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Mr. STERLING WESTHORP, solicitor, of Ipswich, has been elected an Alderman for that borougb, and Obairman of the

School of Science and Art. Mr. Westborp was admitted & UNITED LAW STUDENTS' SOCIETY.

solicitor in 1847, and is clerk to the county magistrates for

the Sainford Division. The usual weekly meeting of this society was held on

Mr. JUSTICE WILLIAMS has received the honour of KnightWednesday, the 8th inst., at Clement's-inn, Mr. W. Dowson hood. in the chair. Mr. Spokes moved the rejection of the motion on the paper, “That the political ties which exist between this country and her colonies are an anachronism, and

DISSOLUTION OF PARTNERSHIP. absolute independence should be conceded to such colonies,"

JAMES SCARLETT and FRANK PELLATT SUTTHERY, soliciand was supported by Messrs. Derry, Maxwell, Wayman,

Wayman, tors, Chelmsford (Scarlett & Sutthery). December 3, 1878. Dormer, Jeaks, and Robinson ; and opposed by Mr. Mac

[Gazette, Dec. 7, 1880.] Jaren. Mr. Spokes replied, and upon a division the motion was lost by a majority of eleven votes.


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JOINT STOCK COMPANIES. Mr. ABRAHAM ABRAHAMS, solicitor, of 46, Bedford-row,

LIMITED IN CHANCERY. bas been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the CO-OPERATIVE FOUNDRY AND BUILDERS' SUPPLY AND ADVANCE Ackp

AssocIATION, LIMITED.--V.C. Hall has fixed Dec 14 at 12 at his

chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator County of Middlesex and the Cities of London and West

MCLEAN AND COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, premioster.

sented Dec l, directed to be heard before the M.R, on Dec 11. Mr. JOSEPH BARRETT, solicitor, of 5, Leadenhall-street,

Baker and Co, Cannon st, solicitors for the petitioner

MERCANTILE AND EXCHANGE CLUB, LIMITED.-Creditors are reand Upton, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner for

quired on or before Jan 6, to send their names and addresses and taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women the particulars of their debts and claims, to Minshull, Fenchurch for the Counties of Middlesex and Essex, and the Cities of st, Jan 22 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating upon

the debts and claims London and Westminster.

OSSEIN TANXING COMPANY, LIMITED.-V.C. Bacon has by an order Mr. ALFRED BARRATT. barrister, has been appointed one dated Nov 23, appointed Cape, Old Jewry, to be official liquidator

Rock FIRE OFFICE. LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented of the Secretaries to the Oxford University Commission.

Nov 29, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Dec 1l. Seal. Mr. Barratt was formerly scholar of Balliol College, where ha Serjeant's inn, Fleet st, agent for Rawson and Co, solicitors for the graduated as a double first (classics, and mathematics) in petitioner 1866. He obtained the Eldon Law Scholarship in 1870. and SOUTH KENSINGTON CO-OPERATIVE STORES, LIMITED.-Petition for

winding up, presented Nov 30, directed to be heard before Malins. he was afterwards elected & fellow of Brasenose College.

V.C.. on Dec 11. Ramskill, New Broad st, solicitor for the petiHe was called to the bar at Lincoln's-inn in Hilary Term, tioner 1872, and he practises in the Chancery Division.


fixed Dec 15 at his chambers at 12, for the appointment of an Mr. WILLIAM HENRY BOOCOCK, solicitor, of Halifex, has official liquidator been appointed a Commissioner to administer Oaths in the

[Gazette, Dec. 3.] Supreme Court of Judicature.

DURHAM SEABORNE COAL ASSOCIATION, LIMITED.-By an order Mr. CECIL BRAY, solicitor (of the firm of Bray & Peter),

made by V.0. Hall, dated Nov 26, it was ordered that the volun

tary winding up of the association be continued. Gedge and Co. of Holsworthy, has been appointed a Perpetual Commissioner

solicitors for the petitioner for taking the Acknowledgments of Deeds by Married Women GOLD COMPANY OF SOUTHERN INDIA, LIMITED.--Petition for winding for Devonshire and Cornwall.

up, presented Dec 3, directed to be heard before Hall, V... on

Dec 17. Greenhill, Gracechurch st, solicitor for the petitioner Mr. ARTHUR CHALLINOR, solicitor, of Hanley, bas been Mosaic TILE COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made by the M.R., elected Clerk of the Peace for the borough of Hanley, Mr. dated Nov 27, it was ordered that the company be wound up. Gush Challinor was admitted a solicitor in 1875, and is also town

and Phillips, Finsbury circus, solicitors for the petitioner.


tion for winding up, presented Dec 6, directed to be heard before Mr. H. HOMEWOOD CRAWFORD (Messrs. Chorley, Craw

Hall, V.0.. on Dec 17. Abrahams and Co, Old Jewry, solicitors

for the petitioners ford, & Chester) has been appointed Clerk of the Ward of

SWPOWNERS AND MARINERS' INSURANCE COMPANY. LIMITED.-The Dowgate City, in the room of Mr. H. S. Law, deceased. M.R. has by an order dated Aug 5, appointed Saffery, Old Jewry

chambers to be ofilcial liquidator. Creditors are required on or Mr. GEORGE HENRY GARRARD, solicitor (of the firm of

before Jan 7 to send their names and addresses and the particulars New, Prance, & Garrard), of Evesham and Alcester, has been of their debts or claims to the above. Jan 21 at 11 is appointed for elected an Alderman for the Borough of Evesham. Mr. hearing and adjudicating upon the debts and claims Garrard has been three times mayor of the borough. He was

[Gazette, Dec. 7.1 admitted a solicitor in 1852, and is clerk to the Evesham

UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY. Highway Board, and to the Bengeworth Burial Board.

BRID PORT WATERWORKS COMPANY--Petition for winding up, preMr. NANABHAI HARIDAS, Government Pleader at Bombay,

sented Dec 6, directed to be heard before Hall, V.C., on Dec 17.

Dangerfield and Blythe, Craven st, Charing Cross, agents for has been appointed to act as a Judge of the High Court of

Symonds and Son, solicitors for the petitioners Judicature at Bombay, during the absence of Mr. Justice

[Gazette, Dec. 7.] Kemball.

COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER. Mr. HENRY WILLIAM JONES, solicitor, of Colchester, has BRITANNIA GLASS BOTTLE COMPANY, LIMITED.-By an order made been appointed a Commistioner to administer Oaths in the by V.C. Little dated Nov 29, it was ordered that the voluntary Supreme Court of Judicature.

winding up of the company be continued. Boote and Edgar,

Manchester, solicitors for the petitioner Mr. JAMES WEST JONES, solicitor (of the firm of Tennant,

[Gazette, Dec. 7. ] Paine, & Jones), of Hanley, Leek, and Stone, has been elected Coroner for the Borough of Hanley, Mr. West Jones

FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. was admitted a solicitor in 1877. He was also recently ap

| First REFORMED UNION BENEFIT SOCIETY, Ark, Droitwich, Worces.

ter. Nov 30 pointed solicitor to the Hanley Starr-Bowkett Building LOYAL BROTHERS' RETURN LODGE SOCIETY, ODDFELLOWS, Anchor Society. His senior partner, Mr. Edmund Tennant, is regis Inn, Salterforth, York. Nov 30 trar of the Hanley County Court, and district registrar

[Gazette, Dec. 3.1 under the Judicature Acts.

