A few years later he emigrated to Australia, and in 1850 he became Solicitor-General for Victoria. In tbe following year ho was appointed a puisne judge of the Supreme Court of the colony, end he filled that office for twenty-nine years. In 1875 he acted as Chief Justice, and for a few weeks he administered the government of the colony. He was knighted in 1860, and ho was created a Knight Commander of the Order of St. Michael and St. George in 1877. Sir B. Barry was for many years Chancellor ef the University of Melbourne, and he was a commissioner for the colony of Victoria to the International Exhibition of 1862. He was unmarried.

THE HON. CHARLES BUSHE PLUNKET. The Hon. Charles Bushe Flunket, barrister, died on the 21st. nit., while on his voyage home from Bong Kong. Mr. Flunket was the second son of the third Lord Plunket, his mother being a daughter of the Right Hon. Charles Kendal Bushe, Lord Chief Justice of Ireland, and he was an elder brother of the Right. Hon. David Flunket, Q.C., M.P. He was born in 1828, and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin, and he was called to the bar at Dublin in Hilary Term, 1866. He was for several years commissioner of the Court of Requests at Penang, and he was registrar of the Supreme Court of the colony of Hong Kong from 1876 till 1879, when he was appointed police magistrate and coroner at Hong Kong. Mr. Plunket's health had for some time been failing, and he was returning home on leave of absence. He was married to tho daughter of Mr. Robert Murrell, and he leaves several children.

DR ROBERT BULLOCK MARSHAM. Dr. Robert Bollock Marsham, barrister, Warden of Merton College, Oxford, died at Caversfield House, Oxfordshire, on the 27th ult., in his ninety-sixth year. The deceased was the eldest son or the H"n. and Hot. Jacob Marsham, D.D., canon of Windsor, and he was grandson of the second Lord Romney. He ' was born in 1785, and was educated at Eton and at Christ Charch, Oxford, where he graduated B.A. in 1807. lie was afterwards elected a fellow of Merton College, and proceeded to the degree of D.C.L. He was railed to the bar in 1813, when he joined the Home Circuit and Kent Sessions, and he had a lair criminal business. He was for a short time recorder of the city of Rochester, bat he retired from practice in 1826 on being elected warden of Merton College. Dr. Marsham was a magistrate and deputylieutenant for Oxfordshire. He was an active supporter of the Conservative party, and in 1852 he unsuccessfully cintested the University of Oxford in opposition to Mr. Gladstone. He was buried in Merton College Chapel on New Year's-day. Dr. Marshara was married in 1828 to Jessie, Lady Anstruther, widow of Sir John Carmichael Anstruther, and daughter of General David Dewar, and he leaves three sons and one daughter. His second son, Mr. Robert Henry Ballock Marsham, late of the Home Circuit, was for several years recorder of Maidstone, and was appointed a magistrate at Greenwich and Woolwich Police-courts in 1879.

MR. WILLIAM HERON. Mr. William Heron, solioitor, died at Manchester on the 22nd nit. Mr. Heron was the son of Mr. James Holt Heron, of Manchester, and was born in 1813. He was admitted a solicitor in 1835. He was formerly in partnership with his elder brother. Sir Joseph Heron, town clerk of Manchester, and with Mr. Joseph Grave; but more recently he had carried on business alone. He had an extensive private practice, and was for several years solicitor to the overseers of the parish of Manchester. Mr. Heron's death has caused great regret at Manchester.


Mr. Robert Shafto Hawks, solioitor (the head of the firm of Hawks, Stokes, & McKewau), of 101, Borough High-street, and Rotherhithe, died at Glenfield, Hertford, on the 26th nit. Mr. Hawks was born in 1817, and was admitted a solicitor in 1839. He was originally in partnership with Mr. Samuel Piercy, at 15, Three Crown-square, Southwark. He afterwards practised alone at 101, Borough High-street, and at Rotherhithe, and he was joined at a later date by the late Mr. Frederick Wilmott and Mr. James John Stokes, and (still more recently) by Mr. Ernest Frederick McKewan. Mr. HawkB had a large local practice in the South of London, and he had been for many yean vestry olerk and solioitor to the parish of Rotherniihe. He was also for some years olerk to the Rotherhithe Commissioners of Pavements, and to the Rotherhithe Board of Guardians, and superintendent registrar for the district.

