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My parts, my title and my perfe&t soul
Shall manifeft d me rightly. Is it they?

lago. By Janus, I think, no.

Oth. The servants of the Duke, and my lieutenant. -
The goodness of the night upon f you, friends!
What is the news?

Cal. The Duke does greet ylu, General;
And he requires your hafte, poft baste, appearánce,
Even on the inftant.

Oth. / What's the matter, think you?

Cas. Something from Cyprus, as I may divine; It is a business of some heat. The gallies Have fent a dozen sequent messengers This very night, at one another's heels : And many of the iconfuls, rais'd and met, Are at the Duke's already. You have been hotly called for, When, being not at your lodging to be found, The Senate k hath sent about three several quests, To search you out.

Oth. 'Tis well I am found by you. m I will but spend a word here in the house, And go with you.

[ Exit Othello. Cal. Ancient, what makes he here?

f The ift q. your.

c H. reads part.

J. council. d For me rigbrly; the 2d q. reads, my k So the fo's, R. 9. and C; the rest rigbt by.

omit barb. e The fo's read Dukes.

I So the fo's, R. and C; I. reads out

for about ; the rest, above. & So the qu's; the rest, What is. m The i ft ga reads, Ile Spend a word,

ħ The ist q. reads frequent for leo &c. The 3d and 4th fo's, I will fiend quent.

but a word, &c. i T. reads counsellors; H. counsel ; No direction till R. C


Iago. 'Faith, he to-night hath boarded a ° land-carrack;
If it prove lawful prize, he's made for ever.

Cal. I do not understand,
lago. He's married.
Cal. To p whom?
lago. Marry, to - Come, captain, will you go?

Enter Othello.
Oth. 9 Have with you.
Caf. Here comes another troop to seek for you.


* Enter Brabantio, Roderigo, and others with lights and

lago. It is Brabantio : General, be advis’d;
He comes to bad intent.

Oth. Holla! stand there.
Rod. Signior, it is the Moor.
Bra. Down with him, “thief !
Iago. You, Roderigo ? Come, fir, I am for you -

Oth. Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will ruft 'em.
Good Signior, you shall more command with years,
Than with your weapons.

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• The ift q. reads carrick;, the 2d, * So the qu's and C: the rest, Enter carriact; the ift f. carra&; the other Brabantio, Roderigo, with officers and fo's, R. and P. carrac.

torcbes. A carack is a huge ship of burthen, s Here R. and all after but C. dire&t used by the Spaniards and Portuguese. (They draw on both sides. But the foreItal. Caracca. H.'

going direction for the entrance with p First q. ift f. and C. wbo for weapons (which we are to suppose al. qubom.

ready drawn) makes this direction us. 4 The ift q. reads, Ha, wirb wbo? necellary. The 2d, Ha' wirb you,


Bra. O thou foul thief! where haft thou stow'd my

Damn'd as thou art, thou hast enchanted her ;
For I'll refer me to all things of fense,
* If she in chains of magick were not bound,
Whether a maid fo tender, fair, and happy,
So opposite to inarriage that she shunn'd
The wealthy, * curled y darlings of our nation,
Would ever have, to incur a general mock,
Run from her guardage to the footy bosom
Of such a thing as thou; to fear, not to delight?
? Judge me the world, if 'tis * not gross in fenfe,
That thou haft practis'd on her with foul charms,
Abus'd her delicate youth with drugs or minerals
That - weaken notion. I'll have 't disputed on ;
'Tis d portable, and palpable to thinking.
I therefore apprehend and do attach thee
• For an abuser of the world, a practicef
Of arts inhibited and out of warrant:
Lay hold upon hiin; if he do refift,
Subdue him at his peril.

+ The id q. ibing.

are fix. u The 1st q. omits this line.

· The ad q. reads sic for nat. # H. reads, wealebit.

b The 2d q. and fu's, weakens * T.'s duodecimo and W. read culled H, waken. for curled; this is Wi's emendation, c This is an emendation of t. fol. H. reads cull'd.

lowed by P.'s duodecimo, W.J. and C; y The three ift fo's, dearling ; 4:h, the rest tead motion, darling for darlings.

s So the 28 g; the reft, probable for, 2 The lines in italic are omitted in * portabic. the ist q. P. calls them five lines, and • The ift q. reads, Such an abusing 7. scores them accordingly; but they &c.


C 2

Both you


How may

Oth. Hold your hands,

of my inclining, and the rest, Were it my 8 cue to fight; I should have known it Without a prompter.

Where will you

i that I go To answer this your charge ?

Bra. To prison, till fit time
Of law, and course of direct feffion
Call thee to answer.
Oth. What if k I'do obey ?

the Duke be therewith satisfied,
Whose messengers are here about my fide,
Upon some present business of the state
To " bring me to him?

Offi. " 'Tis true, moft worthy Signior,
The Duke 's in council; and your noble self,
I am sure, is sent for.

Bra. How ! the Duke in council ? In this time of the night? Bring him away; Mine's not an idle cause. The Duke himself, Or any of my brothers of the state, Cannot but feel this wrong as 'twere their own; For if such actions may have passage free, Bond-llaves, and p Pagans, shall our statelinen be. [Exeunt,

f The 4th f. reads band.
g The ift q. reads Qu. for cue.

h The fo's and R. read Wbilber for Wbere.

i P. omits tbat, and the after-editors, except C.

* Tbe ift f. omits I.

1 P. and H. omit do.
m The qu's beare for bring.

n So all before P. who omits 'Tis; followed by the rest, except C..

o The ad f. nigb.

PT. reads Pagrants for Pagans. See Hestb in loc.


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. Duke and Senators, set at a table with lights and attendants.

Duke. • There is no composition in these news, That gives them credit.

i Sen. Indeed they are disproportioned; My letters say, a hundred and seven gallies.

Duke. And mine, a hundred and forty.

2 Sen. And mine, two hundred; But though they jump not on a juft account, As in these cases where they waim reports, 'Tis oft with difference; yet * do they all confirm A Turkish fleet, and bearing up to Cyprus.

Duke. Nay, it is possible enough to judgment : I do not so secure me y in the

error, But the main 2 article I do approve In fearful sense,

Sailor within.] What ho! what ho! what ho !

9 In the fo's and R. this is Scene III. u The fo's, R. H. W. and C, read the

r Before Duke the qu's insert Enter. for obey. The fo's and R. read, Enter duke, sena. w The ift q. aym'd for aim. tors and officers, omitting set at a table, x P. and H. omit do. ២.

y Qu's, to for in. s Firft f. Tbere's, &c.

2 The ist q. reads articles. The 2d q. reads bis for tbefe; the a T.W. and F. read failors. fo's and R. ibis.

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