Mr. John LAMB, solicitor, of Birkenhead, has been appointed a Notary Public.

In the Queen's Bench Division, on the 3rd inst., a new trial Mr. JOHN BEECHING STEPHENS, solicitor,, has been ap- was granted in the case of Mason v. Aird, which, it will be pointed a Perpetual Commissioner for taking the Acknow remembered, was an action by an attorney's clerk, who sued ledgments of Deeds by Married Women for the County of his late employer for refusing him a certificate of service, and Kent.

destroying his character, and recorered £1,100 damages.




Friday........ 18






COURT OF MASTER OF THE V.O. MALINS, ARXOT, JAMES, Great Woodcote, nr Carshalton, Farmer. Jan 24.


Anderson v Arnot, V.C. Hall. Ashwin, Garden ct, Temple
BEYER, MARTIN, Conduit st, Regent st, Boot Maker. Jan 10. Beyer Monday, Dec. 13Mr. Koe Mr. Jackson Mr. Farrer
v Bever, V.C. Malins. Richards, Warwick st, Regent st

Tuesday ...... 14 Clowes Cobby

Teesdale CROCKEK, ALBERT Joix, Eastlands, Dulwich, Merchant. Jan 8.

Wednesday.... 15 Koe

Jackson Farrer Crocker y Green, V.C. Hall. Reeves and Wadmore, Essex st,

Thursday .... 16 Clowes


Teesdale Strand INGREY, LOUISA EDWARDS, Lewisham, Schoolmistress. Dec 29. Friday........ 17 Koe


Farrer Wheeler v Ingrey, M.R. Stacpoole and Son, Old Broad st

Saturday .... 18 Clowes


Teesdale KONZE, CHARLES HEXBY, Baker's row, Whitechapel, Beer Retailer. Dec 23. Hofmeyer v Kunze. V.C. Bacon. Wellborne, Duke st,


Mr. Justice V.C. Hall.

FRY. London Bridge

Monday, Dec. 13Mr. Latham Mr. Pemberton Mr. Merivale MARTIX, WILLIAN, Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, Agriculturist.

Tuesday ...... 14 Leach

Ward Dec 17. Martin v Chislett, V.C. Bacon. Dickinson, Poole

Latham PERRIAM, JOIX, Villiers 'rd, Willesden, Upholsterer. Jan 7.

Wednesday.... 15

Pemberton MerivaloPerriam v Perriam, V.C. Malins. Morgan, Somerset st, Portman

Thursday .... 16 Leach

Ward 69


Pemberton Merivale TINSLAY, JOSEPH, West st, Mile End, Licensed Victualler. Jan 1.

Saturday J... 18


Halfyard v Seymour, V.C. Hall. Biggenden, Well st, Hackney
WARING, SAMUEL LONG, Oaks, Norwood, Gent. Jan 6. Waring v

Winter, V.C. Malins. Winter, Bedford row
WELLS, CHARLES, Langford, Beds, Publican. Dec 31. Coleman v
Wells, M.R. Wade-Gery, Shefford

[Gazette, Dec. 3.] Dec. 13–Mr. E. JACKSON, at the Mart at 2 p.m., Freehold and

Leasehold Properties (see advt. Dec. 4, p. 3). CREDITORS UNDER 22 & 23 VICT. CAP. 25. Dec. 15.-Messrs. Edwin Fox & BoUSFIELD, at the Mart at LAST DAY OF CLAIM.

2 p.m., Freehold and Leasehold Property (see advt., Dec. 4, ALDRIDGE, MARTHA WHITCHURCH, Throop, Hants. Jan 1. Witt p. 3). and Kemp-Welch, Poole

Dec. 15.-Messrs. FULLER, HORSEY, Son, & Co., at the Mart Bartos, Tuomas, Chorley, Lancaster, Yeoman. Dec 27. Morris, at 2. p.m., Freehold Properties (see advt., Dec. 4, p. 3). Chorley

Dec. 15.--Mr. ROBERT W. MANN, at Elvaston-place, FurniBATES, WILLIAM, North Lynn, Norfolk, Farmer. Dec 31. Coulton

ture, &c. (see advt. Nov. 27, p. 6).
and Son, King's Lynn
BOARD, ROBERT, Edingworth, Somerset, Yeoman, Feb 1, Smith,

BOWKER, BETTY, Haughton, Lancaster. Dec 20. Smith, Hyde
BRUDSHAW, MAXSEB, Lambard villas, Greenwich, Retired Staff BIRTHS, MARRIAGES, AND DEATHS.
Commander, H.M.'s Navy. Jan 31. Whiteford and Bennett,

CHAPMAN, STEPHEN, Reading, Tobacconist. Dec 25. Creed, COLLING8.-On Dec. 6, at 44, Redcliffe-gardens, Soutk

Kensington, the wife of P. Collings, solicitor, of a son. DE LASKI, ALEXANDER, Brighton, Esq. Jan 31. Walters and Co, Davies.-On' Nov. 29, at 11, Churchfield-road, MattockNew eq, Lincoln's inn

lane, Ealing, the wife of Alfred J. Davies, solicitor, of a son. DEWHCEST, SAMUEL, Manchester, Merchant. Dec 25. Weston and

FULFORD.-On Nov. 27, at 89, Queen's-gate, the wife of Cecil Co, Manchester EREGIXTON, SARAH, Rugby, Warwick. Dec 31, Wratislaw, Rugby M. Fulford, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. F18HER, John, Broughton, Flint, Farmer. Jan 23. Tatlock, MANSON.--Oá Nov, 29, at Ivý House, Sydenham, the wife of Chester

E. W. Manson, barrister-at-law, of a daughter. GRAHAM, EDWARD, Thirstin-in-Honley, Almondbury, Grocer. Jan

DEATHS. 1. Moseley, Huddersfield GREENWOOD,' GEORGE, Ripponden, Halifax, Yeoman. Dec 15.

CHARTRES.-On Dec. 5, at Ayton, N.B., aged .71, William Holt, Ripponden

Chartres, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, solicitor. HAMEZTOS, ELIZA, Leamington, Warwick. Dec 25. Weston and PILCHER.-On Nov. 25, at 3, Bath-terrace, Richmond, James Co, Manchester

Ernest Pilcher, solicitor. HARRISGTON, WILLIAM, Newland, Worcester, Farmer. Jan 1. STANFORD.-On Dec. 2, at 5, North-bank, Regent's-park, Joho Masefield and Sons, Ledbury

Frederick Stauford, J.P., F.R.S., barrister-at-law, aged 65. HARVEY, GEORGE, Newark-upon-Trent, Maltster. Jan 13. Pratt and

Hodgkinsons, Newark-upon-Trent
FORSBY, MARY, Dunnington, York, Proprietor of a Lunatic Asylum.

