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too, was strange, and a little in Delicious with sweet spicy odors, the distance gave them a ghost

That enchanted the bees and the birds ! like appearance.

I yearn for those old fashioned posies,

To breathe fragrance from mint and balm, A little before sundown from the

Gather garlands enwreathed with roses, top of the long dugway we caught And ro

again o'er the dear old farm. sight of the old settlement of our

L. M. Hewlings. people, but the present Juarez was still hidden from view. We

A FALSE statement is going the drove into the town after dark,

rounds of the press to the effect so did not see much of it. Drove

that visitors will not be able to to my brother's home, where we

get any drinking water at the received a warm welcome. Yet

World's Fair without paying for I hardly know whether I am glad

it. There will be an abundance or sorry our journey is ended, for

of excellent water free to all who I enjoy traveling very much, where

want it. Those who wish to drink the changing scenery is

mineral spring water, piped to the tinual feast, as it has been on

Exposition grounds from Wauthis journey from Mesa,

kesha, Wis., a hundred miles disArizona, to Juarez, Mexico.

tant, will have to pay one cent a S. E. R.

glass for it. The free water will JUAREZ.

be that of Lake Michigan, brought by tunnel from a point four miles

from shore, and much better than DAYS OF CHILDHOOD.

the inhabitants of most large 0, for the loved familiar faces,

cities are supplied with. For the dear companions gone from sight, Vanished forms from lise's busy places,

THE World's Fair souvenir That cheered and gladdened and gave delight! coins, some of them, it is now O, for the home of youth and childhood,

expected, will be issued in NovemFor rambles over the dear old farm,

ber, probably by the middle of Over the meadows, fields and wild-wood,

the month. The Exposition authoFrolicing plays in the spacious barn!

rities have offered quantities of Watching the birds and wild bees humming, them to banks throughout the Climbing the trees for fruit most rare,

country at the uniform rate of one Gathering berries, going nutting, With merry companions free as air !

dollar each, and it is believed that

those institutions will be prompt 0, for a swim in the clear lakelet, For leisure to fish with hook and line !

to avail themselves of the opporAs erst of yore in days of childhood,

tunity to get a supply for their Without a care of the coming time.

customers. Orders for them are O, for daily słowers of sweetness,

already being sent in at the rate As they were once in the dear old home, of $5000 to $10,000 a day. When life was gay in its completeness, Yet scarcely heeded until flown!

WHEN will evil-speakers refrain 0, for the dear old kitchen garden,

from evil-talking? When listeners With its fragrance of flowers and herbs,

refrain from evil-hearing.



BRIGHAM CITY, UTAH. under the peculiar circumstances;
Jan. 30th, 1893. consequently in

easy and Sister Susa Y. Gates:

pleasant way I led my interIn compliance with your request

viewers directly to the favorite, that I would furnish you a state

all-absorbing questions of the ment for the benefit of your young

hour, viz: What is Mormonism? readers concerning the way and

Why am I a Mormon? and myself manner I received a testimony of

and brethren in the Penitentiary? the divine truth of this great

The marshal remained a listener

to our conversation. After a few work in which we are engaged, I will copy from my journal a por

moments spent in preliminary tion of a letter written to my

my questions, Judge Morgan began family while I was incarcerated

as follows: in the Utah Penitentiary:

"Mr. Snow,' said he hesitat.

ingly, 'we do not wish to ask "UTAH PENITENTIARY, questions which would appear Oct. 9th, 1886.

impertinent or delicate.' "To My Family:

"Oh, not at all, gentlemen,' I Monday, Sept. 20th, 1886, said; 'ask any questions you see Marshal Dyer called at the Peni-proper.' tentiary, accompanied by Judge “ Well,' said the judge, if it R.

Morgan of Memphis, is not an improper question, I Tenn., and Col. W. H. Selden, wish to enquire how many wives, of the Metropolitan Hotel, Wash- Mr. Snow, have you, and your ington, D. C. I was immediately number of children?' called, and the marshal at

"I answered the questions in a introduced me to the gentlemen. truthful and candid manner; and

“Their fine intellectual features, after a few other questions relatgenial manners, dignified deporting to my family he inquired ment and commanding presence regarding the family of President impressed me at once very favor- Young I stated that I was not ably that they were no ordinary fully posted, but he had, when interviewers.

living, quite a number of wives "As it appears to be the prac

numerous family of chiltice to point me out to all visitors dren. After a few other questions who secure passes to the Peni- and answers given, I turned the tentiary as one of its principal subject with the observation that curiosities on exhibition, there- my incarceration was purely on fore through my respect to Mar- account of my religion; that

my. shal Dyer, who treats me kindly, self and brethren here had I endeavored to show myself to espoused the same religion, the as good advantage as possible same gospel as the ancient saints


and a



and apostles, and were now pass- physical knowledge, through the ing through the same ordeal, the organ of the senses, of a nature same suffering and persecution which could never be questioned as they were forced to experience. or doubted by its possessor while

“I have been over fifty years, life and memory exist.' gentlemen, actively engaged in Would

you object, Mr. bearing witness of my knowledge Snow,' said the judge, 'to explain respecting the divine authenticity and fully describe the nature of of what is called Mormonism, that knowledge, and the precise and have declared the principles manner in which it was given?' of my religion and borne my “ 'I shall be happy, gentlemen, testimony of them through various to do so; but you must allow me portions of my own country, also in time, and to approach the quesGreat Britain, Scotland, Wales,

tion in my

way, a little Ireland, France, Italy, Switzerland, circuitously. The following cirAustria, Germany, Turkey, Land cumstances led me to investigate of Palestine, and on the islands of Mormonism:' the

These arduous and "While attending college at sacred responsibilities would Oberlin, Ohio, in the spring of never have been ventured by me 1836, I had occasion to visit without first knowing this religion, Kirtland, some sixty miles disthis gospel, and the authority to tant, where two of my sisters were preach it had come direct from residing. At that time this was God to Joseph Smith, pure and the principal settlement of the unadulterated; not simply Mormons.

