The Life of Augustus, Viscount Keppel, Admiral of the White, and First Lord of the Admiralty in 1782-3, Volume 1

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Page 222 - I may complete the poor man's history in a few words: he once had a duel with Colonel Gumley, Lady Bath's brother, who had been his great friend: as they were going to engage, Gumley, who had good humour and wit (Braddock had the latter), said, ' Braddock, you are a poor dog! here, take my purse; if you kill me, you will be forced to run away, and then you will not have a shilling to support you.
Page 126 - Victualers fit and ready for service. I am commanded by their Lordships to signify their direction to you to...
Page 196 - Jumonville), he concluded with these words, — (I heard the bullets whistle, and, believe me, there is something charming in the sound.' On hearing of this the King said sensibly, — 'He would not say so, if he had been used to hear many.
Page 237 - May last, he did withdraw or keep back, and did not do his utmost to take, seize, and destroy, the ships of the French King, which it was his duty to have engaged, and to assist such of his Majesty's ships as were engaged in fight with the French ships, which it was his duty to have assisted ; and for that he did not do his utmost to relieve St. Philip's Castle, in his Majesty's island of Minorca, then besieged by the forces of the French King...
Page 403 - His style of argument was neither trite and vulgar nor subtle and abstruse. He hit the House just between wind and water ; and not being troubled with too anxious a zeal for any matter in question, he was never more tedious or more earnest than the preconceived opinions and present temper of his hearers required...
Page 98 - Banishment ensued ; and lest he should ever be restored, the mistress persuaded the King that he had poisoned her predecessor Madame de Chateauroux. Maurepas is very agreeable, and exceedingly cheerful ; yet I have seen a transient silent cloud when politics are talked of.
Page 423 - We boast some rich ones whom the Gospel sways, And one who wears a coronet and prays ; Like gleanings of an olive-tree they show" Here and there one upon the topmost bough.
Page 14 - ... as our provision consisted of putrid salt beef, to which the sailors gave the name of Irish horse ; salt pork of New England, which, though neither fish nor flesh, savoured of both ; bread from the same country, every biscuit whereof, like a piece of clock-work, moved by its own internal impulse, occasioned by the myriads of insects that dwelt within it ; and butter served out by the gill, that tasted like train-oil thickened with salt.
Page 160 - Commodore listened to this menace with the utmost calmness ; and being near to a window which looked out upon the Bay, directed the attention of the African chief to the squadron there at anchor, telling him that if it was his pleasure to put him to death, there were Englishmen enough on board to make him a glorious funeral pile. The Dey cooled a little at this hint, aad was wise enough to permit the Commodore to depart in safety.

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