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change. Will that peal sound which has been half a generation before the opening of 1894? It rearing to the Lord. has already forced the evidence of receive trials and tribulations, its near presence into the hearts we expect experiences, but of men, and only God tell rely with calm trusting upon the when the hour of His judgments providences of our loving God; will begin. It would be neither and while we do this, we so strange nor so impressive if selfish nor bigoted, for the door this people alone were the

of salvation is open to all men, who are using the public press to bond and free, of whatever nation set these gruesome pictures before or belief.

Our mission is peace the minds of the people, but it on earth, good will to all men. makes the lesson

with Each man will receive the exact redouble force when, as is the case ward of his own doings. But this today, every leading paper in this nation, as a nation, has assumed to country is full of these peculiar allow and enact laws and statutes presages. The

which will react upon themselves inspired many of the stalwart for judgments; they have passed editorial infidels of this nation to into the hands of God. draw for themselves the horoscope And what lesson does this New of this year's mighty and awful Year's picture bring home to the events. They


Latter-day Saints? The lesson, prophets, and can blame no first, last, and all the time, of for warning or the lack of warn- obedience and a closer clinging to ing which is being poured out the rod of iron, lest we be swept

How is it with this away in the flood of events and people? Yes, we are under the situations about us. That is our bondage of our enemies, finan- one and fixed lesson. If we have cially and socially. The Lord failed in any law, let us try once has seen fit to put their feet upon again to return to the simplicity our necks. But we have no dread and beauty of that observance, of labor troubles; we, who try to and thus be prepared to stand in keep the Word of Wisdom, look holy places. All nature cries out with a calm trust in God for the with the bigness of events hastencoming of any scourge, and we ing towards us. Can we longer are not afraid of


sit at ease in Zion? Up and put famine. Instead of this, while thine armor, oh daughter of we feel


Zion, for bright o'er the hills premonitionary touches of these dawns the day star of gladness. judgments, for are they not to Arise, arise, for the night of begin in the House of the Lord? thy sorrow is o'er. yet we have the glorious prospect ahead of us in the dedication of May 15th has been selected as our beautiful temple, that edifice the opening date for the World's


upon them.









Congress of Representative this Guide in their weekly 'work. Women. It is hoped that all Let nothing occur to prevent the those women who design attending

all use of the Guide, for it has been the World's Fair may so time sanctioned and heartily approved their visit as to attend this most by the authorities of the Church, important meeting ever held by and the greatest good is expected the women of all the world. The to follow its adoption by each congress will continue in session

and every society in Zion. Any for one week, and it is hoped experience officers members that several of

best 'Utah
may have had in the

and speakers will be included in the study of other such works will list of lecturers.

serve as a help and assistance in

taking up this Guide, which has The Guide to one year's course been specially prepared for the for study in the Y. L. M. I. A. young

ladies throughout this is now out, and can be obtained whole Church. Get to work, at the JUVENILE INSTRUCTOR

young ladies, with all the force and Office; price ten cents. It is

power you can muster, and when urged upon every active member next April

April comes be prepared of these associations that she to report through your Stake shall buy and carefully study this officers a goodly start and a promislittle work, and that every Young Ling future for yourselves and the Ladies' Mutual Improvement grand cause of mutual improveAssociation in Zion shall adopt ment in which we are engaged.


of my



A VISIT TO THE SNAKE RIVER the city to honor an invitation COUNTRY

to visit the Y. L. and Primary BELIEVING that many

Associations of that Stake, while young sisters would be pleased to Sister Horne went a special hear of their co-laborers in the

messenger to the R. S., at the far northern settlements, I take

time evincing, as every refuge behind the time-worn true Saint should, an equal interadage, “Better late than never,” est in all the organizations. Havand will attempt a brief synopsis ing studied geography in the of a ten days' visit to the Ban- early days,

early days, when that science nock Stake, in Idaho. On the

was taught "wrong end to,” we 12th of last August, in company had gained a pretty fair idea of with Sister M. I. Horne, I left "lands afar"-Europe, Asia and

# All communications from the members of the Y. L. M. I. Associations to this department should be addressed to Mrs. Elmina S. Taylor, 158 W. Third South St., Salt Lake City. The address of the Secretary of the Central Board of the Y. L. M. I. A. is Annie M. Cannon, Folsom Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah.

It was






Africa but learned very

little memory to the days when true indeed of our own Territory and

Indian scares were the terror of its neighbors; so, while knowing

my childhood. Our journey was that the Snake River country lay

enlivened by the pleasant comsomewhere within the bounds of pany of Apostle J. H. Smith, and space, I could form but a


President C. 0. Card of Canada, idea of what awaited me beyond and I was highly amused with a the northern boundary of Utah. conversation with two ladies The combination of mountain traveling to Montana. heights and scenery of rugged their first experience in the wild grandeur, fertile valleys, farms, West, and they had just had their orchards. cosy country farm

first view of the red men houses, with glimpses of lake passed the reservation. One of and river, and the marvels of

the ladies asked me if I had ever Bear River Canyon, with its awe seen a red man before. On learninspiring grandeur, causing the ing that I came from Salt Lake, timid to shudder as they looked she put her hand on my arm, and down into the roaring, seething looking anxiously into my eyes, river far below, and at whose asked very earnestly, "But you immediate side


are not a Mormon, are you?" dangerous looking trussel work The reply that I was born and and the huge pile of masonry over

reared one opened up vely which runs the train. The tunnel conversation, and I became an of solid stone work on one side, object of peculiar interest. I and the famous Bear River dam,

proved to be the first real live and the wonderful tunnels blasted

Mormon that they had ever seen, through the solid rocks of the and it was difficult for me to dismountain side, had all familiar


the greater grown; but after leaving Cache curiosity, myself or the Indian. Junction I looked for something

