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SWADLINCOTE COLLIERY COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding Smith, barrister. He was born in 1804, and was admitted a up, presented Nov 23, directed to be heard before V.C. Hall, on

solicitor in 1828. He formerly practised at Merthyr Tydvil, Dec 10. Hindson-Miler and Vernon, Moorgate st, solicitors for the petitoner

but in 1855 be removed to Bath, on receiving from his WASTE METALS PRODUCTS COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding brother, the late Mr. Joseph Grace Smith, judge of county up, presented Nov 25, directed to be heard before the M.R.. on Dec

courts for Circuit No. 52, the appointment of registrar of 4. Styer, Royal Exchange avenue, solicitor for the petitioner WIVELISCOMBE SLATE COMPANY, LIMITED.--V.C. Hall has fixed

| the Bath County Court. Mr. Smith was universally esteemed Dec 6 at 12 at his chambers, for the appointment of an official

in Bath. He took an active interest in political and liquidator

municipal matters, having been for several years a town VRON SLATE COMPANY, LIMITED.-V.C. Malins has fixed Dec 3 at 12

councillor for St. James's Ward. He was a warm supporter at his chambers for the appointment of an official liquidator

[Gazette, Nov. 26.7

of the Liberal party. At the sitting of the Bath County

Court, on the 19th ult., the judge (Mr. Caillard) spoke of the HALIFAX BUILDING AND QUARRYING COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition

great legal ability and high personal character of the late for winding up, presented Nov 29, directed to be heard before the M.R. on Dec 1l. Williamson and Co, Sherborne lane, agents for

registrar, and expressed his sorrow at the news of his death. Foster and Co, Halifax, solicitors for the petitioners

Mr. Smith was buried at the Abbey Cemetery, Bath, on the HUDDERSFIELD QUARRYING COMPANY, LIMITED.-The M.R. has 23rd ult.

fixed Dec 10 at 12, at his chambers, for the appointment of an

official liquidator METROPOLITAN STEAMBOAT COMPANY, LIMITED.-Petition for winding up, presented Nov 24, directed to be heard before V.C. Malins

MR. WILLIAM JACOB HOLLEST. on Dec 10. Tilsley, Abchurch yd, solicitor for the petitioners

Mr. William Jacob Hollest, solicitor (of the firm of Hollest SOUTH KENSINGTON CO-OPERATIVE STORES, LIMITED.-Petition for

winding up, presented Nov 27, directed to be heard before V.C. & Mason), of Farnham, died at Southsea, on the 18th ult. Malins on Dec 10, Bridges and Co, Red Lion sq, solicitors for Mr. Hollest was the son of Mr. Jobn Hollest, solicitor, of the petitioner

[Gazette, Nov. 30.]

Farnham, and was born in 1803. He was admitted a solici

tor in 1830, and a few years later succeeded to his father's UNLIMITED IN CHANCERY.

practice. For several years he had been associated in partGENERAL PRODUCE TRADING COMPANY. --Creditors are required, nership with Mr. Richard Mason, the clerk to the county

on or before Dec 20, to send their names and addresses, and the particulars of their debts or claims, to Davis, 6, Exchange West,

magistrates at Farnham. Mr. Hollest was a perpetuel comBristol, Jan 14 at 12 is appointed for hearing and adjudicating missioner for Surrey and Hampshire, and he had an exten. upon the debts and claims

sive private practice. He held a large number of important [Gazette, Nov. 26.]

public appointments. He was Clerk to the Commissioners of COUNTY PALATINE OF LANCASTER.

Taxes, to the Farnham and Hartley Wintney School Boards, LIMITED IN CHANCERY.

and to the Farnham Board of Guardians, Assessment ComLIVERPOOL AND CONTINENTAL STEAXSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED.-By

mittee, and Rural Sanitary Authority, and superintendent an order made by the V.C., dated Nov 15, it was ordered that the voluntary winding up of the company be continued. Etty, Liver

| registrar for the Farnham District. He was also for several pool, solicitor for the petitioner

years registrar of the Farnbam County Court (Circuit No. 45),

[Gazette, Nov. 26.] but he was recently succeeded in that office by Mr. Mason. FRIENDLY SOCIETIES DISSOLVED. GRAIG PIT FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Bridge End Inn, Aberdare, Glamorgan, Nov 24

MR. JOHN COPLAND. LEAMINGTON FRIENDLY AID SOCIETY, British Workman Coffee house, Leamington, Warwick, Nov 24

Mr. John Copland, solicitor, died at Chelmsford, on the MIDDLESBOROUGH-ON-TEES DISTRICT BRANCH WIDOW AND ORPHANS FUND, 1.0.0.F.M.U., Odd Fellows' Hall, Middlesborough-on.

25th ult. Mr. Copland was the eldest son of Mr. John Tees, Nov 27

Copland, solicitor, of Chelmsford. He was born in 1802, ROYAL Briton BENEFIT SOCIETY, Greyhound Inn, Spittal st, Gt and was admitted a solicitor in 1824. He was formerly in

Marlow, Buckingham, Nov 24

partnership with his father, and with his brother, Mr. Radnor, Nov 27

Edward Copland, and more recently he was associated with ST. WINEPRED LODGE, No. 2025, INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD bis son, Mr. John Albert Copland, who was admitted a

FELLOWS, MANCHESTER UNITY, FRIENDLY SOCIETY, Cross Keys solicitor in 1850. He was a perpetual commissioner for


the county of Essex, and had a good conveyancing practice. ORDER OF FORESTERS, Railway Tavern, Liphook, Hants, Nov 24 Mr. Copland was for a long time one of the leaders of the

[Gazette, Nov. 30.] Liberal party in the county. He was a governor of

Chelmsford Grammar Sohool, and was for many years chairman of the Local Board of Health. Mr. Copland's health had long been failing, and he had been compelled to relinquish his practice.



