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e-e-ee--e--e, uwe-e-e-e.'

The wo

hapless wife so tenderly, oh so men crouched upon the beach, tenderly, up the vessel's side, and watching their loved relative torn with a long farewell look to home from their restraining arms, threw and friends, he goes to Molokai up their hands in helpless misery in proud willful content to share and out from their throats shiv- his life and love and certain death ered and shook that dreadful cry with her, his wife, the leper." of grief 'Uwe-ee-e, uu taitu ahina kaji makamaka, aloha-a



24TH OF JULY? "Napela! He too was helpless; The question has been asked me, Why we gold, houses, influence all useless.

celebrate this day ?".

The answer, I will try to give, in this my Too well he knew the power of simple lay : relentless law, and his intelli- We celebrate because we love the name of gence beat down his own impulse


Some forty years or more today our people were of anger. Her destiny! Death !

set free; Alone, no hand to give nor take They reached the Great Salt Lake that day, the greeting of constant love and foot-sore and travel-worn, longing. No well-known voice to

And round the flag of liberty, to float upon the soothe the last, awful moments of

Their hearts so loyal, brave and true, for freethat terrible death. Living and

dom loud did cry,
While he? Could he
And sent forth songs of praise,

unto the

Majesty on High, live and enjoy, live and eat and drink, while she lay dying in a

Who brought them forth from bondage, where

they could His laws obey : dreadful open tomb? Could he

They on that barren desert, in humility did

pray "His heart was bursting: he

That God would raise a standard up in freedom

and in might, raised his head to see the fast

To guarantee to everyone, equality and right. receding boat-they were now near- They had been driven from their homes, from ing the line of white, the outward boasted freedom's landfoam of breakers! In another

Been mobbed and plundered of their all, by a

blood-thirsty band; moment they would be at the Their noble Prophet had been slain, their vessel's side, and she, his wife,

Patriarch as well; would be dragged aboard by reck

And many faithful Saints besides-the half I less, miserable hands, and at once

And all because they worshiped God, and did they would away, away for Molo

His laws obey, kai? And he, could reach them

In showing to a darkened world the straight now-one moment more and it

and narrow way. would be too late, death with her,

Because they did like men of old, unfold the

gospel plain, was it not death without her?

And bravely stand up for the right, no matter "With one swift spring, he was what their pain. in the dancing waves, his brawny

They suffered hardships, pain and death in

freedom's boasted land; arm clove a side incoming wave

But firmly stood up for the right, that brave he reaches the boat, has lifted his undaunted band;

yet dead.

yet live?

cannot tell.


There's thousands now or happy homes, where

peace and love abide, I think that we can fairly boast of Utah with

great pride, Fair Utah, how I love that name! with joy my

heart doth swell, And praise the Lord that I have been permitted

there to dwell.

They traveled many weary miles, to find this

land so blest, That they might for their children have a home

where they could rest. They found it on the twenty-fourth of July,

eighteen forty-seven, Although a barren wilderness to them it seemed

a heaven, They knew that God had brought them forth,

had led them all the way, And that is why they thanked the Lord on that

most happy day. The Prophet Brigham knew the spot and hailed

it with delight, He saw it with prophetic eye long e'er it came

in sight, For God was with him, he was led by His all

powerful Hand Onto the chosen land prepared for that small

exiled band.

Then why not celebrate this day, which gave to

us this land! And sing the praises of that brave undaunted

little band, Who pioneered those barren wastes to set their

children free, And had the stars and stripes unsurled pro

claiming liberty. Let's emulate their noble deeds, take courage

and be firm, Should difficulties cross our path, let's from the

path ne'er turn, Unfurl the flag! as they did then, our liberty

proclaim ; For God is on our side we know, then praise His holy name.

Hattie J. Higginson.

They labored hard for many years to make

themselves a home, And help to gather Israel in as fast as they

could come. Look now! behold that wilderness, it blossoms

as the rose, And smiling fields and orchards bloom in spite

of all our foes.

Composed for the celebration of the 24th of
July, 1889, Chesterfield, Bannock County,



soon as

From the New York Messenger by President Orson Pratt, before of February 15, 1846, we learn leaving for the west, to charter a that 235 persons had sailed from vessel, and take out a company that port a few days previous to of the Saints to Oregon or Calithe above date, on the ship Brook- fornia, and as

an opporlyn, bound for the Bay of San tunity offered, others would folFrancisco. These were members low, and endeavor to get beyond of the Church, and were in charge persecution and oppression. of Elder Samuel Brannan. The

In a short space of following is from the Times and time, he has collected together Seasons, Vol. 6:

the number heretofore stated, "As it regards the getting up consisting of farmers and meof this company of emigrants, we chanics, the greater part young desire to give a brief statement. and middle-aged men and women.

1 Elder S. Brannan was counseled They were amply provided with




farming implements, tools, grain has taken its flight and gone, and seeds, necessary for

the when it comes to be exercised in formation of a new settlement. their behalf.” As the ship left Elder Brannan and

his comthe wharf it was a beautiful sight pany reached the bay of San to behold. There was

Francisco on the 31st of July, we feel ourselves inadequate to 1846, and settled on the San describe. There you could behold Joaquin River. “These Mormon the father bidding adieu to his colonists, who were probably the only son, perhaps forever. In first American emigrants to land another quarter you could see the on the coast of California, carried mother embracing a daughter, and with them a printing press, type, bidding each other farewell. paper and other materials, with While tears of parental and filial which was afterwards published affection trickled warmly down the California Star, the pioneer each other's cheeks, you could newspaper of the Golden State." also behold the young man and The agreement made by the Comyoung woman, without father, mittees of Quincy and Cartha ge, mother, brother or sister (except which were held on 22nd Septhose of their brothers and sisters tember, and October 1st and endeared to them by the gospel 2nd, 1845, respectively, were soon of the Son of God), willing to violated. They failed

