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Page vii - AND URINARY DIAGNOSIS : A Manual for the Use of Physicians, Surgeons, and Students. By Charles W. Purdy...
Page 345 - public nuisance " is a crime against the order and economy of the state, and consists in unlawfully doing an act, or omitting to perform a duty, which act or omission : 1. Annoys, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health or safety of any considerable number of persons ; or, 2.
Page 42 - I do not know that I can add anything to what has been already said in the text of the Lecture on this point.
Page 398 - NY, and when it became the College of Physicians and Surgeons of the Western District of New York in 1813 he was appointed as its president.
Page 375 - An Act to provide for teaching in the public schools, the modes by which the dangerous communicable diseases are spread and the best methods for the restriction and prevention of such diseases.
Page 114 - A Yearly Digest of Scientific Progress and Authoritative Opinion in all branches of Medicine and Surgery, drawn from journals, monographs, and text-books of the leading American and Foreign authors and investigators.
Page 67 - Sir, a man has no more right to say an uncivil thing, than to act one; no more right to say a rude thing to another than to knock him down.
Page 230 - ... actual experience in the care and treatment of the insane, and who has had experience in the management of institutions for the insane.
Page 51 - ... are especially associated. In short, the design of the book is, while not neglecting the specialist, to bring the general practitioner into direct communication with those who are advancing the science of medicine, so he may be furnished with all that is worthy of preservation as reliable aids in his daily work. Illustrations in black and colors will be consistently used wherever helpful in elucidating the text.
Page 109 - Session of the Medical Society of the State of New York will be held in Albany, Jan.

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