Mr. William Chandley John Mellor, solicitor (of the firm of Greene & Mellor), of Huntingdon, died on the 5th ult. Mr. Mellor was the eldest son of the late Mr. William Jones Mellor, solicitor, of Hunt. ingdon. He was admitted in 1861, when he went into partnership with his father and with Mr. Cuthbert Edward Greene, the clerk to the county magistrates at Huntingdon, and he had practised at that place for nineteen years, having also branch offices at St. Ives and Chatteris. He acted for several years as deputy-coroner for the Hundreds of Toseland and Leightonstone, and upon his father's death ne succeeded to the office of coroner. He was clerk to the Commissioners of Taxes, and secretary to the Huntingdon County Hospital, and steward of the manors of St. Ives, Foulmere, and Coveneys. He was a perpetual commissioner for Huntingdonshire, and was for a few years a member of the Huntingdon Town Council. Mr. Mellor had been for a long time in failing health. He was buried at the Hunting don Cemetery on the 10th ult.

The Irish Times states that Mr. Hodnett, solicitor, Youghal, has lately received a letter threatening him with instant death in case be should take any proceedings against some tenants who lately refused to pay more than Griffith's valuation.

In the Court of Appeal on Tuesday, Mr. Quayle Jones moved in a case of Hill v. Paine, on bebalf of the defendant, that the action might not be heard before Vice-Chancellor Malins until an inquiry had taken place, and other pro. ceedings, criminal or otherwise, instituted against ViceChancellor Malins on a petition presented to the Queen to remove his lordship for malversation and non-admioistration of justice, and general and particular incompetence; and for the removal of his lordship's chief clerk, Mr. Walker, for fraud. In opening his motion Mr. Quayle Jones said the charges against the Vice-Chancellor and his chief clerk had been withdrawn from the notice of motion. The Master of the Rolls said that if there were not reason to doubt the defendant's sanity he would be committed for contempt in making such gross and scandalous charges. As they had been withdrawn, and as there was nothing else in the notice of motion, did the learned counsel think there was anything left he could make his motion upon ? Mr. Freeman, for the plaintiff, opposed the postponement of the bearing of the case, and the court dismissed the motion with costs.

Mr. Edward George Smith, solicitor, registrar of the Bath
County Court, died of pleurisy at Combe Down, Batb, on
the 17th ult. Mr. Smith was the youngest son of Mr. Joseph



LAST DAY OF PROOF. ALLSOP, GEORGE, Bedford st, Strand, and Thomas ALLSOP, Union

st, Borough, Brush Manufacturers. Jani Allsop.v Allsop, V.C.

Hall. Diggles, Hibernia chmbrs, London Bridge CARTEE, WILLIAM, Chatham, Lancashire, Sewing Machine Mann

facturer. Dec 14. Carver v Whiteley, District Registrar, Clarence

st. Manchester Hampson, Manchester GIBSON, JOHN, Cheyne walk, Chelsea, Tobacconist. Dec 10. Gibson

v Nightingale, V.O. Malins. Tippetts, Great St Thomas Apostle, Queen st ROBERTBOX, GEORGE, Gloucester, Butcher. Dec 13. Robertson v

Robertson, V.C. Bacon. Gardom, Gloucester TxwIX, WILLLAY, Brinsworth, nr Rotherham, Farmer. Dec 20.

British Mutual Investment Company, Limited, v Brightmore, V.C. Hall. Barnard and Co, Lincoln's inn fields

[Gazette, Nov 19.] BEATON, CHARLES DANIEL, Birmingham, Solicitor, Dec 22. Beaton

v Beaton, M.R. Adcock, Birmingham BOSBURY, Jons, Lower Sloane st. Chelsea, Gent. Dec 20. Simms

y Leahy. V.C. Bacon. Jones, New inn, Strand Evans, JAXES CHARLES, Goldsmith's row, Hackney rd, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, Dec 21. Myers v Torfe, M.R. Eley, New

Broad st HARKER, JOIX, Manchester, Beerhouse Keeper. Dec 14. Harker

v Ormerod, V.0. Bacon, Phillips, Bacup How, Joux, Bideford, General Merchant. Dec 29. How v How,

M.R. Rooker and Bazeley, Bideford HYETT, JOHN EDWARD, Haydon, Gloucester, Gent. Dec 7Hyett

v Hyett, V.C. Hall. Wilton and Riddiford, Gloucester PARLAURST, HENRY FLEETWOOD, Clifton, nr Bristol, Esq. Dec 20.

Cooper v Landor, M.R. Jacques, Bristol STEPHEXSOS, Joux, Hamsterley, Durham, Farmer. Dec 23.

Stephenson Stephenson, M.R. Bruce, Bishop Auckland WHITE, ALFRED, Besselsleigh, Berks, Innkeeper. Dec 29. Stain. bank v Stallard, M.R. Curtis, South sq, Gray's inn

[Gazette, Nov. 23.]

BANNES, HECTOR WILLIAM, East Parade, Horshham, Gent. Jan 11.

Llord Barnes, V.C. Malins. Mason, North bldgs, Finsbury GENT, Joix HENRY, Fortis Green, Finchley, Distiller's Merchant.

Dec 31. Davis v Harris, V.C. Malins. Hincks, King st, Fins.

bury sa WEBSTER, HORACE, Little Hulton, nr Bolton, General Dealər. Jan 1. Webster v Webster, V.O. Malins. Hall, Manchester

[Gazette, Nov. 26.]

MIDDLETON, WILLIAM TYM, Stone, Stafford, Solicitor. Jan 5..

Venn and Son, Serjeants' inn, Chancery lane ODDY, JAMES, Sycamore villas, Stratford, Gent. Dec 24. Hillearys

and Taylor, Fenchurch bldngs PENFOLD, RICHARD, Southgate, Chichester, Farmer. Jan 18.

Arnold and Cooper, Chichester SARGOOD, Truus AUGUSTINE, Brighton, Serjeant at law. Jan 1.

Hatton and Westcott, Strand SMITH, JOSEPH, Stockton-on-Tees, Cabinet Maker. Jan 1. Crosby

and Archer, Stockton-on-Tees STANWIX, John, Keverstone, Durham, Farmer. Feb 14. Proud,

Bishop Auckland SUMNER, MARY BARNARD HOLME, Eaton terrace, Eaton sq. Dec 27.

Wordsworth and Co, Threadneedle st SYKES, EMMA, Chester. Dec 10. Olwar and Co, Liverpool TOMPKINS, EDWARD, Dean st, Soho, Coal Dealer. Jan 1. Allen anst

Son, Carlisle st, Soho sq WALKER, MATTHEW, Chaddesden, Derby, Farmer. Jan 1. Moody,

Derby WEBB, EDWARD PETER, Bristol gdns, Maida Vale, Barman. Dec 21. .