Jan 1. Newton and Co, York
KEARSEY, JAMES, Tarlton, Gloucester, Farmer, Jan 15. Kearsey

and Parsons, Stroud
LATHAX, MARY, Chorley, Lancaster. Dec 27. Morris, Chorley
LAI, GEORGE WILLIAM, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Public Accountant.
Jan 20. Clark, Newcastle upon Tyne


FRIDAY, Dec. 3, 1880.
LEACH, STEPHEN, Plymouth, Accountant. Jan 31. Whiteford and
Bennett, Plymouth

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869.
LEE, EMMA, Rugby, Warwick. Dec 31. Wratislaw, Rugby

Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar. LINDSAT, WILLIAM MAITLAND, Hastings, Gent. Dec 31. Roy and

To Surrender in London, Cartwright, Lothbury

Bough, William, Pindock Mews, Warwick rd, Paddington, Art Lucas, Tuomas, Hillmorton, Warwick, Railway Contractor. Dec 31. Metal Worker. Pet Nov 30. Hazlitt. Dec 17 at 11 Wratislaw, Rugby

Hughes, Robert, Coborn rd, Bow, Draper. Pet Dec 1. Brougham. OILEY, GEORGE, Sheffield, Joiner. Dec 31. Burdekin and Co, Dec 21 at 11 Sheffield

Moorhead, Robert A., Newgate st, Commission Agent. Pet Dec 2. PIKE, JOHN WILLIAM, Wareham, Dorset, Merchant. Dec 28. Hazlitt. Dec 22 at 11 Walker, Fitzroy st, Fitzroy sa

Panter, Albert George, Crescent pl, Mornington crescent, Tailor. ROBINSON, JOSEPH, št. John's, Isle of Man, Retired Joiner. Dec 20.1 Pet Nov 30. Hazlitt. Dec 15 at 1 Eaton and Son, Liverpool

Robertson, Duncan P., Blenheim crescent, Notting Hill, Pet Nov SEATON, JAMES, Chorlton-upon-Vedlock, Manchester, Gent. Jan 19. 29. Pepys. Dec 15 at 12 Farrar and Hall, Manchester

Smith, Frederick George, Beaconsfield terrace, Kilburn, CheeseSPENCER, MARY, Horsforth, Guiseley rk. Dec 13. Craven, monger. Pet Nov 29. Pepyo. Dec 15 at 12.30 Horsforth

Smith, Thomas, Mark lane, Malt Factor. Pet Dec 1. Brougham. TEXYANT, SANDERSON, Paper bldngs, Temple, Barrister-at-law. | Jan 1. Mossop, Cannon st

Webb, Beavor, Albemarle st. Pet Nov 29. Pepys. Dec 15 at 12.30THOMAS, EDMOND, Writtle, Essex, Gent. Jan 14. Cridge, Bishops.

To Surrender in the Country. gate st Within

Balls, Henry, Cromer, Norfolk, Fisherman. Pet Nov 30. Cookc, THOMAS, SUSANNAI, Chelmsford, Essex. Jan 14. Cridge, Bishops. Norwich. Dec 18 at 2 gate st Within

Batigan, Bernard, Hanley, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Pet Not THOMPSON, SARAH, Edgbaston, Birmingham. Dec 24. Wood and 30. Tennant, Hanley. Dec 18 at 11 Son, Birmingham

Briggs, Thomas, Manchester, Yarn Merchant. Pet Nov 29. Lister. VAUGHAN-ARBUCKLE, JAMES WILLIAM, Chatham, Major, Royal Manchester. Dec 17 at 12 Marines. Dec 31. Jenkyn, Lincoln's inn fields

Carroll, Michael, Hanley, Stafford, Egg and Butter Dealer. Pet WATSON, MABIANNE, George st, Woolwich. Dec 29. Howard, Nov 30. Tennant, Hanley, Dec 18 at 12 Quality ct, Chancery lane

Carswell, Thomas, Carlisle, Manure Manufacturer. Pet Nov 30. WEST, Rev. TEMPLE WALTER, Tetcott, Devon. March 1. Venning Halton, Carlisle. Dec 11 at 11 and Goldsmith, Devonport

Coleman, Thomas, Chiddingly, Sussex, Licensed Victualler. Pet Wilsox, THOMAS, Shotley Hall, Northumberland, Esq. Dec 31. Nov 29. Blaker, Lewes. Dec 17 at 11 Brown, Newcastle upon Tyne

Hargreaves, George, Shipley, York, Worsted Manufacturer. Pet [Gazette, Nov. 30.] Nov 26. Robinson, Bradford. Dec 17 at 1.30


Dee Thomas, Mark ja pepye. Dec 15 at The Kilburn, Cheese.


Odevaine, Charles Dominique Jacques, Tenby, Pembroke, Retired Ellis, Richard James, Calne, Wilts, Baker. Dec 13 at 11 at the White

Commander. Pet Nov 30. Parry, Pembroke Dock. Dec 15 at Hart Hotel, Calne. Henly 11.30.

Ellis, Samuel, Ullesthorpe, Leicester, Carrier, Deo 14 at 3 at Potbury, Charles, Ola Windsor, Berks, Carpenter. Pet Nov 30. offices of Chadwick and Co, Berridge st chambers, Leicester. Darvill, Windsor. Dec 18 at 11

Loseby and Battiscombe, Leicester Shephard, Thomas S. D., Forest Hill, Kent, Esquire. Pet Nov 30. Fermor, John, Thistle grove, South Kensington, Job Master. Dec 24 Pitt-Taylor, Greenwich. Dec 17 at 1

at 3 at offices of Cooper, Southampton bldgs, Holborn Tonkinson, William, Stoke-on-Trent, Brick and Tile Maker. Pet Finch, George, Berghalt, Suffolk, Farmer. Dec 21 at 12 at offices of Nov 29. Tennant, Hanley. Dec 15 at 3

Pollard, St Lawrence st, Ipswich
TUESDAY, Dec. 7, 1880.

Foggett, John (and not John Froggett, as erroneously printed in

Gazette of 23rd ultimo), Penrith, Cumberland, Hosier. Dec 13 at Under the Bankruptoy Act, 1869.

3 at the Salutation Hotel, Victoria rd, Penrith. Cant, Penrith Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

Garwood, Ebenezer, Haverhill, Suffolk, Builder. Dec 15 at 11 at To Surrender in London.

offices of Ellison and Co, Alexandra st, Petty Cury Blades, William Barker, The Grove, Hammersmith, Chemist. Pet

Gawthorne, Benjamin Josiah, Burnley, Lancashire, Grocer, Dec 17 Dec 3. Pepys. Dec 17 at 12

at 2 at offices of Creeke and Sandy, Cliviger st, Burnley Helden, Benjamin John Cowell, Pall Mall. Pet Dec 1. Brougham.

Goodwin, Henry, Shotteswell, Warwick, Carpenter. Dec 15 at 11 at Dec 21 at 12

offices of Whitehorn, High st, Banbury James, Henry William, North Cross rd, East Dulwich, Builder. Pet

Goodman, William, Uxbridge rd. Ealing Dean, Grocer. Deo 23 at 3 Dec í. Brougham. Dec 21 at 12

at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Woodbridge and Sons To Surrender in the Country.

Brentford Fisher, Arthur, Derby, Jeweller. Pet Dec 3. Weller, Derby. Dec

Green, George, Overbury, Worcester, Farmer. Dec 13 at the Swan 21 at 12

Hotel, Tewkesbury, in lieu of the place originally named Heywood, John, Hassocks Gate, Sussex, Licensed Victualler. Pet

Greenway, Frederick, Stapleton, Gloucester, Stone Mason, Dec 22 Dec 4. Jones, Brighton. Dec 22 at 12

at 12 at offices of Ray and Bush, Bridge st, Bristol Lowe, John, Trammere, Chester, Solicitor. Pet Dec 3. Bellringer,

iam, St Phillips, Bristol, Beerhouse keeper. Dec 10 at 11 Liverpool. Dec 20 at 12

at offices of Tonkin, Albion chmbrs, Bristol Simpson, Hannah, Milk Seller, Rotherham, York. Pet Dec 2.

