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is Sister Bathsheba

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apostles and their families. Her had already given willing assent memory is very good, and it is to the President, and thus her highly entertaining to listen to labors began. As long as work her experiences in this Church, was done in the House Sister She was one of the very few who Smith was a faithful and constant had their endowments in the worker in that House. prophet's life-time, and it is

speaks of worthy of mention here that her

marvelous healings testimony is that the ordinances wrought by the power of God and in our temples today are exactly the faith of the Latter-day Saints the same as was that of the first in this holy House. So many, ordinances given under the Pro- indeed, that

memory will not phet's direction. She had her retain one-tenth of the number. blessings in 1813 in Nauvoo. One instance of a sister who The services were held in a large a cripple, lifted out of a room over the store.

Here was

wagon, and who went out at the given those initial blessings to close of the day entirely healed. the Apostles then in Nauvoo, and

Another case,

she says,

she here began the mighty work which reminded of when listening to is now of such magnitude. She some physicians talking the other remembers the names of the first day, who asserted that faith could couples who received endowments, not perform surgical operations. and these were: The Prophet and She wondered what it was that wife, the Patriarch and wife, caused a circumstance of which Brigham Young and wife, Heber she knew. A young girl from C. Kimball and wife, Dr. Willard Payson came to the House with a Richards and wife, Father Smith knot of protruding veins or a and wife and Father Joseph Smith swelling on one of her wrists. and wife, Bishop Whitney and Sister Smith told her in blessing wife and Amasa Lyman and wife. her that some day she should Sister E. R. Snow acted as wake up and the swelling would secretary in the Nauvoo Temple all be gone. In prophesying this for some time.

Sister Smith felt almost frightened Sister Smith worked about at her own words. But it came fourteen years in the Endowment to pass just as she had predicted. House, which was erected in Salt The girl afterwards told her that Lake City for the accommodation it was just as she said. If the of the Saints until a Temple

not a miracle, surely could be built. President Young the prophecy was a very singular

over to her house one day circumstance. and asked Sister Bathsheba if she At another time a sister came would go and work in the Endow- who was blind in one eye, had ment House. She said yes, if




been so since her childhood. She her husband was willing. He had been struck with a ruler by




her teacher when a child, and Sister Lambson is the seventh the eye

had been blind ever since. and youngest daughter of Mark On coming into the House this and Susannah Bigler. She was sister gazed continually upon Sis- | born March 24th, 1825, in Harriter Snow, and when asked at last son County, West Virginia, and what caused her deep attention, is the mother of three daughters she told Sister Snow that she had and one son. seen her in a dream a little time In September, 1852, Julina's before, and that she

to father went on a mission to the receive through her a great bless- West Indies, returning home in ing. Sister Snow anointed the 1854. In 1856 he went back blind eye, and pronounced the East, leaving his little family healing of the Holy Spirit upon somewhat poorly provided for, it. A few weeks afterwards the as in those early days everything sister returned to show her once was new, and supplies were scarce blind eye, which was now bright

in Utah. In 1856, at the age of and perfectly sound. These are

years, Julina commenced only a small number of the many

living with her aunt, Sister Bathand

wonderful manifestations sheba W. Smith, who at that time given in this place.

had two children, named respecSister Smith had the honor of tively for their parents, George A. assisting in starting the work in and Bathsheba, both of whom the Logan Temple, and looks with were several years her seniors. great hopes and joy towards the She continued to live with her completion of another sacred Tem- aunt Bathsheba until the spring ple, where the living and the dead of 1858, when she returned to her can receive blessings for Time and

mother, who, with her children, for all Eternity

was under the necessity of moving South with the rest of the

Saints, to seek a refuge from the JULINA L. SMITH,

destruction threatened

them by the approaching

the United States, which

was then Is the daughter of Alfred B. hovering upon the eastern borders and Melissa J. Lambson, and was of the Territory. born June 18th, 1849, in Salt They journeyed southward as Lake City. Her parents came to far as Nephi, Juab County, where Utah in 1847, and built one of they found temporary shelter with the first houses outside of the her uncle, Jacob G. Bigler, who "Old Fort," in which they still was then Bishop of Nephi, and is reside, situated on the corner of now a Patriarch in the Church in what is now North Temple and the Juab Stake of Zion. HowFirst West streets, where Julina ever, she did not remain there was born.

long, for she had become exceed


army of


ingly attached to her uncle suffered the saddest affliction of George A., and aunt Bathsheba, her life in the death of her firstand notwithstandirg she loved born, an unusually bright and her mother, brothers and sisters beautiful little girl, who died at very much, she suffered extreme the age of two years and ten home-sickness in her separation months. from her uncle and aunt, and On the 24th of the same month found no peace of mind until she she was chosen President of the started on her way back to Provo, Young Ladies' Mutual Improvewhere she arrived on her ninth ment Association of the Sixteenth birthday anniversary, and with Ward, and for several years took such pleasure as she had not

she had not pleasure in her labors in this experienced for many a long day, capacity and in such other matand with tears of joy she could ters of public interest to women not repress, sought out and found as she was invited to take part in. her uncle George A. and his But in time her family increased family. They received her as one upon her hands, and domestic of their own children, and with responsibilities multiplied until them she contentedly and happily she was compelled to surrender remained until May 5th, 1866, her public duties and to refrain when, at the age of seventeen, from constant labors outside of she became the happy wife of the her home circle. man of her choice, Joseph F. However, in 1873 she Smith.