Coldham, New inn, Strand WEBB, FRANCES, Bristol gdns, Maida Vale. Dec 31. Coldham,

New inn, Strand WEBB, JOIN CHARLES, Bristol gdns, Maida Vale, Licensed Victualler.

Dec 31. Coldham, New inn, Strand WILKINSON, John,' Bulwell,'Nottingham, Lime Burner. Jan 31.

Towle and Co, Nottingham WILLIAMS, JOHN, Prestcot, Lancaster, Builder. Dec 24. Morgan, Cardiff

[Gazette, Nov. 26.] ANTONINI, FRANCESCO EMMANUELLE, Kingston, Surrey, Gento

Dec 23. Denby, Frederick's pl, Old Jewry Ashton. Joux, late Paymaster, H.M.Š. Atalanta. Dec 31.

Ommanney, Charing Cross BEELY, LAWRANCE, York, Innkeeper. Dec 14. Jones, York BLUNT, Rev. EDWARD POWLETT, Spelisbery Rectory, Dorset. Feb N.

Dickinson, Dorset
Box, CHARLES THomas, Brighton, Shopman. Dec 30. Cooper and

Williams, Brighton
CHANTRELL, HENRY WILLIAM, Gurton, Nottingham, Gent. Dec 28.

Gadsden and Treherne, Bedford row
CHAPLIN, JOANNA, Winslow, Bucks. Jan 12. Willis and Willis,

Winslow CHENEY, PRISCILLA, Reading. Jan 1. Smith and Mammatt;

Ashby-de-la-Zouch COBBETT, WILLIAM, Frimley, Surrey, Esq. Dec 24. Cobbett, John.

st, Adelphi COULTER, ROSETTA, Lowick, Northumberland. Dec 14. Douglas,

Berwick-upon-Tweed CRICKMAR, ROBERT, Harwich, Essex, Gent. Dec 20. Clarkson and

Co, Doctors' commons Dix, JAMES, Bristol, Gent. Jan 20. Fry and Co, Bristol ELLIS, RICHARD, East Peckham, Kent, Gent, Feb 15. Stenning,

Tonbridge FLOWER, JANE E., Thorpe, Norwich, Jan 1. Flower and Nussey,

Great Winchester st bldngs GIBBS, JOHN, Kingston hill, Surrey, Retired Pianoforte Manufac

turer. Dec 30. Drake and Co, Rood lane, Fenchurch st HATCHER, DANIEL GEORGE, Belvidere, Southampton, Yacht Builder.

Feb 1. Perkins and Candy, Southampton HEMMING, FREDERICK HERBERT, Gloucester pl, Portman sq, Esq.

Dec 31. Kimber and Co, Lombard st LATTER, EDWARD, Crowborough, Sussex, Gent. Feb 15. Stenning,

Tonbridge Lyons, WILLIAM, Manchester, Ink Manufacturer, Feb 1. Parry

and Son, Manchester MARCHANT, ELIZABETH SQUIRE, Exeter. Jan 20. Campion, Exeter MEAKINS, WILLIAM, Waddesden, Buckingham, Nonconformiste

Minister Jan 1. Fell, Aylesbury MURDOCH, JAMES GORDON, Kensington, Dec 20. Hores and

Pattisson, Lincoln's inn fields REEVES, JAMES ALLINGHAM LACEY, Erith, Kent, Gent. Dec 31.

Poole, Bartholomew close Rice, DAVID, High st, Acton, Baker. Jan 18. Brown, Lincoln's

inn fields RIDLEY, ERRINGTON, Hexham, Northumberland, Esq. Dec 30.

Chartres and Co, Newcastle-upon-Tyne SCHAFER, WILHELM GOTTFRIED, Sandhurst, Colony of Victoria.

Dec 23. Flux and Leadbitter, Loadenhall st SHIPTON, WILLIAM, Harrogate, York, Gent. Feb 1. Brearey, York SIMPKINS, THOMAS ETTWELL, Figheldean, Wilts, Esq. Jan 1.

Wilson and Sons, Salisbury SMITH, CAROLINE, Ipswich. ‘Feb 1. Westhorp, Ipswich STILE, JAMES, Exeter, Retired Builder. Jan 26. Campion, Exeter STRINGER, SARAH ANN, Weston-on-Trent. Dec 31. Mitchell and

Son, Birmingham TARLETON, Sir John WALTER. Vice-Admiral, K.C.B., Warwick sq.

Jan 1. Swinburne and Mills, Bedford row TAYLOR, EDWARD JAMES, Churton st, Belgrave rd, Captain, H.M,'89

Army. Jan 1. Flower and Nussey, Great Winchester st VICKERS, BENJAMIN, Broomhall park, Sheffield, Gent. Dec 31.

Vickers and Co, Sheffield WINCHESTER, WILLIAM, Nutfield, Surrey, Farmer. Dec 24. Head

and Sons, East Grinstead, Sussex Wood, RICHARD LEONARD, Weymouth, Dorset, Gent. Jan 8. Wood, York

[Gazette, Nov. 30.1

HILL, THOMAS HARDAKER, Bradford, Slater. Dec 22. Sagar v

Binns, V.C. Hall. Gaunt, Bradford LINGARD, ELLEX SOPHIA CHARLOTTE, Peckham House Asylum,

Pecktam. Dec 21. Gethin v Walker, V.C. Hall, Sole and Co, Alderinanbury

[Gazette, Nov. 30.]


LAST DAY OF CLAIM. BARLOW, JAMES, Entwistle, Lancaster, Gent. Dec 31. Lawton,

Manchester BEST, CHABLES, Hulme, Manchester, Temperance Lecturer. Dec 28.

Partar and Hall, Manchester BREWIS, MARY ANN SUMMERSON, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Jan 1.

Rowell, Newcastle upon Tyne Brock, ELIZABETH MOUNT, Colchester. Jan 20. Howard and Co,

Colchester Best, RICHARD, Mornick, Cornwall, Farmer. Dec 24. Nicolls and

Blight, Callington CO ESOX, BENJAMIN, Wakefield, York, Stone Merchant. Dec 18.

