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Ox Friday, July 29th, in com- After meeting we had many repany with Sister Elizabeth How- quests to go to some of the near ard, I left Salt Lake to make a settlements and hold meeting but short trip through Southern Utah as there was a team waiting to in the interest of the various As- take us to Panguitch we were obsociations of Women.

liged to decline with regrets. We arrived at Salina the after- Words can hardly express our noon of the same day, and were thankfulness to the people of met by Brother Baker of Richfield, Richfield for their extreme kindwho kindly took us over to that

ness and attention to us, especplace that evening. We went to ialy Brother and Sister Bean: the home of Brother Geo. Bean, their hospitality will, I trust, who, with his wife gave us a very ever be remembered and apprecicordial reception. The next day ated by us. we spent in visiting with some of The next morning Brother the sisters, until evening, when Lewis came to take us to Panwe held a Suffrage Meeting which guitch, a distance of ninety miles was well attended, there being a south. We traveled as number of gentlemen present. Junction the first day, stopping

Mrs. Celia Bean, the President over night at Brother John Morof the Suffrage Association, is a rill's. He and his wife were very very bright, energetic, sweet, kind to us, and were very desirous womanly woman, and to her ear- to have us remain and hold meetnest efforts, no doubt, is due much ing there. Several of the sisters of the thrift of the Suffrage Associ- called to see us during the even ation of Richfield.

ing Sunday we atttended the general Tuesday morning we started sacrament service, after which the early and arrived at Panguitch Relief Society and Y. L. M. I. A. about 6:30 p. m. We were driven held a meeting conjointly. There to President J. W. Crosby's where was a large attendance of both old we were entertained while in that and young, many coming from the place. surrounding settlements, and we Wednesday morning and aftercan truly say the Spirit of God noon held Relief Society meetings. was in our midst, inspiring both In the evening a young ladies' speakers and hearers; testifying of meeting. The meeting house was His goodness to us, and causing well filled with both men and us to resolve in our minds to live women, and we had a most enjoynearer Him and forsake every- able time. The Spirit of the Lord thing evil.

was manifest in an untold degree. *All communications from the members of the Y. L. M. 1. Associations to this department should be addressed to Mrs. Elmina S. Taylor, 158 W. Third South St., Salt Lake Ciiy. address of the Secretary of the Central Board of the Y. L. M. I. A. is Annie M. Cannon, Folsom's Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah.

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Thursday morning we attended and held a meeting with the Y. L. Fast meeting and in the afternoon and Primary associations. In the held a Primary meeting, a large settlements quite a lively internumber of children being present, est is taken in mutual improvealso

many of the parents, and all ment. Drove to Fillmore the same seemed to enjoy meeting together. evening, and were the guests of

While in Panguitch we visited Sister Martha Robinson. Wednesmany of the sisters, and the en- day we held three meetings. Thursjoyable time we had among them day the young ladies met in conferthan repaid

for the ence, and in the afternoon the long journey we had taken. We Primary. All these meetings were also met a number of old time well attended, and a very enjoyfriends, which added greatly to our able time was experienced by all. pleasure. Friday Brother Crosby Sister Robinson did everything again kindly furnished us a team, in her power for our comfort and and the same careful, good-natured happiness while there.

The same Brother Lewis to take us over to evening we drove to Holden---10 Beaver--40 miles- to attend the miles—and held meeting. There, laidies' conference there.

We ar- as at all the other places, we enrived at our destination at 5:30 p. joyed that Spirit from which flows and

drove to President all truth, and a sociable, delightful White's. His wife gave us a cor

time was enjoyed. Friday morning dial greeting and we shared their we traveled to Scipio and held two hospitality while in Beaver. Held meetings, primary in the morning three meetings on Saturday, Re- and young ladies' in the afternoon. lief Society morning and after- A goodly number were present and noon, and Primary in the even- all seemed well pleased and satising. The next morning, we at- fied with having met together. tended Sunday School, and were I cannot speak too highly of the well entertained in listening to the hospitality of the people where exercises, particularly the singing. ever we went, and the good Spirit The juvenile choir is most ex- which attended our labors.

In cellent, ands hows careful training. every place the presidents of Sunday, in the afternoon, attended stakes and counselors, and bisha funeral, and in the evening the ops and their counselors attended Y. L. and Y. M. Associations held our meetings, which was a great a conjoint meeting. There was help and encouragement to us. a short programme, after which Saturday we returned to Salt the time was occupied in speaking. Lake, in good health without ac

The next day we were taken cident, having held sixteen meetto Kanosh-50 miles-where we ings, and trusting that we have met the sisters from Fillmore, who accomplished some little good. were holding meeting there.

