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ed, while the roof, floors and crossed in the middle by a trangalleries are of iron.

sept of the same width and height. All light is supplied through The nave and the transept have a glass sky-lights in iron frames.

pitched roof, with a range of skyThe building is located beauti- lights at the bottom of the pitch, fully in the northern portion of and clear story windows. The the park, with the south front rest of the building is covered facing the lagoon. It is separated with a flat roof, averaging 62 feet from the lagoon by beautiful in height, and provided with skyterraces, ornamented with balus- lights. trades, with an immense flight of The second story is composed steps leading down from the of a series of galleries connected main portal to the lagoon, where across the nave by two bridges, there is a landing for boats. The with access by four grand stairnorth front faces the wide lawn

The area of the galleries and the group of State buildings. in the second story is 118,546 The immediate neighborhood of square feet, or 2.7 acres. the building is ornamented with The exterior walls of this buildgroups of statues, replica orna- ing are composed of a continuous ments of classic art, such as the Corinthian order of pilasters, 3 Choragic monument, the “Cave feet 6 inches wide and 42 feet of the Winds,” and other beau- high, supporting a full entablatiful examples of Grecian art. ture, and resting upon a stylobate The ornamentation also includes 8 feet 6 inches. The total height statues of heroic and life-size of the walls from the grade outproportions.

side is 68 feet 6 inches.

At each of the four corners of

the building there is a pavilion, THE ELECTRICAL BUILDING

above which rise light open The Electrical Building, the spires or towers 169 feet high. seat of perhaps the most novel Intermediate between these corner and brilliant exhibit in the whole pavilions and the central pavilions Exposition, is 345 feet wide and on the east and west sides, there 700 feet long, the major axis run- is a subordinate pavilion bearing ning north and south. The south a low square dome upon an open front is on the great Quadrangle lantern. or Court; the north front faces The Electricity Building has an the lagoon; the east front is open portico extending along the opposite the Manufacturer's Build- whole of the south facade, the ing, and the west faces the Mines lower or Ionic order forming an Building.

open screen in front of it. The The general scheme of the plan various subordinate pavilions are is based upon a longitudinal nave treated with windows and balco115 feet wide and 114 feet high, nies. The details of the exterior

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orders are richly decorated, and general tendency of which is to the pediments, friezes, panels illustrate the purposes of the and spandrils have received a building decoration of figures in relief, The appearance of the exterior with architectural motifs, the is that of marble, but the walls of the hemicycle and of the capitals with metallic effects in various porticos and loggia are bronze. highly enriched with color, the Van Brunt & Howe, of Kansas pilasters in these places being City, the architects. The decorated with scagliola, and the cost is $375,000.



one of



morning when among the list of TUNE, “ HOPE OF ISRAEL."

housebreakings and "hold ups" Freedom's daughter, rouse from slumber; published by a daily paper she See, the curtains are withdrawn,

read the following item: Which so long thy mind hath shrouded,

"One of the most successful of Lo! thy day begins to dawn.

the many robberies which have Chorus: Woman, ‘rise! thy penance o'er,

lately taken place in our midst Sit thou in the dust no more ;

at the

---hotel last Seize the scepter, hold the van,

night, when the room of Equal with thy brother, man.

the lady guests was entered, her Truth and virtue be thy motto,

trunk opened and jewelry to the Temperance, liberty and peace; ight shall shine and darkness vanish,

amount of several hundred dollars Love shall reign, oppression cease.

skillfully purloined. The Chorus : Woman, 'rise ! etc.

theft was perpetrated during the First to fall 'mid Eden's bowers,

lady's absence from the room, Through long suffering worthy proved, though the means by which the With the foremost claim thy pardon,

thieves gained entrance remains When earth's curse shall be removed,

a mystery. As usual, traces Chorus: Woman, 'rise! etc.

have been gained of the identity L. L. Greene Richards.

or whereabouts of the thieves. The police are in hot pursuit."

The account precipitated 'Helen A BIRTHDAY DIAMOND.

into a state of constant nervous(CONTINUED FROM PAGE 152.)

The safe keeping of the The state of the city in regard jewel became an arduous responsito burglaries and "hold ups” was bility, especially as the rare value daily growing worse. Not a night of the diamond made it the or day passed without the occur- imaginative object, in Helen's rence of one more successful eyes, of any depredative attempt attempts at robbery. Everyone which might take place at this was apprehensive. Helen's early ! particular hotel; though her better confidence in the security seem- reason argued that the fact of her ingly afforded by the publicity of possession of the remarkable stone hotel life against the prevalent could not be an item of general depredations was put to flight one knowledge.





On every

his gaze.

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She began to practice ceaseless exaggerated jubilance for

its caution. The pin was removed preservation. from the jewel-case in the trunk, He made it upon his return to and in the common pasteboard the city the first subject of box brought from the jeweller's inquiry after greeting Helen, who, placed in secret nook which in spite of her earnestness, could Helen discovered underneath the not keep serious against his rididrawer of the dresser.

culous sallies. reasonable occasion, however, “By the way!" he continued, when obliged to be absent from

with his usual pertinacity in the room, she wore the pin about

teasing, "there is the other affair her, dreading lest in spite of pre- of importance concerning which caution, some occurrence such as I have received as yet no detailed that described in the newspaper

report: your impression of the should take place in her absence. 'marquis.'" Her demonstrative care afforded

To his surprise, Helen Aushed Harvey much amusement. "You

painfully at his joking words, her won't notice it when you assume

eyes becoming downcast under a crown,” he assured her laughingly; "this responsibility of the


the street pin is fitting you for the anxieties

today," she answered quickly and of empire."

with strange confusion. Several days later Harvey's business necessitated his making

Harvey regarded her with

look of curious amusement. a trip to Park City, and as the

She deep snows made it unpleasant for

changed the subject somewhat Helen to accompany him, the

abruptly, in contrast to the former former, much to her consterna

playful bravado with which she tion, found herself confronted with

had met his joking in regard to the situation of staying through

the handsome stranger, and Harhis absence, as Harvey compre

vey did not continue it, dismisshensively expressed it, "alone

ing, in fact, the subject from his with the pin.” She was

mind as containing no possible what reassured, finally, by the significance. promise of Mrs. Dalton, a rather Two or three days afterward intimate friend, to spend the

business connected with a number week with her during Harvey's of important real estate transacabsence, so that the latter left her tions necessitated his return to in comparative content.

the office after his six o'clock The two letters which reached supper with Helen at the hotel. Harvey from Helen contained He left her with the promise to carefully stated news of the safety return at half-past nine. It of the jewel, and Harvey's in after that time, though, before he reply overflowed with ridiculously

left the office; then, in company




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