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months in charge of the were not members of any church, work until Sister M. W. Snow but

worthy, God-fearing could come and take up that people, who taught their children labor. Again she returned to her the principles of morality and to work in the St. George Temple, honor the Sabbath day. and there has continued until the My mother was left a widow present winter. Now, yielding to when I was nine years old, with the persuasions of her children family consisting of two and friends, she has consented to brothers, three sisters and myself. remove to Salt Lake City, where When I was eighteen years of age in her declining years she can be I first heard the sound of the goswith those who love her and pel. The words of the Elders watch over her interests. Here

sank deep into my heart, and I then she waits, looking with long- was at once convinced that their ing eyes for the dedication and doctrine was the same that Jesus consequent work in the great

and His disciples preached. Soon temple, for not until she can enter after this I was baptized, and into her beloved temple work will received the gift of the Holy she ever be happy and satisfied. Ghost. About two years later my She has been instrumental in mother's family emigrated to redeeming hundreds of her own Nauvoo, where I became dead kindred, while she has ever quainted with the Prophet Joseph been joyously willing to take Smith, and I bear my testimony names and assist the


and to the world that he was unfortunate brethren who need a of God, guided by divine inspira woman's help in their work in tion. I not only knew him in temples. No one ever calls upon life, but I saw him after he had her for means or for work, for been cruelly murdered by a faith or for prayers, in the doing wicked mob. of Christ's work and finds her I was married to Erastus Snow unwilling or selfish. Of her life in the order of celestial marriage she has freely given, and surely on the 2nd of April, 1814, in she shall in that great, eternal Nauvoo, by Hyrum Smith, and work beyond find that precious according to the advice of the jewel-eternal lives and glory. Prophet Joseph.

I received his counsel on this BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCH OF THE LIFE subject as divine revelation, AND LABORS OF MINERVA and never for one moment of my WHITE SNOW

life have I regretted taking that

step. My relations in the family born in Northbridge, of Brother Snow were of a very Worcester County, Mass., March pleasant nature, and I wish to 22nd, 1822. My parents

bear my testimony to the noble Alden and Achsah White. They and unselfish character



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of my






husband's first wife, Sister Arte- home in Nauvoo. Then for the misia. I loved her as a dear sis- second time was I left childless. ter, and have every

to Only a mother who has been thus believe that my affection bereft can relize my utter desolareturned. Her death has left a tion. As spring approached we void in my heart which only our again made preparation to take anticipated reunion behind

behind the up our line of march toward the veil can ever fill.

setting sun. We left Winter It is not necessary for me to Quarters in the spring of 1848, dwell on the sad scenes connected traveling in President Young's with our exodus from Nauvoo, company. I drove a mule' team for they are indelibly imprinted through all the long and weari

the hearts of all those who some journey, occupying the participated therein, and

whole summer. We arrived in experience has become a matter Salt Lake Valley in the fall of the of history for the information of

same year, and went to housethose who did not. Suffice it to keeping in a log house containing say that we crossed the Missis- but one room. The family consippi River early in February, sisted of six persons.

Two more 1846, in bitter winter weather, to children were born during the we knew not whither.


winter. In the following year endured many hardships and pri- Brother Snow was called to take vations, and I narrowly escaped a mission to Denmark, and was drowning by the slipping back absent nearly three years, during into the river of the wagon

in which time his wives which I was sitting on the ferry dependent upon their own boat, with one of my husband's tions for a livelihood, and endured children in my lap. By receiving all the privations incident to a prompt assistance, I escaped with new country, with the added disa wetting in the ice-cold water. advantage occasioned by the Soon after our arrival at Winter absence of their natural protector, Quarters I gave birth to a daugh- and of which the young people of ter, my second child, my first- the present day have little idea. born having died in Nauvoo. Cultivating our own garden, chop

About this time my husband ping our own firewood, and in was called to go with the pioneers addition to our regular duties we to locate a resting place for the gathered straw and made straw Saints in Mexican Territory. hats, for which there was an inHaving accomplished his mission, creasing demand as the tide of he returned in the fall, but just gold-seekers surged toward the before his arrival my baby sick golden State. ened and died, in consequence of This industry was

a source of the hardship and privation we great benefit to us, had endured since leaving our thus enabled to












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money to supply our more press- ple, where I remained a little over ing necessities.

a month, when President Taylor After Brother Snow's return he released me, and on the occasion built a more commodious house of the dedication of the Manti for his family, and we began to Temple I again received a call to enjoy more of the comforts of labor in the Lord's House; but life. But in the year 1861 my

as my eldest son, Erastus, had husband was called to explore passed from earth on the 20th of Southern


After few March previous, and my husband weeks absence he returned for his being very sick, I was released family. Our journey to the south for a season. Six days later, .on was attended by many difficulties, May 27th, Brother Snow died, and dangers, but

finally but I was so bowed down with reached our destination in safety. grief at the recent loss of my We encountered all the discom- husband and son that I could not forts and privations which were at once resume my labors, but on such prominent features of the July 9th I went to Manti, where southern mission in its earlier I have resided ever since, and years, and which

well have had great joy and comfort known to those who endured in


labors. I have received them. The first two of my

many blessings from my heavenly twenty-four years' residence in St. Father in the holy temples George were spent in a tent, with dedicated to His name. I have all its attendant annoyance.

