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Stake, in order to have a better Saints there, but lack of time foropportunity of talking over mat- bade. ters pertaining to our special Wednesday night we attended labors. We renewed our journey a conjoint session of the Y. L. to Parker, twelve miles distant, and Y. M. Associations at Rexon Tuesday, a large company of burg, where all classes had turned the sisters following:

We re

out en
masse, filling

the large ceived every

attention from meeting house, then undergoing Bishop Parker and his big- alterations prior to opening the hearted, hospitable wife and Stake Academy in it. The exerfamily. They had raspberries and cises were very interesting, and an small fruits in abundance. We excellent spirit prevailed. Here, held meeting at 2 p.m. in a clean, as at all meetings, the instructions log meeting house, which proved

listened to with marked much too small, as

many came attention. We enjoyed the hosfrom the surrounding towns and pitality of Sister Ricks, and farms some twenty miles away. Thursday, at 2 p. m., the primary The sisters in these scattered dis- children had a nice little meeting. tricts have

hard struggle to

Their exercises proved that they keep the organizations in good were not behind the times, under working order. That they do so the able presidency of Sister well is the marvel, not that they Barnes and counselors. After an do no better. There the Primary hour's session the children Association

re-organized. dismissed prior to opening the We tried to encourage and meeting of the R. S.; but they all instruct the sisters for the benefit remained seated, paying strict of all the societies. Stayed all attention till the close. Though night in the Bishop's care, and this was the fifth day of meetings, passed on to Wilford the next the interest seemed unabated, for morning over a beautiful, level a very large attendance gathered country, and enjoyed the six mile from all quarters, both brethren drive. Were graciously enter- and sisters, although it was busy tained by Sister Pratt, President harvest time. On both occasions of the R. S., and held meeting at

a choir was in attendance, and 2 p.m. in a comfortable log meet- cheered with its energetic, ing house. Many came from other whole-souled music, adding places, and we had a good meet- greatly to the interest of both ing, and we hope assisted the meetings.

meetings. At Rexburg, to laborers in that widely scattered, regret, were compelled to farming district to renewed dili- leave part of our company, who gence. From here we had a good

had thus far made the tour with view of the famous Teton Peaks, us, enlivening the journey with and longed to explore the wonders their interest and companionship. of Teton Basin and visit the At five o'clock President Ricks








At every



and wife, with Sister Horne and myself, started for Menan, sixteen miles distant. Reached there at eight o'clock, and enjoyed the hospitality of Bishop Stevens and family; and Friday morning made an early start for Iona, twenty-five miles south, and held meeting with the three organizations at 2 p.

We gratified to again meet many faces familiar


through their attendance at former meetings. The neat cut stone house is a credit to those enterprising people, who are thriving spiritually, with all the societies doing active work. In consideration of the profitable and happy time enjoyed by the people, it was put to vote and carried unanimously that each sister in the Stake donate ten cents to pay the traveling expenses

of visiting sisters next year.

Another drive of six miles brought us back to Idaho Falls, where we met with the Saints in the evening. They have a neat frame meeting house which filled, some following us from Iona, mothers with their babies coming from Basalt, fifteen miles distant, returning in the night, too. This meeting showed the sisters alive to their duties. A Primary Association ganized and a good spirit prevailed. President Ricks spoke with satisfaction of the week past, while visiting the Saints, and predicted good results, and we felt to rejoice that our arduous labors were finished. Through

out the entire journey all that

hearts could devise done for our comfort. place the brethren placed easy chairs in the stand, and showed the most thoughtful consideration to the strangers

within their gates. The visit and valuable instructions of Sister Horne, noted for her intimate association and interesting descriptions of the Prophet Joseph, and her fidelity and good works in the cause of truth, will be long remembered by the good people of Bannock Stake. We took

supper with Bishop and Sister Thomas, and visited with them and Bishop Steele of Ilona till train time at midnight, when we left our friends for home, reaching Salt Lake City at eleven o'clock Saturday morning.

A more zealous company of presiding officers it would be hard to find. When we realize that only nine years have elapsed since the first settlers entered that valley, we are led to exclaim, “Behold what God hath wrought!" What was before that time a barren plain of sage brush is now a land of farms, orchards and happy homes. The green

lucern and golden grain form a smooth piece of patchwork over the face of the land for hundreds of miles. The neat, comfortable log cabins will, we know, soon give place to brick and stone cottages and commodious modern homes.

That "men build and

beautify" is demonstrated by the many pretty, old-fashioned flower gardens,









where the holly-hock, pink, sweet there. This is

grave part of peas, bachelor buttons and merry- your duty as parents, and it is gold predominate, and the many not enough for you to ask whom lovely house plants smiling your boys or girls are going with, through the windows, all tell of you must also ask who gives the the refining influence of woman. party, and discover by affectionate The people have endured much, questionings what sort of partners we know, as pioneers in redeem- your young and guileless daughter ing this land, but God has blessed is apt to dance with. Let them and the land for their sake. add one caution, not the moment The fact that Sister Ellen M. of excitement, just as the young Ricks has traveled over

a thou- people are starting out, is the sand miles the past


in time to give good advice, although visiting the Y. L. organizations, a parting reminder of former and that they paid the expenses teachings on this subject may be of one visiting sister to them, proper; take your girl or your besides sending a delegate to the boy some time in the quiet twilast general conference of the Y. light, or go with them when they L. M. I. A., proves that they | retire at night, and bring the talk liberal and progressive

to the conduct of young people of band, determined to stand in the both sexes in social life. Then front ranks in our onward march proceed with your loving words to a higher, wider and better state of counsel, and your seed will not of existence among God's chosen be planted on thorny ground. people. Through these visits we So, having previously fortified become better acquainted with

them, let them fly away

to the each other's best works,

ball, with warmly clad limbs and charitable and appreciative senti- feet, and kiss your boy ere he ments born of a better under- leaves, and whisper a prayer that standing enlarge our souls, and the kiss may be a seal of protecwe learn that in this work there tion against the tempter of drink. is indeed mutual improvement.

