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and peace;

for you.





but with all the SOCIAL.

sounds and sights I seemed to The 31st of January was the see two texts from the scriptures anniversary of the birth of dear engraved upon every countenance Aunt Zina Young, and there and enshrined in every heart, gathered at her daughter's house “Unless ye are one, ye are

not such a goodly company

of mine, and “Ye must be as little brethren and sisters as can only children" or the kingdom is not be found in the confines of Zion.

Can you and I not have Why do I speak thus? Because such parties? Yes, my beloved, nowhere on this earth can there only let us invite those who have be found


and that same love of the gospel, that women, pure and virtuous in their interest and joy in heavenly lives, noble and superior in things which actuated those who their minds and desires, and

were there that night, and if our without one trace of the veneer company consists of our washer and artificiality of social life else- woman and our milkman, we shall where so marked. There

have the same delightful influences singing and reciting, there was pervading our social occasions. eating and drinking, there was Oh that our people could recogjest and laughter, with happy nize the glory and power of faces and joyful voices. But, serving God in our social as well most of all, there was a sweet as in our religious lives! influence of peace, union, and love which the gospel brings to THE Chicago Board of Educathose who live for it. In what, I tion has adopted a resolution givasked myself, did this party differing preference in the employment from others which I sometimes of teachers to unmarried women attend? In the freedom of and widows in the primary and speech, the lack of convention- grammar grades, and providing alitty, the mingling without re- that no woman with a child under straint of every one with his neigh- two years of age shall be embor. In the wise or witty things ployed as a teacher. This solusaid, in the discussion which was tion of a much-discussed problem indulged, all in good nature and may help the school boards of love, in the beautiful recitations Milwaukee and other cities where or the singing? No, not in any married

have been one thing; it was more than all in cluded from the teaching force. the family spirit, the feeling and President Eliot, of Harvard, spirit of childlike unity and says that women may be admitted friendship which pervaded the to that venerable institution prowhole. To be sure,


vided that, in addition to the spirit of the recipient of the annex, they give $250,000 to its evening's honors is that of love treasury.

An educational




change considers this offer a con- tainly has a praiseworthy reason fession that if it is proper to

for existing, since its object is: admit women after payment of "1. To bring together women money, it is proper to do so engaged in dramatic, operatic and before. It also declares that the literary pursuits, with the view of money is not needed for new rendering them helpful to each teachers new buildings, the other. present force and accommodations "II. To administer to the being quite sufficient. It con- financial needs of members by cludes by accusing President loaning them small sums at small Eliot of attempting a shrewd interest. stroke of business, and advises “III. To arrange and conduct the women of the land to decline a department to provide members his offer with thanks.

with such outfit as is necessary for the obtaining of employ

ment." THE Professional Woman's

s Many important members of the League, recently formed, gives theatrical and writing professions promise of becoming a strong and have already joined. Mrs. A. M. important organization. It cer- | Palmer is president.



SINCERITY VERSUS TRUTH. This savored of the old PuritaniYEARs ago it was very fashion- cal cut and slash mode of religion, able among some of the zealous and was its reflex in so far as it preachers of this Church to pro- was not in accordance with the nounce

all sorts of anethemas spirit of the gospel, of the spirit against the outside world. The and genius of those past times. expressions, "Darkness

To-day, another and I might say, the earth and gross darkness the the exact counterpart of that minds of the people," and “He spirit seems to have taken

poswho believeth not shall be session of a number of our people. damned,” were the phrases most I hear constantly, especially if frequently heard upon the lips the

of some pleasant of such people. To pride them- spoken Gentile is mentioned, the selves-and who says that is not expression, "Oh well, he is just the old Pharisaical spirit-upon as honest as we are in his belief, their own righteousness, and to and just as good as I am any despise the people who could not day." The whole tendency of see the light, seemed to be the modern thought or impulse, is to only thought and talk of some of


every sort of our zealous brethren and sisters. action and belief, if it is only





gypsy think

performed in sincerity. Now, some vague way that society owes this is spirit that is find- him a living, and that any man ing great foothold among this

who has should be


to people, especially among our young

impart to him who has not, if not people. Let

us examine

this by fair means then by foul? Shall doctrine a moment. That it has we excuse the doings of anarchists grown out and is a perversion of because they are sincere in their the light of sweet and universal belief that all society should be charity and love taught in the dissolved and chaos prevail? gospel of Jesus Christ revealed What wild and altogether foolish to Joseph Smith anew, is not

doctrines this sort of reasoning just now my intention to discuss. would lead us into. The fact of It is here, and let us

see if it is

the matter is that few men think a true and a safe doctrine. In the they are doing wrong. This doing first place let me ask you if you

of right and wrong is in great think that the Episcopalian, part a thing of education. Do the Presbyterian, the Catholic you suppose the ancient Spartans and the infidel are right, if only supposed themselves in the wrong they be honest? Do you carry it

when they taught their young still farther and aver that the Chi- boys to be adepts in the matter of naman, the Bhuddist, the Moham-stealing? Does medan, the heathen, the cannibal himself in the wrong when he are all justified in the sight of steals everything which he can God, if they be only honest and make use of? Yet, both of these sincere in their belief? What is races have a very strict code of the verdict of all law under the morals in other things, and in sun? That ignorance of the law some points their honor is is no excuse for the violation of great as our own.

