Summarized Proceedings ... and a Directory of Members, Volume 26

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Page 114 - ... the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American Institute of Mining Engineers, The American Society of Mechanical Engineers, and the American Institute of Electrical Engineers...
Page xvii - The objects of the Association are, by periodical and migratory meetings, to promote intercourse between those who are cultivating science in different parts of America, to give a stronger and more general impulse and more systematic direction to scientific research, and to procure for the labors of scientific men increased facilities and a wider usefulness.
Page 212 - I need offer here no argument for evolution ; since to doubt evolution to-day is to doubt science, and science is only another name for truth. Taking, then, evolution as a key to the mysteries of past life on the earth, I invite your attention to the subject I have chosen : THE INTRODUCTION AND SUCCESSION OF VERTEBRATE LIFE IN AMERICA.
Page 376 - It is The land of beauty, and of grandeur, lady, Where looks the cottage out on a domain The palace cannot boast of. Seas of lakes, And hills of forests ! crystal waves that rise 'Midst mountains all of snow, and mock the sun, Returning him his flaming beams more thick And radiant than he sent them. — Torrents there Are bounding floods ! and there the tempest roams At large, in all the terrors of its glory ! And...
Page 92 - If this axiom be denied for all temperatures, it would have to be admitted that a self-acting machine might be set to work and produce mechanical effect by cooling the sea or earth, with no limit but the total loss of heat from the earth and sea, or, in reality, from the whole material world.
Page 386 - States, and dedicated and set apart as a public park or pleasuring ground for the benefit and enjoyment of the people...
Page 228 - It is now generally admitted by biologists who have made a study of the vertebrates, that Birds have come down to us through the Dinosaurs, and the close affinity of the latter with recent Struthious Birds will hardly be questioned.
Page 63 - PROFESSOR EDWARD c. PICKERING, VICE PRESIDENT, SECTION A. FELLOW MEMBERS OF THE ASSOCIATION — LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: — IT is a great disappointment to me that I am unable to address you this evening in person. But the heat and length of the journey warn me that it is safer to remain at home. I have looked forward for some time to this opportunity of calling the attention of the Association to a subject in which many of you are, I know, already much interested, the Endowment of Research.
Page 98 - ... and to prepare tables which will exhibit the strength and value of said materials for constructive and mechanical purposes, and to provide for the building of a suitable machine for establishing such tests.
Page 365 - Indians is on the increase and will naturally s6 continue, unless repressed by causes not attributable to civilization, but to criminal misgovernment, until their final absorption into the wondrous amalgam of all earth's peoples, which the destiny of this country may possibly effect.

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