Barton, Wakefield COOPER, GEORGE, Croydon, Surrey, Surgeon. Jan 15. Cooper,

Bash lane DELLEY, WILLIAX, Wellingborough, Northampton, Common Brewer.

Feb 1. Sharman and Jackson, Wellingborough FELLEE, HEXRY, Chertsey, Surrey, Farmer. Dec 16. Redhead,

Chertsey HAYPTON, WILLIAM, Walthamstow, Essex, Gent. Jan 30. Hough

tons and Byfield, Gracechurch-street HASDASYDE, ELIZBETH ANN, Camberwell new road, Dec 25. Gibb,

Fenchurch avenue HARDY, WILLIAN FRANCIS, Briggate, Leeds, Cabinet Maker, Jan

10. Harland, Leeds HART, THOMPSOs, Gerrard's Cross, Bucks. Jan 10. Hadden and Co,

Chancery lane HORTON, SAMUEL, Varton, Chester, Farmer, Dec 31. Fletcher,

Northwich Iswoop, HELEX, Howard rd, South Hornsey. Dec 25. Howard and

Shelton, Threadneedle st
Jrsove, Rev. HENRY, Portland, Dorset. Dec 30. Andrews and Co,

JONES, RICHARD, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Mineral Water Manufac.

turer. Dec 20. Quilliam, Liverpool KEANE, PATRICK, Southampton, Secretary, Queen Insurance Co.

Jan 12. Hickman and Son, Southampton LEAED, JOHN KYXASTOS, Gloucester gdns, Hyde park, General,

1.ui's Indian Army, C.B. Jan 1. Valpy and Co, Lincoln's inn

fields MCMORLAND, ROBERT, St Paul's Churchyard, Warehouseman, Jan

1. Harris, Moorgate st

shall, according to its judgment thereon, allow or refuse BANKRUPTCY LAW AMEND- such discharge upon such terms as to costs or otherwise as MENT.

the court shall think fit.

8. That to avoid the epils which have resulted from It will be of interest to our readers, as bearing on the canvassing and obtaining proxies, no execation by any forthcoming Bankraptoy Bill, to reprint the resolations of creditor of any deed shall be valid, unless the deed itself be the Select Committee of the House of Commons, which sat executed by such creditor, or assent given thereto by him, last session :

on a paper containing a copy thereof. 1. That it is expedient to remedy the proved defects in

1 9. That no proxy shall be used unless it expresses in the existing law and practice in bankraptoy before ander

writing the particular purpose for which it is given, taking any final consolidation of the law.

10. That more strict provisions be made for the custody 2. That in relation to the London Bankruptcy Court it is of moneys received by trustees, whether under bank. desirable that provision should be made whereby the

ruptoies or deeds, and for audits and distribution of the functions of the Chief Judge and of the registrars respec.

asgets realized at short intervals. tively should be discharged in the manner contemplated by

| 11. That the trustee shall be elected by the creditors, the Act of 1869, and the present system of delegating the subjeot to such eleotion being confirmed by the court, duties of the Chief Judge to the registrars be obviated. It wbich shall have power of removal, and the appointment is also desirable that the conduct of the wbole business of of a new truste the London court should, as far as possible. be bronght! 12. That the court have power to regulate the remunera. under the direct personal superintendence of the Chief tion of trustees and receivers, and to tax their bills and .Judge, who ought to be a member of the High Court of

charges. -Jastice.

13. That the court be empowered to authorize the 3. In relation to local bankruptoy courts, it is desirable

trustee, as well in bankraptoy as under deoda, to carry on that the power of delegation to the registrars should be

the business of the debtor, either with or without the greatly limited ; and that the power of giving judicial

assistance of the debtor, and to deal with the assets in such decisions, and generally the superintendence of bankr opt

manner, including the handing of them to the debtor for estates, should be exercised by the judge himself,

management or realization, as the court shall from time to 4. That the principal defect in the working of the Act

time sanction, regard being had to the wishes of the credi. of 1869 is found in the facilities for fraud which resalt from

tors. the practice of liquidation and composition by resolution;

14. That the present debtor summons be discontinued, and that, for remedy thereof, the following changes should

and that all proceedings in invitum be commenced by a be made in the law :

summons or petition for adjudication, such adjadication (a.) All proceedings by a debtor unable to meet his

being made only on proof of an act of bankruptoy, but the engagements to be commenced by an application declaring

neglect to pay the amount of any judgment debt within a sach inability to be made to the court;

prescribed time after potice requiring payment shall be an (6.) Immediately on such application some fit person to

act of bankruptoy. be appointed by the court as receiver of the debtor's estate;

15. That the seizure and sale of the goods of any debtor, and the powers of such receiver to be continued untils

under an execution for any amount, shall be an act of meeting of creditors is convened and held under the

bankruptoy. direction of the court;

16. That having regard to the decision in the case of

Butcher v. Stead (as reported in Law Reports, 7 English (c.) Unless some other arrangement is made, the insolvency proceeding so commenced to ripen into a formal

! and Irish Appeals, p. 839), the law relating to frandalent 'bankraptoy, with all the statutory consequences resulting

preference requires amendment. therefrom;

17. That in cases of disclaimer of “ onerous property," (d.) Such a bankruptcy to be averted only by a deter

| the rights of persons who have acquired an interest in such mination of a prescribed majority of creditors (to be

property from the bankrupt require further protection by expressed at the first or subsequent meeting) that an

means of the action of the court. arrangement with the debtor is to be accepted;

18. That the power to grant, refase, suspend, or attach (e.) Sach arrangement to be effected only by deed (and conditions to the bankrupt's order of discharge shall be not by resolution as at present) and such deed to be | absolutely vested in the court. either-(a.) & deed in a prescribed form operating as a 19. That provision shall be made for the collection and - cessio bonorum, and requiring the trustee thereunder to payment into the Treasury of all undistributed assets in the administer the estute according to the law of bankruptcy ; | bands of trustees, collected and received under the Trust or (6.) a deed of composition providing for the payment of Deeds Clauses of the Bankruptcy Act, 1861, and of not less than 58. in the pound on the debts.

