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Can you

worn the inky stain so long it has

become as it were ingrained into And now, supposing we have in the fibre of her spirit, and she some way become blackened by cares less than nothing about it. contact with pitch, spiritual pitch,

By and by my lady will even what course should be pursued glory in her stain and call it some in order to eradicate the dark

eradicate the dark worldly title, such as "exclusivestain. There is only one

ness of our set, or the refinements way, that marked out by our

of life," or indeed anything which Savior: by repentance, if the

makes her of the duskysin or stain has been voluntary | spirited set of people, which those part, by confession

who seek solely the pleasures of and humility if it has come be

the world always are. cause of our thoughtlessness, and

and I afford to leave these ink if it has reached us through no spots upon our souls? voluntary act of ours, simple yet fervent prayer will suffice. Do THE 25th annual meeting of the you know people that day by day National American Woman Sufconstantly handling

handling inky frage Association will be held in spiritual things, and they take Washington, D. C., in Metzerott's small pains to rub out the stain Music Hall, January 15, 16, 17, too? You will notice that some do 18 and 19, 1893. not call them stains; they term Rev. ANNA HOWARD SHAW, Vicethem pleasures of the world, am- President-at-Large of the National bitions of the world, scorn of their American Woman Suffrage Aspoor and humble brethren and sociation, has been appointed sisters, a little harmless vanity as Fraternal Delegate to the National to dress, a few light yet evil words Woman's Christian Temperance about friend or neighbor. Oh no, Union Convention, which these are

trifles, my lady will venes in Denver, Colorado, Octoassure you, and because she has | ber 28 to November 2.


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CIRCULAR LETTER TO Y. L. M. I. A. Again we come to you, asking

you to aid us as you have in the Dear Sisters:

past by your words and works. We desire to thank you earnestly | Keep the JOURNAL continually for your energetic and successful

associations and enefforts in behalf of the JOURNAL


courage every one to become a during the past year.

subscriber *All communications from the members of the Y. L. M. I. Associations to this department should be addressed to Mrs. Elmina S. Taylor, 758 W. Third South St., Salt Lake City. The address of the Secretary of the Central Board of the Y. L. M. I. A. is Annie M. Cannon, Folsom Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah.



The JOURNAL is read by our sis- Millard, Oneida, Salt Lake, Santers and also by our brethren; pete, Tooele, Wasatch and Weber and many are the encomiums we

Minutes of three receive of its worth. The First previous meetings were read, corPresidency do not fail to express

rected and approved. their interest and pleasure in our

President Taylor introduced labors. Shall we then weary in Sisters Minnie J. Snow and May well doing? Rather let us in- | Talmage, who have been called

our diligence. Instruct upon to act as aids to the central the ward agents to continue their board. Both sisters expressed labors under the same conditions their willingness to help in any as formerly. The offering of pre- way possible. Sister Snow spoke miums does not do away with the intelligently and with feeling of necessity of canvassers, and our

the indifference which seems to agents can take the cash per cent. be growing up among the young as usual, or take advantage of the in regard to spiritual affairs, urgpremiums offered, if they prefer. ing all to use their influence to See that the agents make a house

check this. Sister Talmage spoke to house canvass of their


depreciatingly of the frequency of tive districts immediately.

divorces in our midst, and the The good done in the future by Aippant way some young ladies our JOURNAL will be measured only have of referring to sacred things. by the support given it by our

The following officers of the sisters throughout Zion.

central board were unanimously Your sisters in the gospel,

sustained: ELMINA S. TAYLOR,

President-Elmina S. Taylor. Maria Y. DOUGALL,

First Counselor Maria Y.

Presidency Y. L. M. I. A. Second Counselor-- Martha H.


Aids-Adella W. Eardley, Lillie

Freeze, Sarah Eddington, Aggie Y. L. M. I. A. OFFICERS' MEETING.

