Electric Power Reliability: Hearings Before Th Subcommittee on Administrative Practice and Procedures...91-2, August 10 and 13 and Sept. 8, 1970

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Page 277 - No person in the employ of or holding any official relation to any common carrier subject to the provisions of this act, or owning stock or bonds thereof, or who is in any manner pecuniarily interested therein, shall enter upon the duties of or hold such office. Said Commissioners shall not engage in any other business, vocation, or employment.
Page 248 - Whenever either commission shall be of opinion that a common carrier, railroad corporation or street railroad corporation subject to its supervision is failing or omitting or about to fail or omit to do anything required of it by law or by order of the commission, or is doing anything or about to do anything or permitting anything or about to permit anything to be done, contrary to or in violation of law...
Page 246 - ... way of punishment. An action to recover for such loss, damage or injury may be brought in any court of competent jurisdiction by any corporation or person.
Page 73 - For the purpose of assuring an abundant supply of electric energy throughout the United States with the greatest possible economy and with regard to the proper utilization and conservation of natural resources...
Page 259 - State, or local significance as so determined by such officials unless (1) there is no feasible and prudent alternative to the use of such land, and (2) such program includes all possible planning to minimize harm to such park, recreational area, wildlife and waterfowl refuge, or historic site resulting from such use.
Page 248 - That in case any common carrier subject to the provisions of this Act shall do, cause to be done, or permit to be done, any act, matter, or thing in this Act prohibited or declared to be unlawful, or shall omit to do any act, matter, or thing in this Act required...
Page 224 - ... basis in its deliberations. Accordingly, these organizations are requested to permit nonvoting participation by FPC staff personnel in their principal meetings, and upon occasion, as may be requested by the Chief of the Commission's, Bureau of Power, in their important technical meetings. (b) Participation of State Commission personnel in regional reliability councils: It is the policy of the Commission that personnel of appropriate State commissions be permitted to participate in the meetings...
Page 269 - It is hereby declared to be the national policy that special effort should be made to preserve the natural beauty of the countryside and public park and recreation lands, wildlife and waterfowl refuges, and historic sites.
Page 277 - Article, two shall be appointed to serve for a term of one year, two for two years, and two for three years, and thereafter two shall be appointed in each year to serve for a term of three years.
Page 220 - In addition, show the transmission facilities projected for the balance of the ten-year period based upon the best information available. 6. A plotting and a description of the base case for load flow studies of the bulk power network of the region or principal subdivisions) as it exists, substantially, at the time of reporting and as projected four to six years in the future ; and a tabulation and brief statements...

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