Legislative Documents, Volume 2

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Contains the reports of state departments and officials for the preceding fiscal biennium.

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Page clxiv - ... when such wrongs are in any manner connected with the use and operation of any railway on or about which they shall be employed, and no contract which restricts such liability shall be legal or binding.
Page clxxxviii - ... thereof ; and shall also from time to time carefully examine and inspect the condition of each railroad in the state, and of its equipment, and the manner of its conduct and management, with reference to the public safety and convenience.
Page 233 - What freight and transportation companies run on your road, and on what terms and on what conditions as to rates, use of track, machinery, repairs of cars, etc.; do they use the cars of your company, or those furnished by themselves, and are their cars or their freight given any preference in speed, or order of transportation, and if so, in what particular?
Page 15 - It shall be the duty of any railroad company, when within its power so to do, and upon reasonable notice, to furnish suitable cars to any and all persons who may apply therefor for the transportation of any and all kinds of freight, and to receive and transport such freight with all reasonable dispatch...
Page xlix - SEC. 4. All acts or parts of acts conflicting with the provisions of this act are hereby repealed.
Page 346 - Company, being duly sworn, deposes and says that he has caused the foregoing statements to be prepared by the proper officers and agents of this Company, and having carefully examined the same, declares them to be a true, full, and correct statement of the condition and affairs of said Company on the thirtieth day of June, AD, 1878, to the best of his knowledge and belief.
Page 256 - The cars of all transportation companies are allowed to run over the lines of this Company, paying regular rates and receiving mileage. The freight is carried in cars furnished by such transportation companies (excepting consignments of less than a car load).
Page 374 - ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS. EXPRESS COMPANIES. What express companies run on your road, and on what terms, and what conditions as to rates, etc. ; what kind of business is done by them, and do you take their freights at the depot, or at the office of such express company?
Page iii - ... every alternate section of land, designated by odd numbers, for six sections in width on each side of each of said roads.
Page cxxxiii - ... in this act, shall be deemed and taken to mean all corporations, companies, or individuals now owning or operating, or which may hereafter own or operate any railroad, in whole or in part, in this State; and the provisions of this act shall apply to all persons, firms, and companies, and to all associations of persons, whether incorporated or otherwise, that shall do business as common carriers upon any of the lines of railways in this State (street railways excepted) the same as to railroad...

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