S. Campbell, Minnie J. Snow, THE general officers of the Y. May Talmage. L. M. I. A. met at the residence Secretary and Treasurer-Ann of Counselor M. Y. Dougall, Oct. M. Cannon. 9th, 1892, at 4:30 p. m. Meeting Corresponding Secretary-Mae was called to order by President Tavlor. E. S. Taylor, after which all President Taylor gave some inpresent joined in singing, “Prayer structions in regard to "The is the Soul's Sincere Desire.” Guide," which is to be used in Prayer was offered by Sister Min- the assoications as far as practicanie J. Snow. Roll call showed ble. The design has been to make Bear Lake, Box Elder, Cache, it so that it will be at least a help Davis, Juab, Malad, Morgan, to the presidents.


Sister S. Y. Gates read the por- President E. S. Taylor read a tion of “The Guide" which is letter from the "National Council now ready, and has been ap

of Women," soliciting money to proved by the First Presidency of defray necessary expenses of the the Church.

council at the World's Fair. The Upon the motion of Counselor amount to be sent, and the best M. Y. Dougall, the name Central method of raising the same, was Board" was changed to read | freely discussed by those present, "General Board."

after which it was decided by vote President Taylor spoke of hav- to allow each Stake to determine ing raised the amount of the an- and remit the amount to be colnual contribution which is ex- lected for this purpose. pected from the Stakes for meet- Reports were given from the foling the expenses of the general | lowing Stakes, showing the asboard. Said it is not desired to sociations generally to be in oppress any, but where the Stake

flourishing condition: Cache, is able it is desired that the Bannock, Juab, Malad, Morgan, amount be two dollars.

Oneida, Salt

Lake, Sanpete, It was desired that a meeting be Tooele, Weber, Millard and Box held on the following day, at 10 Elder. a. m., for the further transaction Counselor Dougall considered of business.

the Young Woman's JOURNAL a President N. E. Pugmire, of gift of God.

It has come to Bear Lake, gave a report of the

through inspiration. All should financial condition of that Stake,

appreciate the efforts of the editor, and said they will do what they and every president should be reare called

to do.

sponsible for the thorough canvass After singing “Doxology,” and of and number of subscriber's in benediction by Sister Lillie each ward. Enthuse your officers Freeze, meeting adjourned to to work earnestly for this purpose. meet again at 10 a.m. on the fol

Urged all to develop and try to lowing day.

perfect themselves as leaders and October 10th, 1892. teachers in Zion. At the time appointed, the President Taylor gave an officers of the Y. L. M. I. A. count of twelve visits to various reconvened at the residence of Stakes; commended the labor of Counselor Dougall, meeting being her aids. Solicited a full re precalled to order by President E. S. sentation of Stakes at our next Taylor. Opening prayer

Conference. Requested the offered by Counselor M. H. amounts collected for contribution Tingey. Roll call showed twelve to the Council to be forwarded Stakes represented. Minutes of not later than the 10th of Dec., previous meeting were read and 1892, to Ann M. Cannon, Folsom approved, as also

Ave., Salt Lake City. densed report of the associations. Susa Y. Gates offered a state








and ap

ment of the Young Woman's Jour- | nally manifested, and hoped the NAL. One-third interest in the same spirit would be continued JOURNAL was a gift to the associa- unto us today. Invoked the blesstions from Sister Gates. Everyings of the Lord upon the Conassociation should have a bound ference. The minutes of the last volume in its library.


read It was desired that the Stake proved; also the half yearly reofficers of the Relief Society, ports. Primary and Y. L. M. I. A. The following program was then should arrange to

combine the well rendered: visits of their respective visitors. Sister Lydia R. Young of DubAlso that prayer should be con- lain gave a biographical sketch of tinually offered in behalf of the the life of Sister E. R. S. Smith. general board. Benediction was

A song, “The Beacon Light of offered by Sister Callister, and home,” by Mary Nagel and Co., meeting adojurned.

of Pacheco. Address by counANN M. CANNON, sellor Fanny C. Harper, of Juarez, Secretary General Board. who referred to the excellent in

structions given during the Con

ference, and gave valuable advice The fifth quarterly conference to the young ladies present. of the Young Ladies' M. I. A. of An excellent lecture on the life the Mexican Mission convened

of the prophet Daniel was given in the Juarez meeting house on by Sister Lucinda Holden, of Diaz. Monday, Aug. 29th, 1892.