Dear mothers, let me ask you: Lillie T. Freeze. Do you teach your son that it is

wrong and will lead to wickedness

for him to attempt to take liberWINTER AMUSEMENTS FOR THE ties with the young girls of his YOUNG PEOPLE.

acquaintance? Do you ever think If your young people

people like

that it is quite as much your duty parties, don't deny them, that is to teach your son

to guard his if you know just what partners virtue from even the shadow of a they are to accompany, and know temptation as it is for you to that the ball is presided over by watch over the precious innocence the proper people, and you know of your daughter? Mothers in the class of people who will be Israel, let me give you here a



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solemn warning: the extent to resist evil; but it is your duty to which freedom of conduct between supply amusements that shall not the sexes is carried today, is more require too much watching and than startling; it is gravely alarm- guarding to keep them from ing. But enough of this now; we temptation. Do you believe me? will speak of this at another time. It is true nevertheless.

As mothers, it is well for you to Wise parents always prefer know that one of your most im- others to

and visit their portant duties is to attend to the children rather than permit them amusements of all your children, to be out from under the watchful from babyhood until they are but not distrustful eyes of love married and gone from under the

and care.

This may be a key to parental roof-tree. If you think a

you. If you can afford it, have simple provision for their tem- plenty of pop corn, plenty of poral wants, and a word of advice simple refreshments with which to in urging them to attend Sunday regale your

regale your children's friends school ends your arduous duties when they drop in to call. Let and responsibilities, how woefully your boy invite a few of his boy are you

mistaken! I will just companions to share in a grand venture the assertion that I can frolic. If old enough, include the leave the daily life of any young girls, for if you do not, your boy, person to his mother, can leave as well as the others, will call the all the religious teachings which fun "poky” and will seek places she chooses to bestow upon him where girls are plentiful. This is in her hands, and if she will but quite natural, and need not be give me complete charge of all found fault with. his recreations and amusements,

There is another class, espeI will answer for the sort of a boy cially among the girls, who are he will be. Some mothers fancy

desirous of nothing, seemingly, that their own beliefs and faiths but to stay at home and are sufficient to impress everlast- nobody and go nowhere. I enter ing truths upon the minds of my protest against allowing this their children. But I want to tell to go too far; it is neither good you, that no more potent nor last- for the present nor

future ot ing impressions are made upon such a young girl. A sameness the minds of children and young of occupation, and no recreation, people than are made in their makes old women of young girls, places of amusement.

and is just what saps the life and measure the value of


associa- vitality from so many of our sistions or vile corruptions upon the ters. The mind, and the body, plastic minds of excited, growing too, demand change of occupayouths? The

have tion, and a disregard of this law spoken in the quiet of confidence will surely be most disastrous. will do much to help your boy to

We are all creatures of habit,


Can you

words you



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and if one has a natural taste for "riddle," as

we used to call staying closely at home, a little them, and then the

who too much indulgence of this taste guesses the highest number of the will so fix it upon the one riddles should receive a prize. indulging himself or herself, that You can vary even that by turning no sort of outside amusement will it into a forfeit game, and letting be tolerated. Ask physicians

the chief winner choose his own what such a course of conduct prize, the rest paying forteits if will mean to anyone.

Therefore, they have failed to guess if your girl will not go out, see

riddle. Another variation, suitthat you have young people in able for the season, could be a the house at least once

a week. Christmas Party, each one bringDon't allow her to be so burdened ing some verse or poem, or sentiwith cares that she thinks she has ment to read or recite, and each no time for pleasure, for youth giving his or her own idea as to and vitality must go hand in the best way to celebrate the hand.

day. Again, a Valentine Party, There are many pleasant ways filled with quaint and charming of spending the evening, and for conceits by the guests as to the one I confess to a deep-seated purpose and practice of observing prejudice against card-playing. the day, could be made into a It is noisy, provocative of quar- very happy, quiet party. rels, and has not the sanction of

CHARACTER the best society, nor, what is If you have a circle of friends more important to us, the approval who can afford a little expense, of the authorities of the Church. try a character party, asking your Games that enlist the mind, or guests to assume some historical develop the sweeter graces of good character, or some character well manners, are plentiful, and will known in fiction or poetry, and be just as acceptable to your they should each bring young people if you will make recitation or reading suitable for

the character assumed. This FRIENDSHIP PARTY.

could also be made a Shakespere Ask each one of your guests to

Party. bring some sentiment, original or quoted, written or spoken, upon

This is an old idea, but none the subject of Friendship. Let the less good. Its success will these be read or spoken by one depend upon the notice you will or by each of the guests in turn.

give in ample time to your guests You will be surprised to see what to prepare something suitable and a charming entertainment will interesting It will happen that thus be provided. This can some of your guests will be of varied in many ways. Have a that class who neither sing, play, Conundrum Party, each bringing recite nor read. So then, make



them so.




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