petitions for liquidation and composition under the Bank5. That every application by a debtor to the court be roptcy Act, 1869. accompanied by a statement of affairs, together with an affidavit by the debtor, verifying the same. Such statement shall show-(a.) the debts and liabilities of the debtor, and the times when the same were contracted, and i REAL PROPERTY LAW REthe considerations for the same, and the names and addresses of his creditors, and the respective amounts due to them, and all securities held by them, and the dates when MR. ALFRED BAILEY, of Lincoln's-inn, has published & such securities were respectively given; (6.) a detailed

pamphlet on this subject, in which he says: I take the aims statement of his property and the estimated value thereof.

of real property law reformers to be-(1) Sinplification of If such statement sball appear to the court insufficient, the

estates; (2) consequent simplification of titles ; (3) eventual debtor to be required to furnish an amended statement.

registration of indefeasible titles; (4) ultimate diminution 6. That on the approval by the Court and the execution

of expenses of dealing with land, and the freest possible deal. of either of such deeds, the debtor to be discharged; but

ing with it. before any debtor shall by virtue of such deed obtain his

Two Bills tending towards these results were introdischarge, application shall be made to the court for such

duced into Parliament in 1878, one (No. 25) by Mr. purpose, of which application due notice by advertisement

Shaw-Lefevre, Mr. Beaumont, and the present Judge

Advocate-General and Solicitor-General; the other (No. 28) or otherwise shall be given.

by Mr. Potter, Mr. Hopwood, and other gentlemen interested 7. That on the hearing of such application any creditor in the question of real property law reform, sball be entitled to appear and oppose ; and upon such By Bill No. 25, estates tail were to be abolished in mach objection the court shall have fall power to inquire into and the same summary way in which they were in India by Sir determine-(a.) the bona fides of such deed, of the state. Henry Maine. Their abolition would, doubtless, be a great ment of affairs, and of the debts alleged to be due to the step towards the simplification of titles. For the estate tail alleged creditors ; (6.) the due execution of goch deed ; is, unquestionably, the keystone of the system of strict settle(c.) whether a composition has been agreed to bona fide in ments of land. In the course of the inquiry before the the interests of the creditors in general. And the court | Committee on Land Titles and Transfers, the base fee, that







monstrous offspring of the estate tail, was thoroughly ex- | the effect of such dealing with the property ; (3) that this posed and reprobated. Its subtle and mischievous working certificate should be binding on third parties, but stand on has been exhibited more lucidly and artistically than I can the same footing as a chief clerk's certificate ; (4) that the hope to do in the pages of " Felix Holt," to which I refer investigation of titles should be continued on the present any unprofessional reader (if such is possible) of this system in the expectation that the certificates of the Titles pamphlet.

Office would gradually supersede it. I anticipate that so By the second Bill (No 28) it was proposed to repeal that soon as it should be known that such a register was kept celebrated Statute of Uses, which the Duke of Norfolk---80 at the Titles Office, intending purchasers and mortgagees nearly executed by Henry the Eighth-was accused of having would require to see it, and landowners would find their declared to be the worst Act ever passed. As the statute interest in co-operating with the office in order to obtain cer. failed to accomplish its aims, the modern objections to it are tificates of the effect of successive dealings with their estates. different from those of his Grace. It is, however, certain I expect, too, that after such a system should bad been in that it adds somewhat to the length of conveyances, and it operation for a very few years, it would become customary is an anomaly that the most intricate conveyances of land on, at least, sales to bind purchasers to accept the should be effected by means of a statute which missed fire. certificates as correct, or else to throw upon them the exBut it is to be hoped that the repeal may be accompanied penses of an iudependent investigation, including those usually by the provision which Mr. Joshua Williams recom borne by vendors. mended to the committee, that whatever may DOW) Lastly, I think that the scheme would eventually furnish be done by means of it may be done without it; materials for framing indefeasible certificates of titles. if not, the present system of conveyancing will be thrown into the wildest confusion. Even so, I venture to think that most conveyancers (I own myself to be

COURT PAPERS. one) would find some difficulty in limiting neatly, without the intervention of a grantee to uses, an estate to a tenant for life with remainder amongst his unborn children. I SUPREME COURT OF JUDICATURE. observe, however, that Bill No. 25 also proposes that the

ROTA OF REGISTRARS IN ATTENDANCE ON conveyance of real estate by any instrument without words

Court of of limitation should be construed to pass the fee simple, as



ROLLS. would now be the case in testamentary instruments. If | Monday, Deo. 6Mr. Pemberton Mr. Koe Mr. Merivale these Bills and the important Conveyancing and Property Tuesday ...... 7 Ward

Clowes Bill of Lord Cairns should pass into law, it would perhaps be Wednesday.... 8 Pemberton Koe

Merivale opportune to provide at the same time for the remodelling of Thursday .... 9 Ward

Clowes the present modes of limitation of estates and abolishing the

Pemberton Koe

Merivale habendum, which is not only clumsy but ungrammatical, in

Saturday .... 11 Ward


Mr. Justice consequence of a time-honoured mistranslation from the Latin,

Y. C. Bacon. V.C. HALL.

FRY. produced by ignorance of the force in that language of the dative Monday, Dec. 6Mr. Cobby Mr. Teesdale Mr. Leach used as an ablative. Thus the Latin form would be a con Tuesday ...... 7 Jackson Farrer veyance of “ upum messuagium Johanni habendum predicto Wednesday.... 8 Cobby Teesdale Leach Jobanni," wbich last three words ought, of courge, to have | Thursday .... 9


Lathan been rendered into “to be held by the suid John," but have | Friday........ 10 Cobby

Teesdale Leach been absurdly turned into “ to hold unto the said John.” I Saturday ... 11 Jackson Farrer Latham would therefore suggest that there should be vested in some authority a power of issuing from time to time forms of conTeyance adapted to the simplifications intended to be introdniced by the Bills to which I have referred; such forms sbould, I think, be recommendatory rather than imperative.

Bankrupts. The Bill of 1878 (No. 28) also adopts the valuable sugges.

FRIDAY, Nov. 26, 1880. tion, made long sioce (first, if I recollect rightly, by Mr. Joshua Williams), of the creation of a real representative Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

er the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. analogous to the present personal representative. It would,

To Surrender in London.