Pre- Sister Ann Romney, of Juarez sent on the stand of the Author- recited, "The Two Weavers." ities of the Mission, Apostle Address by counselor Libby Beck, George Teasdale, Patriarch Henry of Diaz, who expressed the pleasLunt, Bishop Winslow Farr of ure she derived from her labors, Dublain, Jesse N. Smith, Jr., of and instructed the Sisters in their Pacheco, and many others. Pres- duties. "Let those who would be ident M. E. Teasdale presided. Saints, indeed," was sung by the The choir sang, "I saw a mighty choir. Sister Maria Moffet, of angel fly." Patriarch Henry Lunt Pacheco, gave a Book of Mormon offered prayer. Choir sang, “How lecture on the 1st chapter of the pleased and blessed was I.”

Book of Alma. "The Bridge of President M. E. Teasdale was Sighs,” was nicely rendered by thankful to see such a good at- Sister Mabel Barber, of Diaz. tendance of young ladies, and their Duet, "O how sweet the hunters' mothers, and that so many of

song!" by Ida Eyring and Annie our brethren had stayed over to

Martineau, of Juarez. attend our conference. Referred Sister Rhoda Stowell, of Juarez, to the blessed time enjoyed at recited, "One of many." the last conference when the Spirit Apostle George Teasdale was of the Lord had been so sig- much gratified with the exercises


of the morning and with the timely instruction that had been given. He had greatly enjoyed the calm, sweet spirit of the meeting. He encouraged the associations to continue in their good works, and contrasted the beauty of righteousness with the hideousness of sin, etc. He blessed the associations.

The officers of the Central Board and of the Mexican Mission were unanimously sustained.

President M. E. Teasdale thanked those who had attended and those who had taken part in the Conference. She rejoiced in the increasing interest manifested in the success of the associations. Regretted the time was so limited as we would have been pleased to hear from the visiting brethren.

Choir sang, “We're not ashamed to own our Lord." Bishop J. N. Smith, Jr., pronounced the benediction, and the conference adjourned to Monday, Nov. 28th, 1892, at 10 a. m., in the same place. Ida E. Eyring,

Asst. Secretary

favored of the Lord, and wise beyond her years; a devoted Saint, a dutiful daughter, an affectionate wife and mother.

She was an active worker in Y. L. M. I. A., the Primary Association and Sunday School, and for several years held the office of Stake Secretary of Y. L. M. I. A. At the time of her death she was counselor to the president of the Y. L. A. of Snowflake, and assistant teacher in the Primary Department of the Sunday School.

There are but few whose entire record is so perfect.

She was always a peacemaker, possessed a self-sacrificing disposition, especially kind and respectful to the aged, and entertained the highest regard for the principles of the gospel.

Whereas, in the providence of a just Creator, our beloved sister, Sadie Smith Hulet, has been called from our midst by the hand of death; and whereas her influence was so ennobling, and her character so upright, that we can view her demise with no other than feelings of extreme sorrow.

Therefore be it resolved: “That in her death our society has lost a faithful and valued member, and a wise counselor" Resolved: “That we

emulate her noble example, and that we manifest our appreciation of her worth in these resolutions of respect.

Resolved: “That we present a copy of these resolutions to the bereaved family, with our sincere sympathy; that we enter a copy on the records of the Young Ladies Mutual Improvement Association of Snowflake, and that we also send a copy to be published in the You'NG WOMAN'S JOURNAL."


Committee. DELLA FISH.


OBITUARY. To the memory of Sister Sadie Smith Hulet, who died at her home in Snowflake, Arizona, of heart disease, Sept. 15th, 1892.

The deceased was the daughter of President Jesse N. Smith and Emma Smith, and the wife of John R. Hulet; the mother of two children, the youngest a babe only five weeks old. She was born Feb. 2nd, 1866, at Parowan, Iron County, Utah, and came to Arizona with her parents in May, 1880.

Sister Sadie was a child greatly


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