called to assist at the EndowDirectly after her husband (or ment House, principally to provide he who was to be) had asked per- the mid-day meals for the workers mission of Brother George A. to but frequently taking part in the pay his addresses to her, her uncle ceremonies and services of the went to her and said: “My girl, House, often filling the place of do not marry until you

find some

absentee, or relieving the one you love as well as you do weary and assisting on crowded your uncle George." She fully occasions as necessity required. understood the meaning of this In this capacity she continued to kind and generous sentiment, for labor until the House was closed she knew he loved her as he did in 1884. She visited St. George, one of his own children, and he and was present at the dedication knew full well how truly she loved of the temple there in the spring him, as her uncle, her protector, of 1877. In December, 1884, and her truest and best friend. when the anti-Mormon crusade She removed at once, after mar- began in earnest, she accompanied riage, to her husband's home in her husband to Oregon; but in the Sixteenth Ward, Salt Lake the latter part of the month she City, where she has resided ever returned home, and in February, since.

On June 6th, 1870, she 1885, following she joined him in




San Francisco, leaving her five fully presided over the advent of little children at home, taking scores of children into the world. only her baby, Julina C., nearly and has been wonderfully favored year old, with

her, and and prospered in her labors in together with her husband, her this direction. Although in conbrother-in-law, Bishop A. W.

sequence of the responsibilities Davis, Bishop George Romney

of her own household, she has and others, sailed for the Sand- never solicited patronage, and has wich Islands on a mission, where been obliged to turn away many she remained until March, 1887, who have sought her services. when she started on her return She is now the mother of ten home. On April 21, 1876, her children, nine of whom are living, son, Elias W., was born at Laie, eight of them having been bapand in September, same year, her tized at eight years old, and are daughter, Donnette, came to the happily enjoying the blessings of islands with her aunt, Melissa J. peace in the old home, loving Davis (along with a company of their parents and the gospel of Elders on their way to New Zea- Christ, so far as they have reached land), on a visit to her father and the years of understanding, and mother; so that on Sister Julina's in heartfelt sympathy and union journey homeward she had the with the people of God and the care of her three children upon great latter-day work. her hands, having left her husband in Honolulu. Grateful in

SKETCH OF THE LABORS OF SISTER deed was she once more to be at

LUCY B. YOUNG IN THE TEMPLES. home, with all her children around her, a privilege of which she had been denied for than two years.

Married at the age of sixteen From 1872 to 1874 she studied into the family of President Brigobstetrics, attending the lectures ham Young, the after experiences of Drs. R. B. Pratt and M. of Sister Lucy were such as to Barker, and was selected as purge out the dross of her nature of a number of young women to and leave only the fine gold. She go East to study medicine, but early recognized the fact that the declined this honor out of con- key to a happy life here and heresideration for her husband and after in the celestial order family. In 1875 she commenced usefulness. And to the attainthe duties of midwife, and has ment of that key she devoted her followed the practice at the urgent time, her talents and all her solicitations of her neighbors and spiritual strength. In the course friends as her own condition and of a long life she knew much circumstances would permit. sickness, and together with her

She has skillfully and success- constant companions and dear






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associates, Sister Eliza R. Snow ing, the words of inspiration and and Zina D. Young, she learned personal prophecy that flow from thoroughly the lesson of faith. If her lips are like a stream of living people are ever to be known by fire. One sister who had not their most prominent characteris- walked for twelve

years tic, Sister Lucy B. Young will brought, and under the cheering certainly be called Faith. Above faith of Sister Young she went all her many and noble qualities through the day's ordinance and shines that of faith, first, bright- was perfectly healed of her afflicest and most preeminent. Humil- tion. Numbers of times childless ity, the necessary accompaniment

have sought out the of true faith, has brought to her prayers and faith of Sister Young path many glorious and

in her temple duties, and have experiences. She was born Oct., afterwards turned, as Hannah of 3, 1830, and married in old, to bring up their promised Nauvoo, to President Brigham child to receive further blessings Young She emigrated to the in the temple. Volumes would not Valley at an early day, and lived contain the myriad instances of in the Lion House until 1870, cases of illness and disease healed when she removed to St.

by the power of God under Sister George to keep a winter home Young's hands. No one was too for her beloved husband. When high, none too w, no one too the temple was dedicated in the poor no one too sick for her faith year 1877, January 1st, her name to reach. This gift is still with was the first on the roll of workers her, and humbly and powerfully for that holy House. Here she does she exercise it. began her life work in administer- When the temple in Logan was ing the ordinances for the living to be dedicated she was chosen as and for the dead. No one who one of the workers to assist in has not lived in this sacred work starting the ordinance work in can tell of the joy and comfort that holy edifice. Here she this work has brought to her remained a short time, until the soul.

work was well under


and How many times the sick and then she returned to her labors suffering have come

in the temple at St. George. to that temple, and at once Sister Again, when the work was to Young would be called to take

called to take begin in the Manti Temple, her the afflicted one under her im

chosen to assist mediate charge, as all knew the starting this work. There she mighty power she had gained

at the dedication of that through long years of fastings temple, and many and glorious and prayers in the exercise of her

the manifestations which special gift. When her hands are were given to her in that beautiupon the head of another in bless- ful time. She remained here

upon beds






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