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lago. How, brother? Caf. My leg is cut in two.

lago. Marry, heaven forbid ! Light, gentlemen, I'll bind it with



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Bian. What is the matter, ho, who is 't that cried ?
Iago. Who is 't that cried ?

Bian. Oh my dear Caffio,
: My sweet Callio, oh Casio, Caffio, Caffio.

Iago. O notable strumpet ! Callio, may you suspect
Who they should be that'thus have mangled you?

Caf. No.
Gra. I am sorry to find you thus : I have been to seek you.

lago. Lend me a garter. So.-Oh for a chair To bear him casily hence.

Bian. Alas, he faints. On Casio, Caffic, Caffic!

lago. Gentlemen all, I do fufpe&t this trash * To be a party in this ' injury. Patience a while, good Cafio. Come, come, Lend me a light. Know we this face, or no? Alas, my friend, and my dear countryman, Roderigo? no--yes, fure-heaven! Roderigo.

& The qu's, O my faveete Callio, Cafe i The i ft 9. onits this speech. fio, Caffio.

k The qu's, To bear a part in, &*6 h So the qu's; the rest, bave tbus . i The It q. omiis injury. for the baur.

m The if g. omis Comi, come.


Gra. What, of Venice?
lago. Even he, fir; did you know himn?
Gra. Know him?

lago. Signior Gratiano? I cry P you, gentle pardon.
These bloody accidents must excuse my manners,
That so neglected you.

Gra. I am glad to see you.
lago. How do you, Caffio? Oh, a chair, á chair.
Gra. Roderigo ?

lago, ? He, he, 'tis he. Oh, that's well said. The chair. Some good man bear him carefully from hence; I'll fetch the General's surgeon. For you, mistress,

[To Bianca. Save you your labour. He that lies slain here, Caffio, Was my dear friend.

dear friend. What malice was ' between you ? Caf. None in the world; nor do I know the man. *lago. [To Bian.] What look you pale ! - Oh bear him

out o' th' air.
Stay you, good " gentlemen. Look you pale, mistress ?
Do you perceive the "gastness of her eye?
Nay, * if you v stare, we shall hear more anon.
Behold her well, I pray you, look upon her;
Do you fee, gentlemen ? Nay, guiltiness
Will speak, though tongues were out of use.

. So the ift q; the ad q. ift f. and C. Tes, 'tis, for O beaven; the rest, yea, 'ris.

P So H. and C. following the qu's and fo's; which tead I for ey; R. and the teft read ab 1 p So the qu's; the rest, your for you.

The qu's, He, "ris be, &6.

The qu's, a for Tbea
s The 4th f. General.
i The qu's, betwixt.
u The qu's, gentlewoman.
w The qu's, jeftures for gapiness.
* The qu's, an for if.
y The qu's, fire for ftare.

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Æmil. ? 'Lass, what's the matter what's the matter,

husband ? lago. Caffio hath * here been set on in the dark By Roderigo, and fellows that are scap'd. He's almost Nain, and Roderigo dead.

Æmil. Alas, good gentleman! alas, good Caffio !

Iago. This is the fruit of whoring--Pray, Æmilia,
Go know of Casio where he supt to-night.
What, do you shake at that?

Bian. He supt at my house, but I therefore shake not.
Iago. O did he fo? I charge you go with me.
Æmil. Fie, fie upon thee, strumpet.

Bian. I am no strumpet, but of life as honest
As you that thus abuse me. .

Æmil. As I? • fough, fie upon thee.

lago. Kind gentlemen, let 's go see poor Caffio dreft. Come, mistress, you must tell 's another tale,

2 So the qu's and C; the reft, Alas, d So the Ift q; the 2d, Fie but once ; (wbat is ebe matter ? wobat is ebo matter, the rest, Ob fie upon ebee, &c. &c.

e So the iftq; the 2d, now for feugb; a T. W. and 7. read there for here. the re!l, except C. omit fough. b The fo's and R. infert quite before So all before P; he and all after, ad.

cxcept C.ornit go. The fo's and R. fruils,


Emilia, run you to the citadel,
And tell my Lord and Lady what hath hapt.

you go on, “I pray?-_This is the night, That either makes me, or foredoes me quite.

[Exeunt, Iago following:

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A bed-chamber : Desdemona is discovered afleip in her bid.

Enter Othello with a light k.
Oth. It is the cause, it is the cause, my soul;
Let me not name it to you, you chaste stars !
It is the cause. Yet I'll not shed her blood',
Nor scar that whiter skin of hers than snow,
And smooth mas monumental alabaster n.
Yet she must die; else she'll betray more men,
Put out the light, and then - Put out • the light?

& P, T, and H. omit you.

a sword, for he intended all along to * So the qu’s; the rest, afore for I trangle his wife in her bed) and in the pray.

utmost agony of mind says, he has a i The fo's call this Scena Secunda. cause for his cruelty, a cause not to be

K and a sword is added by P. and all named to the chaste stars: 'tis fit thereafter, except C.

fore Desdemona should die. I'll put out | Here C. directs, [Taking off bis the ligbt, and iben-trangle her, he is fevord, and laying it by.

going to say; but this recalls a thousand m P.'s duodecimo, and for as. tender ideas in his troubled soul: he stops

n T. inserts this direction (Lays down thort-If I quencb obe taper, bow eofy 'ris the sword; followed by all after except to restore its former ligbı; but O DesdeC.

mona, if once I put out thy iig br, &c. H. reads sby for the.

Upton's Critical Observations. Orbello enters with a taper (not with

If I quench thee, thou flaming minister,
I can again thy former light restore,
Should I repent me: but once put out a thine,
Thọu' cunning pattern of excelling nature,
I know not where is that Promethean heat
That can thy light.relumine!. When I have pluck'd the

I cannot give it vital growth again ;
It needs must wither: I'll smell wit on the tree.

[Kiffing ber
* Oh balmy breath, that almost doft persuade
Justice y herself to break her sword. - Once more
Be thus when thou art dead, and I will kill thee,
And love thee after - Once more - and this the last-
So sweet was ne'er so fatal ! I must weep,
But they are cruel tears. This forrow 's heavenly;
It strikes when it doth love.-She wakes-

Def. Who's there? Othello ?
Oth. Ay, Desdemona.
Dif. Will you come to bed, my Lord ?
Cth. Have you pray'd to-night, * Desdemona ?

p So all before P; he and all after, * The qu's, A for Ob. except C. omit me,

y So the qu's; the rest omit bele 4 Sa the qu's; the reft, eby ligbe for 2 So the ift q; the 2d, case #t; ebine.

the reft, once more, once more. r So the jitq; the reft, cunning A. a So the rit q; the rest, One for Osse.

$ The It q. return for relumine; chę b So all before P; he and all after, fo's, relume.

except C. omit ard. Here T. and all after direct [Sets, ? So the qu’s and C; the rest, itet's dwn ibe rajer,

for rbis. u So the qu's and H; the rest, tély d So the ift q; the rest, were for für ebe,

wben, * So the qu's; the rest, ibee for it, • The erro firit fo's, Deju cenen.


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