Grundy, Joseph, Manchester, Muslin Manufacturer. Dec 17 at 11 at Wake, Sheffield. Dec 20 at 11.30

the Spread Eagle Hotel, Corporation st, Manchester. Needham, Smith, Charles, Eastbourne, Draper. Pet Dec 3. Blaker, Lewes.

Blackburn Dec 17 at 12

Gwinnell, George, Flaxley rd, near Cinderford, Gloucester, Tailor. Weeks, Henry, Hastings, Sussex; Tailor. Pet Dec 4. Young,

Dec 17 at 12 at offices of Parker, Newnham Hastings. Dec 22 at 12

Hando, John, Weston-super-Mare, Builder. Dec 16 at 11 at offices BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED.

of Smith, Sydenham terrace, Weston-super-Mare FRIDAY, Dec. 3, 1880.

Harris, James, Camden rd, China Dealer. Dec 17 at 3 at offices of Spivey, Frank, Hove, Sussex, Gardener. Nov 19

Greening and Co, Cheapside. Swaine, King st, Cheapside

Harris, Thomas, Ludgate hill, Dealer in Electro Plate. Dec 14 at 2 Liquidations by Arrangement.

at offices of Dyte and Stead, Chancery lane. Porteous, Basinghall FIRST MEETINGS OF CREDITORS.

st FRIDAY, Dec. 3, 1880.

Hartley, John, Old Pellow, near Halifax, Earthenware Merchant. Adams, Joseph, Stretton, near Burton-upon-Trent, Butcher. Dec 14 Dec 22 at 11 at the Creditors' Association, Crown st, Halifax at 2.30 at offices of Mears, Station st, Burton-on-Trent

Hesketh, William, Preston, Lancashire, Boot Dealer. Dec 16 at 11 Addy, Edward, Monk Bretton, nr Barnsley, York, Linen Bleacher. at offices of Thompson and Craven, Lune st, Preston Dec 22 at 4 at offices of Rideal, Chronicle chmbrs, Barnsley

Hickson, Thomas, Great Grimsby, Lincoln, Potato Dealer. Dec 20 Antrobus, James Deane, Manchester, Greengrocer. Dec 20 at 3 at at 3 at offices of Mason, Victoria st South, Great Grimsby offices of Ritson and Grundy, Princess st, Manchester

Hilton, Robert, Wigan, Lancashire, Butcher. Dec 16 at 10.30 at Archer, Thomas William, Birmingham, Timber Merchant. Dec 15 offices of Wilson, King st, Wigan

at 3 at the Queen's Hotel, Stephenson place, Birmingham. Bar Hivey, William Henry, Liverpool, Mat Merchant. Dec 15 at 1 at low and Co

offices of Morecroft and Winstanley, Castle st, Liverpool Aston, George, Longton, Stafford, Joiner. Dec 14 at 11.30 at offices Holme, Mary Ann, Liverpool, Butcher. Dec 17 at 3 at offices of of Welch, Caroline st, Longton

Lowe, Mount-pleasant, Liverpool Atherton, George, Higher Adlington, Lancashire, Provision Dealer. | Horley, Samuel Old st, St Luke's, Hard Wood Merchant. Dec 28 Dec 17 at 3 at offices of Ramwell and Co, Mawdsley st, Bolton

at 3 at Mullens' Hotel, Ironmonger lane. Downing, Basinghall Aylwin, Edwin Herbert, Romer terrace, Greyhound rd, Builder. st, London

Dec 11 at 2 at the Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn. Lomax, Hubbard, James, Thelnetham, Suffolk, Farmer. Dec 17 at 11.30 at Haymarket

the Crown Hotel, Diss. Fowell, Garboldisham Barnes, George, Finstock, Oxford, Baker. Dec 20 at 12 at offices of Hughes, Samuel, Connahs Quay, Flint, Draper. Dec 15 at 12 at the Mallam, High st, Oxford st

Palatine Hotel, Manchester. Churton, Chester Batchelor, Edward, Bath, Baker, Dec 20 at 11 at offices of Bartrum Jackson, Richard, Bolton, Lancashire, Chemist. Dec 15 at 3 at and Bartlett, Northumberland buildings

offices of Rutter and Finney, Mawdsley st, Bolton Bentley, Wilson Rod, Isleworth. Dec 21 at 3 at offices of Patey and Janny, George, jun, Crowle, Lincoln, Shoemaker. Dec 16 at 11 at Warren, London Wall

offices of Pearson and Burtonshaw, Crowle Bere, Albert, Chard, Somerset, Grocer. Dec 17 at 2 at offices of Johnston, Francis, Blackburn, Power Loom Cloth Manufacturer. Clifton and Carter, Broad st, Bristol

Dec 21 at 11 at Spread Eagle Hotel, Corporation st, Manchester, Bills, James, Hill Top, West Bromwich, Drysalter. Dec 18 at 11 at Needham, Blackburn at offices of Shakespeare, Church st, Oldbury

Jolley, James, Walsall, Victualler. Dec 17 at 12 at offices of Baker, Boffey, Philip, Congleton, Chester, Farmer, Dec 16 at 11 at Lion Bridge st, Walsall and Swan Hotel, West st, Congleton

Jones, William, Ruabon, Denbigh, Innkeeper. Dec 23 at 11 at office Bolton, William, Banbury, Oxford. Boot Maker. Dec 17 at 2 at of Morris, Priory st, Wrexham

George and Railway Hotel, Bristol, Pain and Hawtin, Banbury Jowett, Jonas, Littletown, Liversedge, York, Pavior. Dec 21 at 3 at
Briscomb, William George Normanton, Warwick st, Pimlico, Tailor. offices of Sykes, Heckmondwike
Dec 22 at 3 at offices of Rumney, Walbrook

Kealey, Thomas, Portobello rd, Notting hill, Corn Chandler, Dec 13 Carter, Jeremiah, and Charles Carter, Basinghall st, Merchants. at 1 at Ridler's Hotel, Holborn. Goatly, Westminster Bridge rd Dec 16 at 3 at offices of Phelps and Co, Gresham st

King, Charles, Leddington, Gloucester, out of business. Dec 16 at Case, Henry, Southsea, Hants, Retired Assistant Architect. Dec 17 12 at offices of Parker, Newnham

at 1 at offices of Edmonds and Co. Cheapside. Feltham, Portsea Laggett. John, Deal, Sergeant of Marines. Dec 20 at 12 at offices of Cater, Joseph, Chorlton-upon-Medlock, Manchester, Clerk in Holy Stephens and Sons, Railway st, Chatham. Norman, Chatham

Orders. Dec 16 at 3 at offices of Nuttall and Son, John Dalton st, Lawson, George, jun, Westoe, South Shields, Licensed Victualler. Manchester

Dec 16 at 3 at offices of Purvis and Son, King st, South Shields Cheyne, John Powles, Westgate terrace, West Brompton, Public Lee, Edwin, Hulme, Manchester, Eurniture Broker. Dec 24 at 3 at

Lecturer. Dec 20 at 2 at offices of Lowless and Co, Martin's lane, offices of Sutton and Elliott, Fountain st, Manchester
Cannon st