Can you perthe same. If there is a law in suade a Hawaiian that there is existence, it is the duty of all anything vitally wrong in the men living under the jurisdiction breaking of the laws of virtue and of that law to become acquainted chastity? The only wrong he with it, and obey its mandates. sees in this is the sinning against We know that this gospel is true,

the teachings of very recent years and that its laws eternal. by our

Elders. It is Why should we excuse those who Hawaiian's nature, so he says himdo not wish to obey its precepts

self, and the European, no, simply on the ground that they rather, the Mormon, he thinks are sincere in their wish not to and says frankly, has a different believe it? Shall the murderer nature. There is a vital princibe excused because he was earnest ple in the "salvation by grace" in his belief that the dead man taught by the sectarians. God deserved death? Shall we excuse has not given to all men alike to the thief because he thinks in see and comprehend the nature




а a

of crime and sin. But there from literary and social life. Its should be no excuse in this that extreme is equally dangerous, and should absolve the intelligent the wise man, the wise woman, man from seeking and obtaining will seek for light and truth and the truth, no matter how distaste- live by its rays. There is ful that truth may appear to his great deal for our dear daughters preconceived notions.

And I can to learn, and we who are mothers conceive of no more dangerous are very anxious that they shall doctrine for our young people to have every opportunity to get the imbibe than to assume that any- best and purest of inspiration. one who is sincere and honest in Therefore, my dear girl friends, his or her belief is necessarily do not say or think that a refusal accepted of God.

The times are to accept this gospel is very different now to what they able simply because the person so were in the rise of this Church, doing is sincere in his wish not and the old Puritanical spirit is to believe it. almost if not quite eliminated



takes up



If you


tion of the country at this point, THE LAND OF ZION.

and have them tell you about the THERE should be in every asso

climate and its advantages and ciation which


disadvantages. Show them how studies, laid down for use in the

the Lord can turn the healthful GUIDE,

map of the United into the unhealthful, and vice States. With this you should versa, as He desires, and as help your young

students to done in Jackson County. We trace out the various places men

all know what a sickly climate tioned in each lesson.

that place had until the Saints have followed this plan from the

settled it and the blessing of the first it will be an interesting Lord was poured out upon it. point to call the attention of the Draw their attention to the same girls, after they have found and fact, which is so much the case located Jackson County, to the


Utah. And thus fact that this particular point has

teach them to understand the been decided by the scientists of power and plans of God. A this country to be as nearly as little point to be made in this possible the exact center of the lesson is the danger of any of us northern continent. Then with seeking for a sign, simply as the aid of history and geography means of gratifying curiosity. He point out to them the conforma- who is converted by a sign will




of your




do that way.

need signs repeated daily in order was revealed, to quote the chapter to retain his faith. There are many and verse in the Doctrine and vital and beautiful points in this Covenants, and then to tell what lesson: that of faith, of the terri- that particular office involves in ble power of the devil in the the way of duties and obligation. stirring up of hatred and mob For instance, let one violence, and of the fact that

fact that girls, one of the small ones, for even poisons can be overcome it is an easy question, tell what by the power and administration is the presiding officer of the of the priesthood. The great Church, and when there was lesson to be learned by us from first appointed in the Church. the life and character of Brigham The duties pertaining to his office Young, who is thus first brought may also be named and described, before the notice of the student, and then the next girl can take is that he was as brave as a lion, up the office of his counselors, the but as obedient to the wishes and number of them, their duties, counsel of his leader as it is and when the first possible for mortal man to be. appointed, and so on; or you can That is the principal reason why begin with the Deacon and go up he became so great and wise. to the President if you prefer to The incident of the prophecy of

If I were to do as the Civil War should be dwelt I wished, I should take the upon, and if you will ask some Aaronic Priesthood, and after of the girls to hunt up the dates explaining it myself, I should and a few of the facts connected ask one girl to bring me the with that war they will see what history of the first Deacon and a peculiar revelation this was. the revelation concerning that Do not be afraid of a little study office from the Doctrine and yourself before you come to your Covenants.


is the way class or association, and prepare Joseph Smith received the revelayourself as thoroughly as you can tions. First the Aaronic Priestfor your lesson. Be interested hood was given, and not for some yourself, and thus


time after this was the Melchiseinterest others.

dek Priesthood revealed, and it

time after that

before the Church was regularly CHURCH ORGANIZATION.

organized. It is well for the LESSON 5 IN THE GUIDE.

girls to hunt these things up There is very much that can themselves, which they can easily be made interesting in this lesson. do if they have the Doctrine and The aim should be to get every Covenants, or the history of the one of the girls at work by giving Prophet Joseph.

Then if your them some grade of office of the class or association be large and Priesthood to hunt up, when it you wish to do heavier work, set





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