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Ne Byrne.

was to go on in a proper case. The difficulty was to say what was a proper case, and he must exercise some sort of

CASES BEFORE THE BANKRUPTCY judicial discretion in the matter. Now he considered there

REGISTRARS. were two guides for him to follow, neither of which were (Before Mr. RegistrAR MURRAY, acting us Chief Judge.) doubtful or obscure ; the first was that under the Act the

Dec. 15.-Re Byrne. assets were to be distributed pari passu; the second was that bg sec:ion 10 of the Judicature Act the Legislature had said

Leave granted to a receiver to sell the residue of the debtor's

stuck-in-trade before registration of resolutions passed at the that in the winding up of a company the Bankruptcy Rules

first meeting of creditors, the landlord having distrained and were to be followed. But whether he looked at the rules in

the auctioneer being about to proceed to a sale of sufficient bankruptcy or under the Winding-up Acts, he considered the

property to satisfy bis claim for rent. words of the section ought to be followed unless there was

This was an application on behalf of the receiver appointed sometbing inequitable in doing so. In Re Richards Fry, |

te. Richards . Fry under a petition for liquidation filed by the debtor, for leave J., only professing to follow previous decisions, had held to sell the residue of the debtor's stock-in-trade. that a creditor who had been induced by the company to Proudfoot, in support of the application. give them indulgence would not be allowed by such for

The debtor, William Byrne, a stationer and dealer in fancy bearance to lose the benefit which he would have had by

by goods, presented a petition for liquidation on the 10th of active prosecution of his claim. The reason suggested was November, and on the 13th the landlord distrained for rent that because a company asked for indulgence they were dna amonti

due, amounting to £147, but, in consequence of the represento be in the same position as if tbey had got judgment. It | tatia

tations which were made to him, he consented to postpone a was clear there was no such rule in bankruptcy, and he

sale until afier the first meeting of creditors. On the 7th of coold not see why there should be more indulgence given to

December the first meeting took place, but a doubt arose in a corporation than in the case of a private trader. In his

reference to the result, and notice had been given of an apopinion that case was not a gofficient guide to him in his

plication to register the resolutions. The landlord, however, jodieial discretion. As to the older cases they were well

would not wait any longer, and threatened to proceed to a summed up in Backley on Companies, 3rd ed., p. 185. In

sale. For the purposes of the sale a catalogue had been prethe case of Re Bustro & Co. (LR, 4 Eq. 681) there was a

pared of tbe whole of the stock, which was of a fancy descripsolvent company, and it did not appear to him to have much

tion, but, as the auctioneer would stop when he had realized bearing on the case of an insolvent company. The next

£147 and bis expenses, the receiver applied that he should case was Imperial Steamship Company (16 W. R. 689). It

| sell the residue, and thus avoid unnecessary expense. did not appear that the company was insolvent, but Turner,

Mr. REGISTRAR MURRAY said this was an exceptional caso, L.J., was of opinion that the company had been guilty of

and be thought it would be for the benefit of the estate that the grossest injustice and fraud, and it was such an extra

the remaining stock should be sold. If a trustee had been crdinary case that he was entitled to interfere. That case

appointed at the first meeting, there would be no difficulty could be no guide to him in the present case. In the case of

about the matter, but the receiver, qud receiver, could not Railuay Steel Company (L. R. 8 Ch. D. 183) the company

sell, and the rosolution of the creditors had not yet been was solvent, and the other cases did not afford'him any satis

registered. factory guide in the present case. As to the facts, he was of

Application granted. opinion there was no misrepresentation on the part of the com

Solicitor, J. W. Proudfoot. papy, and that the creditors had simply been induced to hold over by the promise of the company to pay on the 7th of June. He saw no reason to deprive the petitioning creditor of the

(Before Mr. REGISTRAR Hazlitt, acting as Chief Judge.) froits of his diligence, and, looking at the state of the cir

Dec. 17.-Re Rauhaut. cumstances, he saw do ground for the exercise of his judicial

Leave granted to a receiver and manager to sell the debtor's discretion in direct contravention of the principles on which

furniture before the first meeting of creditors, a valuation

having been made and an advantageous offer received for the the administration of insolvent companies should be carried

purchase. ont. As to the £100, he must treat that as paid to the agent of the creditor, after the commencement of the winding up,

This was an application on behalf of the receiver and and the payment would be therefore void unless he o:herwise

:manager under a liquidation petition for leave to sell the dered. The creditor had no notice of the winding-up, and

debtor's furniture. Therefore he was in the same position as a creditor in a case

The debtor, a restaurant keeper in the City, recently precf bankruptcy receiving a payment for value without notice of

sented a petition for liquidation, and on the 4th inst. the the bankruptcy. Under the circumstances be thought the

court appointed a receiver and manager of the property. creditors ought to return the £100 after deducting the

The business had since been carried on at a loss, and a sum steriff's poundage in relation thereto. There would of

of about £60 was due to the landlord, and another quarter's be no order on the rest of the motion.-SOLICITORS, Layton

rent would become due at Christmas. It appeared that the & Jeques; Emmet, f Son.

debtor's property consisted of the lease of the premises where the business was carried on, fixtures, stock-in-trade

and furniture. The lease and fixtures were subject to mortBREACH OF TRUST-CONSTRUCTIVE NoticE-SOLICITOR.