Leek, Robert, Castleford, York, Tailor. Dec 16 at 2 at offices of
Collins, William, Birmingham, Fruiterer. Dec 22 at 2 at offices of Horner, Wood st, Wakefield
Fullows, Cherry st, Birmingham

Liddle, William Thomas, Coatham, York, Accountant. Dec 11 at 11 Cooper, Benjamin, Birmingham, Beer Retailer. Dec 16 at 12 at at Excelsior Hotel, Bridgest West, Middlesborough offices of Reece and Co, New st, Rirmingham

Longden, George, Little Houghton, near Barnsley, York, Farmer. Coyne, Thomas, Clitheroe, Lancaster, Tailor. Dec 22 at 10.30 at Dec 16 at 12 at Coach and Horses Hotel, Barnsley. Marsh and Old Bull Hotel, Church st, Blackburn. Eastham, Clitheroe

Pollard, Rotherham Craven, Thomas, Bradford, Stuff Manufacturer. "Dec 13 at 11 at Lovegrove, Charles, Liverpool, Chemist. Dec 21 at 2 at offices of offices of Gardiner and Jeffery, Cheapside

Collins and Co, Union ct, Liverpool Cross, Henry Newland, Birmingham, Tinned Wire Manufacturer. Low, Alfred, Cambridge, Commission Agent. Dec 16 at 3 at offices Dec 11 at 11 at offices of East, Temple st, Birmingham

of Turner, St Andrew's st, Cambridge Davies, Evan, Conwil Gaio, Carmarthen, Farmer. Dec 15 at 12 Low, William Edward, Upper Marylebone st, Greengrocer. Dec 17 at the County Court Office, Lampeter. Price and Lloyd, Lam

w Institution, Chancery lane. Roberts, Clement's inn,

Strand Denman, William, New Flower Market, Covent Garden, Nursery. Lush, Charles, jun., Portsea, Hants, Cooper. Dec 18 at 12 at offices man. Dec 23 at 3 at offices of Cooper, Southampton bldgs

of Casey, St George's sq, Portsea. Paterson, Portsea Donkersley, John Bentley, Honley, nr Huddersfield, Woollen Manu Mason, Henry, Frome, Somerset, out of business. Dec 15 at 3 at

facturer. Dec 16 at 3 at offices of Ainley and Hall, New st, Hud. Angel Inn, Frome. McCarthy, Frome dersfield

Matthews, Robert, and Henry Matthews, King's Cross rd, Bent Dorricott, John, Birmingham, Hardware Merchant. Dec 17 at 2 at Timber Manufacturers. Dec 22 at 3 at offices of Cooper, Souththe Queen's Hotel, Stephenson pl, Birmingham. Ryland and Co, ampton buildings, Holborn Birmingham

McGuinnes, William, Liverpool, Licensed Victualler. Dec 15 at 3 at Edwards, Charles, Chepstow, Gloucester, Butcher, Dec 18 at 2 at offices of Horner, Stafford st, Liverpool offlces of Morgan, Bridge st, Newport

Metcalf, Charles, Middlesborough. Coal Merchant Dec 16 at 11 at Eggleston, William, Keyworth, Nottingham, Cordwainer. Dec 29 oflices of Ward, Albert rd, Middlesborough

at 12 at offices of Cranch and Stroud, LOW pavement, Notting Moore, John, Blakeney, Gloucester, Tailor. Dec 14 at 12 at offices ham

of Parker, Newnham


Morrison, William, Rawfolds, Liversedge, York, Grocer. Dec 14 at

3 at offices of Clough, Railway st, Cleckheaton Nichols, Edward William, Cambridge, Photographer. Dec 17 at 3

at offices of Whale, Furnival's im. Holborn. Ginn, Cambridge Xoyce, George, Blackstock rd, Highbury, Assistant Grocer. Dec 18 at 2 st offices of Morphett and Littlejohn, King st, Cheapside.

Terry, King st, Cheapside Orr, Joseph, Hulme, near Manchester, Tailor. Dec 14 at 3 at offices

of Creek and Co, Barton arcade, Manchester Parker, John, Gilberdike, near Howden, York, Butcher. Dec 13 at

2.30 at offices of Pickering, Parliament st, Kingston-upon-Hull. Leak and Co, Kingston-upon Hull Parker. Robert, Mareham-le-Fen, Lincoln, Draper. Dec 16 at 10.15

at Red Lion Hotel, Boston. Clitherow and Elsey, Horncastle Peterson, John, North Shields, Beerhouse Keeper. Dec 16 at 12 at

othces of Steel, John st, Sunderland Pipes, Henry, Horningblow, near Burton-on-Trent, Baker. Dec 11

at 11 at offices of Wilson, Station st, Burton-on-Trent Priestley, William, Bradford, York, Grocer. Dec 20 at 3 at Creditor's

Association, Godwin st, Bradford Prime, William, Hanley, Stafford, Greengrocer. Dec 13 at 11 at

Royal Hotel, Crewe. Ashmall, Hanley Red cate, William, Weston, Nottingham, Farmer. Dec 20 at 12 at

Clinton Arms Hotel, Newark-upon-Trent. Bescoby, East Retford Roberts, Richard John, Tanygrisian, Festiniog, Merioneth, Coal

Dealer. Dec 13 at 1 at Commercial Hotel, Portmadoc. Breese and Co, Fourcrosses, Festiniog Ruth, Walter Howard St, Manchester, Teacher of Gymnastics. Dec

15 at 3 at Falstaff Hotel, Market pl, Manchester. Tremewen,

Manchester Schmit, Joseph, St John's rd, Upper Holloway, Carpenter. Dec 13 at 3 at 390, City rd, Islington. Popham, Vincent terrace, Isling

ton Shaw, John, jun, Greenheys, Manchester, Painter, Dec 14 at 3 at

offices of Mann, Cooper st, Manchester Showell, William, Wolverhampton, Bellows Manufacturer. Dec 21

at 11 at offices of Shelton, Queen st, Wolverhampton Sladen, Albert, Swansea, Boot Dealer. Dec 14 at 11 at Queen's

Hotel, Birmingham. Jellicoe, Swansea Smith, John, Columbia rd, Hackney rd, Baker. Dec 17 at 4 at New

Corn Exchange Sale Rooms, Mark lane. Hillearys and Taylor, Fencburch bldgs Snelling, Charles, Kingston-upon-Thames, Provision Dealer. Dec

20 at 12 at offices of Moss, Gracechurch st Statham, James, Liverpool, Tim

Association Rooms, 12, Cook st, Liverpool, Barrell and Co, LiverStone, John Charles, Shrewsbury, Schoolmaster. Dec 15 at 11 at

offices of Morris and Sons, Swan hill, Shrewsbury Stratford, James, Okehampton, Devon, Builder. Dec 16 at 12 at

Chubb's Hotel, Old Town st, Plymouth. Burd, Okehampton Strickland, Robert, New Windsor, Berks, Public house Manager.

