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whom the world was not worthy, and their Church, their blood they wandered in deserts, and in shed by lawless .adventurers of mountains, and in dens and caves Illinois, and the State, either unof the earth." After the dread- able or unwilling to protect them. ful trial came, and the aints How are we as a nation to explain banished, many

many expressions of to a civilized world this dire sympathy for the oppressed were calamity, this desecration of all made by the press, and demonstra- that is free in our Government? tions of dissent, and disapproba

To drive them, their tion in the great guilt committed. wives and children, beyond the The Illinois State Register ex- Rocky Mountains, beyond the pressed the following:

barriers of civilization, to take “The unlawful doings in Han- lawless possession of their farms cock county are, as we expected, and property, exceeds in iniquity bringing the State into disgrace everything that has been done in all over the Union.

any country since the reign of the everywhere condemns in the most Goths and Vandals.” emphatic and indignant language The St. Louis Oregon contains the treatment which the Mormons the following: have received. When

"It is notorious that the great prejudiced

seriously and Mormon eaters of Upper Missouri candidly reflects on what has been were the greatest scamps in the done-when he thinks of the country, and we have very good hundreds of houses burnt to the reason to believe that the same ground, and their bereaved and remark would apply to the tribe shivering inmates turned out to who are now persecuting them in starve--when he reflects that a Illinois." whole community of people are,

"The Peoria Register expresses in this enlightened age, and in the fear that there will be some this free country, driven out from very bad men still left in Illinois the comforts and blessings of after the Saints are gone. There civilization into the wilderness will probably be left some of on account of their religion, for those who invited them to the that will be the verdict of the age, State, for the purpose of using and of posterity, that sectarianism them as stepping stones to power, alone has thus expelled them, he but who, failing in making them must admit that disgrace will the creatures of their will, aftercleave to our institutions as ward resorted to every consequence of these outrages. within their power to villify them The following is from a New and even encourage them to acts

of outlawry, (but failed.) There “A whole community of the will be left those who, under the people banished, driven violently disguise of carrying out the laws from their homes, their farms, of Illinois, induced the Smiths to




York paper.

become prisoners, and then in cold blood, murdered them, an act of atrocity unparalleled in the history of the age. And there will be left men who will seize the

effects of the banished people, and whose prime object in driving them forth is the spoils they may leave behind."


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| dwell upon ourselves and each [Address delivered before the Y. L. M. I. other. There are congregated Association, May 5th, 1893.]

here probably about sixty young You will think this a queer title women, daughters of Zion. Have which I have given to my address you ever stopped to consider what this evening, but I warned you in that title really implies? Yes, you the beginning that there were say, it means that we are members more sides than one or even two of the Mormon Church. Right, to the subjects we have been con- so far as you go, but that is not sidering this winter.

all it means.

The word Zion We have looked at our bodies


in heart;" from

physical standpoint, literally "daughter of Zion" learned something about how they signifies "daughter of the pure in are made, and the laws which heart." It

also that we govern them.

This is one side of are heirs to the Priesthood, with the subject. Then

all its powers,

privileges and around and took a glance at our glorious promises for the present mental powers. We discussed and the future, not by ourselves these pretty throughly, finding alone, but in connection with the them to be subject to natural sons of God, to whom it is to be laws, analogous to the physical, hoped all will sooner or later be and as necessary to be understood. given in marriage by the power Here was another view of our of the Holy Priesthood. subject. This evening we pro- Within a few years or months pose to consider

third--the of each other, sixty immortal moral side of

natures. spirits left their heavenly home, Although considered last of all, joyfully, no doubt, came down to we do not think it less important this little planet we call earth, than the others; indeed, as per- and took upon themselves sixty taining to our eternal welfare, it mortal bodies. Those spirits and should have been placed at the bodies, united together, head of the list.

before me tonight, and looking Let us look at ourselves closely over them they appear to me to for moment, put away every

be a beautiful sight, well-formed, other thought, letting our minds intelligent, and healthful, in the










majority of cases, and these only shifted upon the shoulders of each average representatives of thon- individual, and are required sands of others scattered through to look out for our own welfare. the settlements of the Saints from Happy for us if we have been so Canada to Mexico.

taught and trained that we Well, now, we

are here.

