Social and Religious Life of Italians in America

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Christopher Publishing House, 1918 - Italians - 149 pages

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Page 20 - ... bitter climate; they just slept there for a few hours. During the short, cool Italian nights only were they inside. Life was spent working, eating, and resting in the open air. The sturdy peasant in Italy ate the fruits of his orto, drank the wine of his vineyard, wore the wool of his sheep. No one paid attention, except when he went to church on Sunday, to the way in which he was dressed, and he was not very particular how infrequently he shaved. Early in the morning he called out to his friends...
Page 43 - ... relatives at a lower rental, is another manifestation of the localizing effects of Italian kinship values. Departure from the North End generally signifies some degree of repudiation of the community's values. One Italian writes of an emigrant from the North End: I still remember with regret the vain smile of superiority that appeared on his face when I told him that I lived at the North End of Boston, "lo non vado fra quella plebaglia.
Page 97 - ... sleeps in our people, waiting to be awakened. He who knows how to rouse it will do more for the nation than can be done by twenty political theories. Perhaps it is the lack of this sentiment in the imitators of the foreign monarchical constitutions and tactics who led the past attempts at insurrection in Italy, as much as the lack of an openly popular purpose, which is responsible for the coldness with which the people have till now regarded these attempts. Preach therefore, O Brothers, in the...
Page 65 - You have just filed your petition for naturalization to become a citizen *6f the United States, and because of this the United States Bureau of Naturalization is sending this letter to you, as it desires to show you how you can become an American citizen. It also wants to help you to get a better position that pays you more money for your work.
Page 50 - Americanate," meaning the quintessence of foolishness. A sensational divorce case, a scandal at the City Hall, Dowie or Billy Sunday, anything and everything is used as a pretext for a long philippic against America. I have seen Italian newspapers with laudatory articles on America written in English, which no Italian would read, and with an article in Italian in the same issue, that the American would not understand, painting America in the blackest colors.
Page 96 - ... crushed by the foreign arms of Charles V, and the deceit of the Popes, and we began to lose our national character, and to live as if we were Spaniards, Germans, and French. Then our learned men began to play the buffoon to princes, and to stimulate their listless patrons by laughing at everybody and everything. Then our priests, seeing that any application of religious truth was impossible, began to traffic in holy things, and to think of themselves, not of the people whom they ought to have...
Page 19 - One of the greatest surprises of my life ... is to hear from time to time to time, especially from Italian women who have lived in America for years. a statement like this: 'I have been down to America today,' meaning that they have gone a few blocks outside the district of the Italian colony.
Page 65 - If you will go to the public school building nearest where you live the teacher will tell you what nights you can go to school and the best school for you to go to. You will not be put in a class with boys and girls, but with grown people.
Page 45 - I said, was a certificate of efficiency. Whoever has lived in America knows that high ideals, moral and religious, have the first place over there. Whoever has studied American literature and philosophy knows that the American soul is impregnated with idealism and even with mysticism. Whoever has studied American history knows that abstract and general thoughts of morality and justice have always held first place. It is upon pure ideals and pure thoughts that the American nation was built, and it...

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