In ADDELLA EARDLEY, the morning attended a Primary, Aid to the Presidency of Y. L. M. then drove ten miles to Meadow 1. A.


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ZINA YOUNG WILLIAMS CARD. gnomes blue-eyed, silver-tressed The subject of this sketch was

fairy queens, and brown-eyed, born April 3rd, 1850, in Salt Lake curly-haired princes? Zina's City, being the only daughter of princes were always dark-eyed her mother, Sister Zina D. Young,

and curly haired. Was there a and although one of the many general stampede for our inner daughters of President Brigham

bed-chambers? You


be Young, she was none the less his

assured it was with a thunder beloved and prized child. Who

shower which drove us indoors that remembers the childhood and or it was the tale of the crying youth of this gifted girl will fail panther, and the yellow-eyed, to recall the restless, dancing feet,

fierce wild-cat. Told by whom, the quaint questions forever bubl

these stories? By that arch-magiing on the laughing lips, the cian, Zina. God bless her. No sweet voice, always her greatest

one ever caught her in a mean or charm, trilling and caroling for

ill-natured trick. Whose ghost very joy of living? She

stories was it that peopled the always a leader among her associ- long, dark old garret with a thouates. It was Zina who taught us

sand hobgoblins, and made every how to fashion clay dishes, flower of the field a retreat and a wonderful in their variety and

chariot for the tiniest of beautilack of utility; she first made ful spirits? The first buttercup whole armies of paper dolls with

that peeped its dainty cup over wardrobes of bright colored the brown lips of the cold March dresses; who but Zina planned earth was always Zina's prize; and executed the magnificent others might find them afterwards, pageants with which some hapless

but she found as if by rag baby was consigned to step

occult floral instinct, the first, mother earth? And whose hands rare, golden prize. But there, this but hers designed the delightful is not writing a dignified sketch grass homes by the brook for the of my sister, it is just a rambling tiny china dolls which were such

back over the memory meadows a rarity that they were usually of childhood, and I must try to be owned by a small syndicate? Who proper and dignified. did not feel grandly elated when When she, this sister of mine, chosen to be "Zina's girl?" Did was about sixteen, she was allowed we lie awake on the long upper by our indulgent father to gratify porch in the sweet, starry sum

her instinctive love of the drama, mer nights? Whose stories of 1 by appearing on the stage of the fairy life were richest in web and

Salt Lake Theater. What woof of magic carpets, frightful pretty, simple maiden she looked



but no




in the “Youth Who Never Saw Zina came down to Provo and a Woman,” with her white swiss began attending the Brigham muslin frock modestly down to Young Academy. She intended her shoe tops, and her long, fine, to take up the course in literature perfectly straight hair braided in

sooner had she got fairly two glossy braids upon

her settled than our dear Principal shoulders? How like a bird she settled her future labors. He looked when Sarah Alexander, , needed her every day, every hour who was the unlucky youth of to assist him; and as usual she the farce, put his head out of the put aside her own selfish desires rickety stage window, and calling and allowed her

to be the white robed maiden a bird, marked out by Brother Maeser. flung out grain to entice her, First the


ladies chirruped in delighted tones, graded and arranged in classes, "birdie! birdie?" Again, in the with Sister Zina at the head or “Lost Child," who but she could matron. She had charge of every have kept her face straight when girl monitor and to her was conthe baby she brought out upon fided the whole spiritual welfare the stage caught sight of its of these daughters of Zion. mother in the front and electrified Then the Primary department was the audience by calling loudly for put under her, as her ability to “Mamma, mamma?" Alas, the control and teach children white muslin frocks and the thinly and is something marvelous. But shod feet were too great a risk to there was something yet; towards run for the nervous, delicate con- the close of the first semester, the stitution; her health was

inspiration to begin the work of pletely broken up never to be manual training for girls was given entirely recovered.

to Brother Maeser, and at once he She

married to Brother placed this mighty burden upon Thomas Williams in 1868 in the capable shoulders of Sister plural marriage. That is, she was Zina. I have persuaded her to the second wife. Never lived a

write me

a few details of the more devoted wife, nor has this matter, and will add them to this world ever produced a better, wiser article. But what words can I mother than has this dancing, choose to tell the powerful inlaughing girl proved to the two fluence exerted by this charming boys born before the death of

woman upon everyone who came her husband in July, 1873. Zina within the circle of her presence? has preached the worth and She was to the girls what Brother beauty of plural life in the best Maeser

to us all-sister, possible way, by living it in the mother, friend, lover, counselor purest and noblest manner.

and guide. Hundreds will read In the year 1878, one year after these words and echo this tribute the death of her idolized father, of worth to the good done by




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