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when you

You see,

called upon

the constant strain? Are you are of the heaviest and most tanchildless, unloved woman, too old talizing kind. No matter what to be married, with no prospect the trouble may be, nor how small of a home and no hope for the it may appear to others, it is alfamily of dear children which ways extremely large in the eyes would mean so much happiness to of the possessor.

When I can get your lonely starving heart? Or, the opportunity I say to my have you personal sickness and friends who are thus suffering, weaknesses to contend with in "You are not nearly so afflicted as addition to all of these enumerated you think you are. A great deal cases?

of suffering lies in your own mind, Are your family sickly, and is or in your liver, and if you could your husband not at all the man only make up your mind to throw you thought he was

off that evil spirit which has fastmarried him? Are you the child ened its hold upon you, you will of a stepmother or father, and is be a happy soul, no matter what your life one constant burden of

circumstances may

be. Think misunderstood actions and mis- of it! Any one in this Church interpreted motives?

thinking they are afflicted, and I have enumerated quite a num

to make sacrifices! ber of things that most of people What a way to look at the Procall trouble and to many they are

vidences of God! A friend said to not a fancy, but are hard, sad me the other day, one who has facts. Well now, what I wish to seen some reverses during the resay to you all is, are you not one cent hard times financially, that and all somewhat in the habit of he was more and more convinced saying to yourself or others that of the innate meanness of people your troubles are greater and more every day he lived upon the earth. aggravating than anybody's in He did not care to go out in any this wide, round world?

social gatherings, for he was sick not often allow your mind to of it all, and he had no means to dwell on your unhappy circum- ask people to come and feast at stances and looking upon others, his house in return. He is, I whom


must say, one of the most unfavored, say in your heart that happy men I know of. And his you are not favored of the Lord wife, who has been for years, one

those others? I have of the sweetest and loveliest Mortalked with many people, and I

women who ever

to am frequently honored with the | this earth, has partaken in a great confidence of my friends, and so measure of this same spirit, and far as my experience has per they are almost hermits. I know mitted me

to observe, I find all a young girl, who is a stepdaughsorts and classes of people full of ter, and she thinks she is one of the belief that their own burdens the most unlucky unhappy

Do you








And yet







mortals on this earth.

but I read so many of these efforts she has many gifts and worldly to be eloquent, that sometimes I blessings. If you could only think I will pass them by. look into the heart of the next To me, the Christmas is person you meet on the street, season devoted to the pleasure of you would be surprised to see the the children and

my visiting feelings of dissatisfaction existing friends. It is not the anniverthere. The whole tone and spirit sary of the birth of Christ, for the of the American nation, is a rest- old pagan holiday of Michaelmass less, dissatisfied condition,

is not that sacred season which that leads men on and on?

comes with the sixth day of April, But in what way are they going the birthday of the 'Church, and on and on? To peace and hap- may I not say the birthday of our piness, to excitement and beloved Savior? But the Christfrivolity? I want to write a warn- mas suggests plum-pudding, and ing word to you, and to you, my turkey, stockings in the fire-place, dear and unknown friends, candy, dolls, noise, fun, feasts matter what your circumstances and general jollity. We enjoy the may be, know one thing, God is day because it is the most as well acquainted with your life quisite enjoyment to see our chilas you are, and if He thought it dren happy, and in that we was necessary for you to have a perfectly happy. But if any but change, it would be given to you. a mother can enjoy getting to bed I do not now mean in speaking of at the small hours of the night this self-pity and spirit of com- after many and weary hours of the plaint the ambition which spurs morning, and then be awakened us on to higher and still higher by the children's shouts, the noise achievements. What I mean is of tom-toms, and tin whistles, the perversion of that glorious with sickly forecasts of the future gift true ambition, and like all superinduced by the sight of handother perverted Divine attributes, fuls of candy going down the tenit makes its possessor one of the

der throats of children, I say it wretchedest of mankind. Make requires a mother's great, big, unit the habit of your life from this selfish heart to rejoice in these moment, to say "I am blessed," sundry sights and sounds. And "I am all right,” “I am just as I yet I know of

families should be. If it is trouble I am where Christmas is allowed to going through, let me learn the drift by with small notice because lesson speedily, and go on to an

of its trouble, and I pity such other."

children, oh I pity them. What CHRISTMAS.

happy happy Christmases I had

in my youth! And for the sake It is a custom to offer congratu- of those dear memories, I want to latons at this season of the year, make happy memories in my chil



loved one,

dren's hearts, and so bear the tin break so soon as the tin tops and whistles and wait as patiently as cheap trumpets. But dear mothmay be for the colic to ensue and ers, let us give more than anygive the catnip and hot bath with thing else, a fuller measure of love great love and care. I have read and patience to several times lately that it is cruel and help them in all eagerness to to give children things that are learn to be wisely, truthfully useful on

Christmas. Well, I happy. don't know. I used to enjoy the new shoes I got just as well as the twelve pieces of candy and the If you want to know how to obtwelve assorted nuts which occu- tain choice premiums send ten pied the place of honor in my cents for five week's trial subscripstocking. But there is wisdom in

tion to The Woman's Tribune, all things. And while it is not Washington, D. C. Everybody wise to fill children's stockings sending $1.00 before January 1, with trifling toys that break with 1893, will receive this national the one day's usage, every child weekly paper one year and their ought to have some toy that will choice of of the great art last and be a joy to his heart. pictures in color, "Columbus beIron toys, blocks in great variety, fore the Court of Ferdinand and games,

dolls, dishes, colored Isabella" and "The Landing of books are

all pretty and do not Columbus."