gage, and an advantageous offer had been made for the In & case of Show v. Bolton, before Fry, J., on tbe 17th inst., property, the purchaser being willing to pay the receiver s cuestion arose as to constructive potice. The action was £150 for the furniture. A valaer who had been called in bruaght by the trustees of a marriage settlement to recover stated upon affidavit that the furniture was of the value of from some solicitors & sum of money subject to the trusts £220, but that if removed from the premises it would not of the settlement, which it was alleged that the solicitors probably realize more than one-half that sum, and that the had received with notice of the trust, and had paid to offer of £150 was a beneficial one to the creditors. ite Easband. It was alleged that the solicitors bad Brough, in support of the application, referred to a very eitber actual or constructive notice of the trust, and it recent case, Re Byrne (noted supra), in which Mr. Registrar was attempted to prove constructive notice by showing Murray had granted a somewhat similar order, and to rule that a deed of which they had notice contained a recital | 261. of abother deed which, if it had been looked at, would Mr. REGISTRAR Hazlitt said that, as a general rule, the base given them potice of the trust, inagmuoh as it con trustee when appointed was the proper person to sell the taided a recital of the settlement. But the settlement was debtor's property, but, if special circumstances could be shown rict recited in the first deed, and tbere was nothing in that to justify & sale by the receiver, and the estate was likely to deed to show that tbe other deed which was recited in it suffer by delay, the court would allow an immediate sale. bad any bearing upon the purpose for wbich the In the present case the furniture had been valued, and an solicitors were looking at the first deed. FRY, J., said order would be granted for leave to sell at the price tbat to impate constructive notice in such a case woula named. be to carry the doctrine further than it bad ever been Application granted. carried before, and be declined to do this. And be beld Solicitor, S. Chapman. that the solicitors had had neither actual por constructive potice of the trust, and dismissed the action against (Before Mr. REGISTRAR PEPys, acting as Chie! Judge.) thein with costs.-SOLICITORS, E. Harkins; Bolton, Dec. 14.-Ex parte Nevill and another ; Re Uplon. Robbins, f Busk.

Where at a first meeting of creditors resolutions are passed for

liquidation, and also for a transfer of the proceedings from a

county court to the London Court of Bankruptcy, it is iocumbent on the solicitor to the petition to give notice of taxa

SOLICITORS' CASES. tion of his bill of costs to the trustee; otherwise the London

COMMON Pleas Division. court will direct a review of the taxation.

(Fittings in Banc before GROVE and LOPES, JJ.)* This was an application on behalf of Missrs. Nevill & Atkins, of Tamworth, solicitors for the debtor, for an order

Dec. 20.-Re a Solicitor. that Mr. J. D. Viney, the trustee under the liquidation, J. V. Austin showed cause against a role obtained on should pay to the applicants the sum of £43 13. 4d., being the 29th of November, calling upon the solicitor to answer the amount found by the registrar of the Birmingbam the matter contained in certain affidavits, or, io default County Court to be due to them for taxed costs up to and of a satisfactory answer, to show cange wby be sbould not including the registration of the resolutions for liquidation. I be struok off the rolls. It was admitted that the solicitor

The debtor, J. c. Upton, a draper carrying on business at bad been employed by three sisters to effect a mortgage Warwick, recently presented a petition for liquidation to for them, and that the solicitor, one of the mortgagore, the county court of Warwickshire held at Birmingham. I and the mortgagee, met for the purpose of carrying out The applicants acted as solicitors to the debtor in the pro

the mortgage, bat in his affidavits the solicitor asserted ceedings, and at the first meeting Mr. Atkins, a member of

that on receiving the amount of the money, $250, less the firm, represented the debtor, and one of the principal

costs, from the mortgagee, he banded it to the mortgagor creditors. By general consent the creditors appointed Mr.

who deducted £5, and then handed the balance baok to Viney trustee, and resolutions were passed for liquidation by

bim (che solicitor) with instructions to keep it in his safe arrangement, and for the transfer of the proceedings from the

| Ontil she should name a bank in which to deposit it. Birmingham County Court to the London Court of Bank

Before the bank was named the solicitor applied for & ruptcy; and the applicants were intrusted with the regis- loan of tbe money, which was granted, but he subsequently tration of the resolutions.

made certain payments on account, when he was compelled Before the resolutions were filed the costs of the applicants

to file a petition for the liquidation of his affairs, and were taxed by the registrar at Birmingham, and allowed at

after bis discharge be made further payments, reducing the sum of £43 1s. 4d. No potice of the taxation was given

tbe balance due to the mortgagors to about £120, which to the trustee. After the registration of the resolutions,

sum he was anxions and willing to pay if time were Messrs. Nevill & Atkins applied to the trustee for pay

allowed him. He also alleged that these proceedings were ment of the amount of the allocatur, but the trustee

taken at the instigation of the mortgagee's solicitor, who objected to pay, on the ground that he had never received any notice of the appointment for taxation, and be also

was now aoting for the mortgagors, and contrary to the stated that he was advised and believed the taxation was

wishes of the mortgagors. irregular. At the same time he expressed bis willingness to

Murray, in support of the rule.-These proceedings are pay the amount of the bill, when ascertained by this

taken by the mortgagors, and not by the Incorporated court, upon potice to him, there being several items to

Law Society, who bave, however, been served with notice. which he objected. There was some evidence that an

Tbe money was not lent, but interoepted by the solicitor. arrangement had been come to at the meeting that the

It is trae that certain sums bave been paid both before registrar at Birmingham should tax the bill, but the tros

and after the liquidation. tee and the clerk to his solicitors denied being parties to it.

Grove, J.-In this case the affidavits on each side Finlay Knight, for the applicants.— The objection of the

depose to a different set of facts. The case must go before trustee was that the bill bad not been taxed by the tuxing a master, who will report to the court in due course. master in London, but by the registrar at Birmingham.