Barton, W W , Seven Sisters rd, Holloway, Cigar Dealer. I think, be a useful expansion of this suggestion if the Pro

Pet Nov 23. Murray. Dec 10 at 11 bate Division of the High Court should be empowered, more Darben, Frederick, Harford ter, Mile end rd, Draper. Pet Nov 24. expressly than it is proposed to be by Bill No. 28, to grant a Brougham. Dec 7 at 12

To Surrender in the Country. probate of real estate equivalent to that of personalty, and if

Bowing, John, Charlton, Kent. Analytical Chemist. Pet Nov 19. the Chancery Division should be empowered to displace and

Pitt-Taylor. Greenwich, Dec 10 at 1 replace real and personal representatives in the same manner Catt, William Samuel Robert, Ipswich. Pet Nov 22. Grimsey. as it now can trustees. The existing incapacities of the High

Ipswich, Dec 13 at 2 Coart are merely survivals of the jealousy

Hodges, George, Leicester, Elastic Web Manufacturer. Pet Nov 22. formerly enter

Ingram. Leicester, Dec 31 at 12 taided against the Ecclesiastical Courts. At present a pro McIlquham, Alexander, Haughton, Lancaster, Machinist. Pet Nov bate of a will does not prove its capacity to pass real estate, 24. "Hall. Ashton-under-Lyne, Dec 16 at 11 and a personal representative cannot be displaced for any

Munday, Russell, St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings, Builder. Pet

Nov 20. Young. Hastings, Dec 9 at 11 Teszon, however valid.

Nuttall, Nicholas, Southport, Lancaster, Auctioneer, Pet Nov 22. The provisions embodied in the Bills which I have men Bellringer. Liverpool, Dec 7 at 12 tioned seem to me, if I may venture to say go, most substan

Walters, William, Truro, Cornwall, Builder. Pet Nov 23. Chilcott.

Truro, Dec 8 at 11 tial instalments of real property law reform, and likely, by sim

TUESDAY, Nov. 30, 1880. phfying estates and conveyances, to pave the way to the haven

Under the Bankruptcy Act, 1869. of real property law reformers—the registration of titles. At Creditors must forward their proofs of debts to the Registrar.

To Surrender in London. present this seems to be generally considered unattainable.

Shepherd, Walter, and Francis John Upjohn, Holborn viaduct. I have in a letter, which the Times in its issue of the 9th of

Music Publishers. Pet Nov 25. Hazlitt. Dec 15 at 12 October of the present year (1880) honoured me by inserting,

To Surrender in the Country. soggested a scheme for carrying into effect the recommenda

Briggs, George Edward, Bradford, York, Worsted Manufacturer,

Pet Nov 25. Lee. Bradford, Dec 14 at 12 tion for combining the action of the Middlesex Registry of

Duckles, William, Goole, York, Innkeeper. Pet Nov 26. Mason. Deeds Office with that of the Registry of Titles Office, Wakefield, Dec 13 at 12.30 which was contain ed in the draft report submitted in 1879 Hyatt, William, Albrighton, Salop, Farmer. Pet Nov 27. Potts. by Mr. Sbaw-Lefevre to the Committee on Land Titles

Madeley. Dec 14 at 11.30

Wilson, William, Liverpool, Commission Agent. Pet Nov 27. and Transfers. My scheme was intended to be at first limited

Cooper, Liverpool, Dec 13 at 12 to lands in Middlesex. The points of it which I intended to

BANKRUPTCIES ANNULLED. be the salient ones were (1) that no compulsion should be

FRIDAY, Nov. 26, 1880.

Pronger, Edwin, Lancing, Sussex, Farmer. Nov 12 put upon landowners except that of allowing such muniments

TUESDAY, Nov. 30, 1880. of title as should bereafter be sent to the Deeds Office to be Jackson, James, Epsom, Surrey, Licensed Victualler. Nov 25 transmitted to the Titles Office to be there docketed; (2)

Liquidations by Arrangement. that the landowler should, on each dealing with the prop


FRIDAY, Nov. 26, 1880. erty, have the option of co-operating with the Titles Office,

Omce, | Adolphus, Louis, Leadenhall'st, Tailor. Dec 9 at 3 at 57) Coleman and in that case of receiving & modified certificate stating st." Sydney, Finsbury circus


Ashall, William, Wigan, Lancaster, Shopkeeper. Dec 9 at 3 at offices | Jacques, Christopher, Bardsley, Ashton-under-Lyne, Colliery Proof Wood, King st, Wigan

prietor. Dec 13 at 2 at offices of Lord and Son, Stamford st, Ashley, George, St George's, Gloucester, Baker. Dec 8 at 2 at Ashton-under-Lyne

offices of Johnson and Co, Archhouse chmbrs, John st, Bristol Jarvis, John, Kingswinford, Stafford, Innkeeper. Dec 10 at 10.30 Baker, George, Hunmanby, York, Farmer. Dec 9 at 3 at offices of at offices of Collis, Union chmbrs. Stourbridge Richardson, Queen st, Scarborough

Johnson, George Gee, Leicester, Corn Factor. Dec 7 at 3 at 7, Baldock, William Henry, Edgware rd, Grocor. Dec 18 at 2 at offices Belvoir st, Leicester of Abrahams, Great Marlborough st

Johnson, John, Wincobank, nr Sheffield, Joiner. Dec 14 at 3 at Ball, Joseph, Lancaster, Licensed Victualler. Dec 9 at 10.30 at

offices of Younge and Co, East parade, Sheffield offices of Wilson, King st, Wigan Barnes, John, Manchester, Cotton Waste Dealer. Dec 10 at 3 at Jones, Alfred Thomas, Neath, Glamorgan, Grocer. Dec 7 at 2 at offices of Peacock and Gracie, Cross st, Manchester

offices of Davies, Alma place, Neath Barrett, John, Bradford, York, Furniture Broker. Dec 10 at 11 at Jones, Charles, Crewe, Chester, Grocer. Dec 14 at 11 at offices of offices of Rawson and Co, Bradford

Hill, Market st, Crewe Bonckley, James, Birmingham, Baker. Dec 9 at 3 at offices of Parr, Jones, Charles Hibbert, Redcar, York, Fancy Dealer. Dec 6 at 3 at Colmore row, Birmingham

the Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Draper, Stockton-on-Tees Bowley, Edward Ernest, Siddington, Gloucester, Horse Dealer. Jones, Frederick Morton, Bootle, Lancaster, Printer. Dec 8 at 2 at

