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The casements opened to admit the breeze,

"Do you think, Pastor Hog," Sighing a requiem in the leafy trees,

began Thorborg after a while, It entered in and touched the little form, That all had sought to shield from every harm.

"that our religion is the true

Church of Christ?" The father saw and with a sudden start, And cry that touched a fresh each weeping heart, The old gentleman looked "It is too cold for her, oh it is too cold,

amazed. Our little blossom, oh it is too cold!"

"Surely, my child; there is He could not yield her to death's icy touch,

not a doubt in my mind as to But sobbed and moaned, “Oh 'tis too much, too much;"

that. What evil spirit has been And sought to keep her warm that long, sad sowing the seed of doubt in your night,

heart?" Then bowed at last and gave to God His right.

"I have heard so much lately. Oh little one, so helpless and so weak, Oh mighty love that language cannot speak,

There are so many religions, and Frail little hands but oh so strong their hold, they all declare to be the only Gently they lead her loved ones to the fold.

true Church."

"Are not the scriptures verified

in this, my dear, where it says THORBORG,

that in the latter days many shall

arise and cry here is Christ, or (CONCLUDED FROM PAGE 351.]

there is Christ?" "Did you ever THORBORG was

very warmly

hear of the Mormons?" inquired received by both Miss Hog and

Thorborg abruptly. her feebie old brother and after having drank coffee out in the

Pastor Hog's eyebrows went large greenhouse, the pastor lit

up and his pipe went down. his pipe again and began

began to

"Thorberg, my child, promise question Thorborg about the

your old minister that whatever news, and lastly if she went dili

you do you will never listen to gently to church. Thorborg was

anything they may want to say to prepared for this, but said, with

you; for be sure they are the very

anti-Christ that is spoken some hesitation, that she had not

much about in the Bible. Let been there as often of late as she used to.

me implore you, child," and the "I hope, ny dear Thorborg,

old gentleman raised his voice in

much alarm, "to keep away from that you are not letting the world

the wicked people.

I do not come between


and your Savior?"

even consider it proper to speak Thorborg was silent.

of them to a young and innocent "You have not forgotten the girl.” Lord's prayer,

the three "But they claim to have the articles of faith, have you?"

gifts and powers that attended "No, sir."

the former-day Saints." “That's right;

forget "If they have them, which I them."

doubt, they work their miracles

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very little


by the power of the devil and no "Yes, yes,” she said, “but your other; of that you may be sure.' words frighten me; they almost

The old minister went on at convince me that your religion is some length, denouncing the from God, and how can I bear to Mormons very vehemently, and leave my loved ones, my old Thorborg had never seen him so associates, my mode of living and roused. She said no more on the thinking! How could I bear the subject, but she was much disap- world's scorn!" pointed. She had hoped to get “Do you remember the young some light on the subject in

who came to Jesus and kindly way, and only found that asked Him what he must do even he, her good, kind old to be saved, and when the minister, was up in arms against Lord told him to sell his goods people he knew

and follow Him he went away about. She went home dis- sadly, for he had much goods. appointed and no wiser than she It is harder for those who have came; and as luck would have it

any of this world's goods to she met young Ibsen going follow the Savior.

. But I know through the park. They at once that if you would pray earnestly entered into conversation, and he the Lord for His assistance walked with her. She told him and help to bear these things, He where she had been and what her would help you." errand had been. He could not He spoke with much earnesthelp smiling when he heard it, ness; his words had such power and told her that the Church of that Thorborg could but be well Christ had

worse enemies impressed. than the ministers of the different She sought the Lord that night denomintions. She could not in earnest prayer that she might understand that, and wondered know if this religion was from why these men, who were vell Him. She met ner rother next versed in scripture, should not morning with red, swollen eyes, know the gospel when it came. and when he anxiously inquired

"Miss Thorborg, were not the for the cause of her distress, she Pharisees and the scribes well had slept very little that night, versed in scripture; had they and she had cried a good deal over not spent all their lives in study- the sorrow she was about to inflict ing about the prophecies of her parents. Emil the coming Messiah, yet when thoroughly alarmed, and wanted He came did they know Him? to know what she meant; and Did they not persecute Him from Thorborg told him that she was the very beginning until they had going to become a Mormon. He crucified Him?"

was much frightened, and beThorborg was struck with this sought her to not do such a thing argument.

before considering it well. He



was never


felt a good deal of remorse for didn't know why she thought so; having taken her to some of the she could not think of anything meetings. “But it never occurred he had ever said or looked that to me, Thorborg,

once, might have led her to think it. that you could fall in with their Perhaps it was just her own love ideas," he concluded regretfully. that made her see more than ordiHe advised her to say nothing nary friendship in his kind ways. about it till she had thought more She had another talk with about it.

Ibsen, and went again to meeting Thorborg had some trying days the following Sunday. She had

1 She felt the conviction of contrived so far to keep it secret; the truth growing on her, but the but she knew quite well that she love of this world came often near was liable to be discovered any gaining the mastery of her. How moment, and she feared it would often she sat in her beloved be before she had been baptized, I greenhouse and looked dreamily | and then she might not have the out over the sea, wondering how courage to have it done right in she should get strength to brave the face of her parents' wrath. the storm of opposition she Thorborg sat one afternoon at knew would rage against her as the window sewing when she saw soon as she should embrace Mor- the postman and Mr. Ibsen come monism. Then she thought of the to the gate simultaneously. The wild West, where she would have former handed letter to Mr. to make her future home. How Ibsen, and she saw him with a glad dreadful it would be to live with- smile: and thinking she should out the sea, these lovely woods, meet him on the stairs and perteeming with flowers of every haps arrange with him for her kind, these vales and dales, where baptism, she hurried out, feeling every foot of ground was culti- secure, as her mother was taking vated and bore fruit of some sort! her afternoon nap.