MR. JOHN PARKER. Mr. John Parker, solicitor, died at High Wycombe on tie 22nd ult. in his eightieth year. Mr. Parker was the son of Mr. William Parker, of High Wycombe. He was born in 1801, and was admitted a solicitor in 1823, and practised in his native town for over half a century. During tbi latter part cf his professional career ho was associated in partnership with his son, Mr. John Parker, jun., who was admitted a solicitor in 1856. He was for over forty years town clerk of High Wycombe, and he had an extensive private practice. He was clerk to the borough magistrates, the Commissioners of Taxes, and the Charily Trustees, and registrar of the Wycombe Cout ty Court (Circuit No. 37), ffio-t of which offices are now held by his eon. He was also steward of the Manor of Temple Wycombe, and a perpetual commissioner for Buckinghamshire. Mr. Parker was an active member of the local Liberal party. He had obtained IT 'it celebrity as an antiquarian, and he was the author of a work on "The History and Antiquities of High Wycombe." He was buried on the 28th ult., tho funeral being attended by Lord Carington ; the mayor of High Wycombe, and most of the borough magistrates.


Mr. Stair Andrew Agnew, advocate, has been appointed Deputy Clerk Register for Scotland, in succession to Mr. Uoger Montgomerie, .deceased. Mr. Agnew was called to the Seotoh bar in 1860, and has been for Beveral years Queen's Remembrancer for Scotland.

Mr. George Herbert Bates, solicitor (of the firm of Bates & Jellicorse), of 57, Lincoln's-inn-fields, and Manchester, has been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. Leonard Henry Courtney, barrister, M.P., who has been appointed Under-Seerelary of State for the Home Department, is the son of Mr. John Courtney, of Alverton House, Penzance, and was born in 1832. He is a fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, when he graduated as second wrangler, and first Smith's Prizeman in 1835. He was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Trinity Term, 1858, and he formerly practised in the Chancery Division. Mr. Courtney was Professor of Political Economy at University College, London, from 1872 till 1875, and he has boon M.P. for Liskeard, in the Liberal interest, since December, 1876.

Mr. Francis Ronald Jeffery, solicitor, of Worcester, his been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Court of Judicature.

Mr. John Jones, solicitor, of Wrexham, has been appointed a Magistrate for that borough. Mr. Jones was admitted a solicitor in 1857, and he is n, member of the Wrexham Town Conncil.

Mr. John James Reid, advocate, has been appointed Queen's Remembrancer for Scotland. Mr. Seid was called to the Scotch bar in 1870, and be is an advocate depute.

Mr. Frederick Isaac Warner, solicitor, of Winchester, and Southampton, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women for Hampshire, the city of Winchester, and the town of Southampton.


Charles Pope Greenhill and William Henry RodBard Bean, solicitors, 63, Gracechnrch-street, London (Greenhill & Bean). Oct. L

Arthur Price Llewellyn, Henry William Ackrill, and Arthur Godwin Hajimack, solicitors, 46, Finsburycircus, London (Llewellyn, Ackrill, & Hammack). Oct. 31. Arthur Price Llewellyn and Henry William Ackrill will henceforth practise as solicitors, in co-partnership, at 3, Furnival's-inn, Holborn, London. Arthur Godwin Hammack will continue to practise as a solicitor at 46, Finsburycircus aforesail. {Gazette, Dec. 31, 1880].

Philip Berney Brown, Archibald Donaldson, and Walter William Woolnough, 70, Lincoln's-inn-fields (Brown, Donaldson, & Woolnough). Dec. 31.

Harry Curtis Nisbet, Frederick Henry Rooks, and Samuel John Daw, solicitors, 35, Lincoln's-inn-fields (H. C. Nisbet, Rooke, & Daw). Dec. 31.

Thomas Peel and John Edward Gaunt, solicitors, Bradford, York (Peel k Gaunt). Dec. 31.

[Qazettt, Jan. 4,1881].


Joint Stock Companies.

LlXITED Chanckby.

Comedt Opbba Company, Limited.—Petition for winding up presented Dec 28, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Jau 15« Lowloss and Co, Martin's lano, solicitors for tbo petitioner

Sck Electhic Ligat Company, Limited.—By an order made by Mrtlins, V.C., dated Dec 3, it was ordorod that the company be wonnd up. Clarko and Co, Lincoln's inn Melds, solicitors for tho petitioners

lOaieUe, Doc. 31. J Friendly Societies Dissolved,

Boston Khiendiy Fineiial Clvb.—Rogers, Temperance Hotel,

Boston, Lincoln. Dec 20 Bboad Histoit Fbiendly Society, Broad Hinton, Wilts. Dec SO

\Ga;tUe, Jan. 4.J


Jan. 6.—The following are the portions of the Queen's Speech relating to English legislation :—

"Bills will be laid before jou for the abolition of corporal punishment in the army and in the navy. You will be asked to consider measures for the further Reform of the Law of Bankruptcy ; for the Conservancy of Hirers and the Prevention of Floods; for the renewal of the Act which established Secret Voting; and for reprtssing the Corrupt Practices of which, in a limited number of towns, there were lamentable examples at the lost general election."


