Rapports Judiciaires de Québec, Volume 6

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Dawson & Company, 1880 - Law reports, digests, etc
Contains decisions of the various courts of Quebec and includes a few cases of earlier date.

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Page 339 - A vessel which, is closehauled on the port tack shall keep out of the way of a vessel which is closehauled on the starboard tack. (c) When both are running free, with the wind on different sides, the vessel which has the wind on the port side shall keep out of the way of the other.
Page 167 - This statute is in derogation of the common law, therefore it is not to be extended by implication or construction. "As a rule of exposition, statutes are to be construed in reference to the principles of the common law ; for it is not to be presumed that the legislature intended to make any innovation upon the common -law, further than the case absolutely required.
Page 339 - When two sailing ships are crossing so as to involve risk of collision, then if they have the wind on different sides, the ship with the wind on the port side shall keep out of the way of the ship with the wind on the starboard side, except in the case in which the ship with the wind on the port side is...
Page 174 - Admiralty ; and that if the Secretary of State or Chief Executive Authority is satisfied that there is a reasonable and probable cause for believing that a Ship within...
Page 264 - ... upon such evidence of criminality as, according to the laws of the place where the fugitive or person so charged shall be found, would justify his apprehension and commitment for trial, if the crime or offence had there been committed...
Page 300 - Ships, whether steam ships or sailing ships, when at anchor in roadsteads or fairways, shall exhibit, where it can best be seen, but at a height not exceeding twenty feet above the hull, a white light, in a globular lantern of eight inches in diameter, and so constructed as to show a clear uniform and unbroken light visible all round the horizon, and at a distance of at least one mile.
Page 220 - Les pigeons des colombiers; Les lapins des garennes; Les ruches à miel; Les poissons des étangs; Les pressoirs, chaudières, alambics, cuves et tonnes; Les ustensiles nécessaires à l'exploitation des forges, papeteries et autres usines; Les pailles et engrais.
Page 187 - Probable cause is such a state of facts in the mind of the prosecutor, as would lead a man of ordinary caution and prudence to believe or entertain an honest and strong suspicion, that the person arrested is guilty.
Page 135 - Act relating to the exclusion of unqualified persons from the ownership of British ships, equities may be enforced against owners and mortgagees of ships in respect of their interest therein, in the same manner as equities may be enforced against them in respect of any other personal property.
Page 176 - An Act to regulate the conduct of Her Majesty's Subjects during the existence of hostilities between foreign States with which Her Majesty is at peace.

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