She did not How unattractive and wild Utah meet Mr. Ibsen

the stairs, must be! Then

a soft, however, and concluded he had secret whispering, soft and changed his mind and gone out faint that Thorborg bent low her in town again. She proceeded head to hear it, "He will be there downward, though, and thought to cheer

And when she she would take turn in the thought of the

anger of her

garden, it being one of summer's parents it comforted her to last and beautiful days. At the remember that he was here to entrance of her greenhouse, which help her bear it. The "he" was, had now changed to loveliest red of course, Mr. Ibsen, whom poor and yellow, she was startled to Thorborg secretly loved, and she find Mr. Ibsen. He had of late was almost sure that deep in his sometimes joined her and Emil heart he loved her too. She there of an evening; and it was







we were-




not the fact that he was there assured him it would, and he which startled her, but the posi- proceeded with some hesitation: tion in which she found him. "You see

--I've never Flung nearly half-way across the told you, Miss Landsho; it was table, his face downward, he lay my own affair, and I thought it weeping and sobbing as if his could have no interest for youheart would break. He had evi- but I have the sweetest, kindest, dently not heard her, and Thor- best little wife in the world. We borg stood irresolutely wondering were married a little over a year what she had better do, run away ago, and now she writes me that again and leave him to his grief; she has, that we have, a son, you but her heart went out to him.


Its our first-born, and I She was on the verge of weeping have fretted a great deal about herself. How she longed to com- being away like this; but now its fort him! She stretched out all over, and they are both well hand. Oh if she only dared lay it and doing nicely." on his head and ask him to let He looked up, and was struck her share his sorrow; but modesty

with the white face and unsteady forbade her. She came

little lip of the young girl. He heard her and looked “Oh I can so easily understand up. "Forgive me for intruding, your emotion, and how thankful Mr. Ibsen, but I thought you you are," she said, sympathetically, might need

my-some comfort, though her voice sounded conand I had no idea you were here strained. And now let me wish till I came. He had looked half you much joy," she continued, annoyed, half ashamed when he holding out her hand.

"I hope first her;

he smiled this boy may be a great blessing kindly and said it was he that to you." He shook her hand ought to beg pardon for taking and tried

and tried to say something, but possession of

her greenhouse. could not, fumbling with the She begged to let her try and letter his eyes were blinded again help him in his griet if it was in by tears, and Thorborg hurriedly her power.

At this he blushed left him. violently, and stammered that it “There, the illusion is gone; was not grief but joy that had the bubble has burst; good-by overcome him so. Thorborg felt now to Mormonism, to love and relieved, and yet little bit all. I am thankful this happened disappointed, and drew back before I had gone farther.

I see involuntarily.

now it was all wrong. I thought “Don't go, Miss Landsho; it was Mormonism I believed in, since you have manifested such but it was sheer selfish love for a sympathy for my sorrow perhaps man who

gave it would interest you to hear the thought. This is my punishment; of my joy?" Thorborg

Thorborg may I bear it patiently!"






a or


She did bear it patiently. She in former days? Why did they was quiet and a little pale, but not belong to the Church today? performed her duties as usual. Was it possible that they were all

When she heard the church stupid enough to swallow this withbells next Sunday morning she out remonstrating? She looked went to church, thinking they around on the audience. They were calling her particularly. all sat placidly enough; there was

Mr. Langman officiated again no sign of indignation at his today, and made his usual long words that there was no necessity prayer in his earnest, pious way. for these gifts now-a-days. If Thorborg sat looking at the altar- such things were wrought in our piece, taking no notice of what days it was done by the power the curate said did. The of the evil one. “Blasphemer!" prayer and singing were over; the whispered Thorborg under her sermon had begun, and still she breath; "there is no truth in you. sat rigidly looking at the painting To think that I have sat here representing the Lord's Supper. time and again listening to his She wondered that Pcter, who tales without ever seeing the looked so brave, so manly, could absurdity of it." Should she sit deny his Master. She could quietly by now and

by her easily imagine that Jesus had

presence sanction what must be loved John more than the rest, if abominable in the sight of the he had looked anything like this Lord! Such perversion of the picture of him, as he lovingly truth! She looked at Peter once leaned against his divine Master. more; then she arose quietly and She noticed the sneaking expres. walked out of the church. sion of Judas, and smiled as she In the afternoon she took out thought she recognized Mr. Lang


Doctrine and Covenants, man in some of his features. She which Mr. Ibsen had lent her, looked up toward the pulpit to but in which she had not yet ascertain that the likeness really looked. She

much affected was there, and Mr. Langman by what she read. It sounded looked straight at her, and said, like the commands of a just and as if it was meant for her:

indignant God, who demanded "And to one was given the gift obedience. So different from the of prophecy; to another the gift of weeping, pleading Jesus of the tongues; to another the gift of in- Lutherans. She

awed and terpretation; and again to another frightened. The end was near, the gift of healing." Thorborg sat and still she lingered on the up straight in a second. What enemy's ground, afraid of what mockery was this? How dared people would say.

It should not he stand there and proclaim to

What were other people the people that these things to her? What was the world's belonged to the Church of Christ opinion compared with her own



be so.

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