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For Hearing.
Samuel v Samuel app of pit M 11— June 7, 1878

Jewitt T McHenry app of deft M R—Aug 4 (heard Dec 6

To be mentioned en Saturday, Jan 15, by ordor) Nicholson T the Vestry of Mile End Old Town app of defU

V C M—Dec 31 (restored by order)


Ruaton v Tobin app of pita V C M—Apr 27

Mackie T The Cotton Powder Co The Cotton Powder Co v

Mackie app of pit Mackie Fry, J—May 12 Jowett v Fatter app of pit M R—May 10 Rayner v Preston app of pit M R—May 20 Daw kins T Antrobus app of pit M R—May 21 The London and Sarbnrcan Land and Building Co limd y Field

app of deft M R—May 22 In re Robert*, deed, Pierce v Stell app of pit Denman J—

May 23

In re D. Gilaon, deed and Trustee Acta app of pelnr D. C.

Gilson V C H—May 27 Wood v Monk app of pit Fry J—May 27 (S O for security) Chandler v Pocock app of pit MR-May 28 Kenton T Owen appofdefts Fry, J—May 20 RjokevPym app of deft M R—May 31 E<rl de la Wsrr v Miles app of deft V C B—June 1 Henderson v Teanaut app of pits from Vice Warden of the I. Stannaries—June 3

Gibson T Key app of pit M R—June 6 (SO for security) InreReade, deed, Salthouse v Rsade app of defts M R— June 14

In re Land Building Government and Guaranteed Securities

Society app of Iqdta V C B—June 16 James v Brooksbank app of pit Fry J—June 21 Fletcher v McAdam app of pits from V C of County Palatine

of Lancaster—June 21 In re WhaUley, Milward 4 Co app of Whately & Co V C H

—Jane 22

Anderson r Barford app of defts Hughea & ore Fry, J—
June 26

Attorney-Gen v Hill appofdefts V C B—June 28
Arkwright v Newbold app of defts Fry, J—June 20
Ia re Strafford, docd, Strafford v Warroa app of G F Ward

M R—June 30
Whiting to Loomes app of Whiting M R—July 3
Fox v Atkinson app of daft! from V C of Councy Palatine of

Lancaster—July 3 Nobel's Explosive Co, limd v Joner, Scott & Co app of defts

V C B-July 0

Gathtrcole v Smith app of deft M R—July 12

Partington T Taylor app of deft Taylor in person from V C of

County Palatine of Lancaster—July 14 (S O for security) Jones v Jones app of deft V C H—July 14 Ballard v Marsden app of defts Mtraden and anr Fry, J—

July 19

The Metropolitan Board of Works v The London and Northwestern By Ce app of defis V C H—July 20

In re Goodman and 1 ruetee Relief Act app of Pieret M R— July 21

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In re Messrs Brown, Collins & Wood*, .1 drs 8»»n<m and S >lrs fJFAor, 6&7 Vico 73 app of Messrs B own & Co VCH — Jan 4

D ivies v Briggs app of defts V C B—Jan 4

(Original Motion)
In re Cavander's Trusts apptn for secarity for o>sls (by ord>r)

For Judgment.

Bowen v Hall& Oh (Q B) app of dsfti Hall & anr from L C J of England and Justices Manisty and Bowm setting aside verdict—(o.a.v. Nov. 3-present Lord Chancellor, Lord Coleridge, L 0 J, and Lord Justice Brett)

S->u'h-Eattm> Ry Co v Railwsy Comimn & the Mayor of Hastings (Q B) app of Ry Commors from jndgt of L C J of England & Justices Lush & Manisty on rlemr—Feb 11— (c a.v. Nov 8—present Lord Chancellor, Lord Coleridge, L C J, and Lord Justice Brett)

Wright v Marwood Gordon v Marwood (Hit) argument of rule nisi—app to place in paper (c.a.v. Nov 17 — present Lords Justices Baergalliy, Brett and Cotton)