LOPES, J., concorred. The answer to this was that the costs ooght to be taxed where

Solicitore, Walker & Field. the business had been done.

Mr. REGISTRAR PEPYS.-Ought not notice to be given to the trustee of the taxation ? Knight.-If items in the bill had been improperly passed by

OBITUARY. reason of the want of notice, that might be a reason for a taxation in London. Ex parte Davis, Re Davis (20 W. R. 622, 791, L. R. 7 Ch. App. 526), showed that the proceedings

SIR WILLIAM MARTIN. should be completed in the court of origin and not of transfer. Sir WILLIAM MARTIN, knight, many years Chief Justice The applicants were clearly entitled to their costs: rolo 291. of New Zealand, died at Torquay, on the 18th ult., in his They had a right, before the proceedings were transferred to seventy-fourth year. The deceased was the son of Mr. this court, to have the amount of their costs ascertained by Heory Murtin, of Birmingham, and was born in 1807. He the registrar who bad cognizance of the facts, and it would was educated at the Birmingham Grammar School, and was be much more convenient that the bill should be taxed at formerly fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge, where he Birmingbam tbau in London. Section 80, sub-section 6, pro- l graduaied in 1829 as a wrangler and in the first class of the vided that, subject to the provisions of the Act, every court classical tripos, and also as Chancellor's Medallist. He was having original jurisdiction in bankruptcy should be deemed called to the bar at Lincolo's-inn in Hilary Term, 1836, to be tbe same court and to have jurisdiction throughout

and he practised for several years in the Court of England.

Chancery. He was appointed Chief Justice of New H. Reed, as amicus curiae, mentioned an unreported case Zealand in 1841, and he held that office till 1855, when he (Re Cullen) in wbich Mr. Registrar Murray, in May last, resigned the office on account of ill-health. He introduced held, under similar circumstances, that the proper person to several improvements in the law of the colony. He drafted tax the costs was the registrar of the court where the petition a new code of procedure which afterwards became law, for liquidation had been filed.

and he improved the system of conveyancing. He also aided Knight.-No. 5 of the Rules of 1871 provided that all bills

Bishop Selwyn in framing a constitution for the Colonial and charges should be taxed by the proper officer of the Church. He received the honour of knighthood in court. The fair construction of that rule would be, notwith 1860, and, after the recovery of his health, he again standing the transfer, tbat the proper officer of the court was took op his residence in New Zealand. Sir W. Martin took the officer of the court where the business was done.

a warm interest in the welfare of the native tribes, and C. E. Jones, for tbe trustee, was not called upon.

he had acquired an accurate knowledge of the Maori lanMr. REGISTRAR PEPYS, without deciding whether the

guage. He also co-operated zealously and liberally in all taxing master in London had alone authority to tax the the missionary undertakings of Bishops Selwyn and Patreson. bill, beld that it was incumbent on the applicants to bave Ae was married to a daughter of the Rev. William Parker, given notice of taxation to the trustee, and that in either | Prebendary of St. Paul's. case the bill must be reviewed. He said ibe only question was whether the bill was to be sent down to Birmingbam again, or whether the taxation should take placa here.

MR. HENRY THOMPSON. Knight said the applicants would obtain an appointment | Mr. HENRY THOMPSON, solicitor, died at Grantham on the for a taxation in this cc urt.

| 13th inst. Mr. Thompson was born in 1808, and was adThe application was dismissed, with costs.

mitted a solicitor in 1830, and he had carried on business for Solicitors for applicants, F. J. & G. J. Brackenbridge. Solicitors for trustee, Reed, Phelps, f: Co.

• Reported by W. BLEW, Es, Rarrister-at-Law.


about ball-a-century at Grantham. He was for many years been appointed Clerk to the County Magistrates at tha clerk (jointly with the late Mr. Thomas Winter) to ihe old place, in succession to Mr. John Edward Garside, deceased. Court of Requests at Grantham. He was also solicitor to Mr. Reade was admitted a solicitor in 1858. the Grantham Gas and Waterworks Company, and he bad a rery exteasive private practice. He had been for some vears associated in partnership with his sons, Mr. John Grundy Thompson, the registrar of the Grantham County Court, and Mr. Frederick William Thompson. He was for

COMPANIES. many years a member of the Grantham Town Council. Mr. Thompson's death bas caused universal regret in the

WINDING-UP NOTICES. neighbourhood.

Joint Stock COMPANIES.

LEVETT AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by Hall, V.C.,

dated Dec 3, it was ordered that the company be wound up.

Lowless and Co, Martin's lane, solicitors for the creditors

has by order dated Dec 13, appointed Leeming, Coleman st, to be BIRMINGHAM LAW STUDENTS SOCIETY.

official liquidator

[Gazette, Dec. 17 ] At a meeting of this society, held on Tuesday evening,

ANGLO-FRENCH BREWERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made the 14th inst., T. S. Komp, Esq., in the chair, a debate

by the M.R., dated Dec 11, it was ordered that the company be took place upon the following moot point:—“Can a child, wound up. Taylor and Jaquet, South st, solicitors for the peti. illegitimate aocording to the Eoglish law, but wbo bas


CHESTERTON COAL AND IRON COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order been, According to the law of its domicile and of its

made by the M.R., dated Dec 11, it was ordered that the voluntary parents' domicile legitimized by a post-natal marriage, take winding up of the company be continued. Emnet and Son, under the Statute of Distributions, as one of the next of

