Rural Area Revitalization Act of 1987; and the Rural Development Reorganization Act of 1987: hearing before the Subcommittee on Conservation, Credit, and Rural Development of the Committee on Agriculture, House of Representatives, One Hundredth Congress, first session, on H.R. 1800 and H.R. 2026, May 19, 1987

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Page 67 - Agriculture, the general design and duties of which shall be to acquire and to diffuse among the people of the United States useful information on subjects connected with agriculture, in the most general and comprehensive sense of that word and to procure, propagate, and distribute among the people new and valuable seeds and plants.
Page 205 - American Chambers of Commerce abroad, an increasing number of members are engaged in the export and import of both goods and services and have ongoing investment activities. The Chamber favors strengthened international competitiveness and opposes artificial US and foreign barriers to international business. Positions on national issues are developed by a cross-section of Chamber members serving on committees, subcommittees, and task forces.
Page 88 - For example, hundreds of co-ops are making use of a "how to* manual on economic development compiled and disseminated by the NRECA staff. The manual is designed to provide community leaders with information on matters such as promoting job creation from existing local business and industry, attracting new employers to the community, improving a community's potential as a location for economic investment, and preparing an economic development plan. These are but a few of the programs rural electric...
Page 88 - REA'S CONTINUING ROLE Mr. Chairman, REA is critical to these continued efforts. REA is and should continue to be the solid foundation upon which rural electrification is built. We are pleased to hear that the Committee shares that view, and very much appreciate the Committee's leadership in this area. We also appreciate the Committee's continuing strong support for the concept of a Rural Electrification Administration that is relentlessly aggressive in seeking solutions to the very serious problems...
Page 159 - We are living in the time of the parenthesis, the time between eras. It is as though we have bracketed off the present from both the past and the future, for we are neither here nor there. We have not quite left behind the either/or America of the past — centralized, industrialized and economically self-contained . . . But we have not embraced the future either. We have done the human thing: we are clinging to the known past in fear of the unknown future...
Page 93 - And that is worthy of our best effort. Mr. Chairman, I would be pleased to respond to any questions you or any of the Committee members may have. Thank you.
Page 50 - Without objection, it will all be made a part of the record. (The documents referred to may be found on p. 6637.) Mr. DIXON. On February 7, 1957, from Kilpatrick's Bakeries Inc^ addressed to the Safeway Stores in San Francisco, Calif., a letter was written by the president. Kilpatrick Bakers, Inc., is one of your subsidiaries?
Page 191 - The general economic recovery of the past several years has bypassed many rural areas. In each region of the country, the metropolitan areas are outperforming the rural areas. Preliminary results of a survey done by the Appalachian Regional Commission on the economic conditions of...
Page 88 - ... community's potential as a location for economic investment, and preparing an economic development plan. These are but a few of the programs rural electric co-ops are undertaking on a nationwide basis. It does not take into account the numerous other ways in which rural electric co-op systems — on their own initiative — are assisting their consumers and the vital role that rural electric co-ops across the country play in community and economic development. I think it is worth mentioning that...
Page 22 - Act of 1933 to provide a permanent and dependable source of specialized credit for cooperative associations engaged in marketing farm products, purchasing farm supplies, and furnishing farm business services.

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