Dec 20 at 2 at offices of Durant, Clarence villas, Windsor
Satton, Edward, Manchester, Gutta Percha Manufacturer. Dec 15

at 11 at offices of Sale and Co, Booth st, Manchester
Tancock, Frederick, Weston-super-Mare, Coal Merchant. De

at 12 at offices of Chapman, Grove rd, Weston super-Mare
Thorson, Robert, Windsor, Berks. Hotel Keeper. Dec 17 at
2 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham street. Inderwick, Bedford

Badman, Joseph, Baltonsborough, Somerset, Baker. Dec

offices of Bulleid, High st, Glastonbury Ball, Charles, Rothwell, Northampton, Butcher. Dec 21 at 2 at the

George Hotel, Kettering. Preedy, Kettering Ball, George Terrett, Woolastone, Gloucester, Farmer. Dec 20 at

2.30 at offices of Tove, Welsh st, Chepstow Barnes, William, Edgware rd, Maida Vale, Milliner. Dec 21 at 3 at

10, New Broad st. Vernede, New Broad st Barry, James, Bradford, York, Tailor. Dec 15 at 10 at offices of

Watson and Dickons, Cheapside, Bradford Bellis, Charles, Hale, Cheshire, Farmer. Dec 20 at 11 at offices of

Davies and Co, Market place, Warrington Bennett, Edward Russell, Buckland Newton, Dorset, Farmer. Dec

18 at 11.30 at the King's Arms Hotel, Dorchester. Davies, Sherborne Bessone, John Marie, Bristol, Fruit Merchant. Dec 20 at 3 at offices

of Osborne and Co, Broad st, Bristol Bird, John Parker, Far Cotton, Hardingstone, Northampton, Coal Merchant. Dec 17 at 11 at offices of Jeffery, Hazelwood rd,

Northampton Boulton, Joe Seels, Sheffield, Chemist. Dec 17 at 2 at offices of

Wing and Co Change alley, Sheffield. Machen Bradly, William Tyler, Elmer's End, Kent, out of business. Dec

22 at 2 at the Guildhall Tavern, Gresham st. Ingle and Co,

Threadneedle st Broach, James, Luton, Bedford, Innkeeper. Dec 21 at 3 at the Red

Lion Hotel, Castle st, Luton. Neve, Luton Brown, Edwin Henry, Hartington Villa, West Green, Tottenham,

Builder. Dec 21 at 2 at offices Hanson, King st, Cheapside. Dean, Gresham st Burrows, Walter, Heigham, Wholesale Grocer. Dec 22 at 3.30 at

the Creditors' Association, Arthur st East, London Bridge. Kent,

Hall Plain, Norwich Butterfield, James, Gateshead, Durham, Tailor. Dec 17 at 2 at

offices of Moody, Claydon st West, Newcastle upon Tyne Calder, Catherine Barbara, Hotwells, Bristol, Licensed Victualler.

Dec 21 at 2 at offices of Clark, Exchange bldgs West, Bristol, Hobbs, Bristol Campbell, Ronald Rivers, Gloucester terrace, Kensington Gent.

Dec 13 at 2 at the Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Johnson, Seymour pl, Marylebone Chaloner, George, Wolverhampton, Road Contractor. Dec 22 at 11

at offices of Stanley, Washington chmbrs, Queen st, Wolverhamp

ton. Stanley, Wolverhampton Constantine, Henry George, Sunderland, Durham, Ironmonger.

Dec 20 at 11 at offices of Huntly, Fawcett st, Sunderland Cooper, William, Rotherfield, Sussex, Draper. Dec 21 at 2 at the

Castle Hotel, Tunbridge Wells. May and Co, Adelaide pl, London bridge Craven, Thomas, Skellgate, Ripon, Grocer. Dec 20 at 11 at offices of

Edmundson, Ripon Dowling, Martin Joseph, Attercliffe, Sheffield, Builder. Dec 17 at 12 at offices of Bedford, Queen st chambers, Sheffield. Mellor, Shef

field Elaud, Thomas, Aldborough, York, Corn Factor. Dec 17 at 3 at

the Imperial Hotel, Paragon st, Kingston-upon-Hull. Laverack,

Hull Emmerson, John, Terrington Saint Clement, Norfolk, Builder.

Dec 21 at 11 at offices of Whall, King's Lynn. Palmer, Swaff. ham Erwin, Henry Bate, New Town, Great Bridge, Stafford, Publican,

Dec 22 at 2.30 at offices of Caddick, West Bromwich Evans, David, Llanfairclydogan, Cardigan, Labourer. Dec 23 at 12

at offices of Edwards, Lampeter Ferry, Louis, Grant rd, Clapham Junction, Opera Hat Manu.

facturer. Dec 20 at 3 at offices of Shiers, Burleigh st Fowler, George, Radnor st, Chelsea, Oil and Colour Man. Dec 30

at 2 at 37, Essex st, Strand. Copp German, Thomas, Kendal, Westmorland, Bootmaker. Dec 22 at 11

at offices of Wilson. Highgate, Kendal Glover, George, Dewsbury, York, Boot and Shoe Maker. Dec 18 at

10.15 at offices of Scholes and Son, Leeds rd, Dewsbury Hamblett, Thomas Llewellyn, Knowle, Bedminster, Somerset,

Builder. Dec 29 at 11 at offices of Hobbs and Sinnott, Broad st,

Bristol Hatswell, Horatio George, Thorverton, Devon, Farmer. Dec 17 at

11 at offices of Searle, Qucen st chambers, Queen st, Exeter Hawes, George Edward Fowler, Leicester, Engraver. Dec 17 at 3

at offices of Loseby and Battiscombe, Market pl, Leicester Hawley, Charles Burr, Liverpool, Water Clerk. Dec 20 at 2 at offices

of Gibson and Co, South John st, Liverpool Hayes, William Steele, Halesowen, Worcester, Solicitor. Dec 21 at

3 at offices of Hayes, Halesowen Hayhurst, John Parkinson, Burnley, Lancaster, Winder, Beamer,

and Tape Sizer. Dec 21 at 3 at Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yd, Man.

chester. Nowell, Burnley Hemming, John, Witten, near Droitwich, Licensed Victualler. Dec

17 at 11 at offices of Allen and Beauchamp, Sansome pl, Worcester Hindley, Jabez, Widnes, Lancaster, Boot Maker. Dec 21 at 3 at

offices of Lowe, Mount pleasant, Liverpool Hitchen, Edward, Wolverhampton, Greengrocer, Dec 17 at 3 at

offices of Dallow, Queen sq, Wolverhampton Hodgson, Brian, Bolingbroke grove villas, Wandsworth Common,

Clerk in the General Post Office. Dec 20 at 3 at Guildhall chmbrs,

Basinghall st. Peddell Hopkinson, George, Grassmoor, Derby, Licensed Victualler. Dec

16 at 3 at offices of Black, Church st, Chesterfield Howell, Charles, Pwlmeyric, near Chepstow, Monmouth, Wheel. wright. Dec 20 at 2.30 at White Hart Inn, Chepstow. David and

Bailhache, Newport Jackson, Matthew, Great Gonerby, Lincoln. Miller. Dec 23 at 11 at

offices of Thompson and Son, Grantham James, Lewis Albert, Norton Green, Stafford, Beerhouse Keeper.