Bloomsbury sq, solicitors for the petitioner

CHRISTIAN SIGNAL PUBLISHING COMPANY, LIMITED.--Creditors are kin of an intestate dying domiciled in England ?"--Goodman

required, on or before Jan 18, to send their names and addresses, v. Goodman, 3 Giff. 643; Boyes v. Bedale, 1 H. & M. 798; Re and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Barnes, Gracechurch Goodman's Trusts, 28 W.R. 902, and cases there cited. The st. Tuesday Feb 1 at 11 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating

upon the debts and claims. speakers in the affirmative were Mossre. Smith, Depoison,

GENERAL FIREWOOD COMPANY, LIMITED.--Petition for winding up and Pladt; and in the negative Messrg. Phillips, Barrowe, presented Dec 13, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Jan 14. Barber, and O'Connor. After the chairman had sommed Abrahams and Co, Old Jewry, solicitors for the petitioner op, the question was put and decided in the negative. A


order made by the M.R., dated Dec ll, it was ordered that the vote of thanks to tbe chairman concluded tbe meeting.

company be wound up. Williamson and Co, Sherborne lane, agents for Foster and Co, Halifax, solicitors for the petitioners IMPERIAL HYDROPATHIC INSTITUTION, LIMITED, -The M.R. has, by

an order dated Nov 25, appointed Waddell, Queen Victoria st.

to be official liquidator. Creditors are required, on or before Feb LEGAL APPOINTMENTS.

1, to send their names and addaesses and the particulars of their debts or claims to the above. Feb 28 at 12 is appointed for hearing

and adjudicating upon the debts and claims Mr. V. J. CHAMBERLAIN, M.A., solicitor. of 48. Fins. ! LEVETT AND COMPANY, LIMITED.--Hall, V C., has fixed Jan 12 at 12

at his chambers, for the appointment of an official liquidator bury-square, E.C., has heen appointed & Perpetual Com- | PATENT LIQUID METALLIC CAPSULING, PAINT, GILDING, AND SILVER. missioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by IXG COMPANY, LIMITED.-Creditors are required on or before Dec Married Women in London, Middlesex, and Westminster. I

31, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their

debts or claims to Sneath, Gresham st. Jan 12 at 12 is appointed Mr. BENJAMIN Scott CURRY, solicitor, of Derby, has for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims been appointed Clerk to the Commissioners of Lieutenancy


made by Malins, V.C., dated Dec 10, it was ordered that the stores for Derbyshire, in succession to his partner, the late Mr.

be wound up. Bridges and Co, Red Lion sq, solicitors for the John Barber. Mr. Currey was admitted a solicitor in 1852. petitioner

SYDENHAX STORES, LIMITED.-Creditors are required, on or before Mr. HENRY DEANE, solicitor (of the firm of Deana &

Jan 18, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars cí Hands), of Loughborough, bas leen appointed a Perpetual their debts or claims, to Maynard, Queen Victoria st. Feb 1 at 11 Commissioner for Leicestershire for taking the Acknowledge

is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and

claims ments of Deeds by Married Women,

[Gazette, Dec. 21.] Mr. JOHN GREENFIELD, solicitor (of the firm of Greenfield

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. & Abbott), of 37, Queen Victoria-street, E.C., and

LIVERPOOL AND NEVIN GRANITE COMPANY. LIMITED,-Petition for Kingston-on-Thames, has been appointed a Commissioner winding up presented Dec 10, directed to be heard before V.O. to the Sapreme Court of New South Wales to take and

Little, at the Assize Courts, Strangeways, Manchester, on Jan 4.

Clare and Macmaster, Liverpool, solicitors for the petitioner receive Affida vits concerning any matter within the juris

[Gazette, Dec. 21. ) diction of the said court. Dr. CHRISTOPHER MOORHOUSE, solicitor, of Salford, has

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. been appointed Solicitor to the Lancashire and Yorkshire | HUMANE SOCIETY, Angel Inn, Baildon, York. Dec 15 Railway Com pany. Mr. Moorhouse was admitted a solicitor

[Gazette, Dec. 17.] in 1858, and he has been for several years town clerk of


Eight Bells, Ironmonger row, St Lukes. Dec 16 Mr. RICHARD PENNINGTON, solicitor, (of the firm of Cook

[Gazette, Dec. 21.) son, Waipewright, & Pendidgton), of 6, New-square, Lin. colo's-ind, bas been appointed a Commissioner for taking Acknowledgments of Married Women for the County if Middlesex, and the Cities of Londoo and Westminster.

NEW ORDERS. Mr. JOHN EDWARD SHAW, solicitor (of the firm of Shaw & Isaacsop), of 4, New-ion, bas been appointed a Perpetual

HIGH COURT OF JUSTICE. Commissioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by

CHANCERY Division. Married Women for the County of Middlesex and the Cities

Vacation Notice. of London and Westminster.

There will be no siling in court in the Christmas vacation. Mr. ADOLPHUS GRIMWOOD TAYLOR, solicitor (of the fira

During the vacation all applications which may require to of Taylor, Simpsov, « Taylor!, O Derby, has been ap- be immediately or promptly heard, are to be made to the pointed & Perpetual Commissioner for Derbyshire for

| Right Hon. Lord Coleridge, Lord Chief Justice of England taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married

or the Hon. Baron Pollock. Women.

Applioation for leave to give short or other special notice Mr. RICHARD TAPLEY, solicitor, of Exeter, has been ap- 1 of motion may be made at che chambers of the Viceprin'ed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the Supreme Chancellor Malins, 12, Slaplo-inn, Holborn. Court of Judicature.