a sense of duty alone; there must The regular quarterly conference be an abiding love to make of the Young Ladies' Mutual Im- generous heart. We must impress provment Associations of the Salt

upon our children what they owe Lake Stake was held Tuesday, their spiritual parents, that they December 6th, 1892, in the As- may pray often to them from sembly Hall, President Mary A. sense of love. She urged the Freeze presiding.

young ladies to pray for their After the usual opening exer- parents and sustain them by their cises, Mrs. Susie Young Gates love and kindness as well. addressed the congregation on the Mrs. Minnie Snow urged the subject "Duties of Children to young ladies to value "Time;" to Parents.” She thought no child regard time as a gift of God, and can become a good child from spend it in improvement. She did

*All communications from the members of the Y. L. M. I. Associations to this department should be addressed to Mrs. Elmina S. Taylor, 158 W. Third South St., Salt Lake Ciiy. The address of the Secretary of the Central Board of the Y. L. M. I. A. is Annie M. Cannon, Folsom Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah.



not favor education in one channel the spirit of love and kindness alone, but develop all the qualities towards every one. that make us truly great.

Let President Mary A. Freeze exus," as Ruskin says,

“have a horted the young ladies to make mirror for the heart as well as the good use of their time, not to face."

spend too much time in the adornMiss Louie Poulton then ment of our bodies, but more favored the audience with a sacred in the cultivation of the mind. solo.

She believed the time spent by Territorial President E.


our young ladies in Taylor said she felt impressed to curling their bangs would enable speak on the subject of marriage. them to learn several languages. She regretted to see the flippant Closing prayer Mrs. Maria Holt. manner with which this most holy Evening session convened at relation is viewed by the young of 7:30 p. m. After the devotional this generation. The Lord has exercises, President Freeze resaid, "I hate putting away," and ferred to the YOUNG WOMAN'S assigns but one cause for divorce.

JOURNAL, saying it had not yet The marriage relation is joy and paid expenses, and as it is the happiness in the extreme or loath- organ of the young ladies, it is ing and misery. Yet no life is desired that they support it by perfect that is not a dual life, and trying to increase its circulation. she urged the young ladies to Mrs. M. B. Talmage continued seek unto the Lord for guidance the subject previously referred to, in this thing, that their choice saying that no matter how old we may be one with whom they can are we can never repay what our stand for time and eternity.

parents have done for She Dr. Maggie C. Shipp said that referred to the conduct of some the subjects referred to here in- of our young ladies, saying their terest us as women more than any conduct was such that it seemed other. She pictured the love a to her they were "running astray" mother bears for her offspring, and rather than being "led astray." felt to impress upon the young She urged those present to be ladies a sense of gratitude and circumspect, that this might not devotion to their parents. She be said of them. She closed by thought more attention should be bearing a strong testimony to the paid to etiquette in our meetings, benefits of prayer, and urged all but should always teach the girls

to pray often. that when their hearts

are filled

Mrs. Mattie H. Tingey said she with love and unselfishness they hoped the literary clubs being are truly polite.

organized in our midst would not Mrs. M. Y. Dougall encouraged draw the young ladies away from the young ladies to be faithful and their church duties, for she conmagnify their calling and cultivate sidered them of far greater impor


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tance than all things else, for all Whereas, our Heavenly Father light and knowledge on every point has seen fit in His all-wise provicomes from God.

dence to call from our midst our A duet was then rendered by beloved sister, Evlyn Billings, Mrs. Annie Murphy and Miss Secretary of the Young Ladies' Jane McKay.

Mutual Improvement Association Mrs. Nellie C. Taylor felt that

of Utah Stake, our Heavenly Father will not

+ Resolved, that we recognize in bless us if we dishonor the words the death of our sister the loss of our parents. We cannot cherish of an able, efficient and devoted or praise our parents too much. Saint, and an earnest worker in Advised the young ladies in choos- the cause of mutual improvement. ing a husband not to look at the Resolved, that we condole and gold and the polish, but at the deeply sympathize with her heart-see that it is as true bereaved family in the loss of a steel. To choose a husband that kind and affectionate daughter is worthy to go to the temple, and sister. for if a wrong commencement is Resolved, that we cherish her made something will always go memory and regard her virtues as wrong.

ever worthy of emulation. Brief remarks were made by Resolved, that these resolutions Miss Edith Sampson and Mrs. be entered in the Mutual ImMary C. McKay, after which the

provement record; also that copies conference adjourned for

three be furnished the bereaved family; months.

also to the YOUNG WOMAN'S Singing.

JOURNAL for publication. Benediction Mrs. Mary E.

Farewell, Eva, heaven's gateway

Opened and you entered in,
Never in this world of sorrow

Will your soul know grief or sin. RESOLUTIONS OF RESPECT. You in heavenly choirs are singing; [The following tributes are ad

Here on earth we miss thy voice;

But we know, though we dressed to the Stake Officers of the Y. L. M. I. A., and therefore

grieving, We could not

You with angels now rejoice. we print them. open the JOURNAL to notices of

Farewell, Eva, till the morning any but Stake Officers. ]

Of the great millennial day, E. S. Taylor. Then we hope to meet and greet Proyo City, Sep. 28th, 1892.

you, Resolutions of respect to the

When all death has passed away; memory of Evlyn Billings, who Where no parting words departed this life September 13th, spoken, 1892:

As on life's dark, stormy sea;



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