Dec 16 at 11 at offices of Hollingshead, Tunstal James, Thomas, Bread st, Mantle Manufacturer. Dec 20 at 12 at Mason's Hall Tavern, Mason's avenne, Basinghall st. Savidge, Eastcheap

Tberoton, James, Halifax, Grocer. Dec 15 at 3 at offices of Long

bottom, Carlton st, Harrison rd, Halifax Toombs, John, Langford, Oxford, Farmer. Dec 15 at 1.30 at the

Crown Hotel, Faringdon. Crowdy and Son, Faringdon Towns. Elizabeth, Morpeth, Northumberland, Draper. Dec 15 at 2.30 at the Traders' Association, Grainger st West, Newcastle-upon

Tyne. Brown, jun, Newcastle-upon-Tyne Trevetban, Richard, Gosforth, Cumberland, Grocer. Dec 15 at 2 at ethices of Atter, New Lowther st, Whitehaven

dehull. Charles Francis, Burton-on-Trent, Architect. Dec 13 at 12 at offices of Hawkes and Weekes, Temple st, Birmingham Wande. John, ('hipping Campden, Gloucester, Innkeeper. Dec 17 at

10.30 at the Unicorn Hotel, Moreton-in-Marsh. Barkes, Moretonin Marsh Ward, William, and Thomas Ward, Unsworth, Pilkington, Lan.

easter, Farmers. Dec 17 at 11 at offices of Dodds, Bolton st,

Bary Wata0a, Francis, Holmfirth, York, Cab Proprietor. Dec 15 at 3 at

Gffices of Iveson and Mellor, Holmfirth Weaver, Henry, Gloucester, Builder. Dec 23 at 11 at offices of York,

Berkeley st, Gloucester Wheeler, John, Harborne, Stafford, Builder. Dec 11 at 10 30 at offices

of Huggins and Mallard, Queen chmbrs, Colmore row, Birming

d ose. John Lawrence, Stretford, Lancashire, Ironmonger's

Asant. Dec 20 at 3 at offices of Lambert, Cross st, Manchester Wordsworth, Alfred, and Arthur John Whitlock, High st, Borough,

Licensed Victualler. Dec 13 at 3 at offices of Nevett, Warwick ct, Holborn

Edward. Vetherbal. Southampton. Farmer. Dec 16 at 2 at offices of Davis, Portland st, Southampton. Guy, Southampton Yeld, Henry, Northwood, Hereford, Farmer. Dee 16 at 2 at the

Royal Oak Hotel, Leominster. Corner, Hereford Yeomans, James, High st, St John's Wood. Dec 16 at 12 at offices

of Sampson, Marylebone rd Yourg, David Forsyth, Brandon, Durham, Grocer, Dec 17 at 11 at ofices of Proud, Market place, Bishop Auckland

TUESDAY, Dec. 7, 1880. Allen. George William, Shrubland rd. Dalston, Traveller. Dec 24

at 3 at offices of Biggenden, Well st, Hackney Anderton, Shepherd, Blackburn, Lancaster, Carter. Dec 21 at 3 at

tbe St Leger Hotel, King Wiliam st, Blackburn, Withers, Blackbarn Arcber, Edmund, Willisham, Suffolk, Beer Retailer. Dec 31 at 2 at

offices of Pollard, St Lawrence st, Ipswich Atkins, William Robert, Swadlincote, Leicester, Joiner. Dec 17 at

11 at offices of Fisher and Co, Ashby-de-la-Zouch

Tinker, Joseph, Huddersfield, Tailor. Dec 20 at 12 at offices of

Gray, Eastgate, Barnsley Tuck, Albion, Sidbury, Devon, Labourer. Dec 18 at 12 at offices of

Southcott, Post Office st, Bedford circus, Exeter. Hartnoll Waton, John, Stockton-on-Tees, Durham, Greengrocer, Dec 15 at 3

at offices of Draper, Finkle st, Stockton-on-Tees Watts, Thomas, Handsworth, Stafford, Baker. Dec 17 at 11 at

offices of Taylor, Colmore row, Birmingham Wavman, William, Cornford grove, Balham. Oil and Colour Mer.

chant. "Dec 23 at 1 at offices of Dubois, Serjeant's inn, Chancery

lane. Maynard, Clifford's ina Wilcox, Elijah, Coseley, Stafford, of no occupation. Dec 17 at 3 at

offices of Stokes and Harper, Priory st, Dudley Wilkinson, Ralph, Great Lumley, Durham, Grocer. Dec 20 at 12 at

the Traders' Association, Grainger st West, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Richardson, Newcastle upon Tyne Willans, Frederick Brumfitt, Huddersfield, Upholsterer. Dec 23 at 3

at offices of Ainley and Hall, New st, Huddersfield Wilson, Enos, Birmingham, Grocer. Dec 18 at 11 at offices of Green,

Ann st, Birmingham Wood, William, Stretford, Lancaster, G ocer. Dec 21 at 3 at offices

of Hankinson, Manchester Wright, Frederick Hibling, Peterborough, Northampton, Fishmonger. Dec 20 at 12 at offices of Gaches, Cathedral gateway. Peterborough


Anti-Dyspeptic Cocoa or Chocolate Powder. Guarantead Pure Soluble Cocoa of the Finest Quality, with the excess of fat extracted.

The Faculty pronounce it "the most nutritious, perfectly digestible beverage for Breakfast, Luncheon, or Supper, and invaluable for Invalids and Children."

Highly commended by the entire Medical Press. Boing without sugar, spice, or other admixture, it suits all palates, keeps better in all climates, and is four times the strength of cocoas. TAICKENED yet wBAKENED with starch, &c., and IN REALITY CHEAPER chan such Mixtures.

Made instantaneously with boiling water, a teaspoonful to a Break. fast Cup, coating less than a halfpenny.

COCOATINA A LA VANILLE is the most delicate, digestible, cheapest
Vanilla Chocolate, and may be taken when richer chocolate is prce.
In tin packets at 1s, 68., 3., 5s.6d., &c., by Chemists and Grocers,

Charities on Special Terms by the Sole Proprietors,
H. SCH WEITZER & CO., 10, Adam-street, London, W.C.

Jarvis, Thomas, Mlle End rd, Carriage Builder. Dec 20 at 12 at offices

of Tattersall, Cheapside Johnson, William Jackson, Sunderland, Durham, Innkeeper. Dec 18

at 11 offices of Storey, John st, Sunderland Jones, William Frederick, Birmingham, Provision Dealer. Dec 20

at 3 at offices of Jacques, Temple row, Birmingham Kennedy, James, Devon, Woodman. Dec 24 at 12 at offices of Thorne,

Castle st, Barnstaple Kettle, George, Guilden Sutton, Chester, Boot Maker. Dec 20 at 1

at Lamb Hotel, Nantwich. Churton King, James, Graig, Pontypridd, Engineer. Dec 18 at 2 at Victoria

Hotel, Pontypridd. Cooke, Pontypridd Kirk, Thomas Rhodes, Wakefield, York, Saddler. Dec 17 at 3 at

offices of Kemp, Barstow sq, Wakefield Kirkham, Edward, Leeds, York, Provision Dealer. Dec 21 at 3 at

the Creditors' Association, 32, Park row, Leeds Latham, Priscilla, Titford, nr Oldbury, Worcester, Licensed Vic.

tualler. Dec 17 at 11 at offices of Forrest, Church st, Oldbury Leach. Alexander, Tong, Salop, Licensed Victualler. Dec 21 at 3 at

offices of Willcock, Queen's chmbrs, North st, Wolverhampton Lewry, Stephen, Staplefield, Cuckfield, Sussex, Poultry Dealer.