In any case of great urgency the brief of counsel is to be Mr. HENRI LISTER READE, solicitor, of Congleton, bas sent to the judge by book-post, or parcel, prepaid, ac


companied by office copies of the affidavits in support of the JENKINS, CHARLES, Liverpool, Merchant. Feb 1. Jones and Co, application, and also by a minute, on a separate sheet of

| KAY, John, St. Louis, Missouri, U.S., Architect. March 25.

Liverpool st paper, signed by counsel, of the order he may consider the

Billinghurst and Wood, Bucklersbury applicant entitled to, and an envelope capable of receiving LAMB, RICHARD Howsox. Braunston, Northampton. Jan 31. Burton the papers, and addressed as follows :-“ Chancery official and Willoughby, Daventry

MILNE, CAROLINE, Ashfield Warley, Halifax. Jan 15. Hill. Halifax letter: To the Registrar in Vacation, Chancery Registrars'

MORRIS, DANIEL, Moss Side, Manchester. Jan 31. Francis, Birken. Chambers, Royal Courts of Justice, London, W.C."

head On applications for injunctions or writs of ne exeat regno,

Noakes, WILLIAX, Ashburnham, Sussex, Farmer. Feb 5. Philcox in addition to the above, a copy of the writ, and a certificate

PROUGHTEN, MARIA, Child's Hill, Hendon. Jan 31. Guscotte

and Co, Essex st of writ issued, must also be sent.

REDWOOD, LYDIA, Neath, Glamorgan. Jan 31. Fry and Co. Bristol The papers sent to the judge will be returned to the STACEY, JAMES ALFRED, Uxbridge, Ironmonger. March 1, Mercer, registrar.

Uxbridge The address of the judge for the time being, acting as

STAUNTON, MARY ELLEN, Eardley crescent, West Brompton. Jan

12. Waller and Son, Duke st, Adelphi Vacation Judge in tbe Chancery Division, can be obtained on STEVENSON, JOHN, Salehurst, Sussex, Farmer. Feb 5, Philcox application at the Chancery Registrars' Chambers (room STRAUS, RALPI SIGISMUND, Manchester. Merchant. Feb 10, Hinde 136), Royal Courts of Justice.

and Co, Manchester The cbambers of the Vice-Chancellor Malins will be open

WADLEY, MARY ANN, Little Welland, Castle Morton. Jan 21.

Billings, Regent st, Cheltenham
After Christmas-day on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and WHALLEY, ANNE, WAKEFORD, Ruabon, Denbigh. Feb 8. Bryan,
Friday, in each week, from eleven to one o'clock.

Wilcox, WILLIAM, Blechynden, Southampton, Fly Proprietor, Jan

19. Best, Southampton


Feb 14. Taylor, Birmingham The Hon. Baron Pollock will sit at chambers on the

WILSON, JAMES Dickson, Cheltenham, Lieut.-Col. Jan 10. Brydges

and Mellersh following days after the present Michaelmas Sitting-viz, the

[Gazette, Dec. 14.] 22nd, 23rd, 28th, and 31st of December, and also up on the

ALEXANDER, JAMES, Victoria bldngs, Battersea. Jan 14. Urs. 5th of Janvary next, and summonses made returnable for the

Alexander, Victoria bldgs days after mentioned will stand adjourned as under, and ALLNUTT, ARABELLA, Aylesbury, Buckingham. Feb 1. Fell applicants must give reasonable written notice thereof to ARCHER, DANIEL, Bishop's Itchington, Warwick, Farmer. Feb 1. respondents.

Kilby and Mace, Chipping Norton

BAKER, CHARLES STUART, Clifton, Bristol, Lieut.-Col, H.M.'s Army, Summonses returnable for the 24th December will have

Jan 20. Birchams and Co, Parliament st precedence in the list for the 28th, those returnable for 29th BARKSHIRE, THOMAS, Reading, Gent. Jan 29. Brain, Reading and 30th similar precedence in list for 31st, and those for the

BIRD, THOMAS, Liverpool, Estate Agent. Feb 1. Cleaver and

Holden, Liverpool 1st, 3rd, and 4th of January precedence in the list for the

BOLLAND, RICHARD, Chester, Confectioner. March 1. Bridgman 5th January.

and Co, Chester
FAVRE, ALEXANDRE, Geneva, Switzerland. Jan 18. Murray and

Co, Birchin lane
Brooks, EDWARD, Detroit, Michigan, U.S., Builder's Clerk. June

14. Acworth and Woodgate, Rochester
COWDERY, ELIZABETII, Freshwater, Isle of Wight. Jan 24. Estcourt,



DANIEL, MARY, George st, Bath. Jan 25. Inman and Inman, Bath LAST DAY OF PROOF.

Davis, Dinau, King Henry's rd, Regent's Park. Jan 20. Beyfus COULBECK, JOHN, Great Grimsby, Wood Turner. Jan 15. Atkinson and Beyfus, Lincoln's inn fields v Coulbeck, V.C. Hall, Stephenson, Great Grimsby

DILLY, WILLIAM EDWARD, Littleton, Southampton, Gent. Jan 29. GARDNER, ROBERT, Great Malvern, Worcester, Esg. Jan 24

Best and Scotney, Winchester Gardner y Gardner, V.C. Malins. Salt, Shrewsbury

DOWLING, Joux Tuomas, Frampton Park rd, Hackney, Gent. Feb GRAY, GEORGE, Chertsey, Nurseryman. Jan 10, Gray v Gray, V.C.