Dec 10 at 2 at the Queen's Hotel, Swindon Station, Swindon, the offices of Steinforth, Dale st, Liverpool
Phillips and Co, Cirencester

Jones, Susan, Bath, Wine and spirit Merchant. Dec 8 at 11 at --. Bowman, John, Garstang, Lancaster, Farmer. Dec 9 at 2 at offices offices of Bartrum and Bartlett, Northumberland bldgs, Bath of Johnson and Tilly, Sun st, Lancaster

King, Charles, Compton mews, Canonbury rd, Cab Proprietor. Bridgeman, William Henry, Shute, Devon, Blacksmith, Dec 15 at

Dec 16 at 3 at offices of Cooper, Southampton bldgs, Holborn 4 at Colcombe Castle Hotel, Colyton. Wilton, Colyton

Knight, Alfred, Oswestry, Salop, Professor of Music. Dec 13 at 12 Brooke, Charles Fitzherbert, Brsitol, Aerated Water Manufacturer.

at Anderton's Hotel, Fleet st. Longueville, Jones and Williams, Dec 15 at 12 at offices of Triggs, Broad st, Bristol. Bowles,

Oswestry Bristol

Lawton, Joe Thomas, Almondbury, York, Joiner. Dec 9 at 11 at Bruce, Gerge James, Winchester, Cabinet Maker. Dec 15 at 2 at

offices of Welsh, Victoria Chambers, Queen st. Huddersfield offices of Drake and Co, New Bridge st, Blackfriars. Best and

Leak, Alfred John, Hanley, Stafford, Potters' Engineer, Dec 8 at Scotney

11 at offices of Heath, Cheapside, Hanley Clarke. John Robert, Liverpool st, Walworth, Stick Manufacturer.

Lewis, David, Porthyrhyd, Carmarthen, Draper. Dec 7 at 11 at Dec 7 at 2 at offices of Mitchell and Co, Theobald's rd, Gray's inn

offices of Griffit hs, St Mary st, Carmarthen Colls, George, Addle hill, Builder. Dec 17 at 2 at Bell Hotel, Addle

Lewis, Richard, Festiniog, Merioneth, Fish Dealer. Dec 8 at 2 at hill. Smith and Braithwaite, Throgmorton st Crampton, Thomas, Leeds, Builder. Dec 14 at 3 at Law Institution,

Queen's Hotel, Fourcrosses, Festiniog. Ellis, Fourcrosses,

Albion pl. Leeds. Dunning and Kay, Leeds
Dytch, Frederick William, Balsall Heath, Birmingham, out of

Littlewood, Francis, Aldermanbury, Button Warehouseman, Dec 13 business. Dec 16 at 3 at'otices of Scott' and Horton, New rd,

at 3 at offices of Boyes and Child, Poultry. Downing, Basing

hall st Bromsgrove Eastwood, William, Lofthouse-in-Cleveland. York, Innkeeper. Dec

Lomas, James, Maryport, Cumberland, Boot and Shoe Maker. Dec 7 at 11 at offices of Jackson and Jackson, Albert rd, Middles.

9 at 3 at Senhouse Arms Hotel, Maryport. Tyson and Hobson,

Maryport borough Evans, Harriet, Derby, Furniture Dealer, Dec 8 at 3 at offices of

Lucas, Ebenezer Edwin, Chief Engineer of Her Majesty Ship Espie

gle, stationed at Devonport. Dec 11 at 11 at offices of Graves, St. Gadsy, Tennant st, Derby

Aubyn st, Devonport Everett, Jane, Brighton, Innkeeper. Dec 13 at 12 at offices of Pol. | lard, Prince Albert st, Brighton

Makins, George, Clarence st, Islington, Watch Case Manufacturer. Ferguson, Thomas, Wigan, Lancaster, Grocer. Dec 13 at 3 at offices

Dec 10 at 3 at offices of Crump, Cannon st of Wall, Clarence chmbrs, Wallgate, Wigan

Marsh, Isaac Baker, Toppesfield, Essex, Farmer, Dec 10 at 12 at Fielden, John, Manchester, Brush Dealer. Dec 3 at 11 at offices of

Rose and Crown Hotel, Sudbury Simpson and Hockin, Mount st, Albert sq, Manchester

May, Henry, Exeter, Toy Warehouseman. Dec 16 at 3.30 at Craven Finnigan, Patrick, Newcastle-on-Tyne, Boot and Shoe Manufac

Hotel, Craven st, Strand. Ford, Exeter turer. Dec 7 at 2 at the Swan Hotel, Stafford. Morgan, Staf.

Meanwell, John Hilton, Coningsby, Lincoln, Grocer. Dec 7 at 2 at ford

Red Lion Hotel, Boston. Clitherow and Elsey, Horncastle Firn, Hannah, Wistow Common, near Selby, York, Dec 8 at 3.30 Morgan, William David, Flint, Saddler, Dec 4 at 3 at George Hotel, at the Londesborough Arms Hotel, Selby. Ford and Warren,

Shrewsbury Leeds

Morley, John, Lower Cumberworth, near Huddersfield, Spinner. Dec Fitch, William, Earith, Huntingdon, Farmer. Dec 13 at 3 at offices

10 at 3 at offices of Booth, John William st, Huddersfield of Hall, Market pl, Ely

Mullings, Joseph, Dunstable, Bedford, Straw Hat Manufacturer. Frampton, William, Ilchester, Somerset, General Shopkeeper. Dec 4 Dec 9 at 12 at offices of Benning and Son, Dunstable at li at offices of Watts, Yeovil

Nener, William Philip, Nottingham, out of business. Dec 6 at 12 at. Fraser, Thomas Itcheson, Walsall, Saddler. Dec 9 at 12 at the George offices of Fraser, Brougham chambers, Wheeler gate, Nottingham Hotel, Walsall. Bill, Walsall

Nightingale, Ledru Rollin, Royal st. Lambeth, Clerk in the General Gardner, William, Brockmoor, Stafford, Licensed Victualler. Dec 9 Post Office. Dec 10 at 3 at Guildhall chmbrs, Basinghall st at 3 at offices of Stokes and Harper, Priory st, Dudley