Joseph Smith, his belief but a knowledge direct to me counselors and leading Elders from God himself.

then had their homes in that "Mr. Snow, if I may be allowed locality, and the Saints had just the inquiry,' said the judge, 'what completed beautiful edifice you mean by the term knowledge called a temple. I became acis, I presume, a conviction aris-quainted with Joseph Smith, his ing from an internal feeling or counselors, and a number of the inward light. I wish now,' he prominent leaders. I attended continued, it to be distinctly un- several of their meetings, at derstood, Mr. Snow, that we which it was their custom for lay in the pursuit of information, not members, both men and women, of indulging in criticisms.'

to speak--give their experiences, "Judge Morgan,' said I, 'in and testify regarding their extraspeaking of knowledge I employ ordinary spiritual manifestations. the term in its literal

I talked with these people, their I mean a physical demonstration, prominent Elders, with Joseph not belief alone, a feeling arising and his aged father, the Patriarch merely from mental enlighten- of the Church. I marvelled and ment,

you mention, but was exceedingly astonished while







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their prayer




listening to what they solemnly mony, if false, could be no less declared regarding their wonder- than positive villainy. In view ful experiences.

of these facts, gentlemen, I felt ‘The strange things I heard it my duty to accept this gospel and


—and would you not yourselves?' testimony meetings, those mar

"Being at that time a young velous experiences as related by man, full of worldly aspirations, men and women whose sincerity with bright prospects, and means and honesty I could not doubt, to gratify my ambition in acquirand as they asserted these were ing a liberal collegiate education; the natural and legitimate fruits also having a host of wealthy, of obedience to what they called proud, aristocratic friends and the restored New Testament gos- relatives watching eagerly for my pel, together with the priesthood, achieving high honors in life, of which held the keys of right to course you can easily understand administer its ordinances of bap

that it was

great trial, and tism for the remission of sins, required the strongest effort to and the laying on of hands for form resolution to abandon the reception of the Holy Ghost. those prospects, disappoint exThese things, as I said,

pectations, join the poor, ignorant whelmed me with astonishment. despised Mormons, and follow Joseph Smith assumed this posi- Old Joe Smith, the money digtion which no false prophet would ger, ,

he and they dare-viz: that he had received the regarded.' visitation of three angels, Peter,

“ 'Had I then understood, as I James and John, who, in the name now know, the ultimate results of and by the command of the Son obedience to the gospel, a life of God, authorized him to preach of purity, and after its close the gospel, administer its ordi- exaltation to the fullness of the nances, and promise the Holy Godhead, I should then have Ghost, which would impart a been ashamed to have called it a knowledge of his authority and sacrifice. But in my ignorance, divine mission, and his right to at that time, of its blessings and organize the Church of God glories, it proved the fiercest the earth, to prepare a people for struggle of heart and will I ever the second advent of the Son of experienced before or since. But Man. Under these circum- through the help of the Lord, for stances, gentlemen, I could not I feel certain that He must have otherwise than believe that Joseph | helped me, I laid my

my pride, Smith was honest and sincere; and worldly ambition and aspirations I know that his statement was of upon the altar, and as humble as that peculiar character in which a child went to the waters of with him there could be no chance baptism, received the ordinance for deception; and such testi- administered by an Apostle, and









afterwards the laying on of hands. administer this

gospel, and “ 'One evening, a few days after promise the Holy Ghost and this, when alone, engaged divine knowledge to follow all earnest prayer, the heavens were who accept it with sincerity and opened, the veil was rent from purity of heart. I was intimately my mind, and then and there I

acquainted with Joseph Smith received the most wonderful

many years previous to his manifestations, grand and sub

tyrdom.' lime, I believe as man

While in this train of conversapermitted to receive, and beyond tion, it being signified by the the power of language fully to guard that the time allotted for describe. It was shown me in the interview was up, the gentlethat vision that there truly existed men arose, having listened with a Son of God, that Joseph Smith the deepest interest, shook hands, was really a prophet of God.' thanking me in the warmest and

“ 'The first intimation of the most expressive terms for the approach of that marvelous vision great pleasure I had afforded was a sound just above my head them in the plain, sincere, and like the rustling of silken robes, intelligent answers and explanawhen immediately the Holy Spirit tions given during the very descended upon me, enveloping interesting interview. As they my whole person, filling me from left Judge Morgan said, if possithe crown of my

to the ble,

should like to avail souls of my feet, which was himself of the privilege of another complete baptism, as tangible an interview and renew the converimmersion in a heavenly principle sation. I replied that it would or element—the Holy Ghost - give me pleasure, and if he called infinitely more real, physical in again and would spend a couple its effects upon every part of my of hours I felt certain that I system than was the immersion would make the time both interwhen I was baptized in water. esting and profitable. After That night after retiring to rest inscribing, by request, their the

wonderful manifesta- names and residences, repeating tions were repeated, and con- their feelings of thankfulness, tinued to be for several successive they withdrew, attended by the nights. From that time till the marshal. present on numerous occasions

Lorenzo Snow. miraculous manifestations of the divine power have followed Editor Young Iloman's Journal. and my administrations of the DEAR EDITOR, ---Your request gospel ordinances.

Judge Mor- for a statement from me, in relagan, I continued, I profess to tion to the time and manner in hrave, and actually do have, the which I became convinced of the right and authority from God to truth, and knew that I had






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