10. Asprey, Furnival's inn Hall. Heathfield and Son, Lincoln's inn fields

Downs, HENRY, Basingstoke, Southampton, Land Agent. Jan 31. KEMP, JOIN SEATON, Wataypoole, Somerset. Jan 7. Westacott

Lamb and Brooks, Basingstoke v Kemp. V.O. Malins. Watkins, Alcombe

EDEN, HENRY, Tiverton, Devon, Captain, R.N. Jan 17. Eagləton, PILGRIM, JAMES, Petherton rd, Highbury, Gentleman. Jan 10. Chancery lane Pilgrim v Pilgrim, M.R. Preston Lincoln's inn fields

ELLAM, HENRY, Stalybridge, Chester, Soda Water Manufacturer. RICHARDSON, JAMES, Strand-on-the-Green, Victualler. Jan 10,

Jan 8. Buckley and Miller, Stalybridge Richardson v Pilliner, V.C. Hall. Woodbridge, Clifford's inn EYRE, JOHN LEWIS, Manchester sq, Esq. Feb 12. Tucker and Co, Roach, THOMAS, Horsleydown, Southwark, Wharfinger. Jan 10. King st, Cheapside Roach v Haynes, V.C. Hall. Cockell, Tooley st

Forster,' SEPTIMUS, Wylam, Northumberland, Colliery Owner. SKINXERTOX, Isaac, Wanstead, Essex, Cowkeeper. Jan 12. Lloyd

March 1. Joel, Newcastle-upon-Tyne y Skinnerton, V.C. Bacon. Shepheard, King st, Kensington GILBERT, EDWARD, Edgbaston, Birmingham, Gent. Jan 13. Clarke SUITI, JOHN HOOPER, Pellingbridge, Lindfield, Sussex, Gent. Jan

and Co, Birmingham 10. Hannington v True, v.0. Malins, Greenwood, Serjeant's inn GIPPS, GEORGE, Howletts, nr Canterbury, Esq. Jan 31. Sladen, Fleet st

Coleman st
WYNNE, GEORGE FREDERICK, Chester, Boot Manufacturer. Jan 12, HARBIN, GEORGE, Yeovil, Somerset, Esq. Jan 31. Mayo and Marsh,
Wynne v Wynne, V.C. Bacon, Cartwright, Chester

Suls [Gazette, Dec. 14.] HARDING, EMMA CATHERINE, Portishead, Somerset. Dec 28.

Batters, Old Broad st

HEADON, 'JOHN, Western Counties Hotel, Paddington. Feb 3. Lee CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. and Pembertons, Lincoln's inn fields

JARVIS, STEPHEN, Lewisham, Kent, Organist. Jan 31. Layton and LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

Co, Budge row ATKINSON, HEYRY, Leece, Lancaster, Blacksmith. Jan 1. Tyson, KEM”, Joun, Fenton, Stafford, Butcher. Jan 1. Adderley and Dalton-in-Furness

Marfieet, Longton BAKER, WILLIAM ELLIOTT, Nottingham, Silk Broker. Jan 31. LANGMAN, ALFRED, Bilston, Stafford, Pawnbroker. Jan 21. Watson and Wadsworth, Nottingham

Broughton, Birmingham BARRES, JEMIMA DEs, Campden House rd, Kensington. Jan 25. LANGTON, FREDERICK CHARLES RITERS, Raymead, Hendon. Feb 17. Watson, Lincoln's inn fields

Farrar and Farrar, Doctors' Commons COTTON, PHILADELPHIA Leritia, St Leonard's. Jan 25. Wade LODGF, MATTHEW, Ashton-under-Lyne, Timber Merchant. Varch and Lyall, St. Helen's pl, Bishopgate st Within

1. Gartside and Robinson, Ashton-under-Lyne DAVIES, EDWARD RICHARD, Shrewsbury, Watchmaker. Feb 1. MACLEAN, CHARLES GORDON, Hill st, Peckham, Gent. Jan 11. Morris and Sons, Shrewsbury

Cowlard and Chowne, Lincoln's inn fields DONBAVAND, WILLIAM, Batley, York, Innkeeper. Jan 5. Ridgway MAITLAND, ELIZABETH WHITE, Devonshire terrace, Kensington. and Ridgway, Batley

March 14. Crosse and Co, Strand DOWNING, WILLIAM, Lowestoft. Gent. Jan 7. Nicholson, Melix, FREDERICK, Lever st, St. Luke's, Lowestoft

22. Cann and Son, Fenchurch st Gamson, Thomas BowstreeD, Oakmere rd, Clapton, Gent. Jan 22. NOAKES, HENRY, Mayfield, Susses, Farmer. Jan 31. Sprott, VayLetts, Bartlett's bldgs

field GRANT, MARY, Wormley, Hertford. Jan 20. Western and Sons, O'DONOGHUE,JOHN, Wigan, Innkeeper. Jan 20. Darlington and Sons, Essex st, Strand

Wigan GREEN, JAMES, Winslade rd, Clapton, Gent. Jan 12. Jennings, PARKHOUSE, SAMUEL CAWSE, Plymouth, Auctioneer. Jan 23. Lincoln's inn fields

Stephens and Co, Plymouth HADRICK, Johx, Aycliffe, Durham, Farmer. Feb 1. Wooler, PEDRICK, WILLIAM, Exeter, Horse Dealer. Dec 30. Pedrick, WadeDarlington

bridge HAMMOND, JAMES LEMPRIERE, Shaftesbury rd, Hammersmith. Jan Piggott, FREDERICK, Stretford, nr Manchester, Commission Agent. 10. Fladgate and Co, Craven st, Strand

Jan 8. Needham and Co, Manchester HARDY, LUKE, Nottingham, Gent. Jan 31. Watson and Wadsworth, PRATT, GEORGE, Birmingham, Yeoman. Jan 31. Tyndall and Co, Nottingham

Birmingham JEFFREYS, REES, Horfield, Gloucester, Gent. Jan 24. Jacques, SALTEL, Thomas FISHER, Attleborough, Norfolk, Land Agent. Jan Bristol

31. Salmon, Dias


SYITA, WILLIAM Canxos, St. Albans, Gent. Jan 17. Wells, St.

