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termed the lubricating oil of the amount from his friend wheels of trade.

opposite side of the table. And A dishonest person is avoided so the one five dollars went the as is a small-pox patient, and entire round, and

at last when once spotted, may bid adieu handed back in payment to the to the trust or esteem of honest one who had first given it out. folk. 'Tis just that dishonesty They had all been paid with is shunned, if only for the reason this one five dollars. that it often proves the coagulator Any individual possessing a of the machinery of business; spark of self respect, or regard for for through the failure of one his reputation, will, if possible, dishonest person to

meet his meet the honest obligations obligations, a half dozen honest required of him; but we men may be thrown out of their times meet with honesty which is calculations, and be placed in of a higher type, and while it false positions, perhaps be made astonishes us, it does not fail to to appear that which they most increase, at a ten fold ratio, our abhor. «Tis said that "by

faith and confidence in humanity. man's disobedience


A story is told of a poor German made sinners;" and it might as peasant of the last century, who well be said that by one man's was one of many sufferers from dishonesty many are made dis the devastations of war, which honest, while on the other hand on every hand was displaying its one person's

person's promptness may multitude of horrors; and the redeem a dozen from the stigma golden rule might supposedly of neglect.

have been the idea most remote An anecdote is related of from such scenes. However, this company of friends who were tak

of simple honesty, being ing dinner together. The meal commanded by captain had been dispensed with, and dragoons of the invading army to during the after-dinner chat it show him a field where he might suddenly occurred to one of them obtain forage for

his troops, that he was debtor five dollars to straightway took the lead of the his right-hand friend, whereupon company to comply with the he produced the amount, and captain's bidding. They soon with thanks redeemed himself. arrived at a field of waving grain, This promptness reminded the and the captain called a halt; person receiving the money that but the peasant urgently requested he also was debtor the amount to him to proceed yet little another friend who was present, farther, saying that it would be and handed the five to him, all right. Arriving at another when, strange to

field some little distance along, last paid suddenly bethought him the troops dismounted and prothat he had borrowed the same ceeded to cut down the grain for

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their animals, without the least Deep down in the heart of objection from the peasant. The humanity is a great, hungry spot, captain, not being able to which can only be satisfied by through the philosophy of coming sympathy, pure

and genuine. thus far, when they might have 'Tis this yearning that makes us procured that which they sought so dependent on each other for nearer, said to the man, “My support, for happiness; 'tis the friend, why did you bring us one touch of nature that makes far? The other field was as good the whole world kin." as this." "That is all very true," Sympathy is the magic power replied the peasant, “but it was that reaches the inmost heart, noi mine."

lightening life's weary burdens, Like a refreshing oasis in the and making its

its sorrows desert of degeneracy is

almost sweet. example of this kind. It We all crave sympathy, for we strengthens our trust in our fel- all in need of its divine low-man, and kindles a hope for influence. Yet too often are its the ultimate predominance of life-giving rays obscured, as the right.

sun behind a cloud, leaving the We have in the life of Sir Wal- sad heart desolate, the drooping ter Scott a noble example of this spirit unconsoled. sterling quality. To liquidate a Sympathy enlarges our hearts, debt which he had not contracted, en nobles and beautifies our lives, but nevertheless felt responsible and raises us nearer the sphere for, he toiled


his writing from whence we unceasingly, and taxed his consider, then, that which is so strength beyond the point which necessary to our own well-being, his declining years could with- is also essential to the well-being stand. And though he well knew of others; and give not stintingly that his vital powers were giving or grudgingly of that which way, yet he ceased not his labors, enriches ourselves in the bestowbut literally made a martyr of ing, and blesses immeasurably himself to his exalted sense of those who receive. honor. This almost unprecedented Love, patience, and forgiveness example in a man of letters is as are also embraced in this subject. lofty and commendable as is his Who is there so utterly misername and fame in a literary sense. able as that person whom nobody Such men stand as monumental loves? Can we picture a

world of fraudulence and desolate condition than life scheming as do the towering pyra- unblessed by the benign influence mids amid the sands of Egypt. of love? That which is the

The quality of sympathy as a soul of the universe, and lends to component part of the Golden earth the only semblance which Rule now claims

our attention. it bears to heaven. "Love is


Let us


in a


ye would



heaven and heaven is love," for with the golden precept.

None our Father is the personification need feel too large, too great or of that quality.

too wise to humble themselves Love is the illuminator of this and ask forgiveness of one they troubled sphere, that which have injured. This is but just lends to life the rainbow tints, and right, and what we would the sunset hues, and makes our expect from another. 'Tis the lives worth living.

only way of maintaining confiInasmuch then as this quality dence and love, and avoiding a is so requisite to our real happi- separating gulf to widen and ness, we should strive to cultivate deepen between friend and friend. those qualities of sympathy,

“Then as

that men patience, kindness and cheerful- should do to you, do ye likewise ness, which we know cannot fail unto them." to make us lovable; and forget What blessed revolution not to mete to others the full would be brought about in this measure of love which they merit. world of trouble and sin should Seek for lovable qualities rather the children of earth but heed this than for those which would call gentle precept! We have out censure; for love begets love, example of its magic working and as it is a purifying, ennobl- power in the city Enoch, where ing element, cannot fail to work the earth became as Eden, for a revolution to the extent that it each loved his neighbor as himis indulged in. Besides this, it self. will make the world seem brigh- As the chosen people of God, ter, and all nature will assume from whom much will be expected diviner aspect; for heaven will be we should strive to hasten 'that nearer and life more complete. glorious time, the promised reign

Patience and forgiveness we of righteousness, when sorrow should all strive to cultivate for shall be done away, and all shall are but


weak mortals, live in peace and love. This even at our best, and prone to do noble cause each one may aid by that which should not do. heeding the divine precept of the We are continually supplicating Perfect One, in making the our Father for patience and for- Golden Rule the law of life. giveness, and dream not that He

Gladys Woodmansee. will turn a deaf ear to our pleading. Yet we must remember that Christ has said, "If ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither

A TOUCHING INCIDENT. will your heavenly Father forgive

LITTLE JENNIE. you your trespasses.” Herein we All mortal faith and works had been in vain,

The precious soul is free from earthly pain, see the justice and mercy of God;

The little one is resting peaceful now, for in self-defense we must comply No shade of anguish on her marble brow.




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