The Mayor, &c, of Saltash v Goodman & anr (C P) app of deft from j udgt of Justices Grove and Denman on special rase —(c.a.v. Nov 23—present Lords Justices Baggallay, Brett and Cotton)

Information and Answer pursuant tj Crown Suits Act, 1865 Attorney- General v London & N W Ry Co (Exoh revenue side) app of defts from decree of L C Baron and Sir H Hawkins—(c.a.T. Nov 27 —present Lird Coleridge, L C J, and Lords Justices Baggallay and Brett

Ludgater v Love (C P) app of defts from new trial rule nisi discharged by Justices Grove and Lindley—(c.s.v. Nov 30 —

Sresent Lord Chancellor and Lords Justices Baggallay and Irett)

Heath and anr v Pugh and anr (C P) app of pits from Lord Coleridge and Mr Justice Lindley, setting aside verdict— (o.a.v. Dec 3—present Lord Chancellor and Lords Justices Baggallay and Brett)

The Queen v P H Hutchings (Q B. Crown side) app of prosecutor from J J Lush & F ield quashing order of sessions (0 a v Deo 9—present Lord Chanoellor and Lords Justices Baggallay and Brett)

For Hearing.

Moscrop v Newbold & ors (Exoh) app of defts Grimo & anr from judgt of L J Thesiger at trial—Feb 25 Moscrop v Newbold & ors (Exch) app of deft Newbold from judsrt of L J Thesiger at trial—Feb 25 (S 0 till after decision in Exch)

Smith v White (C P) app of pit from judgt of Mr. Justice Lopes alter trial without a jury—July 11 (SO for security)

Thomas & anr v Proprietors of the Birmingham Canal Navigation (Q B) app of pit from L C J of England and Justices Lush and Manisty—July 12 (pt hd March 16, by Lords Justices Bramwell, Baggallay and Thes<ger, restored by order, but not until Lords Justices Btamwell and Baggallay are present

Brain & anr v Thomas & anr (Exch) app of defts Thomas and Lysaght from judgt of L C Baron and Baron Pollock on ap 0—Dec 3

Bailey & anr v Ford & ore, trading, &c (C P) app of Midland Ry Co from judgt of L J Thesiger after trial—Dec 11 Bailey and anr v Ford & ors, trading, &c (C P) app of defts Ford & Co from judgt of L J Thesiger after trial—Deo 11

Bailev & ors v Midland Ry Co (C P) app of defts from judgt of L J Thesiger after trial—Deo 11


Gooch and Wife v The Lambeth Waterworks Co (The Vestry of St. Mary's, Lambeth, 3rd parties) (Exch) app of pit from judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial—Jan 10 (S 0 for security)

Wright v Marwood (Q B) argument of rule nisi for new trial granted by Lord Coleridge and L J Bramwell & Baggallay

Gordon v Marwood (Q B) argument of rulo nisi for new trial

Sauted by Lord Coleridge and L J Bramwell & Baggallay arch 3

Drury, Trustee, &c v The Staffordshire Fire Insurance Co (Excb) app of pit from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at tiial — Mar 6 (S 0 for security)

Akerblom v Price (Exch) apt of pit from judgt of L C Baron and Mr Justice Stephen—Apr 6 (S O until rule argued iu Divisional Court)

Gatbercole v Smith (C P) app of pit from judgt of Lord Coleridge attrial—Apr 23 (S 0 to abide result of Cbaocery Appeal)

In re Charles M Roche, gentn. one &c (C P) app of Mr Roche from Lord Coleridge and Mr. Justice Grove—Apr 27

Ri hards v Baker (Q B) app of deft from judgment of Manisty, J, at (rial May 19 (S O for security)

Inman Steam Ship Co v Bischoff & ors (Q B) app of defts from j udgment of Lord Justice Brett at trial—June 4

Marsden & anr v Lancashire and Yorkshire Ry Co (Exch) spp of defts from order of L C Baron and Sir H Hawkins as to costs of trial before Lord Justice Brett—June 8

McCo'lin v Gilpin & ors (Q B) app of defts from judgt of Mr Justice Lush at trial—J une H

Chapleo & Wifo v Brunswiok Permanent Building Society & ors (C P) app of deft society and app of It obt Smith and anr from judgt of Lord Coleridge at trial—June 15

Chapleo & Wife v Brunswick Permanent Building Society & ors (C P) argument of rule nisi for new trial

Crowther & ors v Ladenburg & ors (Exch) defts from app of judgt of Ba-on Pollook at trial—June 15