The perform them acceptably to all purpose of our coming we will concerned! consider later, only mentioning Now that we have demonstrated incidentally that there was our true position in relation to chance work about it; that it all our Maker, our religion and each came about according to a great other the questions arise: what plan which was established, no shall we do to fufill these condi. doubt, ages ago, and which we tions-what do to remain pure-are lending our aid to work out. what avoid to prevent becoming

Having placed ourselves in impure? these responsible positions, there We all know that clean, certain duties which it white

garment for

illustration becomes necessary to perform becomes soiled by coming in conThese sixty bodies must be taken tact with things that are unclean, care of, must be fed and clothed, and the same principle holds true must be kept clean and pure. in relation to the moral nature. Both body and spirit are pure Contact with anything unclean, and holy, when as little babes we unwholesome or impure is bound came to this earth. It is

to leave its bad impression upon duty to keep them so, for Jesus us, if we are not careful to guard Christ, our Redeemer and Elder against it. Brother, has said that except we But, you might say, the world become as little children we is full of bad things; we stumble not enter into the kingdom upon them every day. How can heaven.

we help but come in contact with Again,

told in the them? Bible that the Spirit of God will Well, in the first place, we can not abide in an impure body. avoid very many of them, if we Elsewhere we are given to under- take the pains; and, secondly, we stand that if the Spirit of God is

clothe ourselves with withdrawn from us it leaves us modesty, virtue, and purity in open to the power of the evil one, thought, word and action, that which is a most deplorable con- evil will flee from us, or hide its dition to be in. Up to a certain head in shame when in age these duties devolve upon


Thus we will escape others, our parents, guardians, the bad influences with which we and teachers; but gradually, as are surrounded to a great extent. we gain knowledge and exper- There

few sources

of . ience, these responsibilities are moral pollution which will














gence and



briefly look at, beginning with the aid when in trouble or distress, chief, which is

never look upon him as a tower Companionship.-There is much of strength, but as a poor, to be gained or lost morally by eaten post, fit only to be hewn our choice of companions. For down and cast into the fire. We instance, if we associate with


him and say, somebody having a noble, lofty "Oh, would I were like him." but and aspiring spirit, we cannot rather, “Preserve me from ever help but be more or less influenced becoming what he is." by it. We gaze with admiration I remember once, when I was a into the eye beaming with intelli- little girl, hearing an old gentle

high resolve, and man speak to the children in Sununconsciously our own hearts throb day school.

. He said, "Children. with increased desire to be good always try to select for your playand true and noble, and accom- mates somebody that is better than plish something worthy while we you are. If you will do this there are liere.

We listen with deepest will be few bad ones left, and they interest to the tongue

which will either have to play alone or speaks words of wisdom, become good like the rest." exhorts to good thoughts or great This is a good rule.

If not deeds, and before we are aware of applicable in all cases, we can it, we are forming resolutions in least select in our minds someone our own minds for the performance whom we know to be good and of some good purpose.

We look pure, and resolve to become as upon some person who stands as good as he is, if not better. a pillar of strength in Zion and But we are not going to leave think, "Oh that I were only as the bad ones out in the cold altogood as he is, how happy I would gether. That would not be!"

Christ-like nor Saint-like. Jesus How different is the feeling said He came "not to call the when we are brought into contact righteous but sinners to repentwith people of low, depraved ance," and we are also told that attributes! If we are spiritually there is more rejoicing over strong and self-reliant

we may

lost lamb that has been found resist his influence, and then we than over ninety-nine which are look upon

him with pity, con- safe at home in the fold. So, if tempt, disgust and loathing, among our acquaintances there according to the degree of his are some who pollute their bodies frailties and our own sympathy and minds by bad practices, it is with them.

not necessary for us to turn the Even if we

are weak, so that cold shoulder. We can show them we succumb to his stronger will, by our actions that we do not and become like unto him, approve of their course, and we never respect him, never seek his set them such an example





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