"to use leave all behind, sacrificing all their influence and exertions" to the comforts and enjoyments of help the people to sell their the scenes of their childhood and

property. They pledged for the former associations for the faith people to assist in this, but which they had embraced, and instead, it is claimed, that they which they know is true, and are used their influence to depreciate willing to die for the

their property,

and persuaded They have borne reproach, purchasers not to buy. “For defamation, obloquy, and scorn,

these reasons,

combined with they have been persecuted (or at harassing prosecutions in violaleast the Church they belong to), tion of the agreement made by mobbed, plundered, robbed, them, and also to give undenidriven, and murdered, and now able evidences that the resoluthey go as exiles, banished from tions made in behalf of the the land of their nativity, the Church were made in good faith, land that gave them birth, the the exodus from Nauvoo began land that is called the asylum earlier than first intended." In of the oppressed.' The liberty the Times and Seasons, Vol. 6, that was obtained by the sweat, under date of February 1, 1846, blood and tears of their fathers, find the following: and bequeathed to them as the things are in preparation for a greatest legacy they could have, commencement of the great move








of the Saints out of the United the medium of your paper to States.

About two announce to the citizens of Hanthousand are ready and crossing cock that I have been directed the Mississippi to pioneer the by his Excellency Governor Ford way and make arrangements for to disband the force under my summer crops at some point command

the first of May, between this and the Pacific." proximo. It

to be the To see such a large body of understanding of the Executive, men, women and children, com- and the State at large, that the pelled by the inefficiency of the terms stipulated for the removal law, and potency of mobocracy, of the Mormons, will expire on to leave

great city in the that day. I indulge a hope that month of February, for the sake the understanding so general of enjoyment of pure religion, may not be disappointed. The fills the soul with astonishment removal of the entire Mormon and gives the world a sample of population has been looked forfidelity and faith brilliant as the

ward to as

an event that could sun, and forcible as a tempest, alone restore peace and quiet to and as enduring as eternity.” this portion of our State; and, The Presidency of the Church

for the peace of the inhabitants and the High Council, and and honor of the State, public about four hundred families left expectation must be gratified. Nauvoo and crossed the Missis- “With great respect, I sippi on the 11th of February, etc., 1846, and were wending their

W. B. WARREN. way through lowa.

"Major Commanding Illinois left as opportunities offered, and

Volunteers.” early in June the main body of

It appears

from the above the people had left Nauvoo and that public expectation for plunvicinity. Soon after their depar- | der, confiscation of

property, ture Governor Ford directed and thirst for the blood of the Major W. B. Warren,

with a

Saints “must be gratified." small force, to the seat of the "The peace of the inhabitants difficulties "to keep the peace." and the honor of the State" were But it has been said, “but more the pretexts to

their properly to prompt the Mormons diabolical black deeds of crime in their operations to leave." And from the world at large. The this appears at least to be one peace they sought was in the reason for the following appear- gratification of robbery unparing in the Nauvoo Eagle at the alleled in American history, and time:

the honor they clamored for was “CARTHAGE, April 16, 1846.

guilt, that deserved the severest Wm. E. Matlock, Esq.:

penalty within the jurisdiction "Will you permit me through

of the law. "It was made to


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Other camps




appear at first that Major Warren place, was taken from his house and his force were appointed as a few nights since, stripped of peace commissioners to

act his clothing, and his back cut to barriers against mob violence, pieces with a whip, for no other and to assist in carrying out the

than because he was a terms expressed in

the treaty

Mormon and too old to make a faithfully and

and honorably. But successful resistance. Conduct of now we find a hasty disposition this kind would disgrace a horde on his part that the Saints fall a of savages." prey to their eneimes.

On June 6th, 1846, a meeting On the 2nd of May, 1846, the was held at Carthage of the citi. day after he had disbanded his zens of Hancock, to make arrangeforce, an order arrived for him to ments for a celebration on the muster them into service again. "I approaching Fourth of July. A presume it is due to Governor resolution passed to the effect, Ford to say that he did not wish “That as the Mormons were not to have the Mormons murdered yet all removed from the county, outright, if they could be induced its citizens were not free; and, to abandon their homes, their therefore, public rejoicings for the rights, and their all to save life." | blessings of freedom would be out In the midst of all this confusion of place." the Saints exerted themselves to The meeting expressed a bitter their fullest capacity to extricate feeling, because the Mormons had themselves from their unpleasant not left the county by the first of and perilous condition. Major May last, "according to the agreeWarren fully realized this, for on ment.” They also discussed the the 20th of May,


proper mode of action to be reported in the Quincy IVhig the adopted, in view of their failure to following:

depart. At that time Nauvoo con"The Mormons

leaving tained many thousands of Church the city of Nauvoo with all possi- members, "nearly or quite one-half ble dispatch. During the week of the houses being yet occupied four hundred teams have crossed by them.” In the meantime six at three points, or about 1350 men from Nauvoo went about six souls. The demonstrations made miles into the country to harvest by the Mormon population are a field of wheat, after being forunequivocal. They are leaving bidden by the mob, not to go outthe State, and preparing to side of Nauvoo, "except on their leave, with every means God and removal westward.” The men went nature have placed in their armed for self-protection, should hands. This ought to be satis- trouble arise. They were factory.

man of

followed by a force of ruffians, near sixty years of age, living and severely beaten with hickory about

miles from this gads, "and their arms taken from






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