I had heard of similar expernew, and found it in the wide iences, but this


first. expanse of barren well The questions so eagerly asked, cultivated lands, with here and after obtaining permission to there a small town and log cabins,

interview me, betrayed a woeful looking so lonely on large tracts ignorance of our principles and of farming land. Oh how could people,

people, and


greater I endure such isolation, I thought, charity towards certain class as we flew by them, while their who know not what they say occupants, no doubt, could not do when they use their influence enjoy the narrow confines of a to suppress Mormonism.

To bustling city We passed the them, in their ignorance, it really Blackfoot Reservation and trad- seemed wrong. They had heard ing post, and saw a few Indian that the Mormon women were the wickiups, which sent us back in most virtucus on earth, and when








or as




I explained our principles and myself spoke a short time to the teaching they did not wonder that children. our reputation was so good.

At 2 p.m. the R. S. conference From this little incident you opened with a full house, in a large, will see that all our missionary

neat brick building, certainly labor is not in meetings. At

credit to the place. Sister sundown we reached Eagle Rock,

Temperance Hinckley presided. or what is now known Idaho

The verbal and written reports Falls, 240 miles north of Salt

showed the society to be in a very Lake City, where

prosperous condition.

It Thomas E. Ricks and Bishop suggested that every member of Thomas were awaiting our arrival. ihe R. S. donate one bushel of Owing to a ride of sixteen miles

wheat, after harvest, which will between us and Lewisville, our add 500 bushels the good destination that evening, we were

amount already stored. obliged to decline stopping for

Immediately after this meeting supper, prepared by Sister

the Young Ladies' Conference Thomas. We reached our

opened, with Sister Ellen M. journey's end about ten o'clock,

Ricks presiding, and all reports travel



showed the young ladies to be received the kindest attention from Brother and Sister Myler The brethren who spoke, heartily

alive to their spiritual interests. and daughters, who entertained

commended the sisters, both old us for three days. Sister Myler and young, for their energy and is President of the Y. L. Asso

perseverance under difficulties. ciation of Lewisville.

Sister Horne gave the girls some Saturday morning found

good, practical, motherly counsel. refreshed after a good night's

She is well qualified to instruct rest, with doors and windows

all classes--a power necessary in Primary conference

visitors to the outer Stakes, convened at 10


where all are so eager for inforgood audience of well dressed,

mation. bright, intelligent children eager for the exercises. The programme

Sunday morning the general


Stake Conference convened, rendered showed good preparation. In addition to the presid

all day we enjoyed the Spirit of ing sisters of the Primary Asso

God so bountifully poured out. ciation, we were delighted to see

We were politely invited to the stand

this occasion also. the presiding authorities, both Stake and local, on the stand.

These people had gathered from This was one

all the surrounding settlements, very encouraging

some at distance of fifty or proof that the interest of the children

their hearts.

seventy-five miles, and the Apostle Smith, Sister Horne and

modious house was entirely too


wide open.

















small. This was in happy con

builders of a and growing trast to some of the Stakes with

country. After the conference, much greater advantages of travel. Monday afternoon, we left for Some of the sisters

Rexburg, eighteen miles distant, horseback,

and delightful crossing the Snake River on the feature of these conferences is the ferry boat, where the river is custom of genuine genuine sociability three hundred feet wide

and indulged in after meetings. They fifteen feet deep. Near this point appear

great family, two buttes rise almost perpendiheartily shaking hands and kindly cular out of the otherwise very inquiring after each other's wel

level country.


the fare and the absent friend remains of volcanic eruptions in neighbor. The spirit of hearty ages past, the dry craters remaingood will and unity among them ing open at the top. The outside was really Saint-like.

We never of one especially has the appearvisited any place with such an ance of having been overrun with extensive "home emigration." fiery heat, melting the solid rocks The country is settled mostly by into huge masses that look like young and middle-aged people. an immense castle. The Snake Almost every woman had a baby River is well named, as it winds in arms, with a little army of its tortuous


diagonally various ages growing up around through the valley from northher, all looking healthy and east to south-west. happy. One thing noticeable for of it in the wooded districts are

new country is that people very picturesque, as at various coming from their distant farms curves it reveals the blue surface were all so well and comfortably framed in green; but at Idaho dressed. The ladies did not look Falls, near the rapids, the scenery at all "countryfied," as

is barren, the river passing at would imagine. The fit and style great depth below the earth's surof their dresses and hats accorded face--at low tide through rugged with the fashions of

more ad

black rocks. Here it must have vanced communities.

At the formed a rushing, roaring torrent request of the young people, a before the numerous and wonderspecial meeting was called for

fully large canals, for which the them Sunday evening, and the valley is noted, were taken from it. house was well filled with bright, These canals alone are a mighty young Saints of both sexes, who evidence of the energy and perpaid the most respectful attention sistent industry of our people. to the speakers-- Brother S. B. On reaching Rexburg Sister Horne Young, Sister Horne and myself and I parted for the night, she -- who dwelt upon some subjects of remaining with President Hinckvital importance to


ley, I with Sister Winters, Actingsociety makers and community President of the P. A. of the

Some parts





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