Dec 23 at 11.30 at offices of Waugh, Cuckfield Lloyd, John, Priory mews, Kilburn, Stone Merchant. Dec 20 at 2

at offices of Tilley and Soames, Finsbury pavement Maltas, Frank, Birstal, York, Boot and Shoe Maker. Dec 16 at 3

at the Queen Hotel, Heckmondwike. Mitcheson, Heckmondwike Martin, Emma Maria, Southampton, Schoolmistress. Dec 15 at 4 at

offices of Watts, Albion pl, Southampton. Staniland, Southamp.

ton McCarthy, John Joseph, Clerkenwell green, Timber Merchant. Dec

15 at 3 at offices of Hopkins. Finsbury pavement McIlquham, Alexander, Haughton, Lancaster, Engineer, Dec 20 at

3 at the Clarence Hotel, Piccadilly, Manchester, Drinkwater,

Hyde Millership, Thomas, Hereford, Coal Merchant. Dec 21 at 11.30 at

the Hop Market Hotel, Worcester. Corner, Hereford Millineux, William, Liscard, Cheshire, Slater. Dec 16 at 2 at offices

of Thompson and Simm, Hamilton sq, Birkenhead Morgan, Robert, Ryde, Isle of Wight, Butcher. Dec 13 at 3 at

offices of Fardell, Cambrian House Offices, Ryde Newman, Charles Frederick, Chacely, Worcester, Ironmonger.

Dec 20 at 3 at offices of Pruen, Regent st, Cheltenham Oldham, Esther, and Elizabeth Oldham, Balderton, Nottingham,

Farmers. Dec 21 at 12 at offices of Newton and Wallis, Kirkgate,

Newark-upon-Trent Pearce, Samuel, Brougham rd, Acton, Coal Merchant. Dec 21 at 3

at offices of Wooll and Co, Bouverie st, Fleet st Pickles, Joseph, Bradford, York, Weaving Overlooker, Dec 22 at

11 at offices of Terry and Co, Market st, Bradford Pidcock, George, Bakewell, Derby, Grocer. Dec 23 at 2.30 at offices

of Goodwin, Spring gardens, Buxton Poole, Charles Gove, Mare st, Hackney, Grocer. Dec 16 at 2 at

offices of Layton and Co, Budge row Powell, Adolphus, Great James st, Hoxton, Licensed Victualler.

Dec 28 at 2 at offices of Nash and Field, Queen st, Cheapside Pyle, Andrew, and John William Ellis, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Wholesale Druggists, Dec 16 at 2 at the Law Society, Royalarcade, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Hoyle and Co, Newcastle-upon

Tyne Radcliffe, Bramley, Samuel Torkington, and William Edmunds

Hyde, Denton, Lancaster, Hat Manufacturers. Dec 23 at 3 at offices of Boote and Edgar, Booth st, Manchester Rickett, James, Dockwell lane, Hounslow, Hay and Straw Dealer.

Dec 16 at 12 at Royal Hotel, Slough. Bullock and Penny, Great

Rogerson. George Thurnham, near Lancaster. Farmer Den 11

2 at Royal Oak Hotel, Garstang. Clarke, Preston Sanderson, William Henry, Lockwood, Huddersfield, Dyer, Dec 20

as 3 at offices of Learoyd and Co, Buxton rd, Huddersfield Scarfe, Waiter, Raydon terrace, Wandsworth, Builder. Dec 17 at 3

at Law Institution, Chancery lane. Cordwell, Serjeant's inn,

Chancery lane Searly, Edward, Portsea, Hants, Baker. Dec 22 at 12 at offices of

Ford and Son, Saint Thomas' st, Portsmouth Shackleton, George, Padiham, Lancaster, Licensed Victnaller

Dec 21 at 2 at the George and Dragon, Church st, Padiham. Hodg

son, Burnley Simpson, John, Flamborough, York, Bricklayer. Dec 16 at 3 at the

Britannia Hotel, Princest, Bridlington Quay. Richardson, Scarborough Smith, Edward, Knottingley, York, Farmer. Dec 21 at 2 at offices of

Foster and Raper, Ropergate, Pontefract Smith, Richard, Grindale, York, Farmer. Dec 20 at 3 at the Black

Lion Hotel, Bridlington. Richardson, Bridlington Soden, Frederick, East Hadden, Northampton, Carpenter, Dec 18 at

12 at offices of Banks, Bradshaw st, Norihampton Spence, Matthew, Shadwell, York, Builder, Dec 20 at 3 at offices of

Simpson and Burrell, Albion st, Leeds Stevens, William, Carnarvon, Auctioneer. Dec 21 at 1 at Queen's

Hote, Chester. Hayward, Carnarvon Stewart, John, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, Greengrocer. Dec 20 at 12 at

George Hotel, Colchester Sutthery, Clacton-on-Sea Still, Henry Holt, Glenfield terrace, New Wandsworth, out of

business. Dec 23 at 2 at Guildhall Coffee house, Gresham st. Keene and Co, Mark lane Taylor, Douglas John, Burnham, Somerset, Journeyman Butcher.

Dec 21 at 3 at Barling's George Hotel, Highbridge, near Bridge. water. Brice, Burnham Taylor, Philip Newton, Ore, near Hastings, Grocer. Dec 17 at 11.30

at Creditor's Association, Arthur st East. Davenport and Co, Hastings Teather, Reuben, Eckington, Derby, Draper. Dec 20 at 11 at Star

Hotel, Chesterfield. Stanton, Chesterfield Thomas, Samuel, Bristol, out of business. Dec 20 at 12 at offices

Beckingham, Broad st, Bristol Thorpe. Gcorge, Lincoln, Builder, Dec 22 at 3 at offices of Toynbee and Co, Bank st, Lincoln



(Opposite the British Museum), Will be glad to orward his Pamphlet on Painless Dentistry, free enclosed by post, which explains the most unique systeia of the adjust ment of ARTIFICIAL TEETH without pain.




To Her Majesty, the Lord Chancellor, the Whole of the Judicial Bench

Corporation of London, &c.


ESTABLISHED 1689. 94. CHANCERY LANE. LONDON. I AW.-Managing Conveyancing Clerkship required U by a Gentleman of considerable experience. Competent to conduct without Supervision. Highest references.--Mr. W., care of George Reader, Esq., 23, Holborn-viaduct, E.C. I AW.-An Experienced and Trustworthy Clerk U (single), desires an immediate Engagement. He is a skilled Conveyancer, can take charge of part of that business, and carry through intricate matters. Neat and accurate Draftsman. Steady and industrious. Salary £65.-Address, FIDES, Mr. Vickers, 29,. King-street, Newcastle, Staffordshire.

Stewart, John, Clacton.ter. Sutthery, Clacto Wandsworth, out of

W ANTED, by a Solicitor (lately admitted), a

Clerkship in a well-established town or country firm. Es. perience chief object. --Address, F., 129, Gower-street. M R . MEADOWS, of Bond-court-chambers, Wal11 brook, London, Solicitor, Author of “Questions on Conveyancing and Real Property Law,” continues to Read Privately with Articled Clerks preparing for the Intermediate, Final, and Honours Examinations. TO TRUSTEES and Others.—A very well-secured

1 Freehold Ground Rent of £2,000 per annum, in one collection, to be Sold to pay 45 per cent.--Principals or their Solicitors only can apply by lett to WILLIAM ROLERTS, Esq., 35, Elmore-street, Islington,

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