STEVENSON, FREDERICK, Pyrton, Oxford, Farmer. March 1. Parker

and Parker, Thame
TUSDEE, FREDERICK SAMUEL, Chester, Esq. March 1, Clements,
Old Broad st

Bantrapta. WHITWELL, LEONARD, Stamford Bridge, York, Gent. April 6.

FRIDAY, Dec. 17, 1880. Crumbie, York

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. WILLIAMS, CHARLES, Hanworth, nr Norwich, Gent. Jan 31. Elliott, Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar, Verulam bldgs, Gray's inn

To Surrender in London,
[Gazette, Dec. 17.] Barnes, Stuart, Mildmay chmbrs, Bishopsgate st, Financial Agent.

Pet Dec 14. Murray. Jan 14 at 12
Dackombe, Edward, Old Kent rd, Cab Proprietor. Pet Dec 14.

Murray. Jan 14 at 12

Israel, Henry Ash, Smithfield Meat Market, Meat Salesman. Pet

Dec 14 Brougham, Jan 11 at 11
Weld, Shirebarn J , Albemarle st, Piccadilly. Pet Dec 13.

Pepys. Jan 12 at 12

To Surrender in the Country
Western (Baggallay, L.J., and Lopes, J.)-Devizes, Clegg, Joseph, and George Crowther, Birstal, York, Common
Tuesday, January 11; Wincbester, Friday, January 14; Brewers. Pet Dec 11. Nelson. Dewsbury, Dec 30 at 12
Dorebester, Thursday, January 20; Exeter and City, Satur.

Farrar, John Henry, Halifax, Cabinet Maker. Pet Dec 7. Rankin.

Halifax, Jan 10 at 11 dsy, Jacuary 22 ; Bodmin, Friday, Janoary 28 ; Taunton,

Getliffe, George Richard, Manchester, Plumber. Pet Dec 2. Lister. Tuesday, February 1; Bristol, Saturday, February 6. North Manchester, Dec 30 at 12 Eastern (Lusb, L.J., and Manisty, J.)- Newcastle and Town, Markham, George, Willoughby pk rd, Tottenham, out of business. Tuesday, January 11 ; Durbam, Tuesday, January 18; York

Pet Dec 13. Pulley. Edmonton, Jan 6 at 11 (Nortb and East Riding and City), Tuesday, January 25;

Maynard, George Edward, Wakefield, Builder. Pet Dec 14. Mason,

Wakefieid, Dec 30 at 11 Leeds (West Riding, York), Monday, January 31. Midland McConway, James, Seacombe, Chester, Book Keeper. Pet Dec 14. (Denman, J., and J. P. Murpby, Esq., Q.C.)- Aylesbury,

Williams. Birkenhead, Jan 7 at 12.30 Tuesday, January 11; Bedford, Thursday, January

Pearce, Thomas Taylor, Sharpness, Gloucester, Refreshment House 13 ;

Keeper. Pet Dec 11. Riddiford, Gloucester. Jan 1 at 12 Northampton, Monday, January 17 ; Leicester and Borough, Pym, Richard, Clarence pl, Deptford, General Merchant. Pet Dec Thursday, January 20; Oakham and Town, Tuesday,

14. Pitt-Taylor. Greenwich, Jan 11 at 1 January 25; Lincoln and City, Wednesday, January 26 ;

Semeria, Francesco, Liverpool, Ship Store Dealer, Pet Dec 13.

Bellringer. Liverpool, Jan 4 at 12 Nottingham and Town, Tuesday, February 1; Derby, Tulk, Frank, Sudbury, Farmer. Pet Dec 11. Edwards. St Albans, Monday, February 7 ; Warwick, Friday, February 11. Jan 12 at 3 Northern (Field, J., and Stepben, J.)- Appleby, Tuesday,

TUESDAY, Dec. 21, 1850, January 1l; Carlisle, Thursday, January 13 ; Lancaster,

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. Monday, January 17; Manchester, Thursday, January 20; Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London. Liverpool, Thursday, February 3. South-Eastern (Lindley,

Andrews, Ernest Frank, Flaxted Farquhar rd, Upper Norwood J., and Sir H. Hawkins)-Hertford, Tuesday, January ii; Tin Plate Worker. Pet Dec 17. Murray. Jan 21 at 11.30 Chelmsford, Thursday, January 13; Maidstone, Tuesday, Benson, Thomas Ryton, Chandos rd, Stratford, Shirt Manufacturer. January 18; Lewes, Monday, January 21; Huntingdon,

Pet Dec 18. Hazlitt. Jan 21 at 12 Friday, January 28 ; Cambridge, Monday, January 31;

Fisher, Hugh Dugan, and John Nutter. Gt St Helens, General

Merchants. Pet Dec 17. Pepys. Jan 11 at 12 Norwich and City, Wednesday, February 2 ; Ipswich, Tues Lawton, Frederick George, Lorton ter, Notting hill, Dairyman. day, February 8.' Oxford (Williams, J., and Alfred' Wills, Pet Dec 18. Hazlitt. Jan 12 at 2 Esq., Q.C.) - Reading, Wednesday, January 12; Oxford,

Muir, William Laing, Strand, Brick and Tile Merchant. Pet Dec 16.