I seen the power of God made was also in delicate health, and manifest


times. I have suffered very much from the un- seen the sick healed, the lame accustomed heat and the lack of made to walk, and the blind to comforts which it was impossible see, and I wish to repeat my testito procure.

I was appointed mony to my young sisters, to President of the St. George Stake

whom this sketch is affectionately Relief Societies by President John inscribed, that Joseph Smith was D. T. McAllister, in 1875, which a Prophet, and that this gospel office I held till my removal to was established by divine revelaSalt Lake in 1885, where I was tion. I have received this knowlappointed Counselor to Sister M. edge from my heavenly Father 1. Horne, in the Retrenchment through obedience to His comSociety. On the 9th of January, mandments, and I earnestly 1877, I began my labors in the desire to be faithful unto the end. St. George Temple, in obedience to a call from President Brigham SKETCH OF ELLEN B. RAY Young. I continued to work

MATHENY, there for more than seven years. On the 21st of May, 1881, I was I was born May 13th, 1889, in called to labor in the Logan Tem- Carroll County, Miss. My parents







Three years


my mind.

were John A. and Mary Bryan After arriving in Salt Lake Ray. My mother died when I City, my father bought a home, was fourteen months old. When in which we lived but a couple of one and

old my

father months, when we were called to married a second time. When I

Fillmore, Millard was ten years of age my father County. This call was promptly moved to Texas, and in Novem- | obeyed, and we made the journey ber, 1851, the Mormon Elders, in November, which was pretty Brothers James McGaw and cold weather for people raised in William Moody,


a southern clime. In October, house, and though I

but 1855, Brother Sims F. Matheny twelve years old, the gospel arrived at Fillmore, and I faithtaught by them was so impressed | fully fulfilled my promise to him, on my mind the first time I heard and we were married the 24th of it that I have never forgotten the November, 1855. sweetness thereof. Ministers of later, with my consent and wish, . other sects had been to our house, my husband took to himself but they made no impression on another wife, and I have

been thankful that I, with

my My father was baptized in husband, were privileged to obey November, 1851, after hearing that holy command. but two sermons from the Mor

When I was twenty-two years Elders, and about nine of age I was taken sick and conmonths later


step-mother, fined to my bed for one year. Mary Young Ray, my oldest sis- The next five years

I was ter, Martha J. Ray, and myself invalid, but not quite so helpless were baptized into the Church of as during the first year. About Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. four months after I

taken In January, 1853, we left our sick my father died; and beautiful home and started for year after this our home, with all Utah. After traveling fifty miles owned,

accidentally we arrived at a branch of the burned. From my twenty-eighth Church known as the Spring to my thirty-first year I enjoyed Creek Branch, where we remained moderately good health, when I three months, and during this met with an accident which paratime I became acquainted with a lyzed my right arm and nearly young man by the name of Sims the right half of my body. This F. Matheny, whom I promised to caused me to be a helpless invalid marry when he came to Utah. for six years, during which time

In March, 1853, my father and my husband was called to leave his family, with a few other this world of

In the families, resumed journey seventh year of my sickness I for Utah, where we arrived the went to the St. George Temple, 1st of September, 1853.

was baptized for my health, and









my home


to do some work for my mother, laboring there. My home being and from that time I rapidly at Ephraim, seven miles from the improved, and in one year I was temple, I have usually gone home called to go to the St. George every night and back in the mornTemple as a regular worker, ing, and on account of my travelwhere I worked for three years ing back and forth Sister Snow without losing a day on account has felt to excuse me as much as of sickness. I was then released, possible from being there Tuesand returned to

in days, thinking it more convenient Fillmore, in which I remained for those living at Manti. Tuesfor ten months, when I

day being the day for baptisms called to Manti to work in the and waiting on the sick and temple, where I have been for infirm, I have not had the opporfour years and ten months, and tunity of seeing the sick healed have lost but two days on account instantly or waiting much on of sickness, which I appreciate, them in the temple, but do know and thank God our heavenly that many have been benefited. Father for such great blessings. I was privileged to attend the

dedicatory services of the Manti

Temple, and the first day just SKETCH OF CHRISTINA WILLARD

before the opening hymn I heard SON.

some beautiful singing in some other part

of the building. Mrs. Susa Y. Gates, Editor:

Sarah A. Peterson, wife of PresiDEAR SISTER, --I have worried dent Peterson, and I sat together, considerable ever since receiving and both wondered where it was. your first note desiring me to

Just then

the choir began to give a sketch of my labors in the sing. temple. I have felt as though I I think it was the second day could write nothing that would

services I saw a halo of light be of interest at all, and thought around one of the brethren when I would ask to be excused, but he was speaking, and at the layon receiving the second request, ing of the capstone of the Salt I concluded to give you a few Lake Temple I saw halo of items, and if you consider them light over the same brother when worthy of mention you can do so. speaking there. I was called by President Peter- I have enjoyed my labors very son to labor in the Manti Temple much in the temple, and if they five years ago next May. I began are accepted I shall certainly feel at the opening of the temple, and much rewarded for


time. have continued to labor there Please

my delay in since, except when I have been answering your kind favor. Yours, waiting on the sick. I have had etc., no very great manifestations while

Christina Willardson.




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