Osman, Frederick, King's Norton, Worcester, Grocer. Dec 9 at 12 Gaskell, Levi, Halifax, York, Beerhouse Keeper. Dec 10 at 3 at office

at offices of Docker, Imperial chmbers, Colmore row, Birmingof Boocock, Silver st, Halifax

ham Gibson, Oswald, Playden, nr Rye, of no occupation. Dec 10 at 12 at offices of Langham, Robertson st, Hastings

Paskin, George, Halesowen, Worcester, Well Sinker. Dec 9 at 11 at

the Swan Hotel, Hagley rd, Stourbridge. Roskell, Stourbridge Goodwin, George, Heaton Norris, Lancaster, Cooper. Dec 9 at

Pearson, John, Snaith, York, Grocer. Dec 13 at 2 at the Cross Keys 3 at the Grove Inn, Grove street, Stockport, ‘Alderson, Manchester

Hotel, Queen st, Hull, Clark Granger, Thomas Benjamin, Leeds, Hatter. Dec 8 at 11 at offices

Pemberton, James, Grappenhall, Chester, Carter. Dec 10 at 3 at

offices of Davies and Co, Bewsey chmbrs, Bewsey st. Warrington of Lowrey, South parade, Leeds. Hopps and Bedford, Leeds

Pleass, William John, Kingswinsford, Carpenter. Dec 7 at 3 at Grocott, Charles, Nantwich, Chester, Provision Dealer. Dec 15 at

offices of Addison High st, Brierly hill 11 at offices of Lisle, Nantwich Hands, John Henry, Thomas Tyler Powell, James Turner, and John

Porter, Joshua, Preston, Lancaster, Furniture Broker. Dec 8 at 11 Potter, Birmingham, Chandelier Manufacturers. Dec 8 at 12 at

offices, Winckley st, Preston, Clarke, Pres. the Great Western Hotel, Snow hill, Birmingham, Miller and Co,

ton Kidderminster

Prince, Edward, Nantwich, Chester. Grocer. Dec 9 at 2 at offices of Harber, Henry, Dalyell rd, Stockweli, Builder. Dec 16 at 2 at offices

Lisle, Hospital st, Nantwich of Cannon st, Hotel, Cannon st. Badham and Williams, Salter's

Pryor, Jessie, Canterbury rd, Kilburn, Grocer. Dec 7 at at 2 at Hall ct

offices of Hanson, King st, Cheapside. Biggenden Harbott, Ebenezer Henry, St Stephen's rd, Old Ford, Boot and

Pugh, Richard, Brownhills, Stafford, Shoemaker. Dec 10 at 2 at Shoe Manufacturer. Dec 4 at 10 at 49, Bromley st, Commercial

the Stork Hotel, Lichfield st, Walsall. Wilson, Burton-on-Trent rd, E. Goatly, Westminster Bridge rd

Ransford, Thomas, West Bromwich, Grocer. Dec 9 at 11 at offices Heale, Montague Charles, Mosely, Worcester, Tailor. Dec 7 at 3 at

of Jackson and Sharpe, High st, West Bromwich offices of Jacques, Teuple row. Birmingham

Read, George, Shaftesbury, Dorset, Innkeeper, Dec 11 at 3 at offices Heather, Harry Richard, and William Henry Rawkins, Salem pl, of Rutter, Bell st, Shaftesbury

Walham green, Wine Merchants, Dec 7 at 2 at offices of Jonas Riley, John, Eastborough, Dewsbury, out of business. Dec 9 at 10 Bruton st, Bond st

at the White Lion Inn, Market pl. Sykes, Heckmondwike Helm, Richard, Barwick-in-Elmet, York, Publican. Dec 7 at 2 at

Rushforth, Jasper, Manningham, Bradford, Timber Merchant. Dec la, Albion pl, Leeds. Billinton, Leeds

8 at 11 at offices of Killick and Co, Commercial Bank buildings, Hemingway, John, Wakefield, York, Flock Manufacturer. Dec 9

Bradford at 2 at offices of Marsden and Co, Westgate, Wakefield

Scharien, Hans, Gloucester terrace, Onslow gardens, Builder. Deo Henley, Stephen, Warwick rd, Kensington, Grocer. Dec 3 at 3 at 9 at 12 at the Inns of Court Hotel, High Holborn, Hudson, offices of Marshal, King st West, Hammersmith

Furnival's inn Henshaw, Samuel, Nottingham, Licensed Victualler. Dec 9 at 11 at Scrutton, Esther, Harry Osborn Scrutton and Frederick Scrutton, offices of Parsons and Bird, Eldon chmbrs, Nottingham

Essex, Butchers. Dec 16 at 1 at the Royal Hotel, Clacton-on-Sea. Hibbert. Frederick, Padiham, Lancashire, Mercer. Dec 10 at 3 at Smith, North Hill, Colchester the Mitre Hotel, Cathedral yard, Manchester

Storey, Richard Edward, Sundridge, Kent, Butcher. Dec 6 at 10.30 Hilliar, William John, Bristol, Commission Agent. Dec 10 at 2 at at the Railway Tavern, Sevenoaks. Palmer, Tonbridge offices of Hobbs, Clare st, Bristol

Sidebotham, Sarah, Strangeways, Manchester, Beerhouse Keeper. Hindson, Lancelot, Warton, Lancashire, Grocer. Dec 13 at 12 at the Dec 13 at 3 at Peacock and Gracie, Cross st, Manchester

Board Room, Market pl, Kendal. Thomson and Wilson, Kendal Simmons, John Edward, Walsall, Stafford, Grocer, Dec 8 at 11 t
Holt, John, Bradford, York, Agent to the Prudential Life Assurance the George Hotel, Walsall, Bill, Walsall
Society. Dec 8 at 3 at offices of Cottam, Bank st. Bradford

Smart, John, Birmingham, Ironfounder, Dec 9 at 3 at offices of Humphreys, Henry Luke, St Mark's rd, Hanwell. Builder, Dec 9 Jaques, Temple row, Birmingham

at 3 at the Inns of Court Hotel, Holborn. Bartley and James, Smith, Abraham, and Joseph Smith, Bradford, York, Wholesale Somerset st, Portman sa

Grocers. Dec 8 at 3 at the Queen's Hotel, Wellington st, Leeds


Society.' Deadtord, York, Agent: Thomson and be 13 at 12 at the

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