Hazlitt. Jan 12 at 12.30 Saturday, January 15; Worcester and City, Wednesday,

Pepin, Auguste, Blackfriars rd, Hat Manufacturer. Pet Dec 16. January 19; Stafford, Monday, January 24; Sbrewsbury, Hazlitt. Jan 12 at 12.30 Wednesday, February 2; Hereford, Monday, February 7;

Sidebotham, Henry, Caledonian rd, Butcher. Pet Dec 18. Hazlitt.

Jan 12 at 11.30 Monmouth, Wednesday, February 9; Gloucester and City, Willett, Thomas Grey, Glenarm rd, Hackney, out of business. Pet Monday, February 14. North Wales (Fry, J.)-Welshpool, Dec 17. Pepys. Jan 12 at 1 Tuesday, January 11; Dolgelly, Friday, January 14; Carnarvon, Monday, January 17 ; Beaumaris, Tuesday

To Surrender in the Conntry.

Channon, F , Balfern st, Battersea, Cheesemonger. Pet Dec 7. January 20 ; Rathin, Monday, January 24 ; Mold, Thursday,

Willoughby. Wandsworth, Jan 7 at 11 January 27; Chester and City, Saturday, January 29. South Egglestone, John Thomas, Newark-upon-Trent, Jeweller. Pet Dec Wales (J. Brown, Esq., Q.C.)-Haverfordwest and Town,

13. Patchett. Nottingham, Jan 7 at 11

Hodges, George, Leicester, Elastic Web Manufacturer. Pet Dec 16. Wednesday, January 12 ; Cardigan, Monday, January 17;

Ingram. Leicester, Dec 31 at 12 Carmarthen and Borough, Wednesday, January 19 ; Brecon, 1 Knight, Alfred, Oswestry, Salop, Professor of Music. Pet Dec 18. Monday, January 24; Presteign, Thursday, January 27;

Vanghan-Williams. Wrexham, Jan 6 at 11.30 Chester and Ciry; Saturday, January 29 ; Cardiff, Saturday,

Simmons, Henry, Red hill, Surrey, Beer Retailer. Pet Dec 10.

Rowland. Croydon, Jan 4 at 11 Febroary 5.

Stone, John Charles, Shrewsbury, Schoolmaster. Pet Dec 18. The Lord Chief Justice of England and one other judge Peele. Shrewsbury, Jan 4 at 11 will open the commission for Surrey at Kingston, on Monday,

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. January 31. The Lord Cbief Justice of England, Justice

FRIDAY, Dec. 17, 1880. Grove, Baron Pollock, and Justice Bowen will remain in town. / Seagrave, James, Leadenhall st, Commission Agent. Dec 15

Harmsworth, John, Canterbury pl, Allwall, Grocer. Dec 1

TUESDAY, Dec. 21, 1-80.

Brown, Thomas, Queen Victoria st. Dec 4 BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.

Chamberlain Alonzo P , Sonth st, Finsbury, Director of a Public

Company. Dec 20
EVERINGTON.-On Dec. 18, st Merton House, Dulwich-wjod-
Dyk, the wife of Edgar R. Everington, barrister-at-law, of a

Liquidations by Arrangement. 800,

FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS. HUKNELL.-On Dec. 19, at Carlton Lodge, Larkball-ri.e,

FRIDAY, Dec. 17, 18). Clapham, S.W., the wite of Robert Hornell, M.A., barrister Adams, Charles, East Stonehouse, Devin, Jeweller. Dec 31 at 11 at at-law, of a KOD.

offices of Graves, St Aubyn st, Devonport Houston.On Dec. 20, at Norland square, Notting-bill, the

Alker, Richard Hambleton, Salford, Lancashire, Boot Dealer. Dec

30 at 3 at the Falstaff Hotel, Market place, Manchester. Trewife of John Huustoo, barrister-at law, of a son.

mewen, Manchester MARRIAGES.

Allen, John, Birmingham, Greengrocer. Dec 29 at 3 at offices of BCsK-BALFOUR.-On Dec. 15, at L ttle Portland-street Chapel, Parr, Colmore row, Birmingham

taward Heary Busk, M.A., to Marian, daughter of L-wis Arnold, Joel, Barton-le-Clay, Bedford, Farmer. Dec 31 at 11.30 at Balfour, of la, Park-square West.

the George Hotel, Bedford. Jessop Balding, Thomas, Portobello rd, Notting Hill, Saddler. Jan 3 at 2

at offices of Chapman, Grehim bo'ldins, Basinghall st

Barton, Joseph Gosling, Ipswich, Pork Dealer. Jan 6 at 12 at offices It is announced that all actions stayed until the return of of Pollard, St Lawrence st, Ipswich commissions or otherwise will in fature be omitted from the

Bath, Michael Edward Lawrence, High Holborn, Cork Manufac.

turer. Jan 3 at 11 at offices of Rodgers and clarkson, Walbrook printed list of causes to be tried by juries, but will be Belinave. De la, Edmund Charles, Charlwood st. Pimlico, of no restored to the list upon due potice being given by the | occupation. Jan 4 at ll at offices of Dutton, Churton st, Pim. parties to the Associate's Department of the Royal Courts


Bell, Benjamin, Woodhall, Lincoln, Farmer, Jan 4 at 11 at offices of Justice, in Cbaccery-lane.

of Tweed and Co, Saltergate, Lincoln

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