Garrard & anr v White & ors (Excb) app of pits from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen directing non suit—June 16

Kino v Pilbrow (Exch) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice Stephen at trial—June 16

Sutton, carrying on business, &c v The Great Northern Ry Co (Q B) app of pit from order of Justices Lush, Field, and Manisty directing entry of judgt for def s — June 17

Clarke (by next friend) v The Midland Ry Co (Exch) app of defts from judgt ol Mr Justice Stephen at trial—June 18

Wright & anr, trustee, &c v Cotton & anr (Willat 3rd party) (Q B) app of pit from judgt of Mr Justice Lush at trial without a jury—June 22

Hanson v The Ecclesiastical Commissioner* for England (Exch) spp of defts from judgt of Biron Huddleston at trial—June 24

Tilley v Stockdale (Exoh) app of pit from order of Baron Pollock oa demr—June 26

Edward Gilbertson on behalf of himself and the other Eoglish members of the Ottoman Bank v John Ferguson, surveyor of taxes (Exch. revenue side) app of Gilbertson from order of Barons P. llcck and Huddlest ro—L. C. Baron dissentiente— on appeal oase stated by Commissioners of Income Tax —July 3

The Metropolitan Inner Circle Completion Ry Co v The

Metropolitan Ry Co and Met District Ry Co (Exch) spp

of defts from judgt of Baron Huddleston at trial—July 6 Chambers v Gaches (C P) app of deft Gaelici,from judgt of

Mr Justioe Denman at trial—July 6 Bradford v Symondron (Q B) appl of deft from judgt of

Lord Coleridge at trial—July 17 Evans and Wife V Liverpool United Tramways and Omnium

Co limd (Q B) appl of defts from rule nisi discharged by

L C J Cockburn and Mr. Justice Bowen— Julyl9 Burnand v. Uodocanachi (C P) appl of defts from judgt of

Lord Coleridge at trial—July 20 The Marine Mutual Insurance Asscn limd v Young (Exch)

appl of defts from judgt of Baron Pollock at trial—J uly 26 Danford v M • Vnulty (Exch) appl of deft from judgt of Mr

Justice Stephen at trial—July 31 Haynes v Etches (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr Justice

Fry on interpleader issue—Aug 7 Lechmere & ors v Key andanr (Exch) app of pits from judgt

of Mr Justice Fry at trial—Aug 21 Benyon v Sheridan & ors (C P) app of deft Alexander from

judgt of Mr Justioe Lopes at trial—Aug 28 Adams & anr v The Severn and Canal Carrying, Shipping and

Steam Towing Co limd (C P) appl of defts from judgt of

Lord Coleridge as wrong upon findings of Jury—Aug 23 (S 0

until rule for new trial in C P Div is disposed of) Berliner v Rojle & anr, sued, &c (C P) app of defts from

judgtof Mr Justioo Lopes at trial—Aug 30 (S O for security) Alderson v Maddison (Excb) app of pits from judgtof Mr

Justice Stephen at trial—Aug 30 Cohen v Veitch & ors (Q B) app of pit from judgt of Mr

Justice Bowen at trial—Oct 13 The Pontypool Iron and Tin Plate Co v The Ynismendary Tin

Plate Co, limd (Exch) app of pits from judgt of Joseph

Brown, Esq, commissioner at trial—Oot 22

New Appeals.

The New Zealand and Australian Land Co v Watson and anr (Q B) app ef defts from judgt of Mr Justice Field at trial—

Oct 26

Wilkinson &Co v Unwin (Q B) app of deft from judgt of Mr

Justice Bowen after trial—Oct 27 Thomas v Wrighton (C P) app of deft from judgt of L J

Thesiger at trial—Oct 28 Cohen k anr v Parker (C P) app of deft from jndgt of Mr

Justice Lindley at trial—Nov 8 Seal v Claridge (Exob) app of pltf from judgtof Baron Huddleston at trial—Nov 8 York City & County Banking Co v Baiabridge (Eich) app of

deft from judgt of Sir H Hawkins aftir trial—Nov 11 Conetly v Steer (Q B) app ef pit from judgment of Mr. Justice

Bowon after trial—Nov 12 Greenway and ors v Atkinson and anr (Exoh) app of deft

Atkinson from Baron Huddleston at trial Nov 12 Mitchell and anr v Homfray (Exch) app of pit from judgment

of Mr. Justice Stephen at trial (Leeds)—Nov 15

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